• Tmoney3

    Favorite: Parcy

    Somewhat: Pia

    Who Cares: Dia

    Crackship: Darcy and Danny, Danny and Jane, Peter and Jane

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  • Tmoney3

    The favorites will scare the pants off you guys.

    Favorite: Spemma

    Somewhat: Jiberty,Memma,Spanny

    Who Cares: Demma

    Crackship: Jimmy and Manny, Toby and Liberty, Emma and Manny

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  • Tmoney3

    Note: I did a blog another time so I figured why not. Remeber, the relationships will consits from past blogs, meaning only the characters from the said blog classes. 

    Favorites: Palex,Mellie,Sellie( doesn't mean I like Sean)

    Somewhat: Crashley

    Crackship: Ellie and Alex, Marco and Craig, Hazel and Marco

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  • Tmoney3

    Favorite Characters for 2017

    September 12, 2020 by Tmoney3

    New note: After this I'm going to do relationships in this blog for every class. Also, I'm going to start posting every 2 days. Thoughts?

    Favorite: Frankie,Shay,Lola,Hunter,Saad

    Somewhat: Rasha,Yael,Vijay

    Who Cares: Baaz,Esme

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  • Mxrquez

    Slap/Prom/Boiler Room

    September 11, 2020 by Mxrquez

    So a few months ago we played "Slap/Prom/Boiler Room" which was a game created by Adamo and Degrassi execs, when Adamo was interviewing a few cast mates. I decided to bring it back and on a blog post now.

    Here's how we'll play:

    Someone will comment a character's name and you will reply with would you slap that character, take them to prom, or take them to the boiler room ;). Have fun!

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  • BakuCamie

    We've had many Degrassi themed elimination games on wiki (Queen, King, Best Relationship, Worst Love Triangle, etc) and to be honest, I was pretty surprised there was never one that involved the classes so I took it upon myself to do one of these. So the objective, you have to vote out at least ONE class daily (the one you liked least out of them all), the one with the most votes out is eliminated and the last one standing wins.

    Also I'd like to note that I didn't include the classes from DJH/DH as I just wanted to keep it strictly to the 2001-2017 years (even though that era outsold easily) and I didn't include the Class of 2015 because everyone either left, died or got held back, tragic. Anyways, let's get to voting.

    • Class of 2006 (Paige's…

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  • Tmoney3

    Favorite Characters for 2016

    September 9, 2020 by Tmoney3

    Favorites: Maya,Miles,Zig,Tiny,Tristan

    Somewhat: Goldi,Grace,Jonah

    Who Cares: Zoe,Winston

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  • Tmoney3

    Favorite Characters for 2015

    September 7, 2020 by Tmoney3

    After looking at my last post, I could believe people hate Drew. But people hate K.C. too?  Amazing! This class had 3 main characters until Jonah got held back. Note: Jonah wasn't a main until Next Class.

    Favorite: Tori,Campbell

    Somewhat: Jack

    Who Cares: 

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  • Tmoney3

    Favorite Characters for 2014

    September 3, 2020 by Tmoney3

    Some you see might shock you.

    Favorite: Clare,Alli,Imogen,Jenna,Connor,Drew,Dallas,Dave

    Somewhat: Becky,Wesley,K.C.,Adam

    Who Cares: Luke

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  • Tmoney3

    Class of apperantly 2011

    Favorites: Fiona,Bianca,Eli

    Somewhat: Katie,Jake

    Who Cares: Marisol,Mo,Owen

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  • Tmoney3

    This is supposed to be the Class of 2009.

    Favorite: Anya,Holly J.,Chantay,Sav,Riley

    Somewhat: Leia,Zane

    Who Cares: Blue,Declan

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  • Tmoney3

    Favorite: Darcy,Peter,Danny

    Somewhat: Jane,Mia

    Who Cares: Derek,Johnny,Bruce

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  • BakuCamie

    Zodiac Survey

    August 19, 2020 by BakuCamie

    I knew this was bound to happen from me and just for science  fun. Questions are kinda basic lmao. I'd also recommend probably using an astrology calculator for the questions you're unsure of.

    1. What is your sun sign?
    2. Moon sign?
    3. What about your Ascendant/Rising and Midrising (MC) signs?
    4. Were you born on the cusp?
    5. What's your Chinese Zodiac sign?
    6. Is there anyone in your family or friends outside of wiki that shares the same sign as you?
    7. What about anyone on wiki?
    8. What's the most common zodiac placement in your chart?
    9. What sign (or element) do you find yourself surrounded by the most?
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  • HobbitLove37

    YRGAHOM: Epilogue

    August 16, 2020 by HobbitLove37

    Summary: And here it is. The epilogue 🥺. Writing this fic was a ride from start to finish but I had fun the whole time.


    “Well that concludes our session today. Thank you ladies for coming and participating in the group activities. There’s refreshments as always in the back,” the group counselor directed enthusiastically as she clapped her hands. Pretty much everyone got out of their seats and headed to the back of the room where there were juices, cookies, muffins, and fruit and vegetable trays.

    After what she endured this year, her mother had her signed up for a summer therapy group for survivors of sexual assault. Marisol was hesitant to go at first due to still being too traumatized to talk about the experience at first, but after the…

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  • Tmoney3

    Note: Just like last blog, the order will be girls to guys. Same rules apply like last time

    Favorites: Emma,Manny,Liberty,Spinner,Jimmy

    Somewhat: J.T.,Toby

    Who Cares: Damian

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  • HobbitLove37

    Summary: Gahhh this is the last chapter before the epilogue. I’m so sad that this story is ending but I’m glad I got to write this story 🥺.

    Song title is I’m Still In Love With You by Al Green.

    “I’m going to Prom. I’m going to Prom. I’m going to Prom. O-M-G I’m going to Prom!’ Marisol squealed in her mind as she drove to school Saturday morning. Sure it wasn’t her senior prom but she was beyond excited. She was due for a nail and hair appointment as soon as grade nine orientation was over. She was going to look fabulous!

    “Katie, this is going to be the best night ever! I can’t wait for prom!” She said while looking around for a parking spot. “You should have seen how Eli proposed to me, it was so romantic!” She swooned.

    “He’s only going to be y…

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  • HobbitLove37

    Summary: Song title is One More Chance by Biggie Smalls.

    “Your eyes are as dark as the night. Your lips are as full as the moon. Your skin is as brown as freshly made chocolate…..fuck that sounds horrible,” Eli criticized to himself as he balled up the paper in his hands. He then threw it across the room in frustration. There were five other balled up papers scattered across his bedroom, all of them filled with bad attempts at poetry.

    “Damn,” he swore again.

    He rubbed his temples while trying to figure out his next attempt at writing a perfect love poem. The problem with the last one was that he sounded like a creepy white guy with a fetish and that was the last thing Marisol needed to hear.

    Ugh, how was he going to do this?

    With Marisol forgiv…

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  • Tmoney3

    This is for main characters only and who graduated that year. Also if they didn't graduate originally or at all they will be included anyway.

    Favorites: Paige,Ellie,Alex,Marco,Craig

    Somewhat: Hazel,Terri

    Who Cares: Sean(sorry Sean fans),Ashley

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  • HobbitLove37

    Summary: Song title is Unfoolish by Ashanti.

    As per last chapter, there are references to sexual assault and Katie’s canon eating disorder. You can skip those during any of Katie’s scenes, the first Eli scene, and Marisol’s second scene.

    The next day

    It was Day 2 of trying to get people to no longer hate him. On Day 2, it was still only Fiona who was on fully good terms with him again.

    ‘What a wonderful way to end the school year. I started this year off at this new stupid school as the school pariah and I’m going to end this school year as the school pariah. So much for a fresh new start,’ Eli grumbled to himself. There was no use in even asking his parents to transfer to a new school because he was positive he was going to gain a bad reputat…

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  • HobbitLove37

    Summary: Song title is It’s You That I Need by the group Enchantment.

    During her second scene with Owen, Marisol makes references to her sexual assault. If that could trigger you, feel free to skip that scene. This chapter and the next will also Katie’s eating disorder as in canon. Stay safe 💙

    Within the past three days, Eli had been doing a lot of talking and a lot of thinking. Turns out therapy WAS what he needed to unpack the fucked up living organism that was himself.

    First, he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. At first he was aghast at the revelation, and it shook him to his core for all of the wrong reasons. He didn’t want to be known as one of those “crazies” that couldn’t control his emotions. Every insult that was thrown at him si…

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  • Degrassi96

    AN/ This will be set during Chasing Pavements but AU where Alli and Adam become a couple and Fadam never happend.

    Alli was finally back at Degrassi after running away but she was ready for a fresh start. She spots Clare and surprised her by linking her arms around her best friend's arm.

    Clare turns her head to see who it was and smiles happily "Alli! You're here!!". She hugged.

    "Told you I'll be back didn't I?" Alli, exclaims and letting go so she and Clare could walk into Degrassi.

    "I had to see it to believe it" Clare anwers as Alli opened her arms.

    "Well believe it baby, new and improved" Alli walked close to Clare.

    As the two ten grade best friends were about to ealk up the steps they spotted Drew and Bianca acting all lovly dovy. Alli was s…

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  • MichelleHollingsworth

    This takes place around the time of Should've Said No. 

    TW: Sexual violence, abuse, murder

    Vince’s place felt like Hell. 

    Bianca didn’t believe in any sort of afterlife; if there were a God, she didn’t think she would be in this situation. But Vince’s house was exactly like every description of Hell she’d ever heard. Hot, suffocating, miserable, full of tortue and despair. And the Devil himself was sleeping right next to her.

    She looked down at Vince, feeling nothing but contempt, anger, and disgust. He was out like a light, his chest rising and falling as he slept peacefully. He even had the same smug smirk on his face as he did while awake. She didn’t even want to know what he dreamt about. 

    Bianca didn’t understand how he could sleep at nigh…

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  • Loveisfolly27

    tv ship thing

    August 2, 2020 by Loveisfolly27

    I took this from tumblr. Choose a show and list your:

    “FOREVER” pairing:

    “sometimes” pairing:

    “friends with benefits” pairing:

    “we could have had it all” pairing:

    favorite poly ship:

    “I love it but don’t want it to happen” pairing:

    “it started as crack and now it’s serious and I regret everything” pairing:

    endgame pairing:

    “across time and space they will always find each other” pairing:

    “settling for second choice” pairing:

    “I don’t want to ship it but I do” pairing:

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  • MichelleHollingsworth

    I thought it would be fun to do another elimination game, except this time it’ll be with Degrassi multiships. Let’s see which ships the wiki prefers for certain characters.

    I decided this would work better as a one-day thing, so just vote for the ship from each competition that you want to WIN. 

    Klare vs. Eclare

    Winner: Eclare

    Spaige vs. Spane

    Winner: Spane

    Matlingsworth vs. Camaya 

    Winner: By one vote, Matlingsworth

    Mola vs. Sola

    Winner: Again by one vote, Mola

    Krew vs. Jatie

    Winner: Jatie

    Semma vs. Sellie

    Winner: Semma

    Matlingsworth vs. Mola

    Winner: Matlingsworth

    Jazel vs. Jrina

    Winner: Jazel

    Jonnor vs. Kenna

    Winner: Jonnor

    Sparcy vs. Parcy

    Winner: Parcy

    Spaige vs. Palex

    Winner: Palex

    Sanya vs. Savvy J

    Winner: By one vote, Sanya

    Semma vs. Spemma

    Winner: Semma

    Krew …

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  • HobbitLove37

    Summary: Song title is Me, Myself, and I by Beyoncé.

    I swear I don’t hate Imogen Moreno, I love ha but this is just how she was in canon 😫.

    It was raining heavily this morning.

    Marisol pulled into the school parking lot in a stormy mood, which was not helped at all by the poor weather. She didn’t even want to show up to school if it meant looking at Eli for a few periods.

    Even though it felt good to read that poem out loud in class and destroy Eli’s reputation before his stupid play, she still had to deal with the fact that she was played by another guy again. It was beyond humiliating.

    Two nauseating couples were being all lovey dovey in front of her. There was Owen and Anya, who were laughing about something. That something was likely her. Th…

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  • HobbitLove37

    Summary: Elarisol hits a rough patch. Song title is Foolish by the Princess of Hiphop and Rnb, Ashanti 🥺

    ————— He knew he had just made a massive mistake.

    Eli pulled up his briefs and jeans, and then re-buckled his belt as Marisol pulled her panties back up and pulled her skirt back down. She then buttoned up her shirt. When she crawled back to the driver’s seat of her car, she let out a happy hum as she looked in the mirror and reapplied her lip gloss. She was probably feeling ecstatic right now while he could only feel shame at what happened.

    They didn’t have sex but they crossed several lines related to it.

    He went down on her and she was in the middle of returning the favor when K.C. walked in on them. If he didn’t, they would have actuall…

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  • HobbitLove37

    Summary: Song title is Don’t Let Go by En Vogue.

    In a study room, he was writing a new play that was surely going to earn him a Tony Award.

    The room was super gothic, with black walls, black furniture, and a black rug on a grey carpet. It was decorated with fake skulls, band posters, vintage film posters. He was surrounded by large bookcases filled to the brim with books from multiple genres. The room was dimly lit with tall, black candles, and it gave the room a warm, earthy coloring. Soft instrumental music played in the background while the fireplace was roaring.

    Eli was sitting in a big, leather seat that was black in color. The wooden desk in front of him was well polished and mahogany colored. The laptop in front of him was the latest M…

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  • HobbitLove37

    Summary: Song title is As Long As I Got You by The Charmels.

    Marisol was gone for the rest of the week.

    The sight of an empty seat in three of his classes was almost too much for Eli to handle. It only made the guilt he was feeling even worse. He was glad that she was taking time off to take care of herself but he felt so...numb without her here. He tried hard to focus on other things but it wasn’t working.

    It was no use denying that he missed her presence greatly. He missed everything about her from hearing her heels clack against the floors in the hallway to hearing her bubbly voice. He missed her smile more than anything, and the sweet dimples that came along with it. With her not being at school, it made everything more clear that this wa…

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  • DelRossiWorth

    Read me! xx

    July 22, 2020 by DelRossiWorth

    I love Degrassi so much! Not only will I post about Degrassi, but other fandoms too!

    Here's my Degrassi favorties:

    Character(s): Marco, Miles, Eli, Claire, Manny, Katie, Jake, Jay, Jimmy, Spinner, J.T., Liberty, Craig, Sean, Ellie, Hazel, Fiona, Imogen, Adam, Tori, Cam, Alli, Goldi, Connor, Dallas, Zig, Maya, Zoe, Shay, Tiny, Grace, Lola, and Rasha

    Ship(s): Semma, Janny, Sellie, Eclaire, Spaige, Spane, Jatie, Jiberty, Jazel, Fimogen, Beckam, Bhandallas, Jonnor, Camaya, Matlingsworth, Zori, Shiny, Zasha, Jace, Mola, and Dolly J 

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  • Degrassi96

    It has been 10 years since Clare Edwards and Eli Goldsworthy met on sceen in season's 10 Breakaway pt 2 but to me they aren't any random couple on a tv show. They are my otp.

    How did I first got into shipping Eclare?

    It was my first time watching Degrassi the end of 2016/17 and I always loved Clare and still do so when Eli said she had pretty eyes I had a feeling that I would see a lot from these two and I was right.

    Fave season with them?

    Season 12! I feel they are at their healthiest and they have the best moments.

    Fave moment?

    Aah there is too many to count if I had to pick it would be when Clare is at the hosptal and she is on the phone and she cries "Can you come home please" and Eli is there "Ask and I'll apear" and Clare gets up to hug hi…

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  • HobbitLove37

    Today is the tenth anniversary of Season Ten, and I think it’s about time I express how much I love this season and why it holds a special place in my heart. It’s not my favorite season, as Season Twelve holds that honor and Season Four is my second favorite, but it’s my third favorite season and it’s nearly flawless.

    1. It was the season that got me into Degrassi- The first time I ever really heard of Degrassi was the commercials for Degrassi Goes Hollywood. Before S10, I watched a few episodes of season eight and season nine, and while I quickly got attached to the “Minor Niners” and Klare, I was never interested in a teen show as much as I did when I saw the first promo for The Boiling Point. And then when I first watched Shark In The Wa…

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  • HobbitLove37

    Summary: A Trigger Warning to anyone it may be concern as this whole chapter and the next ones from here on out with deal with or make mentions of Marisol’s sexual assault. Please protect yourself if this material is too sensitive for you 💙.

    The song title is In The Rain by The Dramatics.


    From the way everyone looked at her when she walked down the hallway, Marisol looked like hell. She felt like hell. She didn’t feel like wearing makeup, jewelry, or doing her hair much today. She wasn’t sure if she was willing to do it for a while. She hated even looking at herself because she felt disgusting. Even though she showered for a whole hour this morning, she still felt like a dirty whore.

    Everyone looking at her made her feel even worse. It fe…

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  • Penfire28

    Paige's sexuality

    July 17, 2020 by Penfire28
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  • Penfire28

    Apart from his relationship with Jenna(which was already barely used) he was pretty much non-existant in later seasons which is sad because he was one of the longest running characters still on the show at that point :(

    I hate how they demoted him to a reccuring role in seasons 5-7.He only really got that one episode bulimia plot in season 2 which they could of explored a lot more. He was only really known for being JT's best friend which really sucks.

    I didn't personally like her character but the writers could of done more with her besides being a gossiper.

    After season 12 she basically had no plots apart from that little plot of her and Connor. The thing that also really annoyed me is that her only purpose in those seasons really was just …

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  • Tmoney3

    Now I might get hated for this, but I chose Spinner and Emma. Of course in most cases, this was so out place. But then I remembered another one of my favorite couples, Janny. In both cases they came together after a long way: Janny(Season 7) and Spemma(Season 9). They all have been in a few to many relationships and other things. Spinner and Jay would never cheat on their best girlfriends, as the guys Emma and Manny dated would most likely(Craig &Damian) cheat on them. So in the end, my main reason for shipping both couples is because of my favortism to all four. 

    What about your favorite couples?

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  • HobbitLove37

    A crackship you like:

    Did they interact in canon?

    What makes you ship them?

    How would they have gotten together?

    What storylines would they have?

    How much would have been changed in the show if they got together?

    Do their friend groups support them together?

    Would their parents support them?

    Would you have preferred them over their canon ships?

    What kind of dates would they have or what activities would they do?

    How are they handling quarantine?

    If they’re endgame, how are they handling married life?

    What are their kids like?

    NSFW: What is their sex life?

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  • Tmoney3

    One thing I most say...

    July 13, 2020 by Tmoney3

    This is way better than the YouTube Degrassi because people actually appreciate all generations and don’t get upset over petty things. And I can’t get replies on my comments. So this is the next best thing.

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  • MichelleHollingsworth

    A ship you like or love:

    Why you ship them:

    Favorite moment and/or episode:

    Favorite season:

    Least favorite season:

    Do you think they realistically could have been endgame?

    Were both halves in love with each other?

    Do you ship either half with other people?

    If you could change one thing about their story, what would it be?

    An unpopular opinion about this ship (this could be an unpopular opinion in general, on wiki, etc.):

    How did/would they spend quarantine?:

    Additional thoughts or observations?:

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  • Michi Loves Muffin

    It's time for the next Animal Crossing species blog! This time, we're doing Dog villagers. We'll be having face-offs every round, but no tourney this time. Just randomly generated face-offs. If a villager wins their face-off, they're immune for the very next round. Two losses=elimination. (I will also try to make sure the same face-off doesn't happen twice). Two villagers will also be given temporary immunity.

    With that, let's get to our villagers!

    Bea! Personality: Normal

    Biskit! Personality: Lazy

    Bones! Personality: Lazy

    Cookie! Personality: Peppy

    Daisy! Personality: Normal 1 loss

    Goldie! Personality: Normal

    Lucky! Personality: Lazy

    Maddie! Personality: Peppy

    Portia! Personality: Snooty

    20. Champagne

    19. Bow

    18. Benjamin

    17. Marcel

    16. Masa

    15. Shep

    14. M…

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  • HobbitLove37

    Summary: Title song is Rescue You by Craig Manning.

    So heavy trigger warning, this chapter will feature sexual assault. As this could be a sensitive area for many, if you want to skip that part, the scene starts with “The next thirty minutes felt like thirty hours but it was finally over” and ends with “She started sobbing. Despite the immense pain he felt, Eli reached out and held her hand”.

    “So you and Marisol have been getting cozy lately, huh?” Fiona asked him with a mischievous smile.

    “Only as friends,” Eli replied firmly as he did the finishing touches on Cece’s portrait. He held up the portrait and found himself admiring his work. For someone who wasn’t really a painter, he was pleasantly surprised on how much the portrait looked like his…

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  • Anagirl99

    Are there characters on Degrassi that you would classify as "sexually fluid"? If so, how? (Even better if you remember episodes about it)

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  • ThisOnePerson

    I've been wanting to do something like this for a minute and thought this would be a good place haha. Anyways enjoy and feel free to talk about your fave women in the comments if you want

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  • MichelleHollingsworth

    Random Opinions + Explanations Blog

    Bc I’m feeling anxious and can’t sleep and want to write something 😊


    I don’t think I’ve talked about my feelings toward Kenna much (just hasn’t come up ig). I do ship them, although they aren’t a favorite of mine for reasons you can probably guess (the guitar, Karisol, etc). They were a very dysfunctional pair, but the reason I ship them is because it was clear they were very emotionally bonded. I also thought they had an interesting dynamic, both coming from neglectful backgrounds, and their love for each other/chemistry was intriguing and believable to me (especially in Halo). I also think they were better suited to each other than Klare, and although I hated how they treated Clare in Heart Like Mine, t…

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  • BakuCamie

    A must-do. #currentlyreadinguponthemangabeforeufotableanimatesthesecondseason

    Oof this was hard.

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  • Ultraviolets

    TAPE 2, SIDE B 

    tw: stalking, sexual harassment

    Lizzy: We live in a virtual world, where you can find out anything about anyone with a few taps of the finger. Want to see what they look like? Instagram. Their feelings? Twitter. Their friends and family? Facebook. Essentially, we’ve created a society of stalkers. 



    Lizzy is dancing around her room and singing anime openings. She takes her shirt off to slip into her pajamas. Suddenly, she hears a noise, similar to a camera click. She freezes with fear and stares out her open window. 

    Lizzy: What the hell? 

    Common sense comes back to her brain and she hurriedly closes her blinds and pulls the curtains over them. 


    Lizzy: Of course, facing stalkers in real life is a completely different b…

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  • Mochizou

    It's time for the next installment on my best personality types competitions. This time we are voting for the best sisterly type villager!

    This will be a quicker blog as the sisterly type is the smallest personality trait. As always, you will vote to eliminate each round except for special circumstances which will be clearly stated. 

    In the event of a tie, a random draw will determine who will be eliminated, likewise in the case of a multiple elimination - unless one villager has more votes than another in which case the villager with the higher votes out of the eliminated will place lower

    Ok, let's vote!






    • 24TH PLACE: Paula
    • 23RD PLACE: Frita
    • 22ND PLACE: Rocket
    • 21ST PLACE: Katt
    • 20TH PLACE: Canberra
    • 19TH PLACE: Renée
    • 18TH PLA…

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  • HobbitLove37

    Summary: The calm before the storm. Title is I Can’t Help It by Michael Jackson.

    Trigger warning for sexual harassment. It starts at “Hey little sweet treat” and ends at “Eli growled at the action as he felt his stomach grow queasy”.

    Vous savez, vous êtes un type génial. Vous êtes la personne la plus honnête, la plus gentille, la plus terre à terre que je connaisse. Tu es un peu petit, mais ça ajoute à la gentillesse...que je te trouverais si tu étais une fille, ou je n'étais pas un gars,” a teenage boy confessed to his friend on the tv screen. They were sitting on the top of the steps while a party was going on downstairs.

    His friend was looking at him in wonder and admiration. It was obvious to the audience that he was in love with him.

    Tu …

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  • MichelleHollingsworth

    (This is a shitty title, I’m sorry xD)

    Describe a Degrassi ship using ONLY one word and people can try to guess what it is. The only real rule is characters’ names cannot be used as keywords.

    Okay, go!

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  • MichelleHollingsworth

    They were running late.

    They always ran late. In a house with three young boys, there was no such thing as being on time. Katie had learned that the hard way. No matter how early she woke the kids up, or how many lunches she packed the night before, or how many hours they left the house in advance, they were always scrambling to be somewhere. Over the years, they had missed 2 flights, one wedding, and shown up late to about a thousand-and-one gatherings. Katie and Jake had also gotten to know the school’s attendance workers a little too well.

    For the Martins, there was always something standing in the way of punctuality: a missing cleat, someone forgetting to pack their bags, general messing around. Today, it was everyone oversleeping.

    “Did you re…

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  • Michi Loves Muffin

    Hunter started the Best Cat Villager blog a while ago, but he just....completely let it flop, so I decided (with Hunter's approval) to just takeover and restart the whole thing. I did, however, decide to change the format up from what Hunter was doing. I have decided to make this a tourney! I will be randomly generating who faces who, but the first round will just be deciding which 2 villagers will be getting immunity. Immunity will last them until the quarter finals of the tourney.

    With that, let's get to our villagers! winner!

    Olivia! Personality: Snooty

    26. Felyne

    25. Punchy

    24. Rudy

    23. Stinky

    22. Pierre

    21. Katt

    20. Meow

    19. Kid Cat

    18. Raymond

    17. Monique

    16. Tabby

    15. Moe

    14. Kabuki

    13. Kitty

    12. Bob

    11. Tom

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