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24 Hours on the Couch is a Degrassi Mini, a part of the second series of minisodes that aired during the sixth season.



Between 7-8 P.M., Paige Michalchuk is getting ready to go out and party, telling Marco Del Rossi that they are leaving in seven minutes. Marco, however, is very tired, and asks if they can just say they went out instead. He decides to take a seven minute nap, while Paige continues to get ready. At 19:50 (7:50 P.M.), both Paige and Marco are napping on the couch, and Paige wakes up and steals the pillow that Marco had been sleeping on. He notices that there is a The Cosby Show marathon on the television and decides to watch it.

Between 10-11 P.M., Marco is doing Paige's hair, but not to the way she likes. At 22:47 (10:47 P.M.), Paige and Marco are watching television while laying on the couch with their feet on each other. Marco comments that Tori Spelling is underrated, and Paige complains about the smell of Marco's feet.

Between 2-3 A.M., Paige and Marco are watching an ad for a psychic, not believing that people actually call and pay to get their fortune. At 2:11 A.M., Paige calls the hotline, and the psychic tells her that the person she will be with has dark hair. She sarcastically thanks the psychic and hangs up, saying that that fortune really narrows it down. At 2:24 A.M., the two have fallen asleep on the couch on their sides, facing the same direction, with Paige behind Marco.

Between 7-8 A.M., Paige and Marco have woken up and are eating cereal on the couch. Paige tries to pour milk on her cereal, only to discover that there was none left, as Marco had used up the rest of it. At 7:43 A.M., the two complain about their roommate,Ellie Nash. Paige gripes about Ellie leaving red hair in the shower drain, while Marco complains about Ellie leaving her "purple girly razor of death" on the shower floor, as he frequently steps on it.

Between 3-4 P.M., Paige comments about how she loves bacon, leaving Marco to say, "Mmm...Bacon."

At 19:50 (7:50 P.M.), Paige calls herself and Marco "fossils", as they have done nothing but sit on the couch all day, and Marco comments that he paid the pizza man at least. The clock that has been ticking down the 24 hours, clocks down to 00:00:00.


  • Paige is wearing a Degrassi Panthers t-shirt.
  • This mini is a parody of the show, 24.




Degrassi Mini 208 - 24 Hours on the Couch

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