"This is what it cost! Your drinking made me CUT myself!"
— Ellie telling her mother the reality of her drinking's effect.

Anywhere I Lay My Head is the fifth episode of Season 4 of the Canadian television series, Degrassi: The Next Generation. It originally aired on September 28, 2004 on CTV Television and on October 22, 2004 on The N. The episode was written by story editors Shelley Scarrow and Richard Clark and directed by Phil Earnshaw. It shares its title with the song by Tom Waits.


Ellie's alcoholic mom takes a turn for the worse and becomes a danger to both of them. Ellie can barely survive at home anymore, but her mother can't survive without her.

She has to make a decision whether to move in with Sean or stay with her mother. Meanwhile, Manny and Spinner connect at the school's car wash.

Main Plot

Ellie has had to take care of her mother ever since she started drinking again, and she's tired of it.

She puts her foot down soon after her mother burned the house down due to her drinking. Ellie tells her that she's going to sleep over at Ashley's house but really, she is going to stay over at Sean's.

Her mom gets suspicious and goes over to Ashley's house to see if she had been staying there and to her surprise, Ellie isn't.

Ellie's mom suspects her to be at Sean's house, so she races to his house and finds her there. She becomes enraged to the point where she slapped Sean.

After that, she and Ellie have a talk and Ellie opens up about her cutting, telling her that she is the reason she cuts. Ellie then shows her her arm and tells her mom that she needs to move in with Sean.

Her mother reluctantly approves it, saddened and shocked. Ellie moves in with Sean in this episode.

Sub Plot

Manny and Spinner get closer at the school's car wash—much to Craig's dismay and much to the surprise of Paige. Rick comes to the car wash, but is quickly told to get lost.

  • Ellie moves into Sean's apartment.
  • This marks the ferret Bueller Nash-Cameron's first appearance.
  • This marks Darcy Edwards' first appearance. She is seen at the car wash when she meets her future boyfriend, Spinner.
  • This episode is named "Anywhere I Lay My Head" by Tom Waits.
  • This marks Manny's second time that has flirted with someone else's boyfriend. This time it's Paige's.
  • This marks the first appearance of Robert Kerwin since Secrets and Lies.

  • Jay: "Nice housewarming."
    Sean: "Yeah. But she'll go back home. Maybe next time her mom'll burn down the whole place."
    Alex: "Now that would be a housewarming."
    Jay: "So basically this is a bon voyage, goodbye, thanks for all the sex party."
    Sean: "Let me make it simple. Move in...with someone who loves you."
  • Spinner: "We need to play more gigs to get to smokin' hot."
    Ashley: "Spinner has a point."
    Spinner: "Who asked you? I mean - yeah. What she said."
  • Craig: "Well, that sucked."
    Ashley: "Just keep smiling; no one noticed."

  • "Angus" by Supergarage
  • "Jaded" by Melissa McClelland
  • "Wake Up" by Billy & The Lost Boys