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"I lost my virginity in the back of a van, parked in a ravine at 14. Drew cheated on me in the boiler room and then the guy I loved and trusted the most had sex with a stranger this summer and then lied to me about it. So, yes, I have trust issues."
— Alli to Dave

Allia "Alli" Bhandari is a graduate of Degrassi Community School from the Class of 2014. She was first shown as rebellious, landing herself in many difficult situations, particularly with boys. After her parents were made aware of her former ways through her permanent record, she realized she needed to change her life for the better. However, despite turning over a new leaf, Alli still has a bad habit of making mistakes, although she is now trying to ground herself in her studies. She has been studying and creating a breast cancer breathalyzer, and received an early scholarship to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) where she would've been studying with other scientists the following year, though she ultimately turned it down.

She has been best friends with Clare Edwards and Jenna Middleton since freshman year, despite the differences they have had. She is also friends with Connor Delaurier, K.C. Guthrie, Becky Baker, Tristan Milligan, Anya MacPherson, Eli Goldsworthy, and her ex-boyfriend Johnny DiMarco. She was also friends with Cam Saunders and Adam Torres, before their fatal incidents in 2013. She is also dating her best friend Mike Dallas. She is the younger sister of Sav Bhandari, a Degrassi graduate, and her teacher Winnie Oh appears to have a soft spot for her. Alli is also on friendly terms with her ex-boyfriends, Drew Torres and Dave Turner. She used to have heated conflicts with Bianca DeSousa, Holly J. Sinclair, and Chantay Black. She also had/has a dislike for Jacinta Morley, Zoë Rivas, and Luke Baker. She is labelled as "Book Smart/Boy Dumb." Alli was portrayed by Melinda Shankar.

Character History

Season 8

Alli in season 8

Alli makes her first appearance in the series in Uptown Girl (1) as Sav Bhandari's younger sister. She is in the Gifted Program with Clare, K.C. and Connor. When Sav introduces her to everybody, Alli is shown groaning, looking bored, and embarrassed, but Darcy introduces her little sister, Clare. She is shown to be somewhat rebellious due to her conservative upbringing. Every morning she changes into more fashionable clothes and lets her hair down, then changes back before returning home.

In Uptown Girl (2), Darcy and Clare walk to school and K.C. helps Clare with a book when she falls on the steps. Darcy says if she didn't wear the uniform she might attract boys like him. Clare says she came to Degrassi to learn, not for boys. Darcy says she should be more like Sav's sister Alli so she can fit in. Later, Connor and Clare are eating lunch in the cafeteria and Connor is telling Clare about a formula when Alli walks up and asks what they're doing. Connor ignores her and keeps going. Clare tells her that he's explaining fireworks to her. K.C. joins them and in order to prove that she doesn't care what other people think, K.C. dares her to do a talent in front of the whole cafeteria. She sings a hymn, but she is mortified when people start booing and throwing food at her. K.C. looks on, uncomfortable and Alli laughs behind him. The next day Connor and Clare are in the media room for lunch and Clare, too embarrassed to eat in the cafeteria, gets Connor to stay with her by asking about a formula of his for fireworks. The next day, The Shep tells the gifted class that they can't eat by the computers and singles Clare out for doing so and suggests eating in the cafeteria. After Shep leaves, Alli says it's because the cafeteria has such entertainment, alluding to Clare singing the hymn. The whole class laughs besides K.C. and Connor and Clare runs out, embarrassed. Alli looks a little ashamed but laughs it off. After K.C. apologizes to Clare, the next day, Connor and Clare find that people have taken their lunch table, which Clare notices Connor is very fixated on. Clare asks K.C. if they can sit with him and he invites them with a smile. Connor says it's not their table and Clare smiles as he reluctantly sits down. Alli sits next to them too and tells Clare to not sing. Clare promises she will not sing in the cafeteria again.

Alli looking at the vibrator.

In Man With Two Hearts, the minor niners are getting their robot ready for competition. As Clare is fixing wires, Alli asks K.C. if he wears boxers or briefs for a magazine quiz and at that moment, Clare makes the robot shoot sparks. Alli jokes that Clare's getting all flustered at the mention of undergarments. Clare says she's not the one talking about underwear in Media Immersion. They all decide to prep their robot at Connor's house since Alli complains it's been at Clare's house every other time. Alli goes up to Clare once the boys leave and she tells her to not be mad because she was only kidding about her being a prude... or at least a total prude. Clare gives her a look and then Alli asks if all is forgiven. Clare responds "Isn't it always?" Alli smiles and turns away but Clare looks sad. They all decide to prep their robot at Connor's house since Alli complains it's been at Clare's house every other time. Alli and Clare sneak around Mr. Simpson's house after going home with Connor, and they snoop around in Simpson's room while "looking for the bathroom." They find a vibrator under his bed. Spike catches them and, in the midst of panic, Alli stuffs it in Clare's bag. Spike says she knows what it is like to be 14 and curious, though she never sees them take the vibrator. The two girls are curious about the vibrator and decide to bring it to school the next day. They're in the bathroom stall, as they argue about who should keep it and figure out what to do with it, they drop it while it's turned on. Alli and Clare panic and exchange looks. Jane picks it up and returns it to them, and discusses that it's normal to engage in "solo sex." Alli asks if Jane has one and Clare tries to shut her up but Jane says she doesn't have that specific model. The girls blush. Later in class, Connor trips over Clare's bag and the sex toy vibrates in front of the whole class. Mr. Armstrong tells Clare that she knows the rule, no cell phones in class. Clare quietly responds by saying she doesn't have a cell phone. Armstrong pulls the vibrator out, the class laughs, but Alli improvises (stammering over her words) and says it's a robot for their project. Armstrong asks when she thought he was born and Alli says back, " old are you?" getting the class to crack up. Clare is still very embarrassed by the topic. The next day, Clare and Alli discuss what happened when Clare's mom had a conversation with her. Alli asks if she's ever tried it and Clare decides to not share that information. Alli asks if there's nothing wrong with doing it then why can't they talk about it and Clare says she doesn't know. Holly J. comes up to Clare and says "little early for sex toys, Little Edwards? What would Jesus say?" Clare responds "that masturbation is completely normal and there's nothing to be ashamed about." Holly J. says, "Really?" As Clare walks away she says "and if you tried it once in a while, maybe you wouldn't be so mean," which makes everybody around them laugh. Holly J. gets offended and walks away.

Johnny and Alli laugh at Bruce being stupid.

Alli and Johnny making out at the ravine.


In With or Without You, Alli comes along on the camping trip to get closer to Johnny. At first, Alli won't keep away from Anya and Sav, but eventually she leaves them to look for Johnny. Finding him in his tent, the two play a few card games before they freak out and leave, after finding Connor's snake in the tent. When Sav finds out that Alli was alone with a boy, he yells at her and sends her to her tent. Alli receives roses from an anonymous sender, and wonders who was sending them. She makes Anya tell her, and finds out it's Johnny DiMarco.

In Lost in Love (1), Alli tells Connor that K.C. is giving Clare a rose. Clare and Alli are later seen sitting next to each other in class as Clare receives a rose from both Connor and K.C. Alli is surprised and excited to receive one herself soon after, though it is blank. Later she and the other minor niners are working on their robot in the hallway. Something goes wrong with the robot and Clare and Connor go up to it to troubleshoot when Connor suggests the problem is the tread on the claw. K.C. disagrees and says it's the arm and motor. They go back and forth until Clare asks why they're acting like idiots. Alli says it's because she hasn't decided who is taking her to the dance. Clare pauses and says she won't go. Alli goes to ask Anya who sent her the rose but Anya says buyer-seller confidentiality prevents her from saying. Sav says they aren't state secrets but he storms off when Anya says he's mad because she won't tell him who sent her a rose. She admits to Alli there's no confidentiality thing and she sent the flower to herself. Anya tells Alli who it was. Later Alli tells K.C. that robots aren't the only way to a girl's heart. He says he gave her a rose but asks what more is there to do. She says he has to but himself out there and take a risk while looking at Johnny. Alli tells K.C. she forgot something in her locker and walks in to see Johnny. She then makes it known to Johnny that she knows he sent them, and he tells her that they won't be able to date because he doesn't want to be seen with a "niner."


In Lost in Love (2), Alli and the other minor niners are at the robot competition wherein Toby Isaacs is the announcer. As Mr. Simpson asks if they're ready, K.C. smiles and says hi to Clare. She greets him back. Simpson looks between them awkwardly after their exchange and asks Clare if she's with them. Alli says she and Clare need a moment to "discuss strategy" and pulls her aside. She says she thought they weren't letting their hormones get in the way of bot wars. Clare says it's complicated and Alli says she'll simplify. She says "you like K.C., K.C. likes you; go to the dance with him." Clare starts to mention Connor but Alli says he will get over it. Alli walks off. Alli sees Johnny at the robot competition. As the competition starts, Clare tells her group to show the crowd what they are made of. K.C. grabs her hand and tells her good luck. Connor sees this and grabs Alli's wrist and repeats what K.C. said. Alli pulls her hand away and tells him to not be disgusting. Connor says that K.C. squeezed Clare's hand but Alli says it's because she's going to the dance with him. Connor asks Clare if it's true and Clare says not now because the competition is starting. Connor continues by saying he asked her and that he was her friend first. He adds that he's way better at robots than K.C. Clare says they'll talk about it after the round. As Degrassi starts losing the match, K.C. asks what Connor's problem is and he runs off. Clare gets mad at K.C. and runs to follow Connor. The next round is on and the niners work together again. Clare runs to Alli's side and Alli asks if she's really not going to the dance with K.C. Clare asks if she's really asking about the dance right now. Degrassi wins third place and they all smile. Connor uses the robot to ask Clare to go to the dance with him just as they win and the crowd cheers her on. She looks overwhelmed and says okay. Connor cheers and K.C. looks upset. Later, Alli stands by Anya and Sav at the Sweetheart Dance ticket booth. Johnny and Alli are together by the J.T. Yorke Memorial when Alli asks Johnny why he won't admit that he likes her and Johnny kisses her and Alli jumps. Johnny asks if it was her first kiss and Alli quickly responds, "well, the next one won't be!" They agree to begin to secretly date.

In Causing a Commotion, the minor niners enter the media immersion room and notice Connor has a lamp by his desk. He explains that it helps his eyes. Alli comments that it makes them look like freaks. The Shep enters the room to ask the favor of making his principal of the year video of quotes from students. Alli and K.C. volunteer. As Shep walks across the classroom, he trips on the lamp cord. Shep tells Connor it's a hazard and that he must have a doctor's note if he needs it so bad. Since he doesn't, the Shep tells him to try to be a little more normal. Clare comes to his defense, saying she thinks Connor should keep his lamp because he needs it. Shep says it would be unfair to let one student have one and no others because they can't have preferential treatment. Clare responds that's true unless he's a football player. Some of the class whispers at the comment. Shep gives her detention. She says he can't give her a detention for having a point of view and he says he can because he's the principal. While Alli films Clare for the principal of the year video, Clare says that he said to "be more normal" to Connor. She asks the camera if that's the advice principal of the year should give his students. Alli shuts it off and says the video is supposed to show why Shep does deserve the award. Clare says he doesn't. Alli asks if she's still on about the lamp and Clare says it's not about the lamp; it's about individual differences. Alli asks if she's gonna protest and Clare smiles at the idea. Alli asks again but Derek and Bruce show up and take Alli's camera. She takes it back as K.C. walks up behind Clare and Alli and says to buy their own. They walk away, saying "whatever" and pushing him. This gives Clare the idea to take down Shep as a group. Alli asks if one detention wasn't enough. Later, Clare puts lamps at everyone's desks. Alli tells her she's about to get everyone in trouble. Shep, with Simpson in tow, walks in and asks how the video is going. He looks around and sees the lamps. He gets mad and asks what he said yesterday. Clare says he said he couldn't make an exception for one student. As she says this, Mr. Simpson proudly smiles. Shep looks back at him and his smile fades. Clare says he doesn't have to make an exception now. Shep orders everyone to take the lamps off their desks. No one does anything and Clare says not unless Connor can keep his. Shep says there's no room for negotiation and repeats his demand. No one does it so he gives them all detention. The class, especially K.C. looks upset and Shep says to be sure to thank Miss Edwards. Simpson looks uncomfortable and Alli says "nice one, Saint Clare." Clare's anger towards Shep grows. Later, in detention with the rest of the gifted class, Connor taps his pencil and annoys everyone, especially Alli. Clare tells Alli that they could involve the school board about Shep. Alli tells her that they need to serve this detention first. Mr. Perino gets a call and leaves the room. After Alli tells Connor to stop tapping and he doesn't, she gets up and tells him to stop. Clare tells her to leave him alone but she takes his pencil. Connor spits on her and this causes Alli to call him a freak and break his pencil, sending him into a rage. He pushes her to the ground and runs away after Perino says he's in trouble. Clare follows him out of the room. Clare waits outside the principal's office and K.C. comes up to her and tells her that Alli is okay, not that she would care. She asks what that is supposed to mean. He says he knows Connor is her friend but she can't defend him pushing Alli. She asks if he's ever had his face pushed into a puddle of mud while people stood around and laughed. K.C. looks away. Clare says he wouldn't understand. Just then, Connor shouts that he isn't apologizing to Alli and runs out of the office. Clare and K.C. overheard Simpson assuring Shep that Connor is a good kid but they need to wait for the test results. Shep is hesitant and says he would still expel him because he's a loose cannon. Clare looks on in shock. Shep says he's sorry but his decision is final. Clare's shock morphs into anger. Clare shows up at the Nelson-Simpson household and tells Connor he can't go home as he packs. He says if he's not in gifted at Degrassi his parents won't let him stay. She says they aren't done fighting because they haven't been to the school board or the media about this. She says he just has to apologize for pushing Alli. He says he took her pencil. Clare looks confused as to why he's fixated on that. He shouts that he's a freak and everyone thinks so. He lists Shep, Alli, K.C., and even Mr. Simpson. Alli and K.C. watch a clip of the video they are making for Shep. Holly J. says that she didn't run for student council president, Shep just appointed her. K.C. tells Alli he doesn't think that's a good thing and she says they'll cut around the appointed part. Clare walks in the room, sans Catholic school uniform. Alli looks surprised and says that when Connor gets expelled, Clare gets a new wardrobe. Clare tells her to leave it alone. K.C. asks if she's okay and Clare is only able to say "Connor was just so..." and pauses before Alli offers "weird." Clare continues, says he had a meltdown, and admits there's something wrong with him. Mr. Simpson pulls her aside and says Connor wanted him to tell her he was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome. He expands, saying that he has to learn social rules. Clare asks if there's a cure like medication or something. Simpson responds to the negative, saying that he can live a normal life with counseling but that he's really scared and could use a friend. Clare says she should get started on her assignment and walks off to think about what was just said. Later, Alli, K.C. and Shep watch the last cut of the principal of the year video, with Chantay being the most recent to gush about him. Shep says they've done a great job and says they can finish after they shoot his intro. They begin shooting and he begins to talk about the honor but Clare walks in, telling him he needs to let Connor come back to Degrassi. He dismisses her and Clare starts to say what will happen if he kicks Connor out but Shep interrupts, saying Degrassi would be better off "with one less of you weirdos." Clare repeats it in the form of a question. She asks if they should kick out everyone who isn't a jock. He responds to not tease him. She says angrily that he's a terrible principal. He responds that she's a little bitch. Clare, K.C., and Alli look at him, shocked. Shep says to Alli and K.C. to forget his intro because he'll do it live and he walks out. Alli walks over to Clare and asks if she's trying to get expelled. She responds that if that man runs the school she doesn't care. K.C. touches the camera that has been rolling the whole time and suggests they show the school the real principal of the year. Alli and Clare smile at each other. The ceremony is about to start and Alli, Clare , and K.C. hand a DVD to the stage hand. The Shep starts his speech and directs attention to the screen behind him. It immediately cuts to his conversation with Clare and ends with him calling her a little bitch. As allies like Danny, Sav, and Jane look on in disgust, Clare courageously stands up and asks the crowd if they think he still deserves principal of the year, "someone who thinks Degrassi would be better off without kids who are a little different." K.C. stands with her and says "we don't." Alli stands with them. Jane is the fourth to stand. She looks at Shep and says, hauntingly, "you know why." Students get up and start tearing down Shep's signs yelling, "no more Shep!" Clare walks down the front steps of Degrassi in wonder with K.C. The president of the school board comes up to Clare and says she hears she's responsible for this. Clare says she is and the woman asks her to explain. Clare says it all started with a desk lamp. The next day, Mr. Simpson is seen onscreen as he announces he will be acting principal for the next month as Shep attends a "workshop." K.C. is surprised he's not getting fired. Alli turns and says her dad said it's almost impossible for teacher to get fired, even bad ones. And she heard that the "workshop" is actually sensitivity training. Alli looks as Clare walks up, back in her Catholic uniform and asks if she's really back to that. Clare said she changed for the wrong reasons and K.C. smiles and says she looks nice. Mr. Simpson asks Clare, Alli, and K.C. to come to the M.I. room over DTV. They look worried, but once they are there, they find Connor smiling. Clare exclaims that he's back and Connor shows off his newly safety-proofed desk lamp. Simpson says the school board insisted that Connor come back and that he'd learn about social situations with a counselor. Connor adds like knowing when to apologize and Connor apologizes to Alli about pushing her. She says me too. K.C. asks how it feels to have Aspergers and Connor says he's relieved to know it's not his fault that he's the way he is and that he's not a weirdo or the only one. Clare grabs his arm and says that they're all weird but at least he has an excuse. They smile and look at his lamp.

In Heat of the Moment, Alli is tired of Holly J.'s bullying. Alli starts an "I Hate Holly J." group on Facerange, because Alli told Holly J. that Johnny was her boyfriend, and Holly J. asked Johnny in public if he was going out with Alli, and he said no, which made Alli upset. The group instantly becomes popular and everyone starts to join it. After being chided again by Clare, Alli is greeted by Holly J.'s ex-friends Anya and Chantay who applaud her site and wish they had thought of it. Lots of people post what they dislike about Holly J. and how they want her dead and people, starting with Bruce the Moose, chant "I hate Holly J." in the cafeteriea. Mr. Simpson finds out, and Alli is suspended until she is ready to apologize to the Sinclairs. The Sinclairs call the cops, and Alli and her father have to go to the police station. Alli gets a warning about how dangerous the situation could have been. Later on, she and Anya go to Holly J.'s to apologize. Holly J. (who is still upset about the situation) tells her she will never return to Degrassi but Anya convinces her to come back (offscreen). Alli goes to Holly J. and tells her that she got kicked off of Facerange, the group is gone, and everything should be back to normal. However, Derek shows up with a rope in the form of a noose, joking that he wants to tie Holly J. up with it.

Alli kisses K.C.

In Jane Says (2), Alli barges into school, dressed in sweats and Johnny sarcastically comments. She tells Clare that her parents were cleaning out her closet and found all her school clothes. Meanwhile, Clare is donating Darcy's old clothes to a charity. Alli suggests that Clare wears them, so later, Alli and Clare are seen trying on Darcy's old clothes, which garners attention from the boys for Clare, making Alli jealous. During class, Alli proudly finishes a problem, but Clare edits it, saying that she forgot a part. Alli is obviously mad, and later, Alli kisses K.C., during lunch and promptly realizes it was a mistake. She and K.C. agree that it wasn't a big deal. Alli finally admits she was jealous, and she and Clare sort their problems out. In the end of the episode, Johnny comes to her and says whatever she wears, she'll look good to him, and Alli breaks out a smile.

In Heart of Glass, Alli and Johnny are making out in his car. When Johnny feels things are going too fast he breaks her off and tells her it's getting late and that she should go home. When Alli returns home, she is furious and storms off to her room. She then calls Clare and immediately says "I hate my life." The next day, she arrives at school and after embarrassing herself in front of her math teacher, she asks Mia and Anya if their boyfriends are ever not "in the mood." The girls then proceed to tell Alli that Johnny was "with" a lot of other girls at Lakehurst or in Mia's words "he was a total dog." After class, Alli goes to talk to Johnny and asks if he wanted to go to see a movie that night. He proceeds to tell her that he promised Bruce he would go to the ravine that night.


After finally bothering him enough, he agrees to hang out with her at the ravine. At the ravine, Alli decided to wear a rather risque outfit which impressed Johnny's friends. When Clare must leave due to time restraints, Alli must make the decision whether or not to sleep with Johnny. She decides that she wants to, and provides the condoms, hoping that this will make Johnny stay with her. Without knowing it, her decision to lose her virginity brutally hurts their relationship. Alli goes home that night and curls up in bed. She begins to cry because she regrets having sex with Johnny, and feels like she lost her innocence. Alli was clearly not ready to lost her virginity, and now that she looks back at it, it truly breaks her. The next day at school, Alli avoids Johnny. She claims that ever since they had sex, she doesn't want him to touch her anymore. Alli's silent treatment confuses Johnny.

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The next day at school, Alli breaks up with him and he is truly hurt. That same afternoon, Clare and Alli are outside the school and Johnny is sitting on the steps behind them. Clare and Alli discuss the break up. Alli says there are certain things she won't do to be in a relationship. Clare asks if she wants to still be with him and she nods, prompting Clare to tell her to tell him that. Alli wonders if he even wants to be with her anymore and Clare says if that's true then he sucks. They smile and Alli looks back at Johnny. Clare says it's better to know it now and nods her head toward Johnny. Alli takes Clare's advice and goes to talk to him. She tells Johnny that she is not going to have sex again until she is ready. After a loving conversation, Johnny tells Alli that he was a virgin too. When Alli asks "so, we can take it slow?" Johnny's reply is "you know it's impossible to say no to you, right?" The episode then ends with her head resting on his shoulder and his head on hers.

Season 9

Alli in season 9

In Just Can't Get Enough, Alli is suspicious and jealous of new student Jenna Middleton. She feels that Jenna is trying to take her place as Clare's best friend when Clare and Jenna are partnered up for projects. She slowly realizes her suspicions about Jenna were false, and gives friendship with Jenna a try. When Jenna drops the bombshell, that she was a boyfriend stealer at her old school, Clare and Alli take the hint that she's interested in K.C.

Alli and johnny3.jpg

In Shoot to Thrill, Alli feels like her and Johnny should engage in a little more PDA, despite Johnny caring too much about his reputation and what his friends think of him. She enrolls in photography classes and takes rather intimate pictures of Johnny cuddling with a stuffed animal. Chantay says that she should show them publicly, and Alli agrees, despite Johnny asking her to promise they remain private. Alli earlier took naked pictures of herself and sent them to Sav's old cell phone, which Alli had given Johnny. Johnny is furious with her, and sends Bruce her naked photos in retaliation. Alli tries to find Bruce before he can send the photos to anyone else, and she reaches him right when Mr. Simpson takes the phone from him. Principal Hatzilakos lectures Alli about circulating such pictures of herself, stating it could become a police matter with regard to child pornography; Alli begs the principal not to bring it to the police because she already has a file. Alli and Johnny break up, but Johnny says he's keeping the pictures, to remember her. Alli begrudgingly notes his stubbornness and allows it.

Alli and hj.png

Alli talking to Johnny.

In You Be Illin', Alli is seen with Clare and Jenna breaking into Johnny's locker to get the pictures back. They don't get the pictures, but Alli finds a picture of her and Johnny together, and she starts falling for him again. After a talk, Johnny eventually gives Alli the cellphone back with the photos. Alli gets her hopes up when he tells her he wants to talk in the music room after school. He tells her he found a genital wart and that she also should get checked out since they had sex. He admits that he lied to her, and he didn't lose his virginity to Alli. Alli is shocked and asked who it was, and he confesses to her that he has slept with more than one girl before her. Alli is accompanied by Jenna to the clinic and Alli makes her promise not to tell Clare. An exam of Alli is encouraging; the health nurse recommends she get the HPV vaccine, and her blood tests results are negative. Alli decides she wants revenge on Johnny for lying to her and enlists Jenna to help her. 

Johnny and Alli rekindle their relationship.

They decide to put wires on Jenna and try to persuade him to tell her about his then STD, so they can broadcast to the school.Their plan fails because instead of following Jenna's prompting and suggestive remarks, Johnny tells Jenna that Alli is the only girl he wants. In the end, Alli tells him they are over because she can't trust him. Johnny tells her she was the first girl he slept with that he actually liked.

In Heart Like Mine (1), She witnesses K.C. and Jenna's kiss when K.C. got a basketball award. K.C. tells her to mind her own business, and Alli tells him she's going to tell Clare.


In Heart Like Mine (2), Alli tries to cheer up Clare after her break up with K.C. Later in the episode, Alli and Clare go to the Fritz Helder concert. Alli is surprised to find out that Clare copied the paper from Declan's story. Clare feels ashamed and tells her that she'd understand that if she wouldn't want to be friends with her. Alli tells her that she is acting silly and she doesn't have to be ashamed. Alli and Clare go and have a good time. When Clare presents a real story in class, she feels happy about taking Alli's advice. So, her and Alli after class go to the bathroom and Clare puts on a lacy bra. Then, she and Alli laugh and run out.

In Holiday Road, Alli and Clare are seen asking Emma Nelson about college and are surprised when she tells them how difficult it is.

In Start Me Up, Alli, Declan and Clare are seen talking about different countries' cultures. Clare is then seen rushing with Alli around the halls and to the class. Clare then presents her story on different countries' culture. They sound suspiciously like what Declan told her about the cultures. The next day, Alli and Clare are again seen zooming through the halls to the girls' room. Clare pulls out a lacy bra and plans to get "interesting". Alli is holding her books and drops them. She picks up Clare's notebook and reads the story about K.C. whom she wants to get back with. Alli wants her to tell the story, but Clare says it isn't finished. She still has to write the part where the girl gets the boy back.

In Why Can't This Be Love? (1), Alli tells Johnny they're off again, and Farrah, Sav's possible future wife, set up by both of their parents, arrives. Alli is upset that she has to go to Degrassi on a Saturday to help set up for the prom and her and Dave have to serve the drinks to the people at prom. Dave tries to cheer up all and tells her that the drink could be called the 'Bhandurner'. Alli finds him funny and strange. At prom, she and Dave become friends.


When Johnny comes over to get a drink, he belittles her to specifically anger her. Alli tells Johnny to back off. Later on, Alli finds Dave hilarious when he starts dancing and doing crazy moves. The next day, Alli and Dave are seen playing a card game and Alli realizes that she wants to be more adult like and that Dave is too kiddish for her. She walks away, angering Dave. Later on, she apologizes and tells him that she really wants to be his friend, and Dave forgives her.


In Innocent When You Dream, she's helping her best friend Clare with her crush on Declan, Alli comes up with the clever online name "Madame Degrassi" Also, when Clare gets 4-star ratings, and an "M" for maturity on her posts Alli congratulates her. At, Connor's party Alli was in charge of the "7-minutes in Heaven" game that they play. When Clare leaves after giving Wesley a hickey, Alli goes to cheer her up. Clare is mad and is blowing off steam and talks about how she doesn't want to have sexual thoughts because she has an abstinence ring, and that she doesn't want to make a mistake of having sex with somebody, like Alli did with Johnny. Alli's feelings are hurt. Later on, Alli and Clare make up, and Alli tells her that they are cool and that she knew she was only blowing off steam.

In Degrassi Takes Manhattan, on the steps of Degrassi, filled with student celebrating summer and watching Janie and the Studs perform, Clare asks how Alli fit all the skimpy clothes in her arms in her locker. Alli says she just has to smuggle them home. While Declan and Holly J. walk out of school, Alli tells Clare that Declan is behind her. Clare says hi excitedly and he greets her. It is shown that she's still crushing on him, which makes Holly J. jealous as she asks Declan if his "groupie" will stalk them to the Big Apple. He tells her he has given his fan club implicit instructions that nothing will interrupt their summer of love.

Season 10

In What a Girl Wants (1), Alli is now a sophomore at Degrassi Community School. In the opening, Alli has the Degrassi logo show on her

Alli in season 10.

back when she turns and walks away. As Alli is walking into school, Connor and Dave both check her out. Dave confronts her and asks her embarrassing questions, but Alli just rolls her eyes and seems to be bothered by them. When they get into the classroom, they are all confused as to where the chairs are. Alli then logs on to a computer and yells at Dave for making her #42 on the hottest Degrassi Girls List. Dave is embarrassed, as it was a computerized mistake and he had meant to put her as #1.

In What a Girl Wants (2), Dave and Connor are in the hallways and they are talking about why Alli is acting so weird, since they were friendly all summer. Alli is still pissed about Dave, so she decides to make a Degrassi Loser List, and put it around the whole school. Later on, at The Dot, Clare is with Alli telling her that she's being too dramatic, because Dave only put her as #42, saying that it doesn't mean anything. Alli rolls her eyes and explains how this could have a negative impact on her future with boys.

Alli kisses Dave.

Dave then walks into The Dot, and asks Clare if he can talk to Alli, who approaches Dave, and Dave explains to her how he thought the list he made was stupid, telling her he had only made it to show her that he thought that she was the hottest girl in the school. Alli smiles and seems satisfied, asking, "you think I'm the hottest girl in the school?" Alli kisses him on the cheek and very pleased, Dave asks her if they're going out now. Alli assures him that they are only friends. Dave replies hopefully, "Friends with benefits?" Alli laughs coyly and walks away.

In Breakaway (1), Clare tells Alli that she is getting a surgery on her eyes to make them better, and that she won't need to wear glasses, and contacts. Without them knowing that Jenna overhears them talking. Later in the episode, Alli confronts Sav saying that she's going to get off easy for any of her future wrong doings when their parents find out about Anya's pregnancy. She remarks that Sav and Anya are weird when she realizes they're only using the fake pregnancy so Sav can further himself in the presidential campaign against Holly J.

In Breakaway (2), Alli is amazed to see Clare's new eye surgery. She is very happy for her best friend. She thinks that Clare likes the new boy Eli, and smiles when he picks up her broken glasses. Alli thinks Clare has totally changed.

Alli tries but fails to get on Power Squad.

In 99 Problems (1), Alli and

Alli and Clare.png

Clare are walking when Alli says she wishes her life would be more fun, like Jenna's, experiencing all the wonders of high school: happiness, popularity, and cute boys. Alli says instead, she's in grade ten and still wondering where to sit at lunch or who she'll go to football games with. She tries becoming a cheerleader, even comes in dressed in Darcy's old Spirit Squad uniform, but she does not make the team, making Alli get a dislike for Chantay. Clare asks Alli, "when life gives you lemons, what do you do?" Alli answers, "you throw them at Chantay." Clare suggests to Alli that she should start her own club to become popular and do what she likes to do. Alli, excited by this idea, says it could be a dance club. 

Alli and Clare dazzle the crowd with their dance moves.

In 99 Problems (2), Alli starts a dance club, The Big D Dance Crew, to rival the Power Squad. She recruited the new girl, Bianca, to join. During practice, Bianca shows up and shows off her dance moves and impresses everyone, especially Alli. After a while, Alli decides that they should all go to the football game together, but Bianca disagrees. Later on after a break, Alli comes back with news that they will be performing at the game, even though none of them are ready. Bianca refuses and Alli cuts her from the club. Bianca proudly leaves and the rest of the club follow her, leaving Alli all alone. At the game, she is the only one left to perform and states that if anyone wants to join her, they are welcome to do so. At first Alli is dancing alone, but Clare joins her and soon everyone else in the bleachers starts dancing too.

In Better Off Alone (1), Alli has taken a liking to Drew. Alli's seen with Clare in the hall where Clare's talking about Eli and Alli says, "I get it Clare, you're in love with Eli." Clare pushes her towards Drew and Alli stammers, and ends up with Drew saying, "You're Sav's little sister, right? I'll see you around." She asks Dave what to do in order to get his attention, and he suggests that she throws a party. At lunch, Drew overhears that she is throwing a "party," and she asks him if he wants to come and he accepts. That night, while the party's going on and Drew's playing (supposedly Rock Band, Band Hero, or Guitar Hero, any of those games) on the guitar, Alli hypothetically asks Dave that if she had a crush on him what would he think, and he says that he would be the luckiest guy in the world. Alli then decides that everyone will play Never Have I Ever.

Drew and Alli kiss

All throughout the game, Alli and Drew flirt. Drew starts by saying that he never sexted, Dave chuckles but Alli takes off a bracelet. She tells Drew it's a long story and he says that it always is. Alli says, "never have I ever liked someone in this room," and removes her jacket when Dave points out she can't remove an article of clothing. Alli responds by saying, "guess I'm still getting the hang of this game." Drew says "never have I ever wanted to make out with someone in this room." Alli says, "wow...when did it get to be...8 o'clock" and the party leaves. Later on, Drew shows up at her door step saying that he is missing his watch, and the two start making out.

In Better Off Alone (2), Alli thinks that Drew is now her boyfriend. She tells Dave, and at first he thinks she is talking about him, and is heartbroken when he finds out she was referring to Drew. Later on, Alli asks Drew if he wants to go see a movie with her or go to The Dot. He says that he already has plans and that since he's QB1, he's really busy. Drew later tells Alli that he still wants to spend time with her, and she suggests that they go see the movie. Instead, he suggests they go make out some more, and they go back to Alli's house.

In I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself (1), Jenna and Alli walk in talking about how everyone is excited for the Power Squad Calendar photo shoot. Showing that the girls are now friends again.

In I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself (2), Alli says that she even heard a lady at the grocery store heard about it and dropped her melons. Later, during lunch, Alli tells Jenna that everyone has been talking about her incident and tells Alli that instead of taking diet pills, she just asked Chantay to get her a bigger sized uniform. She then asks Alli if she wants any of the bananas and ranch dressing she has been eating.

Alli ignores Drew.

In You Don't Know My Name (1), in the morning, Alli's wondering about her relationship with Drew and confronts him. He says that they're friends with benefits. Alli then tells K.C. and Jenna but Alli feels third-wheelish when Jenna and K.C. get all romantic in front of her. Alli asks Drew to double with her, Jenna and K.C. at the dance. Drew declines, saying he has too much work to do to get his grades up. In an effort to take a load off of his work, Alli take matters into her own hands by doing Drew's report on the Victorian Era for him, unintentionally implying he was stupid. Drew breaks up with Alli by saying, "for a genius, you're not very smart." He walks away angrily, leaving Alli with tears filling up her eyes. Alli walks by Drew in an angry way, looking back at him.

In You Don't Know My Name (2), she is seen sitting outside The Dot with Jenna. Alli tells her she has seen a mean side of Drew, and Jenna asks if she's over him. Alli looks over and sees Drew walking towards The Dot with Marisol, making her think he is over her. Alli asks Jenna if they could go, and they both leave The Dot. As Alli is crossing the street, Drew follows her out, bored by his date with Marisol, and asks her to the dance. She declines his invitation due to the fact he had already asked Marisol out so soon after their then break up. The next day at school, Drew asks a few of his teammates to help him out after Adam gives him some advice that the 'right girl might need some effort'. But his efforts are futile, as Alli again declines his invite to the dance. At the dance, Alli is seen dancing with another guy as Drew watches.


Adam goes up to Alli, telling her that Jenna wants to see her at the photobooth. When Alli shows up, she sees Drew and sarcastically states that he isn't Jenna. Drew apologizes and gives Alli all of the reasons why he likes her. They proceed to take photos in the photobooth. The next day, Alli is seen at her locker, hanging up the photos. Drew comes up to her, saying that he is looking for his girlfriend, and Alli says that she is looking for her boyfriend. Drew puts a label on Alli's forehead that reads "DREW'S GIRLFRIEND" and another on his that states "ALLI'S BOYFRIEND", and they walk off holding hands.

Alli and Jenna find out Jenna is pregnant.

In Tears Dry On Their Own (1), Alli suspects Jenna is pregnant and sneaks pregnancy books from the school library, getting detention. Later, after detention and Jenna returns from her audition, she congratulates Jenna on being accepted and after K.C. leave to get drinks, she asks if Jenna will take a pregnancy test and she says yes. Alli comforts Jenna while she waits for the results of the pregnancy test. They discuss options and future and after a long 3 minutes, they find out that Jenna is pregnant.


In Tears Dry On Their Own (2), Alli asks how Jenna is feeling and she responds, pregnant. Alli encourages Jenna to talk to K.C. and discuss options and Jenna doesn't feel ready to tell him. Alli continues to try to persuade Jenna on telling K.C. but keeps pushing it back. After Jenna tells K.C., Alli accompanies Jenna at The Next Teen Star and Alli pretends to be pregnant to try to get answers from the producer. They are left feeling scared when the producer tells them that being a teen mom is a horrible thing to be.

In Still Fighting It (1), she is seen showing PDA with Drew.

In Still Fighting It (2), she bought Drew at the bachelor's auction.

In Purple Pills (1), Alli is seen jumping out of her seat when a stink bomb Clare throws in the class surrounds Alli's desk, which causes her to feel nauseous.


In All Falls Down (1), Alli is seen on a bench with Drew, helping him study for a exam. When Drew decides that there's no point, he'll fail the exam anyway, he suggests some other activities. Alli only allows him one kiss, but, ironically at that moment, Mrs.Torres spots them. Mrs.Torres says Drew should be studying, and blames Alli for the reason he's failing. Alli tries to introduce herself, but Mrs.Torres isn't interested, and goes to her meeting. Alli is worried about the first impression she gave Drew's mom, while Drew tries to tell her it doesn't matter, and tries to kiss her. Alli, however is determined, and forces him to focus on the exam. Alli is then seen with Clare, walking into their exam, discussing Clare's recent kiss with Eli. Alli pushes Clare to ask Eli what they are, and makes up the scenario about the dreaded 'Car Wash Girl' After the advice, they write there exams.


After Alli's exam, she meets Drew again, to help him study. Drew receives a text from Bianca- her sending him promiscuous photo- Alli at first jokes with Drew, but sensing somethings up, she takes his phone, and flips out, saying "why is Bianca sending you sexy photos?" Drew doesn't really say much, but when Alli says "I'm going to kill her" Drew reacts, telling her it would only give her the satisfaction, he also tells her he'll take care of it. Alli, still unsure, asks Drew "so I have nothing to worry about?" Drew agrees, and they both begin to study. Alli is seen taking the same exam as Drew, after the exam, Drew comes over to Alli, where she goes over the exam and how easy it was. Drew obviously wants to spend the time before the dance with Alli, but she reveals she'll be at Clare's getting ready for Vegas Night- but offers to cancel. At Clare's Alli is preparing for the dance and talking to Jenna about how happy she is for a break, to relax and be away from school. Jenna remarks how Alli will probably sneak away on romantic dates with Drew. Alli then helps Jenna cover up her baby bump with a boa. Clare then enters, and Alli mocks her outfit for the dance. When Clare tells both Alli and Jenna she is going with Fitz, Alli and Jenna share confused, and bewildered looks, as Clare explains why. Alli jokingly asks Clare "when did your life become West Side Story?" Alli is last seen giggling and fixing her hair in front of the mirror with Jenna.

Owen offers Alli $50 to sleep with him.

In All Falls Down (2), Alli is seen talking to Chantay, when Drew, worried about her finding out about him, Bianca and the boiler room, asks her if she wants to leave. Alli flirtatiously asks where they will go, and Bianca comes from behind and cheekily says "the Boiler Room is free". Alli laughs at the idea, while Drew gives Bianca a warning look when saying "it's nothing." Bianca then mentions that he didn't see it that way when they were down there. Alli has a puzzled expression, asking Drew what Bianca is talking about. Bianca tells Alli that her and Drew were in the boiler room together then leaves. Alli turns to Drew, infuriated, asking him if it's true. When Drew confirms being in the boiler room with Bianca, Alli starts crying and assumes they had sex. He says no.

Alli then asks if they just kissed and Drew lies, and says yes. Drew tries telling Alli it was a huge mistake, and he'd do anything to take it back, but Alli walks away, crying. In the hallway, Alli sits on a bench, heartbroken, when Drew comes up and apologizes yet again, asking for her forgiveness. Alli inquires if it was just a kiss, making sure it was nothing more, and Drew, looking a bit guilty, agrees. Alli agrees to take him back, but he if forbidden to talk to Bianca, which he agrees too, they kiss, deciding to enjoy the rest of the evening. When Alli catches Drew talking to Bianca, Drew says he's trying to keep her quiet. Bianca says her lips are sealed, Alli, Still angry with Bianca, sharply tells her not to kiss other girls boyfriends. Bianca laughs that Drew told Alli they only kissed, Drew tries to explain but Alli nudges away from him. Bianca then turns to Alli and says they got intimate and implies that she performed oral sex on Drew. Alli tells Drew he's disgusting and runs away.

Alli where do i even i.jpg

Later, Alli and Drew are crowned King & Queen but she is nowhere to be found. Owen confronts her and asks her what's wrong. When she tells him Drew cheated on her and that Drew is a nasty pig, he says that he is a moron and agrees with her. He says guys would pay big bucks to hook up with her and she says she wants to make Drew jealous by making it sound like her and Owen were going to hook up in the boiler room. When Owen won't take no for an answer, Drew runs into the boiler room and chases him off. In tears, Alli says she loved him, but he treated her like dirt and he says he didn't think he deserved her. Drew's mom runs down and asks Drew what Alli did to him. She later calls Alli a common whore, blaming everything on her, and she is last seen staring at Drew who doesn't defend her.


In Don't Let Me Get Me, Alli returns to school from break hoping to get a fresh start apart from Drew and Bianca. She thinks of joining the Science Olympics when they are short one member. She ends up getting some shocking news from Adam that Drew spent all break crying over their breakup and she reconsiders giving him a second chance. Although Clare opposes of the second chance, Alli believes she should. After a talk with Mr. Simpson, he tells her that she has to go to a self-esteem seminar due to her actions at the Night in Vegas Dance. After telling Drew he's on "probation", she is shocked to find out that Drew doesn't have to attend the seminar due to the fact that it's an all-girls seminar. At a meeting of the Science Olympics, Connor and Wesley ask Alli if the rumors of Vegas Night are true and she seeks to clear her name.


At the seminar, Alli and Bianca go out on each other bashing one another. During a break, Alli takes Bianca's phone and sends a naked photo of Bianca to everyone in her contacts. Alli asked Connor if he got the picture of Bianca.Then Bianca comes into the class telling her someone's gonna get beat, referring to her. Bianca punches Alli, and Alli throws Bianca into desks, starting a brawl between the two. Mr. Simpson breaks it up and at the conference with her parents, her dad learns that she sexted Johnny and she is pronounced suspended for the remainder of the day.


Later that night, her mom demands to know what's written in her diary by telling her to open it. Alli confesses that she had sex with Johnny and thought she had an STI. Her mom claims she doesn't know her. After hearing her mom and dad talk and cry, she is devastated thinking her parents hate her. The next day at school, Holly J. tells Alli that it was Drew's fault as much as it was Bianca's and sets out to fix everything. At home, she is talking to her parents who say they won't stop loving her. She says that boys tempt her to make dumb mistakes and concludes that she should leave Degrassi to go to an all-girls school.

Alli decides to leave Drew and Degrassi.

At school, she tells Drew it's over and that she's leaving Degrassi. Then he tries to apologize, but she doesn't budge. She truly believes this is the right thing to do. After saying goodbye to Clare, she leaves in tears. Alli is captain of the Degrassi Science Olympics, but since she has left Degrassi, it's currently unknown who their new captain will be.

In The Way We Get By (1), Alli is at home eating breakfast with Sav. While talking about her new all-girls school, he suggests she become friends with a family friend named Malika, who is said to be a "saint." Alli agrees. She is next seen at her new school.

Alli at her new school.

She tries to talk to Malika, but she ignores her. After introducing herself, Alli invites the girl to dinner at her house, which she agrees to. At Alli's house, Malika, Alli, and her mom are eating dinner. Alli asks her mother for her to spend the night there. While watching TV, Malika says that the sleepover was the perfect opportunity to go see her boyfriend. She asks Alli to toss her her purse, and cigarettes fall out. Alli asks "You smoke? What do your parents think?" Malika responds by saying "That they have a daughter who doesn't smoke." Malika leaves, and Alli has a surprised, but disappointed look on her face as the scene fades to black. In the morning has come back around but Malika is still no where to be found.

In The Way We Get By (2), Alli is pacing in the kitchen scared she's going to get caught. But as Sav starts to notice Malika's

Alli tries to make a friend.

disappearance, Malika walks in through the front door before they get caught. Later at school, Malika and Alli are able to get out of class by telling their teacher they're going to pray. Alli realizes it's a cover for Malika to sneak out of class to smoke. But when Malika has Alli hold her cigarette so she can get something out of her purse, Mrs. Bhandari drives up and notices the girls at the bench so she goes to talk to them but as she approaches, Malika tells Alli to toss the cigarette but Alli is confused and doesn't and her mom notices Alli holding the cigarette. Alli tries to give the cigarette back to Malika but she says it isn't hers. Alli tries to explain that it isn't hers but Malika blames her for lying. Alli was distraught, helpless and broken, Alli seeks Sav for comfort, for he's the only person who believes her.

Those were the day.jpg

In Jesus, Etc. (1), the Bhandaris aren't happy with Alli because of her situation with Malika. She’s been suspended for smoking on campus and Sav has offered to drive her to the library every day, the one place she’s allowed to visit. Alli tells Sav how much she appreciates his support and then starts rambling about Drew. Sav has his own share of problems to deal with. He is trying to compose an original song to submit to Music Conservatory’s, but he needs a drummer. He auditions drummers for the song, but most of them fails to impress Sav, until Drew walks in. Sav knows that he could never work with Drew after he cheated on Alli, but then he hears Drew plays, and impresses Sav. Sav decides to try to carefully tell Alli that he and Drew are going to work together. 


Sav knows he can’t betray Alli, but Drew was the only drummer that didn’t make him want to cut his ears off. So, he decides to work with Drew and pray that Alli won’t find out. Things are going great with their practice. They give each other a hug and Bianca takes a pic to commemorate the day, when Alli shows up to Degrassi wondering why Sav didn't picked her from the library up after school. Alli gets mad at Sav and leaves. At home, Alli is enraged with Sav. She goes off on him, screaming that Drew is the source of all her problems and the reason that she’s suspended and that her parents aren’t talking to her. She feels betrayed by Sav, but Sav isn’t going to take this lying down. Though it sucks that he sided with the guy that cheated on his sister, Sav fires back at her, telling Alli that Drew didn’t make her date Johnny, dress in revealing clothing or get in a fight with Bianca, those were all her decisions. Enraged Alli walks away leaving Sav regretting about what he said to her. Alli has disappeared and Sav and his parents are on a search for her.

In Jesus, Etc. (2), Alli is not seen but at the end of the episode, a policewoman shows the Bhandari's surveillance footage of Alli getting into an unknown car. The policewoman refuses to jump to conclusions but the Bhandaris think Alli may have been kidnapped. The Bhandari's are getting more and more worried about Alli. Sav tells Holly J. that they have surveillance of Alli getting into a car and that they’re making a plan with the police that night.

Alli in her bizarre disguise.

In Hide and Seek (1), Sav is upset that the police can’t do anything to find Alli, but he needs to keep a lid on, but somehow it upset Mrs. Bhandari. He’s talked to all of Alli’s friends and none of them have seen her. Sav is on the hunt for his sister. He goes on to check at Johnny's apartment. Johnny says that he hasn’t seen Alli, but Alli actually is in his dorm. Alli felt like she had no one else to turn to and Johnny agrees to let her stay for the night. Later, Alli goes online to her Facerange account and sees a poster of her missing, and sees that some people miss her, while others are happy she took off. She sees an advertisement on the Facerange site, and tells Johnny that she wants to move to Vancouver. Johnny is surprised to hear that. Johnny points out that the police will be looking for her, so she needs a disguise. Johnny tells her to stay till the morning to figure out how. Next morning Johnny's girlfriend Kayla arrives. She is a drama major and helps Alli meet other people in Johnny’s dorm and collect different clothes and a wig. The next day, Alli overhears Kayla saying that she doesn’t want Alli around. Alli tries to take off, but Johnny convinces her to stay for another night. He’s hoping that if he can show her how cool University is, she’ll want to go back home finish high school, but Alli doesn't listen to him and she leaves Johnny's apartment. Johnny calls Alli who refuses to go back to his dorm or stay longer. After some persuasion, he lets her go off to Vancouver as long as she calls when she gets there.

Alli goes back to Johnny.

In Hide and Seek (2), But when she asks a fellow runaway for help on how to make money or get a place to stay, he steals her bag with her bus ticket.With no where else to go, she returns to Johnny's dorm, only to discover that he ratted her out to Sav. He tells her that he won't force her to come home. However, she returns home and the family have a talk. They all realize that they don't talk to each other or open up anymore and decide it's time for a clean slate. They decide to start seeing a therapist and take a family photo together.

Alli takes school seriously.

In Chasing Pavements (1), Alli is glad to be back at Degrassi. She has the loving support of her parents, she couldn't care less about Drew, and the teachers seem extra stoked to have her back. Alli devises a plan to gather the “dumb” grade 10 students (and Drew), and tutor them to prepare them for the test. Of course, like most teenagers, they aren’t motivated to study on their own. The only way Alli gets them to study is to (without Simpson’s initial permission) promise the students a dance if they do well on the test.

In Chasing Pavements (2), they do well in the tests, Mr. Simpson’s job is saved, the school gets a dance and everyone is happy for the time being.

Alli talking to Clare at the dance.

In Drop the World (1), Jenna has her baby shower at K.C.'s house with Alli. Afterwards, Alli and Jenna begin cleaning up and Alli questions K.C.'s commitment to the relationship and baby, which Jenna responds by saying that he has already built the crib and that she let him go play basketball (thinking the crib was built). Alli looks in the corner to see the unopened crib and makes a comment. Later, K.C. walks away when Alli meets up with Jenna and Jenna tells her how hard K.C. is now working. Clare shows up at the Spring Formal and so does Alli. Alli tries to convince Clare to break up with Eli, but she is hesitant to do so. Alli tells her that he is manipulating her and that breaking up with him wouldn't make her a bad person.

In Drop the World (2), Clare decides to break up with Eli. Later, Clare goes back to the Spring Formal to find Alli in the entrance. She tells her she wants to dance and have fun. Alli tells her that lets have fun, and they both walk back in to the Spring Formal.

Season 11

Alli and sav painting.jpg

In Spring Fever, Alli is seen painting the walls of their house with Sav. She sees Sav is upset about his breakup with Holly J., so she encourages him to go out and get some fresh air. Not knowing that Sav met Keke Palmer, and that she was the one who got them free tickets, Alli attends a Keke Palmer Concert with Sav and freaks out when he gets called up on stage to dance with Keke. She helps Sav make it through his spring fling with Keke throughout the rest of the episode. 


In LoveGame, Alli is at Above The Dot after school with Dave, K.C., and Sadie. Clare and Jake arrive and Clare introduces her, Sadie, Dave & K.C. to Jake, Alli then asks Clare if he has met Eli. She also talks to Jenna about K.C. and Tyson. The next day, Clare tells her she and Jake kissed.

In Cry Me A River (1), Alli and Clare are happy that they have clubs again. She is there for Clare when Clare wants to join the Degrassi Daily. Alli ask Sav if he can overpower Katie, and let Clare join. When she gets upset about the way Katie is treating Clare, she calls her a bitch. 

Alli locker room ahhahhdsfjedsa.jpg

In Paper Planes (1), During the biking volley ball tournament at Degrassi, Alli goes into the girls locker room to get something, and sees a male with his hood up. Connor gets scared and runs out and accidentally knocks her over. 

In Paper Planes (2), Alli is seen in class when Connor, Wesley and Hannah are presenting their app. The app matches up a variety of outfits for girls depending on where they are going or what they are doing. As Connor scrolls through the clothing options, Alli notices her jacket that was home made from her grandma. After class, she talks to Hannah and Wesley in the hallway and ask how they got her jacket. They are confused, and then Alli makes the realization that Connor must be the school wide underwear stealer, and stole her jacket in the locker room for his app. She tells Hannah and Wesley that Connor was the mysterious dude who knocked her over in the locker room, leaving everyone confused. 

Alli jake clare.jpg

In Should've Said No (1), Clare tells Alli about her problem with going for Jake, Alli tells her if she likes him, she should go for him. Later, Alli and Dave are talking in the hallway and admit that they miss each other as friends. Alli then asks Dave to Couples Fondue Night at The Dot so they can catch up, but also wants to see if Sadie will get mad. Dave says that Sadie will be fine with it, but Alli secretly knows she won't. So on Friday they went to The Dot and started eating and Marisol walks up to them, saying she had no idea they were a couple. They, of course, deny this, but she isn't convinced. Dave realizes what it looks like and ditches Alli, leaving her upset. 


In Should've Said No (2), Dave makes Sadie jealous by helping Alli with the Movie Night posters, and they talk about what happened the night before. During the movie, Alli is sitting behind Dave and Sadie, listening to their conversation. Dave then breaks up with Sadie, and she finds out that he was seeing Alli. Sadie dumps the popcorn bucket on Dave's head and calls him a pig, but he doesn't mind because he finally got it over with. After the movie, Dave and Alli are seen cleaning up with some other students. Alli continues to flirt with him, which leads to him asking her out. Alli says yet, and their relationship is formed. 

In Lose Yourself (1), Alli is walking with Dave when Jenna ask if she seen K.C. and Alli motions to her that he left with Marisol. Jenna asks Alli if they been hooking up behind her back and Alli is confused while Dave lets Jenna know that they indeed by hooking up and cheating on her. Alli snaps at Dave because he knew about this the whole time without telling her, but she lets it slide. 

Dave meets Mr. and Mrs. Bhandari.

In Mr. Brightside (1), Alli is sick of hiding a boy from her parents once again, so she brings up the idea of having a boy who is a friend to her parents. Mrs. Bhandari is confused and says she excited that Alli has a "friend boy" which frustrated her. Alli settles on asking them if she can invite Dave over as a friend, and they say sure. Later that day Alli and Dave are seen outside at The Dot rehearsing on what to say so he can impress her parents. Dave is displeased because he wants to meet them as his normal self but Alli is subconscious. The next night, Dave comes over, dress up and pretending to have all the same interests as Mr. Bhandari. Although things are going well, he knows the Bhandari's will never know the real him. Dave has enough, gives an excuse and leaves. Alli is upset but realizes she was wrong. 

In Mr. Brightside (2), Alli talks to Dave and they agree to start over and introduce Dave to her parents as her boyfriend. Alli tells her parents that Dave is her boyfriend, and they are OK with him coming over again. Dave dresses and behaves normally, and they all play cards together. Mr. Bhandari suggests Go Fish, but Alli insists on Poker. During the game, Dave and the Bhandari's get along very well, which means that now the two can spend their whole summer together. Dave and Alli are finally happy, until she hears news from Ms. Oh. Alli learns that she’s been accepted into a science program, and she’ll have to be away for the entire summer. This upsets her and she doesn't want to tell Dave, because of how highly anticipated their awesome summer is. 

Alli playing poker with Adam and Jenna.

In Drop It Like It's Hot (1), Alli wondering when she should tell Dave the bad news about how she got into the Science Program. She gets advice to invite him over for dinner so he is happy, and then tell him so he doesn't completely flip out. Alli approaches him and Adam in the radio room after the show, and tells Dave that she wants him to come over tonight for dinner, also that she wants to make it special. When Dave asks if he can bring anything over, she says just yourself. This causes Adam to think that Alli wants to have sex, so he tells Dave that he better get some condoms because that's what is going on. That night, Alli is setting up their romantic dinner and Dave shows her the condoms that he bought. This makes Alli extremely angry, because she didn't want to have sex with him, and she thought he was a jerk for thinking that. Out of anger, Alli also explains about the summer program, which upsets Dave, so he leaves. Alli begins regretting what happened the night before, so while she, Jenna, and Adam are playing poker, she asks for advice on what to do to make Dave less angry. Adam immediately suggests basketball, which gives Alli the idea to create a secret poker tournament at school, so she can win money and buy her and Dave basketball tickets. She is seen playing poker but hiding it from Mr. Simpson, also repeatedly winning lots of money. When she makes enough money, she buys tickets to a basketball game for Dave. Alli leaves a not in his locker telling him that she has a surprise and he needs to come over tonight, but not for sex. That night, when Dave comes over. Alli gives him a basketball jersey and the tickets, excited for their date. Dave forgives her, and gets ready to go out, as Alli looks online for more Poker Tournaments she can participate in, not knowing how risky that is. She and Dave are then seen at The Dot before their game. Dave is talking to Alli about how he wants her to meet his family tomorrow, but she is not listening, and is researching her poker group again. Alli gets a text about the poker group, which is scheduled for the next night, which she accepts.

In Drop It Like It's Hot (2), she and Dave go to the Poker Tournament and she is caught counting cards. Before the other guys go off the police bust in, one of them being Dave's father, who is disgusted that Dave's girlfriend is a gambler.

In Dead and Gone (2), Alli is seen talking to Ms. Oh about Spaulding Science's Program, with Sav at her side. She promises to keep Sav updated, after he and Ms. Oh share a kiss and talk about Degrassi.

Alli in season 11

In Nowhere to Run, Alli is at Clare's house and she helps her get ready for Clare's mom's wedding. Alli finds out that Dave cheated on her with Jacinta during the summer. She goes down to Jake's cabin with Jake, Drew, Katie and Marisol, and ends up kissing Jake. Clare finds them and runs off into the woods alone. The next day when everything is sorted out, Clare tells Alli they are no longer friends and to find another ride and that Jake's truck is full. Alli gets a ride from Katie and Marisol in Marisol's car.

In Underneath It All, Alli is seen sitting next to Jenna when Clare comes into the classroom. Alli gives Clare a friendly smile, but Clare ignores her and decides to sit by Connor instead. Alli seems to look disappointed that Clare didn't sit with her. It was said by Clare that both Alli and Jenna were giving her death glares in the morning.


In Smash Into You (1), Things are looking up for Dave and Alli's relationship after he signs up to help her with the Model UN event. That is, until Jacinta comes back to Dave's life looking for a relationship, even though she knows he is with Alli.

In Smash Into You (2), Alli receives a break-up text from Jacinta sent on Dave's phone.

In Hollaback Girl (1), Alli finds what's been troubling Dave because of the Jacinta accident and have a movie night with him.

In Hollaback Girl (2), Alli takes Dave to a small comedy show when Dave almost starts an entertaining fight with the Comedian.

In In the Cold, Cold Night (1), Alli is seen in class with the old niner group when Clare walks to ask for a newspaper team. Later, Clare approaches Alli to rekindle their friendship. Afterwards, Alli accepts Clare back as her friend by bring the old niner group to her newspaper staff.

Season 12

Alli in Season 12.

In Come As You Are (1), she is first seen walking with Adam, Drew, Dave, Jenna, and Clare into school as they discuss Drew breaking up with Katie. Later after Simpson makes the announcement that there are no more uniforms, she is seen cheering with everyone else. She says she feels like she can finally breathe again and throws her uniform jacket on the ground. When Simpson introduces the Ice Hounds Hockey Team, she asks Jenna and Clare if they plan on making any advances. She is later seen at Clare's house getting ready for the party. She is surprised when Clare tells them that she kissed Eli before the break. Later at the Torres House, Alli tries to convince Clare to have some fun, so Clare begins doing an unusual dance, to which Alli tells her to stop.

In Gives You Hell (1), she sits with Clare and Jenna at the pep rally for the Ice Hounds.


In Got Your Money (1), Alli is somewhat jealous of a possible Juliet spending time with Dave during the play, but is relieved when she finds out it is Romeo and Jules. She sits by Eli, as Dave rehearses with Tristan, and is happy when Dave tells her he loves her. She is later at The Dot with Dave and tells Dave he is a great Romeo.

In Got Your Money (2), she walks up to Dave and notices him staring at the pamphlet Becky gave him. She tells him there's nothing to worry about and that who cares what others think. In their classroom, she reveals to him that she has been taking birth control and asks if he wants to have sex that night, which he agrees. At the dance, she comes out of the bathroom to see Dave obsessing over the Romeo and Jules cutout and tells him to calm down. When Luke and another jock come over to harass Dave, she watches him reveal their plans for the night. When they leave, she tells him that they have a higher chance of getting laid than he does and leaves. That night, she is in her bedroom when Dave comes in and apologizes. He asks if they can still and she agrees saying they have short time before her parents are home. He says he forgot the condoms in his car and she says it's no problem and that she'd been taking birth control. The two proceed to kiss and have sex.


In Say It Ain't So (1), she is seen working in the lab. Dave comes behind her and she tells him she's supposed to be continuing her research. He asks to be with her for a bit and she agrees. When he throws off his jacket and it lands on the burner, catching fire, she tells him to get out and extinguishes the flames. When talking to Simpson about the fire, she apologizes constantly and he says he won't shut her down. He reveals that someone from M.I.T. would like to speak with her and is she is excited. She later shows the woman her lab and setup and tells her that she wants to create a breathalyzer to show early symptoms of breast cancer and help eradicate it. The woman is impressed and offers her room in her lab for next year, stating that she has the opportunity to graduate a year early. Alli is shocked and talks to Clare about it later who congratulates her and tells her not to turn it down for a boy. When she notices that she is behind on her birth control, she begins to worry. After revealing her scholarship offer, her parents mention throwing a party and talk about how proud they are. When her mother walks in on her holding a pregnancy test, she blames it on Jenna but begins to feel guilty. She watches her mother later scold Jenna and give her new rules and thanks her for going along with it. Jenna supports her by telling her the symptoms and asks if she'll tell Dave. She ends up inviting him over and admits it to him, then throws up.

In Say It Ain't So (2), she wakes up and asks Jenna about more symptoms of pregnancy. Jenna tells her to just get a blood test since she has to wait for a pregnancy test and her mom walks in to reveal a new dress. She says that the dress is for her party where she and the family will celebrate her going to M.I.T. At school, she is seen getting her books to catch up for early graduation when Dave walks up and they talk about the baby and what would be best. Dave wants her to stay while Alli is unsure. Later on she gets the blood test with Clare and is told that they will phone her the results later on. She meets up with the woman from M.I.T., still unsure about whether she is pregnant or not, and asks if she can defer her scholarship for a year. The woman says that she could really use her in the lab but by a year from then, she may not even be needed there, leaving Alli at a standstill.


While preparing for her party, her mother walks in while she has her new dress on and tells her how beautiful she looks. She asks her mom if she'd be disappointed if she chose not to go and her mother says that she would be proud either way and that she gave up a career to raise her and Sav. She says she wants her to have the opportunities she didn't get to pursue. At the celebration downstairs, Alli raises a toast to her acceptance, leaving Clare and Jenna happy but Dave stunned and he heads to her room. When they talk, he asks if she's just gonna throw him away like that and storms out. At school, the two meet up again for Alli to admit that she got her results and that she isn't pregnant. Dave is relieved but still realizes that she's leaving to M.I.T. and says that they can enjoy the last time. Alli says she's gonna be busy catching up with her studies and research and says that will be put ahead of him, leaving them in an awkward relationship.

In Closer to Free (1), she is seen getting ready for school when Jenna asks about Becky and is looking her up on FaceRange. Alli says that she likes musicals and she gave Dave a pamphlet and encourages Jenna to meet up with her. At school, she joins a group with Connor and Dave when Jenna bumps into Luke and tells her to just act natural.


In Closer to Free (2), she is seen walking to school with Jenna talking about her decision to become Christian and if it's for the right reasons. At her house that night, she has Jenna tell her mother the reason for getting baptized and her mother reveals she is proud of Jenna. At school the next day, she watches as Luke says he just wanted to let Jenna down easy and Alli tells him to leave. Later on in the girls bathroom, she is talking about Becky and Luke with Jenna when Becky comes out of the stall, revealing she heard everything.

In Waterfalls (1), she is seen walking to school laughing with both Eli and Clare. Alli and Eli laugh together, making fun of how Clare obsesses over Asher. When Clare stresses out, she tells her not to worry and that she'll do just fine.

In Waterfalls (2), she is first seen with Clare when she pulls her to the side and tells her that Asher had kissed her. Alli says that they need to tell somebody or at least Ms. Oh but Clare refuses and says she'll talk to him about it. Later on, she is the only person to learn that Asher had harassed Clare more and that she was fired. She comforts her asking if she'll tell Eli when he walks up. She helps lie about what they were talking about before leaving the two to talk.

In Rusty Cage (2), she is one of the people to meet K.C. at the front of the school to say goodbye. She gets a few words in before joining the group hug, then watches K.C.'s car drive away and returns to class.

In Sabotage (1), Alli tells Clare how they managed to get out of her revealing she got fired from the Interpreter. After Clare unsuccessful try with the last of Asher's intern, Alli tries again to convince her to talk to Ms. Oh, but she still wants to find a way to prove Asher is guilty. Later on, Dave tells Alli about a contest at the mall and invites her to cheer him on, but she has too much homework. She offers to text him to come over after she's done studying. Alli texts Dave right before his big audition and he ignores her. He goes on the stage to audition and wins the competition and gets free pizza for a year and a role on West Drive.

Dave confronts Alli.

In Sabotage (2), she is seen with Adam and Fiona being told by Eli that he wants to throw Clare a surprise 17th birthday party. At first she is reluctant due to Clare's secret, but Eli persuades her and she gives in. Dave asks if she's upset he blew her off, but she says no, which confuses Dave. She later tells Clare that they are going on a 'spa day' but takes her to Fiona's loft where the party is. At Clare's party, she is seen talking to Imogen Moreno until Dave barges in wanting to talk, but she asks him to wait until later. However, Dallas and the hockey team (minus Cam and Owen) arrive and try to give Clare beer and Eli begins to suspect something going on, but she refuses to tell him, and he decides to leave. Alli steps in and pleads for him to stay and talk to her because Clare needs him to, and he ultimately agrees. When Eli and Clare return, a brawl starts. Alli is attacked by a hockey player until Dave intervenes. After the fight ends Clare is seen pulling confetti out of Alli's hair. Alli goes to thank Dave and he makes a sarcastic remark, which puzzles Alli. Dave tells her that she treats him like crap and thinks they're growing apart, therefore ending the relationship.

Alli falls asleep while working.

In I Want It That Way (1), Alli feels overwhelmed with her busy workload and is seriously stressed so her parents grant her with a car to make life easier. Later, Clare shows her tickets to a Jay-Z concert that she was supposed to go to with Dave. She tries to convince Dave to hang out with her at the Dot after school which he agrees to, but since she was late because she had to tutor Cam, Dave left. She starts crying until Dallas comes over to the table and they hang out instead. After pouring her heart out to him, he carries her to the pool so she can have some fun and gives him one of the Jay-Z tickets in return. She is seen waking up in the morning and forgot to do her homework the night before. Alli drove to school almost knocking down Mr. Perino begging to him to give her more time for her assignment which he agrees to 1 more day. When Jenna jokingly suggests her to cut out sleep, she takes it to heart and asks Dallas for some pills, which he agrees to.

Alli listens to Dallas and stops taking the pills, for fear that she would mess up her brain after hallucinating.

In I Want It That Way (2), Alli is still taking the pills Dallas gave her, even though she had promised Dallas she'd only use them for a few days. She is proud of Cam when him and Dallas show that he had gotten a C+ on one of his Chemistry tests, and Dallas makes a comment about Jay-Z when Clare arrives as she mentions it. She figures out that Alli gave the ticket to Dallas and demands that she get it back from him, because she does not want to spend 3 hours with him. Alli obliges with her wishes and drives herself crazy trying to get the ticket back, to the point where she hunts down Dallas to his prom committee meeting and to his house. He comments that she is acting like a crazy person, but Alli gets the idea that Clare would forgive him if he "rapologizes" to her. The next day, Dallas raps an apology, and Clare forgives him, but Alli hallucinates that Dave is in the room, giving her nasty, judgmental looks. She goes over to yell at him, but no one is there, which scares her to the point where she decides to quit the pills. Dallas tells her to get some sleep after school, but instead she does more homework. After picking up Dallas, on the way to the concert, Alli falls asleep at the wheel, and crashes her new car. She tells her father that she has too much stress, and that maybe she isn't ready to graduate from high school yet.


In Bitter Sweet Symphony (1), Alli is sorted onto the Purple team for Spirit Week, despite the fact that Dallas wanted her to be on the Red team. It later turns out that Dallas and Alli are in the same class. Dallas decides to ask her out on a date, but she lists excuses instead of response. He tells her that he is willing to work very hard for her, which causes her to smile. He bets Alli that if his team loses Spirit Week, then she would go on a date with him, which she agrees to. Later in the day, Alli is working on cheers for her team alone in a classroom when Campbell storms in, and is visibly upset. She tries to comfort him as he breaks down crying, and she learns part of the reason why he was so upset is because Dallas screamed at him. When Dallas calls her later, Alli breaks off their bet because Dallas treated Campbell so poorly, which reveals that underneath everything, he is just a bully. She tells him that she doesn't date guys like that and hangs up the phone.

In Bitter Sweet Symphony (2), she is seen grieving over Cam's death.

In Ray of Light (1), she is seen talking to Jenna about her plans on the weekend and Jenna's date with Connor.

In Ray of Light (2), she is seen teasing Jenna about her and Connor dating. She is also seen chasing after Eli with Clare when he streaks through the school on MDMA..


In Karma Police (1), she is seen in class when Dallas comes and asks to be partners which she agrees to. They plan to have a study date later on which they do but they are interrupted when Vanessa comes and Dallas tells her to leave. She later comes to the house to thus reconnecting and agrees to go on a official date sometime. They stand in the house admiring the lights.


In Karma Police (2), Dallas tells Alli he is studying algebra to keep her from coming over. Drew spots Alli in the backyard. Dallas panics and tells Drew to take Rock upstairs while Dallas gets rid of Alli. Before Alli leaves, Drew comes running downstairs with Rock crying and gasping for air. Drew tells Dallas that Rock ate some nuts, which he is allergic to. Alli tells Dallas to call his parents, as Dallas runs to the hospital saying he is Rock's parent. Dallas finds Alli in a science lab and talks to her about Rock, which he reveals that he is named after professional wrestler and actor, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Dallas also lets Alli know that Rock is his number one priority from now on and that taking care of his son will always come first.

Jenna and Alli gossip.

In Zombie (1), Alli and Jenna are sitting with Connor at lunch, gossiping. Connor then tells Jenna he is annoyed with all that girly talk, and Alli leaves, annoyed. Connor and Jenna are later at The Dot, when Alli suddenly comes in holding a large bouquet of roses. She reads the note out loud, "Will you be my girlfriend? -Eli" Jenna is shocked, and Connor smiles. Eli then walks in holding an identical bouquet of roses, saying that he got these from 'Alli', and Alli says she never sent the flowers. Eli said he never sent her any either. Jenna then asks Connor if he sent the flowers, and Connor admits he did, because he wanted Alli to find a new boyfriend so they could spend more time together. Alli throws her bouquet into Connor's lap, and Eli leaves, giving a group of elderly ladies his flowers. Jenna then says tells Connor to leave, and Connor asks why; they were having so much fun. Jenna replies saying that it's not fun anymore.


In Zombie (2), Connor apologizes to Jenna and Alli, and Jenna, although she says he ticked a lot of people off, she's not mad. However, when Connor makes rude comments about Clare and Clare overhears him, Jenna and Alli then explain that now I'm mad that they are mad. Connor and Jenna talk. Jenna is still angry, but Connor tells him he likes her a lot. Jenna feels the same about Connor. Alli appears, and when Connor also apologizes to her, they all have coffee together. Connor tells the group that Eli wants to take Clare back.

Alli abd Jenna laugh about Eli in a horse-drawn carriage.

In The Time of My Life, Alli is seen shopping for prom dresses along with Jenna and Clare. Alli along with Jenna talk Clare into going to prom with Cliff. When Alli is zipping up Clare's dress she notices a bump and tells her she may want to get it checked out. While at prom, Alli can be seen dancing with cotton candy. When Clare tells Jenna and Alli that she's going to lose her virginity to Eli that night, Alli and Jenna give Clare very honest sex advice, saying to not be nervous if it's weird or hurts. During graduation, she is in the bathroom with Clare, when she tells Alli that she thinks she might have cancer. Alli is worried, but tells Clare not to worry about it, and that everything will be fine and they hug. When they are saying goodbyes at Eli's graduation, Alli tells him safe travels and they hug as Eli smiles at Clare.

Season 13


In Summertime, she is seen in the French classroom for a meeting about the Paris trip taking place over the summer. She informs Madame Jean-Aux that Clare is at an appointment after she announces that two students are missing. Afterwards, she is seen shopping with Clare and Jenna and notices that Clare keeps checking her phone, assuming that she's getting the call about her biopsy results. Clare informs her that she's just talking to Eli. Alli then suggests that she and Eli be more sexual. Then, she and Jenna walk away while Clare looks in a store window. Later on the bus, she informs Jenna and Connor that the prognosis was good and scolds Connor for asking if Clare will die.


In All I Wanna Do, Alli is seen greeting her new roommates for Paris, Zoë and Maya. Later, she walks over to Jenna and Connor in the lobby, and she tries to make plans with them. The couple blows her off, because they already have tickets to the Eiffel Tower, and the rest are sold out. Alli forgives them and tells them she can make other friends. She then approaches a bunch of Grade 10's and asks what is on their agenda for the day. When their non-cultural plans don't impress Alli, she decides to roam the streets of Paris alone.


While in the big city, she asks a woman how to get to the Eiffel Tower, but doesn't understand her French accent. Alli then trips after breaking her heal, making her very frustrated. Meanwhile, she is holding a cardboard cut out of Clare, disappointed that she couldn't make the trip because of the chemotherapy. She talks to "Clare" about how clumsy she is and then notices the Eiffel Tower is right in front of her. Alli then limps off as fast as she can to see the tower, struggling being independent but also laughing at her epic failures. Alli asks a man to take a picture of her and the cardboard cut out of Clare, but he runs away with her phone. However, a man knocks the robber down and gives the phone to Alli. Alli thanks him and the two later have a dinner at his restaurant. They automatically bond, giving Alli the first good moment of her day. The waiter tells her that she can come back and visit whenever she wants, and introduces himself as Leo. He gets up and walk away as Alli stares at him smiling. 

How could you leave alli.png

In My Own Worst Enemy, she is shown waiting in the Parisian cafe Leo works at, attempting to grab his attention. Jenna walks in the cafe, telling Alli all about her adventures with Connor. When she questions why Alli is just sitting in the cafe alone, she tells her that she has been waiting for Leo to ask her out. Jenna gives Alli advice to ask Leo out herself, and she does. When Leo says yes, Alli is reminded that she has her French presentation due during their date, so she pushes it back an hour later, leaving Alli and Jenna excited. That day, Alli presents her project on the Louvre, and Madame gives her a C after finding out that Alli only did research instead of actually visiting the Louvre. Alli, unhappy with her mark, begs Madame for a re-do, and Madame tells her to hand in the project tomorrow. Shortly after, Alli meets up with Leo on a romantic bridge in Paris for their date. Alli is excited for their picnic date, but knowing she has her project due tomorrow, she asks Leo if he has ever been to the Louvre. Leo says he has plenty of times, and Alli tells him that she has a project due on it tomorrow. Leo cuts Alli off leaving her no time to explain, and leaves their date, assuming that she was using him to do her French project. 


Alli, upset, storms into her dorm room to see Jenna and Maya playing guitar together. Alli tells them about what happens, and admits she messed up. Alli takes the girls' advice to try to win Leo back. That night, she shows up at the cafe, but Leo is ignoring her. Alli casually chases after him talking about all the missed opportunities she's had because of boys. Alli tells him that she likes him, and doesn't want to have another terrible relationship with Leo, as she has done many times in the past. Leo stops ignoring Alli, and forgives her, while putting his hand on her heart. He apologizes for leaving her, and asks if she still has to finish her French project. Alli tells him yes, and he takes her hand as he tells her that they better go to the Louvre just so she can finish it up. 

In About a Girl, Alli and Jenna are video chatting with Clare when Zoë walks in and hands Alli some roses from Leo. Attached is a note that says "Can't wait to see you again. Let me make you dinner tonight.- Leo". Alli reveals that she wants to have sex with Leo but is afraid of rushing things. Alli enters Leo's apartment and they are about to kiss, when Jenna and Connor are shown at the door. Leo asks Alli if it is an American thing to bring friends on a date, and Alli lies saying that Jenna and Connor are having problems and that she thinks they would benefit from watching the great couple, that is Alli and Leo. Leo agrees to Alli's request and they share a kiss.

13x05 45.png

Alli, Leo, Jenna, and Connor are all eating dinner at the table and chatting. Alli asks Leo if there are any great non-touristy places to visit. Leo suggests a place that has many secluded spots, and that it's perfect if you're looking to get intimate. Connor surprised says "Sex? Like in a park?". Leo replies "If you like". Connor expresses his disinterest in sex. Alli tries to hush Connor, but he says "Isn't that why we're here? So you don't have to have sex with Leo?". Leo and Alli are walking the streets of Paris, and Alli tells Leo that she's afraid of moving too fast and ruining their relationship. Leo expresses a french quote which means "Love is not looking at each other, but looking in the same direction". They share a kiss.


In Cannonball, Jenna is angry with Alli since she has been hanging out with Leo so much, leaving her alone with the freshmen after her break up with Connor. Alli wants to make it up to Jenna, but at the same time, she did not want to cancel her date with Leo, therefore she asked Leo to set Jenna up on a double date with them. Leo agrees to set her up, but the double date does not go well since Leo's friend, Andre, kept touching Jenna and making her feel uncomfortable. Alli is able to fix the situation by getting Connor to make up with Jenna.


In Honey, Alli is sad since her Paris trip is coming to an end, which means she will have to leave Leo soon. Jenna tries to comfort her, but ends up convincing Alli to try a long-distance relationship with Leo. Clare then proceeds to text Alli and Jenna the news about Adam being in the hospital. Alli goes to see Leo at work and shares her worries about Adam, but also starts talking about a long-distance relationship. Leo goes back to work to avoid talking to Alli since he assumes she wants to break up. Alli calls Clare, and they talk about Adam and her relationship with Leo. Clare urges her to not think and to have fun with her life. Alli later shows up unannounced at Leo's apartment, yelling at him about he wanted her to fight for him. The two begin making out and move to Leo's bed, before Leo's grandparents catch them together. The conversation is awkward, but his grandparents seem to approve of Alli when she says they are in love, as they remind his grandparents of themselves. Leo reveals that he would transfer to Toronto University for her, and Alli is ecstatic.


They leave for the school's dinner, but they shows up late, which hurts Alli's grade. Alli announces to Jenna that Leo plans to move, and she comments that they are moving too quickly. Leo manages to convince Madame Cliquet not to deduct points from Alli's grade, and they kiss. Alli and Leo leave the dinner, and they put a lock together on a bridge that would seal their fate as a couple forever. However, Alli gets a text from Dallas saying, "Counting down the days until you get back. Call me." Leo takes the phone, sees the message, and assumes that Dallas is the reason why Alli wanted to break up. Leo grabs her wrist, hurting her, and Alli fights him, trying to get her phone back. Leo angrily walks away. On the bus ride home, Alli is crying, and Jenna notices that something is wrong with her arm. Alli reveals they broke up and blames herself, but Jenna tells her that it isn't an excuse. Alli can't wait to get out of Paris and away from Leo.

Degrassi13 may17th ss 0321.jpg

In Young Forever, Alli, Jenna, and Connor question whether or not they should go to Adam's reception because they all didn't know him that well. They all see Becky sitting and crying and try to comfort her. Alli and Jenna convince her that it's not her fault that Adam died. They all help Becky set up for the memorial. Alli, Jenna, and Connor think it's weird that Becky is setting up a chair for Adam. They all sit quietly and Becky decides not to have the memorial after all until people show up. During the memorial, she talks to Dallas and then hugs Eli because Clare can't touch anyone. She is later seen watching the memorial video and watches the lantern fly in the sky. 

Throwing up.jpg

In This Is How We Do It, Alli is seen in school on the first day with Clare, Jenna, Connor, Dallas and Drew. They prep for their exciting senior year by setting up the first day assembly. Drew introduces her to the school as a part of the student council, and she later is seen helping him up when he falls over. Alli is then talking to Jenna and Clare in class, about how she has a date tonight. Her friends tease her around when the suspect that Alli is going on a date with Dallas. Alli denies the teasing, but telling them that her and Dallas are not a thing, and the date is not with him. That afternoon, Alli is waiting outside The Dot for her date to show up. Eventually, a cab pulls up to the cafe, as Leo steps out of it. Alli smiles, and jumps into his arms as they happily reunite. 

Alli and Leo on their date.

She gets a table with Leo, as they talk about how glad they are to see each other. Alli is happy to hear that he has enrolled in Toronto University, has a job at The Dot and is living with his godfather. She then sticks up for herself, by asking what will happens if he gets jealous again. She accepts Leo's apology, saying how sorry he is for hurting her. Alli tells Leo that she has to leave to go to a student council meeting, but he forces her to spend more time with him. The next day in school, Jenna and Clare ask Alli how her date was. She tells them that it was great, and announces that it wasn't with Dallas, but with Leo. Clare and especially Jenna blow up in her face, disappointed in Alli for giving him a second chance. She tries to tell them that Leo is a good guy, in which Jenna doesn't believe. Alli is left feeling defeated.


In You Got Me, Alli is in science class with Jenna and Clare. Clare tries to break up Alli and Jenna's mini feud, by asking her questions about Leo. Alli continues to say that he is a good guy, and that Jenna doesn't know him well enough to say otherwise. Clare comes up with a proposal for Alli to invite Leo to the dance, so that they can see for themselves if he is a good choice for their friend. Later, Alli is in her room, studying with Leo. She abruptly takes a folder out of her backpack, with tickets to the Beach Bash Dance. When Alli asks Leo to go with her, he tenses up, saying that Jenna and Clare don't want him there. Alli convinces him that it will be a good idea, saying that they can't hate him until they get to know him. Leo doesn't agree to go and said that he is not going to be judged. 

Alli and Leo laughing at the beach bash.

When Alli shows up at the dance, she runs into Mike Dallas. Dallas then asked where was Leo and she lies and says he was sick. Dallas said he wanted to size him up. Then Leo shows up. Alli feels awkward at first, but decides to let it go. She introduces Dallas and Leo to each other, as they begin to talk. Leo then asks Alli if Dallas was the guy who was texting her over the summer, which she confirms. Instead of lashing out, Leo helps Dallas work on the sound system, leaving Alli satisfied. Later on in the night, Jenna, Connor, Alli, Leo and Clare are all sitting together. Alli starts asking questions to Leo about himself to break the awkward silence. Once she breaks the ice, Jenna and Clare agree to join Leo on the dance floor. When the come back from dancing, Jenna and Clare tell Alli that he isn't so bad after all. At least not yet. 

Clare and Alli at their yoga class.

In You Oughta Know , Alli is giving Clare advice about her journalism entry for a national magazine. Clare takes Alli's coffee which ends up being thrown away by Zoë Rivas. The next day, Clare is talking to Alli about how she decided to write her article about Zoë but made up some of the information. Alli is unsure about this decision, and when she goes to hand in Clare's school paper, Clare freezes in embarrassment because she forgot to do it. This, plus Clare forgetting the meanings to commonly used words scares Alli and Clare, leaving the girls feeling confused. 

In Everything You've Done Wrong, Alli continues to give Clare advice about her mistake with faking the article. A few days later, Alli is surprised to see Clare in school looking happy. Clare tells Alli that everything worked out with the magazine publisher, and that these forgetful side effects are normal. The two share a moment, and decide to take a yoga class together, to stay happy and healthy. 

Clare and Alli studying for SATs.

In Who Do You Think You Are, Alli and Leo have a breakfast date planned, but Alli sullenly decides to cancel it to study for the SATs, even though her and Leo are in the honeymoon phase. When Alli tells Leo about the cancellation and that she wants to attend MIT, he gets upset since he just moved to Canada for her, and she would be moving to America. She tells him that MIT is her dream, but he responds that she told him that he was her dream. During studying, Alli considers going to TU instead of MIT, but she is unable to imagine life without MIT or Leo, and Clare tells her to figure out a way so that she has both.

Alli, after Leo smacked her.

Alli approaches Leo at The Dot later about going to school in Boston, but he is still upset and begins to think that she doesn't think he is capable of taking control of his own life, as she had even started filling out college forms for him. Alli tries to get him to calm down, and Leo slaps her in the face. Alli quickly leaves after yelling at Leo that she never wants to see him again, effectively breaking up with him. Leo hits the wall angrily as she leaves.

Alli covering up her bruise.

In Barely Breathing, Alli is seen covering up the bruise on her face with make up, at her locker. Jenna and Clare approach her, and comment on how much make up Alli is putting on. Alli immediately denies their suspicions, and they walk to class. Connor then gives Alli a bunch of balloons that Leo delivered to her, and she throws them away, claiming to her friends that she can only focus on one thing, SAT's. Alli is then outside of Degrassi with Clare and Leo shows up. Alli acts like nothing is wrong, and she pulls Leo aside. The couple start walking away, and Alli talks to him sternly about how he cant keep showing up at her school. Leo puts Alli in a tough place by begging for forgiveness. Alli is speechless, as Leo starts to cry, saying that he needs help, and wants Alli to fix him. Thankfully, Alli walks away, saying that she has better things to worry about. 

Alli giving Leo a second chance.

Later that day, Clare and Alli are seen in a huge classroom taking their SATs. She reads a question out loud to herself, saying "Does everyone always stay the same, or do people change?" Alli has a moment of realization, and obviously starts to think about Leo. That night, Alli shows up at The Dot, just as it was closing. Leo is cleaning up the counter, and is happy to see Alli. She strictly approaches Leo, and tells him that she is giving him another chance. She says that if they stay together, she will go to MIT, Leo must get therapy, and they need to have better communication. Alli begs for Leo not to let her down again, and he kisses her hand. 

Alli coffee.png

In Black Or White, Alli is seen in Science class with Jenna and Clare. The girls find out that Eli is coming back and give Clare date advice. 

In Spiderwebs, Alli shows up at Clare's house with two coffees. Alli tells Clare that everything will be okay with her relationship with Eli, and convinces Clare to talk to him. She is later seen celebrating thanksgiving at the Degrassi Family Feast. 


In The World I Know, Alli's 18th birthday is tomorrow and she is getting married to Leo but Clare and Jenna think that she is going too fast to be getting married and is still in high school.


In Better Man, Alli talks to Leo on the phone how much he abused her.

In Dig Me Out, Alli gets help from her friend Connor for her science project.

In Power to the People, Alli and Dallas team up for the science fair but decides to get Jenna as a partner but makes a bad mistake picking her as her partner.

In No Surprises, Alli is weirded out that Dallas gave her a basket of stuff that she likes in them and she says what is it for?

In Basket Case, Dallas thought it was a good idea for Alli to see Leo and talk to him so he can listen to her and get some closure.


In Close to Me, Alli is seen with Jenna and Alli tells her green monster much and at the dance Jenna walks in with her dress that she never because it was to small for her she says to Jenna that she's open for business.

Alli and Dallas under a table

In Army of Me, Dallas and Alli under a table because of an explosion happening at the science fair.

In Everything Is Everything, Alli is first seen as she is setting up for the science fair. Then, her partner Dallas comes in late for the science fair as the judges hear about Alli's project Dallas makes a rude comment to one one of the judges after they walk away she says to Dallas how could he do that and that he wrecked everything they have been working on for weeks and she says now it's all over so Dallas tries to make it right by apologizing to the judge as he he explains that had a rough time getting blamed for stuff he didn't do because he is black. So he says he'll becoming back to see there display and he says he won't be there but he stays after her father talks to him and in the end they end up becoming boyfriend and girlfriend.

In Sparks Will Fly (1), Alli is seen sitting next to Dallas with Drew and Clare.

1330-01-pok (1).jpg

In Sparks Will Fly (2), Alli is seen with Dallas and saying to him I am not walking into that drama. Then she is seen talking to Clare and Drew if they need any help and Clare says we got it and she says to herself that's what I'm afraid of.

In You Are Not Alone Alli is seen walking into class with Clare talking about the fitness club Clare wants Alli to join but she responds by saying she already have signed up for salsa dancing with Dallas. After that Alli and Clare are in class again and she asks Clare if she needs help getting up from her chair and Clare says no and tells she had beer.

In Enjoy the Silence, Alli tells Clare she is acting crazy toward Drew until Clare confesses that she felt used. She reveals to Alli that her and Drew had sex, and Alli agrees to go axe-throwing with Clare and Jack to try and make her feel better.

In How Bizarre, Alli, Dallas, Jenna, and Connor planned to go see a movie together. Later, the four are at The Dot when Drew shows up to talk to Jenna and Alli. Jenna and Alli do not want to talk to him, but Connor and Dallas convince them to hear Drew out.

In My Hero, Alli is mentioned by Clare when Drew goes over to Clare's house to apologize to her.

In Thunderstruck, before the dance, Dallas and Alli lecture Drew on his feelings for Becky. Dallas and Alli go to the dance together, but are rained in with the rest of the students. They are seen cuddling besides Connor with Jenna and Jack with Imogen. After the storm clears up, Dallas and Alli give their approval to Drew to go for Becky.

Season 14

In Smells Like Teen Spirit, Alli waits with Dallas on the front steps of the school on the first day back from spring break. After she can't find Clare, she goes to look for her in the bathroom and comes across her throwing up. Alli jokingly asks if Clare has morning sickness and Clare reveals to her that she is actually pregnant. Alli is shocked but is even more surprised when Clare reveals her intention to get an abortion. She is later seen in Perino's class when Clare gets a call and walks out. When Clare reveals that she has been accepted to Columbia, Alli hugs her and helps cover her when Dallas points out her bleeding. Alli accompanies Clare to the hospital and shows her support. She later gives advice on what Clare should do before Drew walks in and Alli walks out of the room to let Clare and Drew talk.

Snapshot 5 (23-07-2015 12-51 PM).png

In Can't Stop This Thing We Started, Alli and Clare wait for Eli at Clare's house and Alli talks to Clare about what she will do about the baby with Eli. Later on, Alli and Dallas are on a date at The Dot and are interrupted by Clare and Drew who both want their support on opposing sides of an argument regarding their child. Later, Clare tells Alli that her cleavage is showing.

In I'll Be Missing You, Dallas finds out that Alli is going to Cambridge in England with a scholarship. Dallas is a little upset, and Alli assures him that everything's fine and that they'll talk later. Later, Dallas and Alli are talking and Alli apologizes about not telling him about Cambridge. Dallas tells her that he wants her to stay a night at a hotel with a romantic dinner and a room to themselves, implying sex. Alli denies the offer, saying she's not ready to have sex with him. Alli tells him that they need to be thinking about their futures. Later, Alli catches Shay Powers almost kissing Dallas, and gets upset and walks away. Later, Dallas apologizes to Alli and tells her that Shay just had a crush on him. Dallas is upset that Alli doesn't want to have sex with him and suggests they break up. Alli is bewildered and tells him that sex doesn't equal commitment, and that it has gotten her into a lot of trouble before. Alli assures that their relationship is strong enough and that there are plenty of ways they can stay connected in London. Dallas apologizes again, and they reconcile. Alli tells him that she'll have sex with him, but first it's important for them to focus on their futures. At the hotel, Alli and Dallas happily have a pillow fight and Dallas is okay with not having sex with her.


In Something's Got to Give, Imogen is going around asking people if they know anything about Degrassi Nudes, and she asks Alli and Dallas. Alli says that Degrassi Nudes objectifies women and turns them into disembodied boobs instead of actual people. Imogen shows a picture and asks if they know who's boobs they are. Alli covers Dallas's eyes and says she doesn't know. Later, Miles reveals to Dallas that he was the one that knocked the door off his car. Dallas enraged and almost punches him, but Alli calms him down and they walk away.

In Hero vs. Villain, Alli discusses her readiness to have sex with Dallas with Clare and is upset when Clare is clearly uninterested. Alli is surprised to hear that Clare is really pregnant with Drew's baby, and promises not to tell anyone. However, when Alli is having lunch with Dallas, she blurts out Clare's secret, and tells Dallas not to say anything. Later, Clare is talking to Alli about how she's never going to tell Drew the truth, when he comes and is enraged that Clare didn't tell him. Realizing that Dallas told Clare's secret to Drew, Alli tells him that she's mad at him and she's not going to have sex with him. She comforts Clare, and Clare asks her to come with her to see Eli.

In Firestarter (1), Alli is watching Clare at a PTO meeting. She and Jenna later tell Clare that Becky's mom must have heard that Clare was pregnant from Drew. Alli then tells her that everyone knows that Clare and Drew had sex and that she's pregnant.

In Firestarter (2), Alli and Clare are running the snack stand for the cheer event. Later, they are talking and Eli comes in, and asks to help Clare. Clare and Eli walk away to talk, leaving Alli alone.


In Ready or Not, Clare and Alli are at The Dot and Alli tells her that her and Eli can never be friends, however Clare assures her that they have a strictly platonic relationship. Later, Alli and Clare are talking about Clare and Eli's birthing class, and Clare tells Alli that she really wanted to kiss him. Alli tells her that it's gonna be hard to keep a platonic relationship if Clare is that interested.

In Walking in My Shoes, Alli and Dallas are seen posing for yearbook pictures, and are both excited to win Best Couple and also prom king and queen.

In Get It Together, Alli is talking to Clare as they are walking to class. Clare is wondering about how her baby's personality will be and Dallas tells her that he and Alli are busy and that she should babysit Rocky.

In Give Me One Reason, Alli and Jenna are talking about their project to Clare, and they get confused when Clare storms out of class and plans to not return.

Eli tells Alli about losing the baby.

In I Wanna Be Adored, Alli is showing her fellow senior friends about her Starry Night prom idea. However, Drew isn't a huge fan of it and suggests that they have it on a boat. Alli rejects the idea, saying that Clare isn't there to support it. Everyone else seems to like the boat idea, and the idea wins. Alli is upset with Drew, and still wonders where Clare is. Later, Alli tells Clare that their Starry Night idea was destroyed because of Drew. Alli is upset that four years of planning their prom idea went down the drain. Alli reassures Clare that if her pregnancy is too much, that she can find someone else to plan it. Alli tells her what she needs to do. Later, Alli and Dallas are having lunch at The Dot and is excited about Dallas's plans for Japan. Alli then tells him that she thinks Clare is moving on from her, and is annoyed with Clare and Eli spending so much time together. Eli overhears and tells them that Clare had a miscarriage. Alli is surprised because Clare didn't tell her. Clare shows up for a prom committee meeting, and Alli is being really nice to Clare. Clare suspects that Eli told her about her miscarriage, and inquires if he did. Alli is surprised that Clare isn't telling her anything, and that she doesn't even know her anymore. Later, Alli is presenting her prom idea to Ms. Pill, and Ms. Pill loves the idea. Alli isn't very enthusiastic and Ms. Pill asks if she had help. Alli responds that she was supposed to and Ms. Pill says her co-chair was Clare Edwards and adds that she's been through a lot this year. Alli changes the subject and asks if it's been approved. Ms. Pill says yes and adds that it sounds like it's the perfect prom. Alli disagrees and says she has one last detail to iron out.

After that, she goes to Clare's house with yellow flowers she claims is a sign of friendship. They both immediately apologize. Alli apologizes for excluding Clare from prom planning which Clare replies that she doesn't blame her because she hasn't been "Debbie Dependable" lately. Alli asks why Clare didn't tell her about the baby and Clare pauses then says that it's hard to be around her right now. Alli asks what she did wrong and Clare says that it's not that she did anything wrong, it's that she did everything right: she has everything so together. Alli is confused so Clare says she's planning prom all by herself, she has a perfect boyfriend, and she's going to Cambridge, MIT, or somewhere even more awesome and Clare says she has nothing. Alli disagrees, walks over to join Clare in her kitchen, and says she has her and always will. They hug and Alli says that she always will only if they talk because next year is all they'll have. Clare says they still have prom and promises to make it amazing. Alli asks if prom planning will be too much right now and Clare says teen girl stuff is exactly what she needs, especially if it's with Alli. Alli smiles and says they better get to work.

In Teen Age Riot, Clare excitedly tells Alli how she's ready to put her terrible year behind her. Connor tells them that Ms. Pill wants to talk to them. She tells them that they have all been nominated for valedictorian. Alli is surprised to hear that Clare turns down the offer. Later, Clare is talking to Alli and Eli, about how frustrated she is about Ms. Pill listening to their private conversations, and Alli assures her to just ignore Pill and not let her ruin the last few weeks of school. Later, Alli watches Clare give her valedictorian speech. Then Alli scolds Clare for what she did in her speech. Clare tells her that she's ready to be suspended, and Ms. Pill comes up. Ms. Pill tells Alli that she'd like to talk to Clare and after she's done, Alli goes up to her. Clare then smashes a camera, and Alli helplessly watches her as she destroys another camera.

In The Kids Aren't Alright (1), Alli is seen volunteering at the hospital for community service along with her fellow students.


In Finally (1), Alli is seen frantically planning prom when Dallas comes up to her and asks if Drew can join their limo and sit at their table. Alli does not want Drew to be near Clare, as it would only make her night worse. She compromises with Dallas, and suggests that Drew just finds a date, and when Drew comes in she suggests that he asks Becky to be his date. Later, when Drew "prom-poses" to Becky, Alli can be seen in the background rolling her eyes. Alli is later seen telling Drew that there's nothing she can do about him not being allowed to go to prom, and that there's nothing they can do and that they can't skip prom. Alli, Clare, and Jenna then go to their hair and makeup appointments. Later, Alli, Jenna, and Clare are getting ready for prom when they find Clare's diary. Alli and Jenna excitedly read it and reflect on their freshman and sophomore year memories, like when Alli was dating Johnny. Alli and Jenna laugh when they read the part in the diary that says that Clare will never let boys get in the way of her dreams. When the boyfriends show up, they take a selfie (or groupie as Connor said). Later, Alli is shocked when she almost thinks that Eli is proposing to Clare. Alli is confused when they're all at the dock and there's no boat that shows up. She asks Dallas for the booking information, and is shocked to see that he booked it for the year after. Angered, she tells him to figure out how he's gonna tell all his classmates, and leaves.

11845211 1034854623191898 5306484751722370613 o-0.jpg

In Finally (2), Alli is seen with Jenna, Clare, Connor, and Eli all eating at a burger restaurant, frustrated that prom didn't go the way they wanted it to. Alli reiterates how angered she is about what happened, when Connor tells her that Dallas and Drew managed to set up a prom at The Dot. When they arrive, Alli is so surprised at how well Dallas did, and is even more elated when she sees he followed her Starry Night idea. Later, Alli and Jenna are seen taking pictures in cute hats when Clare comes up and tells them how confused she is about her future, and how frustrated she is with herself. Alli reassures her that she has developed into an amazing woman, and they embrace. Alli is later seen dancing with Dallas. The next day, at graduation, Alli tells Drew and Dallas how good of a job they did saving prom. Alli is later seen at graduation, and graduates from Degrassi and it is revealed that she will pursue a bioscience degree at Cambridge University in London. Alli is then seen tossing her cap and hugging her friends. Later, she sees Drew and Dallas talking about FaceTiming each other, and tells them jokingly that she'll be the one who gets her first FaceTime. Later, Alli joins the congo-line that Becky and Imogen started, and gives Clare one last hug as she joins. She, along with her fellow graduates, all chant in tune singing "WE'LL MISS YOU DEGRASSI!"


  • She has the most relationships out of the entire female cast in Degrassi history. A total of 12 which surpassed the previous records of 10 relationships that were held by Emma and Manny.
  • Alli is the third main character to be Muslim on Degrassi, the first being Hazel and the second being Alli's older brother, Sav. The fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh Muslim main characters are Goldi Nahir, Baaz Nahir, Rasha Zuabi, and Saad Al'Maliki.
  • Alli is one of three main characters to be shown attending another high school during their time as a regular. The other two are Declan Coyne and Fiona Coyne.
  • She coincidentally has the same name as Angela's stuffed dinosaur, featured in the series premiere. However, the plush's was spelled Ally.
  • Just like her brother Sav, only in a different phase, Alli has been confronted by the police. In Season 10, Sav was driving his parent's car which was reported as stolen, and in Season 11, Alli was caught at an illegal poker game. Alli was also confronted by the police in Season 8 concerning the Facerange page she made, which was entitled "I Hate Holly J." Unlike Sav, Alli was given a police record due to the cyberbullying.
  • Alli strongly resembles former character Manny Santos, future character Tori Santamaria and current character Lola Pacini.
    • Like Manny, Alli could be described as "boy crazy," and prone to making rash decisions in order to improve a relationship with a boy. Manny sometimes wore risque outfits to school and had to hide her clothes from her parents, just like how Alli would change almost every day out of her home clothes into her school clothes. Both girls also had an aptitude for science, though Alli's dream was to have a career in the sciences, while Manny wanted to act and do science on the side.
    • Like Tori and Lola, Alli is fashion conscious and enjoys putting a lot of effort into her appearance.
  • Alli was in the Gifted Program at Degrassi and was incredibly smart. She had a particular talent for science.
  • Alli lost her virginity before her older brother, Sav, lost his. However, they both lost theirs in the same school year.
  • Alli is one of seven girls to reveal herself on camera or in public. She sent naked pictures to her boyfriend Johnny DiMarco (in Season 9). The other six are
  • Alli has been suspended three times, first for creating the "I Hate Holly J." group in Heat of the Moment, second for fighting with Bianca in Don't Let Me Get Me (2), and third for being accused of smoking at her new school in The Way We Get By (2).
  • Alli is the fourth character to run away from home, the other three being Wheels, Frankie, Craig, and Fiona.
  • According to Melinda Shankar, Alli's name was originally supposed to be Abby, but was later changed.
  • Alli has been pushed down twice by Connor, once when she wouldn't give his pencil back to him, and again when she caught him in the girls locker room.
  • Alli and Sav both lied to their parents about who they were dating. Ironically, they accepted Dave for who he was, while they didn't accept Anya, though they did allow Sav to date Holly J.
  • Alli is the second character to develop an addiction to poker, the first being Marco.
  • Her Twitter.
  • She started her own dance club, The Big D Dance Crew. (99 Problems (2)) Bianca was a member.
    • Alli was kicked out of her own club because she did not care about dancing the way that the other members did, and because she tried to kick out Bianca for wanting to focus on dance.
  • Alli has kissed two guys that Clare has dated.
  • Alli has been cheated on twice, the first was Drew with Bianca in All Falls Down (1) and the second was Dave with Jacinta before Nowhere to Run. Due to that, she has got some trust issues when it comes to relationships.
  • Alli herself admits that she has severe trust issues in relationships, because all of her relationships have had major problems (Except her current relationship with Mike Dallas).
    • She has been cheated on twice (By Drew and Dave).
    • Johnny lied to her about being a virgin, and about the chance that she could have an STD. He also sent Alli's racy pictures to his friend Bruce
    • Leo was physically abusive towards her.
  • Alli is one of six characters to end the opening credits. The other five are Drew, Clare, Sean, Marco, and Jane.
  • Alli is the third character that went through a pregnancy scare. The first was Emma, and the second was Anya.
  • Alli was the second character to almost contract a sexually transmitted disease. Alli almost contracted genital warts. The first was Paige, who almost contracted HIV.
  • In the series, Alli has made friends with both Anya and Campbell. Her friendships with the following may be due to the fact that Melinda is very close to both of the actors.
  • Before her current relationship , Alli had broken up and made up at least once with every boyfriend she'd ever had.
  • Most of Alli's wardrobe in seasons 8 and 9 were Darcy's old clothes.
  • Alli has gotten robbed twice.
  • Alli was the fifth character to be in an abusive relationship. The others were Kathleen, Terri, ZigFiona, and Bianca.
  • Alli was more affected by the death of Cam than she was by the death of Adam, likely because she was one of the last people to speak to Campbell before he died.
  • Alli is the third character to cover up her abuse with makeup, the other two being Fiona and Bianca
  • Alli is the only one to call Dallas by his first name, Mike.
  • Alli is the first person to bully someone over the Internet. The second is Zoë, who bullied Maya.
  • Alli is the first student to get married before graduating from High School
  • Alli is the first character to be in an abusive marriage. 
  • Alli is had the shortest recorded marriage in Degrassi history.  
  • Almost all of Alli's boyfriends have been in a physical altercation and lost:
  • Alli, though going through a pregnancy scare, is the only one out of her best friends (Clare and Jenna) to not get pregnant.
    • Jenna became pregnant with K.C.'s baby, and later gave the baby up for adoption when she realized he'd have a better life with parents who are ready to be parents.
    • Clare was pregnant with Eli's baby, but suffered a miscarriage. Initially she thought the baby was Drew's.
  • She is one of many present and former Degrassi students who don't go by their full name. The others being:
  • She is a huge fan of Keke Palmer.
  • She unintentionally broke up Sav and Anya's first relationship in With or Without You.
  • She and Clare both share the same line: "Most guys just buy flowers."


Season 8

Season 9

Season 10

Season 11

Season 12

Season 13

Season 14


  • (To Sav): "You swore you wouldn't tell anybody!" (First line) - Uptown Girl (1)
  • (To Drew about Dallas): "Only after I get my face time." (Last line) - Finally (2)
  • (To Clare): "This article says you can tell everything about a guy from their underwear. So, K.C., boxers or briefs?" - Man With Two Hearts
  • (To Clare): "I get it Clare, you're in love with Eli." - Better Off Alone (1)
  • Alli: (referring to the sex toy in Clare's bag) "It's a... robot! For our project."
    Mr. Armstrong: "When do you think I was born?"
    Alli: "Depends. How old are you?" - Man With Two Hearts
  • Johnny: "Was that your first kiss?"
    Alli: "The next one won't be." - Lost in Love (2)
  • Johnny: "I'm a bad guy, Backwoods.. and you're better off without me."
    Alli: "Obviously, you're an idiot." - Jane Says (2)
  • (To Dave): "And the pig went 'Wee wee wee, I'm a Russian dictator!'"
  • "I give you a 9 for making Jenna squirm and a 9.9 for wiping that grin off her face."
  • "I ...don't think we should hang out anymore..."
  • Clare: "What do you do when life hands you lemons?"
    Alli: "You throw them at Chantay!" - 99 Problems (1)
  • (To Connor after he pushed her.) "What's wrong with you?!" - Causing a Commotion
  • (After Connor spit on her.) "You little freak!" - Causing a Commotion
  • "Since when did our school become some bizarre white version of Fame?" (referring to the new girl Jenna) - Just Can't Get Enough
  • (About Anya and Sav) "Oh my gosh, you guys are so intense! It's like high school drama 24/7!" - Why Can't This Be Love (2)
  • Alli (to Clare): "Has anyone ever died of embarrassment?"
    Clare: "No, just permanently scarred."
  • Drew: "So does ugh mean yes in Hindi?"
    Alli: "It means go away in caveman, I'm surprised you didn't know that."
  • (To Bianca) "If I didn't think it would risk your income, I'd smack you in yours!"
  • Alli (to Clare): "You know what could happen in two weeks? Eli could meet some cute girl at the car wash. She asks if he's taken; he's not sure. Next thing you know, those two are making out during the hot wax cycle."
  • (To her parents): "I HAVE changed, but all this bad stuff keeps happening to me!"
  • "Drumming with the enemy, Sav?!" (referring to Drew)
  • "God, he's so beautiful! Stupid, but beautiful." Alli to Malika referring to Drew.
  • (To Johnny) "Running away is my only escape."
  • (To Sav referring to his band) "Yeah, and who's on bass? Voldemort?"
  • (About Eli's story) Clare: "It's well written."
    Alli: "It's messed up!"
  • (To Jenna about the unbuilt baby crib): "I'm sure your baby will be very happy sleeping on top of a cardboard box."
  • "You can pick your jaw up off the floor any time now."
  • (To Clare) "Oh... so I guess judgy Clare is back..."
  • (To Clare) "Just because you kissed Eli on the lips, doesn't mean you have to stay with him forever!"
  • {In Spring Fever}: Sav: "So, why mess with what works?"
    Alli: "Because, sometimes when you take a risk, good things can happen."
  • {in LoveGame} "Clare Edwards, you little hussy!"
  • (to Clare about Katie): "Well, she sounds like a total B, with a side order of ITCH."
  • Clare: "I hate him, I hate him, I hate him!"
    Alli: "Eli?"
    Clare: "Why can't I stop picturing his half-naked body?"
    Alli: "Definitely not Eli."
  • (to Dave about Sadie): "What'd you do, insult Justin Bieber?"
  • Dave: "I used to like her until she totally rejected me."
    Alli: "What a bitch."
  • (To Dave): "Oh and Dave? I'm a 12." Dave-"At least."
  • (To Jenna): "Holy kick! You've got the next Christiano Ronaldo in there!"
  • (To Dave): "You're a prince."
    Dave: "And you're my princess."
  • (To Dave): "The real you wouldn't last a second."
  • Officer Turner (To Dave): "This is your girlfriend?"
    Alli: "Hi, Mr. Turner..."
  • (To Sav): "You're so weird.."
  • (To Sav): "You don't have to say goodbye to every brick."
  • (To Sav): "There will still be plenty of drama in those halls next year."
  • "Why the hell not? It's the Johnny I see the one I like! I don't get why you act like such a loser it's STUPID!"
  • (To Clare): "Dave's kind of a guy right?"
  • (To Jenna): "Go tip a cow or something."
  • (To Degrassi students at a Football Game): "We are- Well, I AM The Big D Dance Crew! I'm a bad friend and a.. mega bad dancer. But I love Degrassi and I love the Panthers." (99 Problems (2) )
  • (To Emma): "So you go to Smithdale, right? So what's it like?"
  • (To Jake): "So you have murderers with fire pokers and wolves, anything else?"
  • Bianca: "Don't answer it."
    Alli: "What if it's Clare and Jake?"
  • Bianca: "The door's unlocked."
    Alli: "Then who would be knocking?"
  • "Leave it to me to lose Dave and my best friend in less than 24 hours. Back to school's gonna be so fun."
  • "Excuse me?! This coming from Boiler Room Bianca -- ring a bell? You and Drew, my boyfriend at the time?"
  • "I lost my virginity in the back of a van, parked in a ravine at 14. Drew cheated on me in the boiler room and then the guy I loved and trusted the most had sex with a stranger this summer and then lied to me about it. So, yes, I have trust issues."
  • (To Dave): "No, nothing's wrong. Everything's perfect."
  • (To Dave): "And if that's true, then we should break up. Only, can we just not do that? Can we keep having dramatic yet memorable dates?"
  • (To Dave): "But I wanna be by your side when that day comes"
  • (To Clare): "Why should we help you?"
  • (To Dave): "I'm pregnant."
  • (to Clare): "Hold my hand?"
  • (To Jenna): "We could put itching powder in Luke's jock strap. We could cap his knee, I know a guy. Actually, I don't, but I could find one. He can't play hockey with a busted up knee."
  • "Life sure is full of twists, huh? And there is no map. But if you're lucky enough, along the way you meet some amazing tour guides -- mom and dad, Clare and Jenna, Dave. I've gotten lost along the way, I made some seriously wrong turns, and now my path has taken an unexpected direction... to MIT." (In Say It Ain't So (2))
  • (To Luke): "Scram, Bible Boy!"
  • (To Dallas): "Just shut up and help me."
  • (To Jenna and Clare) "I don't feel right!"
  • (To Dallas): "Dallas, I will not make out with you."
  • (To Dallas): "No this isn't a booty call!"
  • (About Eli showering in the women's locker room): "Okay that is more Eli than I ever wanted to see."
  • (To Dallas): "Well, then it's a date."
  • (To Jenna and Connor about the roses Connor sent Alli as 'Eli'): "He is playing some sick game to try to get to Clare through me, when I see him he is dead."
  • Eli: "I drove by your house and your parents said I would find you here."
    Alli: "Are you like, stalking me or something?"
    Eli (unamused): "No. I was hoping you could explain this." (Pulls out bouquet) "Will you be my boyfriend, xoxo Alli."
    Alli: "I did NOT send those to you." (chuckles)
    Jenna (looking suspiciously): "Connor, did you do this?"
    Connor: "Yes."
    Alli: "Why?"
    Connor: "Because you and Eli are both sad and lonely (Eli and Alli exchange shocked and annoyed glances) You guys are a perfect match."
    Eli: "'Kay, I got to get back to my movie. I'm on a deadline. (walks away to a table of elderly women) Ladies. (gives a lady the bouquet)
    Lady: "Aww! That's so nice!"
  • "I don't know how to say my boyfriend beat me up, Hallmark doesn't exactly make that card."
  • Clare: "You should write a relationship book."
    Alli: "Cheaters, losers and pervs: How To Pick a Guy the Bhandari Way". - Black or White


Main article: Johnny-Alli Relationship
Main article: Drew-Alli Relationship
Main article: Dave-Alli Relationship
Main article: Alli-Leo Relationship
  • Leo Lauzon
    • First Relationship:
      • Start Up: My Own Worst Enemy (1304)
      • Break Up: Honey (1307)
        Normal degrassi13 may15th ss 1000.jpg
        • Reason: Alli got a text from Dallas and Leo read it. He got angry and abused Alli by grabbing her arm and hurting her.
    • Second Relationship:
      • Start Up: This Is How We Do It (1309)
      • Break Up: Who Do You Think You Are (1313)
        • Reason: Leo loses his temper and slaps Alli when he finds out she filled out his college applications, because he thinks Alli thinks that he is incapable of doing it himself.
    • Third Relationship:
Main article: Dallas-Alli Relationship


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