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Angela Deiseach
(born June 25, 1972 in Toronto, Ontario) is a Canadian actress who portrayed Erica Farrell on Degrassi Junior High and Degrassi High, and is also the identical twin sister of Maureen Deiseach, who portrayed Heather Farrell. In 1990, she was nominated for a Gemini award for Best Performance by a Lead Actress in a Continuing Dramatic Role and, along with her castmates, a Young Artist Award for Outstanding Young Ensemble Cast, both for her role in Degrassi High.

She is now an accomplished flamenco dancer, as well as a grade 1 teacher. She has been with the Esmeralda Enrique Spanish Dance Company for nine years and has been acting in various community productions and Canadian television series.



  • Angela del Sol (left)
  • Angela del Sol (left)