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The friendship between Alli Bhandari and Jenna Middleton began in Season 9 of Degrassi: The Next Generation.

Friendship History[]


When they first met in Just Can't Get Enough, Alli had a dislike for Jenna when she steals her seat in class, and even more so when Alli notices her in the cafeteria singing and playing guitar. Alli gets jealous when Clare starts to hang out with Jenna, but later when Alli pays Clare a visit and sees Jenna, who admits she wants to be Alli's friend as well, she accepts the offer.

Their friendship had a brief break-up from Heart Like Mine (1) when Alli notices that Jenna and K.C. are together, but they reunite the next year in Grade 10. They have been close friends ever since, and Jenna has been living with Alli and her parents since mid-season 11 when she moved out of K.C.'s house.

Season 9[]

In Just Can't Get Enough, Jenna accidentally bumps into Alli with her guitar case when she walks into class on her first day at Degrassi. Then Jenna unknowingly takes Alli's seat and this causes Alli to immediately dislike Jenna. Later in the cafeteria, Jenna is seen playing guitar and singing which causes Alli to dislike Jenna even more. Later when Jenna is seen at Clare's house, Alli drops by for a visit until she sees Jenna and gets paranoid, but Jenna tells Alli that she wants to be her friend too. The three girls are seen chatting and painting each other's nails and Jenna tells Alli and Clare that at her old school that she was a boyfriend stealer, which gives Clare and Alli a slight shock and asks who's not available. Alli tells Jenna that she's dating Johnny DiMarco and mentions that he's a senior and Jenna replies by saying that he's too old for her. When Clare mentions that she's dating K.C. Guthrie, Jenna gets all excited and Alli and Clare worry that she'll steal him from her.

In Shoot to Thrill, Jenna compliments the photos that Alli took of Johnny.


Finding out Alli tested negative for HPV.

In You Be Illin', Jenna along with Clare help Alli through her slump after her break-up with Johnny by stealing back the cell phone with Alli's naked pictures she took, from his locker. Only to find a photo-strip of the happy couple in a locker that he does not use. Later when Alli is looking online about STD's, Jenna comes and comforts Alli after she tells her she might have caught an STD. Jenna then advises her to go see a real doctor about it. Later Alli, Clare and Jenna devise a plan to get Johnny to come clean about his relationship with Alli.


In Heart Like Mine (1), Alli angrily approaches Jenna and K.C., telling them that Clare won't be happy about what is going on between them.

In Heart Like Mine (2), Alli and Clare have completely cut Jenna out of their lives, and K.C. tells Jenna to ignore them even though it is hard.

In Start Me Up, Clare mentions Jenna to Alli when she says she wants to go to the mall instead of watching Jenna and K.C. flirt in the cafeteria.

Season 10[]


Jenna listening to Alli and Clare's conversation.

In Breakaway (1), Clare tells Alli that she is getting a surgery on her eyes to enhance her vision, and that she won't need to wear glasses or contacts. Without them knowing, Jenna overhears them talking, and thinks that they are talking about breast implants. Jenna then spreads a rumor through the school, mostly the sophomores, that Clare will be getting a boob job.


In Breakaway (2), Jenna is still disgusted about Clare's 'fake boob' rumor. Later on that day, when Welsey, who was under the impression Clare had a boob job, touches Clare's breasts, he tells a shocked Clare that Jenna started the rumor before he apologizes and runs off. The next day in gym, Clare and Alli walk in together, prepared to get even with Jenna. Clare stuffs her bra with socks and walks up to Jenna, unzipping her jacket to show herself off. Jenna is in disbelief that she actually went through with the "boob job," and tells Clare it is desperate and slutty, and she believes it is a crazy plot to get K.C. back. Clare laughs at Jenna and calls her insecure. Jenna says she isn't insecure, as she is not the one who got a boob job. Clare then takes the socks out of her bra, and informs Jenna that she did not get a boob job, but laser eye surgery. Jenna is humiliated and surprised that she misunderstood her so badly. Clare goes on to inform Jenna that if she wanted K.C. back, she would not need fake boobs to do it. Jenna asks Clare if she wants her to tell the whole school that she lied, but Clare tells her to let people think what they want.


In 99 Problems (1), Alli and Clare are walking when Alli says she wishes her life would be more fun, like Jenna's, experiencing all the wonders of high school: happiness, popularity, and cute boys.

In I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself (1), Jenna and Alli walk in, talking about how everyone is excited for the Power Squad Calendar photo shoot, which shows that the girls are now friends again.

Normal 1010 (133)

In I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself (2), Alli says that she even heard a lady at the grocery store heard about it and dropped her melons. Later, during lunch, Alli tells Jenna that everyone has been talking about her incident and tells Alli that instead of taking diet pills, she just asked Chantay Black to get her a bigger sized uniform. She then asks Alli if she wants any of the bananas and ranch dressing she has been eating, which is the next sign of Jenna being pregnant.

In You Don't Know My Name (1), in the morning, Alli's wondering about her relationship with Drew and confronts him. He says that they're "Friends With Benefits." Alli then tells K.C. and Jenna, but Alli feels third-wheelish when Jenna and K.C. get all romantic in front of her. Alli asks Drew to double date with her, Jenna and K.C. at the dance. Drew declines, saying he has too much work to do to get his grades up.


Alli ignores Drew.

In You Don't Know My Name (2), she is seen sitting outside The Dot with Jenna. Alli tells her she has seen a mean side of Drew, and Jenna asks if she's over him. Alli looks over and sees Drew walking towards The Dot with Marisol, making her think he is over her. Alli asks Jenna if they could go, and they both leave The Dot. As Alli is crossing the street, Drew follows her out, bored by his date with Marisol, and asks her to the dance. She declines his invitation due to the fact he had already asked Marisol out so soon after their then break up. Adam goes up to Alli at the dance, telling her that Jenna wants to see her at the photobooth. When Alli shows up, she sees Drew and sarcastically states that he isn't Jenna.

Jenna and alli

Jenna and Alli are frightened, after seeing Jenna's positive pregnancy test.

In Tears Dry On Their Own (1), Alli suspects Jenna is pregnant and sneaks pregnancy books from the school library, getting detention. Later, after detention, Jenna returns from her audition, she congratulates Jenna on being accepted and after K.C. leaves to get drinks, she asks if Jenna will take a pregnancy test and she says yes. Alli comforts Jenna while she waits for the results of the pregnancy test. They discuss options and future and after a long 3 minutes, Jenna is found pregnant.

Degrassi TDOTO2 6

Jenna and Alli.

In Tears Dry On Their Own (2), Alli asks how Jenna is feeling and she responds, pregnant. Alli encourages Jenna to talk to K.C. and discuss options and Jenna doesn't feel ready to tell him. Alli continues to try to persuade Jenna on telling K.C. but keeps pushing it back. After Jenna tells K.C., Alli accompanies Jenna at The Next Teen Star and Alli pretends to be pregnant to try to get answers from the producer.

In All Falls Down (1), Jenna is seen at Clare's house with Alli getting ready for the "A Night in Vegas" dance. The girls are talking about why Clare is going to Vegas Night with Fitz instead of her boyfriend, Eli, when there is a knock at the door. Jenna opens it to see Eli outside, and she allows him in so he could have a talk with Clare, saying "Speak of the devil!"

In Halo, Jenna pursues Alli's older brother Sav, but fails in stealing him from Holly J. Sinclair.


In Drop the World (1), Jenna has her baby shower at K.C.'s house with Alli. Afterwards, Alli and Jenna begin cleaning up. Alli ask why K.C. wasn't there, and Jenna responds by saying that he has already built the crib and that she let him go play basketball, thinking the crib was built. Alli looks in the corner to see the unopened crib, and Jenna freaks out. Later at school, Alli asks how the nursery is coming along, and Jenna says that K.C. is working on it non-stop. Alli smiles and states that she has whooped K.C. into "baby daddy of the year". Jenna mentions how K.C. is about to lose his teenhood for forever, but Alli points out that so is she.

Season 11[]

In LoveGame, Jenna is feeling overwhelmed with having to take care of Tyson while K.C. can go to school. She returns to Degrassi to clear out her locker, telling Alli that she's taking the second semester off to take care of Tyson. Jenna is starting to feel abandoned by K.C. when he blows her off to hang out with their friends after school at Above the Dot. Jenna takes Tyson to Above the Dot and tells K.C. to do his share with the baby, and he goes home. Jenna falls asleep, but Alli wakes her up. She starts to cry and tells Alli that she needs to be with Tyson and leaves.


In Lose Yourself (1), Alli is excited to see Jenna back at school and hugs her as soon as she sees her. Jenna asks Alli if there is anything new going on, as she does not want to talk about the baby, but class starts and they have to pay attention. Alli offers to eat lunch with Jenna since K.C. was not there to do so.

In Lose Yourself (2), Jenna is seen at school. She asks Alli if she has seen K.C., but Alli hasn't. Dave walks up, telling Jenna that he and Alli are dating, and Jenna sees K.C. getting into a car with Marisol. She demands Dave tell her what's going on with Marisol and K.C., and Dave tells her while Alli stands there upset, not wanting her best friend to get so hurt by a boy.

In Extraordinary Machine (2), Jenna moves in with Alli and Sav after Kyle moves away and she moves out of K.C.'s house.

In Drop It Like It's Hot (1), Jenna has moved into Alli's house, and Dave jokes about the two having pillow fights.


Jenna prompts Alli to tell Dave about her summer camp that will be over the entire summer break, though Alli wants to hold off on telling him because they just became a couple. The next day, Jenna tells Alli while playing a poker game with her and Adam that all guys want is sex. Alli has Jenna and Adam arrange a secret poker tournament at lunch. That night, Alli tells Jenna that she plans to meet up in a secret location to play poker with strangers, but Jenna tries to dissuade her from going.

In Drop It Like It's Hot (2), Alli convinces Jenna to lie for her to Dave and her parents so that she could go to a secret poker game. The next day, Alli tells Jenna that she won a few hundred dollars, but Dave interrupts their conversation and catches Alli in her lie. While they are arguing, Jenna backs up and walks away from the two. At lunch, Alli receives the money for her camp, and Jenna tells her that they are going to fix her relationship with Dave because she doesn't want to hear Alli whining about it for the next two months. Jenna gets up and drags Dave over to Alli so that they could talk, saying Alli did everything for him.

In Underneath It All, Jenna is seen sitting next to Alli when Clare comes into class. It was later said by Clare, that Jenna and Alli gave her death glares all morning.


In Can't Tell Me Nothing (1), Jenna was first seen talking with Alli and she seemed frantic because she misplaced her song book which she had used to work on her songs for the past three years and she couldn't play without it. Alli reminded her that she might have left it at K.C.'s house. She was nervous about asking him for the song book back, because they haven't spoken to each other since they gave their son up for adoption and ended their relationship. Finally she musters the courage to ask for the song book back from K.C. and they met early in their classroom and to Jenna's surprise K.C. didn't just return the song book to her but also a few of Tyson's old baby toys and photographs of them holding Tyson together thinking that she might want them back as a memento. Her heart sank and she was in tears crying most of the afternoon. Later Alli finds her crying in the hallway, with her eyes glued on the photograph's of her former baby. Alli helps her try to move on with her life and packs the box of toys and pictures away in her locker. Alli also tells her that to be happy she has to do what will make her happy like how a dog wagging his tail makes him happy, and writing and singing songs is what makes Jenna happy, Jenna smiles with encouragement and Alli jokingly barks at her and taps her in the behind.


Alli standing up for Jenna when Clare confronts her, while she watches silently in the background.

In Not Ready To Make Nice (1), When Clare hears that Jake has a new girlfriend, she immediately points her finger to Alli since she and Jake made out a month before. When it is revealed to be Jenna, Clare yells at her but Jenna just remains silent. Alli stands up for Jenna and tells Clare what Jake does now is none of her business and that Jenna doesn't have to answer to her.

In Smash Into You (1), Alli tells Jenna that she and Dave were making out when they were supposed to be talking about what had happened over the summer. Jenna tells her that she should trust Dave going forward into their relationship, but Alli says she isn't sure that she does. Jenna is also participating in Alli's Model UN.

In Smash Into You (2), Jenna chases after Alli when she is upset that Dave and Jacinta are both absent from the Model UN. Alli reads the texts on her phone from Dave that tells her that he is getting back with Jacinta, and Jenna tries to calm Alli down by telling her that something isn't right and that there must be an explanation. Alli doesn't believe what she is saying though because of the messages from Dave's phone, which were really sent by Jacinta. After the Model UN is over, Jenna walks out of the building with Alli.

In Hollaback Girl (1), Alli and Jacinta look up Jacinta on Facerange because Alli is jealous over the fact that Dave wants to go see her. They find out that Jacinta's friends have been posting mean things about Dave, which causes Alli to feel like she has to defend him. Jenna tells her that venting at strangers won't help Alli's frustration. When Dave arrives, Jenna goes upstairs to wash her hair to leave them alone.


In In The Cold, Cold Night (1), Clare approaches Alli, Connor, K.C., and Jenna, asking them to help her with the newspaper she has volunteered to run. Jenna doesn't speak to Clare and sits down, not volunteering her help, as does Alli, Connor, and K.C. Later, Alli volunteers to help, and Jenna asks if she could help too.

In In The Cold, Cold Night (2), Alli and Jenna both continue to help Clare to finish the newspaper.

Season 12[]


In Come As You Are (1), Clare, Jenna, and Alli have reunited as a trio. The three are glad when Principal Simpson announces that the school is now uniform free, and Alli asks both of them if they were going to hit on any of the new hockey team members since they were both single. Later, the three are hanging at Clare's house, and they decide to go to Mike and Adam's party. Jenna and Alli confront Clare about who she is dressing for her at the party. Jenna and Alli ask Jake what to do if a guy doesn't bring up a past kiss for Clare. Jake tells them that if the guy is interested, then he'll kiss the girl again. The girls like the answer, and Clare asks Jake if the people should talk first, to which he said the guy would go to her.

In Gives You Hell (1), Jenna, Clare, and Alli are sitting next to one another at the pep rally for the Toronto Ice Hounds.


In Say It Ain't So (1), Alli tells Jenna that she missed taking 3 of her birth control pills, and Jenna advises her to take 3 at once, as if it would do something. Alli begins to freak out thinking that she might be pregnant because she missed two birth control pills during the time she had sex with Dave, though Jenna tells her to be careful. Alli decides to take a pregnancy test at home after school, though her mother is home and catches her with it. Alli blames the pregnancy test on Jenna, and her mother furiously punishes Jenna, setting certain restrictions on her that she must follow or she will be kicked out of the Bhandari home. After her mom leaves, Alli gratefully thanks Jenna for taking the blame for her, though Jenna seems annoyed with the new rules. After digging the pregnancy test out of the trash, as Alli's mother had thrown it away, Alli realizes that she can't take the test until at least ten days after conception. Alli asks Jenna to tell her what it was like being pregnant, so she could assure herself that she wasn't. Jenna tells her that she felt sick, moody, and her boobs were tender. When Alli asks where her boobs were tender, Jenna tells her friend that she is trying to convince herself that she is pregnant.


In Say It Ain't So (2), Jenna convinces Alli to take a blood test after school to see if she is pregnant or not. After her mother gives her a new sari for her party for getting a scholarship into MIT, Alli tells Jenna that she cannot wait, and will go down to the clinic at lunch. When Dave asks if Alli is ready to leave, he mentions Jenna among Alli's friends, to which Alli answers she hasn't thought about it. Jenna attends Alli's party, and is proud of her friend.


In Closer to Free (1), after Jenna is approached by Becky Baker, Jenna asks Alli what she knows about her, saying she invited her over. Jenna asks Alli to come with her, though Alli says she can't because she's focusing on school, though Jenna decides to go because she thinks they have music in common. The next day, Jenna is ranting to Alli about how Becky lied to her and made her perform for her church group. Jenna tries to partner up with Alli for the project in a group of three, but she is already with Connor and Dave. Jenna turns and bumps into Luke Baker, and Alli whispers to her to relax and act natural, as Jenna seems interested in him. The following school day, Jenna tells Alli that she and Luke kissed, and Alli happily exclaims that she is back in the game. Jenna asks if she thinks it is true if everyone has their paths because of God, and Alli replies she believes everyone is the masters of their own destiny. However, Jenna reveals that her new interest in religion is more because of Luke than her desire to actually become a Christian.

In Closer to Free (2), Alli isn't convinced of Jenna's new goal to become a Christian because she knows that she is doing it for Luke. Jenna agrees to get baptized by Luke and Becky's father Reverend Baker, though Alli thinks it crazy to adopt a religion without knowing what she is getting herself into. Later, when Jenna is going out to get baptized, Alli tells her mother about Jenna's new interest in Christianity, and Mrs. Bhandari and Alli ask Jenna what inspired her. Jenna reveals to them that she has felt lost lately, and she wants to know what God's plan is for her. The next day, Jenna feels refreshed, and Alli tells her that she is glowing and looks like she just got back from vacation. Alli watches Jenna's attempt to flirt with Luke, and when things go wrong, revealing that Luke wasn't interested in her, Alli stops him and tells him to "Scram, Bible Boy."


Jenna goes to the bathroom to cry, and Alli tries to make her feel better by saying they could bust up his knee if Jenna wants. Jenna says that boys ruin her life, and Alli admits that she has also done some stupid stuff for boys, though Jenna recalls that she never actually got baptized for one. Jenna admits she got baptized and pretended to be Becky's friend because Luke made her feel special, not knowing that Becky was also in the bathroom. When Becky steps out, she is hurt that Jenna lied, and Jenna chases after her.

After her run in with Becky, Jenna is praying and sitting with Alli. Alli jokingly prays to God from Jenna, asking to give Luke a disease. Jenna says she doesn't care about him and confesses ever since giving up Tyson, she's felt confused. She admits that she needs someone to show her the way, and Alli tells her that she has her, though Jenna says only until the end of the school year. Jenna reveals she needs something more permanent, revealing she got baptized for Luke and because she wanted it to be true about God. Alli tells her that that is when you need faith to believe.

In Rusty Cage (2), Alli, Jenna, Clare, Bianca, and Connor all say goodbye to K.C. for the last time.


In I Want It That Way (1), Jenna is awoken by the Bhandaris, who announce to Alli that they have a surprise for her, which turns out to be a car. Alli drives her and Jenna to school when they run into Clare. Clare is excited about her car and lists off some boring things they could do, then Jenna says or something fun. Alli and Clare are talking about the Jay-Z concert when Jenna says she could replace Dave and go with them. Alli rejects her offer, though, as she wants to try to get Dave to go with her. The next day, Jenna awakes Alli, who has overslept. Alli freaks out because she hasn't finished her homework, which was due that day. Alli tells Jenna that she was out with Dallas all last night after Dave re-dumped her, but says that she doesn't have time to be into anyone. Jenna tells her that maybe Mr. Perino would give her an extension. Jenna goes with Alli when she asks for an extension, and gives her the idea to give up sleeping to get homework done.


In I Want It That Way (2), Alli, who has not been sleeping, wakes up Jenna in the middle of the night, talking about how she needs to get the Jay-Z ticket back from Dallas. Jenna tells her to go to bed since she has barely slept, but Alli decides to go over to the Torres' house to see Dallas to demand the ticket back. Jenna says it's too dangerous to walk over, and Alli decides to drive. Later, before the concert, Jenna suggests that she take a nap, but Alli tells her that if she lets herself sleep, then she'll never wake up, and she has worked too hard to have a night off to sleep through it. Alli leaves, and tells Jenna not to wait up for her.

In Bitter Sweet Symphony (2), Jenna, Mo, Fiona, Connor, Marisol, and Becky, along with Alli and Dallas in the room, discuss Campbell's suicide.


In Ray of Light (1), Alli and Jenna are in the hallway talking about dinner for that night, but Jenna says that she has a date for that night with Connor. Alli is surprised and tries to find positive things to say about Connor, such as that he is nice and tall. She asks if he is over the underwear stealing, and Jenna defends him, saying that was a long time ago. Jenna tells Alli that she founds Connor's persistence sexy. Connor approaches them and gives Jenna a space suit for their date after school.


In Zombie (1), Jenna and Alli are gossiping about Eli and Clare's latest break up when Connor interrupts them, wanting Alli to leave. Alli decides to leave, and Jenna tells Connor that Alli needs her friends right now since she is crushed that things didn't work out with Dallas. Connor decides to try and get Alli a boyfriend so that it will keep her busy. Later, Alli barges in on Connor and Jenna's date to tell Jenna that Eli sent her flowers, which she thinks he did to mess with Clare through Eli. When Eli also shows up with an identical bouquet of flowers, Jenna figures out that Connor sent the flowers to both Alli and Eli. She calls him a jerk because he wants her friend to stop hanging out with them, and tells him to go home.


In Zombie (2), Alli and Jenna are together in a classroom when Connor apologizes to Alli for trying to set him up with Eli. Connor attempts to gossip with Alli and Jenna, but he ends up insulting Clare, which angers Clare, Alli, and Jenna. Connor later again apologizes to Alli and Jenna by buying them lattes, and updates them about Clare and Eli's relationship, which they happily gossip about.


Jenna and Alli dancing at prom.

In The Time of My Life, Alli, Jenna, and Clare go dress shopping together for prom, and they try to convince Clare to go and to resolve her problems with Eli. The three all get ready for prom together in Clare's bedroom, and both seem worried about the lump Alli found on Clare's back. When Eli shows up with a horse and carriage to win Clare back, both Alli and Jenna laugh at him. At prom, Alli, Jenna, and Connor dance together and have a good time. During prom, they give Clare advice about sex after she decided to lose her virginity to Eli that night. The next day, Alli and Jenna both attend the seniors' graduation.

Season 13[]


In Summertime, they are both seen in the French classroom for a meeting about the trip to Paris. They both seem to be very excited about it. Afterwards, Alli and Jenna go shopping with Clare and notice that she keeps checking her phone, assuming that she's gotten the results of her biopsy. They both convince her that she doesn't have cancer and to engage in virtual sex with Eli. Later, they are both on the bus to Paris and talk about Clare not being there due to her cancer results being positive.


In All I Wanna Do, Alli surprises Connor and Jenna with a cutout of Clare's head, so that they could take pictures with the cutout of where Clare wanted to go. They talk about where to go in Paris, but Connor and Jenna reveal they have tickets to see the Eiffel Tower, which are sold out so Alli can't go with them. Alli encourages them to go without her, and Jenna finally leaves, before making sure it's okay with Alli.


Jenna and Alli at the shop Leo works at in Paris.

In My Own Worst Enemy, Jenna finds Alli waiting for Leo to ask her out at the shop he works in. Alli tells Jenna she hasn't done her project since she had been waiting for Leo to ask her out all day. Jenna suggests that Alli asks out Leo herself. When she does, Jenna has to remind her about her presentation but Leo agrees to go out with Alli after it. After Alli's presentation, Jenna shows Alli her grade based on what Madame Cliquet said. After Alli's date with Leo, Alli comes into her room where Jenna and Maya are playing guitar. Alli tells the girls what happened and they give her advice.

13x05 21

In About a Girl, Jenna and Alli are video chatting with Clare, who asks about Leo. Alli tells her things are going well, but she isn't ready to have sex with him, which she expects he will want. To solve this problem, Alli brings Connor and Jenna with her on her date, to double date. Leo goes along with this after Alli lies that Connor and Jenna are having problems and need to be around other people. Dinner goes well until the conversation steers to sex, and Connor blows Alli's lie and reveals to Jenna that he doesn't want to have sex.


In Cannonball, Jenna is upset with Alli since after her break up with Connor, Alli had ditched her to hang with Leo. In order to make it up to her, Alli offers to cancel her plans with Leo and have a girl's night with Jenna, which makes Jenna happy. Alli doesn't cancel her date, but instead tries to set Jenna up with Leo's friend. Alli surprises Jenna with the double date, and she is less than happy, especially when she finds her "date", Leo's friend Andre, to be creepy. Jenna leaves the date when Leo's friend keeps touching her, and she is angry at Alli. Alli later apologizes to Jenna, and she tells Jenna that she doesn't need a new boy, but she needs the boy she wants to want her back. Alli motions for Connor to step out, and Alli makes Connor tell Jenna why he is scared to get intimate. Connor explains that sex is awkward to him and it seems uncontrollable, but Jenna reveals she just wants to feel close to Connor, offering to show him ways. They begin kissing, and Alli leaves the room, knowing that her and Jenna are on good terms again.


In Honey, Jenna tries to comfort Alli about the fact she will be leaving Leo soon, but ends up convincing her to ask Leo about a long-distance relationship. Clare sends both Alli a text about the fact that Adam was in an accident and is in the hospital. Later on the bus ride home, Alli is crying, and Jenna notices that something is wrong with her arm. Alli reveals they broke up and blames herself, but Jenna tells her that it isn't an excuse.


In Young Forever, they and Connor leave Adam's funeral and question if they should go to the reception because they weren't that close with him. They all see Becky crying on the bench and the two comfort her and question her on why she's not at the reception. She tells them that Drew doesn't like her because he thinks she killed Adam. She then decides to have a memorial. The four of them work on the memorial and Alli, Jenna, and Connor think it's weird that Becky is setting up a chair for Adam. They all sit quietly until Becky decides not to have the memorial after all but then the two of them see people coming and point it out to Becky.

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In This Is How We Do It, Alli and Jenna are both on student council and arrive at school early to set up for the assembly, which they later participate in. Later, Clare reveals that Alli has a date that night, and Jenna and Clare think that it is Dallas, to which they tease Alli about him. Alli later reveals that Leo is back, and Jenna is unhappy since Leo previously hurt Alli. Clare and Jenna are not supportive of Leo and Alli getting back together.

In You Got Me, Alli and Jenna are not talking, which makes working on their chemistry lab awkward. Clare intervenes and suggests to Alli that she bring Leo to the dance so that they could get to know him. While talking to Leo, Alli mentions that her friends don't approve of him since he hurt her. At the dance, Jenna, Clare, and Connor act cold to Leo, but he is able to win Clare and Jenna over by dancing with them.

In Barely Breathing, Alli, Jenna, and Clare are at their lockers together. Jenna comments that Alli is putting on too much makeup, which she is using to hide the bruise she got from Leo smacking her. Alli claims she was spending all night studying for her SATs, though she doesn't believe her. When Leo sends Alli balloons, Jenna calls him a sweetheart.


In Black Or White, in class, Clare reveals to Jenna and Alli that she has organized a romantic date for Eli, and Clare gushes about how he is coming home for a week, to which Alli comments that's all she's been talking about the past few days. Clare reveals her and Eli haven't been talking as much lately, which is why she wants the date to go so well.

In The World I Know, Clare and Jenna are talking about spa days for Alli's birthday, and Jenna asks her if she could get a little excited for her birthday party. Alli says that she can't be happy since Leo has to go back to France. Jenna suggests to just wait it out till she graduates and can be with him in France, but Alli tells her that she doesn't want to be away from him for one second. Clare and Jenna are surprised that she is skipping school. The next day, Clare and Jenna decorate Alli's locker for her birthday, and greet her with cupcakes they baked for her. Alli gives her invites, asking for them to be her bridesmaid, and both Jenna and Clare seem surprised that she is getting married. They grill her about wedding details, her family not being there at her wedding, Leo being deported, and about MIT, which makes Alli feel horrible, though Clare says they are just looking out for her. Alli asks Clare if she would do anything for Eli, but Clare says it is different for Alli since they have only been together six months. Jenna states that Alli and Leo will probably be divorced within another six months. Clare asks Alli to think about this, but Alli states that she loves Leo and can't lose him. Later, Jenna and Clare are at what is supposed to be Alli's party, but when Alli comes in with a black eye and bloody lip, they are horrified and ask what happened to her.


In Better Man, Jenna is with Alli while she makes her statement to the police, and Jenna notices when Alli changes a detail in her story. After Alli goes upstairs, Jenna follows her, and asks her if Leo knows that she was mugged, saying she could call him if Alli wants, but Alli rejects to the idea. Jenna reminds Alli that she saw what he did to her in Paris and knows what he is like, revealing she figured out it was Leo. She offers to call the detective, and Alli reveals that it was Leo who attacked her. Jenna is horrified that she was right, and Alli claims that it was all her fault, as she ruined their wedding day, to which shocks Jenna. Jenna tells Alli that if Leo loved her, then he wouldn't have hurt her. She grabs her phone to call the police, and Alli just asks for some time to think about it. After mulling over pictures of her and Leo and her face, Alli tells Jenna that she was right, as she could not love someone that did this to her. She calls Leo with Jenna sitting next to her, giving her support.


The next day at school, Jenna and Alli seem happy at the chance of a fresh start for Alli, and Alli is content with the fact she will be safe at school. Clare is happy to see Alli, and Alli asks Jenna not to say anything to her about Leo. Clare asks if the cops caught her mugger yet, but Alli mentions she just wants to forget about everything and focus on school. When Leo continues to send Alli abusive messages, including that he is outside of the school, it drives Alli to hiding in the bathroom, where Clare and Jenna find her. Alli cries that she just wanted a fresh start and that Leo won't let her go. Jenna reads her messages, and Clare asked why they're scared of Leo, but figures out he was the one that attacked Alli. Jenna and Clare refuse to let Alli go talk to Leo, and call the police. Later, Jenna is with Alli when she tells her parents about Leo. Later, Jenna brings Alli a cupcake and annulment forms, and tells Alli that they'll get through this.


In Dig Me Out, Clare and Jenna approach Alli at her locker, and ask her if she was flirting with Dallas, though Alli reveals that she is done with boys. Jenna asks about why she is wearing sneakers, and Alli responds that the doctor told her heels would interfere with her physical recovery. They talk about Leo, and it is revealed that he is out on bail and there is a court date next week between him and Alli. Clare and Jenna offer to help her with anything, but she tells them to go to class. Later, Alli is looking for Jenna to ask her to be her lab assistant, and Jenna willingly helps her.

In Power to the People, Jenna is helping Alli out in the lab, but is reading about therapy for Alli on her phone. She tries to convince Alli to go see a therapist, revealing that her and Clare have been talking about it since Alli won't share with them, but Alli feels that she is fine. She fires Jenna as her lab assistant, saying that the lab is her escape, even though she is reminded of Leo every time her arm hurts. Alli takes off her lab coat and throws it away, giving up. Jenna says that she can't and asks what she should to do to be a better lab assistant, but Alli tells her that she only wants to be alone.

In No Surprises, Dallas asks Jenna about Alli, but she tells him that Alli is on a romantic hiatus after Leo.


In What It's Like, Alli and Clare catch Jenna nominating herself and Connor for King and Queen for the spring formal. Jenna claims that it's not far-fetched, and uses the example of Eli and Clare winning Prom Queen and King last year, but Alli reminds her that Eli rigged the voting. Clare and Alli tease Jenna, but Jenna says that Connor is his own person and calls him "sexy", though Alli asks if the student body will agree. Later at school, Alli stands watch outside the girl's bathroom, so that Jenna can help Connor put in his new contact lenses. Alli later compliments Jenna on her and Connor's picture, while commenting that Connor has the vote of the other younger girls, which makes Jenna jealous.


In Close to Me, Jenna is jealous of all the attention that Connor is getting from the freshmen, and she rants to Alli about it. Jenna is worried because he has been tutoring the girls a lot, and Alli asks him if she trusts him, telling Jenna she needs to calm down. Later, Alli and Jenna are getting ready together for the dance. Alli tries to hurry her along since she had been trying on dresses for over two hours, and they were supposed to bring the tickets to the dance, which they were late for already. Jenna tells Alli to leave ahead of her, while she finally chooses an outfit. When Jenna shows up to the dance in her old dress, Alli mentions to Dallas that she bought that dress as a sophomore and never wore it because it was too small. Jenna asks how she looks, and Alli comments, "Open for business", however, Connor likes the dress. Alli goes after Jenna into the bathroom, but leaves when Connor enters the room to talk to Jenna.

In Army of Me, Jenna, Alli, Connor, and Dallas are all going to Regionals together. When Alli and Dallas start flirting, Jenna intervenes and gives Alli a look, which sends her to re-check what she packed. Jenna scolds Dallas for flirting with Alli, and asks him to wait to hit on her, as guys always distract Alli from her goals, to which Dallas agrees. Later, Dallas, Alli, Connor, and Jenna are all the mall together, but Jenna and Alli get separated from the boys when they are pulled aside as possible suspects for the smoke bomb prank.


In How Bizarre, Dallas, Alli, Jenna, and Connor planned to go see a movie together, and Dallas mentions to Drew that Alli and Jenna now hate him because of how he hurt Clare. Later, the four are at The Dot when Drew shows up to talk to Jenna and Alli, but they do not want to talk to him. Connor tells Drew that they are upset that Drew had sex with Clare without starting a relationship with her. Drew explains that he didn't want to hurt Clare, but he didn't want to be her rebound after Eli. Alli and Jenna don't seem very convinced, but Drew assures that he has no other girl that he is leading on. However, Drew gets a picture message of breasts sent to his phone, which Jenna and Alli see and they ultimately do not believe him that he has changed. They leave The Dot together.

Season 14[]

In I'll Be Missing You, Jenna is excited for Alli's acceptance into the University of Cambridge and jumps around with her after hearing the news. When Jenna notices a conflict arising when Dallas comes and hears the news, she and Connor leave them to talk. She is later seen sitting next to Alli in class and leaves as the bell rings.


In Firestarter (1), Clare confronts Alli and Jenna after finding out people know about her pregnancy and they explain to her how the rumor went around. When Clare makes a jab at Jenna, reminding her of how people called her a trashy teen mom when she was pregnant, Jenna and Alli both look shocked, but are interrupted by Principal Simpson before either can respond. Alli then tells Clare they'll be in the student council room if she needs them and starts to leave, but Jenna, still upset about the remark Clare made, hangs back for a second, wanting to say something. Alli grabs Jenna and pulls her away as they leave Clare to speak to Simpson.

In Finally (2), Jenna and Alli both graduate as part of the Class of 2014.


  • They are both friends with Clare Edwards and on good terms with Maya Matlin.
  • They both lost their friendships with Clare at some point, but later reconciled with her.
  • They were both accused by Clare to be dating Jake.
  • They both had been cheated on by their boyfriends at the time, although Alli was cheated on twice.
  • They were both crushes of Dave Turner, although only Alli dated him.
  • Two or three of their boyfriend were on the basketball team, Alli: Drew, Dave, and Dallas, and Jenna: K.C. and Connor
  • After Jenna moved out of her ex-boyfriend K.C. Guthrie's apartment she moved in with Alli.
  • They both kissed K.C. Guthrie, but only Jenna had a relationship with him.
  • They both have plots dealing with pregnancy though Alli's was just a scare.
  • Both had disliked Bianca DeSousa and Marisol Lewis. However they seem to be on better terms with the former.
  • They both took an interest in the Power Squad, though only Jenna got in.
  • Jenna used to have a crush on and kissed Alli's older brotherSav.
  • Jenna's first line was spoken to Alli. ("Sorry, I'm Jenna.")
  • Jenna and Clare convinced Alli to report Leo to the police.
  • Both Alli and Jenna had a conflict with Holly J. However, Alli became friends with her after Holly J. started dating her brother Sav.
  • They both support Clare and Eli as a couple.
  • As of Thunderstruck, Jenna was still living with Alli and her family.
  • They shared a bedroom in the Bhandari house.
  • They were both members of the Degrassi Photo Club and the French Club.
  • They both made their last appearances in Finally (2).
  • They both appeared in 100 or more episodes: Alli (161) and Jenna (118).
  • Jenna disliked Alli's ex-husband Leo Lauzon as he was abusive towards her.