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Alex Yankou was portrayed by John Ioannou. He was good friends with Arthur Kobalewsky, Mahmoud and Yick Yu, until Yick started going out with Tessa Campanelli, his ex-girlfriend.

Degrassi JH-High[]

Starts as: Grade 7

Alex was seen as the school nerd when he attended Degrassi. For the first two seasons, he always seemed to get in the way of Stephanie Kaye when she was trying to ask either Derek Wheeler or Simon Dexter out. He was a part of student council as well, serving as treasurer.

In high school, he discovered that the science teacher Mr. Webster does not change the answers to a big test that he gives out every year. He gave the answers to Tessa Campanelli, who gives it to someone else, and eventually it gets all around the school, but when the entire class passes it with an "A", the teacher decides to give them all a harder test.

Alex went out with Tessa for most of his grade 10 year, but she broke up with him so she can be with Yick Yu.


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  • He was the first Alex in the Degrassi Franchise. The second was Alex Nuñez.
  • John Ioannou was invited to be in School's Out! but was told he would have no lines. He left as a result.
  • It was often announced over the intercom that Alex had lost his glasses.
  • In Testing One, Two, Three..., it was revealed that Alex had a brother named Nick who was three years older than him.
  • His relationship with Tessa lasted three months.
  • Alex shares similarities with future student Toby Isaacs.
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