The relationship between Campbell Saunders and Maya Matlin is known as Camaya (Campbell and Maya), Caya (Campbell and Maya) or Maybell (Maya and Campbell). It began in Season 12 of Degrassi.

Relationship History


Campbell Saunders and Maya Matlin first met in Gives You Hell (1). Tristan, who was attracted to Campbell, tricked Maya into volunteering to have Campbell join their group during a French class assignment. That night, Campbell friended Maya on Facerange and began regularly chatting with her. However, he was actually talking to Tristan, who was posing as Maya, who wanted to get closer to him. After finding out that Tristan had been posing as Maya all along, and that she knew, Cam angrily told both of them that he will never be friends with either of them when they hoped they could start over. 

However, Maya and Cam return to speaking terms again as shown in Say It Ain't So (1) and develop a friendship together. This friendship gradually blossoms into a romance towards the end of the first half of Season 12. Despite dealing with many obstacles, including a messy love triangle with Zig and Maya's annoyance with his lack of physical/verbal affection, the two overcame them and were happily a couple, completely in love.

Tragically, their relationship ended when Cam, who had been suffering from severe depression, committed suicide when convinced that Maya would be better off without him in her life. His abrupt death left Maya traumatized and emotionally scarred and unstable, sending her into a downward spin before she soon learned to come to terms with his passing. She properly dealt with his death and began to gradually move on in her life. Though Maya was able to heal from Cam’s suicide, she often struggled with severe anxiety and panic attacks as a result. This coupled with PTSD from the bus crash she was involved with at the end of her junior year, finally sent Maya over the edge. After being diagnosed with depression, and a failed suicide attempt, Maya has finally received the proper mental health care, but was left forever emotionally damaged by the traumatic events she experienced, Campbell’s suicide being one of them. 

Season 12


Cam wishing Maya good luck on her "audition" for the musical.

In Gives You Hell (1), Cam and Maya are first seen in French class with Tristan, being placed in a group. He says that because of hockey training, he is lacking a French credit. That night, he friends Maya on Facerange, and tries to chat with her the next day. At lunch, he goes over to Maya and talks to her about loaning her his Lost Season 1 DVD because she supposedly mentioned it in her chat with him, while it was actually Tristan. Campbell also asks if she wants to chat again after his hockey practice. Later in the hallway, he apologizes to Tristan and Maya, saying that he's homesick like crazy and his teammates are his family

In Gives You Hell (2), Campbell joins Maya and Tristan in class and gives Maya advice on her "audition" for the school play which was actually what Tristan and Cam were talking about on Facerange since he still does not know about that it's Tristan he is talking to. Throughout the rest of the episode he thinks he is supporting Maya for her audition when it is actually Tristan. Maya and Tristan are about to go to class when Cam approaches them congratulating "Maya" about her lead role. Maya than says she never tried out for the play, both her and Tristan reveal the truth about how Tristan was impersonating Maya on Facerange because he was to afraid to talk to him. Cam tells them that they will never be friends ever and walks away, hurt and upset about what has happened.


Maya after Cam yells at her.

In Say It Ain't So (1), Maya invites Cam to sit with her at lunch, Cam considers this offer until Dallas pulls him away. He looks over his shoulder, implying that he would've sat with her but wants his hockey team to accept him.

In Say It Ain't So (2), Cam, Maya and Mo are in the lunch line and Maya approaches him, complimenting him on his formal wear and Cam explains that his whole team has to wear them. Maya says he's lucky that he has a group to dress up with, and notices that he seems to be nervous and asks him if he is okay. Mo notices Cam wearing clover boxers and makes a comment about Cam being the "superstar," Maya defends Cam, but Cam tells her to mind her own business, embarrassing her in front of the whole cafeteria.


Cam apologizing to Maya at Little Miss Steaks.

While Cam is at Little Miss Steaks with his team, he notices Maya, approaches her, buys her a drink, and tries to apologize for snapping at her. She accepts his apology and Cam asks her if she would like to hang out after school someday and Maya said yes.

In Waterfalls (1), Maya is in class, when Cam walks in she stares at him until Tristan and Tori try to get her attention. Tori sees Maya writing a song called "Jersey Boy" and asks about her and Cam. Maya tells her that Cam asked her out. Maya ask Tristan if he's okay with it and Tristan sings that his new love is the musical and that she should go for him.


Maya and Cam on their date with Katie tagging along.

Maya later asks Katie if she can drive her to the mall, Katie asks if she has a date and than Maya tells her it's with Campbell Saunders. Katie doesn't approve since she thinks the hockey guys are bad news. Maya tries to tell her that Cam is different from the others, and if she ever met him she would know that. Katie agrees to drive her but is going to be chaperoning them, much to her disdain. 

When the movie is over, Maya asks Cam if he liked the movie and he says he liked the best friend, which makes Katie ask him if it's because the best friend was the "womanizer". As Cam tries to take Katie's blunt questions with ease, such as whether or not he's a virgin, Maya distracts Katie and runs away with Cam into a photobooth.

While the two of them are in the photobooth, Maya apologizes about Katie, but Cam blows it off, saying how she's just looking out for her. As the pictures take, they talk about their siblings and various pranks they pulled on them growing up. Cam tells her how he misses his brother and that this is the most fun he has had at Degrassi so far. Maya confesses to Cam that she doesn't like hockey, to which Cam replies "Me neither". Maya tries to kiss him but he says that they should go and find Katie.

384px-Tumblr m82wok1Vnf1r5uoxco6 r1 1280

Maya almost kissing Cam in the photobooth.

In Waterfalls (2), Maya talks to Cam in front of the school, and gives him the option of where to go for their next date. Cam says the garden, and Maya agrees.

Later on, they're at the garden and Maya has a buffet of food set out for them and while they eat, Maya asks him about his hockey career. Cam seems a little disappointed at the conversation, and Maya spills juice on him. Cam gets up and says he'll go change shirts, and they stand there awkwardly in front of each other. As she leans in to kiss Cam, Maya gets a mouthful of Cam's ear when he turns the other way. Maya steps back and tells him to "break a leg" at his game. Cam then walks away.


Maya nibbling Cam's ear after attempting to kiss him.

Later in class, Maya is texting Tristan and Tori about her date with Cam. They get caught and the teacher reads the messages aloud. Cam is upset by them, and when the bell rings, he walks out of the room in a rush. Maya follows him and says she's never had a boyfriend before, she doesn't know how anything works, and she just wants him to like her. He then tells her that he thought she actually cared about him, and not the fact that he was a hockey star. He walks away and leaves Maya distraught. 


Maya and Cam kiss for the first time.

After school, Maya is in her room playing the cello when Cam walks in and tells her Katie let him in. He moves Maya's cello over, and tells her that he's never had a girlfriend before, and he was just nervous. He then leans in and kisses her, thus beginning their relationship.

In Rusty Cage (1), Cam is walking into French texting when Maya comes up behind him and jumps on his back. He tells her he is still in pain from practice yesterday and she apologizes and gets off. She, Tori, and Tristan tell him he needs a break from hockey and invite him to karaoke night at Little Miss Steaks, but he tells them he can't miss practice.
Tumblr m8ec0cZKdu1r2bz3uo1 500

Maya and Cam singing "I Believe In A Thing Called Love" at Little Miss Steaks

Later, Cam is walking to practice and overhears the team talking about him. He gets angry and drinks a whole carton of milk so he could throw up and convince the team he was too sick to play. His plan works and he goes to Little Miss Steaks to hang out with Maya. Maya tries to get him to go up and sing with her even though he was against it at first. He actually ends up going up there and having a good time.

Snapshot 16 (31-07-2015 10-19 PM)

Cam and Maya sharing a moment

The next day Maya walks up to Cam at his locker, scaring him, and gives him a flyer for chorus. Cam says music is her thing and sports is his, and that's what he likes about them. Interrupting their moment, Luke and Dallas walk up to Cam and tells him they found out he ditched practice because they saw a picture of him up on stage. For punishment they force him to skate until he just can't take it anymore. When Cam is in the hockey room cooling off, Dallas comes in and tells him the team is all he's got. Cam gets angry and throws his skate, cutting his hand, and begins to cry.

In Rusty Cage (2), Cam is seen with Maya in the Media Room, examining his plays from the last game. He then comes to a conclusion that he should play right wing instead of left. Maya thinks this is a good idea. At the game that night, before Cam hits the right wing, Luke threatens him, saying that if Cam makes them lose then he'll make his life hell. Cam notices Maya and Tristan, and starts to smile. The game begins, and Cam is going strong. By the end, the game is tied 3 to 3. Cam makes a goal, making the score 4 to 3 and winning the game.


"I just want to be happy."

The next day he skips school and stays home, making Maya worried. She keeps texting him, at first joking with him about skipping, then eventually asking if he would tell her in the event that something was wrong. Cam is sitting on his bed reading his texts. He then goes to look at the picture his mom sent him, with her, his sister, and little brother in Ice Hounds jerseys. He then grows sadder and starts packing his bag, wanting to go home. Before he finishes, Maya drops by after school to check on him and drop off his homework. She asks him why he's ditching, and he admits that the team hates him, and he just wants to be happy. She says he should take a break from hockey and try other things. She kisses his cheek, Cam smiles, and she asks him if she'll see him at school tomorrow. 

Snapshot 11 (31-07-2015 8-58 PM)

Maya and Cam kissing at the hospital

That next day, Cam jumps off the railing, hitting the ground. He is seen by Ms. Oh, who calls the hospital. He is seen leaving the hospital with Dallas, with a broken arm. Maya arrives, and Dallas tells her that Cam is going to be out of hockey for six to eight weeks. Dallas leaves Cam and Maya, and she confronts him, asking if he did it on purpose. He tells her he's not one of those people who hurt themselves, and tells her that she makes him happy, and they kiss.


Snapshot 12 (31-07-2015 9-00 PM)

Cam and Maya kissing in his room


The two are scrambling to find Maya's shirt just in case Cam's billet parents walk in.

In Doll Parts (1), Cam and Maya are in his room sitting on his bed. He is doing his homework while Maya is practising a new song she wrote about him. After she asks him for his thoughts about the song he replies about his stressful homework and can't comment. She tells him to take a break in an attempt to get his mind off of the assignment but he says he can't due to an upcoming test. Maya then mentions they have been dating for a month and have only kissed six times, Cam gives Maya a quick kiss and says seven.

Maya, a little hurt asks if that's all she's getting, he tells her that with everything going on its hard to get in the mood with her. To help him she takes off her shirt and throws it at him. Confused, he asks her what she's doing then worries his billet mom might come in the room. She tries to grab her shirt back and falls off the bed before quickly leaving.


Cam isn't impressed by Maya's new look.

Later at school after asking for girl advice from Tori, Maya decides to have a make over so she would look prettier for Cam and possibly compete in a beauty pageant. After Tori and Tristan finish she asks if Cam would like it, Tristan replies that he'd be crazy not to. She goes to Cam's locker and asks him about her new look. He asks her why she is dressed like that and laughs when she tells him that she was thinking about doing a beauty pageant, he says it's not her thing.

Upset and almost in tears she yells that she doesn't know what he wants and runs into the music room. Zig finds Maya crying and alone, she explains to him that Cam laughed and he tells her to compete because she should want to not because of what Cam thinks. After the pageant Maya calls Cam and breaks up with him, ending their first relationship.


Cam trying to win Maya back.

In Doll Parts (2), Maya is talking to Zig about helping her with her song at the pageant when he spots Cam, she mentions that they broke up and he apologized asking why she didn't tell him. She says she didn't feel like broadcasting it to the world, then he asked if things would be awkward. She says no and he leaves.

Cam comes up and says he messed up, then asks for a second chance and if she still likes him. Maya says liking him was never the problem, he asks what's wrong and she says he doesn't like her. He says that's crazy. She says that Zig tells Tori she's pretty all the time and he never says it once. Cam says he didn't know he had to, she says he doesn't have to. He apologizes and tells her he's not like smooth like Zig but he really does think she's pretty. Maya asks why he never wants to kiss her, he sighs and says he would try harder. She says he shouldn't have to try and that Katie was waiting for her, then walks away leaving Cam hurt.


Maya asking for Cam's forgiveness.

After kissing Zig, Maya feels guilty and regretful. When she is about to admit her flaw, she freezes and calls herself a bitch then runs off the stage. She goes to Cam's in tears and tells him he was right, that pageants are stupid and asks if he could forgive her. He does and the two make up.

Cam says Maya is beautiful and kisses her on the hand.

The next day at lunch Cam, Maya, Tori, and Zig are all sitting together discussing the pageant. Tori won from her speech and Maya says she earned it, they both apologize and Tori mentions that she can't believe Maya lost and that she looks so pretty. Cam says that Maya always looks pretty before kissing her hand as Zig looks on jealous. The bell rings and Maya stays behind telling Zig she regrets the kiss and that she was confused and caught up in the pageant then leaves with Cam before they share a quick kiss and walk away.

Snapshot 13 (31-07-2015 9-03 PM)

Maya and Cam kissing

In I Want It That Way (2), Tristan mentions that Maya and Tori have perfect boyfriends, referencing to Cam.

In Tonight Tonight, Maya is helping Cam study for their French exam. She is explaining conjugations to him and he says to her, "tu es très belle", meaning you are very beautiful. She smiles and tells him that won't help him pass and they kiss. Tori comes in and apologizes for interrupting, Maya tells her that they were studying and invites her to join them. Cam tries to quiz her and she tells them she might be losing Zig.


The two kissing after Cam calls her beautiful in french.

He tells her that it wasn't French related earning a small slap from Maya. She asks her what she means and she tells them that he's acting weird and that he might like another girl. Maya nervously asks if he's mentioned anyone and Tori says that when they're together it's like he's somewhere else. Maya says he probably has a lot going on, Tori admits that she could be over reacting which Maya agrees to. She says they should go back to studying and looks regretful.

Later Cam, Maya, and Tori are studying. Tori mentions that Zig never texted her back to which Maya says he's probably studying. The doorbell rings and Maya yells for Katie to get it. When Katie makes a smart comment Maya mimics her. Zig comes into the room only to notice Cam and Tori are there. Maya mentions that the only reason he came over was because Tori was there, he awkwardly agrees. Cam goes through a bag and mentions that Zig should have brought more chips, he takes one and offers to Maya saying ketchup's her favorite. Zig asks Maya about their song and that it should have harmonies to it. Maya says that she already recorded the song and let's Cam and Tori listen to it while they grab drinks.

Cam watching Maya perform her song dedicated to him.

After their French exam Cam gives Maya a present. She asks what it is and he tells her to open it, she says it's not her birthday and opens it. Cam says that he's terrible at telling her things, but he likes her a lot. He then says the charm is for her concert and that every time she plays a show, he'll get her a new one. She says she loves it, and he puts it's on her wrist. He says while it was his mom's idea, he picked it out. She says she has to be honest and admits that while they were broken up she kissed Zig. He is silent and she tells him to say something. He says it sucks and wishes her luck at her show.


Cam and Maya kissing after making up.

At the Battle of the Bands Maya says she'll sing when they get re-instated to perform because she has a message to send out and hopes Cam will be there to hear it. While she's singing he shows up and listens to her song. After the tournament Maya takes out her ear rings and holds her head. Cam comes in and sits next to her saying congrats on her winning third place.

She tells him that he probably wants the bracelet back and proceeds to take it off, he gently grabs her wrist and says that when they broke up she was confused and that since she came back to him was she was still confused. Maya tells him that she always wanted him and they share a passionate kiss. Cam tells her that he'd never let her get away that easily and they embrace.


Maya greeting Cam after coming back.

In Degrassi: Las Vegas, Campbell and Maya are briefly seen at Maya's house with Katie and Jake, Maya mentions Campbell is spending the break with his family while she'll have no-one to spend it with, implying that Tori and Tristan aren't speaking to her and she's not talking to Zig.

Snapshot 14 (31-07-2015 9-06 PM)

Maya and Cam kissing outside the school

In Bitter Sweet Symphony (1), Dallas and Cam are talking about Cam's improvement since returning to the ice, Maya runs up to Cam and embraces him tightly. He asks if he knows her and she tells him she missed him and asks him how his vacation was. He tells her it was fun, and they kissed before going inside.

Snapshot 15 (31-07-2015 9-07 PM)

Maya and Cam kissing inside the school


Cam is upset that he and Maya aren't on the same team for spirit week.

They soon find out about spirit week and how they're not on the same team, Maya says she doesn't mind kissing the enemy and gives him a small kiss. Cam finds out that Maya and Zig are on the same team and grows worried, Maya tells him that it's just for spirit week and he assures her that it's fine, then whispers to himself that no one would come between them. Later, Cam asks Dallas to trade him to team green so he could be with Maya, Dallas tells him that he doesn't need to show Maya he's needy and tells him she's just a girl. Tristan tells him that it's not Maya he needs to worry about, it's Zig, and that he'd stop at nothing to get her to ditch him. 


Cam looking at Maya after she admits he started the fight.

At the competition Cam sees Maya and Zig talk a little bit, before he puts the bandanna around her head. Feeling jealous, Cam purposely hits Zig in the eye and tells him to fight him, then tries to beat him up. Maya screams at him to stop and Dallas pulls him away before Simpson intervenes, then tells them all to go to his office. 

In Simpson's office, he asks who started the fight. Zig says it wasn't him, and Dallas tries to defend Cam but Simpson wants to hear from Cam. Cam says his natural instincts took over, Zig says it wasn't an accident and to ask Maya. Maya hesitates but tells that Cam snapped and that Cam started the fight. Simpson suspends Cam and sends him to the counselor when he comes back. Maya is about to leave but Cam stops her and says that he was sorry and that he was just jealous, Maya says that he went crazy and leaves. 


Cam, with a large bouquet of flowers, apologizing to Maya.

At Maya's house, Maya is playing her cello when Katie tells her that a "bouquet with legs" was delivered for her, she's confused until Cam walks in. Katie asks Maya if she's okay and she says yes, Katie leaves. Maya says the flowers must of cost a small fortune, Cam agrees and tells her she's worth it. She thanks him and he asks to hang out with her, since he's suspended he won't see her for the rest of the week. She tells him she's practicing her cello for an audition for a young orchestra. Cam congratulates her and volunteers to stay and watch her practice. When she's silent, he apologizes and says it was a tough day before turning to leave. Maya says that she can't practice all night, her parents were away, and that if it was okay with Katie she wanted him to stay. 

The two cuddling on the couch together.

Later, Cam and Maya are watching videos on her phone when Katie tells them it's late and Cam should go. Cam says he doesn't want to go home and Maya asks to show him something if he promised not to laugh. She shows him Hoot, an owl that she got from her parents for when she went to an over night camp when she was eight years old. She says her parents told her that as long as she had him she wouldn't feel lonely and that he needed to get his own stuffed animal. Cam asks why it can't be her when she was more owl like, she playfully smacks him and tells him to shut up. Katie comes back and tells Cam it's time to go but Maya wants him to stay, Katie tells her no at first, but Maya convinces her by saying that Katie owes her for the many times she covered for her when she went to Jake's. Katie says it's one time and that when their parents return, they can't do it again.


Cam reveals in his video message that he "kidnapped" Maya's stuffed Owl, Hoot.

Cam waits for her to leave before hitting Maya with a pillow, he blames it on Hoot and pretends to have it attack her, before they fall asleep. The next morning Katie tells Maya they over slept and to hurry or else they would be late for school. Maya asks where Cam is and Katie responds that she doesn't know, Maya puts on her glasses and looks around before her phone goes off. Cam left her a video saying that he was sorry he left but he had early morning practice and that he didn't want to wake her because she was drooling and it was cute. He tells her he kidnapped Hoot and that if she ever wanted the owl again to meet him on the steps at lunch and they would negotiate for his safe return, he laughs evilly and the video ends with Maya smiling. 


Cam breaking up with Maya via text message.

At school, Cam is eating and sees Zig. He tells him about his eye and that he hoped it didn't hurt too bad and that he also hope it didn't hurt too bad that he lost the girl. Zig is surprised that Maya forgave him and says it won't last and that he can't keep the act up for long. Cam asks what act and Zig says that Maya will eventually see what he sees and that Cam's a psycho, he says it sucks that Maya would have to deal with it and that if he really cared about her, he'd get out of her life forever, leaving Cam to start crying. At lunch Maya gets to the steps and doesn't see Cam. She texts him to ask him where he is, and finds two lunches on the edge of the steps. Cam quickly texts back telling her he's not coming and that it was over, leaving Maya stunned and confused. 


Maya and Katie find out that Cam committed suicide.

Sometime after, Cam has an emotional breakdown and commits suicide in Degrassi's greenhouse. He is discovered the next morning by Eli Goldsworthy and Clare Edwards. Meanwhile, Maya is very worried about Cam breaking up with her, as they just had a great night the night before. Katie tells her that she needs to concentrate on her music audition and forget Cam for now. The girls see police cars pull up to the school, and Maya is told by Madame Jean-Aux that Katie needs to take her to see Mr. Simpson. Once they arrive, Simpson brings a counselor into the room and he explains that Cam has killed himself. While Katie is shocked and saddened, Maya shows almost no emotion and asks if she can go and practice for her audition.

Later, a candlelight vigil is planned for Cam and Marisol asks Maya if she would speak at it. Maya initially refuses, as she has her audition that same night, but later agrees. She has trouble thinking of anything that she can say, and watches the video that Cam had sent her two days ago. Tori comes in to check and see if Maya is okay, but Maya becomes angry and throws her out. 


Maya gets back Hoot, who Cam had with him when he committed suicide.

Katie tells Maya at the vigil that the police have found Hoot, and that she can go get him whenever she wants. Still emotionless, Maya shrugs this off and Katie becomes worried, walking off to think about how she can help her sister grieve. Zig approaches and Maya is very happy to see him, but becomes annoyed when she sees that he too is upset over Cam's death. He tells her that he feels it is all his fault that Cam is gone and Maya when Maya laughs, Zig is both confused and offended. Marisol tells Maya that it's time for her to speak and Zig's words about guilt are obviously still on Maya's mind.

As she stands at he microphone and stand, she is silent for a moment before declaring the whole vigil stupid and that they shouldn't be feeling sad and guilty when Cam made the choice to commit suicide himself. Katie attempts to explain to her sister that Cam was very sick mentally, but Maya refuses to listen and says that if he needed help, he could've come to her and she would've helped him, but he never gave her the chance and just "checked out". She then states her refusal to cry and runs off stage and away from the vigil as Katie calls out after her. 

The next day, Katie and Maya walk into school and Katie checks that Maya is feeling okay before going to class. Maya assures her that she's fine, and Katie nods, knowing she's not, and leaves. Tori apologizes to Maya for the day before, and says that she'd wanted to be friends again even before Cam died. The girls hug and begin to walk off to their next class together. However, Maya pauses and pulls Hoot from her backpack. She holds it to her chest for a moment, before following Tori.



Season 12


Eli watches footage of the video yearbook and pauses it at a part where Cam and Maya are seen together, happy.

In Ray of Light (1), Eli watches a video for the video yearbook. Whilst editing, he comes across a clip of Cam and Maya together as he gives Maya a piggyback ride as she laughs. Eli pauses the video as the couple face toward the camera and smile, clearly happy. Later, Katie asks Maya if she can handle hanging out with Tori and Tristan after Cam's suicide and Maya claims that she is perfectly fine, even though it is implied that she is still hurting. 

In Ray of Light (2), They are shown in the video yearbook with the same clip of Cam giving Maya her piggyback ride. This time the audio is heard and Maya says "We love each other," as Cam spins her around. Another clip is played of Maya opening a locker and smiling and laughing as Cam jumps out of it. 

In Karma Police (1), Tori mentions Cam in her assignment about something different she would have done if she could go back into the past, saying how she would have helped Cam. Maya sits sadly in her seat as Tristan goes up and comforts a weeping Tori. 


Maya saying that she didn't choose to be "the girlfriend of the dead guy" on camera.

In Karma Police (2), Zig feels awful about how he tried to split Maya and Cam up and apologizes to her for it.

In Zombie (1), Maya is still reeling from Cam's death. She begins taking her stress and pain out by dressing provocatively, asking Zig on a date and, when he rejects her, flirting with Harry. She asks Katie if she is a bad person for not being depressed about Cam's death like everyone else is.

Later, Maya goes to her first Senior party and begins eventually becomes drunk, and soon partying among the party guests as Tristan watches in frustration. She meets Talia and Harry who comes across a picture of Cam on Maya's phone. Maya drunkenly tells Talia and Harry on video that she never chose to be "the girlfriend of the dead guy", referring to Cam, and drunkenly asks everyone to "get over it". 


Maya acknowledging Cam moments before her audition.

In Zombie (2), Maya looks up in memory of Cam before starting her audition, with the song she played a lot after his suicide.

That night, as Maya continues to spin after Cam's suicide, Maya invites Harry to her house when no one will be home and when he implies he was to do more than watch a movie with her, she coyly tells him she'll see him soon. They are then seen making out on Maya's couch. At first, she is into it but soon becomes hesitant when remembering that it is the last place where she and Cam shared their final moments at and looks visibly upset and unsure. She asks Harry if all they are going to do is kiss and he says they could do more, leaning back and unbuckling his belt.


Maya thinking of her last night with Cam, while Harry kisses her neck on the same couch.

Maya becomes reluctant and nervous, telling him that she has never done that before. He tells her to go with it and Maya tries easing herself into it. However, Katie and Margaret walk in and kick Harry out when realizing what Maya was just about to do.

At the end of the episode, Maya finally breaks down about Cam's death, saying that she hates him for breaking up with her by killing himself and like she is never going to be happy again. She expresses how every day just gets worse and worse and that she just can't miss him anymore and, worse of all, he didn't even bother to say goodbye to her. She finally begins to cope in a healthy way and breaks down sobbing in Katie's arms, who is relieved that Maya is finally letting her pain out in a healthy way.

Season 13


Maya tells Katie that everybody leaves her.

In Summertime, Tristan tells Miles and Zoë about how two boys began fighting over Maya the previous year, referring to Cam and Zig. Miles asks Maya how it ended, but she instantly becomes defensive and shoots Tristan a look, who glances down awkwardly. Later, when Maya talks about everyone leaving her she pauses as she thinks about Cam, but not being able to say his name.

In Who Do You Think You Are, Maya performs a song in front of her class and, following this, is asked out by Miles. Maya is clearly hesitant and asks if she can get back to him on it, much to his clear disappointment. Tristan asks her about her date with Miles as she goes to her next class, only for her to say she isn't sure on account of her bad history with guys and trying to focus on her music career. Tristan says that she's only dated one guy and that just because her previous relationship ended tragically, doesn't mean she can't take a chance at happiness with Miles.

In Barely Breathing, Miles asks Maya how many boys she has kissed. She answers three (with one of them being Cam).

In Sparks Will Fly (2), Zig refuses to talk to Maya and she grows concerned about his disappearance. When she tries convincing Miles to look for him, she mentions that the last time someone she cared about disappeared, he never came back, referring to Cam. Later in the same episode, Maya breaks down when seeing similarities between Miles and Cam, as a result of seeing him confront Zig with a fake gun as payback, and calls him emotionally unstable. She begins to cry as she insists that she can't be with someone who scares her, "not again". 

Season 14

In If You Could Only See, Cam proves to be the unsaid reason for Maya's worry about Miles. Seeing the similarities between Miles and Cam, Maya is severely haunted by what Cam's bottled up emotions lead to and grows worried Miles will do the same. 

In (You Drive Me) Crazy, Cam's suicide continues to haunt Maya when she has regular nightmares of Miles harming himself in the same fashion that Cam did with his arm. Maya soon grows obsessed with Miles admitting he has a problem emotionally, taking a big emotional toll on her mental health, and leading her to extreme measures to find information on Miles whereabouts to make sure he is still alive.

When seeing her actions lead Miles to block on her on every social network profile he has, Maya's emotional state leads to a breaking point when she smashes a laptop across the room yelling how she "can't let it happen again" before having a panic attack, bringing Zig and Zoë to try to calm her. By the end of the episode, Maya admits she needs help. 

In Hush, Maya admits to Miles about how her intense worry wasn't rooted from him or even herself, but other issues. She again doesn't verbally reveal her past experience with Cam, but says she is making progress and is getting better in handling it. 

In Wishlist, Maya mentions she is still messed up after Cam's death.

Degrassi: Next Class

Season 3

In #PicsOrItDidntHappen, Maya tells Saad that people die all around her too, and one of the people she refers to was Cam. She showed Saad the place she was supposed to meet Cam but never did since he killed himself, but no one ever told her how Cam killed himself.


  • Both think/thought four leaf clovers are lucky and wear/wore them before something important (Cam before a hockey game, Maya before a cello exam).
  • They are/were both each other's first relationship as well as their first kiss, date and love.
  • They both dislike/d hockey (even though Campbell was a prodigy hockey player).
  • They are/were both considered prodigies (Maya is considered a music prodigy, while Cam was a hockey prodigy).
  • They both have older siblings.
  • They both didn't want to be at Degrassi at some point. When the 2012-2013 school year started, Maya wanted to go to a Performing Arts School and Campbell wanted to go back home because he was homesick and wasn't fitting in at Degrassi.
  • As of Doll Parts (1), Maya and Campbell have apparently kissed 7 times, but only a few of their kisses are shown on screen.
  • Both Cam and Maya have been bullied by the Ice Hounds.
  • They were both friends with Tori Santamaria and Tristan Milligan.
  • Cam's first line was spoken to Maya and her best friend Tristan: "Hey".
  • They were both in the same French class, even though Cam was a grade above Maya.
  • They both broke up with each other over the phone.
  • Cam supported Maya's dream of becoming a musician.
  • Maya was the last person Cam talked to (via text).
  • Maya was the only girl that Cam had ever kissed and dated.
  • Maya acted out after Campbell's suicide, as Caitlin Ryan did when her ex-boyfriend Claude Tanner committed suicide in 1991.
  • Dylan EverettAlex Steele and Ana Golja favor this couple.
  • Their entire relationship was conflicted by love triangles with Tristan and Zig.
  • Maya once tried to get Cam's attention by taking her shirt off with hopes to start a make out, and Cam claimed he wasn't in the mood, only to unexpectedly get rejected. 
  • He was the first person that Maya loved even though they never said "I love you" to each other. 
  • They are/were both known to have anxiety.  
  • After Cam's death, Maya has been determined to protect all of her friends and loved ones since she feels that she failed to protect him and wants to avoid this mistake with anyone else she cares about. 
  • They were both members of the French Club.
  • They both suffer/ed from depression.
  • They both contemplated and attempted suicide, however Maya didn't succeed.

Rival Relationships


  • First Relationship:
  • Second Relationship:
    • Start Up: Doll Parts (2) (1224)
    • Break Up: Bitter Sweet Symphony (1) (1231)
      • Reason: Zig made Campbell think that Maya's life would be better off without him, which triggered his break down. Following this, he broke up with her over text and committed suicide in Degrassi's green house.