"Manny- You have to promise me. Promise me that you'll never ever break my heart.

Spinner- Okay?

Manny- No, not okay Spin. Promise me.

Spinner- I promise I will never hurt you."
Manny to Spinner outside of the dance.

Bark at the Moon is the thirteenth episode of Season 4 of the Canadian television series, Degrassi: The Next Generation. It originally aired on November 23, 2004 on CTV Television and on March 11, 2005 on The N. The episode shares its title with the song by Ozzy Osbourne.


With Spinner all hers, Manny's finally got the guy she wants. But maybe she wants that cute new kid instead...meanwhile, Paige and her student teacher decide that some extracurricular activities couldn't hurt anything.

Main Plot

Manny is attracted to Chester, the new guy at school, and Spinner cannot be bothered to take the night off work to go to the "Cupid Dance" with her. Afraid that Spinner is going to break her heart the way Craig did, Manny realizes that she is actually the one who cannot commit to their relationship.

Sub Plot

Paige tries to get partnered up with Mr. Oleander, and it seems he's also interested in her. Because of the shooting, Mr. Raditch has to step down from his role as principal and leave Degrassi. Ms. Hatzilakos takes his place.

  • Craig: "So, a lot has been going on in my head lately, including thinking about last year."
    Manny: "Craig, it's okay."
    Craig: "No, it's not okay. I've made a lot of mistakes since coming here, but you were probably the biggest."
  • Danny: (when Manny finds out Danny is her match for the dance) Oh, Manuela..."
    Manny: "I used to babysit you."
    Danny: "So let's take it to the next level."

  • "Créme de Cacao" by Los Burritos
  • "I Hate Your Boyfriend" by The Robber Who Robbed The Town
  • "Showing Love" by X-Quisite
  • "The Slap" by By Divine Right