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Bardell High School is a public school in the Toronto area. Bardell first appeared in Shout (1) at a soccer game between Degrassi and Bardell. The most prominent story involving Bardell is the story of Paige Michalchuk's rape, as Dean Walton was a student at Bardell until his graduation. Their school colors are maroon and white. Not much is known about the school or the students that attend Bardell, and most appearances of the school are for sports events. While Degrassi and Bardell appear to have been sports rivals for many years, the rivalry is specifically in the athletic department.

Appearances and Mentions

Season 2

In Shout (1), Bardell and Degrassi competed in a soccer game against each other. Paige met Dean Walton at the game, and chose to hang out with him at a party that night instead of with Spinner.

Bardell returned to Degrassi in How Soon is Now? for a basketball finals game. The game is postponed when J.T. Yorke attacks Dean for raping Paige.

Season 8

In Fight the Power, the Degrassi football team played their first game against Bardell.

Season 9

In Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' Dave jokingly suggest that he should transfer to Bardell after dumping pee on Bruce's locker.

Season 10

In Don't Let Me Get Me, Degrassi competed against and beat Bardell in the Science Olympics.

Season 11

Bardell and Degrassi face off again for a football game in Need You Now (1).

In Smash Into You (2), Bardell is present at the Model UN event. Marisol mentioned Bardell specifically when she said that a girl from Bardell asked her if she and Mo were dating.

Season 12

In Tonight, Tonight, a band from Bardell is announced to have made the Battle of the Bands finals.