Amanda Felicitas Stepto is a Canadian actress best known for playing the role of Christine "Spike" Nelson in the Degrassi series, including Degrassi: The Next Generation, having appeared as a regular cast member from 1987-2010. Before starring in her role on Degrassi: The Next Generation, she taught English in Japan for a year. She also holds a BA in political science and history from University of Toronto.

Amanda Stepto also performs as "DJ Demanda" at The Annex WreckRoom (794 Bathurst St, Toronto, ON) on the first Friday of every month with her co-star from the Degrassi series, Stacie Mistysyn.


  • Amanda is a Leo.
  • She often had to wear high shoes to appear taller on Degrassi, because her onscreen husband, Stefan Brogren, is 6'5" tall.
  • She has several large tattoos that can be seen on her in Degrassi: TNG episode "Father Figure Part 2", and in a Degrassi Mini episode.
  • She taught English in Japan for a year before returning to Canada for Degrassi: The Next Generation.
  • She was adopted, as revealed in an episode of Degrassi Talks.
  • Stepto went to Cawthra Park Secondary School, as did Adamo Ruggiero and Deanna Casaluce.
  • She is one of three main cast members of the franchise to be born in Quebec and then move to Ontario. The other two are Olivia Scriven and Dalia Yegavian.


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