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    Bc I’m feeling anxious and can’t sleep and want to write something 😊


    I don’t think I’ve talked about my feelings toward Kenna much (just hasn’t come up ig). I do ship them, although they aren’t a favorite of mine for reasons you can probably guess (the guitar, Karisol, etc). They were a very dysfunctional pair, but the reason I ship them is because it was clear they were very emotionally bonded. I also thought they had an interesting dynamic, both coming from neglectful backgrounds, and their love for each other/chemistry was intriguing and believable to me (especially in Halo). I also think they were better suited to each other than Klare, and although I hated how they treated Clare in Heart Like Mine, t…

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  • BakuCamie

    A must-do. #currentlyreadinguponthemangabeforeufotableanimatesthesecondseason

    Oof this was hard.

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  • Ultraviolets

    TAPE 2, SIDE B 

    tw: stalking, sexual harassment

    Lizzy: We live in a virtual world, where you can find out anything about anyone with a few taps of the finger. Want to see what they look like? Instagram. Their feelings? Twitter. Their friends and family? Facebook. Essentially, we’ve created a society of stalkers. 



    Lizzy is dancing around her room and singing anime openings. She takes her shirt off to slip into her pajamas. Suddenly, she hears a noise, similar to a camera click. She freezes with fear and stares out her open window. 

    Lizzy: What the hell? 

    Common sense comes back to her brain and she hurriedly closes her blinds and pulls the curtains over them. 


    Lizzy: Of course, facing stalkers in real life is a completely different b…

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  • Mochizou

    It's time for the next installment on my best personality types competitions. This time we are voting for the best sisterly type villager!

    This will be a quicker blog as the sisterly type is the smallest personality trait. As always, you will vote to eliminate each round except for special circumstances which will be clearly stated. 

    In the event of a tie, a random draw will determine who will be eliminated, likewise in the case of a multiple elimination - unless one villager has more votes than another in which case the villager with the higher votes out of the eliminated will place lower

    Ok, let's vote!

























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  • HobbitLove37

    Summary: The calm before the storm. Title is I Can’t Help It by Michael Jackson.

    Trigger warning for sexual harassment. It starts at “Hey little sweet treat” and ends at “Eli growled at the action as he felt his stomach grow queasy”.

    Vous savez, vous êtes un type génial. Vous êtes la personne la plus honnête, la plus gentille, la plus terre à terre que je connaisse. Tu es un peu petit, mais ça ajoute à la gentillesse...que je te trouverais si tu étais une fille, ou je n'étais pas un gars,” a teenage boy confessed to his friend on the tv screen. They were sitting on the top of the steps while a party was going on downstairs.

    His friend was looking at him in wonder and admiration. It was obvious to the audience that he was in love with him.

    Tu …

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  • MichelleHollingsworth

    (This is a shitty title, I’m sorry xD)

    Describe a Degrassi ship using ONLY one word and people can try to guess what it is. The only real rule is characters’ names cannot be used as keywords.

    Okay, go!

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  • MichelleHollingsworth

    They were running late.

    They always ran late. In a house with three young boys, there was no such thing as being on time. Katie had learned that the hard way. No matter how early she woke the kids up, or how many lunches she packed the night before, or how many hours they left the house in advance, they were always scrambling to be somewhere. Over the years, they had missed 2 flights, one wedding, and shown up late to about a thousand-and-one gatherings. Katie and Jake had also gotten to know the school’s attendance workers a little too well.

    For the Martins, there was always something standing in the way of punctuality: a missing cleat, someone forgetting to pack their bags, general messing around. Today, it was everyone oversleeping.

    “Did you re…

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  • Michi Loves Muffin

    Hunter started the Best Cat Villager blog a while ago, but he just....completely let it flop, so I decided (with Hunter's approval) to just takeover and restart the whole thing. I did, however, decide to change the format up from what Hunter was doing. I have decided to make this a tourney! I will be randomly generating who faces who, but the first round will just be deciding which 2 villagers will be getting immunity. Immunity will last them until the quarter finals of the tourney.

    With that, let's get to our villagers!

    Ankha! Personality: Snooty

    Felicity! Personality: Peppy

    Lolly! Personality: Normal

    Merry! Personality: Peppy

    Olivia! Personality: Snooty

    Purrl! Personality: Snooty

    Rosie! Personality: Peppy

    Tangy! Personality: Peppy

    26. Felyne

    25. Punchy

    24. …

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  • HobbitLove37

    For my wikiversary....

    Sarah- one of my oldest friends. I’ll never forget how welcoming you were to me when I was awkward on chat and we also have such good discussions. You are funny, iconic, and amazing. You’re one of my biggest supporters and I am one of yours. Love you ❤️

    Nick- You’re one of the most ratchet people I know, but in a good way. You are funny, caring, real, and an icon. You deserve the world and I love you.

    Jo- My favorite Eclare and Semma stan. Like Margaery Tyrell, you are gorgeous, bright, and witty. You’re one of the sweetest and relaxed people on wiki and we would be nothing about you.

    Alex- A total sweetheart, you are one of the best Zaya stans ever and you are always able to explain your opinions perfectly. We haven’t t…

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  • HobbitLove37

    Summary: So this chapter is a HARD T for some sexual content, but nothing extremely graphic. All of the sexy stuff is basically in all italics throughout the whole section.

    For anyone that knows French, I’m sorry if it sounds shitty in this chapter. I only know Italian and Spanish.

    Title is I’m Sprung by T-Pain XD.

    This type of dream started off as it always did.

    Eli was sitting on a black couch in his dimly lit basement. It was quiet. He was wearing nothing but his silky black boxers. He waited in anticipation of what was about to happen.

    Clare was going to come down the steps in sexy black lingerie, black nail polish, and lacy black slippers. She was going to wear dark makeup that sharpened her normally soft features.

    She would confess that sh…

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  • MichelleHollingsworth

    They had to be driving backwards.

    Fiona glanced past the divider, trying to see out the front windshield. All of the buildings ahead of them looked achingly familiar, but she didn’t know whether it was because they’d passed them before or because they were all the same dull shade of gray. Fiona shook her head. It was 2030 and somehow architecture still wasn’t any more colorful.

    “Are we almost there?” her daughter Elora whined from the seat behind her. “I have to pee.”

    “Yeah, and I’m starting to feel icky,” Fiona’s wife Imogen added from her right. “I really shouldn’t have had that third breakfast burrito.”

    “My legs are falling asleep!” this complaint came from their older daughter, Carmella. “When are we gonna get there?”

    With a sigh, Fiona pus…

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  • Michi Loves Muffin

    So twitter and reddit did their polls, and I figured Degrassi Wiki needed to do their own. Some of y'all on Discord gave me some help formulating this (shout out to Yazzy, Zai, and CC) so here it is! You can take it as many times as you want but I do hope y'all don't just spam it, I want this to be an accurate representation of wiki's opinions. I only included main characters who were STUDENTS from DTNG through DNC.

    For this survey you will be ranking your top 10 characters:

    I'll leave it up for at least a couple days, or until new votes start slowing. Please keep this to wikians only, like I said I want this to be representative of our community here.

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  • Loveisfolly27

    Character survey

    June 22, 2020 by Loveisfolly27

    Why I like them:

    Why I don’t:

    Favorite episode:

    Favorite season:

    Favorite line:


    Favorite friendship:


    Unpopular opinion:

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  • HobbitLove37

    Summary: So....Imogen baby, I’m sorry. You’re not going to look good in this fic.

    There as references to sexual harassment in this chapter as I’m drawing on my own experiences with it. If it makes you uncomfortable and you want to skip it, the scene starts with “One night later“ and ends with “Right, thank you!” As a further warning, this fic is going to get pretty dark real soon.

    The title is The Boy is Mine by Brandy and Monica.

    Marisol looked into the mirror inside her locker while applying lip gloss. It was pink and strawberry flavored. It was her favorite because strawberries were her favorite fruit. She smacked her lips with a pop when she was finished. She wondered what shade of lip gloss Eli would like on her? Probably black, grey or …

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  • HobbitLove37

    Summary: Title song is Teenage Love Affair by Alicia Keys.

    “So the look that I am going for this play is something dark and dramatic. Something that will put tension and give the audience a dreadful feeling,” Eli told Marisol as he showed her around the stage.

    “Okay, but why do I have to see the stage set?” She asked in confusion.

    “Because when you do stage makeup, it has to capture the look of the production. There can’t be any colorful eyeshadow, bright lipstick, or pastel blush because that is not the tone of the play,” he explained as he eyed her current makeup critically. She was wearing pink eyeshadow and sparkly pink lip gloss. Marisol was so....girly. He wondered if she had a single thing black in her makeup kit.

    “And eyeliner?” She as…

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  • MichelleHollingsworth


    One of the biggest reasons I love Drianca is because of their dynamic. I believe it’s a lot more complex than the show gave it credit for. The love triangles, silly engagement, and other drama kind of distracted from some of the more beautiful parts of their story.

    I’ve come to the conclusion that Drew and Bianca were just a male and female version of the same person in S10. Think about it, they both walked around with bad, apathetic attitudes. They both treated people terribly and lashed out in similar ways when they got upset. They both exhibited deplorable behavior toward a member of the LGBT community. Neither felt remorse for breaking up a relationship, etc. I found the two of them equally unlikable in season 10.

    A lot…

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  • MichelleHollingsworth

    Link to part 1:

    The four friends sat around Eli and Marisol’s elegant dining room table, chatting happily over drinks. They had only been reunited for 15 minutes, but it already felt like they’d never been separated. They’d easily broken into the hangout as if no time had passed. In fact, Marisol would go as far as to say that whenever the four of them got together, it felt like they were back in high school.

    Except, of course, they were now in their thirties with kids.

    Right now, they were laughing about a story Eli was telling about his second-to-youngest daughter, Evie. “She literally would not go to sleep unless I told her a scary story,” h…

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  • MichelleHollingsworth

    July 1, 2030

    The guests would be arriving any minute.

    Marisol was trying her best not to freak out. But it was hard. This was the biggest gathering she and Eli had ever thrown, let alone the first one at their new house. All of their friends from high school were coming over with their kids to celebrate Canada Day. According to the RSVP list, there were going to be 29 people in the house today, including themselves.

    It would be a lie to say she wasn’t feeling the pressure.

    “Are you sure everything’s ready?” she asked Eli, pacing around their exceptionally large kitchen. It was easily her favorite part of the house, with backsplash walls, a marble-topped island, and a built in TV screen. The cabinets, counters, and floors shined even without th…

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  • Ultraviolets

    TAPE 2, SIDE A

    tw: sexual harassment, mentions of suicide, bullying, alcohol use

    Lizzy: I’m sure at this point everyone has heard of the butterfly effect, right? A butterfly flaps its wings and suddenly there’s a hurricane in the Gulf Coast. You see, this is what we call a chaos theory. One action leads to several reactions, mostly bad. This is where the story truly starts its downfall. 



    Kieran and Lizzy are on the top of the comic book store. 

    Lizzy: So listen. That star there, that’s Aquarius. She’s a badass mermaid who is temperamental. Rumors are that she’s dating Scorpio, who is over there, but their relationship is rocky. 

    Kieran: And how do you know all this?

    Lizzy: Of course I have my sources. What’s your star sign, Backpack Boy…

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  • HobbitLove37

    Summary: Song title is More Than A Woman by Aaliyah. I’m already sorry for how Clare is going to get treated in this fic 😭.

    Eli Goldsworthy sat in front of his locker as he looked at his script for the play. It was frustrating that he couldn’t seem to make it work. The ideas for a riveting plot just wouldn’t come to him. He nearly balled up the script in frustration. Fiona and Ms. Dawes were beginning to grow impatient and he knew he would be in trouble if he didn’t write up a plot soon. How could he have fallen this far? Before his breakup with Clare, words and ideas would flow through his mind like a river. Now, it felt empty upstairs in his head.

    “Hi, Eli!” A cheery and feminine voice greeted him. He looked up and saw that it was Marisol …

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  • MichelleHollingsworth

    Degrassi (Season 6)

    The sixth season of Degrassi: The Next Generation (alternative titled Decracki) aired from 2006-2007, depicting the first semester of the 2006-2007 school year. This season marks the beginning of the show’s first downfall, which it does not fully recover from until season 10. It also permanently messes up the timeline, as this is the first season to cover one semester rather than a full year. You can blame season 6 for Clare’s class sticking around for 8 years.

    Main characters this season are:

    Emma Nelson, who has apparently been talking to Ashley Kerwin as she did her boyfriend dirty on his birthday.

    Manny Santos, who thought cocaine would give her knowledge about Rousseau.

    Sean Cameron, who finds out his girlfriend “did thi…

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  • Ladylexyloo15

    just started

    June 8, 2020 by Ladylexyloo15

    hi guys I just started and this blog is about really anything so you guys can send me a message about what you guys want me to talk about may it be about Degrassi or things going on in your lives so tell me and I will make a blog post just like this one explaining stuff about that topic and every day I will be checking it to see what you guys have said so please feel free to tell me anything and if you guys just need someone to talk to without me making a blog post about it then I'm always here


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  • Ultraviolets

    Tape 1, Side B

    tw: drug mentions/use, mentions of suicide

    Lizzy: Welcome back. I see you’ve decided to keep listening. Are you drowning in anticipation? Is this your tape? Will you finally become a player in this game? Well, keep listening. And one more thing, I’m still dead. 


    Kieran is eating breakfast with his family. 

    Zai: Kieran, sweetie, make sure you run by the Bakers’ pharmacy later. I had your prescription refilled. 

    Kieran: What prescriptions? 

    Zai: Your antidepressants. 

    Kieran: What? Why? Y’know what it doesn’t even matter. I’ll get them. 

    Zai: We’re just worried about you honey. Especially with the news about your friend. 

    Kieran: I didn’t even know her that well! Whatever, I’m going to school. 

    Kieran rushedly grabs his backpack and heads…

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  • HobbitLove37

    Summary: Your favorite crackship truther is back at it again with a new fic! In an AU of Now or Never, Marisol is involved in Love Roulette and attempts to win the heart of Eli. Will she succeed? Song title is You’ve Really Got A Hold On Me by The Miracles.

    The beginning of Junior Year

    Inside her car, Marisol Lewis cheerfully pulled into a parking lot at school with her best friend Katie next to her.

    Today was the first day of her Junior year at Degrassi High School and she was *more* than excited. She had it all ruled out. She wanted to be elected cheer captain by the end of the year, run the school with Katie, have fun with some cute guys, and solidify her position as the most popular girl in school. She had simple goals and simple taste.


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  • MichelleHollingsworth

    I’m gonna be telling the complete story of Drew and Bianca through gifs. I’ve taken at least one gif from every episode they appeared in together and episodes where their storylines involved each other. A couple of things to note:

    I won’t be including any gifs of Bianca and Vince (I will include clips from that storyline but nothing that shows her being abused).

    Going off of that, I won’t be including gifs of some of the more violent parts of their storyline. A lot from Boom Boom Pow, Dead and Gone, etc. will only be described and not shown.

    I also won’t be going into much detail about the early S12 situation, since I’ve explained where I stand on it and I would just rather not lol.

    Okay, here goes!

    First a boy transferred to Degrassi.

    There's a…

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  • Ultraviolets

    Tape 1, Side A:

    TW: exploitation, bullying, sexual harassment 

    Lizzy: Every story has a beginning, middle, and end. Mine began at that little house on the corner at 6th and Main, marked by the number 1 on your map. 


    Kieran: What the fuck are these, Katie?

    Katie: They're from Lizzy. You need to listen to them. 

    Kieran: Why? I didn’t even know her that well. We weren’t close. 

    Katie: Your name is on the list I was told to give these tapes to. You have to listen to them, you don’t have a choice. 

    Kieran: Like hell I don’t. 

    Katie: Respect a dead girl’s dying wish, would you?


    Lizzy: I was so scared to be entering a new school, a whole new county. I had never been away from my hometown you know. I had one friend who lived here, Jo. She told me about…

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  • Michi Loves Muffin

    Rules are simple: make a bingo card with 9 of your favorite albums, post it, and people will respond with how many of they albums they also love to see if they get bingo on your card! Feel free to ask me any questions, but I think it's fairly self explanatory.

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  • HobbitLove37

    A collaborative effort between me and Michelle ♥️












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  • HobbitLove37

    Summary: Basically The Time of My Life with Elarisol. Song is When Will I See Again by Bell Biv Devoe.

    He fucked up.

    At this point, Eli knew he had a record of self-sabotaging all of his relationships. Most of his fights with Julia were his fault. His breakup with Clare was his fault. Now, Marisol not wanting to speak with him was his fault.

    He did need space after seeing Cam’s body, and he did feel like Marisol was smothering him even though she was trying to help. So he knew he needed a break from her. The problem was that her not being in his life was causing him great misery.

    He missed how she would sit in his lap at lunch, and playfully feed him. He missed riding around the city in her car, and how some nights Marisol would just drive som…

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  • Sailor Sister

    I haven't done a blog for so long, I think since 2015 but here you go. Types in a character name and another person would type in who they think they would vote for in the 2020 election.


    Person 1: Tristan Milligan

    Person 2: Pete Buttigieg.

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  • Michi Loves Muffin

    So, if you're on the wiki discord, and you've visited the Animal Crossing channel, you'll know that I'm obsessed with my islanders! I love them to death! So I've been thinking about doing this blog for a while now. It's time for y'all to decide which of my islanders is the best! I will not be voting because they are my islanders and I love them all (almost, lmao), and although I have my own ranking in my head, I don't want to influence anyone.

    Feel free to play based on aesthetic even if you don't know anything about Animal Crossing. You can also ask me questions about what each islander is like, if you want to.

    Let's meet our contenders winner! Congrats, King!

    Roscoe the Horse! Personality: Cranky

    10th: Graham

    9th: Katt

    8th: Antonio

    7th: Soleil


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  • Michi Loves Muffin

    Delia: So I was high, right? I ate that weed cookie and I didn’t really feel much of an effect until I started trying to go to sleep. It must’ve been, like, 3 or 4 in the morning, but I heard hushed voices arguing. I thought I was dreaming. Then I heard what I thought sounded like someone falling down the stairs, followed by a lot of hushed swearing. I thought, damn this dream is vivid. Then I thought I heard footsteps going downstairs, followed soon after by some banging noises, and then running water. The footsteps came back up the stairs and then everything was silent. And until now I just thought I dreamt it. I was pretty sure I was asleep at the time and that the pot cookie was just fucking with me.

    CC: Assuming it wasn’t a dream, do yo…

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  • Michi Loves Muffin

    CC: What happened last night, Delia?

    Delia: How much do you want to know?

    Xav: Start from the beginning, please.

    Delia: I dragged Lizzy to the party because I wanted to get drunk and see Hunter’s new house, not necessarily in that order. We got there and she showed me around before we saw Kieran arrive, and we went downstairs to greet him. Everyone met up in the kitchen when we heard the rain pick up. Hunter invited us to stay the night, Red and Kieran went with Hunter to get bedding, Yazzy and Zai went to turn on some music, and Tori and I started looking for alcohol.

    CC: One of our witnesses says they saw Tori give you something. What was it?

    Delia: Oh! Tori brought weed cookies with her. I don’t know who else got one, but she gave me one.

    CC: Did y…

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  • Michi Loves Muffin

    Xav: Why didn’t you tell me that you got up in the middle of the night and went into Hunter’s room for a different pillow?

    Kieran: I didn’t think it was important to be honest.

    CC: I really wish we’d stop hearing that excuse.

    Kieran: Look, I went into his room, I got a pillow, and I left. Hunter was safe and sound asleep in his bed. End of story.

    CC: And you saw nobody else?

    Kieran: No. I went to sleep and the next thing I knew, I heard Zai screaming and we all ran out of the room to find Hunter dead. That’s it.

    (Unsure of where to go next, Xav and CC return to Sarah’s office with the hopes that a fresh pair of eyes will help them solve the case)

    Sarah: So how did the interviews go?

    CC: First, I interviewed Red. I was suspicious of his lack of detail at …

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  • Michi Loves Muffin

    (CC and Xav exit Zai’s interrogation room)

    CC: I told you we couldn’t rule Red out yet! Something seemed a bit off to me once we talked to other people. Everyone else was more detailed, whereas Red was just so vague. I know he said he was drunk and that’s why his memory was foggy, but everyone else was drinking too. Ugh, why didn’t I ask him to elaborate more?

    Xav: I thought Yazzy provided him with a solid alibi! How was I supposed to know if he left something out? You were the one interviewing him.

    CC: Again, this is why we should’ve stuck together. No point arguing about it now, we need to go talk to Red again.

    (CC and Xav head off to talk to Red again)

    CC: Red, why did you leave out that you got up again in the middle of the night?

    Red: I forgot!…

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  • Mochizou

    Since Hunty completely flopped on his blog - tch. I'm going to do my own one but instead of how Hunter did it. I'm going to do it by personality types!

    To start with, we'll be voting out two villagers a round until the numbers are down. Also for the first round you can vote for someone to achieve immunity until the Top 15. Two villagers will be chosen

    Happy Voting

    1ST PLACE - Roscoe

    2ND PLACE - Fang

    3RD PLACE - Apollo

    4TH PLACE - Bruce

    5TH PLACE - Wolfgang

    6TH PLACE - Lobo


    8TH PLACE - Dobie

    9TH PLACE - Gonzo

    10TH PLACE - Chief

    57TH PLACE: Harry

    56TH PLACE: Octarian

    55TH PLACE: Wart Jr.

    54TH PLACE: Cesar

    53RD PLACE: Camofrog

    52ND PLACE: Limberg

    51ST PLACE: Rasher

    50TH PLACE: Gaston

    49TH PLACE: Boris

    48TH PLACE: Del

    47TH PLACE: Rocco

    46TH PLACE: …

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  • Mochizou


    • CC: Died in Episode 2
    • Zai: Died in Episode 2
    • Red: Died in Episode 3
    • Nick: Died in Episode 4
    • Delia: Died in Episode 4
    • Jo: Died in Episode 7
    • Katie: Died in Episode 7
    • Kieran: Died in Episode 8
    • Michelle: Died in Episode 9
    • Sarah: Died in Episode 9

    Sunday 26th July - 1:20am

    Michi: Who out of you two is the killer? Lizzy? Tori? Who is it?

    Lizzy: I resent this accusation! If it was me, I would have said so from the start

    Michi: So Tori then?

    Tori: Please, killing people is too much effort, besides I'd only be interested in killing men

    Alex: She's not wrong

    Michi: Well somebody's lying

    Lizzy: How do we know you're not?

    Alex: Michi and I have been together in the other room

    Michi: We know for certain that one of us is the killer. Alex and I have been chatting …

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  • Mochizou


    • CC: Died in Episode 2
    • Zai: Died in Episode 2
    • Red: Died in Episode 3
    • Nick: Died in Episode 4
    • Delia: Died in Episode 4
    • Jo: Died in Episode 7
    • Katie: Died in Episode 7
    • Kieran: Died in Episode 8

    Saturday 25th July - 9:30pm

    Alex: He wouldn't have jumped right?

    Tori: He was upset after the fight but it still seems a bit of a stretch

    Sarah: He gives almost nothing away, there's almost no way of knowing how he was feeling before he died

    Alex: Maybe he was scared?

    Tori: I doubt that was it

    Sarah: Maybe he was the killer and the guilt was too much?

    Michi: I guess we'll never know

    Lizzy: Everybody just SHUT UP! 

    Michi: I understand things are difficult

    Lizzy: NO you have no idea, I told him that I wished he was dead. I said these things to him and maybe, just m…

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  • Michi Loves Muffin

    CC: So, you were the one to find Hunter’s body, correct?

    Zai: Yes. It was the worst thing I’ve ever seen. He was just lying at the bottom of the staircase, and there was blood everywhere.

    Xav: When did you find him?

    Zai: When I woke up, around 7. I got up to go downstairs and see if there was any food to eat and to make a pot of coffee for everyone, and that’s when I found him.

    CC: You found him in the morning?

    Zai: Yes.

    CC: When’s the last time you saw him the night before?

    Zai: Um, I think I saw him talking to Kieran and Lizzy around 1 a.m. when I was on my way to bed.

    Xav: That’s certainly interesting, because one of our witnesses says you got up in the middle of the night.

    Zai: Well I did, but I didn’t see Hunter. My phone buzzed and woke me up. My room…

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  • Mochizou


    • CC: Died in Episode 2
    • Zai: Died in Episode 2
    • Red: Died in Episode 3
    • Nick: Died in Episode 4
    • Delia: Died in Episode 4
    • Jo: Died in Episode 7
    • Katie: Died in Episode 7

    Saturday 25th July - 2:26pm

    Yazzy: This storm is terrible, I can barely see anything out here

    Michelle: The rain's not letting up at all

    Yazzy: We should be getting closer to the road now

    Michelle: I hope so, we've been out here for over an hour

    Yazzy: When Jo and I did the walk, it took about 45 minutes. With the weather the way it is now, we shouldn't be much further

    Michelle: I'm starting to think that crossing this road is going to be a lot trickier than I first thought

    Yazzy: Yeah no kidding



    Tori: You gonna sit there all day?

    Lizzy: You bet

    Tori: You know Kieran never came ba…

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  • Mochizou


    • CC: Died in Episode 2
    • Zai: Died in Episode 2
    • Red: Died in Episode 3
    • Nick: Died in Episode 4
    • Delia: Died in Episode 4

    Saturday 25th July - 3:15am

    Kieran: Whose blood is that?

    Yazzy: I don't know but we need to find Michelle quick!

    Katie: Which way did the person go

    Yazzy: This way, round the side of the hotel

    The four rush around the outside of the hotel following what they believe was a person. As they reach the back of the hotel, they come face to face with

    Yazzy: There! There's a body

    Kieran: Michelle?!

    They run to the body

    Lizzy: Oh crap

    Kieran: It's not Michelle

    Yazzy: It's Jo

    Jo is lying in front of them. She's been repeatedly stabbed across her whole body

    Lizzy: How did she get out here?

    Yazzy: I don't think she did. There's no way that figure …

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  • Mochizou


    • CC: Died in Episode 2
    • Zai: Died in Episode 2
    • Red: Died in Episode 3
    • Nick: Died in Episode 4
    • Delia: Died in Episode 4

    Friday 24th June - Saint Marie - 7:43pm

    Kieran: Whoa I haven't been down this part of the hotel yet

    Yazzy: It's majorly spooky down here

    Jo: This is part of the hotel we had closed for remodelling but the renovations have been delayed

    Yazzy: Why are you so different now?

    Jo: Huh?

    Yazzy: You've taken on a whole new personality since your friend died

    Jo: Yeah that happens a lot

    Jo carries on walking as Kieran and Yazzy are left dumbfounded by a lack of explanation from Jo

    Kieran: What are we doing down here?

    Jo: I'm hoping that there's a working phone line down here

    Yazzy: Hey can you see something

    Kieran walks on ahead but he's confro…

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  • Michi Loves Muffin

    (After completing their interviews of Tori and Alex, CC and Xav meet up in the hallway to discuss what they learned.)

    CC: I really thought Lizzy was being truthful. I guess this is what I get for not asking what she overheard.

    Xav: This is just Tori’s theory, she doesn’t have any proof to back it up, so maybe Lizzy wasn’t lying. Maybe she just felt like it wasn’t her place to tell you what she overheard.

    CC: Still would’ve been better to know before we interviewed Alex and Tori. And we definitely need to speak to Lizzy again, this time together. I’m not missing anything again, I warned you that might happen.

    Xav: Okay, we’ll interview Lizzy together.

    (CC and Xav go back to interview Lizzy)

    Lizzy: I thought I was done here, I told you everything I kn…

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  • Crazychick08

    Basically I'm gonna post my massive writers episodes and we post prompts like, for example, "Rank the Writers", "Best Drianca writer", "What trends do you see in how they wrote", etc.

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  • Michi Loves Muffin

    CC: So Alex, what exactly happened last night?

    Alex: I got to Hunter’s house right after Lizzy, Delia, and Tori did, and the four of them were standing in the doorway still. So I greeted them, and then Lizzy and Delia went upstairs--to tour the house I think--and left Tori, Hunter, and I downstairs. Zai arrived soon after that, and Tori and I went to the kitchen while Hunter talked to her at the door. Red came into the kitchen a few minutes after that, then Zai came in and said that she saw Yazzy arriving. Tori and I were talking so I don’t really know when everyone ended up in the kitchen or when it started storming, but then Hunter was inviting everyone to stay over, and he, Kieran, and Red went off to get extra bedding, and Tori and Delia…

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  • Michi Loves Muffin

    Idk if this is my first "Wikians As" blog, but while playing Animal Crossing earlier, I thought it'd be fun to make a "Wikians as my Islanders" blog. Since these are just my islanders, there could only be 10 on this list, so don't feel bad if you aren't on here. I did my best.

    Xav as Antonio

    Cam as Biskit

    Jo as Bluebear

    Sarah as Katt

    CC as Nana

    Lizzy as Peanut

    Delia as Roscoe

    Hunter as Sherb

    Tori as Soleil

    Spencer Karter as Graham

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  • Michi Loves Muffin

    Xav: So what happened last night?

    Kieran: Hunter threw a housewarming party. He had only been in the house for about 2 weeks. I was the last person to get there, I think. I was running late and it was starting to rain right as I arrived. Hunter met me at the door and led me into the house. We encountered Lizzy and Delia first and the four of us went into the kitchen where the others were. Hunter said he didn’t want us all to have to travel in the storm, which was getting worse by the second, so he offered for us to stay overnight. Red and I volunteered to help Hunter get some bedding stuff for people to sleep with, and we went off to his room. His closet was full of extra pillows and blankets, almost like he was expecting a point where eight…

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  • Michi Loves Muffin

    (At the same time as CC was interviewing Red in Interrogation Room A, Xav was interviewing Yazzy in Interrogation Room B)

    Xav: Take me through last night, what happened?

    Yazzy: I was one of the last to arrive I think, maybe even the last. It was almost 9:30 by the time I got there, and I think everyone else was already there, but everyone was spread out so I can’t be sure. Hunter greeted me at the door and we talked as I walked in. I lost sight of him as I greeted the others who were in the kitchen--

    Xav: And who was there?

    Yazzy: Oh, in the kitchen were Red, Zai, Tori, and Alex. I don’t know where everyone else was at that point or exactly who else was there yet if I wasn’t the last to arrive. After a few minutes, though, everyone was in the kit…

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  • MichelleHollingsworth

    SCENE ONE: Fiona’s Loft

    Note: The majority of this scene is from the actual episode.


    “Ladies and gentlemen,” Fiona said in her most “professional” voice. “We are gathered here today to join in holy matrimony, Drew Torres and Bianca DeSousa.”

    Drew and Bianca were unable to hold in their laughter as their friend rattled off the formal stuff. It just sounded so strange; the two of them being bonded “in holy matrimony.” They were more focused on the other parts of marriage, ie. spending the rest of their lives together and building their own world without any adults around to judge them or tell them what to do.

    But, of course, there was a ceremony first.

    Fiona whacked Drew with her clipboard in an attempt to get him to focus. “Promise me you goofs w…

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  • Michi Loves Muffin

    Hunter decided to throw a party at his house one night and invited Lizzy, Delia, Tori, Kieran, Alex, Red, Zai, and Yazzy. That night, soon after his guests have all arrived, a storm kicks up. It’s bad enough that Hunter just decides to let everyone stay over his house for the night and gathers up extra pillows and blankets for people to use, and people go to sleep wherever they find a comfortable spot to crash. Come dawn, Hunter is found stabbed to death. But who did it? And why?


    (Sarah, CC, and Xav sit in Sarah’s office in the Wikiville Police Department)

    Sarah: Detectives, thank you for coming. A murder has occurred in downtown Wikiville. The victim is Hunter, and he was stabbed to death in his home after throwing a party last night. Eig…

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