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"High school sucks. So spend time here with people who don't."
— Bianca's advice to Campbell Saunders in Say It Ain't So (2)

Bianca L. DeSousa is a graduate of Degrassi Community School's Class of 2013. Bianca was introduced in her junior year as a rebellious girl who dressed provocatively, and often skipped class to cause trouble. She has a troubled past and family issues since both of her parents are out of the picture and she has had a criminal record and a probation officer since a young age. Bianca lives with her aunt, who has been described in a few episodes as very neglectful. She had a reputation around the school for being promiscuous which resulted in her being hated by most of the females at Degrassi.

At the end of her junior year, she was abused, forced to sell drugs and have sex with Vince Bell in order to keep herself and loved ones alive after she accidentally killed Anson when he attempted to rape her and assault her boyfriend. She has heard a lot of rumors and dealt with a lot from others due to her shady past, but she tries hard not to let it get to her. Bianca has, and still is, turning her life around. She's been embracing her intelligence by doing better in classes and joined Degrassi's Bright Sparks. She lived with her aunt, Juliana Santoro, but they don't get along despite Bianca trying hard to reconcile with her.

Due to her lack of a parental figure, Bianca considers Audra Torres her mentor and closest friend. She was best friends with with Owen Milligan, Mark Fitzgerald and her ex-fiancé, Drew Torres and also good friends with Imogen Moreno, Fiona Coyne, and K.C. Guthrie. She was also friends with Adam Torres before his death. She has had heated conflicts with Alli Bhandari, Jenna Middleton, Katie Matlin and Marisol Lewis, but has resolved the conflicts with them and appears to be friendly around them. She was portrayed by Alicia Josipovic.

Character History

Bianca was originally portrayed as a heartless bad girl who got in fights, got around sexually, sold and took drugs, drank alcohol and partied, and had a bad reputation in general. It was later revealed that Bianca was like this due to her bad past and sad circumstances.

Her parents were missing from her life due to drugs, gangs, prison or death. Her aunt (whom she lived with) hated her and had no faith in her, she was involved in gangs and drugs at a young age, was put in an relationship with Anson as a 15 year old girl and got sidetracked from school - which she used to love. Also, she obviously had a dysfunctional childhood as a result of all this. Despite all this though, Bianca is shown to be very intelligent.

Bianca in Season 10

Season 10

In What a Girl Wants (2), Bianca is first seen hanging out at lunch with Fitz. She makes fun of Dave because Wesley and Connor are singing in a band with him, which is considered dorky. Bianca holds up the loser list to mock Dave.

Bianca calls Dave the "Biggest Loser"

In 99 Problems (2), Alli is handing out fliers for her dance squad and asks Bianca to join. She tries to persuade her by telling her that joining is a potential opportunity to make new friends.

Bianca responds that she has all the friends that she needs and makes fun of the name of the squad, but Alli convinces her when she says that all members will be able to cut class to practice.

Bianca interrupts the dance squad's practice and proves that she has skill, much to the admiration of Alli. She leads the dance squad, but quickly states that none of them have the talent to perform yet. Alli later shows up with great news: they were going to perform at the football game.

Bianca is amazed with Alli's selfishness and obsession with popularity and says that she won't be dancing anywhere. Alli tries to cut her from the dance squad, but the squad agrees with Bianca and they all quit, leaving Alli alone and solo.

Better off alone.jpg

In Better Off Alone (1), Bianca is at The Dot when K.C. and Jenna come in. She sees the liquor bottle K.C. wanted to use to frame his mother fall out of his backpack, and she asks him if he has plans for that bottle. When he says no, Bianca offers to make some, smiling at K.C.

In Better Off Alone (2), after a night of drinking, Bianca wakes up hung over in her car with Fitz and K.C. Before K.C. leaves, Bianca offers K.C. aspirin and water for his hangover. She then alerts him that Jenna is heading towards them.

Normal 21BDA.jpg

In I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself (1), Bianca is in the contest to win Sav's tickets. Eli forces her off the car by getting her to smell his armpits and Bianca lets go to cover her nose. She is upset she didn't get the backstage passes.

Bianca is moping at The Dot when she overhears Chantay, Anya and Jenna discuss how to lose weight. She says she can get them weight loss pills her aunt used, then insults Chantay. Chantay warns her to back off.

Sav later gives Bianca an extra pass to the concert, much to her relief. She is then seen standing on Queen Street, as a drug dealer tries to sell her oregano instead of weed. Bianca scoffs, then Jenna approaches her, asking for diet pills.

Bianca gets confused and warns Jenna that the pills are only for people who are obese. When Jenna insists, Bianca gives in and shares the pills. 

A drunk Bianca annoys Sav at the concert.

In I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself (2), At the concert, a drunk Bianca appears and falls into Sav's arms. Sav tries to calm her down, and she calls him "the guy at school who doesn't like fun." About to leave, they stay for the band's encore.

After the encore is finished, Sav rushes to the car, bringing Bianca because she is too drunk to drive. Sav decides to speed and the police soon begin following him. Bianca yells "floor it" because she can't be caught drunk again since she was caught once before.


In My Body Is A Cage (1), Adam discusses which is worse: ballroom dancing or ping pong with Bianca.

While taking attendance, the teacher calls out "Gracie Torres" (Adam's birth name), which confuses Bianca. She looks over at Adam and says "Aren't you a Torres?" as Adam is left embarrassed and trying to keep his secret.

While choosing partners for ballroom dancing, Adam chooses Bianca, and she accepts with a snarky comment. During the actual dance, the tension between Bianca and Adam grows, as he begins to form an attraction to Bianca.

After class, they compliment each other and start to flirt. Bianca touches his chest and notices something is there. She is confused and says that Adam is too thin to have man boobs.

When he proceeds to back up slowly, Bianca grabs his shirt and rips it open, only to find that Adam is physically a female. She refers Adam and all FTMs as "freaks" that she has seen on "Oprah." She is disgusted and Adam runs away, humiliated and embarrassed.

Bianca figures Adam out

In My Body Is A Cage (2), Adam arrives at remedial gym, where Bianca, the one who outed Adam, is telling people about how she accidentally touched Adam's boobs. Adam approaches Bianca and asks her if she'll still be his dance partner. Bianca denies being a lesbian and she tells him he needs therapy.

When Adam appears as Grace in remedial gym class, Bianca makes a snide comment and is sent to the principal's office.

In Purple Pills (2), Bianca shows up in the weight room to fight the "girl" Fitz wanted her to fight. She doesn't know it's Adam, and when she learns it's him she rolls her eyes and tells them that she should just get it over with. She then walks up to Adam and starts to get ready to fight.

When Adam doesn't know what's going on Fitz explains that if he were really a dude, he wouldn't fight a girl.

Bianca starts to tap and get ready to punch Adam, until Adam storms off angrily. She is upset that she's not fighting anyone.

Drew hooks Bianca's zipper.

In All Falls Down (1), While Drew is getting study advice from K.C., he notices Bianca standing in the hallway, staring at him, which makes him smile back. Bianca approaches them and stands over Drew, asking if he can zip her sweater up because it's "stuck". When he zips it, she puts her hands on his chest, both obviously like it. She thanks him, and walks away.

While Alli and Drew are talking at lunch, Drew gets a text from Bianca, and doesn't want Alli to see it.

After she wrestles for the phone, Alli asks Drew why Bianca is sending him sexy photos, claiming she is going to beat her up. Later when Alli is in class, Drew confronts Bianca in the hallway, and the two discuss the pictures.

Drew admits that he liked them but he is with Alli. Bianca then says if he wants to be with her she'll be in the Boiler Room at 4:00pm, not caring he has a girlfriend. Bianca smiles at Drew during exams, and he is confused on what to do.

Ultimately, he decides to go to the Boiler Room, where Bianca is waiting. She grabs his hand and undoes his belt. Bianca has oral sex with Drew in the boiler room.

Alli gets mad, after hearing from Bianca about Boiler Room hookup between her and Drew.

In All Falls Down (2), At the dance, Drew and Alli talk, until Bianca interrupts them. Drew explains how after school Bianca persuaded him into going to the boiler room, lying about how far he went with her. Alli is pissed and only agrees to stay with him if he never talks to Bianca again.

Bianca overhears while playing for chips at the dance and approaches Alli, telling her she's crazy for believing Drew. She admits she gave Drew a blow job. And tells Alli that she kept her clothes on, referring to Drew being naked.

After being dumped by Alli, Drew calls Bianca a slut when she sits near him at the chip table. She says she's not a slut because he is the one who came to her in the first place. Bianca is careless with the situation.

Bianca and Alli fight

In Don't Let Me Get Me, After the disaster at Vegas Night, Degrassi is under the weight of a major discipline crackdown.

Alli and Clare are at the school's entrance when Drew approaches, trying to convince Alli everything was Bianca's fault. Bianca later interrupts Drew and Alli's conversation about self-esteem seminar, saying it was for girls only.

At the seminar, Bianca and Alli get into an argument about the boiler room and the lockdown.

Bianca and Alli both defend themselves very well, meaning there is no winner of the fight and it was split up by a teacher. During their break, Alli finds out about steamy photos of Bianca and forwards it to everyone.

The next day, Bianca finds out that everyone has seen the pictures, including 'nerds' like Connor and Wesley.

Bianca starts a fight with Alli in a classroom, after she found out that her revealing pictures were sent to everyone. Bianca immediately pounces on Alli, resulting in the fight intensifying.

Mr. Simpson stops their fight and both girls' parents are called. Alli tries to blame everything that has occurred recently on Bianca to her parents. Alli complains that Sav is now her chaperone because Bianca ruined everything.

Aw hall.jpg

In The Way We Get By (1), after Drew is turned down by a girl, Bianca playfully teases him about it in the hallways. She tries talking to Drew, but gets rejected. Later, when Drew is playing the drums in the music room, she enters and starts dancing along.

After Drew tells her she ruined everything she tells him then what happened at Vegas Night takes two people, and they continue to argue, until Drew realizes Bianca likes him. She tells him "We had a lot of fun together. We could have a lot more."

The two begin to make out. because Drew has finally given in to the trap of Bianca DeSousa.

Arm wrap.jpg

Later, they are walking down the hall together, with Drew's arm around Bianca. He tells her she should come to the basketball game. She responds by saying, "A bunch of jocks chasing a ball. Sounds like fun." But at the basketball game she shows up.

During the game, Bianca smiles and waves at Drew which distracts him, causing him to be hit in the head with a ball. After that, they win the game. Bianca, Sadie, and Jenna run up to Drew, Dave, and K.C. to congratulate them.

Bianca asks, "Where are we taking this party?" Drew says they're going to Little Miss Steaks, but Jenna rudely responds by asking, "She's coming?" Bianca stops smiling, looking hurt. Drew says, "I can tell when were not wanted." And they both leave.


In The Way We Get By (2), Bianca is invited to The Dot by Drew, because he felt bad about what happened with his friends the previous day.

Although Bianca didn't feel welcomed, she went anyway. The two are seen at The Dot, tripple dating with Dave, Sadie, Jenna and K.C.

Bianca tries to clear the tension by telling Jenna that she thought she was crazy for wanting the diet pills. When Jenna takes this comment the wrong way, Bianca continues to try to make a good impression.

This goes on until Jenna rudly calls Bianca a skank who hooks up with guys in the boiler room.

Bianca walks out of The Dot, feeling hurt and clearly unwanted. Drew fallows her out, and the two go to the ravine. Bianca tries to convince Drew not to go to his basketball game, but he tries to tell her that the team needs him. She knows this as she says the team would lose without him.

The converation ends when Bianca's good friend RonRon offers them drugs. Bianca declines the offer, saying that Drew doesn't do drugs. Drew cuts her off, and says that he's up for it. Bianca is surprised and excited with this news. 

492px-Tumblr lgzpw8ARCa1qgg6wwo1 500.jpg

After the couple takes the shrooms, they sat under a tree away from everyone. Bianca and Drew goof off, until Drew tenses up. He gets worried about missing his game, and Bianca tries to convince him not to go. Drew panics, and walks away from Bianca, saying that she is no good for him.

This leaves Bianca feeling extremely hurt. After Drew gets busted by his mom, Bianca returns and says that she won't let a few harsh comments said to her while he was high ruin what they have going on, and the two continue with their relationship happily. In Jesus, Etc. (1), Bianca walks in after Drew and Sav finished practicing for Sav's live band audition. She's taking pictures of the two boys until she sees Alli behind them. After Alli leaves upset, Bianca simply shrugs, not even caring about Alli being upset.

In Chasing Pavements (1), Bianca is briefly seen. She is in front of Degrassi making out with Drew. When she sees Alli, she calls her Boiler Room Bhandari in an attempt to make her angry.

Alli is about to say something to Bianca, but Ms. Oh interrupts and tells Bianca to go to class. After Alli leaves, Bianca angrily drags Drew away.

Bianca looking at Tyson.

In Drop the World (2), Bianca is seen at K.C.'s bachelor party with Drew. She says this party is lame and goes to find something to do. She comes back with Twister. So K.C. handcuffs himself to Bianca.

She thought it was funny until Dave didn't have the keys. They, then try to break themselves up. Later Chantay calls the hospital saying Jenna's water broke.

When they all get there, Bianca later compliments the couple, saying they look cute together with the baby. She is seen looking at Tyson with all of Jenna's close friends. 

Season 11

Bianca in Season 11

Bianca at the dance competition

In Spring Fever, Bianca is seen with her boyfriend, Drew, K.C. and Dave. There is a dance contest taking place in the city and Bianca goes up to dance onstage. Bianca wins the contest and receives Keke Palmer concert tickets.

She then runs into her ex-boyfriend Anson and they have a weird confrontation. Anson seems to be stalking Bianca, but she walks away confidently with Drew.

Drew and Bianca are then seen in the Torres' basement, making out when Audra walks in. Drew throws a blanket over Bianca attempting to hide her, but Audra knows that Drew has a girl over.

U go gurl.jpg

In result, she grounds him, not allowing him to go to the concert. The next day, Bianca goes to visit Drew at his basketball training camp, where he is a counselor.

She is wearing her outfit for the concert and Drew becomes jealous of the guys who will see her looking so hot that night.

Bianca quickly seduces him and tells Drew that she won't flirt too much. She goes to the concert without Drew, and with Dave, K.C., Sadie and Jenna.

They are all having a good time, until Bianca sees Anson there. Anson talks to Bianca about how he was thinking about her a lot when he was in jail.

Anson attempting to rape Bianca

Meanwhile, Drew is at home thinking about how he wishes he were at the concert, and he decides to sneak out.

While Bianca is still unwillingly talking to Anson, Drew surprisingly makes it to the concert and sees them talking.

Drew quickly jumps to conclusions and thinks Anson and Bianca are trying to get back together. Drew thinks she and Anson have been hooking up during his whole relationship with Bee.

Bianca gives up with her argument with Drew and fakes as if she & Anson actually were hooking up the whole time.

Drew then walks away angry. Bianca is seen later that night deleting pictures of Drew from her cell phone outside of the concert. Anson appears to try to talk to her.

Bianca walks away and as Anson grabs her by the arm and takes her to an alley to rape her. Anson pushes Bianca against a wall in a sketchy alley, attempting to take her clothes off.

Bianca is screaming as Anson tries to cover her mouth. Drew hears screaming and comes to Bianca's rescue. Drew pushes Anson from behind and they have a huge fight. Anson is severely hurting Drew, and Bianca is left screaming from them to stop.

Drew is laying down on the pavement as Anson is about to kick him in the ribs again. Bianca (out of hesitation) hits Anson in the head with a cinder block and he falls to the ground, dead.  

Drew and Bianca hugging and crying.

Drew and Bianca immediately run away into the middle of the city, crying and in tons of pain.

They share a long strong hug, and comfort each other through the horrible time, leaving them both traumatized.

Drew and Bianca searching for the bracelet.

The next day at Drew's basketball camp, he and Bianca are talking to Dave as he mentions a murder in an alley at the concert the previous night. Drew is extremely worried, and Bianca tries comforting him.

As Drew is holding her, he realizes that she doesn't have her bracelet on that he gave him the night before, with Bianca's name on it.

They decide to head over to the alley where the fight happened in search for the bracelet. When they have no luck finding it, a thug Vince, shows up holding Biancas's bracelet.

Vince knows that the couple killed Anson, a 'useful' friend of his, and threatens them to sell drugs or shoot someone, or else he will kill both Drew and Bianca.

Drew (being very scared( meets Vince that night at Degrassi and he and his gang give Drew a gun, telling Drew to shoot somebody.

Bianca mouths thank you to Drew.

Bianca is very nervous and has no idea what to do. She tells Drew not to go to the police to get out of this situation, because Bianca would get into serious trouble, after already having a first warning.

Eventually, Drew turns himself in to Dave's dad after being extremely worried of being caught with Vince's gun.

Bianca is hesitant and at the moment, she still thinks it's a bad idea for Drew to turn himself in, but at the same time she trusts Drew.

Drew is immediately escorted into a police car and as he drives away, Bianca watches him through the window, and whispers, "Thank you."

Fucking bbay.jpg

In Idioteque, Bianca is seen with Drew in his room and they are making out. Bianca then pulls out a condom and they proceed to have sex, but Drew couldn't get it up and she leaves.

She is later seen with Drew at school and he tells her that he is scared that the gang is going to find him and kill him.

Later, she sneaks into Drew's room (who is pretending to be sick) and he nearly hits her with a golf club out of paranoia. He then tells her that he can't stop blaming her for what is happening to him and she says that she is gonna fix it.

Bianca later meets up with Vince and tries to talk him out of hurting Drew, but he declines. She then says she will do anything to keep Drew safe and Vince takes her up to his place and they hook up.

When Bianca gets out of school later that day, Drew meets her and tells him that she made amends with Vince. Drew then breaks up with her, hoping they can start over with their lives. Bianca looks upset and says that she will disappear.

Bianca, Anya, and Chloe hit the club.

In Paper Planes (1), Bianca is seen at the same club as Anya and Owen and introduces Pauly and Chloe to Anya.

When Chloe pulls out cocaine, Bianca declines the offer. Bianca is later seen at the club again in the bathroom with Chloe when Anya walks in talking about her troubled life.

When Chloe offers Anya more cocaine, Bianca was worried for her. She is last seen walking out of the bathroom behind Anya and they proceed to dance.

In Extraordinary Machine (1), Bianca is seen at Above The Dot. When Anya goes into the bathroom to snort cocaine, she walks in and convinces Anya to turn her life around.

Bianca talking with Imogen.

In Drop It Like It's Hot (1), Bianca isn't wearing her uniform for gym, and is given a health assignment to do. She replies to her gym teacher, saying that she would rather have a detention, but doesn't get her wish.

After Mr. Armstrong strictly tells the class not to kick volleyballs, Bianca kicks one right in the air, not caring.

The next day, she is about to hand in her health assignment, but Imogen grabs it from her, so that niether have to hand it in. Bianca finds out that Imogen only did this so that Bianca could get a detention, something that she clearly wanted, in order to avoid Vince.


After school, Bianca meets up with Vince in an alley. He demands that she needs to sell more weed for him in a place that only she can go: Degrassi. She immediately tells him no and says that she wants one free place away from the drugs and violence.

Vince threatens her until Bianca tenses up and agrees that she will try to sell his drugs.

The next day, in detention, she and Imogen begin to talk. Imogen asks Bianca about the guy that she talks to, and Bianca responds negatively.

Not wanting to explain, Bianca asks Imogen if she wants to buy some weed. Imogen declines and then runs out to the bathroom. Scared of what her consequence would be for not seeling enough drugs, she steals Imogen's birthday money out of her back pack. 

The saddest thing ever omfg.jpg

In Drop It Like It's Hot (2) , Bianca meets Vince in an alley and gets made fun of by him & his friends for going to school, as usual. She tries to ignore the bullying and straight up tells him Vince done selling drugs for him, because it is too risky. They start to get in an argument.

Vince slaps Bianca and tells her they have a deal, and that she doesn't want him to break it. She is left feeling extremely hurt & upset, but doesn't know what to do.


In shcool, Bianca covers up the bruise at her locker with makeup, nervous that she might get caught. Imogen confronts her about stealing her birthday money.

Bianca tells her it's complicated. She then lies to Imogen and tells her she never wants to be her friend, and Imogen stomps off.

Vince gives Bianca lingerie and is still forcing her to be his girlfriend, so Bianca finds ways to get away from him. She invites Imogen to The Dot and apologizes to her.

Bianca offers her the lingerie, as a peace offering an the two of them are civil. Imogen shows her a volunteer sheet for 9th grade orientation and Bianca decides to do it.

In Dead and Gone (1), Bianca is talking to Vince outside school and Drew notices them. Bianca signs up for the Grade 9 Orientation as another activity to keep her busy from spending time with Vince.

She is later paired up with Drew for 9th Grade Orientation. Drew comfronts her about Vince, but they are interrupted by Tristan.

Bianca threatens to stuff him in a locker and starts to tell the niners about the computer lab.


When the kids go to get pizza, Drew locks her in the room and wants to know what her and Vince are planning. Bianca tells him about how Vince forced her into a relationship and if she breaks it off, Vince will go after him. She also shows him the bruises Vince gave her and Drew promises to help her. He later invites her to Prom.

Bianca calls Drew because he had stole her phone to meet up with Vince. She is happy to go to prom and get away from Vince.

Drew and Bianca shocked at prom.

In Dead and Gone (2), Bianca goes to prom trying to have a good time, even though Katie and Adam don't want her there. She is civil with Katie even though she has feelings for Drew.

She then dances with Adam and apologizes for her not letting him be her ballroom partner, which cures their long time feud. She then thanks Drew, and says she hasn't felt this safe in along time.

Just as everyone is having a great time at Prom, Bianca is shocked to see Vince walk in, and tells Drew she will handle it. She tries to calm Vince down, but he grabs her again. Drew comes and saves her.

Drew fights Vince and is successful. Vince then tries to shoot one of them, drops the gun and flees to his warehouse.

The bullets hits Adam, leaving everyone at prom scared and in lockdown. Under so much pressure and guilt, Bianca picks up the gun, and decides she has to kill Vince. 

Bianca considers killing Vince to end his wrath.

Bianca goes to his secret warehouse, intending on killing him. She is heavily sobbing while staring at the gun and she tells Drew she's tired of being Vince's slave & killing him is the only way out.

Drew talks her out of it and Bianca trusts him as she slowly hands the gun over to Drew instead of killing Vince with it.

Drew gives her his phone, and Bianca calls the police and tells them everything she knows about Vince and his gang.

Bianca sits in a police cab crying as Vince gets arrested. She then goes to the hospital and Drew tells his mom to get her a lawyer.

Mrs. Torres agrees and Bianca mouths "thank you" to Drew, just as she did over spring break, which symbolizes that Bianca really needs Drew in her life.

Bianca in Nowhere to Run.

In Nowhere to Run, Bianca is shown to be working for Drew's father as part of her plea bargain. She has become good friends with the Torres family, making Katie jealous.

She finds out that there is a end of summer gathering at Jake's cabin and she has to go.

Bianca then calls Clare and asks her if they could go together because she assumed Jake invited Clare. Clare is shocked when she hears the news and is very frusturated with Jake. Clare agrees to take a road trip with Bianca to the cabin.

During the entire car ride, Bianca is shown insulting Clare and just being silly and sassy.

When Bianca's car breaks down, she and Clare settle on walking the rest of the way. They show up once it gets dark and Bianca is with Clare when she finds Alli kissing Jake.

Bianca tells Jake and Alli that kissing each other is just wrong. She spends the rest of the episode making sarcastic comments and messing with Katie and Marisol by telling them spooky stories. Bianca's little pranks end up worrying Katie and making her even more jealous. 

The next day, when the gang is getting ready to head back home, Marisol convinces Katie to stop worrying about Drew and Bianca being friends because they are gonna be close no matter what. Katie agrees and wants to be a good girlfriend who trusts her man.

Katie conquers her jealousy and stops worrying about Bianca taking Drew from her. Katie invites Bianca to ride home with her and Drew, and Bianca does.

In Underneath It All, Bianca is seen in Mr. Perino's class. After Jake is caught reading SizzleTeen magazine, she gets caught up in a brief debate with Mr. Perino and Jake.

After class is dismissed, she tells Jake that "Charlotte" (the girl from an article Jake was reading) only thought her relationship would last forever because the guy allowed her to believe this was true.

In Hollaback Girl (1), Bianca is seen taking a history test in Mr. Perino'sclass with Drew and Katie. She hands her test in to Mr. Perino and then sits down and starts filing her nails.

Katie asks her to stop, so Bianca sticks her tongue out at her jokingly and laughs at it with Drew. Her name is called over the PA and Bianca goes to the office to find her parole officer.

Bianca's parole officer warns her about getting better grades and keep up the good work as she is becoming a better student.

After her parole officer leaves, Mr. Simpson tells Bianca she has been doing well in her classes and that she should consider applying to college. Bianca is hesitant because she never thought college was an option for her. 

Bianca d.jpg

Later on she is walking back from her meeting with Mr. Simpson and her parole officer when Drew asks her if everything is okay. She says it was just the usual and tells Drew about what Simpson said about her applying to university. Drew volunteers Katie to help 

Bianca and Katie hesitantly agrees. While helping her Katie says she and Bianca should hang out more. Bianca thinks it's weird for Katie to suddenly be friends but Drew tells her that she'd been so depressed so it was a good thing that she wanted to get out.

In the computer lab, Katie tells Bianca that she just wants some friendly girl time and Bianca believes her.

Katie suggests going to the club, which also surprises Bianca. When Bianca and Katie show up at the club, they lie about being of age with fake ID's.

The night is young once they walk in and Bianca gets hit on by an old guy she knew. Once Bianca flees him to go away, Katie wonders who he is. Bianca tells her that he is just some druggie not to associate with.

Bianca heads to the bathroom, and we she comes out she finds Katie buying drugs from one of her old connections.  Bianca immediately pulls Katie away from him because she knows he is bad news.

Katie shows Bianca the pills she bought from him, and convinces her Bianca everything is fine. Although she is hesitant, the girls continue to dance and have a good time as if nothing happened. 

Hollaback girl.jpg

Bianca takes Katie back to her house. Katie is loopy from the pills she took, and Bianca begins to think.

As she watch Katie make a fool of herself late at night, Bianca realizes that the only reason Katie wanted to hang out with her was because she wanted more oxycodene.

Bianca is fed up with Katie acting silly, so she sprays her with water and Katie screams. This causes Maya to hear and walk downstairs.

Bianca tells Maya about what happened to Katie and walks away feeling upset and ashamed. Bianca goes to the Torres' house to talk to Drew about Katie's pill problem.

Drew asks Bianca for relationship advice and Bianca says she can't because she would probably say something like if you're that miserable you should break up with her and be with me. Bianca immediately says it would be a stupid thing to say, but it leads to Drew kissing her.

Bianca immediately regrets the kiss and pushes Drew off. Drew tells her that he wants to be with her as well. They decide to talk more about it tomorrow at school.

In Hollaback Girl (2), Drew and Bianca find out that Katie was admitted to the hospital for overdosing on pills from

Audra and bee.jpg

 Maya. She’s okay, but shifts the blame on Bianca for pointing out the dealer to her. Meanwhile, at home Bianca’s aunt wants nothing to do with her because she thinks Bianca is sliding back into her old ways.

Bianca visits Drew’s mom, Audra and thanks her for supporting her through the tough times. Bianca tells Audra about her aunt giving up on her and Audra volunteers to go with Bianca to her parent-teacher conference.

Bianca still showing sympathy for Katie despite everything.

Katie reveals that her parents are taking her out of school and making her go to rehab. She feels ashamed and Bianca reminds her that she still has a strong support system of friends and family and Drew.

Before we learn that Bianca’s doing well in her class, Drew pulls her aside and declares his love for her.

However, Bianca tells him that they can’t be together at the moment because Katie needs him now more than ever.

Adam & Audra join them and announce that they are going to go out to get family ice cream. Bianca and Drew are content with where they stand, as they walk out to get their ice cream with the family.

Season 12

Bianca in Season 12


In Come As You Are (1), Bianca is seen sitting next to Drew at the school assembly. Bianca asks Drew is he dumped Katie yet, and he tells her no. Bianca is annoyed, and then Katie sits down with the two of them, making Bianca jealous.

Once it is announced that the uniform policy at Degrassi has been exterminated, Bianca whips off her uniform so she is just wearing a small tank top. Drew is blown away by her 'nice body'.

Drew attempts breaking up with Katie for Bianca, and thinking that he successfully ended it, he tells Bianca in celebration, so that the two can finally be a couple. Later, she goes on a small date with Drew, but is interrupted by Dallas and Adam. Drew and Bianca were having a nice candle lit dinner in the Torres' basement, until Dallas and Adam tell them that they are throwing a party.

Drew is hesitant because he just wanted to spend time with Bianca, but it is too late to reschedule because Adam already invited the whole school.  

Drew and Bianca at the party.

That night she attends the party and is seen dancing and kissing Drew. Bianca tells him that she thinks the party was an amazing idea. Later that night, Katie shows up at the house, thinking that her break up with Drew was all a joke. Dallas tells Drew to somehow get Katie out of the house, so Drew talks to Bianca, and makes sure she doesn't see Katie at the party.

Drew reminds Bianca about her curfew, so Bianca goes home, and tells Drew not to have too much fun without her, not aware of what ends up happening towards the end of the night. 

Bianca questioning Drew.

In Come As You Are (2), In class, Mr. Perino tells them to choose partners. Bianca and Katie both ask Drew to be partners, but not willing to work with each other.

She is fed up when she learns that Katie is still under the impression that she and Drew are together. She watches Katie play around with Drew as if they were a couple, and is disgusted by it.

When Katie gets up to get something, Bianca threatens to break things off permanently with Drew if he doesn't break up with Katie for good. Later at the Dot, Drew dumps Katie and makes his relationship with Bianca official. 


While on their date at the mall, Bianca and Drew sit down on a bench, eating ice cream. They talk about how glad they are that all the craziness is over, but Drew makes her feel happy by saying that the best part is just beginning. They then run into Katie and Marisol at the mall. Marisol calls Bianca a "bitch with a slutty wardrobe."

Bianca apologizes to Katie for how things went down and Drew comments that at least everything is now out in the open, to which Katie vindictively asks if everything really is out in the open before storming away.

This puzzles Bianca, who asks Drew what Katie could have meant but Drew tells her not to listen to anything Katie tells her. Bianca believes Drew, and starts to feel safe in their relationship.


In Gives You Hell (1), Bianca is over at Drew's house when Katie and Jake come over to egg it, as a way of revenge and to get her anger out. She later discovers her car covered with egg and one of her side-mirrors trashed.

The next day at Degrassi, Katie walks by to rub it in her face which only makes Bianca more angry. She yells to Katie about how she wasted a perfectly good carton of eggs and calls her a dumb bitch.

The fight escalates, leading to Katie telling her off for "hooking up with some other girls boyfriend."

Bianca continues to get heated and clearly wants to fight Katie. She is about to go after her, but Drew holds Bianca back and Adam walks her away. 

Drianca fighting.jpg

Later, she watches the assembly meant for the Ice Hounds next to Drew. She is seen cheering on Dallas as well as all of the other hockey players. After watching the video of Drew admitting to having sex at the party, she angrily leaves the auditorium.

When Drew chases after her, she pushes him away, telling him she can't handle this and to not call her. Bianca storms away Drew for good, ending their relationship.

Pissy eh.jpg

In Gives You Hell (2), she approached by Drew and reveals that she joined the academic team. He tries to give her a cell-phone case and she rejects it.

When Drew continues to beg for her forgiveness, he asks what he can do to make it up to her. Bianca replies by telling him to not be so dumb. She then watches as he asks to try out for the team.

Bianca is interested to see how far Drew will go to apologize, but is also somewhat embarrassed. Later on, she is in the classroom while Drew is trying out.

When he is struggling and begins to look really sick, she gets worried and watches him run out of the room. 

Drew and Bianca make up.

The next day, in one of their classes, Bianca approaches Drew and sincerely tells him she's worried about his concussion.

Drew cuts her off by admitting that he is too stupid for Bianca, and that she deserves better. She follows him to the mall that afternoon because she is still worried.

When Bianca arrives, she is shocked to see that Drew chased down a shoplifter and collapsed.

Once he wakes up, Bianca decides to comfort him. She tells Drew that she couldn't bear anything bad happening to him and that she loves him.

They have a cute moment, leading up to Bianca admitting that she loves him. Max, the worker at the mall, whispers them to kiss. Bianca tells the 'hipster' to disappear. The two then kiss and rekindle their relationship.

Bianca laughs as Cam flirts with her.

In Say It Ain't So (1), she is at the mall when the Ice Hounds go. Dallas points her out and tells Campbell to try and get with her, knowing it will be funny since he is awkward and Bianca is dating Drew. He awkwardly flirts with her which she shrugs off and splashes water in his face when he asks for sex.

In Say It Ain't So (2), she walks in the girls bathroom to see Campbell at the sink. She asks if he's stalking her and threatens to tells Simpson or school police. He stops her and explains everything and starts crying, she gives him advice that the hockey team picks on him because they are jealous. She also says high school will always suck and to spend time with people who don't.


In Closer to Free (1), she is shown sitting with Drew in his basement as he lays down.

She encourages him to take a break and gets on top of him to make out while his mom walks in and they stop.

Audra hands her a check for university applications and Bianca says that she'll pay every penny back.

When Drew complains about his mother, she says she's only looking out for him. She tries to kiss him again and he turns away. She picks up his assignment and tells him to rest and that it'll be done when he wakes up.

In Closer to Free (2), she is seen walking into class with Drew when he bumps into Fiona and helps the two pick up their papers. When he reveals he got the job, she asks him if he's supposed to.

When he leaves his seat and starts to leave, she tells him that if he skips again he'll give in trouble and he replies that he's already in trouble. Disappointed, she looks at his latest assignment grade to see a 38%.

In Waterfalls (1), she is first seen working with the Bright Sparks at K.C.'s house. When she gets an answer wrong, they all throw Cheetos at her and laugh.

She watches K.C.'s mom walk in with more snacks and starts talking to her about Drew. Later on at a Bright Sparks meeting, she gives K.C. the idea to set his mom up with a guy and she asks their teacher, Mr. Townsend, if he's single.

In Waterfalls (2), she is first seen talking to K.C. about their competition and says that they will obviously win it. She also asks how his mom's date went with Mr. Townsend when he comes up and pulls him away.

After the Bright Sparks win, she is seen at Little Miss Steaks and teases K.C. about what it'd be like if his mother and Mr. Townsend got together.

Bianca prepared to answer questions with K.C.

In Rusty Cage (1), she is first seen walking into class with K.C. asking about his father. He talks about how his mom's forgiven him and they're helping him find a job and she asks K.C. if he's just gonna forgive him. Later on she talks to K.C. with Connor about his father.

At a Bright Sparks mock round, she is seen answering questions and looks over at K.C.'s phone when he is distracted.

In Rusty Cage (2), she is seen practicing with the other Bright Sparks but talks to K.C. about his parents drinking. She knows he's upset and understands that he doesn't want Lisa to relapse. When he answers a question wrong, she watches him leave.

Before he leaves the area for good, she is one of the people that come to the front of the school to say goodbye.

She says that there are other ways to avoid competition and that the Bright Sparks will miss him. After the group hug, she watches his car drive away before returning to class.

In Sabotage (1), she is seen in class working with Owen when Drew comes in. He asks her if they can spend time together and she explains her busy schedule and that she'll be studying that night. He asks her to come over to Fiona's loft and she accepts.

That night, she walks in to see that Drew had payed for a 3D TV for Fiona. Instead of studying, they all unintentionally spend their time watching movies.

When everyone leaves, Drew tries to make out with her but she tells him she got no studying done and asks him to go back to school and that she'd been talking to Audra. He gets upset by this and just lets her leave. She later receives a voicemail that he bought a motorcycle.


In Sabotage (2), she meets Drew at his kiosk at the mall. He pulls her to the side and tells him he loves her. She watches him get on his knee and begins to worry but is relieved when he tells her that it is a card account for both of them to share. He tells her that he'll be returning home and back to school and she is happy.

When he tells her that he'll be returning the motorcycle, she asks if they could just use it a bit longer.

Out in an open space, he watches her drive around. When she finishes, he pulls her into the open and gets down on his knee again, this time with a ring. He tells her that she makes him the happiest man alive and asks to marry her and she accepts.

Bianca and fi.jpg

In Building A Mystery (1) , Bianca is seen walking while Becky accidentally bumped into her making her drop her ring. Becky compliments it and Bianca tells her she better keep her mouth shut and Becky nervously walks away.

In the halls, Bianca runs over to Fiona, telling her about the engagement. Fiona is so happy for them, but says that she doesn't like the ring.

Bianca lets out her feelings that she is sick of keeping the engagement a secret to everyone, and admits that she wants to tell Audra about it.

She is later seen talking to Audra about her scholarship, but gets worried when Audra asks if Drew has made any other crazy decisions lately. Bianca says no, as she can tell that Audra misses her relationship with Drew. 

Bianca Drew and Audra at The Dot

Later, Bianca brings Drew with her to The Dot, so that they can meet up with Audra to tell her the truth. Not knowing about this plan, Drew finds out, and tells Bianca that he doesn't want to tell his mom.

However, Bianca forces him to, anyway. She is seen in the dot with the two of them, and announces that they have a surprise. Audra immediately thinks that Drew got Bianca pregnant, which they obviously shake their heads no.

Audra is relieved, but once Bianca announces the engagement, she gets even more worked up. Audra gets angry, as she tells them that they're too young for marriage and are making a huge mistake. Drew gets up and walks out of The Dot, and Bianca follows him outside.


In Building A Mystery (2), she lets Fiona help design her wedding dress.

While Fiona helps her, she expresses her skepticism on if she should actually get married when Drew walks in. Fiona lets the them talk and Bianca says that she'll speak to Audra again for her approval.

When she speaks with Audra, she learns that she doesn't want Drew to be trapped in a teen marriage with a job at the mall and Bianca takes this the wrong way. She meets Fiona at the school auction and asks for her help.

When Drew arrives, she tells him that they'll still get married and that she doesn't care what Audra thinks. Fiona wins the pair seven tickets to Las Vegas and they decide to get married over spring break.

In I Want It That Way (1) , she is seen on the couch with Drew watching a movie until Fiona interrupts and starts talking to them about building a relationship with Imogen's mom. Bianca then admits that she misses having a relationship with Audra, which confuses Drew. 

In Tonight, Tonight, she is seen greeting Adam and Becky when they arrive at Fiona's condo. While Drew asks Adam to be his best man, Bianca talks to Becky and shows off her ring.  Bianca tells Adam that she's happy that he'll be at she and Drew's wedding.


In Degrassi: Las Vegas, Bianca is seen in Fiona's loft with Drew, practicing the wedding ceremony.

They share their practice wedding kiss and are both excited to travel to Las Vegas and officially tie the not. On the plane ride to Vegas, Bianca comes out of the bathroom at the same time as Katie, who they had no idea would be on the same plane ride.

Bianca is left extremely angry now that the enemy is going on vacation, and when Drew invites them all to the wedding in order to prevent awkwardness, she gets even more upset. Bianca and Drew are then in the lobby of their hotel and as they are checking in they work out their differences and talk about how awesome the wedding will be.

They also see two drag queens next to them singing "I Can't Help Fallin' In Love With You" which is the couple's song.

Bianca then goes off with Imogen and Fiona to celebrate their bachelorette party. Bianca tells Drew to have fun at his bachelor party, but not too much fun.

Bianca and Katie end up on the same plane to Las Vegas.

As the day of their wedding approaches, She is extremely nervous and looks at her phone for the first time seeing that Drew called her 20 times.

This worries Bianca, but Fiona and Imogen calm her down. As the bride walks into the room, Bianca is extremely angry as she sees Audra there talking to Drew and Adam.

Drew tries to explain how Audra randomly showed up, but Bianca gives up and tells Drew that she knows she will never be enough for his family. She walks out of the wedding and finds a random bench in Las Vegas to sit at and mope.

Bianca and Katie talk.

Katie approaches her, and the two talk for the first time since their huge fight in the middle of the school year.

They give each other advice on their relationships because both coincidentally got into fights with their boyfriends that night. They take out their sadness on a bottle of wine that Katie had, and share a moment.

Bianca is then seen in the hotel lobby, as Drew finds her, determined to win her back. They talk about how horrible the wedding went, and before she could blink, Bianca was serenaded by Drew, singing their song in a sparkly gold suit.

Bianca stood laughing and smiling in the middle of the lobby as Drew sang to her along with Audra, Marisol, Mo, Fiona, Imogen, Adam, and the drag queens. At the end of the song, Drew gets down on one knew proposing to Bianca again, and she says yes as they share a kiss.

Bianca and Drew kissing at the restaurant.

Once the plane lands back in Toronto, Bianca is seen with the Torres family, Imogen, Fiona, and Becky, at a restaurant eating dinner. Drew proposes for a third time, with a real and official ring. Bianca of course says yes, as the family and friends all clap for the couple.

Audra and Omar then make a toast to Drew and Bianca, and Bee and Audra rekindle their relationship at last.

Drew and Bianca share one more meaningful hug and kiss and finally settle on having a big wedding with the family, once they are ready.

In Bitter Sweet Symphony (1), Drew and Bianca appear to be happy together, and enter the school holding hands. When Dallas calls out to them, "Hey, it's Drop Out Drew!", Bianca defends Drew's part-time schedule.

Bianca teaching Fiona how to fight.

In Ray of Light (2),  she is seen in the yearbook video.

In Karma Police (2), she helps Fiona practice self defense with Drew. When Fiona worries that the attacker will return, she reassures her that it could've happened to anyone. She then tells Fiona to just knee the attacker in the "nuts".

In Zombie (1), she and Drew skip to class together, but then gets rammed into a glass door on accident. Drew then announces to the class that she got into Wilfred Laurier University and everyone cheers for her. Drew, Dallas, and Bianca are sitting in class together, when Drew is announced that he was nominated for Student Body President over the loudspeaker. Everyone is surprised when his named is called, but Bianca convinces him that it would actually be fun and that he should do it.

At lunch, she, Drew, and Dallas discuss how Drew will get people to vote for him and they discuss that Clare seems to be a better candidate. Dallas and Drew come up with the idea to throw a party so everyone votes for him, and Bianca agrees.

Aww couch.jpg

At the party, she questions Drew on if the party is actually working to get him more votes.

Drew is confident that he will win, thinking that all elections are a popularity contest. Bianca questions this, as she sees Clare show up to the party, handing out pins to vote for her.

Once a feud between Drew and Clare starts as they battle it out over who she be the next student body president, Bianca watches Drew get pushed into the kiddie pool by Clare and gasps. Once the party ends, Bianca is seen cleaning up the basement while Drew lounges on the couch.

Drew complains about how everyone thinks he is a joke. Bianca gives in, while hitting him with the broom to wake him up.

Bianca tells Drew that he made himself a joke, not Clare. She then tells him that she thinks he could be a great president, and that she nominated him, so that he would have something to do next year when she's off at university. Drew smiles and they agree to start taking the election more seriously.

In Zombie (2), Bianca is entirely supportive of Drew in his campaign, which includes cheering for her him at his debate and urging him not to quit, even though she is happy the doctor cleared him so that he could play non-contact sports. When Drew wins the election, he hugs her.

After selecting Clare as his vice-president, he and Bianca promise that they'll be okay next year, and they kiss.

Drianca is happy.jpg

In The Time of My Life, she was briefly seen with Drew at the prom.

It was obvious they were supposed to win prom king and queen, but since Eli and Fiona rigged the ballot box for Eli and Clare to win. The couple was disappointed but still made their prom night fun and memorable before Bianca went off to University.

Season 13

In About A Girl, Drew tells Adam that he might be over-reacting about Becky and Todd.

Adam questions how Drew would feel if Bianca was in another country hanging out with a guy like Todd, and Drew joins Adam's side to send Todd a message through Becky's Facerange account.

In Honey, Drew, Audra, and Omar receive the news that Adam has passed away from his car accident. Drew calls Bianca later that night and she is informed one of her best friends have died.

Bianca at Adam's funeral.

In Young Forever, the episode opens up to Adam's funeral - where Bianca, Eli, Becky, and Dallas are grieving his death and all look like they have been crying.

Bianca is the first to speak, saying, "This is crap. He was laying there in that hospital, why couldn't they save him?" she asks "Why did he have to die? " Eli looks at her and says, "Bianca.."

After some silence, Becky smiles and says, "I guess Jesus wanted to him close". Eli and Bianca glare at her. Bianca says, "What a stupid thing to say", she goes over to Drew and hugs him.

Becky walks up to Drew and Bianca. She says I shouldn't have said that I was just looking for an answer but there wasn't one.  Bianca, Drew, and Dallas looked at her and she asked "What do you all know that I don't?"

Drew becomes enraged and says, "he died because of you." Becky starts crying  and says that she wasn't even there and Drew says, "You were the reason he went into the truck, he went out to go call you and beg for your forgiveness. You killed him."

Becky starts crying. Bianca looks down in sadness, saying that they should go his parents are waiting to go to the reception.

Becky remains sobbing and Dallas offers to give her a ride, but Becky says for him to go ahead because she feels unwelcome after what Drew said. 

Bianca consoling Drew

At home, Drew is seen playing video games and Bianca come down accompanied by Dallas and tells Drew that everyone was asking about him upstairs and she brings him his favoite sandwich, egg salad.

Dallas jokes about Drew being gassy and Bianca says "Drew doesn't fart" and Dallas responds, "Yeah, keep telling yourself that."  

Imogen and Dave come down and Dave asks if anything exciting happend over the summer and Drew gets up and starts to cry about Adam.

Dallas tells him that they can go to the bar and get some drinks what ever he wanted and Drew says "I just wanna be alone." Dallas tells him that he needs to be around people in his time of grief and Drew pushes his arm away and walks out. Bianca stands by the couch with her hand on her chest and watches him walk out worried about him.   


Later, Bianca tries to talk to Drew again to help him get through it and she will get whatever he needs - and he says he needs his brother back.

She keeps herself from crying and says that he was the best brother. Drew then says that he killed Adam not Becky.

Bianca responds shocked and Drew says if he did anything different that his brother would still be here. Bianca says that several people (Becky, Alli, Connor and Jenna) are throwing a bonfire for Adam tonight and she thought it would be a good idea that he go.

Drew looks up devastated and asks, "Is that gonna bring my brother back?" Bianca stares at him with sympathy not knowing what to say to make him better. He walks into another room - leaving Bianca alone and sad.

Bianca is later seen at the bonfire, without Drew at first, and  she goes up to Becky and she says "it'll be okay" and they both get teary-eyed.

Bianca pulls Becky into a tight embrace and they share a long hug and Becky is shown starting to break down. She sends Drew a text saying that she loves him as he is walking through the city.  

At the end of the episode, after Drew shows up, Bianca listens as Drew speak to Adam's memorial chair and smiles a proud smile.

Once everyone is remembering Adam for the happy man he once was and starting to enjoy the party, the episode ends with Bianca wrapped in Drew's arms as the camera shows everyone at the memorial watching the lantern fly into the night sky as a symbol of Adam's memory.

Bianca's name pops up on Drew's phone.

In This Is How We Do It, Bianca calls Drew, waking him up. She tells him she didn't expect him to answer, so Drew asks then why did she call.

Bianca tells him she called to leave a sexy message. She then asks him why he isn't in class as its 9 am. He asks her if she knows what this means, she answers detention, but Drew tells her it means he finally slept.

Bianca tells him he fell asleep talking to her last night, at 4 am, and that he was groggy and it was pretty cute. He tells her that he finally slept and has to go to class, that he feels like a new man, and that she is free to call back later and leave a sexy message. She responds with a roar.

Bianca on the phone with Drew.

In Black Or White, Drew calls Bianca while she is in the middle of studying.

He asks what she is studying and she tells him she is studying the political ramifications of Margaret Thatcher in history.

Drew empathizes with how Thatcher felt and asks Bianca to to tell him more about her, to which she shares his thesis with him. Bianca gives Drew the idea to compromise with Degrassi TV, and they hang up so that she can work on her paper.


In Spiderwebs, Drew can't wait for Bianca to get home, but Dallas reveals that she is already back, as he had seen her previously at The Dot. Drew rushes to The Dot as soon as he can and finds Bianca with a group of her college friends.

Bianca is surprised to see him and says she didn't call because her phone died, but Drew is happy to see her, and they hug. Bianca's friends invite Drew to sit with them and he tells them the story about when he proposed to her.

After they leave, Drew asks Bianca to come back to the feast, but she claims she has to drop off her bags. Drew comments he thought that Bianca was going to break up with him, which is indeed what she was planning to do. Bianca breaks it off, saying she doesn't feel like that girl that fell in love with him anymore.

Heartbroken, Drew convinces her to come to the feast and pretend to be his girlfriend for his mother, Audra, as the news of their break up would upset her.

At the feast, Drew and Bianca act as if they are together to everyone, including Audra, Connor, and Jenna, though Drew thinks they really are back together.

When Drew tries to kiss her, Bianca reminds him that they are no longer together, and that she has been acting all day, like he asked her to Drew later finds Bianca again, and he tells her that he doesn't want to let her go.

However, he realizes they need to let each other go if he isn't making her happy. Bianca gives back the engagement ring.


Season 13

In The World I Know, Drew mentions when Bianca broke up with him.

In Better Man, Drew mentions to Zoë that his ex-fiance, Bianca, dumped him when she tries getting together with him.

In Power to the People, Bianca is mentioned by Drew when he uses her breaking up with him as an excuse for sleeping with Zoë Rivas to his mother, who refuses to have it. 

In Sparks Will Fly (2), Bianca is mentioned by Dallas when Drew and him are talking about her and Clare and Drew's relationships with both of them. 

in How Bizarre, when Drew is confused when a random woman sends him a picture of her breasts to his cell phone, he asks Dallas if he could figure out who it might be. Dallas suggests Bianaca, but Drew remarks that he "knows those breasts".

In Thunderstruck, Drew is looking for Becky, and acknowledges he sucks at dating, but claims he has never put anyone's life in danger. Dallas, however, asks him, "Didn't Bianca almost get killed by a gang like twice?".


Season 10

Season 11

Season 12

Season 13


  • Her Twitter
  • She shares strong similarities with former Degrassi character, Alex Nuñez and future character Esme Song.
  • In Hollaback Girl (2), it was mentioned that she has lived with her aunt Juliana for 5 years.
  • It was never mentioned or explained where her parents are, just that they are out of her life.
  • Bianca has a criminal record for underage drinking and is on probation for beating up another girl at a club, which is repeatedly mentioned throughout the show.
  • Bianca's last name was originally supposed to be Reynolds.
  • It has been shown that Bianca likes to design jewelry. In season 10, she said she'd like to design jewelry in her future. At one point, she also designed a bracelet for Drew's mother, Audra.
  • She is a fan of horror movies, as revealed in Nowhere to Run.
  • Bianca has a tattoo of a rose on her lower back.
  • She was forced to sell drugs at school.
  • Bianca was never portrayed as having a close relationship with any female characters on the show - despite eventually befriending Audra, Fiona, and Imogen.
  • As part of her plea bargain, she was working for Mr. Torres during season 11.
  • Bianca is the second girl to have sexted. Alli was the first one.
  • She is the second girl to almost be raped, the first one being Emma.
  • She is the second character to kill someone in self-defense. The first was Sean.
  • Bianca accidentally murdered someone, and later considered intentionally murdering another - almost making her the first character to ever kill two people in Degrassi History.
  • She is one of three characters to be referred to as a boyfriend stealer. The other two include: Marisol and Jenna. Ironically, all three have had conflicts with each other.
  • She is also one of the four girls that both Torres brothers have been interested in, the other girls being FionaKatie, and Becky.
  • Bianca is one of six girls in Degrassi history that had an abusive ex-boyfriend. The other five being KathleenTerri, Manny (Emotionally Abusive), Fiona, and Alli.
  • Bianca is the second person to cover up bruising left from physical abuse with makeup, the first one being Fiona.
  • Bianca was one of multiple girls to reveal herself on camera or in public. Others include:
    • Nude photos of her were sent out to the entire school by Alli, after she sent them to Drew - Alli's ex-boyfriend.
    • Clare made pictures of her breasts to put them on Asher's computer.
    • Manny took her shirt off in front off a camera, while Peter was filming her.
    • Darcy posted racy photos of herself online.
    • Emma took her dress off at a Purple Dragon assembly.
    • Liberty went streaking.
    • Alli sent full-body nudes to her ex-boyfriend, Johnny.
    • Zoë sent a topless picture to Zig.
  • Bianca, along with sixteen other characters, was sexually assaulted.

Memorable Quotes

  • (To Dave): "Biggest loser, he already won." (First Line)
  • (To Drew): "I'm only a phone call away... You're the first guy I ever loved, Drew. You've always got me." (Final Line)
  • (To Drew about Katie) "Because my honest advise would probably be something like: If you're that miserable you should breakup with her and be with me! And... That would be a really stupid thing to say."
  • (To Adam): "You're too skinny to have man-boobs..."
  • (To Adam): "I've seen you freaks on Oprah!"
  • (To Adam): "You need therapy. Touch me again, and I'll kill you!"
  • (To Adam): "You make one ugly girl."
  • (To Alli): "Your boyfriend and I got intimate in the boiler room, but all my clothes stayed on."
  • (To Drew): "Because you said a few stupid things when you were high? I'm not your judgy friends."
  • (To K.C.): "It's aspirin, moron. You'd think a druggie's son would have some street smarts."
  • (To Drew): "Crazy stuff happens, you just deal with it."
  • (To Tristan): "Hey! Big Red, just because you're new here, doesn't mean I won't stuff you into a locker. But if you pay attention, I can teach you how to avoid that fate! That goes for all of you! Capiche?!"
  • (To Drew): "I'm trapped Drew, I have no choice."
  • (To Drew): "What's got your jockstrap in a twist?"
  • (To Clare): "All the best horror movies take place in the woods. It's something about the seclusion. If you scream, no one can hear you."
  • (To Clare): "Can you stop playing with your whack 80's headband and navigate please?"
  • (To Alli): "In the horror movies, bad stuff happens to people who go out in the woods. And considering you're the skanky bitch in the scenario, you die first."
  • "Omg. He's outside. He wants to kill us! Or kidnap a virgin! Clare, Katie, sacrifice yourselves!"
  • (To Katie): "If you can’t trust Drew in a room with another girl, you’ll never last. Good luck with your relationship, honey. Real stable."
  • Drew to Katie: "We've been watching a lot of horror movies."
    Bianca: "Yeah, when you're not hiding under a blanket."
  • (To Clare): "Oh please girl, you love your stepbrother."
  • (To Katie): "You are such a mess."
  • (To Audra Torres): "Before I disappear, I just want you to know how awesome you are."
  • (To Katie): "Somebody wasted a carton of perfectly good eggs, did you know that there are starving children in Africa, ya dumb bitch?!"
  • (To Drew): "But you knew it happened! How long were you planning on lying to me? I can't deal with this Drew, don't call me!"
  • (To Campbell): "They make fun of you because you let them. Ignore them. In two years, you're going to be in the NHL, and they're gonna be mall security guards. And we can all go huck garbage at them."
  • (To Campbell): "And kid, high school sucks. So spend time here with people who don't."
  • "Bye Degrassi, we'll miss you!"
  • Becky (About Adam): "Maybe Jesus wanted him closer."
    Bianca: "What a stupid thing to say..."
  • (When Bianca sees the police): "Five-Oh, Five-Oh, Five-Oh."


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Love Triangles

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