Amir Bageria is a young actor who portrayed Baaz Nahir in Degrassi: Next Class.


  • He has been playing hockey since he was four years old.
  • He is of Arabian descent.
  • He is of Arabic descent.
  • He ships Esmiles.
  • He looks up to and is inspired by NHL player, Alexander Ovechkin.
  • After Dante Scott, he is the second youngest former cast member.
  • His favorite characters from Degrassi are Cam, Marco, Drew, Miles, Hunter and Zoë.
  • His favorite season is Season 12.
  • He's a big fan of DC and everything related to comics.
  • For him, Sara Waisglass, Ricardo Hoyos and Ehren Kassam were the funniest people on set.
  • If he wouldn't have played Baaz, he'd like to have played Cam or Drew.
  • Degrassi was his first acting gig.
  • His favorite movie is The Dark Knight.
  • He is a fan of both Justin Bieber and Drake.
  • He is a Scorpio.
  • His religion is Sikh, but he notes that he is not very religious.
  • He is good friends with Richard Walters and Amanda Arcuri.


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