Adams is an internet predator that developed a crush on Darcy Edwards in Eyes Without A Face. He met her through MyRoom, and claimed to be a friend of Peter Stone. When he learned that the Degrassi Spirit Squad needed uniforms, he decided to help out. He then began to send money in return for sexually explicit shots of Darcy that she had posted on her MyRoom page, as well as photos that had been emailed personally to Adams by Darcy herself.

Later, Adams travels to Degrassi Community School and waits for Darcy. The principal informs him that Degrassi is a school and therefore they cannot allow people in off the streets. Adams then leaves the school and follows Darcy home. Darcy is very uncomfortable and mouths to her sister Clare to call 911. Then, Adams is arrested for trespassing. Since then, he has never made another appearance on Degrassi.


  • Adams is the second character to be a sexual predator online. The first being Jordan and the third being LoveQueen16.
  • There was much controversy about Adams and Darcy's rape, in which people believed that Adams was the man who raped Darcy. However, it was confirmed in early 2011 that Adams was not the man who raped Darcy. A picture of Darcy's Rapist was revealed and it is not Adams. Adams was portrayed by Jeffrey R. Smith.