Anson Russ was a member of Vince Bell's violent street gang. After trying to rape Bianca in an alley, Drew Torres found them and pulled him off Bianca DeSousa. Then the two quickly engaged into a fight, but Anson was stronger and overpowered Drew and kept kicking him as he laid on the ground, knocking the wind out of him. Bianca picked up a brick and hit him on the back of the head, killing him instantly from blunt force trauma. The next day, his death was on the front page on the newspaper. He was portrayed by Elias Edraki.

Character History

Season 11


Anson almost rapes Bianca, but Drew interrupts and picks a fight with him.

In Spring Fever, he finds Bianca at a dance contest, where she wins tickets to a Keke Palmer concert. He follows her to the concert, claiming that he is a Keke Palmer fan. Anson tries to hit on her at the concert, but Bianca rejects his advances, aside from having a drink with him. After Drew finds them talking together, he becomes angry and yells at Bianca, which upsets her, so she leaves the club to cry outside

Anson finds her outside, and

Anson's dead body is next to a pool of his blood.

when she tries to run away from him, he drags her to an alley, where he tries to rape her. Drew approaches them and tries to fight Anson, but Anson ultimately wins the fight. While kicking Drew, who was laying on the ground, Bianca picks up a cinder block and hits Anson on the head with it. The impact kills him almost instantly, and he falls to the ground. Bianca and Drew run away as the bracelet that Drew gave her falls down.

Anson's death makes the headlines in the newspapers the next day.

They flee from the crime scene and decide not to tell anyone when they see his death in the newspapers the next day. They later find out that the police and Anson's gang members are looking for them, and Bianca's bracelet provides evidence of who killed Anson. Then, they go back to the alley where they killed Anson and find out that the bracelet isn't there. One of Anson's "friends," Vince, comes and tells them that he found the bracelet, but that doesn't stop the couple from danger.


  • "Looking good, B. Looking real good." (first line in Spring Fever; to Bianca)
  • "Hey, don't be a stranger!" (to Bianca)
  • "B? What a Coinkeydink!" (to Bianca)
  • Bianca: "Are you stalking me?
    Anson: "I'm a big Keke fan!" (to Bianca)
  • "I thought about you lots, while I was locked up." (to Bianca)
  • "Get up, GET UP!" (last line in Spring Fever; to Drew)



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