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All the Episodes, from both 2 seasons, from the TV series Degrassi High, are listed below, along with the main events that happened in the episode.


  1. A New Start, (Pt. 1) - Erica is Pregnant
  2. A New Start, (Pt. 2) - Erica is Pregnant
  3. Breaking Up Is Hard to Do - Michelle's Parents Split Up
  4. Dream On - Arthur Fantasizes about his Dream Girl
  5. Everybody Wants Something - The Zitz make A Music Video
  6. Nobody's Perfect - Kathleen's boyfriend is abusive
  7. Just Friends - L.D has Leukemia
  8. Little White Lies - Diana starts Drinking and Smoking
  9. Sixteen (Pt. 1) - Michelle Moves Out
  10. Sixteen (Pt. 2) - Michelle Moves Out
  11. All In a Good Cause - Claude and Caitlin Spray Paint a Factory
  12. Natural Attraction - Erica starts dating again and Heather Disapproves
  13. Testing 1...2...3... - Joey Gets his Drivers License
  14. It Creeps! - Lucy Directs her first Movie
  15. Stressed Out - Snake is scared of failing his Driving Test, Again


  1. Bad Blood (Pt.1) - Dwayne has HIV
  2. Bad Blood (Pt. 2) - Dwayne has HIV
  3. Loyalties - Caitlin's Dad is Having an Affair
  4. A Tangled Web - Wheels starts Acting Out
  5. Body Politics! - Alexa and Michelle are Totes BFF's Again
  6. Crossed Wires - Liz is Haunted by Memories of being Sexually Assaulted as a Child
  7. The All-Nighter - Kathleen Brings Marijuana to Diana's Birthday Party
  8. Home Sweet Home - Joey asks Wheels to Leave
  9. Extracurricular Activities - Bronco reveals to Lucy Savages are Filming at Degrassi
  10. Showtime - Claude Tanner Commits Suicide
  11. Three's a Crowd - The Degrassi kids go Looking for Dates
  12. One Last Dance! - Dwayne Reveals he has HIV
  13. Schools Out - School is out, and everyone heads in different directions.

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