Mxrquez Mxrquez 8 days ago

Degrassi's Best Episode: Season 14

Season fourteen is here. I have absolutely no idea how this season will go lmao good luck

Note: "Don't Look Back" will be considered as one episode

Season 14 Episodes:

6.   “(You Drive Me) Crazy”

7.   “I'll Be Missing You”      

11.  “Firestarter (1)”

12.  “Firestarter (2)”              

15.  “Wishlist”  

18.  “Give Me One Reason”    

21.  “The Kids Aren't Alright (1)”

22.  “The Kids Aren't Alright (2)”

23.  “Finally (1)”

24.  “Finally (2)”


25th: “Hero vs. Villain”

24th: “Don't Look Back”

23rd: “Teen Age Riot”

22nd: “Smells Like Teen Spirit”

21st: “Can't Stop This Thing We Started”

20th: “Get It Together”

19th: “Something's Got to Give”

18th: “Watch Out Now”

17th: “Hush”

16th: “I Wanna Be Adored”

15th: “Ready or Not”

14th: “Walking in My Shoes”

13th: …

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Lady Lostris Lady Lostris 12 days ago

FandomDesktop introduction and feedback

Hey all! I'm currently gathering feedback regarding the upcoming change to the desktop skin, called FandomDesktop, to help me understand any of the concerns and issues this community may face due to this change, so they can be properly addressed during testing and before we get to rollout. The change is introduced at large in this staff blog, which I advise everyone to read if you haven't already.

Some notable points:

  • Light and Dark modes - A wiki can basically have two theme options, and users can pick their preference. Admins will be able to style both in ThemeDesigner.
  • Fluid width - The content area can be expanded, and the right rail can also be collapsed, for a wider article page. This too will be user preference.
  • Global navigation - Instea…
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Becca0goldsworthy Becca0goldsworthy 25 days ago

Eli Goldsworthy

can we just talk about who Eli has chnage from season 10 to now, like it drastic....and not to be a outside but i kinda like the psychopath Eli better

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Mxrquez Mxrquez 26 days ago

Degrassi's Best Episode: Season 13

Season 13. I'm interested to see how this season will go lmao


37th: “Sparks Will Fly (1)”

36th: “Sparks Will Fly (2)”

35th: “Thunderstruck”

34th: “Honey”

33rd: “Spiderwebs”

32nd: “Enjoy the Silence”

31st: “Black Or White”

30th: “The World I Know”

29th: “Dig Me Out”

28th: “Better Man”

27th: “Power to the People”

26th: “Hypnotize”

25th: “How Bizarre”

24th: “Cannonball”

23rd: “Close to Me”

22nd: “You Are Not Alone”

21st: “Who Do You Think You Are”

20th: “About a Girl”

19th: “My Hero”

18th: “Out of My Head”

17th: “All I Wanna Do”

16th: “You Got Me”

15th: “My Own Worst Enemy”

14th: “This Is How We Do It”

13th: “You Oughta Know”

12th: “Everything You've Done Wrong”

11th: “No Surprises”

10th: “Basket Case”

9th: “Barely Breathing”

8th: “What It's Like”

7th: “Army of Me”


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Jfaulkner434 Jfaulkner434 19 March

Degrassi crackship game

Rules: someone will comment two degrassi characters and you have to reply with ship it or sink it. Let the games begin

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Lady Lostris Lady Lostris 13 March

Bug smashing efforts

Hey all! I am super glad that I get to reach out for this and ask for your input! Some of you may have already read the blog announcement on Community Central about this, but for those who haven't: Fandom announced that it would focus the upcoming 2 weeks on an all-hands quality of life project -- read "a two-week bug squashing effort"!

So my question to you all is: are there perhaps any bugs that have been annoying you since whenever UCP came along? This project is the perfect opportunity for you to get the word out about those things! Just drop your report in the comments here, leave me a message, or even reach out to me via Discord if you're more comfortable doing that, and I'll do my best to get your voice heard. These don't have to be …

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Tmoney3 Tmoney3 13 March

Best Character: 2013

Same rules apply.

  1. Bianca
  2. Eli
  3. Fiona
  4. Katie
  5. Marisol



8th: Owen

7th: Mo

6th: Jake





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Jfaulkner434 Jfaulkner434 11 March

Best ship from the class of 2016

Class of 2016 ships

  1. Zori
  2. Ziles
  3. Matlingsworth
  4. Triles
  5. Zaya
  6. Zoëston
  7. Zesme
  8. Gronah








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Jfaulkner434 Jfaulkner434 11 March

Best ship from the class of 2014

Class of 2014 ships

  1. Dralli
  2. Beckdam
  3. Klare
  4. Bhandurner
  5. Kenna
  6. Wannah
  7. Jonnor
  8. Drecky
  9. Bhandallas









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Jfaulkner434 Jfaulkner434 11 March

Best ship from the class of 2013

Class of 2013 ships

  1. Fimogen
  2. Imogeli
  3. Jatie
  4. Marimo
  5. Drianca
  6. Krew






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Jfaulkner434 Jfaulkner434 11 March

Best ship from the class of 2011

Class of 2011 ships

  1. Sanya
  2. Dolly j
  3. Zeily
  4. Riona
  5. Savvy j
  6. Bolly j
  7. Dish







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Jfaulkner434 Jfaulkner434 11 March

Best ship from the class of 2008

Class of 2008 ships

  1. Parcy
  2. Spane
  3. Dantay
  4. Pia
  5. Deia


5th: Jalli




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Mxrquez Mxrquez 6 March

Degrassi's Best Episode: Season 12

Season twelve! Same rules as before

Note: “Tonight, Tonight”,"Degrassi: Las Vegas" and "The Time of My Life" will be considered as one episode.


37th: “Karma Police (1)”

36th: “Gives You Hell (1)”

35th: “Gives You Hell (2)”

34th: “Karma Police (2)”

33rd: “Zombie (1)”

32nd: “I Want It That Way (1)”

31st: “Closer To Free (1)”

30th: “I Want It That Way (2)”

29th: “Zombie (2)”

28th: “Doll Parts (1)”

27th: “Doll Parts (2)”

26th: “Closer To Free (2)”

25th: “Come As You Are (1)”

24th: “Come As You Are (2)”

23rd: “Tonight, Tonight”

22nd: “Ray of Light (1)”

21st: “Ray of Light (2)”

20th: “Degrassi: Las Vegas”

19th: “Say It Ain't So (1)”

18th: “Say It Ain't So (2)”

17th: “Building A Mystery (1)”

16th: “Building A Mystery (2)”

15th: “Got Your Money (1)”

14th: “Got Your…

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Jfaulkner434 Jfaulkner434 4 March

Best ship from the class of 2007

Class of 2007 ships:



10th: Demma

9th: Spanny

8th: Towerty

7th: Jtanny

6th: Chremma

5th: Mamian

4th: Jashely

3rd: Jiberty

2nd: Spemma

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Tmoney3 Tmoney3 26 February

Best Character: 2011

Same rules apply.

  1. Holly J



9th: Declan

8th: Blue

7th: Leia

6th: Zane

5th: Riley

4th: Chantay

3rd: Sav

2nd: Anya

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Jfaulkner434 Jfaulkner434 26 February

Best ship from the class of 2006

Class of 2006 ships:

WINNER: Jazel (they deserved so much better but im glad they won)


10th: terrick

9th: seamy

8th: jashely

7th: mellie

6th: jalex

5th: crash

4th: Spaige

3rd: palex

2nd: sellie

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HobbitLove37 HobbitLove37 25 February

Manny Santos Outfit Elimination Game

Welcome to the Manny Santos Outfit Elimination Game! There are plenty of iconic Manny outfits but only one will stand by the end!

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HobbitLove37 HobbitLove37 25 February

Degrassi The Next Next Generation: Part Five

“Wow these cupcakes are amazing!” Fiona said in amazement as she took another bite of a chocolate cupcake with pink frosting. Her, Imogen, and the girls had just arrived and were immediately offered some cupcakes baked by Marisol and Alex.

“Thanks, Alex did most of the work. I just made sure she didn’t burn up the kitchen,” Marisol replied with pride for her oldest daughter. Alex had inherited both of her parents’ love for cooking and was always eager to help make breakfast, lunch, or dinner. She loved baking most of all and enjoyed baking brownies and cookies.

“Well maybe Immy and I need to hire Alex as our new chef,” Fiona offered jokingly. Imogen was taking a closer look at the frosting.

“I love how the purple smoothly transitions to pink,…

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HobbitLove37 HobbitLove37 15 February

Survey: Black Degrassi Girls

These are questions to answer about Lucy, Liberty, Hazel, Chantay, Marisol, and Shay during Black History Month! You can do all of them or take requests! 癩

Favorite season? Favorite storyline? Favorite relationship? Favorite friendship? Favorite conflict? Favorite hair or outfit? If you could give them the storylines they deserve, what would they be? Favorite headcanons? Best moment? Crack friendships? Crack ships? Cross gen ships? Colors you associate with them? Favorite underrated dynamic? What characters from another gen are they most like? What are they doing after Degrassi?

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Mxrquez Mxrquez 14 February

Degrassi's Best Episode: Season 11

Now in season 11!

Note: "Boom Boom Pow", "Nowhere to Run", and "Underneath It All" will all be considered as one episode.


42nd: “Underneath It All”

41st: “Should've Said No (1)”

40th: “Should've Said No (2)”

39th: “LoveGame”

38th: “What's My Age Again?”

37th: “Not Ready To Make Nice (1)”

36th: “Not Ready To Make Nice (2)”

35th: “Idioteque”

34th: “Don't Panic (1)”

33rd: “Don't Panic (2)”

32nd: “Paper Planes (1)”

31st: “Paper Planes (2)”

30th: “Drop It Like It's Hot (1)”

29th: “Drop It Like It's Hot (2)”

28th: “Cry Me A River (1)”

27th: “Cry Me A River (2)”

26th: “Dirt Off Your Shoulder (1)”

25th: “Dirt Off Your Shoulder (2)”

24th: “Hollaback Girl (1)”

23rd: “Mr. Brightside (1)”

22nd: “Hollaback Girl (2)”

21st: “Need You Now (1)”

20th: “Need You Now (2)”


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JulesLightwood JulesLightwood 13 February

Shipping Appreciation Blog

In honour of Valentine's Day weekend, this blog is for showing appreciation for your favourite ships. It's not super structured, you can show your appreciation pretty much anyway you want; gifs, essays/written appreciation posts, lists of ships, comparison between ships, playlists, favourite moments, etc. Whatever you'd like. Also feel free to co-sign on peoples posts but no bashing. For example, if someone lists their ships from a show or a category you can say which ones you ship too but not rant but the ones you don't. ("I ship all … except" is fine)

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Tmoney3 Tmoney3 13 February

Best Character: 2008

Same rules






8th: Derek

7th: Bruce

6th: Johnny

5th/4th: Mia/Peter

3rd: Danny

2nd: Darcy

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Tmoney3 Tmoney3 4 February

Best Character 2007

Same rules applied as the 2006 blog page.





8th: Damian

7th: Spinner

6th: Toby

5th: Jimmy

4th: J.T.

3rd: Emma

2nd: Liberty

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Tmoney3 Tmoney3 27 January

Best Character: 2006

Just like the other blogs, all you have to do is choose a character who is the best in your opinion. You will have to vote out a person who you think shouldn’t be up there. Last one standing wins.




9th: Alex

8th: Ashley

7th: Terri

6th: Sean

5th: Craig

4th: Hazel

3rd: Marco

2nd: Paige

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Tmoney3 Tmoney3 24 January

Guilty Pleasure Couples

A couple you know you shouldn’t ship but you do. For me it’s.



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Mxrquez Mxrquez 24 January

Degrassi's Best Episode: Season 10

Whew and here's season ten. We're gonna be with these telenovela seasons for a min xD

Note: "Don't Let Me Get Me" and "When Love Takes Over" will both be considered as one episode.


42nd: “Love Lockdown (1)”

41st: “Love Lockdown (2)”

40th: “Jesus, Etc. (1)”

39th: “Jesus, Etc. (2)”

38th: “When Love Takes Over”

37th: “Don't Let Me Get Me"

36th: “Tears Dry On Their Own (1)”

35th: “Tears Dry On Their Own (2)”

34th: “99 Problems (1)”

33rd: “99 Problems (2)”

32nd: “Still Fighting It (1)”

31st: “Still Fighting It (2)”

30th: “Try Honesty (2)”

29th: “I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself (1)”

28th: “All Falls Down (1)”

27th: “All Falls Down (2)”

26th: “You Don't Know My Name (1)”

25th: “You Don't Know My Name (2)”

24th: “I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myse…

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Tmoney3 Tmoney3 22 January

Characters you didn’t like before

Who didn’t you like before but now you do?

For me it’s:





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HobbitLove37 HobbitLove37 19 January

Most and Least Chemistry

A game where someone says a Degrassi character and you pick between all of their love interests to say who they had the most and least chemistry with.

Someone: Alli

Someone else: Most chemistry was with Dave and the least was with Johnny

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Tmoney3 Tmoney3 15 January

Couples you didn’t like before

Which couple did you not ship but you did after some rewatching?




Savvy J







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Mxrquez Mxrquez 14 January

Degrassi's Best Episode: Season 9

And here we are in season 9, the final TNG season. Same rules apply.

Note: "Just Can't Get Enough", "Beat It", and "The Heat Is On a.k.a DTM" will all be considered as one episode.


18th: "Just Can't Get Enough"

17th: "Start Me Up"

16th: "Holiday Road"

15th: "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'"

14th: "Close to Me"

13th: "Beat It"

12th: "Innocent When You Dream"

11th: "Shoot to Thrill"

10th: "You Be Illin'"

9th: "The Heat Is On a.k.a DTM"

8th: "Waiting For A Girl Like You"

7th: "Somebody"

6th: "In Your Eyes"

5th: "Keep On Loving You"

4th: "Why Can't This Be Love (1)"

3rd: "Heart Like Mine (1)"

2nd: "Heart Like Mine (2)"

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BakuCamie BakuCamie 12 January

Degrassi's Best Season Elimination Game 2.0

I did one of these back in 2017 and I decided that I would do another one since first of all, the last time I did a blog like this, it was after season 3 of Next Class aired and before the 4th one did and secondly, after that it doesn't seem likely that Degrassi is coming back anytime soon. So anyways, I thought why not do one of these with ALL of the seasons (Not counting DJH/DH but including DNC). So vote out your least favorite season among the following so we can get ourselves a winner. Also each round lasts one day.

Degrassi: TNG Season 3

  • 18th: Season 13
  • 17th: Season 14
  • 16th: Next Class Season 1
  • 15th: Next Class Season 2
  • 14th/13th: TNG Season 8 and 9
  • 12th: TNG Season 1
  • 11th: TNG Season 7
  • 10th: TNG Season 6
  • 9th: TNG Season 2
  • 8th: Season 11
  • 7th: TN…

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Loveisfolly27 Loveisfolly27 9 January

Shipping Meme

Six Ships I Like:

Three Ships I’ve Abandoned:

Three Ships I’ve Never Liked:

Two Ships That have Piqued My Interest:Questions:

  1. Why do you hate 11 so much?
  2. Do you know anyone that ships 13?
  3. What would your ideal scenario be for 3?
  4. What is your favorite moment for 1?
  5. How long have you been a fan of 6?
  6. Why did you stop shipping 8?
  7. Which do you prefer-2 or 4?
  8. You have the power to make one ship non existent-10 or 12?
  9. What interests you about 14?
  10. When did you stop liking 7?
  11. Did your waning interest in 9 kill your interest in the series?
  12. What song reminds you of 1?
  13. Which ship do you love the most right now?
  14. Which ship do you dislike the most?
  15. Which pairing would you have double date?
  16. Have 2 kissed yet?
  17. Did 4 have a happy ending or do you think one is likely?
  18. What wou…
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Mxrquez Mxrquez 3 January

Degrassi's Best Episode: Season 8

Season Eight! Same rules.

Note: "Parasdise City a.k.a Degrassi Goes Hollywood" will be considered as one episode.


19th: "Up Where We Belong"

18th: "Touch Of Grey"

17th: "Bad Medicine"

16th: "Heat Of The Moment"

15th: "With Or Without You"

14th: "Didn't We Almost Have It All"

13th: "Uptown Girl (1)"

12th: "Uptown Girl (2)"

11th: "Money For Nothing"

10th: "Man With Two Hearts"

9th: "Causing A Commotion"

8th: "Paradise City a.k.a DGH"

7th: "Heart Of Glass"

6th: "Fight The Power"

5th: "Lost In Love (1)"

4th: "Danger Zone"

3rd: "Lost In Love (2)"

2nd: "Jane Says (1)"

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Tmoney3 Tmoney3 27 December 2020

Underrated Friendships

Name an underrated friendship from each class

2006: Jimmy and Ellie

2007: Spinner and Manny

2008: Danny and Jane

2011: Anya and Chantay

2013: Drew and Fiona

2014: Clare and Imogen

2016: Jonah and Maya

2017: Frankie and Keisha

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JulesLightwood JulesLightwood 24 December 2020

Top 20 in 20

Y'all know the drill by now, post your best lists from 2020 (doesn't have to add up to 2020)

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Mxrquez Mxrquez 21 December 2020

Degrassi's Best Episode: Season 7

Season 7! Still same rules.

Note: "Bust a Move" will be considered as one episode.


23rd: "Love is a Battlefield"

22nd: "Jessie's Girl"

21st: "Got My Mind Set On You"

20th: "Hungry Eyes"

19th: "Don't Stop Believin'"

18th: "Another Brick In The Wall"

17th: "Owner of a Lonely Heart"

16th: "It's Tricky"

15th: "Broken Wings"

14th: "Pass the Dutchie"

13th: "Sweet Child O' Mine"

12th: "Talking In Your Sleep"

11th: "If This Is It"

10th: "We Got The Beat"

9th: "Bust a Move"

8th: "Everything She Wants"

7th: "Ladies' Night"

6th: "Live to Tell"

5th: "Death Or Glory (2)"

4th: "Death Or Glory (1)"

3rd: "We Built This City"

2nd: "Standing In The Dark (1)"

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Mxrquez Mxrquez 10 December 2020

Degrassi's Best Episode: Season 6

And here we are at season six. Same rules apply

Note: "Here Comes Your Man" will be considered as one episode,


18th: "Sunglasses at Night"

17th: "Love My Way"

16th: "Crazy Little Thing Called Love"

15th: "Eyes Without A Face (1)"

14th: "Can't Hardly Wait"

13th: "Eyes Without a Face (2)"

12th: "Working for the Weekend"

11th: "True Colors"

10th: "If You Leave"

9th: "What's It Feel Like to Be a Ghost? (1)"

8th: "Here Comes Your Man"

7th: "What's It Feel Like to Be a Ghost? (2)"

6th: "The Bitterest Pill"

5th: "Free Fallin' (1)"

4th: "Don't You Want Me (1)"

3rd: "Free Fallin' (2)"

2nd: "Don't You Want Me (2)"

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Jfaulkner434 Jfaulkner434 9 December 2020


hazel deserved so much more than that muslim plot and her relationship with jimmy

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Mxrquez Mxrquez 30 November 2020

Degrassi's Best Episode: Season 5

Season 5 is here! Same rules

Note: "Venus" and "The Lexicon of Love" will be considered as one episode


17th: "Total Eclipse Of The Heart"

16th: "Death Of A Disco Dancer"

15th: "Together Forever"

14th: "Weddings, Parties, Anything"

13th: "Redemption Song"

12th: "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For"

11th: "Tell It To My Heart"

10th: "Foolin'"

9th: "High Fidelity (1)"

8th: "Hight Fidelity (2)"

7th: "I Against I"

6th: "Our Lips Are Sealed (1)"

5th: "Our Lips Are Sealed (2)"

4th: "Venus"

3rd: "Turned Out (1)"

2nd: "Turned Out (2)"

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Loveisfolly27 Loveisfolly27 27 November 2020

Generic fandom blog thing

First character I fell in love with:

Character I used to love but now do not:

Ship I used to love but now don’t:

My ultimate favorite character:

prettiest character:

Most hated character:



Favorite episode:

Saddest death:

Favorite season:

Least favorite season:

character everyone loves but I hate:

Character everyone else hates that I love:

my “you’re apiece of trash but I love you” fave:

My “ beautiful cinnamon roll” fave:

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Mxrquez Mxrquez 18 November 2020

Degrassi's Best Episode: Season 4

Season four! Same ole rules.

Note: Again like last season one of the episodes, "Ghost in the Machine" will be counted as one episode.


21st: "Goin' Down The Road (1)"

20th: "Goin' Down The Road (2)"

19th: "West End Girls"

18th: "Modern Love"

17th: "Queen Of Hearts"

16th: "Bark at the Moon"

15th: "Moonlight Desires"

14th: "Neutron Dance"

13th: "Islands in the Stream"

12th: "King Of Pain"

11th: "Mercy Street"

10th: "Eye Of The Tiger"

9th: "Back In Black"

8th: "Secret (1)"

7th: "Secret (2)"

6th: "Anywhere I Lay My Head"

5th: "Ghost in the Machine"

4th: "Voices Carry (1)"

3rd: "Voices Carry (2)"

2nd: "Time Stands Still (1)"

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Mthoma16 Mthoma16 9 November 2020

Something that irks me...

Something that always irks me: The fact that in a mini Sean comes back and goes to Ellie FIRST even though he has a tattoo of Emma's name... is there any mention of when he got that tattoo? Could have been before Ellie? I just feel like he just ditched Ellie and came back and forgot about his feelings for Ellie which I find unfair. Even though I ship Ellie with Jimmy more. And I wish Craig was better for her bc I was heartbroken when she pined after him for so long.

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Mthoma16 Mthoma16 9 November 2020

Any Good Fanfics Out There

Anyone have good fanfic recommendations? Preferably with my favorite couples: Eclare, Jiberty, Jimmy/Ellie (might be hard but I'd LOVE to see some), Savvy J, and Spane. I also don't mind Crellie if Craig is in a good place...

  • No sadness in them please... or it can be sad, I just want it to end happy or hopeful.
  • I don't care about the rating at all, I just want good/realistic to the characters' motives and personality.


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Mxrquez Mxrquez 6 November 2020

Degrassi's Best Episode: Season 3

Season threeeee. Again, same ole rules. Have fun!

Note: Much like last season, two of the episodes("Father Figure" and "Holiday") will count as one episode.


20th: "The Power of Love"

19th: "This Charming Man"

18th: "Our House"

17th: "Gangsta, Gangsta"

16th: "It's Raining Men"

15th: "I Want Candy"

14th: "Rock and Roll High School"

13th: "Should I Stay or Should I Go?"

12th: "Holiday"

11th: "Against All Odds"

10th: "Never Gonne Give You Up"

9th: "Don't Dream It's Over"

8th: "U Got The Look"

7th: "Take On Me"

6th: "Father Figure"

5th: "Whisper To A Scream"

4th: "Pride (1)"

3rd: "Pride (2)"

2nd: "Accidents Will Happen (1)"

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Mthoma16 Mthoma16 2 November 2020

Favorite Degrassi Characters

My favorite Degrassi characters are not always the best people, but their arcs, storylines, and friendships really stood out to me. I have identified or looked up to these characters in different ways. Here they are:

  • Eli- great boyfriend (don't talk to me about 13B and 14A) and King of the LGBTs. I love emo boy so much.
  • Clare- looked up to her knack for standing up for what's right and being a good friend and girlfriend (besides maybe 12A... but that was trauma related). Plus her relationship with Eli is adorable.
  • Ellie- She deserved SO MUCH BETTER and more luck with love. She was an amazing friend and will always hold a special place in my heart.
  • Liberty- ALSO DESERVED BETTER. Queen really went through it and lost JT at a terrible time in her…
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Tmoney3 Tmoney3 31 October 2020

Who was the main character in S1

All I ask is who had the most plots for the guys and girls?












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Mxrquez Mxrquez 25 October 2020

Degrassi's Best Episode: Season 2

Next up, season 2. Same rules still apply as the season 1 game. Continue to have fun voting out these episodes!

Note: I grouped episodes "When Doves Cry" and "White Wedding" as one episode being as both parts in the episodes carry the same main and subplots.


20th: "Relax"

19th: "Hot For Teacher"

18th: "Fight For Your Right"

17th: "Weird Science"

16th: "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun"

15th: "Dressed In Black"

14th: "Karma Chameleon"

13th: "Message In A Bottle"

12th: "Take My Breath Away"

11th: "Drive"

10th: "Mirror In The Bathroom"

9th: "Careless Whisper"

8th: "Tears Are Not Enough (2)"

7th: "How Soon Is Now"

6th: "White Wedding"

5th: "Don't Believe The Hype"

4th: "Shout (2)"

3rd: "Shout (1)"

2nd: "Tears Are Not Enough (1)"

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Mxrquez Mxrquez 16 October 2020

Degrassi's Best Episode: Season 1

So I wanted to start a new series of competition to have fun and sorta raise our spirits since this unwanted migration. This competition is basically us comparing which episodes we find great or maybe not that great lol. I wanna do one of these for each season(excluding DJH/DH but including DNC) then at the end, a competition for the best of the best. Idk I thought this would be something fun, plus I miss you guys! So please feel free join and play along.

Each round will last at least 24 hours and I will choose the amount of episodes to vote off per day. You will be voting off which episode(s) you dislike the most. This is gonna be a long one for sure lol  


15th: "Family Politics" 14th: "Cabaret"

13th: "The Mating Game"

12th: "Parent's …

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Tmoney3 Tmoney3 10 October 2020

Favorite Friendships and Potential Friendships: 2007

Potential: Jimmy and Manny, Emma, and Liberty

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Tmoney3 Tmoney3 4 October 2020

Favorite Friendships for 2006

Favorite: Crellie, Craco Sparco, Pellie, Parco, Jarco, Crimmy

Somewhat: Perri, Pazel, Sperri, Ashley-Terri, Pashley

Who Cares: Sean-Alex

Underrated: Ashley-Ellie, Alex-Ellie, Sean-Craig, Hazel-Terri, Jimmy-Ellie

Potential: Ellie and Hazel

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