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The friendship between Archie Simpson and Derek Wheeler started prior to the first season of Degrassi Junior High.

Friendship History

Degrassi Junior High Season 1

In Best Laid Plans, Archie overheard Shane McKay and Wai Lee telling Wheels and Joey Jeremiah that Stephanie Kaye intended to have sex with Wheels on their date the following Friday night.

In Nothing to Fear, Wheels told Archie that he heard that 7C's class project, a golden down California King snake named Amadeus, was in the girls' washroom.

In Revolution!, Archie, Wheels and Joey are seen rehearsing for their band, but they were constantly being interrupted by Stephanie Kaye who comes to flirt with Joey in an attempt to make Wheels jealous. Later in that episode, Archie and Joey were seen looking surprised at Mr. Raditch's jumpy mood. Joey and Archie were later seen studying right before their exam started. Afterwards, Archie and Wheels are later seen comforting Joey when he says he might have flunked his exam.

Degrassi Junior High Season 2

In A Helping Hand..., Archie and Joey were both disappointed that Wheels' parents would not allow him to play with the Zit Remedy until his marks improved. However, they hired Simon Dexter, who was a talented musician, to be their new bass player. They told Wheels that he and Simon would both be in the band once Wheels returned. Archie was excited that they would be the first band to have two bass players.

In Great Expectations, Joey said to Snake and Wheels that the new Degrassi student Liz O'Rourke looked as if she had sex. Wheels asked him what he thought a girl who had sex looked like while Archie accused him of being sex crazed, which he denied.

In Dinner & a Show, Joey and Wheels became jealous when they learned that Snake was taking Melanie Brodie to see Revenge of the Reptiles at the cinema. Instead of playing video games as they originally planned, they decided to go to the cinema themselves. They sat behind Snake and Melanie and started to mock them, much to Snake's annoyance.

In Fight!, Archie, Joey, and Wheels are first seen in the restroom. They were talking about how Wheels got a B on the math test and that the Zit's are back. Then Wheels asked what's on his shirt. Joey said Dwayne pushed him off his skateboard. That is when Joey made jokes about Dwayne saying D for dumb, D for doorknob. Archie told him I bet you would not say that to his face. Later, they spot Dwayne pick up Scooter, this intimidated them and they went upstairs. Next, Joey tells Archie and Wheels he is not going to the fight. Archie and Wheels tell Joey he's got to go. Joey tells them that Raditch made him stay after school. Archie asked are you sure you did not ask Raditch to stay after school. Joey said no way I would do that. At the fight Dwayne approaches Archie and Wheels calling him a coward and they defend Joey. Joey shows up for the fight all ready and pumped. At first Joey was doing good but Dwayne's friends pushed Joey down to the ground and Dwayne started to beat Joey up. Eventually, Archie and Wheels stopped Dwayne and they took Joey home.

Degrassi Junior High Season 3

During Can't Live With Em (1), Archie and Wheels were comforting Joey since he has to repeat grade 8. They are then seen recording their song Everybody Wants Something. Archie got disappointed when he and Wheels found out that Joey never hit the record button. When Wheels said that he couldn't spend anymore time with Joey, Archie and Joey tried to convince Wheels to come over to Joey's so they can finally record their demo tape. They are happy when Wheels agreed to do so. When Joey, Archie and Wheels were finally recording their demo tape for the second time, Wheels said that he needed to get going before his parents found out that he left in the first place. Joey starts talking about how parents are gullible and easy, and Wheels and Archie accuse him of being spoiled.

During Can't Live With Em (2), Archie tells Joey about Wheels' parents calling the police. When Joey and Archie were debating about why Wheels parents would have called the police, Archie accidentally walks into Joey's classroom, until Joey reminds him that he's in ninth grade, and his classroom is above his. Archie and Joey are later seen attending the funeral of Wheels' adoptive parents. Archie and Joey are later seen having lunch, and Archie explains that he feels so terrible about Wheels, and he has to force himself to look at him. B.L.T. Thomas interrupts them and offers to shoot some baskets, Archie asks B.L.T. if he feels terrible about what happened to Wheels, and B.L.T. reveals that he does, and that he needs to shoot some baskets.

During A Big Girl Now, Archie is seen awkwardly walking by Wheels. Joey glumly tells him that he's quitting the band. Archie asks Wheels if he would quit, Joey agrees to Archie's point, and tells him that it might cheer him up. Joey then tells Archie that at least he's trying (to cheer up Wheels) and that Archie can't even talk to him. Archie and Joey are then discussing the newer member of their band, since Wheels quit. Joey suggested to get a female member, so she can wear a bikini on stage. Archie doesn't agree to Joey's suggestion. They later stopped talking among themselves as Wheels shows up. Joey tells Archie to talk to him, but Archie refuses. He then leaves as Wheels approaches him and Joey.

In Season's Greetings, Archie and Joey comfort Wheels since it's the first Christmas since his parents died. They both encourage Wheels (and his grandparents) to have dinner at Joey's.

In Loves Me, Loves Me Not, Archie is telling Wheels to attend the dance, but Wheels says he can't go. As Joey approaches them Archie tells him that he has an "A" in French. Joey glumly tells Archie and Wheels that he has a "C" in English. Wheels tells Joey that a "C" isn't so bad. And then Joey replies that it's his second time in 8th grade and he thought it would be easier the second time around. Archie and Wheels tells Joey to ask Caitlin for help since she is the smartest in Joey's class, recalled that Joey said she was cute.

During Star-Crossed, Joey and Archie were talking in a hallway when they see Wheels. They then go up to Wheels and ask him if he wants to join their bowling team. Wheels declines their offer, but when Archie and Joey tell him that it's to help orphans and that everyone in the school would be there, Wheels changes his mind and Archie and Joey become happy. Joey then tells Archie that he told him about Wheels being back to normal, due to the tragedy that occurred in Can't Live With 'Em and Archie agrees with Joey. Archie and Joey are later seen bowling with B.L.T.. Joey is happy that he scored, and he makes a comment that he wishes that Wheels showed up. Archie says that he could be in a lot of trouble (referring to his fistfight with the other student). Archie then says that he was in Mr. Lawrence's office with his grandmother and social worker, and that he tried to call him.

During Twenty Bucks, Archie asks Joey if they should ask Wheels to come to the concert with them, and Joey asks that it's pointless, and that he hardly shows up in school.

In Taking Off (1), Archie invites Joey to come with him to deliver photos to Wheels. Archie explains that everyone is getting upset that Wheels hardly comes to school, and Joey tells him that he doesn't feel like going to school, because his parents died, and Archie explains that Wheels' parents death occurred ages ago and that he should be over it by now. They then leave the school and find Wheels playing a video game. Joey asks Wheels how he got the money playing the game, and Wheels told them that he sold his bass guitar. Joey asked him about the band, and Wheels said that the band is never going to go anywhere, and Joey argues with Wheels about coming to school, until Archie interrupts them and asks them if they wanted fries. Wheels tells Joey and Archie that living with his grandparents is a hassle, and that his Grandmother is always nagging him. He tells them that if they keep bugging him, he will leave them. He then shows Archie and Joey a postcard that his biological father sent him, and he's still part of the band he is with. Wheels tells them that it must be nice, traveling around playing music, and Joey tells them that The Zit Remedy will be like that too, and Archie laughs and says "sure Joey," assuming it's another fantasy. Joey tells Archie and Wheels that he is serious and asks them if he has lied to them. Archie and Wheels exchange looks and tells him "yes." Joey said that he can change but Archie and Wheels resume laughing. Archie and Joey then meet up with Luke, Shane and Tim before they enter the concert. Before Archie and Joey meet up with Wheels at the arcade, they were arguing at their favorite part about the concert. When they met up with Wheels, they first explained the concert, and then Wheels tells them he was going to take off. Wheels tells Archie and Joey that he's headed to Port Hope to visit Mike, and Joey and Archie gave him the money he promised. Archie asked Wheels how he would get to Port Hope and Wheels tells them that he will hitchhike. Archie tells Wheels that it's dangerous, and Wheels tells him to relax. Joey gives Wheels a bus ticket, and makes Wheels promise that he'll call them as soon as he arrives at Port Hope, Wheels promises them, and leaves. Archie tells Joey that he doesn't like the idea of Wheels taking off, and Joey says that sometimes that he dreams of running away, and Archie says that this is real. Joey tells Archie not to worry because Wheels would be okay. They then wave to Wheels.

In Taking Off (2), Archie calls Joey and asks if Wheels has called him. Joey said that Wheels hasn't called. Archie begins to worry about him, and Joey tells him to relax and that he's only been gone for a night. Archie then tells Joey that they should tell someone about this. Joey again tells Archie to calm down, and Archie tells Joey that Wheels grandmother called him. Joey tells Archie that Wheels' grandmother called him as well, and Archie said that she was crying. Joey told Archie that if Wheels doesn't call them than they will tell someone. They then enter the school talking about how Shane never came home from the Gourmet Scum concert. After Joey had a conversation with Caitlin about triangles, Archie comes up to Joey and before he said anything, Joey sees Wheels and they both call him over. Archie asks Wheels when he got back, and Wheels said that he came back the night before and that his grandmother drove him. Joey apologized about telling Wheels' grandmother, and Wheels says it's OK. Archie and Joey then jokingly told Wheels that he needed a new tour around the school. They then shook hands.

In Pa-arty!, Joey was showing fake IDs to Archie and Wheels. The ID reads that Joey has a fake name, and that he's 21 years old. Archie tells him that he can't pass for 21 because he's petite. After Joey tells Caitlin about Lucy's party, Archie and Wheels meet up with him. Archie becomes upset when Joey tells Erica and Heather that he is going to bring booze to Lucy's party. Archie asks Joey if he's crazy and Joey asks Archie and Wheels about the beer, but then Archie and Wheels tells Joey that the ID Joey has is fake and that he can't pass for 21. Joey then puts the fake ID in Archie's pocket and tells him to buy it. Archie refuses to do so. Joey and Wheels told Archie that he could pass for the age of 21, but Archie says he couldn't. The three of them exit down a staircase arguing about it. Archie, Joey and Wheels are then standing outside The Beer Store. Joey attaches a tie to Archie's shirt, and puts his hat on his (Archie's) head, so that he looks 21. When Archie exits The Beer Store without the beer, he tells Joey that the ID is too fake. Joey tells Archie that he didn't use the ID right. Wheels told them to forget the beer and go to Lucy's party without it. But Joey reminds them that he promised the beer. As Joey sees some random guy pull up his car by the store, he plans on asking the guy in his car to buy the beer for them. Archie assumed that Joey's plan was crazy. After several failed attempts to ask grownups for beer, Archie and Wheels tells Joey to give up already. As soon as Clutch shows up, Joey decides to ask him to buy the beer for himself, Archie and Wheels. Clutch agrees to do so, but Archie and Wheels asks Joey if Clutch would be able to succeed in purchasing the beer because Clutch is only 16. When Joey tells Archie and Wheels that Clutch is going to buy the beer, Wheels asks Joey if Clutch is actually going to purchase the beer for the them. When Clutch leaves the store with the beers, he takes six bottles from the package and leaves Joey, Archie and Wheels with eighteen. Clutch tells Joey that he's lucky to even have the beer in the first place. Archie, Joey and Wheels were talking about how excited about bring beer to a party. Wheels tells them that the case of beers were getting heavy considering it had six less beers in it. They then sat down for a while. Joey and Archie started to drink the beers, Wheels refused to drink with them because of the tragedy from Can't Live With 'Em. They were then caught by the police.

In Bye-Bye, Junior High, Joey is seen attending the graduation dance meeting up with Archie, Wheels, L.D., and Melanie with a bouquet of flowers, Archie jokingly tells Joey about the flowers for him, when they were really for Caitlin. Archie and Wheels ask Joey if he wanted to attend the dance floor with them, but Joey insisted on waiting for Caitlin. Archie and Wheels then leave with L.D. and Melanie.

Degrassi High Season 1

During A New Start (1) When Joey was talking to Caitlin about her timetable, Archie and Wheels comes along and starts talking about how huge the school is. Joey told them that he'll meet them later. Archie and Wheels were explaining to Joey that The Zit Remedy is no more, and even if they wanted to comeback, they couldn't do so because Wheels sold his bass. Wheels told them that he can borrow Simon's bass because he doesn't use it anymore. Archie points out about what to do about the drums and Joey told them that they'll be all set once they find a drummer. They then bump into Ms. Avery who tells them that she'll be running the resource center because she lost her job due to the fire in Bye-Bye, Junior High. As Ms. Avery leaves, Joey is happy because he thinks that they're rid of Mr. Raditch, Archie said she's okay, and he kind of likes her, referring to Ms. Avery. Joey and Wheels awkwardly looks at him. As soon as they were discussing a new name for their band, they were interrupted by Dwayne Myers, Tabi, and Nick. Dwayne tells them that they are going to initiate Joey, Archie, and Wheels, and that all three of them are going to have to be careful. When Joey and Wheels were talking about the band being called "The Barf Bags", Archie shows up covered in powder (possibly chalk dust or flour) and told them that "they" got him (referring to Dwayne, Tabi and Nick). When the powder started spilling off of Archie, Joey and Wheels were playfully running around, and Archie was jokingly saying that he has a bad case of dandruff. Joey and Wheels were jokingly trying to escape, and Archie was running after them. Archie was telling Joey how he and Wheels haven't been initiated yet. Joey tells Archie that sometimes one is lucky, and sometimes one is not, and he was telling Archie to relax, and that Dwayne probably forgot about them. Joey tells Archie that he wants to name the band, Three. As they were discussing the name of the band, Wheels shows up covered in foam. Archie takes a piece of foam off of Wheels and says he wonders whom is next... referring to Joey.

During A New Start (2), Joey and Wheels were both sitting by a couple of lockers saying that Raditch was the guy in the announcements. Archie comes up to them and points out that Joey is going to be initiated soon. Joey tells them that he's not going to be initiated, and he leaves them.

During Breaking Up is Hard to Do, Archie was reading a book as Joey and Wheels approaches him. They then tell him that they got Lucy's permission to use her camera to shoot their video (in a future episode). Joey collects money from Archie and Wheels and says that they'll have enough for tape and expenses and stuff. Archie asks Joey why he's not adding any money to the "Zit Fund" and Joey replies that he's broke. Archie tells Joey that if he wants to make a music video, they need a script and some plans. Joey tells them that he has it all figured out, and he needs some women in bikinis. Wheels replies that no one is going to agree to wear a bikini and Archie made jokes about Caitlin being the "chick in a bikini" in the video. Archie listens to Joey and Wheels making jokes about how Caitlin might have a crush on Claude Tanner, and then Joey tells Archie and Wheels about Amy & Allison have agreed to be the bikini models in The Zit' music video. Joey, Archie, Wheels, Lucy and L.D. end up in the garbage area for the filming of The Zits' music video. L.D. joked about how the location that Joey chose suited the video well and Joey told them what he had in mind with the location. Amy and Allison later shows up, and Joey tells Lucy and L.D. that they were going to be wearing bikinis in the video. Lucy and L.D. were discussing that Joey's idea was sexist. Archie and Wheels confronted Joey because he paid Amy and Allison $40 to be in their video. Lucy and L.D. takes the camera away from Joey and pushes him in the trash. Amy and Allison later do the same thing. Archie and Wheels told Joey that they were dropping out of The Zits because Joey doesn't listen to them. Joey apologizes to them and they all came to a compromise.

During Dream On, Archie and Wheels tells Joey that if he wants to do a video for The Zits, then they need to practice. But then they have trouble agreeing on which date they want to practice because they all have other plans. When they wanted to practice on the upcoming Friday, Joey tells them "no," because he had a date with Caitlin, and he tells them that he doesn't want to lose her. When Joey, Archie and Derek run into Caitlin and Arthur, Caitlin breaks her date with Joey and Archie and Wheels seem happy about it. Joey is upset because Caitlin cancelled her date because of a "French Assignment" and Archie tells him that they now have time to practice for their music video.

In Everybody Wants Something, Joey was asking Archie and Wheels if Caitlin would like the script for the music video. Wheels said that she'll definitely like the script. They then meet up with Lucy. As they ask Lucy to film the video for them, Lucy refuses at first, but when Joey, Archie and Wheels gives her the script so she can approve of it, she then says yes. They become happy. Joey is telling Archie and Wheels that they might throw a party after the shooting of the video. When Archie was asking Joey what was going on between him and Caitlin, Joey tells them (Wheels is still there) that she's moody, but Wheels tells him that she's been like that for a while. And Joey tells them to mind their own business. They meet up with Lucy and asked her if she read their script. Lucy said that she doesn't like it. Archie and Joey were originally going to forget about it, but Wheels tells her that they'll rewrite it, and Lucy then says she'll think about. As she leaves with the Farrells. Joey tells Archie and Wheels to forget about it, but Archie said that they don't know anyone else with a video camera. They then discuss on what needs changes. Wheels, Joey and Archie were discussing on how to make their video appealing to the adolescent community. Wheels suggested a car but none of them knew anyone with a car other than Clutch. Joey said it was a bad idea but then he ended up agreeing with Archie and Wheels because Clutch was the only one they know whom can lend them his car. When Joey, Archie and Wheels were asking Clutch for the use of his car. Clutch says no at first, but when Archie brings up the fact that they have to hand their script over to their "camera-person" Clutch then says yes. Archie, Joey and Wheels were trying to convince Lucy to let her shoot the video with the new and improved script, but Lucy refuses to do so because Clutch was in it. Moments later, after Lucy had a talk with Erica and Heather, she agrees to shoot the video whether Clutch was in it or not (unaware of the fact that Heather has a crush on Wheels). When Archie, Wheels, Lucy, Clutch and Heather (Erica wasn't there because she got into a fistfight with Liz) were waiting on Joey, they all accuse him of being late, but Joey defends himself by asking them if they have heard of a concert that started on time, rather than telling them that he and Caitlin just broke up. They then start the shooting of the video. After the shooting of the video has finished, Archie and Wheels were telling Joey that he did a good job, and that it will impress Caitlin (unaware of the fact that she just broke up with him). They then make plans to celebrate, but Joey decides to leave instead because he was depressed.

In Little White Lies, Joey is meeting up with Archie and Wheels and he tells them that their video is going to be on TV. Archie tells them that nobody is going to watch it, but Joey and Wheels ignored them. Wheels and Archie assumed that they were going to get pizza or something, but Joey shows them a flyer for a strip club. They then agree to go to a strip club to see exotic dancers. They are later seen talking about how much fun it is to go to a strip club. Joey, Archie and Wheels are all acting excited at the fact that they were going to see exotic dancers. Archie asks them what their plans were before they go to the strip club, and Joey suggests that they go get some fries. As the three of them were approaching the strip club, Joey gives Archie the fake ID that they had from a previous episode. Archie was hesitant at first, because the ID read, "Joey Jeremiah" and that he thought the three of them were going to get in trouble, because they always get into trouble. Wheels convinces Archie to relax and to lets get into the strip club, and then Archie agrees to do so. As they get in, they had a little problem with the price because Joey tells the gentleman at the door, that they need to get sorted out. So as they were arranging their money, Joey tells Archie and Wheels that one of them can't go. Wheels asked Joey why he can't be the one to leave and Joey tells them that it was his idea, and they needed extra money for drinks and stuff. As they were discussing their plan, Archie was checking out a girl going in while Joey and Wheels put their money in Joey's hat. They then play rock, paper, scissors to see whom is going to be the odd man out aka the one who will have to leave. When Joey is the odd man out, they then play the game again, saying that the chances of either one of them leaving will be two out of three. When Joey is the odd one out again, Archie and Wheels decide to go in. Wheels and Archie were bragging about the exotic dancers from the strip club to Joey. Joey starts talking about how a girl (possibly from the club Archie and Wheels was at) tried to pick him up, but Archie and Wheels assumed that he was lying.

During Sixteen (1), Archie and Joey were applying for Driver's Ed. They were talking about how excited they were to get their license. When they got the book for Driver's Ed, Wheels asks them how soon they can start, and Archie tells him that it'll be four weeks because they're taking a crash course. Wheels tells them that he would like to join them, but his birthday is a month away. During the Driver's Ed. class Joey tells Archie that he'll fail the course, and Archie said that if he doesn't pass how would Joey pass. And Joey tells Archie that he is able to drive (as seen in Trust Me). As they took their seats, Nancy said hello to Archie and Joey. Joey was laughing as Archie was driving the car for the first time, because he wasn't really good at it. Joey was seen telling Wheels about how Archie's "crazy" driving. Archie made a couple of remarks about Joey's driving and they continued to argue.

During Sixteen (2) Archie and Joey were both telling Wheels about how they Joey can't parallel park, and Joey said he could. Wheels told them that Driver's Ed is not a competition and that they are both able to receive their license. They both continued to argue about the mistakes they made during their lessons. Archie and Joey were attending their driving lesson. When Joey had trouble parallel parking and was driving the car backwards, and hit a sign. Archie was laughing out loud. Joey is later seen bragging to Archie and Wheels that he's going to buy a car as soon as he gets his license. Archie and Joey were both talking about if Joey read the handbook or not. Wheels wished them both luck. Joey and Archie were both laughing at their mistakes when Nancy arrives in the car. Their Driver's Ed instructor tells Joey and Archie to get tested individually, and they both wished each other good luck. Archie and Joey were both explaining to Wheels what happened during their examination, and that they both failed. They were both seen looking upset when Nancy shows up in her new car, because she passed her Driver's Ed exam and they didn't.

In Testing One, Two, Three..., Archie asks Joey if he is ready to take his driver's test again. Joey says "yeah, yeah, yeah," because he was writing an essay. Archie asks Joey if they can go now, and Joey said no because he had to hand in his essay to Mr. Walfish first. After an awkward conversation with Caitlin, Joey shows his driver's license to Archie. Archie was upset because he failed his Driver's Ed test again, and he feels upset about it. Archie says that he might have to walk for the rest of his life, and Joey jokes about taking the bus. Joey tells him to relax and that he'll get his license next time. Wheels told Archie that he probably needed to see a movie, Joey tells them that he couldn't go because he had to meet up with Mr. Walfish. Dwayne pushes them away so he could pay for his lunch. The three of them start monkeying around until Dwayne tells them to stop. Joey starts joking around with Archie and Wheels about his "driving expertise" with him, and Archie sarcastically laughs at him. Archie and Wheels ask Joey why his mother is there, and Joey said that they bring parents for everything. Archie and Wheels find Joey sitting next to his locker in the hallway. They ask him why he's not in class, and Joey tells them that he's not going to class. They ask Joey why he's not attending class, and Joey tells them that they're putting Joey in Special Ed. class because they think he's stupid. He said that it was the last day for him at Degrassi, and Archie and Wheels assumed that he was lying as usual. The next day Archie and Wheels find Joey at his locker. Joey tells them that just because he has Dysgraphia doesn't mean he isn't stupid. 

During It Creeps, Wheels, Archie and Joey pass by Luke and Shane and they were talking about Shane's condition and how he took acid and jumped off the bride in Taking Off (1). The three of them were later seen looking at Lucy's feminist horror film scripts, because she wanted the three of them to be in it. They agree to be in Lucy's film. Archie, Joey and Wheels are then arriving for the shooting of Lucy's film. Moments later they were acting out their given roles during the shooting. Archie got upset when Lucy called "cut" because Joey called Caitlin's character "Caitlin" when her character's name was "Debbie" he tells Joey to stop calling her Caitlin when they're shooting. Throughout the shooting, Joey would be seen laughing at Archie, and vice versa. Archie, Joey and Wheels are then viewing Lucy's film.

In Stressed Out, Archie was telling Wheels that he doesn't feel very well. Joey meets up with them telling them that he doesn't want to flunk again like he did in Pass Tense. Wheels tells them that they need to relax, and he asked them to play video games. Archie tells them that he has to study for his driver's test again. Joey is seen feeling Archie, and tells him that he's a little warm. Archie tells them that he wasn't feeling very well. Nancy walks by them telling them that the yearbooks are in, and they become uninterested as they said "great." Joey then leaves to study for his math exam. Joey is seen taking a nap, when Archie tells Wheels that he has to postpone his driver's test because he feels like he won't be able to pass if he's sick. Wheels tells Archie that he needs to try breathing, Archie thought it was silly, but Joey tells him that it actually works. They were then attending Ms. Avery's goodbye party.

Degrassi High Season 2

During Bad Blood (1), Joey shows Archie and Wheels the kind of car he is going to get. When he tells Archie and Wheels that it cost him $3000, and that Joey only has $75, they are worried that he won't come up with $2925. They are then seeing what Joey's car looks like at the used car shop. When the used car salesman tells Joey that someone else was interested in his car, Joey was told by the salesman that the car cost $300 for him to hold on to it. Archie and Wheels were worried that Joey doesn't have enough to pay for the car, even for the salesman to hold on to it. When Archie, Wheels and Joey are broke, they brainstorm ways for Joey to earn $225, and Archie told Joey and Wheels that a guy his brother knew made bets that he'll walk through the cafeteria naked, and that he didn't get caught because of a staff meeting.  When a staff meeting was announced on the announcements, Joey, Archie and Wheels decide to collect money for bets, for everyone in the school can see Joey walk across the cafeteria naked. Archie and Wheels as well as Joey are collecting bets for Joey to walk through the cafeteria naked. They are then wishing him good luck, and cheer him on when he is walking through the cafeteria naked. When Joey gets caught by Mr. Raditch, Archie and Wheels are angry when they find out that Dwayne, Tabi and Nick were responsible for Raditch showing up at the cafeteria.

During Bad Blood (2), Archie and Wheels were reading pamphlets on Aids when Joey walks up to them. Joey tells them that he's still owing people a lot of money, and he's still mad at Dwayne for ruining his chances of succeeding. Joey was gloomily talking about his dream car to Archie when Wheels runs up to them and says that they saw Dwayne in the men's room beating up a condom machine. Archie and Wheels suggested that Joey should report Dwayne for vandalizing school property, but Joey plans on blackmailing Dwayne into giving him his money back. When Dwayne is seen paying back Joey his money, Archie and Wheels are happy because Joey finally has the money for his dream car.

In Loyalties, Wheels saw Archie looking after Michelle Accette longingly as she walked away. He realised that he had feelings for her. While Archie tried to deny it at first, he said that Michelle was sweet, gentle, very smart and really pretty. Wheels advised him to ask her out as she was no longer dating B.L.T. but Archie said that he liked her too much, adding that he always messed it up when he really liked a girl. Joey then approached them and offered them a ride in his new car. Wheels told Joey that Archie liked Michelle and Archie sarcastically commented, "Thanks a lot. Announce it on the PA, why don't you?" To Joey's amusement, Wheels then shouted, "Attention all students! Snake has the hots for Michelle!"

Shortly afterwards, Archie, Joey and Wheels were in Joey's car, which he was desperately trying to start. A confused Wheels asked Archie if he only intended to ask out girls whom he did not like in future before telling his friend that Michelle seemed to like him. This pleased Archie but he did not know how to go about asking her out. He said that she was always with Alexa and Simon and he did not want to ask to speak to her alone as it had to be casual and spontaneous. Joey suggested that since his mother allowed him to borrow the car, Archie should just casually drive past Michelle's apartment on the way to school. When Archie said that she lived in the opposite direction, Wheels suggested that he should say that he was visiting his grandmother. Not getting it, Archie commented that his grandmother lived in Montreal. After Joey was finally able to start the car, Archie realised what his two best friends meant.

The next morning, Archie arranged a date with Michelle but he did not realise that she was very upset after a major argument with her best friend Alexa Pappadopolos. As a result of her breakup with B.L.T., she was very depressed and the date was a disaster. The following day, Joey was once again trying to fix his car as Archie was telling him and Wheels about the date. When he said that he had Michelle crying ten minutes into the date, Joey joked, "Ten minutes?! You're good!" Archie said that he would join a monastery and work with lepers, claiming that he would get along with them as they had so much in common. Wheels alerted Archie to the fact that Michelle was approaching.

In A Tangled Web, Joey tells Archie and Wheels about a Gourmet Scum concert just out of town, and Archie tells them he can't go because it's in the middle of the week. Joey tells Archie to convince his parents to let him go if his marks are good. They were then seen telling Wheels how happy Archie was with his marks. Wheels tells Archie and Joey that he can't go to the concert because he's grounded, but he still plans on going to the concert anyways. Joey and Archie were both concerned with Wheels' decision. Joey and Archie were later seen waiting on Wheels who was late, they then got stuck in the middle of the road. Archie was mad because of the car broke down, and Joey tells him to relax. Archie, Joey and Wheels were still stuck when night struck. Joey and Wheels got into an argument and Wheels left him and Archie. Joey tells Archie that he is sick and tired of Wheels' behavior. A tow truck finally came.

During The All Nighter, Archie asks Joey how his night with ArthurYick and Luke was, and Joey told him that he had a great time until Arthur won all his money.

During Home Sweet Home, Joey tells Archie that Wheels is driving him crazy. Archie tells him to ask Wheels to leave, but Joey said he couldn't because Wheels is his friend. Joey and Archie was talking about how Wheels can afford money for video games, and that they are certain that he's been stealing from Joey's mom. They both become sick and tired of being used by Wheels.

School's Out!

In School's Out!, Wheels drives while drunk with Lucy Fernandez in the passenger seat. He gets into an accident, which kills a two-year-old, along with blinding and paralyzing Lucy. Disgusted with Wheels' behavior, as well as his apparent indifference to the damage he has caused, Archie ends their friendship.

Degrassi: The Next Generation

In Mother and Child Reunion, Archie is seen to still be angry at Wheels for the accident, and is angry that the latter is now on parole.

In Should I Stay or Should I Go?, Archie has fallen into a deep depression as he goes through chemotherapy. To cheer him up, Joey takes him out bowling, and has also invited Wheels. When Archie tells him that he has no idea what it's like to want to die, Wheels tells him that he wanted to die after the car accident because of the guilt he felt, but found something to keep him going. The two come to an understanding and reaffirm their friendship. They're last seen driving back to the Simpson-Nelson house singing "Everybody Wants Something", much to the delight of Spike and Emma.


  • Joey: "Have I ever lied to you before?"
    Snake and Wheels: "Yes!" - Taking Off (1)


  • Both were best friends with Joey Jeremiah.
  • They attended Degrassi Junior High and Degrassi High together from 1986 to 1991.
  • Both were a part of The Zit Remedy.
  • Both were crushed on by fellow classmates: Archie was crushed on by Amy Holmes, Allison Hunter, Melanie Brodie and Michelle Accette and Wheels was crushed on by Heather Farrell.
  • Archie ended his friendship with Wheels after he gets into a car accident that killed a little boy and injured their friend, Lucy Fernandez. They later became friends again when Wheels admits how much guilt he felt after the accident.
  • They were both members of the Class of 1992.
  • They both made their first appearances in Kiss Me, Steph.
  • They were both big fans of Gourmet Scum.
  • They both starred in Lucy Fernandez's feminist horror film It Creeps!!.
  • As teenagers, they both often described things that impressed them as "dynamite."
  • Wheels was at least one month younger than Archie.