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The conflict between Bianca DeSousa and Jenna Middleton is known as Benna (Bianca/Jenna). The girls always knew who each other were, implied by Bianca referring to Jenna as "Barbie" and Jenna being disturbed to find her boyfriend in a car with her of all people. When Jenna became desperate to lose weight for the Power Squad (not knowing she was pregnant), she went to Bianca for a deal on diet pills. The tension between them consisted mostly of a dislike on Jenna's side, though after Bianca bettered herself the girls were on better terms.

Conflict History[]


Season 10[]

In Better Off Alone (2), when Bianca, K.C. and Fitz wake up in her car hungover, Bianca notices Jenna approaching and alerts K.C. whilst calling her "Barbie". Jenna is also visibly disturbed that K.C. was hanging out with Bianca.

Normal 1009 (143)

In I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself (1), Bianca is at The Dot overhearing the Power Squad talking about ways to lose weight and Bianca brings up about how her aunt used to take diet pills and calls them cows and Jenna is feeling insecure. Later Jenna solicits the diet pills from Bianca.

In The Way We Get By (1), after the basketball game, Drew reveals he's taking Bianca as his date as they're going to Little Miss Steaks along with Jenna and K.C., Dave and Sadie. This however makes Jenna uncomfortable as she asks if Bianca's coming along and Drew defends Bianca as they leave.


In The Way We Get By (2), Drew, Bianca, K.C., Jenna, Dave and Sadie are at The Dot. Drew makes Bianca and Jenna try to have a friendly conversation in which Bianca asks Jenna how pregnancy is going for her, Jenna responds it's going great. Bianca then gives Jenna a compliment accidentally turning into a slam on her weight. Jenna then snaps back at Bianca and Drew tells her to calm down, then K.C. tells Drew not to talk to her like that and Jenna fires back at Bianca calling her a slut. Bianca leaves and Drew and Jenna get into a slight argument, then Drew tells off Jenna and K.C. and follows Bianca.

In Drop the World (2), Bianca shows up at the hospital after Jenna has Tyson and Bianca is in awe, possibly insinuating that they are on better terms.

Season 11[]

In Boom Boom Pow, Drew, Jenna, K.C., Dave and Sadie each cheer on Bianca as she dances to get tickets for the Keke Palmer concert which she wins, Jenna and K.C. are later seen thanking Bianca as she gives them the tickets.

Season 12[]

In Come As You Are (1), when Drew brings up his situation with Bianca and Katie, Jenna seems to make a slight comment on it.

In Rusty Cage (2), they are both hugging K.C. goodbye along with Alli, Clare, and Connor.