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The friendship between Caitlin Ryan and Christine "Spike" Nelson began before the Degrassi High TV movie, School's Out!.

Friendship History

Degrassi Junior High Season 2

In Eggbert, Kathleen says that pregnant student Spike is a bad example to the school and should be kicked out but Caitlin disagrees.

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In Censored, Caitlin overhears some angry parents wanting to kick Spike out of Degrassi. Caitlin decides to write an article about how Spike should be allowed to stay at school. She then has her story published. However, Spike was mad at Caitlin because she didn't talked to her about it and she didn't want to be seen as a charity case just because she was pregnant.

Degrassi High Season 1

In Stressed Out, Spike was seen signing Caitlin's petition to help get Ms. Avery her job at Degrassi back, showing that she forgave Caitlin about the article she wrote about her in Censored.

School's Out

At Simon Dexter and Alexa Pappadopolos' wedding on October 19, 1992 in School's Out!, Caitlin and Spike sit together and talk about their futures. 

Degrassi The Next Generation

Season 1

In Mother and Child Reunion, Spike and Caitlin reunite. Spike shows Caitlin the reunion website at her house. Her 12 year old daughter Emma meets Caitlin. Later at the bar, with the rest of their friends, they meet Caitlin's fiancée, Keith. However Spike believes that Caitlin can do much better. They both later attend their reunion.

Season 2

In White Wedding, Caitlin comforted Spike when she told her that she was pregnant. She later attended Spike's wedding.

Season 3

In Father Figure, Catilin attended Spike's baby shower.

In Holiday, after kissing her ex-boyfriend Joey, Caitlin went to Spike for advice. Spike tells Caitlin to write her feelings in a letter and give it to Joey. Spike also looked at her mad because she could not see Baby Jack in the picture with Santa and Caitlin felt bad and said oops.

Season 5

In I Against I, Catilin comes over to visit Spike to cheer her up after Snake cheated on her. Caitlin, Emma, and Manny decide to throw a male stripper party for Spike. While the girls are having fun, Spike sees a male stripper that looks a lot like Snake. After the party, Spike reveals to Catilin that she still loves Snake and Catilin comforts her.