"You were fucking Tessa Campanelli?"
— Caitlin to Joey in School's Out!

Caitlin Ryan (born March 2, 1972) is a Canadian journalist. She is the host of Ryan's Planet and was formerly on the CQJH News, Local Heroes. She is an alumna of Degrassi Junior High School and Degrassi High School, graduating in the Class of 1992. She was portrayed by Stacie Mistysyn.

Degrassi Junior High

Season 1

Caitlin made her first appearance in the first episode of Season 1, Kiss Me, Steph, where she was seen talking about Stephanie Kaye's campaign propaganda. She objected to Stephanie's use of kisses to win the boys' votes.


Caitlin and Joey dancing at the School Dance

In the second episode, she was dancing, with Joey Jeremiah, at the school dance. In the fourth episode of Season 1 titled The Cover Up, throughout the episode she and her good friend Susie Rivera attempt to make Rick Munro smile, although they are not aware that he was being abused at home by his father. While the pairs attempts continually fail Rick finally smiles when he makes a friend in Joey Jeremiah and announces that he has moved out of his abusive household and with his brother Frank. Seeing him smile makes both Caitlin and Susie very happy.

In The Great Race, Caitlin is seen talking to Melanie Brodie when Melanie attempts to show off the fact that she got a bra, she also scolds Joey when he makes fun of Melanie's breast size. She also competes in the swim meet against the boys with L.D. and Melanie, the girls win the match against the boys, which ends with Joey being thrown in the pool.

In Rumor Has It, Caitlin becomes confused about her sexuality when she has a strange dream about her teacher Ms. Avery. She becomes increasingly confused when Kathleen Mead spreads rumors that Ms. Avery is a lesbian, as she is seen being dropped off by a woman everyday and they are seen kissing each other on the cheek.
Caitlin having sexual dreams about Ms. Avery
Although Caitlin doesn't believe the rumors, at least she tries not to.

Caitlin has strange dreams about Ms. Avery.

Later, Kathleen begins to spread around the rumor that Caitlin is a lesbian, which worries Caitlin's friend Susie when Kathleen warns her to not hang around with Caitlin in a dark room because she may try something. When they are in the dark room Susie asks Caitlin if the rumors about her being a lesbian are true, Caitlin is shocked and saddened at this and rushes out of the dark room. At her home while she is laying in her bed, Caitlin has a "talk" with her stuffed bear and spills her worries about what may happen if she truly is a lesbian. The next day at school when Ms. Avery is handing out papers she begins to tell Caitlin that she did a good job on her paper, and she touches Caitlin's shoulder, although Caitlin tells her not to which seems to upset Ms. Avery who asks Caitlin to stay after class. The two then have a talk, and Ms. Avery explains that the rumors are false and that she is not actually a lesbian. She explains she shares a house with her women friend Elaine, and that she kisses all of her female friends that way. When Caitlin tells Ms. Avery about the dreams she has been having, Ms. Avery tells her it is completely normal for girls her age to have strange dreams, as their bodies are sorting things out and many things are going on in your head at that age, this seems to leave Caitlin feeling better. Caitlin then tells Ms. Avery that she believes she is a good teacher, and she apologizes for thinking that she was gay, although Ms. Avery explains that there is nothing wrong with being gay and that there is no reason for her to apologize. She then asks Caitlin if she would think less of her if she truly was gay and Caitlin shakes her head, saying no. In Smokescreen, Caitlin is seen with both Kathleen and Susie prompting people to sign their petition to help clean up the environment. When no one signs their petition Caitlin seems upset wondering why no one wants to help, but she is happy and surprised when her crush Rick signs the petition saying that she had no idea he cared about the environment. He smiles, and then walks away. Susie tells Caitlin that he likes her, and that he is cute although Kathleen says he is as dumb as a post, Caitlin says maybe all he needs is a little help. Caitlin sees Rick talking to Ms. Avery who is worried about his grades since he hasn't been turning in his assignments, and that he does not need to repeat the same mistakes he made the previous year once again he leaves

Caitlin at her petition table.

the classroom angrily and slams his hand against a locker. Rick is then seen talking to Shane McKay in the boys restroom and Rick asks what is a way to get Caitlin to like him Shane suggests that he join Caitlin's Environmental Action Committee, Rick agrees. When Rick goes to the committee meeting they are surprised that he wants to join although Kathleen questions him wondering he became interested in the environment, but Caitlin and her friend Susie convince Kathleen to let him join and she finally agrees. As school ends Kathleen asks Caitlin what was with letting Rick join their committee, saying that he has a bad reputation. Caitlin tells her that it's not his fault he is poor and disadvantaged and she believes people do not give him a fair chance and that maybe they should give him a chance. Kathleen says it sounds like a real stupid idea although Caitlin said she is going to give him a chance and Kathleen walks off angrily.

The next day at school Caitlin asks Rick if he would like to help her make an announcement about her petition, Rick smiles and agrees and Caitlin tells him she'll do all the writing and says they can work on it at her house. On their way to her house they pass a factory in which many toxins that are polluting the air are coming from, Rick then tells Caitlin about when he lived with his father that he lived by a factory and it would get very hot in the summer but he could not open his window because the air smelled so bad Caitlin told him he should have bought an air-purifier, but he says he couldn't afford one and Caitlin apologizes. At Caitlin's house Rick looks around telling her that she has a nice place saying her parents much be rich, she dismisses this and they discuss what their parents do and Rick tells Caitlin about his living situation. They then discuss how the announcement should go, Caitlin gives her suggestion although Rick says that she sounds like a teacher and that the problem with announcements is that they are all the same and that they should do something different Rick then looks at Caitlin's radio saying he has an idea. Caitlin does a rap about the environment over the announcements and this gets many people to sign her petition, which makes her very happy.


Caitlin, Rick and Susie at the factory.

At the next environmental committee Caitlin suggest the idea of taking the petition to the factory since they have almost 200 signatures but Kathleen shoots down this idea saying who would pay attention to a bunch of kids. Rick tells her it's called taking action, and calls her a brain box and Kathleen seems angry. Caitlin says it's okay, cooling down the argument and says that Rick, Susie and her will take it to the factory during lunch the next day during lunch. Later, Caitlin and Susie have a talk about Rick at Caitlin's house and Susie tells Caitlin to stop treating Rick like her experiment and just admit that she likes him, Caitlin says she doesn't because they have nothing in common Susie laughs knowing that Caitlin does like Rick. The next day Caitlin, Rick and Susie go to the factory to show them the petition but Caitlin becomes worried saying maybe they should just mail the petition but Rick says otherwise and they enter the factory. In the factory the three have a discussion with a man who shoots down the idea that their factory is polluting toxins into the air, her takes their petition and says he'll be sure the president of the factory gets it. As they leave Rick is angry saying the guy was rude and lied about showing the petition to the factory president, although Caitlin and Susie say he seemed honest and Caitlin says at least they tried but Rick does not agree and walks away. At the committee meeting Kathleen discusses how she saw

Caitlin kisses Rick on the cheek after hearing his idea.

Rick smoking and that he should be kicked out of the club, Caitlin is surprised at this and Rick ends up leaving. After the meeting is over Rick tries talking to Caitlin but she tells him to leave her alone, she tells him about how she wanted to prove everyone wrong about him and how she wanted to help him, Rick is angry asking if he is her project or something he then tells her that he joined her committee because he liked her not because he needed help. Kathleen tries talking to Caitlin saying Rick just wasn't right for the committee she then tells Kathleen that she is a real jerk and leaves. After school Caitlin apologizes to Rick and says that it was true the factory ignored them and she wonders what else they could go, Rick says they could take their story to a paper saying papers love good stories. Caitlin tells Rick he is brilliant and kisses him on the cheek. Rick tells her to keep hush as he has a reputation.

In Parents' Night, Caitlin is seen practicing a skit for the talent show with Arthur Kobalewscuy. Ms. Avery tells the pair not to get discouraged, as they kept messing up during the rehearsal.

In Revolution, when Caitlin hears that school president Stephanie Kaye made Joey sports rep rather than Yick Yu she says there is always a vote on these types of things. Her and her classmates attempt to impeach Stephanie and walk down the halls yelling "Out of the Way with Stephanie Kaye". In the end, Joey quits his position as sports rep, giving the position to Yick and she and her class cheer in excitement.

Season 2

In Eggbert, the students return from winter break and on her first day back, Caitlin is seen in the hallway talking to her friends Melanie, Kathleen and Susie. Caitlin disagrees with Kathleen's views on pregnant student Spike, while Kathleen thinks Spike should not be allowed at Degrassi because she "sets a bad example". Caitlin does not agree, saying that would be like pretending that Spike's pregnancy never happened.

In Stage Fright, Caitlin is in a hospital getting tested for epilepsy, as she had a seizure over the winter break. It turns out she does have epilepsy. She is then seen getting driven to school by her mother, who is very
Degrassi Junior High- Stagefright 0003

Caitlin is tested for epilepsy.

worried about her. Caitlin is begging her to let her audition for the school play because she has been practicing the audition piece for weeks, her mother is hesitant but eventually gives in. When dropping Caitlin off her mother reminds her to take her medication, and to wear her medic alert bracelet, which Caitlin is embarrassed by. She takes the bracelet, although once she sees her mother is gone she puts it into her bag and walks into the school.

She goes to class and wishes her friend Susie a happy birthday, who is very excited to see Caitlin as she has been out of school for a while. Susie is excited that Caitlin will be able to attend her birthday sleepover. After class Caitlin tries to take her medication by the water fountain, but she is interrupted by Susie who sees the medication, although Caitlin tells her it's only for a headache. Caitlin says she is nervous that Kathleen may get the part she is trying out for in the play, but Susie reminds her that she always beats Kathleen.

Degrassi Junior High- Stagefright 0001

Caitlin goes into an epileptic seizure at Susie's sleepover.

Caitlin goes to the auditorium to audition for the play, she says hi to Rick who is helping out with the play. She auditions, after her audition she freezes out due to her epilepsy, but she snaps back a few seconds later. Susie is worried about her and tells her maybe she shouldn't attend her sleepover, but Caitlin reassures her and tells her she is still coming. When she arrives home she hears her parents talking about her, her father is angered and worried about Caitlin attending the sleepover. When Caitlin grabs her bag she "forgets" her medication, and tells her parents she is ready to go. At Susie's party Caitlin becomes dazed, and she has a seizure. Susie and the other girls panic and try to help her.

Monday, Caitlin is seen being driven by her mother to school, her mother asks if she is sure she still wants to be in the play, Caitlin tells her she has to be in the play. Her mother tells her to "break a leg", and Caitlin smiles and leaves. As she walks into the school Kathleen is gossiping about Caitlin, saying that Caitlin has epilepsy and that she looked gross when she had a seizure, Rick overhears. Later, Caitlin learns she lost the role she was going for to Kathleen, but she did get another role playing the servant of Kathleen's character. Caitlin says the only reason Kathleen got the part was because Ms. Avery knows she has epilepsy, but Susie reminds her that Kathleen did a great audition and tells her she beat her fair and square. Susie then goes to the auditorium and reminds Caitlin to be there as she is in the first scene for rehearsal. She slams her hand against a locker and goes to exit the school, Rick asks Caitlin where she is going and she tells him she is going home.

Degrassi Junior High- Stagefright 0002

Caitlin is happy to have not dropped out of the play.

That night Caitlin tells her parents that she is not doing the play, her dad seems happy but her mother tells her that her having epilepsy should not control her life. She says it's a stupid part anyways and tells her parents she doesn't want to play Kathleen's servant. The next day at school Caitlin and Susie get into an argument, Susie tells Caitlin that she will not cover for her just because she is jealous of Kathleen. Caitlin seems to reconsider joining the play when she goes into the bathroom to take her medication. She then is seen in the auditorium saying she is not dropping out of the play, everyone seems happy about this, and she says that she will be the best servant Kathleen every had. Rick tells her welcome back, and shines a spotlight on her and Caitlin smiles.

In Bottled Up, Caitlin, Susie, Nancy Kramer, Tim O'Connor and Kathleen Mead were chosen to be the five contestants representing Degrassi Junior High on the educational game show Quest for the best going up against five contestants from Liberman Junior High School. Caitlin is annoyed with Kathleen constantly interrupting people and acting like a know it all during there practice in the school library. Then Caitlin and her team decide to watch a VHS tape recording of the previous weeks quest for the best match to see what they were up against to get to know there opponents. But the only place they could watch it was at Kathleen's house because the school was closing soon and she was the only one with a VCR and also according to Caitlin really bragged and boasted about it when she first got it. When they got to Kathleen's house as they were watching the tape, Kathleen's mother who had been drunk was constantly interrupting and disturbing them so they couldn't finish watching the tape and they all had to go home and call it off. The day before the show Rick offered to take Caitlin out for a burger after the show which at first she didn't seem too excited about, because she was more focused on feeling bad for Kathleen discovering that her mother was an alcoholic and that it was the possible reason that she was so rude and bossy all the time. The night of the show their team was victorious and won the match and since it was a school night she told Rick she wasn't allowed to go out for a burger with him after the show ended. The next day she seemed a little jealous to find out that Rick loaned Kathleen his jacket and walked her home after the show and that Kathleen was warming up a little to Rick now.


Caitlin in Censored

In Censored, Caitlin over hears some angry parents complaining to Mr. Lawrence about having Spike removed from school for getting pregnant and setting a bad example. Even Caitlin's mother felt Spike would be happier in another place for the time being. Next for the school Newspaper Caitlin decided to write an article to convince everyone and their parents to let Spike stay at school. It was called "Keep Spike at Degrassi". Though Mr. Raditch thought the article was very well done, as the staff member for the school newspaper he wouldn't let the paper include the article because Caitlin didn't ask Spike's permission to do it and also because it wasn't fair not to consider Spike's feelings making her news and a cause of the week. Susie convinces Caitlin to give out the paper anyways as an underground newspaper because she knew some people who did it at another school even though they were caught and suspended for it. She didn't care she wanted to give the article out to help people change their minds and keep Spike at school. B.L.T. told on her to Mr. Raditch who was furious and then told Mr. Lawrence who gave Caitlin tons of detention. Also Spike was really mad and upset with her and really had her feelings hurt. Because the paper reminded everyone that Spike was pregnant and informed everyone else in the school who didn't yet know that Spike was pregnant to find out by reading the article and making Spike the school news to be something for people to stand up and fight for. The next day, to her shock, she was given another chance to be on the school paper cause because Nancy still saw potential in her.

In ...He's Back, Caitlin was first seen standing with Susie and Trish nearby their lockers when they saw Lucy passing by reminding her that she was late again at turning in her pictures for the year book and that there was just a few more days left to do so. Lucy was rude to them about handing in her photo's late due to the shock of seeing Mr. Colby again. Next in her classroom Alex Yankou reminded Caitlin and Susie that they needed $100 more to finish the yearbook so he suggested to her and Susie, a shoe shine day a dollar per shine, but she told him it wouldn't work out because everyone wore sneakers and sneakers don't need to be polished. Later that day after school she was working with Susie on pictures for the yearbook when she suddenly had to get home early. She then left Susie alone not realizing Mr. Colby would be alone with her. Then the next day Alex suggested a walkathon to raise more money to finish the yearbook. But Caitlin reminded him it was exam time and people didn't have time for a walkathon. Then finally she told Alex to just try doing what people had done the year before which was ask Doris Bell for a little more money.


Caitlin and Susie in Pass Tense

In Pass Tense, Caitlin and her a group of her classmates were shown working in the Gym on setting up the decorations for the graduating grade 8 class farewell dance. This was a tradition for grade 7's to set up as a way to say good bye to the older students, but weren't allowed to attend since they weren't graduating. As Caitlin and Susie passed by the main office they overheard someone telling Doris Bell where they could put the grade 9's revealing a secret to them both, and Doris explained happily and with joy that they all get to stay together another year because due to shifting populations all the other high schools were full so they decided to expand Degrassi Junior High by adding a grade 9 to it. Caitlin and Susie were not to happy to hear about this. When they explained it all to their classmates they were all mad and furious also. Because at the time this meant that next year they still wouldn't be the seniors students, they wouldn't be in charge of the school and they still would not get to go to the dance because they still wouldn't be graduating, even if the school hadn't eventually burnt down in the fire later on. So Caitlin, Susie and all the other's who had been working on the dance decided to stop and abruptly approached Stephanie Kaye and told her since the grade 8's weren't really graduating anymore they refused to worked on the dance anymore. Stephanie later on bargained with them to allow the grade 7's to attend the dance if they did the decorating work and at the dance that night Caitlin passed by Joey, said hi to him and smiled.

Season 3

In Can't Live With 'Em, on the first day, Mr. Raditch asks Joey who was now repeating grade 8 and now in her

Caitlin looking at Joey(Can't Live With 'Em)

same class to sit in the front of the class. Joey switches seats with Arthur who happens to have been sitting next to Caitlin. The two share a few glances, and after class Joey asks Wheels and Snake what they think of "that Caitlin chick," but they tell him she's not his type. Caitlin also appears in the second part of the episode when she asks Joey if he's alright after Wheels beats him up.

In A Big Girl Now, Caitlin makes a small appearance when says hi to Joey in the hallway. After she passes, Joey remarks to Wheels that the "chick's crazy about me."

In Season's Greetings, it was just before the Christmas Holidays and Caitlin was seen talking to Melanie in the cafeteria, She was glad to be done first semester's Exams and she had a big smile and was full of Christmas cheer. Looking forward to the Holidays.


Caitlin has a crush on Joey

In Loves Me, Loves Me Not, Caitlin buys Joey's Zit Remedy tape and listens to it throughout the episode. She steals glances at Joey in English class, and her friends remark that she must have a crush. Later, Joey asks Caitlin to be his partner for the movie assignment in English, hoping that her brain-power could boost his grades, but Caitlin mistakes Joey's intentions as asking for a date. The two see "Teen Academy IV," but disagree on the quality of the film, so they decide to do a Siskel and Ebert-type review for the class and get an 'A.' Caitlin is convinced that Joey likes her, and he even says he'll dance with her at the school dance. Caitlin gets all dolled up for the dance, only to be blown off by Joey for Liz O'Rourke . Caitlin returns home and wipes off her makeup like she's about to cry, throwing the Zit Remedy tape in the trash. On Monday, Joey approaches her and asks her for more help with schoolwork, but she says she won't help him ever again.

In The Whole Truth, once again Caitlin learns the hard way that there are always two sides to a story in
Another caitlin picture
journalism. Caitlin is interested in Liz O'Rourke's animal rights protest after Liz tells her about the horrible things monkeys, cats, rabbits, and dogs are put through by cosmetics companies. Caitlin decides to write an article for the school paper about this weekend's protest, postponing Kathleen Mead's article about a school dress code until next month. When Kathleen confronts her, Caitlin tells her that animal rights are more important than a school dress code. She tried to form a boycott for people buying cosmetic items so animals stop being tested on and she tried to have Trish Skye joined her boycott but Trish's father worked for a cosmetic company so she couldn't go against her father and help Caitlin's boycott. Then Kathleen informed her that she did a project on animal testing last year, and Caitlin doesn't have her facts straight. Caitlin does more research and learns that the situation is more complicated than Liz made it out to be. Cures for many illnesses, not just cosmetics, rely on animal testing. Caitlin learns that without animal testing, she wouldn't have treatment for her epilepsy. When she tells Liz that there are more sides to the story, Liz tells her that she'd "rather be sick than hurt an animal."

Melanie complaining about Kathleen to Caitlin(Food for Thought)

In Food for Thought, that morning at school she was seen talking with Melanie who was complaining about how unfair and bossy a science partner Kathleen was being. She advised her to perhaps look for a new science partner but Melanie told her it was too late they had been partners assigned since the beginning of the year and also the science fair was that very day. Then she and Melanie saw Kathleen writing in a either a diary or a notebook, teasing her claiming she might have been writing about the boys she liked, or all the boys who won't ask her out teased Caitlin. Later that day at lunch time they were seen talking about how mean Kathleen was to rip up and throw out the paper for the part of the science project Melanie worked so hard on just because it had one spelling mistake and Caitlin called Kathleen the Wicked Witch of Degrassi. Then, after Melanie discovered that Kathleen has an eating disorder, she tells to Caitlin about it and Caitlin says "Well that explains why she's so bitchy."

In Twenty Bucks, Caitlin runs into Joey when she's out at a restaurant. Melanie Brodie says Caitlin should admit

Caitlin finding out Joey asked her out on a bet (Twenty Bucks)

that she still likes him, because he "obviously" still likes her. In school, Caitlin thanks Melanie for treating her at the restaurant. Diana Economopoulos asks if they're going to the Gourmet Scum concert, but Caitlin and Melanie say they hate Gourmet Scum. When Snake Simpson asks Melanie to the Gourmet Scum concert, Melanie asks to borrow money from Caitlin, but Caitlin says she doesn't have any money. Meanwhile, B.L.T. Thomas bets Joey he can't get a date for Friday. After asking out a bunch of girls, Joey finally asks out Caitlin. On the date, they run into B.L.T. and Michelle Accette, and Caitlin sees him handing the bet money to Joey. She gets angry and pours their drinks over Joey's head, before running out into the rain. Joey runs after her and tears up the bet money, saying he asked her out because he liked her, not for the bet. She forgives him and lets him walk her home.

In Taking Off (1) and Taking Off (2), Caitlin is seen helping Joey with math. When she walks away, Joey's friends remark how much he likes her.

In Making Whoopee, Joey arranges for Caitlin to be his mom's tour guide at the Open House. Caitlin and Mrs. Jeremiah meet, and Mrs. Jeremiah says she's as pretty as Joey described.

In Pa-arty!, Joey invites her to Lucy's party, but when she gets there, Joey is nowhere to be found. Caitlin mopes around with the other grade niners, Kathleen and Melanie, but Joey never arrives. Little does she know that he was stopped by the police for underage possession and consumption of beer.


Caitlin with Joey at the dance(Bye-Bye, Junior High)

Joey asks Caitlin to the graduation dance in Bye-Bye, Junior High, but she declines at first. She eventually gives in, but later Joey tells her he can't go after all because he got a 'C' on his report card. He talks the situation over with his mom, who lets him go to the dance. Caitlin and Joey go to the dance and share a kiss. When the fire alarm goes off, Joey goes back for Caitlin's jacket. Outside, she realizes the school is really on fire, and worries when she can't find Joey. He finally turns up and the two embrace, watching the school burn down.

Degrassi High

Season 1


Caitlin in Degrassi High

Caitlin starts high school in A New Start. Joey and Caitlin are talking in the hallway, and say they'll see each other in lunch. Caitlin meets Claude Tanner while paying for her student activity fees.

In Breaking Up is Hard to Do, Joey asks Caitlin to wear a bikini for his music video for The Zits (formerly Zit Remedy), saying she had a great body when she wore a bikini all summer. Caitlin is offended he would even ask and calls him a "chauvinist pig."

In Dream On, Caitlin keeps appearing in Arthur Kobalewsky's dreams, but his alarm goes off before he can kiss her. In French class, Arthur and Caitlin are paired up for an assignment to be completed over the weekend. After class, Joey spots Caitlin in the hallway and asks if their date is still on for Friday. She says yes, but seems uninterested. Caitlin continues to develop her friendship with Claude, who she has a lot in common with. Joey is worried that Caitlin might be mad at him and asks if anything is wrong, but she distractedly tells him no. At lunch, Caitlin tells Maya Goldberg that she and Joey are pretty much over because she has more in common with Claude. Claude asks Caitlin out to a movie for Friday night, which she accepts, even though she had plans to see a movie with Joey. When Caitlin and Arthur worked on their French project, Caitlin asks Arthur to help her lie to Joey. They told Joey that she had to cancel their date to work on the French assignment. Even though she's really going on a date with Claude. Arthur finally plucks up the courage to ask Caitlin out too, but she tells him she'd rather just be friends. On Monday, Caitlin tells Maya about her date with Claude and says "I think I'm in love."

Caitlin in degrassi high season 1

Caitlin breaks up with Joey

In Everybody Wants Something, Caitlin's crush on Claude, intensifies even more, even though at first she feels there are just friends have seen a few nice movies and have had fun, Maya, Can tell perfectly well that she is falling in love with Claude and wants to be more than his friend. Then, she encourages her not to lead Joey on and still date Claude behind his back and risk having Joey find out he's being cheated on and have his heart broken, and that she should break it off with Joey if she wants to begin a relationship with Claude. After she and Claude have their first real kiss in the school hallway in front of some lockers, she then finds Joey walking by who fortunately didn't see the kiss. She leads him to an empty classroom. She tries to break it off with him nicely, explaining that they hadn't been getting along to well lately, with Joey apologizing for being so busy with making The Zits music video lately, She explains to him next that she still likes him just not like she did before, she says it's nobody fault they just went different directions she likes politics and the environment, he liked music and his band. That she is quiet and boring and he is fun and outgoing, that she thinks they should stop seeing each other. Joey can immediately guess that it was all because of Claude since he had seen them spending allot of time together at school but never thinking anything of it. She's asked are you going to go out with him she shakes her head to say maybe. she looks sad as she sees Joey sadly leaving the classroom and walking down the stairs.

In Nobody's Perfect, Mr. Walfish pairs Caitlin and Joey together to work on acting out a Shakespeare scene which by this time she wants her and Joey to still be friends, but he wants to know what went wrong in their relationship and how he can change to be the guy she used to love. She explains that it's not him it was her she changed from how she used to be, meaning that perhaps she wanted to just date older or more mature guys, not guys her age or younger.


Caitlin in All in a Good Cause

In All in a Good Cause, Claude Tanner tells Caitlin that a local factory in would begin to be making electrical systems for nuclear missiles soon and he was thinking about getting the people for peace to form a rally against the factory and possibly have them stop. She was trying to help people join the rally, during which time Maya Goldberg complained to her she hadn't been spending very much time with any of her friends since she begun dating Claude. After they found out, people for peace wouldn't be able to do anything for a month in which mass production in the factory would already begin by then, Claude encouraged her to come with him that night to sneak over the fence to spray paint some anti nuclear slogans on the walls. After she and Claude spray painted some anti nuclear slogans on the walls, a security guard spotted them. Claude was ahead so he was able to get over the fence before she was so he ran off as fast as he could to avoid getting caught, leaving her to stay behind and take the blame for the whole thing. The next day she breaks up with Claude because she was really mad he lied to her saying he wouldn't be afraid to get caught, but he ran off scared and didn't even help her get over the fence and because she was given a record and charged with trespassing and vandalism and had to go to court in two weeks from then.

Caitlin in detention(Testing 1, 2, 3...)

In Testing One, Two, Three..., she is first approached by Claude who Caitlin just ignores. He tries to apologize for getting her in trouble with the law and having to go to court, she finally stops ignoring him and tells him "if you're really sorry you'll come to court with me". Later she is approached by Joey who has from some source heard she broke up with Claude and she is told in a rude joking manner "Hey so I heard you broke up with that other guy! You just chew us up and spit us out don't you?" She storms off mad and annoyed both at Claude for the trouble he had got her into and Joey for being rude and insulting her about her break up with Claude. She is later approached by Claude who tells her he won't be able to go to court with her. She is furious! because she knew his parents would say no if he asked to go to court during school time instead of just not saying anything and just going, After he tells her he's afraid that if the security guard from the factory who would be at the trial recognizes him he could get in trouble too and his stricter parents would probably kick him out of the house. She begins to snap at him saying how it was all his idea and she had went along with it. That he just ran and didn't come back to help her get away too. She accidentally slaps him in the nose giving him a painful and slight nosebleed and makes his glasses fall to the floor when she reacts from him trying to grab her arm to help her calm down. She later is seen in detention where she finds Joey who earlier had been really upset about discovering his learning disability and was thinking of quitting school and got into a fight with Dwayne Myers. She encouraged him not to give up on school and to keep trying, because no one is perfect and that she had a problem too she had a physical problem with epilepsy that could keep her from doing some things such as running or playing some sports but she doesn't let that stop her. Then next morning Maya tells her she cancelled an upcoming doctors appointment so she could go with Caitlin to court for support, she then smiles to see Joey back at school and hands him a copy of Mr. Webster's more challenging retake test.


Caitlin in Lucy's film(It Creeps)

In the episode, It Creeps, Caitlin is asked to star playing Debbie in Lucy Fernandez's school project a feminist horror film where all the guys are killed, She wasn't too sure about it at first but after considering her feelings after her break up with Claude and realizing all the guys get killed she accepted the part.

Caitlin talking to Ms.Avery(Stressed Out)

In Stressed Out, Caitlin is really upset when Ms. Avery tells her she won't be back next year, leading Caitlin to believe that Mr. Avery had been fired. She then goes around the school to have as many people as she can find to sign a petition to help get Ms. Avery her job back Including Spike showing that she did forgive Caitlin about the article she wrote about her two years before that. When Mr. Raditch found out about it, he talked to her about it and explains that Ms. Avery knew that the resource center job was just for a year and that she was offered another job but she turned it down. She confronts Ms. Avery and tells her that she lied to her, which Ms. Avery denies saying "you know I've never lied to you Caitlin", Caitlin says Mr. Raditch says you quit! why. Ms. Avery tells her that the new job was for supply teaching, and she wanted to teach her own students not someone elses. She snapped at her saying "oh so you quit teaching because you want to teach!", She almost didn't show up at the school's good bye Ms. Avery party in the resource center. When she did she apologized and found out Ms. Avery is moving up to northern Canada and will have a full time teaching job there because they needed some more teachers there.

Season 2

In Loyalties, Caitlin at first was happily planning a wonderful family dinner to help her parents celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary. Melanie suggests to her a really nice restaurant called "Le Bistro", which happened to be at one time her parents' favorite restaurant. Maya goes with her after school to check the
Caitlin in degrassi high season 2

Caitlin shocked to see her father with another woman

place out to see how expensive it would be and to make the possible arrangements. Then Maya noticed Caitlin's dad at a far back table. they hid near the entrance door by a plant not to be seen. She is very shocked to see her dad there with another woman, because they seemed pretty friendly and then they kissed, She is heart broken and leaves for home cancelling the dinner plans. The following evening at the Ryan's house when her father comes home she's still very upset and can barely speak to him. She becomes suspicious when her mother asked why she could not reach him that afternoon. He tells them he was marking papers all afternoon instead of where he really was. Then next day she becomes certain that her father was indeed having an affair Maya suggested taking with him about it for him to explain. but she couldn't even look at him she was so upset. That evening her mom says her father had to work late again, but he comes home with beautiful flowers, and a nice bottle of champagne claiming him having to work late was what he wanted her to think and he planned to take them all out to dinner. Caitlin suggests "le bistro" as possible plan for a waiter to tell her father "I hope you and your lady friend enjoyed yourselves the other day" revealing he was with another woman. But her father says no because the place was going down hill. she snaps to her dad, how do you know dad ! have you been there lately ?. her father seems suspicious when she said this and replies by telling them his friends told him, She is too upset and doesn't join them for dinner, then she goes up to her bedroom and begins to cry.

Caitlin talking to Maya(A Tangled Web)

In A Tangled Web, Caitlin becomes increasingly upset about her father's infidelities, not being able to eat or sleep for days, and not being able to stop picturing in her mind the terrible sight of seeing her father with another woman. She didn't want to tell her older brother about it. Because she didn't want get him upset and worked up as well. Maya suggested again to talk to her dad about it but she still couldn't stand to look at him let alone talk to him. After school that night her father tells them he wouldn't be joining them for dinner that night. He claimed he was going to play a squash game then go for a drink, when he was probably going out to see that other woman. When her mother tells her she'll be at a board meeting the next night and won't be joining her and her father for dinner, she tells her mother why she's been so mad at her father lately she comes forward and tells her mother she saw her father with another woman and that she knows he is having an affair. It turns out her mother already knew and was hoping that she wouldn't find about it because she wanted to handle it her own way and save their marriage. Then next night when she comes home late from Maya's house and her father snaps at her for being late and not calling home and missing dinner she confronts him about seeing him with another woman and that she and her mom knew what was going on. He denies it claiming he had no idea what she was talking about and when he tries to talk to her about her rude attitude to him she runs upstairs upset and locks herself in her bedroom. She then goes over to her brother Pat's house and stays with him and his wife for a while, they were never seen or heard only mentioned. In The All Nighter, Caitlin is one of the guests at Diana's sweet 16 sleepover birthday party hosted at Melanie's

Caitlin comforting Kathleen(The All Nighter)

house. She's takes a picture of Diana blowing the candles out on her birthday cake. During the party the girls begin to gossip and discuss cute guys when Diana says she thought Joey was kinda cute she tells her "gross Diana get some taste lessons". Then when their true or dare game becomes a marijuana smoking party She was the only one who didn't want to have any for herself. Kathleen teased her calling her little miss. perfection and a chicken. Then a little later she is seen walking around the round steadily spraying an air freshener so Melanie's mother wouldn't smell the marijuana in the morning, a little later after a stoned Melanie revealed the personal and embarrassing secrets from Kathleen's diary, Kathleen broke out into tears and goes outside to cry. Caitlin goes outside to comfort her and shares a blanket with her.

Caitlin in Extracurricular Activities

In Extracurricular Activities, Caitlin is first seen in Mr. Webster's science class which was being given a very hard very challenging test the next Monday morning. Maya invites her over to her house and to study and stay over for supper, she is still staying with her brother not wanting to go back home unless her parents get a divorce after what she went through from the stress and emotional upset from her father's affair. On the way out of school she is greeted by her mother who came to tell her the next day she and her father would like to talk to her. Then next day when she goes back home to talk to her parents, she finds out they're not getting a divorce, instead they're going to try to put the affair behind them and try to all become a family again, but Caitlin is still not ready to forgive her dad yet. but after talking to Maya and some consideration she decides to give them a chance.

In Showtime (1), Caitlin has moved back home now and at school she was being steadily bothered by Claude

Caitlin finds out Claude committed suicide(Showtime)

who wanted them to try their relationship again, even after one year after they had broken up. She told Maya sometimes she wished he would just go away. Not realizing at the time how sad and depressed he had been at the time and how soon her wish would come true. The next day he gave her one last white rose and told her he came to say good bye and she wouldn't have to worry about him anymore. Thinking he was just going away to visit someone like say some relatives. she had no idea what he really meant until later when she and the whole school later found out he meant good bye because he was off to kill himself leaving her and the whole school in mourning, she is shocked and hurt that he did it and she blames herself thinking he did it out of a broken heart and he died because he couldn't live without her love but she wouldn't have him. Later she came home to find out someone had sent her flowers, they were from Claude telling her his final good bye, she is hurt and throws the flowers out.

Joey comforting Caitlin (Showtime)

In Showtime (2), Caitlin is still mad and hurt about Claude's suicide, and decided not to go to his funeral. She has nightmares in which Claude tries to contact her again. The next day she finds a old earring Claude gave her long ago as a momento and remembers their first kiss and tries to forget it and not cry and throws it out. Later that night she agrees to tutor Joey with some science lessons and homework to help him pass the science course, but she was still so mad and upset that she was very impatient short tempered with Joey and wasn't in the mood for his jokes and called him a numb brain. she apologized and realized she did want to talk about Claude as much as she though she didn't and Joey helps her understand that Claude was a total jerk and he didn't love her he wanted to hurt her and to not give him the satisfaction she cries and Joey give her his support and they hug. A few days later she is seen in costume on stage getting ready for the talent show she is happier now and thanks Joey for being so caring supportive during that past week and kisses him on the cheek.

In One Last Dance, after finding out that Degrassi High would be closed down the next year for maintenance and repairs, at the time they weren't sure if they would be in the same school the next year. So Joey asked her to the last dance because at the time it might have been their last chance to. The night of the dance Caitlin was very late because she couldn't make up her mind on exactly which dress to wear. When she got inside the school she didn't see joey there and she got mad thinking he left because he knew she was always late. She didn't realize Joey had been waiting a long time and just went to a washroom to fix his hair and talk to a sad and depressed Dwayne who was copying with the whole school finding out he was now HIV positive. Just when she was beginning to think he stood her up and leave with Maya. Joey shows up at the last moment they happily apologized to each other for being so late and they had a great time dancing and they shared a kiss beginning their second relationship.

School's Out

Caitlin in schools out

Caitlin in school's Out

In the Degrassi original movie School's out, Caitlin took a number of extra high school classes and graduated early in three years a year before Joey would and with Joey's original classroom peers. Caitlin soon prepares to leave for Carelton University in Ottawa, where Lucy Fernandez would also be attending and they were going to be roommates . At Lucy's graduation party, Joey gives her a lovely engagement ring and a proposal of marriage after she's done university, and he tries to persuade her to transfer to a local university which she had also got accepted too. That way they could still be together and not lose touch of each other. Caitlin at first doesn't accept Joey's proposal, because she felt that since she was still young, that there was still a lot of things she wanted to do and a lot of places she wanted to see before settling down and getting married. Caitlin was busy most of the summer working part time in a restaurant and seeing very little of Joey, even though it was there final time together for a while. She was completely unaware that Joey was going on small fun little dates with her, while behind her back he was going on dates and having sexual intercourse with Tessa Campanelli. This was happening because even though she trusted Joey she just felt she wasn't ready to start having sex. But Joey 

Caitlin crying after finding out Joey cheated

couldn't wait, he was upset she didn't accept his marriage proposal and that she was going away for school and always busy working. Caitlin begins to reconsider Joey's proposal to her and thinking about having sex with him. She has sex with him and loses her virginity on his 19th birthday thinking it was his first time also. Afterwards she finally puts her ring onto her left ring finger and prepares to tell him yes. Then next at Bronco's pool house party she finally tells Joey yes and their engaged they happily made the announcement to all their friends. Then she went outside for few minutes to get something in which Joey begun to tease Snake that he just couldn't ever get a girlfriend and can't ever get laid. Caitlin walks back in as she hears Snake snap, "Let's recap the Jeremiah summer shall we? See what a swell human being you've been." Caitlin walks back in and she hears him say the rest. Snake continues saying, "Joey Jeremiah spends his summer dating Caitlin, and f***ing Tessa!" Hearing this, Immediately Caitlin is heartbroken and devastated, Joey then lies to her that Snake was just joking, but she knew Snake

Caitlin and Joey at Simon and Alexa's wedding

wouldn't joke about something so serious. She snaps to him, "You were f***ing Tessa Campanelli?" She reveals that she finally decided to stay home and go to school for him and all her plans were being made around him. Then she immediately breaks off the engagement and throws her ring on the floor and locks herself up in someone's bedroom crying. Two months later at the wedding of Simon Dexter and Alexa Pappadopolos, Joey apologizes for what happened during the summer and she happily accepts his apology. Caitlin and Joey have one last dance together as old friends thinking at the time that they'll never go back to how they were.

Degrassi: The Next Generation

Overview (Seasons 1-7)

As an adult, Caitlin is a recurring character on Degrassi: The Next Generation. She hosts an environmental television program called Ryan's Planet. As a grown-up, she has also developed a tendency to be clumsy at times. Caitlin's epilepsy status is not mentioned throughout the rest of series.

Season 1

Caitlin Ryan S1

Caitlin Ryan in Degrassi TNG Season 1

In Mother and Child Reunion (1), it is revealed that Caitlin has made it big after high school and has her own TV show. It is also revealed that she is engaged to a producer, Keith. She asks him to come with her to her high school reunion so she may show him off to her friends. When she arrives at the school via limousine, she comes across Snake and the two reminisce. When Joey and his daughter arrive with Lucy, she asks Joey if he really isn't going to the reunion. When he tells her he isn't, she tells him to at least go out for drinks with them that night. Caitlin goes to Spike's house and the two reminisce and talk about Keith when Emma walks in and tells her how excited she is to meet her, even revealing her name, magazine title (Ryan's Planet), and birthday (March 2nd 1972). At the bar, Caitlin laughs with her friends and they talk about their old times. When she tells Joey he hasn't changed at all, he gets upset and goes to the bar. Later that night she goes home with Spike and Lucy and Emma asks her for advice. Emma asks if she should go for the boy and Caitlin tells her to follow her heart.

In Mother and Child Reunion (2), Caitlin arrives at the reunion with Keith and meets up with Snake. When told to go on a tour by Snake, Keith walks away and Caitlin goes on alone. She spots Joey and the two share a brief moment through the window to the class. When they meet up, Joey apologizes about the past and they agree to move forward. Alison stumbles upon the two and offers to buy Joey a drink, pulling him away. At dinner Caitlin is called to the stage to give a speech and she remarks on how incredible it is to see everybody again. During her speech, she sees Keith and Joey get into a fight and finds out that he isn't fully committed to the engagement, prompting her to run off. Caitlin sits with Joey in the bathroom as they talk about her unluckiness with relationships. Caitlin asks how he knew Julia was the one and he finally opens up about her.

Season 2

Caitlin Ryan S2

Caitlin talking with Joey in White Wedding (2)

In White Wedding (1), she comforts Spike when she figures out that she's pregnant.

In White Wedding (2), Caitlin tries to help with Emma's hair, along with Lucy. She also comforts a stressed out Emma after her argument with Manny. Later, Caitlin is seen at Snake and Spike's wedding. After the wedding, she talks with Joey Jeremiah and dances with him.

In Tears Are Not Enough (2), Caitlin makes a brief return and attends the funeral of Albert Manning. When Craig made a small scene at the funeral, Caitlin suggests that Joey should take him outside to get some air.

Season 3


Caitlin in Whisper to a Scream

In Father Figure (1), Caitlin is asked for information about Shane McKay when Emma decides to start searching for him. Caitlin tells her that since her mother didn't want to tell her, she couldn't tell her either.

In Whisper to a Scream, she interviews both Paige Michalchuk and Ellie Nash for the co-op job. After Ellie is chosen as Caitlin's new mentee, Caitlin gives Ellie tasks to do for her.

In Holiday (1), Caitlin comes to Angie's figure-skating recital and sits next to Joey. She is later asked by Sydney to babysit Angela while she and Joey go out. Angie asks Caitlin if she can wear her favorite dress, and Caitlin says yes. When Joey and Sydney come back home, Sydney asks Angie why she is wearing that dress. Caitlin tells Sydney not to be mad at Angie for wearing the dress, but Sydney says that she's not mad at Angie. Caitlin feels uncomfortable and leaves, but is stopped by Joey at his porch. Caitlin then kisses Joey.

In Holiday (2), Caitlin starts to have feelings for Joey, and talks to Spike about her love crisis. Spike tells Caitlin to write a letter addressed to Joey telling him your feelings toward him and reread it when you're calm. Caitlin manages to do what Spike advised her, but accidentally puts the envelope on Joey's inside doormat. Caitlin tries to break in to get the envelope through the window, but gets stuck. Later, Joey, Sydney, and Angela come inside and find Caitlin suspended on their kitchen window. Joey asks Caitlin what's she doing and Caitlin says that she's looking for her palm pilot. Joey helps Caitlin get inside. Sydney tells Joey and Angela to go look for it upstairs. Joey obeys and walks away with Angie to look for it. Sydney hurts Caitlin's feelings while Craig listens in on them. Caitlin then takes Joey's envelope and leaves the house in tears. Joey and Sydney break up and Caitlin and Joey end up kissing that same night.

In The Power of Love, Caitlin is informed that there is interest in a piece she had done on HIV/AIDS a year previously. After some emotional talks with Joey, she decides to leave for a trip around the world for nine months to do her piece.

Season 4

In Time Stands Still (1), Caitlin returns from her trip to learn that Joey's car dealership has been doing poorly, and his house has been put up for sale by Sydney.

In Time Stands Still (2), Caitlin makes a deal with Sydney, giving closure to their hostility, and buys the house for Joey. This causes a feud between Joey and Caitlin, but the matter is set aside when they learn that there has been a school shooting at Degrassi.

In Voices Carry (2), Caitlin is present when Craig beats Joey and along with Angie she cries out for them to stop. She also is at Degrassi when the Blood drive is on and she interviews Marco because he is President.
Caitlin Ryan S4

Caitlin in Going Down the Road (1)

In Goin' Down the Road (1), Caitlin meets with Kevin Smith to interview him about his new movie Jay and Silent Bob Go Canadian, Eh!. Kevin chooses Degrassi as the set for the movie and things heat up between him and Caitlin on set. Later, Caitlin's boss argues with Caitlin over her skills as a journalist and takes her off the Kevin Smith story. Caitlin, feeling a lack of freedom, quits her job on Local Heroes and ends up at a bar with Kevin Smith where she, while drunk, makes out with him. She heads back to Joey's house, still drunk, and proposes to Joey. Joey accepts, and the wedding plans are on. Caitlin then, surprisingly, gets an offer to revive her show Ryan's Planet, courtesy of Kevin Smith.

In Goin' Down the Road (2), Caitlin reveals to Kevin she is engaged to Joey, and an argument emerges. Facing a tough decision, she takes it out on Joey and they decide not to get married after agreeing that all they do is fight. Caitlin takes Kevin up on his offer and leaves with him to Los Angeles after a tearful goodbye.

Season 5

Caitlin Ryan S5

Caitlin in her only Season 5 Episode, I Against I

In I Against I, Caitlin visits Spike and console her after Spike's husband, Snake, kissed the school principal Daphne Hatzilakos. Later, she, Emma, and Manny plan a party and order male strippers in order to cheer up Spike. The plan fails when Spike sees a stripper who resembles Snake.

Season 7

In Jessie's Girl, Ellie Nash used her relationship with her mentor Caitlin to get the famous journalist to give a talk on her newly released environmental film Storm of Controversy. Ellie's boyfriend Jesse Stefanovic was thrilled that he would get the chance to interview Caitlin, though she informed him that she wanted Ellie to conduct the Q&A due to their history together. Jesse was extremely annoyed by this so, to appease him, Ellie gave him her ticket to the Dean's Ball that night.
Caitlin Jesse

Caitlin hooks-up with Jesse at The Core.

When Ellie arrived at The Core several hours later, she was shocked to find Jesse and Caitlin having sex. The next morning, Jesse tried to apologise to her but she said that she wanted to break up. After he managed to manipulate her into continuing their relationship, she told him that she was going to quit the paper as she did not want people talking about them. As Paige helped her to pick out an outfit for the interview, she confided in her that Jesse and Caitlin had hooked up. When Paige commented that she did not know why either of them had dated Jesse, Ellie told her that she was still with Jesse but had quit The Core. Paige thought that this was a very bad idea and that there were times when she had to choose her professional career over her love life as the interview with Caitlin was a great opportunity for her.

At the reception, Ellie drank three glasses of wine and became drunk. During the interview, she mentioned that Caitlin had been raising controversy while travelling through Canada, giving Jesse a pointed look as she said it. She then asked Caitlin if the responsible consumption that she encouraged in the film applied to alcohol consumption. Both Caitlin and the audience were confused by the question since it had nothing to do with climate change. As Caitlin tried to cover, Ellie bluntly asked, "Why did you hook up with Jesse? Why?" She then asked him, "And how was it, Jesse? Was it worth it?" Before waiting for an answer, she called Caitlin a slut and stormed out.

At breakfast the next morning, Ellie was drinking coffee and asked Marco to lower his voice. He realised that she was hungover and reminded her that they had talked about her inability to handle alcohol. Caitlin then entered and demanded an explanation for why she had humiliated her in public. Ellie revealed that Jesse was her boyfriend. Caitlin had no idea and apologised, saying that she would have never slept with Jesse if she had known. Caitlin was astonished when Ellie said that she had quit The Core to save her relationship with Jesse. She told Ellie that she had the potential to become a great journalist and not to let a "freshman romance" stand in the way of her future. Ellie followed her advice. She returned to The Core and permanently ended her relationship with Jesse.


Season 8

In Degrassi Goes Hollywood, Ellie seemingly told Craig about Jesse's affair as he said, "I still can't believe your ex slept with Caitlin." They both found it disgusting.



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  • (Degrassi Junior High, Season 1, Episode 1, Kiss Me, Steph)
    (First line): "This is disgusting." (referring to Stephanie's campaign propaganda when she promises to give the boys kisses if they'll vote for her as president.)
  • (Degrassi: The Next Generation, Season 7, Episode 8, Jesse's Girl)
    (Final line) (to Ellie): "And, uh, I smelled booze on your breath last night."
  • (Degrassi High, School's Out!)
    (to Joey): "You were fucking Tessa Campanelli?"
  • (Degrassi: The Next Generation, Season 4, Episode 22 - Goin' Down The Road (2))
    (to Joey): "Who calls themselves Snake? Or Wheels?"
  • (Degrassi: The Next Generation, Season 5, Episode 14 - I Against I)
    (to Emma and Manny): "She went to the salon early, probably to swallow dye."
  • Joey: "Uh Angie, be careful with that bag. It has the eggs in it, okay?"
    Angie: "I know."
    (Caitlin pulls up in a taxi outside Joey's house)
    Angie: "Auntie Caitlin, watch!"
    (Angie jumps down the steps and drops the bag, breaking the eggs)
    Joey: "Angela Elizabeth, what did I just say?!"
    (Angie sits down on the front step, upset that Joey yelled at her. Caitlin walks over to her)
    Caitlin: "Hey, you alright?"
    Joey: "See this is what happens when little girls don't go to bed on time!"
    Caitlin: "Don't cry, Angie. C'mon..."
    Joey: "Oh, she's fine."
    Caitlin: "I know. You wanna see something really cool? Watch this!"
    (Caitlin does a cartwheel)
    Caitlin: "Woo! Can your fuddy duddy daddy do that, huh?"
    Angie: "No! He's old and no fun!"
    Joey: "Oh, really? Watch this!"
    (Joey does a handstand)
    Joey: "I am a fun machine!"
    (Joey falls down and hurts his back. Caitlin and Angie rush to his side)
    Caitlin: "Joey, are you okay?"
    Joey: "Oh, no! Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no!" - Rock and Roll High School
  • (Caitlin and Angie are running around the house wearing towels as capes and pretending to be superheroes)
    Caitlin: "Watch out, bad guys!"
    Angie "Ah!"
    (Angie jumps on Joey's chest)
    Joey: "Uh, no, no, Angie, please!"
    Caitlin: "Sweetie!"
    Joey: "No, no! Off, off!"
    Caitlin: "Sweetie, he's a good guy." - Rock and Roll High School
  • Joey: "So did you and Auntie Caitlin have fun shopping today?"
    Angie: "It was...okay. I’m gonna go out and play."
    Caitlin: "Sweetie, I need you to wash your hands for dinner."
    Angie: "Five minutes!"
    Caitlin: "No, I need you to wash them now!"
    Angie: "Bye!"
    Caitlin: "Hold it right there, Missy! Wash those hands now!...You heard me!"
    Angie: "I hate you."
    (Angie runs up the stairs) - Rock and Roll High School
  • Joey: "Mom, this is Caitlin."
    Caitlin: "Hi."
    Mrs. Jeremiah: "Hello! So this is the young lady you can't stop talking about."
    Caitlin: "Um..."
    Joey: "Don't you think it's time to start the tour, Caitlin?"
    Caitlin: "This way."
    Mrs. Jeremiah: "She's just as pretty as you said she was."
    Joey: "Mom!" - Making Whoopee
  • Claude: "Caitlin, listen. Do you know Jean-Luc Godard?"
    Caitlin: "Uh, no. Does he go to Degrassi?"
    Claude: "Not quite. He's a French film director." - Dream On


  • Although many Grade 7 first season characters have birthdays in 1975 (and Caitlin alone in 1972), since Emma Nelson, daughter of a Grade 8 student, was born in June 1989, and since Grade 7s start at the age of 11 or 12 and finish at 12 or 13, 1975 birthdays should be retconned as 1976. A March 1972 birthdate for Caitlin is quite extreme.
    • This 1972 birthdate was spoken by Emma Nelson in the premiere episode of Degrassi: The Next Generation, and may represent an enthusiastic misspeak or misread by Emma, as the year 1972 makes Caitlin aged 16 on starting Grade 7. Since the date is not officially seen or spoken by an official person, it can be regarded as apocryphal, perhaps influenced by Stacie Mistysyn's actual birthdate of 23 July 1971.)
  • Caitlin is the only canonically straight character to have questioned her sexuality.
  • Caitlin and Ashley Kerwin were both mentioned in Degrassi Goes Hollywood.
  • Catlin used to be a dancer.
  • Caitlin and Joey were engaged twice but never married.
  • Joey proposed to Caitlin in Degrassi High and Caitlin proposed to Joey in Degrassi: The Next Generation.
  • Caitlin had epilepsy as a teen. By the time of D:TNG she had been seizure-free long enough to have had a driver's license for an unspecified time.
  • Caitlin is the mentor of Ellie Nash.
  • Although she credited as a regular cast member in Season 5 of Degrassi: The Next Generation, she only appeared in one episode, I Against I.
  • Caitlin was the second person by default to use the word "fucking" on either Degrassi or Canadian television, only moments after Snake said it.
  • Caitlin, Erica, and Heather all share the same line, "What a creep."
  • Caitlin is the first character in Degrassi history to graduate a year early.
  • She drives a beige Toyota Prius.
  • Two of Caitlin's fans were Ellie and Emma. They both eventually became good friends with her.
  • Caitlin was the first character that had a passion for journalism. The other two were Ellie and Clare.
  • Caitlin is tied with Maya Matlin, for dating a boy who committed suicide and acting out in the aftermath. Also, they were comforted by a loved one. Caitlin was comforted by her ex-fiancee Joey and Maya was comforted by her sister, Katie.
  • Caitlin is the first character to catch one of their parents having an affair. The other three are Emma, Jimmy, and Miles.
  • Caitlin strongly resembles future characters Emma NelsonEllie Nash, and Clare Edwards and shares slight similarities with Maya Matlin.
    • Like Emma, Caitlin loved the environment and was always looking for ways to conserve and protect the planet.
    • Like Ellie and Clare, Caitlin was an aspiring, passionate journalist.
    • Like Maya, Caitlin lost a (former) significant other to suicide.
  • In Tears Are Not Enough (2), she attended Albert Manning's funeral.
  • In Holiday (1), Caitlin mentions that her mother has a new boyfriend, which means that her parents got divorced some time after Degrassi High, possibly due to her father's affair.
  • Caitlin has been engaged three times (twice to Joey and once to Keith) but has never married.
  • In School's Out!, she attended Alexa Pappadopolos and Simon Dexter's wedding on October 19, 1992.
  • After Snake and Spike, she is the third longest running character in the Degrassi Franchise. She made her first appearance in Kiss Me, Steph in 1987 and her final appearance in Jessie's Girl in 2008.
  • Her parents were married in 1970.
  • Caitlin was based on The Kids of Degrassi Street character Lisa Canard, who was also portrayed by Stacie Mistysyn.


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