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Chef Kaz was Zig Novak's boss at his restaurant job. She was the Head Chef. She was portrayed by Joanne Vannicola.

Character History[]


Season 13[]

In How Bizarre, she assigns Zig to watch another co-worker chop opinions, which displeases him since he wanted to be more involved. On his next shift, Zig asks to do more, though she denies his request. However, when he insists, she asks that he shows her what he knows. Zig fails at correctly chopping the onions, and she realizes he did not learn how to properly do it, which was the entire point of having him watch his co-worker. She explains that respect is earned, and that she is giving Zig a chance just by having him work in her kitchen.


In My Hero, she throws Zig's onions away after he had overcooked them. When Zig becomes upset, she helps calm him down and tells him to not to take his personal issues out on her.

Degrassi: Next Class[]

Season 2[]


In #SquadGoals, Zig mentions her on his résumé.