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"It’s not going to be easy, but it’s important to do what's right."
— Becky Baker

Rebecca "Becky" Baker is a graduate of Degrassi Community School from the Class of 2014. Becky is an enthusiastic and conservative Christian with a passion for the theater. Becky and Eli Goldsworthy are paired together to write a play, but when Eli changes "Romeo and Juliet" to "Romeo and Jules" she quits. She protests the play due to her conservative beliefs, but becomes accepting of Tristan Milligan's sexuality and Adam Torres' gender identity. Becky enters a relationship with Adam, to the disagreement of her parents. After Adam's death, she becomes racked with guilt and throws a bonfire for his friends. She is never told that Adam had cheated on her with Imogen Moreno. She later investigates the rape of Zoë Rivas that occurred at Miles Hollingsworth III's party. She discovers that her brother, Luke Baker, is involved in the rape and assists Zoe in turning him in. She briefly dates Drew Torres, Adam's brother, and at graduation it is said she would be attending the University of Vermont for biology.

She is best friends with a girl back in Florida named Kelly and with Imogen. She is also friends with Jenna Middleton, Bianca DeSousa, Mike Dallas, and Jack Jones. While at Degrassi, she dated Adam (until his death), Adam's brother, Drew, Jonah Haak, and had a brief online relationship with Hunter Hollingsworth. She had a conflict with Zoe and with her own brother, Luke. She is labelled as "Little Miss Not So Innocent." Becky was portrayed by Sarah Fisher.

Character History[]

Season 12[]


Becky stopping Adam from burning the uniforms.

In Come As You Are (1), she approaches Eli and Clare talking after the assembly, and informs them that her brother is on the Ice Hounds Hockey Team and that they've just transferred from Florida. Eli then makes a reference that Florida is the "Sunshine State" which matches her bubbly attitude. She takes it as a compliment, and asks if Clare could escort her to her first class, and Clare awkwardly accepts. Becky is then seen at the Torres' party, and just as Adam is about to burn a pile of uniforms on a barbecue grill, she scolds him by letting him know that they can, and will, be given to charity and that she'll do it on "His" behalf. Adam looks at her, clearly stunned, and says, "What the hell was that?" before walking off. 

In Come As You Are (2), she is heard on the intercom telling students to donate their uniforms to charity, in room 1202.


In Gives You Hell (1), Becky meets with Eli at The Dot to discuss the play. She tells him she's thrilled to have him as a partner, and wants to help the most she can. Eli assures her he has everything under control, and assigns her with petty tasks like bringing refreshments. Becky later announces the play as a Romeo and Juliet musical, and reveals to Eli that Simpson approved it.

In Gives You Hell (2), Becky and Eli disagree when casting the play, and she feels Tristan is a bit confused. Becky enters the gymnasium to find Tristan reciting Juliet's lines, and is shocked and enraged at the idea of Romeo and Jules. Becky says she can't be part of something that depicts an alternative lifestyle choice as normal, and quits, thinking the concept isn't right.


Becky finding out Eli cast Tristan as Juliet

In Got Your Money (1), Becky watches with interest Dave and Tristan rehearse without anyone seeing her, and hatches a 

diabolical idea. She later approaches Dave at The Dot, and tells him she didn't know he was gay, and that he seemed pretty convincing. She tells him that her dad's a pastor, and hands him a pamphlet for confused teens.

In Closer To Free (1), Becky notices Jenna who is singing outside of school and joins her by singing with her. Becky introduces


Becky on the phone to her friend in Florida.

herself and immediately invites her to come and sing at the Baker house for "some people who are coming over." To Becky's delight, Jenna accepts, though the plans get a little ruined when Jenna finds out that she has been invited to sing for a teen Christian group, which is clearly not her thing. The Bakers are everywhere, though, because soon the Baker siblings and Jenna find themselves happily teamed up for a history project, which causes Jenna and Becky to make amends. She leaves the room during studying after getting a phone call from her friend, Kelly, while Jenna and Luke make out on the couch.


Becky tells Jenna to stay away from Luke.

In Closer To Free (2), Becky is thrilled at Jenna's decision to become Christian, and is glad to have made a new friend. Becky at first suspects Jenna is doing it for her, and is present at her baptism. She later overhears Jenna and Alli talking, and exits the stall finding out Jenna lied about everything. Becky is extremely disappointed, and tells Jenna she did it for the wrong reasons, and that's not what being a Christian is about. She accepts Jenna's apology later at church and gives her a hug, but tells her to stay away from Luke.


Becky in Season 12.

In Never Ever (1), she is first seen running her booth for feeding families in need. Jenna applauds her charity work when Connor walks up asking about Romeo and Jules tickets and Adam comes to set up a table. He tells her he booked the foyer for the week and she snaps at him that just because she's the new girl doesn't mean they can push her around. Jenna tells her that he is right and she apologizes. At lunch, she meets Luke in the front of the school. When he doesn't ask her what's wrong, she pushes her lunch on him and they talk. She complains about the play and he tells her to leave it. When she refuses, he tells her to just speak up because she is loud. Back in the foyer, she steals the crowd from the Romeo and Jules booth by singing about starving families while Jenna plays guitar. When Adam asks if she can "tone it down a bit", she tells him no because Eli doesn't deserve any of the money. He asks if she's just doing this as revenge and when she admits it, he calls it low that she's using charity to get back at him. This leaves her to re-think her actions.


In Never Ever (2), she works at her children's hunger booth when Jenna walks up and congratulates her on her success for the booth. However, Becky is clearly upset and explains to her what Adam said and Jenna tells her that he's just jealous. She then confesses that she is actually using the booth to get revenge at Eli as her intentions for the booth were out of hatred. When Jenna asks what she'll do, Becky decides to take the booth down. When trying to take down her stand, it falls on her and Adam comes to help her up. She makes conversation with him and when Adam says she's got to be curious at how they're doing the play, she admits she is wondering how they'll interpret her favorite scene from the play. 


Becky under her fallen stand

Adam guesses her favorite scene correctly (when Romeo and Juliet meet) making her smile. She asks how he knew and he tells her that she seems like a

romantic before asking her out; inviting her to watch it with him, leaving her happy. She later tells Jenna about the incident and about how happy she is to have met him. Jenna asks if her parents would let her date him and Becky tells her that she's allowed to date. Jenna says that he's trans and Becky thinks she means transient and asks if he's homeless. Jenna finally tells her that he is a FTM transgender, leaving her shocked asking Jenna "So he's a she?".

In Scream (1), Becky starts off the episode by making picket signs saying "Gay Play No Way" and other homophobic lines. Dallas tells her it won't work because they are "mad homophobic" but she doesn't listen. She basically says freedom of speech is never wrong, hiding her secret feelings for him.

Gay play no way

Adam holding up Becky's "Gay Play No Way!" Picket sign to the right is Becky.

Becky is talking to Jenna while Adam waltzes in seeing her picket signs in class. Adam says, "I guess this means we're not going to see the play together?" Becky laughs and says, "Sorry did I not think I was" She tells Jenna after the whole fight she thinks she got through to him. Adam and Jenna both smirk. The teacher then assigns the two together for a project and they both try to protest against the decision. Then Ms. Dawes says, "Like oil and vinegar you may not mix easily, but you'll make a delicious salad dressing." They both smile - unaware of the other also doing the same. Becky is next seen praying in the washroom for Adam.

Later on, Becky confronts Adam as he comes through the classroom door. She mentions that everyone else at the school thinks how she feels is crazy, yet 200 million baptists think otherwise. Adam comments how he also went to church growing up, Becky gets flustered saying, "You did?" Yet, Becky still goes on saying how he can be saved and that homosexuality is unnatural. Adam pulls out a mollusk and says it's 70 million years old! Becky is ecstatic and says, "D-Wowzers!" Adam points out that in the Bible it says the world is 6000 years old. Becky responds that it's a metaphor and she can like science too. But Adam then says, "You can look past the Bible for a mollusk but not two dudes in love?" He also says that because of people like her he's been bullied physically. Becky says that she would never do anything like that. In return Adam states that they should work separately. Becky looks at the ground speechless and obviously upset.

In Scream (2), Becky tries to tell Adam that she has thought things over, but Adam is distracted asking everyone where Tristan is. Becky tries again but her brother Luke gets in the way talking down on the play saying that Tristan must have come to his senses. Adam believes both Luke and Becky have something to do with Tristan being missing.

Later on Becky is outside singing while listening to her music. Her iPhone shows that it's a Romeo & Juliet song. She looks at her own reflection and realizes she ought to do something. She then enters the theater and approaches Eli while Adam is also there. She offers herself up for the role of Juliet/Jules. Eli says she'd have to play Jules. She is shocked once again saying, "You want me to promote homosexuality?" Adam calls her out saying she doesn't suit well with tolerance. Becky gives Adam a disappointed look before declaring she'll play the role of Jules if Tristan doesn't appear. She states it is her "Christian Duty" and she's gotta do something. This not only surprises Eli but also Adam. She runs off after being approved the part.


Becky dressed up as Jules with Adam in Scream pt. 2

Becky is next seen dressed up like a boy in a suit, top hat, and cheesy drawn on mustache. Adam is behind her as she gets ready to enter as Jules. Before she can go on with it Tristan appears found and perfectly fine to play the role himself. Becky is somewhat disappointed but Adam is still proud of her. Adam tells her she can be part of the chorus.

While Becky sings in the chorus she cries on the set. She looks at Adam for a sign of comfort and Adam shows her appreciation. When the play is over Becky leaves the stage towards the back ready to leave until Adam stops her. Adam is surprised to see her leaving so fast. Becky tells Adam that she already lied to her parents about where she was going and that she'd also need to pray tonight. But before she upsets Adam she makes it known that she is praying for lying and not because of the play. Adam tells her how appreciative he is of her actually supporting the play and taking the role of a man. Becky smiles and tells Adam how he made her only dream true since she came to Degrassi - being a part of the play. They look deeply at each other and clearly have a moment. They then hug each other sincerely. The look in Becky's eyes shows admiration and Adam's too, Becky hugs him for what seems to be a while and slightly rubs his back. Her face shows confusion to a point as if she was unsure of what to do. Then she walks away, looks back at him one more time smiling and leaves as Adam looks at her retreating figure. 

In Building A Mystery (1), Becky starts off the episode running into a few people extremely giddy and excited after their school break. She catches up with Jenna and shows part of her excitement which is a donation of Airline tickets for the Student Council. Jenna gratifies her and giddy Becky stumbles into Adam. Becky immediately apologizes and asks him if he's okay. He smirks and says she's like a twig. Becky laughs and tries to build up a conversation stumbling by saying a discombobulated question. "Happy Romeo and Jules is done? Um, not that you should be happy... although you could be- because you're entitled to whatever feelings you want." Adam says he has class and Becky follows back by shouting, "Have fun!" She then looks at the ground embarrassed and repeats the phrase "Have fun" this time as a question.


Becky and Jenna then talk and she agrees with Becky saying she did sound like a complete moron, because she likes Adam. Becky finally shows she has more to be excited about by expressing she does like him indeed. She doesn't think Adam would ask her out because he already did and she ruined it. Jenna tells her to be the one to ask this time. Becky agrees knowing it's time for a new start.

Becky meets up with Adam and instead of asking him out, she gets scared and asks him to be part of the "community service" committee. He says he's too busy now that the musical is over. She feels let down..but Adam confirms with Mo and Zig that he has a lot of band practice. She tells them that the band can perform there and Mo immediately agrees. Becky later brings it up at the meeting and is more excited about announcing the band performing than the donated airline tickets.

Becky soon after says sorry to Adam because she feels like she pressured into making him participate in the committee. He's over it and soon after they start their work. They have a lot of fun together trying on fedoras together and sunglasses. After, Becky gives Adam a huge hug showing a sign of Admiration. While Adam goes to the sweaters- Luke comes over. He tells her, "I think that Adam guy likes you." She replies, "Really? You really think so?" He says that whatever is going on should be ended; asking what their mom and dad would think.

Becky kiss

Becky Baker and Adam Torres first kiss after becoming a real couple

Becky later on is glum in class. Jenna asks if she found out if Adam likes her- she says she's pretty sure but that she's worried about her parents. Jenna replies that they don't need to know and to simply keep her relationship with Adam a secret. Becky agrees after some hesitation and texts Adam that they need to meet up. He replies that they can. As soon as they meet in an empty hall way, Becky finally admits that she likes him. Adam then predicts she's going to say, "...But you're a transgender" and says, "I should have known better than to fall you." He starts to walk away, but Becky stops him and says, "You fell for me?" He replies, "I did the first time I met you", implying that he thinks that Becky's really hot. Becky asks Adam to be her "Secret Boyfriend". She quickly says that she is not ashamed of him and that she likes him but questions her parents judgment and says they'll only try to keep them apart. Adam stares at her before he replies, "Stop... Go back to the part where you asked me to be your boyfriend." So Becky does again and she gets a yes. They have their first kiss in the Degrassi hallways before Becky walks off happily.

Beck and adam hands

Becky and Adam hold hands under the table during their first dinner with her family

Becky later on at home slips up drawing an A and B with love "written" all over it. Mr. Baker notices and asks if it's a boyfriend. Becky tries to lie but fails miserably. Becky's dad says to invite him for dinner since his rule about her dating is that he has to meet the boy she is interested in first and then approve for her to date him. She calls up Adam, on the verge of freaking out, and he assures her, "Don't worry, I'm a boy, that's how you saw me the first time you met me right?" But Becky is still left anxious. When he comes over the dinner is going great, except for the fact that Luke is trying to ruin it by dropping subtle hints about his biological gender. Becky answers the first questions for Adam, obviously scared, and describes his family as normal and catholic. Becky's father gives Adam a high-five when Adam manages to stump her by asking her what his favorite movie is (and she says she doesn't know) and Luke says that he's "very brave" for dating his sister. Adam and Becky hold hands underneath the table, and the night ends with Becky obviously worried yet still happy it worked during the dinner - so far.

In Building A Mystery (2), Becky starts off the episode not acting like her normal, perky self as described by Jenna. Jenna tries joking with her and asks, "Have you seen my friend Becky? Tall and perky?" Becky responds, "I feel guilty lying to my parents about Adam". Jenna looks disappointed and says, "I thought you were keeping Adam a secret." Becky responds, "I'm terrible at secrets!" She then explains how they invited Adam to dinner and Jenna asks how it went. Becky responds, "They loved him!" But she explains how they want to meet Adam's parents - meaning they'll find out the truth about Adam being a transgender. Jenna suggest telling them the truth, assuring her that her parents won't mind, referencing to when she got baptized for a boy yet her parents still allowed her to be friends with her. 

In the next scene Becky, Adam, and Jenna both practice telling the truth to the Baker parents about Ada


m. Adam plays Mr. Baker and Jenna plays Mrs. Baker while Becky tries to practice to be convincing. Jenna questions (as Mrs. Baker), "Are you sure he's just not confused?" Becky responds, "God doesn't make mistakes, he made Adam exactly who he's meant to be." Adam responds (as Mr. Baker), "So a girl...?" Becky automatically feels shot down and as if she can't continue. Adam tells her she's doing a great job so far.

So she starts again as the scene focuses on Becky she is confident and explains everything, while the scene then turns and lets us see it is real this time. Becky asks if they hate her now and Mr. Baker responds, "Buttercup, we could never hate you!" Mrs. Baker says, "Honey we love you, and we want you to be the happiest girl in the world." Mr. Baker comes back and says, "I'm proud of you for telling us the truth - that takes courage." Becky is excited and asks if Adam can come over. Her father looks down and a bit upset although Becky is too clouded to notice. He says Adam is allowed to come over, he doesn't see why not.

Later on Adam is over and rejoices with Becky about how her parents accepted their relationship and him. Becky states, "My parents want me to be happy, you make me happy," and rubs his arm down. They grasp hands, and when they and sit down, Adam tells Mr. Baker if he had any questions about the whole transgender thing, he'd be happy to answer. Mr. Baker says, "That won't be necessary Adam," in a rude tone of voice. He then says that he and Becky's mom will, "[...] support you on your path to healing. 


I want you to consider reparative therapy (also known as conversion therapy)." Becky's mouth drops and she says, " could you?" with a disgusted look on her face. Adam says, "I'm not gay, sir - I'm a guy." He then says, "let me explain." Mr Baker says, "No - let me explain. We want what's best for our daughter." Adam replies, "and that's brainwash camp." Mr. Baker aggressively says, "watch it!" Adam grabs his stuff and starts running out as Becky yells, "Adam! I'm sorry!" Adam slams the door and she says to her dad, "I trusted you," and runs up to her room crying.

Becky is later on at the Fundraiser and states to Adam that she locked herself in her room last night, cried a lot and didn't talk to her parents for the rest of the night. She says she can't believe they tricked them like that. Becky asks, "what are we gonna do?" Adam responds, "No matter what happens, we'll get through this- together." Becky smiles and says, "together," as they both kiss. Adam starts walking to get ready to play with his band but Becky spies her parents and pulls him back. Adam asks if she wants him to stay. Becky responds, "I'm a big girl. I have to face this."

While Adam plays with Whisper Hug- Becky storms up to her parents and asks, "What are you doing here?" Her father says he was going to bid on some power tools when they go build houses for the needy. Becky tells them, "If you're here to bring me back to Florida or send me to do that brainwashing stuff, you can turn right around and go home." He says that's not why they're here. She asks, "What, you're here to disown me?" She then explains once more that Adam makes her happy. They say that he makes her happy now but in the future they put the idea down. Her father asks if she wants kids and says that it won't be possible with Adam. She states they'll adopt as there is always children who need a good home. Mrs Baker says, "And what about your faith? Are you ready to give up your relationship with God?" She answers, "Never." 


Mr. Baker says, "Becky, in the eyes of God, Adam is a girl, and you know what the Bible says about homosexuality." She yells, "But Adam's a boy!" Mr. Baker counteracts her statement and said, "Adam may dress and act like a boy, but underneath all that armor, she's a girl." Becky gives up and goes to get ready to announce the winner for the silent auction.

Becky is next seen doing the silent auction on stage for the Vegas tickets she was so proud of. Fiona outbids everyone and Becky doesn't even react towards the high bid. After, Jenna finds her behind the stage crying her eyes out. Jenna is congratulating her and saying how amazing it was that they just made so much money! Becky asks if she's seen Adams bag. Jenna says,"Whoa," she then looks at Becky and says,"those aren't tears of joy- are they?" Becky responds, "I wish everything wasn't so complicated." She says she'll be find and goes in search for Adams bag. She finds it and opens it pulling out the tickets. While she does tampons fall out of Adams tin case onto the table. Becky says, "Oh..." Jenna rushes over and asks in a panicked tone, "What's wrong?" Becky looks down and states, "Boys don't get their periods."


Becky breaking up with Adam.

It's the next day and Becky slowly walks up to Adam at his locker while sad and depressing music plays. Adam asks how she is and she breaks the news saying, "Not well...a mess actually. I've decided to accept my parents' help. I'm going to try the therapy." Adam is shocked and says, "What..?" Becky makes it clear and says, "I can't choose you over my family... my faith!" Adam obviously upset and says, "This is crap! You don't need to be fixed! You're perfect!" Becky quickly responds, "I'm not, I'm confused... you confused me." Adam flares his nostrils as Becky continues, "Therapy can work, I have to try. It's for the best." She starts walking backwards away from him and Adam yells out for her. She turns away and says, "I'm sorry Adam," crying as Adam slams his locker. For once while walking away from him, she does not turn to look back.

In Doll Parts (2), she is seen talking to someone while Adam is trying to avoid her seeing his bruised nose. She seems happy as she smiles, almost as if it's her old self again.

In Tonight, Tonight, Becky approaches Adam and asks him nervously, "Um, need a study buddy?" She 


holds a smile, but it fades as Adam places his bookbag on the seat she was hoping to sit next to him at. She drops her hands to her side and lets out a sigh and her frustration is clearly shown on her face. She walks away as Dave Turner walks in. Adam says in a somewhat louder tone, "I just really hate Becky Baker." She turns around and looks in his direction. It is unclear on whether she heard him say that or not.

Later on Becky is dropped off outside the restaurant, by her father while he finds a parking space. Her father moves the van and who other than Adam- is right in front of her view buying hot dogs. She calls out his name and walks over to him. Adam asks if she's stalking him and she gives her one of her famous looks and states that she is getting dinner with her dad who is parking the car. Adam sarcastically tells her to "hide" so she isn't seen with an "abomination". Becky surprisingly responds, "Don't say that! Did you read my email?" Adam tells her to go "far, far away" and she looks at the ground and hesitates before pouring out her heart and following him. She says, "It's not working, the therapy. It doesn't cure feelings. Sitting there everyday only reminds me that I like boys." She takes a deep breath in and continues, "And you're a boy - between the ears where it matters." Then a bit louder she tells him, "And no therapy will ever change that! That's what my email says, that's what I've been trying to tell you." Missy approaches them and Becky looks at her clearly confused and worried. Missy asks who she is to him and Becky waits, staring at him for his answer. He responds, after she poured her soul out to him, "No one important." She closes her mouth, but it drops again as she faces Adam obviously fighting tears as she walks away, ashamed.

In the second part of the episode, Becky is seen in the background, once again, staring at Adam. She gets ready to take her final. After their 2 hour test- Becky gets up and starts to grab her things as Adam approaches her for once. 

Adam and becky and mrbaker

He asks her how she did, but she responds abruptly, "I can talk about this right now," and she starts to walk off. Adam grabs her and tells her to come here - pointing at the desk. He tells her he read her email after getting it from his deleted ones. She goes, "I can't believe you deleted me." Adam tells her that he met another girl- Becky sits back in her chair and the viewers can tell her heart had dropped. Adam starts to list off how perfect the girl is and Becky has to give some attitude to put down the other girl by saying, "Independent popular music, isn't that sort of an oxymoron?" Adam shrugs it off and continues to say how despite meeting another girl, he still can't stop thinking about her.

Becky once again says, as history repeats itself, "Adam, I can't tell my parent's that we're together." Adam starts to leave, and she stops him this time saying, "When I was in therapy, all I could think about was how I wanted to be with you - now. My family is complicated, we can't tell them." He lets her know that by keeping him a secret, she must be ashamed. He leaves as she struggles to control her emotions, fighting tears.

The next time Becky is seen is when Adam comes to her house, she is shocked and doesn't understand why he was there. She starts to say about her parents, "If they come here and catch us-" Adam lets her know that he doesn't want to get her in trouble. He lets her know that he now finally realized how far she has come around for him and asks if she wants to be together again. A real genuine and bright smile appears on Becky's face, something that wasn't seen on "Little Miss Sunshine" in a while. Soon after Adam asks her out again, her father enters the house staring right at them.

Becky and adam

Becky reaches for Adams hand quickly as her father asks, "What's going on here?" Becky looks down hesitating for a bare second and stares right into his eyes and states the truth, "I love Adam." She looks at Adam and smiles, and looks back at her dad surprised at herself, but not regretting it.

Becky and Adam walk into Fiona's party both completely ecstatic. They both state what they can't believe, she says, "I can't believe I walked out on my dad with you!" Adam didn't think she seemed so happy about it earlier. She half smiles saying, "I have faith that if we show my parents how good we are together, someday they'll come around." As Drew snags Adam - she talks with Bianca looking at her engagement ring again. When he comes back over Becky gently embraces him placing her hands around his neck and pulling him in for a kiss. She giggles at everyone's 'awes'. Adam says to her, "I didn't know you were one for public displays of affection..." She responds, "I have nothing to be ashamed of," then smiles. They end the episode by dancing and embracing onto each other once more.


In Degrassi: Las Vegas, Becky is mentioned as Adam and Drew begin to leave the house with Adam mentioning he needed his iPad in order to Skype with her. Adam Skypes multiple times while he is in Las Vegas; mentioning to her that he and everyone got to the city okay and just to chat with her. She later attends Bianca and Drew's engagement party as Adam's date.


In Bitter Sweet Symphony (2), Becky discusses about Campbell's suicide, saying that he was being selfish because he wasn't thinking about all his friends and family; earning minor angry reaction from those grieving. 

In Ray of Light (2), she is seen teasing Jenna a bit about her and Connor dating along with Alli, and Dallas. She is saying Jenna and Connor would have cute little astronaut babies. Jenna reacts angrily to the remark. Later Becky is seen apologizing to Jenna about what she said and offers Jenna advice about her love drama. She also gently encourages he to re-consider reconciling with her brother, romantically, insisting that he's changed since the two last went out together. 

Season 13[]


In Summertime, Becky tells her Adam she will be going to Florida for most of the summer her family, the Bakers, for about two months at the most. Adam is fearful that the time and distance will lead to temptation while the two are away from each other, so Imogen agrees to ask Becky "all the questions" for his sake, relieving Adam since he didn't want to seem as an overly jealous boyfriend.

Becky is seen alongside Imogen and Adam at a concert where Imogen asks if she is going to be lifeguarding all summer. Becky confirms she intends to. Imogen asks her if she is going to be sharing female co-workers and Becky says that the majority of them are actually guys whom she describes as "so funny". This detail obviously makes Adam uncomfortable, leading him to say that they "aren't as funny as [he] is" and he and Becky lean in for a kiss when Imogen quickly fakes that she sprained her ankle. Asking Adam to go get her some ice, she spends some alone time with Becky. Imogen states that being surrounded by guys all summer long will be "pretty tempting". Becky reminds her that she herself will be surrounded by boys all summer long when Imogen says the only one not revolting to her is Adam. 

Now under the impression that Imogen may secretly has her sights set on Adam, Becky asks if she still likes girls. Imogen describes herself as "open minded, like she [Becky] is". With her suspicions confirmed, Becky flat out tells her to "open her mind to the fact that Adam has a girlfriend". When Adam returns, Becky makes her point by giving Adam a long and more than passionate kiss. Surprised, Adam asks what that was all about. Becky asks for them to go somewhere "private" and begins to lead him away. Assuming Imogen said something to put Becky into her seemingly current mood, Adam excitedly thanks Imogen for "whatever it is that she said" and walks off with Becky into the crowd, presumably to make out, as Imogen looks down sadly.


Becky fearing for the worst regarding her relationship with Adam.

Becky is then seen once again with Adam, kissing him in the middle of the hallway, as Drew and Dallas see them while going over a check list. Dallas remarks, "Counselors getting busy? Check, check and check!" Drew smacks Adam on the back of his head and reminds him that the campers were arriving soon. Adam says that Becky was leaving for Florida and Drew gives him five more minutes and winks at him. Becky and Adam attempt to resume their make out session when Imogen jumps onto Adam's back, interrupting them, while saying they had to attend to the kids who were about to arrive. However, Becky tells Adam she has to talk to him before she left. With Imogen leaving, Becky finally confides with him about her suspicions that Imogen likes him and doesn't want him to spend anymore time with her. Adam, despite being hesitant, agrees to it and leaves to resume his camp duties. Becky gives him one last lingering look, obviously fearful for the worst. 

13x05 04

Becky on Facetime in Florida.

In About a Girl, she is seen skyping with Adam over Facetime. Adam has prepared a face video chat date with her, even ordering pizza to get sent over to her house. However, Todd, Becky's Florida friend, walks in on the video chat date with the pizza delivery instead. Becky says Todd is picking her up for her church group on his yacht, cutting their chat short, disappointing Adam who reveals that they Face Time every night. Becky says she'll make it up to him tomorrow night by video chatting for three hours. She leaves as Todd assures Adam that "he'll take care of her [Becky]". Her Instagram and FaceRange profiles are seen when Adam goes through them later on, fearing about her relationship with Todd and believing Becky may be cheating.

13x05 62

Becky is angry at Adam for breaking into her Facerange account and telling Todd not to talk to her.

She later appears sending Adam a message to call her. When he does, she confronts him that Face Range notified her that someone accessed her account was accessed in Toronto. Adam tries to play it off that the site was "buggy", but Becky tells him Todd told her about the message he got from her account that she never sent. Adam tries to continue playing it off as though the website was the issue, but Becky says that she knows it was him and Adam finally admits to it. She demands to know why he did it and he defends his actions by saying she was "parading out in a bikini with that shirtless idiot". Becky insists he was just a friend which Adam responds with, "For now!" His remark stuns Becky who asks, "What's that supposed to mean?" and Adam says that it's obvious Todd wants to get with her. Becky says that if he was concerned about her relationship with Todd then he should have talked about it with her like she did about Imogen, not hacking into her account, going behind her back and lying to her. Defeated, Adam asks her not to be mad.Becky states that she would never cheat since it's a sin and is hurt that he would think she would. Adam asks her to forget about and for them to "laugh it off" and says that's an idiot, it being obvious that he's getting desperate, and says, "Becky please... I love you". But Becky tells that there's "no love without trust" and that if he won't talk to her then he obviously doesn't trust her. She tells him that she needs to think about everything and hangs up, telling him she's sorry, as Adam is on the verge of tears.

In Cannonball, Adam sends her apology roses after their break up. However, she sends them back to him completely mauled and torn up. She later sends Adam a text message that says, "Adam. I'm sorry. We should talk".


Drew blaming Becky for Adam's death.

In Young Forever, she is seen at Adam's funeral and watches Drew along with Bianca, Eli, and Dallas while he hugs people coming out of the church. They all wonder what went wrong and Becky tells them that Jesus wanted him closer. That comment angers Bianca and she walks away, leaving Becky to say that she always says the wrong thing. Becky then goes up to Drew and Bianca to apologize and Drew just glares at her. He's angry at her because he's under the impression that she's the reason that Adam died, telling her that Adam is dead because of her. When she says that she wasn't even there when the accident happened, Drew remarks that Adam was out there to "beg for her forgiveness" and walks off with Bianca as Becky begins to cry. Dallas convinces her that Drew is just grieving and offers her a ride to the reception. She rejects his offer, saying she isn't welcomed, and decides to walk there.

She is seen sits on a bench outside sobbing as Jenna, Alli, and Connor take notice when they arrive. Jenna asks her why she's not at the reception, she says Drew doesn't want her there. Jenna says that she deserves to be there as she was Adam's girlfriend, but Becky explains how she fought with Adam and said that they needed a break. Jenna insists that no longer matters, she deserves to be there anyway. Becky then comes up with an idea and asks if any of them know how to make a bonfire.

She then sets up for a memorial for Adam with the help of Jenna, Alli, and Connor. She and Connor place a chair in the center and she says it's for Adam. Alli, Jenna, and Connor seemed weirded out by it. Becky then tries to convince herself that it wasn't a good idea and thinks nobody will come because she's the one setting it up; believing that Adam's friends think she's responsible for his death. She's also sad that Drew is mad at her, but Alli convinces her that since Adam's gone, he "hates the world" right now.

Degrassi13 may17th ss 1066

Becky saying she feels lost without Adam and says her final goodbye to him.

She then sits quietly with them and then decides to take everything down and not have the memorial. Jenna tells her not to, but then notices everybody coming and points it to Becky. Imogen tells her that more people are coming to pack the field and she smiles. 

During the memorial, Bianca goes up to Becky and tells her it's going to be okay. They both then hug and cry with each other. While the video is playing, she sits next to Adam's chair and tells him that the memorial was perfect and she's lost without him. She says goodbye to him and says she loves him. She then sees Drew entering the memorial. Drew then goes up to her and thanks her for setting up the memorial. He tells her that Adam would be mad for the way he treated "the girl he loved" and assures her that it's not her fault that he died. Drew asks what they should do and she tells him that Adam's death should mean something. Together, they watch a lantern fly in the air in honor of Adam.

13x09 14

Becky awkwardly talking to Imogen.

In This Is How We Do It, she is seen trying to find a seat at the assembly and Imogen says hi to her and asked if she had a fun summer. Becky stares at her in confusion and Imogen apologizes and Becky accepts. Later, she is seen helping Clare convince Drew to start a texting and driving campaign.

In You Got Me, she comments on how the Beach Bash reminds her of Florida. Dallas asks her if she was ever a secret Miami club DJ and she said she was referred to as "DJ Shake N' Bakes" and then says music is the Devil's music. Dallas is surprised and Becky walks away saying that nobody gets her jokes.

In You Oughta Know, Becky auditions to work for Degrassi TV. She says how she didn't know what to specifically do for an audition, and has chosen a topic she's been thinking about lately. She auditions with a PSA about texting while driving, making Drew a bit sad, and nails it. However, Imogen tells her that she has already found somebody else for the job. When Becky later asks why she wasn't chosen for the job, Imogen changes her mind and tells her the she could join.

Becky everything youve done wrong

Becky hugging Imogen after being re-assured that Adam truly loved her.

In Everything You've Done Wrong, while she and Imogen are working on designs for DTV, she asks why Adam was so frantic to call her. She tells Imogen that nobody is willing to tell her what really happened and simply keep telling her to move on in her life. However, she insists she can't until she knows what caused Adam to become so desperate to contact her and believes that Imogen will tell her the truth. Despite this, Imogen tells her she needs to leave, making Becky upset.

Later on, Imogen doesn't tell her what actually happened in summer, but instead tells her that Adam truly loved her and that's why he was desperate to call her; he missed her too much. The two then hug as Becky has received her closure.

In Black Or White, Becky does make-up for Drew before his interview with Winston and tells him to stop squirming. Later on, she is among those protesting the censorship of DTV in the Occupy Degrassi movement. After Drew decides to re-hire Winston, Imogen, and Becky, she and Imogen remind him that they quit on their own. When Drew shows them the results of what the students of Degrassi really want, she looks stunned. When Drew and Winston re-do their interview, she stands by Imogen to film it.

In Dig Me Out, Becky sits in a classroom with Luke, while Imogen is presenting a project without a bra on. When Luke makes fun of Imogen, Becky tells him to stop and swats him on his arm.

Later on, Becky records Imogen's protest against the school dress code. Becky tells Imogen that using Degrassi TV for it isn't the best idea. She says that Simpson will be angry and can even suspend her, but Imogen doesn't want to step down. Becky is later seen with Imogen walking into the resource center. They both notice that the room is full of girls wearing bras on their shirts, not underneath them. Imogen says it's great and that she started a revolution, when her joy is interrupted by Mr. Simpson, who tells her he removes Degrassi TV from the airwaves.

Later, Becky sits down with Imogen in the cafeteria and gives her a cup of coffee. Imogen shows Becky the school dress code which she finds sexist as it only gives girls dress codes and rules while there are none for boys. She tells her she made an "Anti-Degrassi Dress Code" Facerange page, leaving Becky astonished.

Becky dig me out

Becky reacts to Imogen's Facerange page.

In Power to the People, Becky sees Imogen walking into the school in a nun's outfit. Becky tells her that many people saw her Facerange page. Imogen is thrilled, when suddenly a group of picketing girls comes their way. Becky doesn't like revealing outfits they're wearing, but Imogen is still impressed. Becky says that it's a huge issue, what Simpson overhears and says that he agrees with her. He stops the protest and tells Imogen to go with him to his office.

That same day, Becky sits in a classroom with many girls and listens to Imogen's speech, whom Simpson let change the school dress code. Imogen asks the girls what do they want to wear but after a couple of inappropriate answers, she asks Becky for an advice. Unfortunately, Becky doesn't know what to do either.

Later on, Becky sits with Imogen at the computer in the resource center and they try to write a new school dress code. Girls have a problem to write rules which wouldn't restrict freedom of any gender. Becky notices that it doesn't mind what they wear but why they wear it. Both girls agree to write a dress code which will state that if someone accidentally showed their underwear, they wouldn't be punished, but if they did it on purpose, they would.

The next day, Becky helps Imogen in walking into the school, because she covered her eyes with her hand. Imogen tells Becky that after introducing the new dress code, she's scared that girls will wear only their undergarments. Then, Frankie and Keisha approach them dressed casual. They tell Imogen that she's their hero and they didn't want to ruin everything by dressing inappropriately. Becky and Imogen smile and hug each other. Becky also tells Imogen she mismatched her socks, but Imogen responds that it was intentional.

Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 3.43

Zoë being confronted on camera by Becky.

In Unbelievable, Becky decides to do a segment on teenage drinking and alcohol for Degrassi TV after she sees pictures of Zoë drunk at Miles' party. She interviews many people but no one will admit that they drink on camera. She asks her brother, Luke, to help her find out more information

on the story. He tells her that the reason why people are lying to her is because she's too nice of a reporter. Becky brings up Zoë and starts to talk about how drunk she was at the party. Luke tells her to confront Zoë saying that she has proof of her drinking and to not give up until she has answers. Upon asking Zoë about the incident, she tells Becky that nothing happened between her and any guys and demands that everyone leave her alone before angrily smacking the camera out of Becky's hands. Becky is upset because she starts to think that she isn't cut out to be a journalist. However, Imogen shows her a video posted by an anonymous person, "The W4tch3r", of Zoë being sexually assaulted by two unknown guys, one of which is wearing a basketball jacket. Determined to find out who assaulted Zoë, Becky decides to report her story from another angle and starts collecting evidence of everything that happened at Miles' party, with the help of Drew and Imogen. She interviews many people but no one seems to know what really happened at the party. 

Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 6.01

Becky listening to Grace's master plan.

Becky later finds another video of Miles and Winston carrying an unconscious Zoë to the pool house. She assumes that they were the ones responsible for Zoë's rape after noticing that Miles was wearing a jacket identical to the one in the assault video. Becky tells Mr. Simpson, who then calls the cops. The two boys are interrogated but Winston has proof it wasn't them. The police tell Becky that she has committed a false accusation.

Becky, feeling guilty of what she has done, is comforted by her brother, Luke. She confides in him after he reassures her that anyone who gives her any problems should talk to him. However, Becky is still keen on solving this mystery even though the cops and Mr. Simpson are now involved. Drew, Becky, and Imogen come up with an idea to look at pairs of guys who were seen at the party together.


Becky in tears as she realizes her brother raped Zoë.

While they are working, Grace spies on them and reveals that she is, in fact, "The W4tch3r." She suggests that in order to find out the culprit, they should send an anonymous email to someone from each pair, and whoever reacts must be responsible. Becky agrees to go along with the plan. 

Later, as she and Imogen are following pairs of guys to see whether they react, Becky hears two guys arguing. Much to her surprise, it's Luke and his teammate, Neil Martin, disputing over the anonymous email that they received. Becky refuses to believe that her brother raped Zoë and decides to do some further investigating. 

She sees her brother doing his homework alone and asks an unsuspecting Luke for his phone, making up an excuse that she forgot hers at home. As she goes through his photo gallery she finds more graphic photos of Luke and Neil sexually taking advantage of a drunken Zoë. Through the class window, Luke notices Becky searching his photos and goes to stop her. Becky begins to cry as she cannot apprehend that her brother would ever do such a horrible thing. Her brother tries to persuade her to give him his phone back but she refuses, stating that she still has to decide whose side she is on.


Becky and Zoë hugging after Luke's arrest.

When Zoë attacks Luke during the basketball game after discovering that he raped her, Becky restrains her. Although Luke denies having done anything to Zoë, Becky says that there are more photos and videos of her on his phone. While Miles and other people, including the police, hold Luke back, Becky and Zoë walk away from the scene sobbing. 

The next day, she hugs Zoë, who thanks her for everything she had done despite the fact that Luke was her brother. She simply states that although "It's not going to be easy, it's important to do what's right."


Becky's first encounter with Jack.

In What It's Like, Becky is sitting in class with Imogen and discussing what to wear at the semi-formal. Imogen tells her that she will help her find the perfect dress and Becky thanks her for being a good friend since things are really hard for her following the evenings in the previous episode. The new girl, Jack, walks in and Becky immediately notices how Imogen is interested in her. She is uncomfortable when Imogen invites Jack into their group, but puts on a smile to be polite. She is confused when they start talking about macchiatos and asks Imogen what it is.

At Becky's house later that day, Becky awkwardly tries to make her way into the conversation by commenting on the new Taylor Swift album after Imogen and Jack are talking about Indie bands. Jack initially thinks Becky is joking about Taylor Swift, but then realizes she was being serious and says that she's sure it's "poppy." Becky is embarrassed and agrees that it is. She keeps trying to follow the conversation, but makes another wrong move by identifying Jack's ex as a "he" in which Jack corrects her by saying it was a "she." Becky then reminds Imogen that they had shopping plans after Jack invites Imogen to the art gallery the next day. Imogen invites Jack without Becky's approval, but Becky tells Imogen that she doesn't mind, even though the look on her face clearly shows that she does.


Becky seeking advice from Drew.

She walks in on Drew eating cinnamon hearts at school and questions him on how many friends Imogen had when she was with Fiona. He tells her they didn't have many friends and kissed a lot, so Becky tells him about Jack and how she thinks Imogen likes her. She tells him that she is sure Imogen is going to ditch her once she gets with Jack since it is already happening, but doesn't want to tell Imogen that she doesn't want her to date Jack because she is afraid of losing her. Drew gives her the idea of having a "sis night" with Imogen, which Becky finds a good idea. She then knocks over the pile of cinnamon hearts after trying to take one. At her house, Becky hears Jack call Imogen weird and stands up for her, saying that she's not. Jack tells her that it's a good thing and Becky feels stupid. She tells Jack to go wash her hands before she eats cookies because of the germs of the outside world, Imogen tries to follow, but Becky holds her back and asks her to semi-formal. Imogen is happy to go and wants to invite Jack, but Becky tells her it should just be them so they can get to know each other more intimately. Imogen takes this the wrong way while Becky doesn't think she's being flirty, but then calls Imogen the most important person in her life. She is confused when Imogen calls it a date, but shrugs it off and is happy she found a way to lock down her BFF-ship with Imogen.


Becky confronting Jack.

In Close to Me, Becky is practicing her presentation with Imogen and Becky and is asked to hang back with Jack after Imogen leaves. Becky is visibly more catty with Jack now when Jack says she was going to ask Imogen to the semi-formal and Becky informs her that she is going to take her. Jack points out that she's not gay and Becky says that she likes her a lot. Jack then makes her feel guilty for leading Imogen on. She asks Clare and Drew for help in the student council room and tells them that she accidentally asked Imogen on a date when she said she wanted to get to know her more intimately. Drew suggests Becky become a lesbian, or pretend to be one. Becky then suggests that if they take it super slow, she won't have to kiss Imogen at all. 


Becky tells Imogen that she's glad to have her as a friend.

At the dance, she is dancing with Imogen and having a good time until a slow song comes on and everyone around them starts to slow dance. Becky doesn't want to take things too fast and send Imogen the wrong message, so she isn't sure what to do. They bump together when Becky doesn't know what she's doing and Imogen takes the lead as Jack watches. Becky quickly realizes she can't slow dance with Imogen because it is too weird and admits to Imogen that she tried to be a lesbian, but cannot go through with it. Imogen is glad and Becky assumes that Imogen hates her, but Imogen tells her that Becky is the first girlfriend she's had at Degrassi who isn't her real girlfriend. They both agree that they will be best friends and share a hug. She finds Jack outside the dance and asks her how the punch is. She gets to the point and asks her if she knows how to share, saying that she wants to share Imogen. Jack says that she doesn't want to get in between them, but Becky tells her to go and dance with Imogen, telling Jack that she did lie about being a lesbian and that Imogen would love to dance with Jack. She then tells Jack that they might be friends when Jack tells her she wishes she had a friend like Becky. Becky is happy when Jack leaves to go dance with Imogen.

In Army of Me, Becky is seen talking to Clare saying that those two finish each other sentences and then tells her no wonder why the entire school is thinking is something going on Clare says the entire school then Becky says well 93%.

In Enjoy the Silence, Becky is in the room with Alli Drew Clare and Jack taking the lie detector test.


In How Bizarre, Becky feels her parents hate her and she says to Imogen if Luke goes to prison they'll never talk to her ever again. Imogen responds that she did the right thing for reporting him and she says I'm sure your parents understand that. Becky says why are they being so cold to me it's like a freezer at home a big emotional freezer. Imogen says she should try talking to her parents and she says and say what? Imogen says I don't know they are your parents they love you. Becky says it doesn't feel like her parents love her and been thrown to the wolves. The Bakers have an silent dinner until Becky becomes upset that no one talks to each other anymore. Becky says that she feels trapped, which causes Luke to angrily rage about his ankle bracelet and how he might go to jail. He storms off, and his parents follow him to check up on him, leaving Becky alone at the table. After she goes on the laptop and finds a game called Realm Of Doom to find escape her family problems at home.


In My Hero, Imogen convinces Becky to find out the identity of Sir Excellence, so Becky asks Grace for her help to figure out who is Sir Excellence and Grace asks him to send a picture of himself with a piece of paper that says "Me" on it. They then as Chewy who the guy might be and he asks why they have a picture of Hunter. They discover that he is Hunter Hollingsworth who is Miles's little brother and Frankie's twin. Becky breaks it off with Hunter, who later yells at Becky in front of Imogen. Becky decides that she needs to "Get a life." After that she tells her mother that she made out with a guy she didn't know online. Her mother responds 'Rebecca Baker you are not that kind of girl' and she tells her mother she feels unloved. Her mother tells her that she is very loved and they need to stick together. She then proceeds to tell Becky that she needs to stand up for her brother at the trial and say he did nothing wrong.

In Hypnotize, Becky tries to help Imogen to go out with Jack. Then when Imogen got to school and slept through all her classes she asks Imogen what is wrong and if she is sick and that she has no fever. Imogen responds no I'm just a little tired from my date with Jack last night. Then Becky asked if she had a good time and Imogen responded we smoked a joint and we danced and we kissed. Becky responds Imogen hugs not drugs that's why you're such a mess and she asked if she did the formal sketches and Imogen says no and that she was sorry.


Becky arguing with Imogen over the fashion show.

In Out of My Head, Becky is seen teasing Imogen you love Jack then Becky shows Jack the designs Imogen made for the fashion show and Imogen thinks she hates them and then Imogen changes them which made Becky so angry and told Imogen she wants to talk to her in private and tells her to sit down and think about what she did. Then Imogen went inside and apologized to Becky.

In Believe (1), Becky is seen in class and asked Mr. Perino what are the reporters doing there and says why they are calling her brother a rapist and Clare says because he assaulted a girl. Later Becky is asked by Luke's lawyer question to prepare her for the trial she goes to the trial and leaves later Becky goes to school and Imogen says what she is doing here. Then she is partnering with Drew and Drew and Becky get lost and Becky feels she doesn't know what she should do stand by Luke or Zoë and Drew says everybody makes mistakes and that he wouldn't judge if she stood by her brother.

In Believe (2), Becky is found by her mother and a park ranger after getting lost in the woods. When asked why she tried to ditch court, Becky says how she didn't know what to say on stand. Her mother tells her to tell "the truth", which is that her brother would never hurt a girl. The two hug despite Becky continuing to look uncertain.

Degrassi 1338 Becky

Becky talking to Luke before the trial.

At the courthouse, Becky talks to Luke and says how he must be really scared. He says how he is terrified. He then reminds her about how when they were kids and she dropped their grandmother's ring down the sink that he covered for her. He says how this is like that and he needs her right now. Becky reminds him that she confessed to their grandmother the next day and she can't forget the video he had on his phone. He insists how the video only tells "half the story" and that Zoë wanted to fool around with him and Neil. She asks if Zoë said yes. Luke tells her that Zoë didn't, but that "a guy can just tell". Becky replies, "So... it's no big deal". Luke says how he knew he could count her. They hug, but Becky once again looks wary. 

On the stand, Becky answers the lawyer's questions and when asked why she reported the sexual assault to the police, she brings up the video she saw on her brother's phone. She is asked to give details about the scene in the video. She says how Luke was on top of Zoë, kissing her and feeling her up. She is asked if Zoë was conscious during it, and she says she isn't sure. When asked if her eyes were closed or open, she answers closed. She then answers no once again if the video ever showed verbal consent given on Zoë's part to take part in the sexual relations between Luke and Neil.


Becky being shunned by her mother.

Luke's lawyer then comes up to Becky on the stand and tries to insist how since the video was only 3-4 minutes, then Zoë could have consented prior to it. Becky says Zoë could have... but she didn't. The lawyer says how Becky wasn't present at the party and asks she could possibly know Zoë didn't consent. Becky, with tears in her eyes and she stares at Luke, reveals how Luke told her that morning that Zoë never said yes. During the verdict, both Luke and Neil are found guilty of child pornography and sexual assault. As Luke hugs their parents and is sent off, Becky is crying the whole time.

In Thunderstruck, Becky is in class with her friends when class is let out for spring break. When Imogen reminds her of her brother's two-year sentence and her friends accidentally play a song she and Luke danced to, she runs out of the classroom crying. Drew goes after her and finds her at the greenhouse. He tries cheering her up and asks her to go to the dance, and she tells him she just needs more time to herself.


Becky and Drew locked in the boiler room.

When the storm hits the school hard, Drew finds her in one of the maintenance rooms downstairs as she knew it was the safest room in the building from her hurricane experiences in Florida. However, the door slowly shuts behind Drew and the two are locked in as gas leaks throughout the room. They spend their time crying for help and trying to shut off the valves but eventually give up and fall against the wall. Becky feels as if God is punishing her for liking Drew and that her whole year has been horrible. Drew believes that there is a reason they were out together, and the two kiss as Jack breaks down the door and Dallas and Imogen pull them out. The next morning, Becky comes down the steps to help clean up the school and to talk to Drew about the kiss. She offers to forget about it, but he tells her he doesn't want to and the two agree to take things slow.

Season 14[]

In Smells Like Teen Spirit, Becky is passing out flyers for the new Power Cheer team when she meets up with Drew and they share a kiss. Zoë and Tristan come up to get flyers, but the latter gets rejected due to the team being only girls. After Zoë and Tristan leave to enter the school, Drew points out to Becky that it would be bad for the team to have Zoë on it due to what happened last term. At the try-outs, Becky is directing the girls through a routine. During a break, Becky tells them to prepare for complex painful moves, hoping that Zoë was unable to do them, however, Zoë pulls off a perfect tumbling sequence. After try-outs, Becky tells an excited Zoë that she did amazing but didn't make the team, due to her "baggage". Zoë is offended because it was Becky's brother's fault it happened. Becky apologizes, then leaves. At the rebuilding ceremony, Becky and the Power Cheer team perform their routine while Zoë calls out to her that she was okay with not being on the team and points out the baggage with Drew. Becky sees Drew standing with Clare while being held up high, loses focus, and falls to the floor, presumably spraining her ankle.

In Wise Up, Becky appears in crutches. She confronts Drew about getting Clare pregnant; Drew tries to explain the situation and claims that they can still make it work, but Becky points out that the child will still be there and that it's still his, and breaks up with him.

In Something's Got to Give, Becky invites Drew to have dinner with her grandmother. Becky, Drew, and Grandma Baker are seen eating while Drew unexpectedly gets a message from Clare. Becky's grandma isn't happy that Drew is using his phone at the table so Becky warns him. Drew then asks Grandma Baker if he can get more food on his plate and she agrees. Drew says "Oh My God " which alarms Grandma Baker and tells Becky that he didn't say that. Drew accidentally says his baby kicked, which made Becky's grandma confused and left Becky disappointed. The next day, Becky and Drew are talking when Drew says it was an accident and Becky says that Clare is living proof. Drew then walks up to Dallas, looking at Becky. Becky has a disappointed face while staring at Drew. Later that day, Drew walks up to Becky with her favorite smoothie. Becky later tells Drew she needs someone to be there for her more. Drew agrees, then breaks up with her. Becky, in anger, says she breaks up with him, then throws the smoothie on Drew's sweater. She then walks off angry.

In Firestarter (2), Becky is seen in the bleachers, watching the competition. When Zoë goes missing, the team asks Becky to take her place. Becky agrees and performs with the cheerleaders. Later, Becky is performing and smells smoke, and evacuates the school along with everyone else.

Appearance and Style[]


Becky in season 12

Becky tonight tonight

An example of one of Becky's outfits, a bright yellow dress with a matching cardigan.

Becky is a tall, slim, attractive young woman. She has long strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes. She is often described by other characters as "sunny," due to not only her bubbly, upbeat personality, but also her brightly colored wardrobe.  

Becky is almost always seen in brightly colored outfits, and she has a preference for colors like yellow, orange, and pink. She prefers to dress more conservatively than some of her peers, wearing crew neck tops, modest skirts, and cardigans. She regularly wears a small silver crucifix to symbolize her devotion to her faith.  

Her style remains fairly consistent throughout her time at Degrassi. She doesn't wear much makeup, apart from some lip gloss and a bit of mascara, and she keeps her jewelry to a minimum.  

Her hair is often parted in the middle and worn straight. She rarely wears her hair up, choosing to only do so for athletic reasons like when she was briefly the founding member of Power Cheer. She cut her hair a little bit shorter during season 14, but kept her signature hairstyle.  


Season 12

Season 13

Season 14


  • She is one of many Degrassi students who doesn't go by their full name, her full name being Rebecca.
  • She is a part of the Drama Club.
  • According to herself, Becky is "a go-getter," and "always early."
  • She has produced many plays and ran the drama club at her old school, having a passion for theatre. 
  • Her family is from Florida, making her one of the few American characters on the show.
  • Becky is 11 months younger than her brother Luke, making them "Irish twins."
  • She is left handed.
  • Becky often wears dresses and skirts and has a neat and proper appearance, matching her conservative Christian beliefs and personality. She can also almost always be seen with her purse, even at a concert, as seen in Summertime
  • Her Twitter
  • Due to her conservative Christian upbringing and religion, she initially believed homosexuality and being transgender to be a sin. After the events of Scream (2) and along with Adam's help, those beliefs are reversed. Later with her parent's discovering Adam is a transgender (and believing he is truly a girl), things take a turn when she is persuaded to go to an anti-homosexual camp by them when convinced that she was just "confused". This backfired, however, when Becky's feelings for Adam intensified, causing her to see him more and more as a boy "where it mattered." 
  • She is the first character to be sent to Reparative Therapy. As a result of her experience with it, constantly being told how people are "broken" and need to be "fixed", she doesn't believe in it. 
  • She has shown us her faith comes before anything - including family.
  • She shares similarities and is often compared to former Degrassi characters Darcy and Alexa.
  • Becky, Manny and Mr. Simpson shared the same line: "I trusted you."
  • Becky and her brother Luke were the second characters to have a father who is a reverend. The first was Shane.
  • She came up with the idea for Adam's memorial bonfire.
  • Becky is the sixth character to have lost a love interest. The others were Imogen, Joey, Liberty, Mia, Eli and Maya.
  • Becky is of the few characters with an alliteration name, the others are Joey, Mo, Maya, Jack and Hunter.
  • Becky is the third main character to play the MMORPG Realm of Doom. The first was Connor Delaurier and the second was Hunter Hollingsworth, with her being the first girl.
  • When she was six she dropped her grandmother's ring down the sink drain. Luke covered for her but she confessed the next day.
  • She didn't listen to her parents who told her to lie on stand. Since she did what was right and her brother was found guilty, she feels her parents hate her.
  • She has kissed and dated both of the Torres Brothers.
  • Becky is the fourth girl that both of the Torres brothers have liked, the other three being Bianca, Fiona, and Katie with Adam being the first to like them. Fiona and Becky were the only two that Adam dated.
  • She is one of several students who were born outside of Toronto
    • She and Luke are from somewhere in Florida
    • Yick is from Vietnam
    • Wheels was most likely born near Port Hope, ON
    • Lucy is from New York, NY
    • Liz is from Lynden, ON.
    • Patrick is from Dublin, Ireland
    • Manny was born in Manila, the Philippines
    • Hazel was born in Mogadishu, Somalia
    • Jenna was born in Calgary, AB
    • Fiona and Declan were born in Tokyo, Japan to American expatriates
    • Cam is from Kapuskasing, ON
    • Dallas is from Guelph, ON
    • Rasha and Saad are from Syria
  • Her Hastygram username is "bbakerprays".
  • Despite the Bakers hailing from Florida, Sarah Fisher's Canadian accent slips "oot" on occasion.


  • (To Eli and Clare) (First Line): "Hi! I'm Becky Baker! My brother's an Ice Hound and we're new from Florida!" - Come As You Are (1)
  • (To Imogen): "Well yeah." (final line) - Finally (2)
  • Becky: "This isn't right."
    Eli : "Welcome to Degrassi." - Gives You Hell (2)
  • (To Eli): You're only doing this to spite me. - Gives You Hell (2)
  • "There's no love without trust." 
  • (To Eli): "I prayed for you." - Gives You Hell (2)
  • "I can't be part of something that depicts an alternative lifestyle choice as normal!" (referring to the homosexual theme in Romeo & Jules) - Gives You Hell (2)
  • Jenna: "You lied to me."
    Becky: "I didn't lie. Lying is a sin, I just left out a few details."
  • "He's the principal of the school! How could he support something that condones homosexuality?!" - Gives You Hell (2)
  • "Tristan is sweet, but he seems...confused." - Gives You Hell (2)
  • (To Jenna): "Stay away from my brother." - Closer to Free (2)
  • (To Mr. Baker): "I trusted you!" 
  • (To Jenna regarding Adam): "He-He doesn't gamble does he?"
    Jenna: "No, it was just for fun."
    Becky: "Thank goodness, you almost stopped my heart."
  • (To Jenna regarding Adam): "He's transient, like homeless?"
  • (To Adam): "All I've wanted since I got to Degrassi was to do this musical. You gave that to me."
  • (To Adam): "You're a boy. Between the ears where it matters."
  • Imogen: "So you'll be surrounded by guys all summer. That's, pretty tempting."
    Becky: "You'll also be surrounded by a bunch of boys all summer."
  • (To Adam): "And I hope you do - because I'd like to work closely with you."
  • (To Adam): "Will you be my secret boyfriend? Not that I'm ashamed..."
  • (To Jenna): "Did I sound like a moron?"
  • (To Mr. Baker): "I love Adam."
  • (To Adam): "Happy Romeo and Jules is done? Um, not that you should be happy... although you could be-because you're entitled to whatever feelings you want."
  • (To Adam): "Have fun!" (To self as Adam walks away) "Have fun?!"
  • (To Mr. Baker regarding Adam): "There's nothing wrong with him...He's the nicest guy I've ever met."
  • Becky: "You still like girls...right?"
    Imogen: "I'm open you."
    Becky: "Well then you better open your mind to the fact that Adam... has a girlfriend."
  • Mr. Baker: "You know my rules, kiddo!"
    Becky: "Be polite, say my prayers, and brush after every meal...?"
  • (To Jenna): "Boys don't get their period."
  • (To Adam): "You confused me."
  • (To Adam): "It's not working, the therapy. It doesn't cure feelings. Sitting there everyday only reminds me that I like boys. And you're a boy - between the ears where it matters."
  • Jenna: "Have you considered telling your parents?"
    Becky: "They'll never understand."
  • "I have nothing to be ashamed of."
  • Adam (after Becky passionately kisses him): "What was that for?"
    Becky: "Let's go somewhere private."
  • Watching Adam's memorial video: "I feel so lost without you. Goodbye Adam Torres. I love you."
  • (To Luke): "Tell me what I'm seeing isn't real."
  • (To Zoë): "It's not going to be easy, but it's important to do what's right."
  • (Becky restrains Zoë, who is attacking Luke)
    Becky: STOP! STOP! You don't need to do this!
    (Zoë breaks down crying) Zoë: There's nothing else I can do!
    Becky: Yes there is! I have proof it was him! I have his phone There's more videos give it to the police.
  • (To Luke): "My life sucks now and it's all your fault."
  • (To Imogen): "Grow some ovaries, Moreno!"
  • (To Imogen): "What's a Macchiato?"
  • Hunter: "Why did you have to go and be a real girl? Everything's better when it stays online."
    Becky: "Hunter, Sir Excellence isn't real. Real of Doom is just a game."
    Hunter: "The fact that you would even say that proves that you don't get it! Real world people always disappoint, online I'm a hero. You wanna live IRL, you go ahead, noob...Oh, and if you tell anyone about what we did in the Meadow of Zorath, I will find you and I will turn you into a troll."
    (Hunter leaves)
    Imogen: "That was intense...Wait, what did you do in the Meadow of Zorath?"
    Becky: "Don't worry about it. I gotta get a life." - My Hero
  • (To Jonah): "What do you want? You know what? I don't care! Get out of my face, Mr. Rock Music, Ripped T-Shirt, Stupid Hair!" - There's Your Trouble
  • (To Drew): "This apology smoothie is now a breakup smoothie!"


Main article: Adam-Becky Relationship
  • Adam Torres
    • First Relationship:
    • Second Relationship:
      • Start Up: Tonight, Tonight (1228)
      • Break Up: About a Girl (1305)
        • Reason: Adam hacked into Becky's account because he thought she was cheating on him. He died before they could reconcile.
Main article: Hunter-Becky Relationship
Main article: Drew-Becky Relationship
  • Drew Torres
    • First Relationship:
      • Start Up: Thunderstruck (1340)
      • Broke Up: Wise Up (1402)
        • Reason: Becky did not want to be with Drew when she found out that he was the father of Clare's baby.
    • Second Relationship:
      • Start Up: If You Could Only See (1403)
      • Broke Up: Something's Got to Give (1409)
        • Reason: Drew tells Becky she needs someone to be there for her. He then says he has to take care of Clare because of their baby, leading Drew to break up with Becky.
Main article: Jonah-Becky Relationship
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Love Triangles[]

Main article: Adam-Becky-Missy Love Triangle
Main article: Adam-Becky-Imogen Love Triangle
  • Adam Torres and Imogen Moreno
    • Start: Summertime (1301)
    • End: Cannonball (1306)
      • Reason: Adam realized that getting together with Imogen wouldn't help him get over Becky, realizing that he still loved her despite his break up with her.
Main article: Adam-Becky-Todd Love Triangle
Main article: Drew-Clare-Becky Love Triangle


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