Black & White is the fourteenth episode of Season 3 of Degrassi Junior High, and the fortieth episode overall. It aired on February 20, 1989.


Michelle and B.L.T. have been getting along great, and he's even invited her to the graduation dance. Everything's fine until he walks her home one evening, and suddenly her parents aren't so happy about her date. It couldn't possibly be because he's black and she's white, could it? Spike's daycare falls through, and she has to try to find a job—not an easy task when you wear your hair like she does.


B.L.T. and Michelle are leaving science when someone calls B.L.T. a nigger, which provokes a fight. B.L.T. is taken to the principal, but only gets a warning. Later on, B.L.T. asks Michelle to the graduation dance, who says yes. Later at Michelle's home, her and B.L.T. are working on a collage when her parents arrive, she introduces them to B.L.T., after B.L.T. leaves, her parents tell her that she didn't know he was colored, and forbid her from going to the dance with him. She later asks him if it's because he's black, they say it's not natural for different colors to date. Michelle tells B.L.T. what they said later on, and he gets angry, but she just asks him to go to the dance with her, he agrees.

  • The characters featured in the final freeze frame for this episode were B.L.T. and Michelle.
  • This marks the start of B.L.T. and Michelle's relationship.
  • Mr. Accette is played by Frank Quinlan in this episode. In all of his subsequent appearances, he was played by Richard Kovsky.
  • This marks the first and only time that the n-word has been said on Degrassi.

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