All episodes from all the seasons of Degrassi Junior High are listed below, along with the main events that happened in the episode.



  1. Kiss Me, Steph - Steph swaps kisses for votes
  2. The Big Dance - Voula sneaks out to go to The Big Dance
  3. The Experiment - Arthur puts the "Fool" in "Foolproof Plan"
  4. The Cover Up - Joey sees Rick's father abuse him
  5. The Great Race - L.D challenges the boys to a battle of the sexes
  6. Rumor Has It - Rumors Spread that Ms. Avery/Caitlin are lesbians
  7. The Best Laid Plans - Stephanie asks Wheels out on a date
  8. Nothing to Fear - L.D.'s Dad goes to the hospital
  9. What a Night! - Lucy steals clothes with Voula
  10. Smokescreen - Rick likes Caitlin and joins the Environment Club
  11. It's Late! - Spike finds out she is pregnant
  12. Parent's Night - Wheels' birth father randomly shows up
  13. Revolution! - Stephanie's plan to make Wheels jealous backfires


  1. Eggbert - Shane tries to understand and learn responsibility
  2. A Helping Hand - Lucy becomes a class pet
  3. Great Expectations - Joey tries to have sex with Liz
  4. Dinner and a Show - Spike's Family and Shane's go to Dinner
  5. Stage Fright - Caitlin has epilepsy
  6. Fight! - Joey fights Dwayne
  7. Bottled Up - Kathleen's mom is an alcoholic
  8. Sealed with a Kiss - Erica fears she may have mono
  9. Dog Days - Stephanie's depression deepens
  10. Censored - Caitlin tries to help Spike stay at Degrassi
  11. Trust Me - Spike is thrown out of school
  12. ...He's Back - Lucy is scared because Mr. Colby is back
  13. Pass Tense - Degrassi kids face their final exams


  1. Can't Live with 'Em, (Pt. 1) - Wheels' parents are killed in a car accident
  2. Can't Live with 'Em, (Pt. 2) - Wheels' parents are killed by car accident
  3. A Big Girl Now - Lucy and Paul's relationship starts to turn sour
  4. Season's Greetings - Emma is born (This episode marks Emma's first time seen on Degrassi)
  5. Loves Me, Loves Me Not - Caitlin gets hurt when she misunderstands Joey's intentions
  6. He Ain't Heavy - Snake's brothe,r Glenn, shows up randomly and reveals that he is gay
  7. The Whole Truth - Caitlin writes about Liz organizing a protest for animal rights
  8. Star-Crossed - Erica and Heather switch places
  9. Food For Thought - Heather, Erica, and Melanie are concerned Kathleen and Lucy may have anorexia
  10. Twenty Bucks - Shane uses his child support money to go to a concert
  11. Taking Off, (Pt. 1) - Wheels runs away
  12. Taking Off, (Pt 2) - Wheels runs away
  13. Making Whoopee - Arthur starts feeling rejected
  14. Black & White - B.L.T. asks Michelle to the graduation dance
  15. Pa-arty! - Joey, Snake, and Wheels are caught buying beers
  16. Bye-Bye Junior High - Students face their final exams, the grad dance, and saying bye to junior high.

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