The relationship between Ashley Kerwin and Alistair began sometime before Season 5 of Degrassi: The Next Generation.  

Relationship History

Season 5

In Venus (1), Ashley had stopped contacting her boyfriend Craig, which upset him more than he let on. She sent an email to her best friend Ellie Nash, who had become one of Craig's best friends over the summer, and said that she will be staying in England for the year and was dumping Craig because she had found someone else in England, namely Ali. Ellie broke the news to Craig on his 17th birthday the next day, which caused a rift between them but they managed to repair their friendship two days later.

In High Fidelity (2), Ashley returned from England and she said hi to Ellie. Ellie asked how she and Alistair are doing. Ashley claimed that that the relationship "fizzled out," meaning that they broke up.


  • It was never explained clearly why they broke up, but Ashley described their relationship as having "fizzled out."
  • The question of who broke up with who is never answered.
  • Ashley cheated on Craig with Alistair since she never officially broke up with Craig before starting her relationship with Alistair.
  • Her break up with Alistair may have been a contributing factor for why Ashley moved back to Canada.
  • This entire relationship took place off-screen.

Rival Relationships


  • Start Up: Sometime before Venus (1) (501)
  • Broke Up: Sometime before High Fidelity (2) (519)
    • Reason: Ashley claimed that the relationship fizzled out.