"I'm tired, I just wish I could go to sleep and never wake up..."
— Campbell venting to Alli about his depression in Bitter Sweet Symphony (1).

Campbell "Cam" Saunders (1997-2013) was a sophomore (Grade 10) at Degrassi. Like his Junior Hockey teammates, Campbell was a strong athlete. However, unlike his teammates, Cam was good-hearted, gentle, nice, shy, cool, and sweet. He got along with almost everyone, but was awkward with girls due to being new in the romance department. Not too good at holding grudges, he also believed in giving others a second chance. Cam tried to be himself at all times, but it was difficult since everyone counted on him to be a perfect image when he all wanted was just to fit in. Whatever confidence he lacked in social settings, however, he more than made up for it on the ice with his dominating skills yet, ironically, he disliked hockey. 

He was friends with Tristan Milligan, Tori Santamaria, Mike Dallas, and Alli Bhandari, and was in a relationship with Maya Matlin, who was his first love, for the majority of his stint on season 12. Cam disliked Luke Baker, and eventually became enemies with Zig Novak. Cam was on the Toronto Ice Hounds hockey team as their leading star.

He committed suicide following the events of Bitter Sweet Symphony (1) due to stress, anxiety issues, loneliness, depression, and an apparent psychological disorder. His suicide left a trail of devastation in its path with school students in pain, wondering what they could have done differently to have helped him and motivated them to help fellow students like him. He was portrayed by Dylan Everett.

Character History

After running hockey cam

Cam after the team makes him skate for punishment of skipping.

Season 12

Campbell Hocky Pic

Campbell's Hockey Profile.

In Come As You Are (1), he is briefly seen standing in the parking lot of Degrassi with the rest of the hockey team on their first day of school. He is later seen at the school assembly.

In Gives You Hell (1), he is first seen in French class with Tristan and Maya, being placed into their group. He says that because of hockey practice, he is lacking a French credit, which explains why he is in a class with all freshman. The next day he adds Maya as a friend on Facerange, but not Tristan. Maya leaves her Facerange page open in the library which Tristan uses to his advantage to talk to Campbell without him knowing it's Tristan. Campbell began to like Maya from the first time they met, making him excited when he got a message from her FaceRange account. 

400px-Campbell and Maya Facerange photo

Tristan using Maya's FaceRange Account to talk to Campbell.

At lunch, he goes over to them and talks to Maya about loaning her his Lost Season 1 DVD because she supposedly mentioned it in her chat with him, but it was actually Tristan. Tristan sends Maya signals to play along and she agrees to Campbell's offer for the DVDs. 


Campbell smiling at Maya at lunch.

After Campbell returns to his hockey team, Maya encourages Tristan to go talk to him. Tristan nervously approaches the table where Campbell jokes at his expense to impress his team. Cam knows that if he had let Tristan sit with him, his team would mess with him for sitting with a 'gay' kid. Campbell is later seen standing with his hockey team at the pep rally as well as a slide of him is seen on the screen. Later in the hallway, he apologizes to Tristan and Maya, saying that he's a long way from home and that the team is all he has. He hopes that they don't think he's a jerk and walks away.

The cheekbones

Cam talking to Maya in class.

In Gives You Hell (2), he joins Maya and Tristan in class and gives Maya advice on her "audition" for the school play which was actually what Tristan and Cam were talking about on Facerange since he still does not know it is Tristan he is talking to. Throughout the rest of the episode he thinks he is supporting Maya for her audition when it is actually Tristan. Cam gives 'Tristan' great advice, which inspires him to ace the audition. Later, when Tristan lands the lead, "Jules" he sends a message to Cam about the news but while he is on Maya's account. 


Campbell after finding out Maya and Tristan lied to him.

Maya and Tristan are about to go to class when Cam approaches them congratulating "Maya" about her lead role in the play. Maya then says she never tried out for the play, both her and Tristan reveal the truth about how Tristan was impersonating Maya on Facerange because he was to afraid to talk to him. Cam tells them that they will never be friends and walks away, hurt and upset on what has happened.

In Say It Ain't So (1), Maya invites Cam to sit with her and her friends during lunch, Cam looks like he's about to accept the offer when Dallas drags him to the hockey team's table and laughs at him for even thinking about sitting with girls. Dallas invites Cam to hang out after school with the hockey team but Cam says that he has to Skype with his girlfriend from back home, Jamie. Although Dallas is okay with Cam not joining them, Luke makes a comment saying that Jamie is a guy's name.

After school, Cam is practicing hockey and pretending an audience is watching him and chanting his name. Dallas walks in and Cam admits to him that he doesn't have a girlfriend back home. Dallas says that the hockey team doesn't bite, but Cam says they just kinda make fun of him. Dallas tells Cam that he's hanging out with them after school tomorrow the day before a game.

After school the next day, Cam and the hockey team are at the mall and Cam tells them "I was on the basketball team back home, until they made me pick between it and hockey." Then Dallas tells Cam to use his hockey stardom to pick up a girl. Dallas tells Campbell to try picking up Bianca. Cam goes up to Bianca and tries to impress her with the fact that he's a future NHL player and he will make millions.

However, Bianca isn't impressed and when Cam goes with the best pick up line he can muster: "You wanna get out of here.. Go get some sex?" Bianca throws her water at his face and leaves. Cam is left feeling depressed wile being soaking wet, and doesn't know what to do.


Campbell's good luck clover boxers.

In Say It Ain't So (2), Campbell is in the lunch line between Mo and Maya. Maya starts talking to him and Mo makes fun of his four-leaf clover boxers. Mo then calls him out by saying that he could use the luck on his underwear for his next game. Marisol goes along with it and laughs with Mo. Maya then chimes in a tries sticking up for Cam, but he snaps at both of them, telling Maya to mind her own business.

Poor campbell

Cam unknowingly splashing water on his face in the girl's bathroom.

Later, he unknowingly finds himself in the girls' bathroom splashing water on his face. Bianca walks in, asks if Cam is stalking her, and threatens to tell Simpson. Cam looks around and realizes that he is in the girls bathroom. He exclaims to Bianca that he is lost, and he isn't stalking her.

Cam stops Bianca from leaving and begins crying about his problems. He expresses how his hockey team hates him, and about being homesick. Bianca stops, concerned about Cam, and confused as to why he is so sad.

Bianca tells him that high school sucks, and he should spend time in it with people who don't suck. Cam takes this advice to heart, deciding to hang out with people like Maya who actually make him happy, instead of only the hockey guys, who stress him out.

At this moment, what neither of them know, is that this small piece of advice saves Cam's life. If it wasn't for Bianca, Cam would have continued to spend all his time with the hockey guys, and probably would have ended his life a lot earlier than he did. Cam walks out of the bathroom feeling a lot better than he did earlier, now that he has this advice. On the bus, Dallas invites Cam to sit in the back with the team but Cam refuses, sits in the front and listens to music with a smile. 

At Little Miss Steaks, Cam is sitting with the Hockey Team and his teammates praise him by letting him get one of the last pieces of pizza. Maya walks in and Cam immediately gets up to go apologize to Maya about his behaviour. She forgives him and teases him about his four-leaf clover boxers, but reveals that she is also wearing four-leaf clover panties. Campbell asks if she would want to hang out later and Maya accepts.


Cam while on his date with Maya.

In Waterfalls (1), Maya is in class, when Cam walks in. She stares at him until Tristan and Tori try to get her attention. Tori sees Maya writing a song called "Jersey Boy" then Tori ask about her and Cam. Maya tells her that Cam asked her out. Maya ask Tristan if he's okay with it and Tristan sings that his new love is the musical and that she should go for him. Maya later asks Katie if she can drive her to the mall, Katie asks if she has a date and then Maya tells her it's with Campbell Saunders.

Katie doesn't approve since she thinks the hockey guys are bad news. Maya tries to tell her that Cam is different from the others, and if she ever met him she would know that. Katie agrees to drive her, but she is going to be chaperoning them. When their movie is over Maya asks Cam if he liked the movie and he said he liked the best friend which made Katie ask him if it's because the best friend was the "womanizer."

Katie starts to ask Cam a lot of questions to Maya's dismay, so Maya distracts Katie and runs away with Cam into a photo booth. While the two of them are in the photo booth, they talk about their siblings and how they did crazy and painful things for them. Cam tells her he misses his brother and reminisces about when they used to play hockey together when they were little. Cam shows a very soft side that Maya has never seen before, and tells her that this is the most fun he has had since he's been at Degrassi.

Maya tells Cam that she has a secret too, but she tells him something a little less serious, and silly. Maya's secret is that she doesn't like hockey, and Cam replies "Me neither". This leaves Maya and the audience confused as to why he doesn't like hockey, beginning the real mystery of Campbell Saunders. The two are looking into each other's eyes and clearly enjoying their night, and then Maya tries to kiss him. Cam chickens out and tell Maya that Katie is probably looking for them, and they leave.

In Waterfalls (2), Maya is seen sitting on the front steps of Degrassi looking at pictures of them in the photo booth. Maya talks to Cam when he walks by, and gives him the option of where to go for their next date. Cam suggests the garden, and Maya agrees. Later on, they're at the garden and Maya has a buffet of food set out for them and while they eat, Maya asks him about his hockey career.

Cam seems a little disappointed at the conversation, and Maya accidentally spits juice on him. Cam gets up and says he'll go change shirts, and they stand there awkwardly in front of each other. As she leans in to kiss Cam, Maya gets a mouthful of Cam's ear when he turns the other way. Maya steps back and tells him to "break a leg" at his game. Cam then walks away. 

Cam looking upset

Campbell emotionally upset when he mistook the read aloud of Maya's IM conversation between Tori and Tristan in French class.

Later in class, Maya is texting Tristan and Tori about her date with Cam. Tori and Tristan laugh at Maya's sarcastic text about how awkward the date was, and get caught. Madame Jean Aux takes the student's Phones and reads aloud the messages of Maya's fear of "those millions" down the drain. She makes Maya, Tori, and Tristan recite the texts in French, which humiliates Maya.

Cam is very embarrassed and upset by the texts, and when the bell rings, he walks out of the room in a rush. Maya follows him and says she's never had a boyfriend before, she doesn't know how anything works, and she just wants him to like her. He then tells her that he thought she actually cared about him, and not the fact that he was a hockey star. He walks away and leaves Maya distraught.


Cam and Maya share their first kiss.

After school, Maya is in her room playing the cello when Cam walks in and tells her Katie let him in. Cam takes control because he feels that he needs to get a point across. Cam takes Maya's cello out of her arms and lays it down next to them. He then gets down on one knee and explains himself.

Cam tells Maya about how nervous he was, and how he has never had a girlfriend either and doesn't know how to be in a relationship. Maya is left speechless, as he then leans in to kiss her. They share a great first kiss, marking the relationship's true beginning.


Campbell with his headphones.

In Rusty Cage (1), the hockey team isn't letting him forget that his past few games haven't gone well, but he feels like he's in the zone. In their newest match, the Ice Hounds are close to winning, but he tries to finish the game on his own and ends up letting the other team win. The next day, he talks in class with Maya, Tori, and Tristan who all think that Campbell needs a break from hockey and invite him to karaoke night at Little Miss Steaks, but he has practice and can't miss it.

He is later seen Skyping with his mom and tells her that he's homesick and feeling badly about hockey. He can't seem to play well and doesn't know what's wrong with him. His mom tells him to stay positive and stay away from dairy, which always makes him sick. He gets to practice and overhears the rest of the team making fun of him.

Dreading another night on the ice, he drinks an entire jug of milk and makes himself throw up in the change room, ensuring he can get out of practice. He tells his team that he has the flu, but heads straight for Little Miss Steaks instead of home. He tells Maya
Campbells cut

Cam's hand was cut after throwing his ice skate.

that practice was cancelled and Maya is excited to have a singing partner. He is terrified, but Maya gets him to open up and the two have a great time.

Unfortunately, someone videotapes their performance and the Ice Hounds see it. The coach skated the team hard for a hour and now they are going to make sure that he gets the same punishment. The team watch as Campbell practically skates himself to death. When they finally decide he's had enough, Dallas stops him and he collapses on the ice.

In the change room, he is seen sweating, extremely tired when Dallas talks to him and tosses him a Gatorade bottle to hydrate. When Dallas leaves, Cam has another breakdown, tossing his equipment to notice a large cut on his hand. It's like Cam doesn't know what he does until he calms down. After he notices he covers it with a towel to stop the bleeding. This scene foreshadows his suicide.


A picture of Cam's family

In Rusty Cage (2), Cam is seen with Maya in the Media Room, examining his plays from the last game. He then comes to a conclusion, that he should play right wing instead of left. Maya thinks this is maybe a good idea. Cam knows that the coach might not approve because he's a rookie. So Cam thinks of asking Dallas, who's yelling at Luke and the twins for dangling off the balcony.

When Cam approaches Dallas, Dallas says he'll see and walks away. At the game that night, before Cam hits the right wing, Luke threatens him

, saying that if Cam makes them lose then he'll make his life hell. Cam notices Maya and Tristan, and starts to smile. The game begins, and Cam is going strong. By the end, the game is tied 2 to 2. Cam makes a goal, making the score 3 to 2 and winning the game.

In the locker room, Dallas and Cam are about to leave when Dallas surprises Cam with the press, obviously knowing he has stage fright and invited them anyway. Cam doesn't speak, and Dallas, grinning, goes outside to speak to the press. Cam has a panic attack, obviously knowing Dallas' plan. He grabs his skate, and almost cut himself before setting it down.

The next day he skipped school and staying home, making Maya worried. She kept texting him, at first joking with him about skipping, then getting to the point when she's asking if there's anything wrong then he would tell her. Cam is sitting on his bed reading his texts. He's looking at Maya's, then goes to look at the picture his mom sent him, with her, his sister, and little brother in Ice Hounds jerseys. He then grows sadder and starts packing his bag, wanting to go home.

Before he finished, Maya dropped by after school, who is checking on him and dropping off his homework. She asks him why he's ditching, and he admits that the team hates him, and he just wants to be happy. She says he should take a break from hockey, and try other things. She kisses his cheek, Cam smiles, and she asks him if she'll see him at school

Cam after jumping off the second floor railing.


That next day, Cam is seen dangling on the railing, where Luke and the twins were the day before. He waits for someone to pass by, and jumps off, hitting the ground. He is seen by Ms. Oh, who calls the hospital. He is seen leaving the hospital with Dallas, with a broken arm. Maya arrives, and Dallas tells her that Cam is going to be out of hockey for six to eight weeks. Dallas leaves Cam and Maya, and she confronts him, asking if he did it on purpose. He tells her he's not one of those people who hurts themselves, and tells her that she makes him happy, and they kiss.

In Sabotage (1), Dallas mentions how the Ice Hounds's star player is injured, referring to Cam.

In Doll Parts (1), Cam and Maya are in his room sitting on his bed. He is doing his homework while Maya is practicing a new song she wrote about him. After she asks him for his thoughts about the song he replies about his stressful homework and can't comment. She tells him to take a break in an attempt to get his mind off of the assignment but he says he can't due to an upcoming test.

Maya then mentions they have been dating for a month and have only kissed six times, Cam gives Maya a quick kiss and says seven. Maya, a little hurt asks if that's all she's getting, he tells her that with everything going on it's hard to get in the mood with her. To help him she takes off her shirt and throws it at him. Confused, he asks her what she's doing then worries his billet mom might come in the room. She tries to grab her shirt back and falls off the bed before quickly leaving.
Tumblr mcgvuwFjhH1rbgtoxo1 1280

"Seven." - Campbell commenting on their seventh kiss.

Later at school after asking for girl advice from Tori, Maya decides to have a make over so she would look prettier for Cam and possibly compete in a beauty pageant. After Tori and Tristan finish she asks if Cam would like it, Tristan replies that he'd be crazy not to. She goes to Cam's locker and asks him about her new look.

He asks her why she is dressed like that and laughs when she tells him that she was thinking about doing a beauty pageant, saying it's not her thing. Upset and almost in tears she yells that she doesn't know what he wants and runs into the music room. Zig finds Maya crying and alone, she explains to him that Cam laughed and he tells her to compete because she should want to not because of what Cam thinks. After the pageant, Maya calls Cam and breaks up with him, ending their first relationship.

In Doll Parts (2), Maya is talking to Zig about helping her with her song at the pageant when he spots Cam, she mentions that they broke up and he apologized asking why she didn't tell him. She says she didn't feel like broadcasting it to the world, then he asked if things would be awkward.

She says no and he leaves. Cam comes up and says he messed up, then asks for a second chance and if she still likes him. Maya says liking him was never the problem, he asks what's wrong and she says he doesn't like her. He says that's crazy. She says that Zig tells Tori she's pretty all the time and he never says it once.

Cam says he didn't know he had to, she says he doesn't have to. He apologizes and tells her he's not smooth like Zig but he really does think she's pretty. Maya asks why he never wants to kiss her, he sighs and says he would try harder. She says he doesn't have to try and that Katie was waiting for her, then walks away leaving Cam hurt.

Cam kissing Maya's hand.

After kissing Zig, Maya feels guilty and regretful. When she is about to admit her flaw for a portion of the beauty pageant, she freezes and calls herself a bitch then runs off the stage. She goes to Cam's billet home in tears and tells him he was right, that pageants are stupid and asks if he could forgive her. He does.

The next day at lunch, Cam, Maya, Tori and Zig are all sitting together discussing the pageant. Tori won from her speech and Maya says she earned it, they both apologize and Tori mentions that she can't believe Maya lost and that she looks so pretty.

Cam says that Maya always looks pretty before kissing her hand as Zig looks on jealous. The bell rings and Maya stays behind telling Zig she regrets the kiss and that she was confused and caught up in the pageant then leaves with Cam before they share a quick kiss.


Alli tutoring Cam in chemistry

In I Want It That Way (1), it is revealed that he is tutored by Alli. He seems to be struggling in Chemistry and Alli teaches him a mnemonic for the elements. Alli tells him she needs to go and Cam is still struggling and asks her to stay longer. This is the first epiosde where we see Cam's arm completely healed, and he no longer has a cast.

In I Want It That Way (2), he, along with Dallas show Alli the C+ he got on his test and is very happy about it.

In Tonight, Tonight, Cam is studying for his French final with Maya, and he calls her beautiful in French. They kiss but he is interrupted by Tori, when she tells them that she thinks she is losing Zig. Later, Cam tells Maya that he likes her a lot and is horrible at telling her things. He gives Maya a bracelet; and from now on he will give her one for good luck before every show Maya plays at. He laughs and admits it was his Mom's idea. Maya then breaks the news to him that when they were broken up, she kissed Zig.

Cam is speechless and replies with "sucks." and walks away. Cam shows that he is trying to hide the fact that he is upset with Maya's news, and is pretending to be happy on the outside. At the Battle of the Bands competition, Maya is worried because Cam hasn't been answering any of her calls. Back stage of battle of the bands, Maya yells at Zig saying how she loves Cam, and doesn't want to be with Zig.

When she is on the stage to sing with Whisperhug, she notices Cam in the audience cheering her on and sending good luck. Cam is proud of Maya for her performance, and wanted to support her just like she did for his hockey games. Cam talks to Maya after the show and they talk about their relationship. He tells Maya he's not gonna let her go that easily and they share a long kiss.

In Degrassi: Las Vegas, he is briefly seen in the Matlins' home with Maya, Jake and Katie. He has his arm around Maya and says that he will be leaving Toronto over Spring Break and will be visiting his family in Kapuskasing.


"I'm tired... I just wish I could go to sleep and never wake up.."

In Bitter Sweet Symphony (1), Cam arrives back to Degrassi after his trip back home to Kapuskasing to visit his family. Maya immediately runs over to him and jumps into his arms, excited to see Cam. Spirit Week starts and Cam finds out that him and Maya will be on different teams, while Maya will be on the same team as Zig.

Once the games start, jealous and paranoid, Cam elbows Zig in the eye and asks him for a fight. Maya and Dallas both attempt to break up the fight, but all four are sent to the principal's office. Dallas attempts to cover for Cam, by saying that he's used to more competitive play, but Simpson stops him in his tracks, wanting an explanation from Cam himself.

When Cam tries to say it was an accident, Zig pushes for Maya's input and she puts the blame on Cam, getting him suspended for the rest of the week. Dallas is frustrated with Cam and gives him a lecture on how he is being selfish. Dallas pushes him and demands he stops crying in public because it is "embarrassing." Dallas walks away, leaving Cam alone in the hallway feeling depressed. He runs into a random classroom where he throws his backpack, and kicks a desk out of anger.

Cam didn't notice that his tutor, Alli, was in the room working on a chant for her Spirit Week Team. Cam cries to her about how he messed everything up, and wishes he could go to sleep and never wake up. Alli doesn't see the signs that he is upset and needs help, but does the best she can and gives him advice to patch things up with his girlfriend.

Later on, Cam shows up at the Matlins' and brings flowers for Maya and she convinces him to stay awhile. They're cuddling on the couch when Katie tells

"A bouquet with legs got delivered for you." - Katie commenting on Cams way of trying to apologzie.

them Cam has to go home, but they convince her to let Cam stay for a sleepover. In the morning Cam leaves and sends Maya a video message saying he is gone due to an early hockey practice, and plans to meet Maya later on in front of the school.

Cam is sitting on the front steps of the school when Zig walks by, and he ends up calling Cam a psycho, saying he and Maya won't last because of it. This deeply upsets Cam, and as a result he calls it off with Maya via text message. The text read, "I'm not coming. Sorry. It's over."

Maya suspected that he meant their relationship was over, but he was actually referring to his life. Cam mysteriously disappears and is not at the steps anymore, where he was supposed to meet Maya. Due to his mental illness and everything that has happen so far, Cam has an emotional breakdown and commits suicide in the Degrassi's greenhouse that night.


Cam after Zig calls him a psycho and tells him to get out of Maya's life forever, leading to the suicide.

In Bitter Sweet Symphony (2), Eli and Clare come upon his body in the school's greenhouse where he lies dead. They didn't show how Cam died. All students are affected in a different way from Cam's suicide whether it's grief, depression, guilt, denial, sympathy, wondering, comedy, helpfulness, curiosity, relatable, numbness, or any other way to cope with the tragedy. The student council plans a candlelight vigil for him, which Maya is asked to speak at.

While she is writing her speech for the vigil, she is reminiscing about Cam as she re-watches the video he sent her after leaving early after their sleepover. At the candlelight vigil, Maya speaks and calls his actions out in front of the entire school, saying that Cam has so many reasons to stay, but chose not to. Despite Katie trying to explain Cam was mentally sick, Maya declares she would have helped him if he gave her the chance, but didn't. Maya then says that she refuses to cry or light any candles for him before she runs off.

Mentions & Legacy


Season 12


Snapshot of yearbook video with Cam happily giving Maya a piggy back ride.

In Ray of Light (1), Eli watches various footage for the school yearbook and comes across an old video taken of Cam before his death. The audio is muted as Cam is seen giving Maya a piggy-back ride and laughing together with her. Eli pauses the footage when Cam and Maya turn to face the camera and smile, happy. When several students watch the done yearbook video, Dallas asks why Cam isn't in it. Eli says he didn't include him and Fiona backs up his choice by saying it would send mixed messaging. However, Dallas declares that Cam was still a student at Degrassi and fully deserves to be in the video. Later, Maya lies by telling Katie that she is feeling perfectly fine after Cam's death, although Katie knows she isn't.

Screen Shot 2013-03-24 at 5.43.55 PM

Cam in Maya's locker

In Ray of Light (2), after finding Cam's dead body, Eli begins experiencing PTSD and taking his stress out by taking drugs. Eli breaks down in the principal's office and mentions that he didn't choose to find Cam in the greenhouse. When Eli breaks up with Clare, he says that Cam isn't the problem, but that she is. At the end of the episode Cam is shown multiple times in the video yearbook, making everyone happy and showing that even though he is gone, he will never be forgotten.

In Karma Police (1), he is mentioned by Tori, Zig and Madame Jean-Aux. Tori says she wishes she could have helped Cam when giving an essay one what she would have changed if she could go back in time. Zig feels guilty for the suicide, believing it was his fault that Cam killed himself. Zig says he wishes he didn't have to sit through French class listening to "Stupid Tori and stupid Maya talk about stupid Cam." Madame Jean-Aux tries to calm Zig down by telling him that the suicide is no ones fault, besides Cam.

In Karma Police (2), Zig is talking to Damon about how he wishes he never messed with Cam. It is clear that Zig still feels guilty for the suicide. Later on in French class, Zig presents his assignment on going back in time. He says that he wishes he had never cheated on Tori or ruined his friendship with Maya, Cam, and Tristan. He also says that he wishes he had never said those horrible things to Cam before he killed himself.

Talia and cam

Talia holding up the picture of Cam.

In Zombie (1), Maya asks Zig on a date and Zig is unsure how Cam would feel about it. Maya makes a rude joke about asking for Cam's approval, which is obviously impossible. Maya is still in denial and reeling from Cam's death. To cope, she begins to dress more sexually and becomes determined to replace Cam, becoming a huge flirt. She asks Katie if she is a bad person for not being depressed about Cam's death like everyone else is. Later, Maya is at a senior party and Talia finds a picture of Cam on Maya's phone and Maya tells Talia and Harry on video that she never chose to be the girlfriend of the "dead guy", referring to Cam. Maya proceeds to hook up with Harry to replace Cam from her life.


Maya acknowledges Cam by looking up before beginning her cello audition.

In Zombie (2), Maya has her cello audition and before she starts she looks towards the ceiling to acknowledge Cam. Maya then invites Harry over her house to watch movies and make out. They are making out and the thought goes through Maya's head that they are making out in the same spot where she spent her last moments with Cam. She then becomes hesitant and asks if they're just going to keep kissing, resulting in Harry taking of his pants. Maya becomes even more hesitant and Harry assures her to "just go with it". However, the two get caught by Katie and her mother, who kick Harry out.

After confronting Maya about her behavior lately, Katie yells to Maya that she can't replace Cam. Maya screams back "WHY NOT" and pauses for a moment. She then finally breaks down about Cam's death and yells about how she hates him for breaking up with her by killing himself and feels as though she is never going to be happy again and that she just can't miss him anymore. Maya reflects on how Cam never even bothered to say good bye to her before she drops down to the ground as Katie comforts her as she weeps. She wishes Cam never made this decision. 

In The Time of My Life, Cam is mentioned by Eli. Eli explains to Clare of how traumatized he was after finding Cam's body.

Season 13

In Summertime, Tristan tells Miles and Zoë about how two boys were chasing after Maya the previous year, eventually fighting over her, referring to Cam and Zig. Miles asks Maya how things ended. Maya immediately becomes defensive and insists that nothing happened, shooting a look at an awkward Tristan. When she sees Miles' self-destructive behaviour and bad situation at home, she notices the similarities he has with Cam. When Winston questions her, she says "I can't be around guys like him" and flees from the house and runs back home. 


Maya tells Katie that everybody leaves her.

Later in the episode, Maya tells Katie about how everyone always leaves her. She mentions Katie going to camp and then growing up and going to university, Tristan ditching her for Zoë, Tori moving away, then pauses not wanting to say Cam and bring up his exit from her life, but silently includes him.

In Cannonball, Maya asks Winston for help finding Tristan when he goes missing. They are seen by the Eiffel tower and Winston mentions that Tristan could be floating in the Seine, a river in France. Maya immediately starts to cry, remembering what happened following Cam not answering her calls and going missing after refusing to talk to her, which was her being informed that he had died. 

In This Is How We Do It, a picture of Cam is seen in Dallas's locker.

In Who Do You Think You Are, Maya performs a song in front of her class and, following this, is asked out by Miles. Maya is clearly hesitant and asks if she can get back to him, much to his obvious disappointment. Tristan asks her about Miles as she goes to her next class, only for her to say she isn't sure about accepting his offer for a date on account of her bad history with guys. Tristan says that she's only ever been in one relationship and that just because her relationship with Cam ended tragically, doesn't mean she can't take a chance at happiness with Miles, who clearly genuinely likes her. 

In Barely Breathing, when asked how many guys she has kissed, Maya answers three (with one of them being Cam, who was her first kiss). 


Maya telling Miles how the last person who wouldn't talk to her never came back.

In Sparks Will Fly (2), Maya explains to Miles that the last time that someone close to her disappeared, he never came back, referring to Cam. Later, Maya tells Miles that he scares her and then says that she cannot be with another guy that scares her again, again referring to Cam, and was on the verge of an emotional breakdown when clearly being reminded of Cam.

Season 14

In If You Could Only See, Cam proves to be the unsaid reason for Maya's worry about Miles. Seeing the similarities between Miles and Cam, Maya is severely haunted by what Cam's bottled up emotions lead to and grows worried Miles will do the same. 

In (You Drive Me) Crazy, Cam's suicide continues to haunt Maya when she has regular nightmares of Miles harming himself in the same fashion that Cam did with his arm. Maya soon grows obsessed with Miles admitting he has a problem emotionally, taking a big emotional toll on her mental health, and leading her to extreme measures to find information on Miles whereabouts to make sure he is still alive.

When seeing her actions lead Miles to block on her on every social network profile he has, Maya's emotional state leads to a breaking point when she smashes a laptop across the room yelling how she "can't let it happen again" before having a panic attack, bringing Zig and Zoë to try to calm her. By the end of the episode, Maya admits she needs help. 

In Hush, Maya admits to Miles about how her intense worry wasn't rooted from him or even herself, but other issues. She again doesn't verbally reveal her past experience with Cam, but says she is making progess and is getting better in handling it. 

In Wishlist, Maya mentions Cam when she was talking to Zig.

In Don't Look Back, Maya is briefly startled when a Ouija board she was using with Everett and Lena Kincaid starts to spell out C-A-M. However, she calms down when the board continues spelling out a different name.

Degrassi: Next Class

Season 3

In #PicsOrItDidn'tHappen, Maya tells Saad that she was supposed to meet Cam on the front steps of the school but he never showed due to the fact that he killed himself in the greenhouse. She mentions that no one told her how he killed himself.



  • He was one of many present and former Degrassi students who didn't go by their full name. The others being:
  • Campbell was the only sophomore to be introduced in Season 12.
  • Campbell was one of nine regular characters that didn't say anything in their first appearances. The other eight were Spike, Marco, Anya, Riley, Luke, Shay, Esme, and Saad.
  • His Twitter
  • He was a fan of the show "Lost".
  • He was the youngest player on the Toronto Ice Hounds. This fits with reality - the general minimum age to play Major Junior hockey in Canada is 16, but younger players are occasionally granted "exceptional player" status and can play at that level at a younger age.
  • In Bitter Sweet Symphony (1), Dallas mentioned the Cam had been drafted into the NHL. This must have been after the article of Cam Dallas showed in Say It Ain't So (1).
  • Whenever he didn't wear his ice hounds hoodie, Cam would wear customized t-shirts with classic plaid shirts over it.
  • He was in grade 10, but took Grade 9 French, due to missing out on French credits for hockey training during his grade 9 year.
  • He had more "ice time" than Owen, which means that he was a more valuable player.
  • He was the second character who was lactose intolerant. The first was Wesley.
  • He wore clover-patterned boxers for good luck on game days.
  • He was Ice Hound number 67.
  • He came from Kapuskasing, Ontario, 12 hours' drive north of Toronto.
  • Cam was one of five characters to intentionally hurt themselves, the other four being Ellie, DarcyAdam, and Zoë.
    • He is the first biological male to self-harm in the entire franchise.
    • He discovered self-harm by accidentally cutting himself with an ice skate.
  • He had an older brother named Justin. He also has an older sister, and a younger sister and brother.
  • Campbell was one of four heterosexual characters to be crushed on by a homosexual character. The other three being Griffin Pierce-Taylor (By Marco), Peter Stone (By Riley), and Holly J. (by Fiona).
  • He lived with the Clarksons as mentioned by his mom in Rusty Cage (1).
  • He was the second regular to die in the franchise, the first being J.T., and the third being Adam.
  • He was the eighth character to die overall, the others being John Wheeler and Helen Wheeler, Claude, Dr. Manning, Rick, J.T, Anson, Paula and Adam.
  • He was the second character in Degrassi history to commit suicide. The first was Claude.
  • He was the youngest character to die on the show.
  • He was believed to have depression or some other type of mental illness.
  • Cam is the first and only character on TNG to kill himself.
  • Cam is one of the two characters to be mentioned on Next Class by Maya Matlin after his death. The second was Adam Torres.
  • Dylan Everett knew his character would only last one season and the reason behind it only a short time prior to shooting Bitter Sweet Symphony (1).
  • Dylan revealed during his Google+ hangout that possible storylines for Cam were him being gay (and struggling with it) and being abused by his coach.
  • Cam was planned to commit suicide when the character was originally conceived by the writers. However, there was some resistance to following through with this idea when Cam unexpectedly became a hit with audiences.
  • Although Campbell's method of suicide is never stated, it's most likely he slit his wrists. This was foreshadowed by Cam's reaction to cutting himself with his ice skate in Rusty Cage (1) and while Eli was discovering his body, he was looking down, so it's implied that his body was not hanging, but rather on the ground. Further evidence is Eli was traumatized by red paint which resembled blood in Ray Of Light (1).
    • The writers were advised by on-set psychologists not to reveal exactly how Cam died, as doing so had the possibility to be "harmful" to audiences (i.e. inspire copycat suicides). 
  • Campbell spent the shortest time as a regular (one season) along with Kelly and Damian (also one season), followed by AlexMiaDerekJohnnyBruceBlueDarcyDeclanZaneWesley, JakeMarisol, MoTori and Jack (two seasons).
  • Campbell is currently the only main character who overall only appears in one season.
  • Maya was the only girl that Campbell had ever kissed and been in a relationship with. She was his first love. 
  • Campbell's last shown communication was through text to Maya.
  • There has been no funeral scene or mention of such following the events of his death, other than everyone's reaction and method of dealing with his death.
  • He and Hunter Hollingsworth were both called psycho by Zig.
  • Campbell shared similarities with Claude Tanner, Eli Goldsworthy, Craig Manning and Miles Hollingsworth III.
  • He was one of several students who were born outside of Toronto:
  • He was the first character to sucker punch Zig in the face and give him a black eye. The second character was Saad Al'Maliki.
    • Coincidentally, both fights with Zig arose over a situation with Maya.


  • (To Bianca): "How am I supposed to survive a whole season here? I have no friends, my hockey team hates me, my family is thousands of miles away, and I'm crying in the girls bathroom." - Say It Ain't So (2)
  • (To Maya): "I thought that! I thought you didn't care about all that stuff, like my stupid hockey. I thought I found the one person on school who liked me for me. Turns out you're just like every other girl." - Waterfalls (2)
  • (To Maya ): "Your sister let me in... okay, look. I thought about what you said, the other day and I was nervous too. I never had a girlfriend before and I really wanted to... just, I didn't know..." (Kisses Maya) - Waterfalls (2)
  • Tori: "I feel like I'm losing Zig."
    Cam: "That's not French." - Tonight, Tonight
  • (To Zig): "Dude, you only brought 2 bags of chips? Don't your parents own a convenience store?" - Tonight, Tonight
  • (To Maya): "I'm terrible at telling you things but, I like you. A lot." - Tonight, Tonight
  • (To Maya): "This charm is for your concert tonight, every time you play a show I'll get you a new one." - Tonight, Tonight
  • (To Maya): "When we broke up you were confused then you came back to me so, are you still confused?" - Tonight, Tonight
  • (To Maya): "Good, I'm not gonna let you get away that easily." (hugs Maya) - Tonight, Tonight


Main article: Campbell-Maya Relationship
  • Maya Matlin
    • First Relationship:
      • Start Up: Waterfalls (2) (1212)
      • Broke Up: Doll Parts (1) (1223)
        • Reason: Maya felt that Cam did not give her enough attention or appreciated her. 
    • Second Relationship:
      • Start Up: Doll Parts (2) (1224)
      • Broke Up: Bitter Sweet Symphony (1) (1231)
        • Reason: Zig made Campbell think that Maya's life would be better off without him, which triggered his break down, along with other struggles he was facing, so he broke up with her over text and committed suicide in Degrassi's green house.

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