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A page for characters who had anything to do with sports or play.


  • K.C. Guthrie 2008-2012 Reason: Not attending Degrassi anymore.
  • Jimmy Brooks 2001-2001 Reason: Injured teammate Sean, 2002-2004 Reason: Shot in back by Rick, unable to walk
  • Coach Carson: Coach 2008-2008 Reason: Arrested for gun possession, soliciting prostitution, and giving K.C. beer



  • Spinner Mason 2002-2005 Reason: Expelled for involvement in school shooting
  • Sully 2002-200? Reason: Graduated
  • Zane Park 2008-2010 Reason: Changed to football


  • Terri MacGregor 2003-2003 Reason: Left school after being sent into coma by Rick Note: Never seen playing, only seen in jersey in Season 3 opening
  • Kendra Mason 2003-200? Reason: Unknown Note: Never seen playing, only seen in jersey in Season 4-5 opening
  • Alex Nuñez 2006-2007 Reason: Graduated
  • Daphne Hatzilakos: Coach 2004-2008, 2008-2008 Reason: Moved to Regina
  • Sirina 2006-200? Reason: Unknown

Floor Hockey[]


  • Sean Cameron 2002-2004 Reason: Moved to Wasaga Beach
  • Toby Isaacs 2002-2002 Reason: Cut for becoming bulimic to lose weight


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