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The conflict between Alli Bhandari and Zoë Rivas is known as Zalli (Zoë/Alli). It began in Season 13 of Degrassi.

Conflict History[]


Alli and Zoë developed over the summer during the Paris trip with Alli being annoyed with Zoë's diva and rude attitude and Zoë finding Alli to be desperate.


Season 13[]

In All I Wanna Do, Alli is roommates with Maya and Zoë, both Zoë and Alli look out over the window balcony after just entering the room. Alli walks up to the tenth grade students and Zoë dares Winston to ask Alli in French if she would like to sleep with him and Zoë laughs at her because she didn't understand what Winston said. When Alli tries to invite herself to hang out with the tenth grade students Zoë rudely asks her if she has any friends her age and Alli takes the hint telling her to go with Zoë turning and laughing at her.

In About A Girl, Alli and Jenna are face timing with Clare when Zoë walks with roses that Zoë tells her it wasn't for her but Alli sees that Leo sent them. Zoë asks Alli if the cream sauce being fattening is what Alli is worried and Alli tells her it's not that but having sex and after mentioning the guys she's been with, Zoë tells her to invest in a chastity belt with Alli sarcastically asking her if she had and Zoë sarcastically smiling back.

In You Oughta Know, when Clare stresses that her editor wants a draft of article about Zoë tonight, Alli asks Clare if she has even talked to Zoë yet. Alli watches from afar of Clare asking Zoë to her bio piece about her. After reading Clare's article about Zoë, Alli is shocked by Zoë's start at Degrassi but Clare reveals Zoë lied, Alli said she wants to smack her upside her head and jokingly adds she wants to steal her shoe collection too.

In Everything You've Done Wrong, Alli and Clare are on the benches outside of Degrassi going over Clare's plan to have Alli pretend to be Zoë to talk to Meredith to pass off her lies before realizing that she's being stupid for even coming up with this plan.

In Sparks Will Fly (1), Mr. Perino recruits Zoë for the Bright Sparks, of which Alli is the captain. At tryouts, Alli asks Zoë if she's sure she has a photographic memory, as she has not answered a single question. Zoë smugly answers the next question and then asks how many extra marks she gets for being on the team. Alli tells her answering one question isn't enough to make the team, and Zoë begs her and Perino to let her join as otherwise she'll be "stuck at Degrassi forever." Alli reluctantly agrees and tells Zoë she better get studying.

Season 14[]

In Smells Like Teen Spirit, Alli and Clare are in the bathroom discussing Clare's pregnancy, Alli tells her that at least she doesn't have to worry about being pregnant and the father being Drew but Clare thinks something is seriously wrong with her. Clare asks Alli to come with her to the clinic, but Alli is shocked about Drew being the father and as they leave the bathroom unbeknownst to them Zoë heard their whole conversation.


  • Zoë is the second queen bee that Alli had a conflict with. The first was Holly J. Sinclair.
  • Zoë had a conflict with Alli's best friend Clare Edwards.
  • Zoë also had a conflict with Alli's friend Becky Baker.
  • Both girls dated Drew Torres.
  • Both had a conflict with Luke Baker, although Zoë had the bigger conflict.
  • Alli was the first person to learn of Clare’s pregnancy, while Zoë was the second.