Bizarre Love Triangle is a Degrassi Mini, a part of the first season of minisodes, that aired during the fifth season.



Craig and Ellie are playing pinball closely to each other as they discuss Downtown Sasquatch and its future. Ellie then inserts the fact that she has decided to quit the band because "it's getting in the way of stuff." Craig treats this as a joke but then asks Ellie if it really was a joke. Ellie then answers him that it's not a joke and then jokingly adds that she is tired of the band and of Craig, that he is annoying and he kind of smells. Craig tickles her and as she asks him to stop, Manny arrives. Ellie assured her that they were just joking around. She looks pissed so Craig rushes to her after she told him that they were going to watch a movie with Emma. She asked Craig to get her a coffee-to-go so Craig left after kissing her. Manny was now alone with Ellie where she whispered to Ellie "'Cause if there was anything more between you two, there might be a problem." After Manny left, Ellie just made a big whoa face.


  • Ellie: "Look, um, the band's kinda getting in the way of stuff and I'm gonna have to quit."
    Craig: "Oh, ha. You're funny. You are joking, right?"
    Ellie: "No, no, I'm tired of the band... and you, Craig. You're kind of annoying and you kind of smell."
    Craig: "You're gonna pay for that, Nash!"



Degrassi Mini 103 - Bizarre Love Triangle

Degrassi Mini 103 - Bizarre Love Triangle

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