Ameena Hassan is the mother of Farrah Hassan, and the wife of Mr. Hassan. She and her husband are family friends of the Bhandaris.

Character History

Season 9

In Why Can't This Be Love (1), she and her husband visit from India with their daughter, Farrah, a week earlier than expected. Over dinner, Mr. Hassan asks Sav Bhandari what he plans on doing after his studies, but both Sav's parents and Farrah's parents seem dissatisfied with his answer. Ameena asks what he is going to do when he has a family and kids, but Mr. Hassan tells his wife that they still have time to decide. Ameena comments that she wants all of her grandchildren before she dies, which makes Sav feel uncomfortable. To distract the conversation, Farrah reminds her father of his slideshow of the pictures from their vacation in Newfoundland. The parents make their way into the living room to watch the slideshow.


  • Her daughter, Farrah, was meant to have an arranged marriage with Sav Bhandari.
  • They live in India.