Building A Mystery (1) is the twenty-first episode and first part of the mid-season premiere for Season 12 of Degrassi. It aired on October 12, 2012.

Main Plot

Becky begins to fall for Adam and worries about how her conservative parents will react. She starts to hang out with Adam more often, but her brother Luke warns her about their parents' inevitable disapproval of Adam. Becky takes the advice of her friend Jenna and asks Adam to be her "secret boyfriend". He accepts and the two share a kiss in the Degrassi hallways. She tries to lie to her parents, but her father catches her and realizes she has a boyfriend. He tells Becky to ask Adam over for dinner. Adam decides to go to Becky's house and meet her parents. At dinner, Becky goes on to tell her parents positive things about Adam to please her parents. They all seem to be getting on fine for now...

Sub Plot

When Eli has to make a two minute production for a school project, he feels uninspired and tries to get ideas from Clare, but she isn't much help. She recommends he ask Jake, but he wants to keep their interaction a secret. Jake reveals to Eli that the secret to his creativity is marijuana. Later on, they are both seen stoned at his house, Jake rollerblading around the living room while Eli edits his short film.

Third Plot

Bianca accidentally drops her engagement ring on her necklace when Becky runs into her. Bianca is nervous because the engagement is a secret. She tells her friend, Fiona, about it, holding up her ring on her necklace. Bianca explains that she is nervous because she hasn't told Audra about the engagement. Fiona reassures her that sometimes it's okay to keep things from your mom. Later, she is seen talking to Audra about a scholarship grant she wrote. Audra says it's beautiful, but also tells Bianca how irresponsible her son is in comparison. Bianca is overwrought with guilt at keeping the secret. She decides to tell Audra by taking Drew to the Dot, telling him that they were buying engagement items. Audra is outraged and tells them that they are much too young to make such a drastic decision. Drew exits the building. Audra tells Bianca she has a whole life ahead of her and to wait until she finishes school. Still sad and guilty, Bianca leaves.

  • This episode is named after the song "Building A Mystery" by Sarah McLachlan.
  • This episode takes place about a week after the events in Scream (2).
  • This episode marks the beginning of Adam and Becky's relationship.

  • "Let It Go" by Dragonette
  • "My World" by Hands Up!
  • "Tidal Wave" by The Wrecking
  • "Run Run" by The Rival
  • "Battle Slang" by Dirty Ghosts

  • Jake's short film is a reference to American Beauty.