Bitter Sweet Symphony (1) is the thirty-first episode, as well as the premiere of the spring block for Season 12 of Degrassi. It aired on February 15, 2013.

Main Plot

It’s a new semester, but Cam’s hesitant about coming back to Degrassi after an amazing week at home. After Spirit Week starts, Cam and Maya find that they're on separate teams and that Zig is on a team with Maya which makes Cam jealous. At the first event (floor hockey), Cam elbows Zig in the eye and pushes him over, asking for a fight. Dallas and Maya try to stop Cam from attacking Zig more, and all four of them are sent to the principal's office.

Maya tells the truth about the fight, and how it was no accident. Cam is suspended for the rest of the week and Maya leaves the room without saying a word to him. Cam has a breakdown and finds Alli saw it all. Alli gives Cam advice about how to win Maya back. Maya is shown at home practicing her cello and Cam comes in with a huge bouquet of pink flowers.

Maya thanks him and just as Cam is about to leave, Maya says that he could stay. They are shown cuddling on the couch while watching videos on Maya's phone. Maya shows Cam a stuffed animal from her night camp named Hoot. Katie then comes in and tells Cam that it's time to leave and just as he's about to, Maya convinces Katie to let him stay over for a sleepover after Cam said he didn't want to go home.  

The next morning, Cam is gone and Maya watches a video Cam sent her that says that she will have to meet him at the stairs at lunch because he stole her stuffed animal, Hoot and she must retrieve him. She smiles and the scene ends. In the next scene, Cam is seen sitting on the stairs as Zig confronts him about hitting him.

Zig says that Maya won't stay forgiving him for long, as she'll see what he really is: a psycho. Cam begins crying, upset about Zig's words. The next scene shows Maya looking for Cam at the stairs. She then gets a text from him saying that he can't make it, and it's  over. Maya is shown upset, and the episode ends there. When Maya thinks that Cam is talking about their relationship, he was actually talking about his life.

Sub Plot

Dallas wants a date with a reluctant Alli and makes it his mission to win her over. Dallas asks Alli out on a date by making a deal: Red Team wins, date and if purple team wins, no date. After Alli finds out that Dallas yelled at Cam, Alli scolds Dallas for the yelling and calls him an arrogant bully, before calling off their earlier deal.

Third Plot

Eli is depressed that he won't be able to spend all his time with Clare. When her locker is being moved, he offers to share his locker with her and convinces Dave that it will turn out fine, even though Dave doesn't think it will.

When Eli is leaving for class, he notices that Clare's diary fell onto his books, but he doesn't have time to return it. In class, he ends up reading it and sees her old entries about her love for Jake. He becomes jealous and when Clare asks him if he has her diary, he lies and says no. 

Clare becomes suspicious after he acts hostile towards Jake and he admits to stealing it. Clare gets upset with him for invading her privacy and storms off. Eli tries to apologize, but Clare doesn't give him the time of day.

  • Tristan: "It's not Maya you should be worrying about. Ugh, it's that bloodsucker Zig. He'll stop at nothing to get Maya to ditch you." (to Campbell)
  • Katie (to Maya) "Hey, a bouquet with legs got delivered for you."
    Maya: "Huh?"
    Campbell: "It's me."
    Katie: "You, okay?"
    Maya: "Yeah."

  • "The Coma Kid" by Motion City Soundtrack - Heard in the opening scene.
  • "Stairway" by Yukon Blonde
  • "Empty Holes" by Mike Simmons - Heard when Eli starts reading Clare's diary.