#BreakTheInternet is the first episode and season three premiere of Degrassi: Next Class.

Main Plot

After the bus accident, many students are injured and one is critical. Miles thinks Tristan grabbed his hand, but Esme tells him different. His posts are banned from the Degrassi Facerange page due to the posts being too gruesome. Miles laters presents his presentation to his class with a very bloody Tristan, thus triggering Esme and causing Miles to get detention.

Sub Plot

Degrassi is giving a warm welcome to an influx of Syrian refugees, Rasha Zuabi and Saad Al'Maliki are the two newest students. Zoë hasn't come out to her mom yet, and fears the consequences. She comes out to Goldi after an incident with the QSA. Vijay posts a video outing Zoë. Worried her mom will see this, Zoë tries to untag herself but ends up hitting a fire hydrant instead. Later, her mom and her new fianceé comes to the scene, and her mother does not believe Zoë is gay.

While Zoë and Grace talk about whether Zoë should come out to her mother or not, Goldi comes in. She tells Zoë that the QSA won't back down on their protest, thus making Zoë make the decision for the prayer room shall be shared with the QSA.

During Zoë's speech to welcome the Syrian refugees, she comes out to the school. She meets Rasha who is staying at Goldi's, and appreciates that the QSA and the prayer room is combined.

Third Plot

A spiteful Lola posts a controversial photo of her and Tiny when they were still together. She claims it's a throwback photo and her and Shay get into an indirect tweeting fight. This is later brought to a mock trial in class with Frankie as the judge, Baaz as Lola's "lawyer" and Yael as Shay's. The conflict comes to a boiling point when Shay points out Lola still has feelings for Tiny, which the latter retaliates claiming Shay "stole" Tiny from her. Lola is sent to the office after saying "go to hell" and makes a friendship with Miles.

  • "Faux" by Novo Amor & Ed Tullett
  • "How We Live" by Jilian Linklater
  • "Just Like Us" by Olly Anna
  • "Outlaw" by Sinead Burgess

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