Chloe Annette Rose was born on October 25, 1994. Rose portrayed Katie Matlin on Degrassi and later reprised her role as Katie for a few episodes on Degrassi: Next Class. She is the director of The Do.Crew, a Toronto-based youth advocacy group that raises social awareness through annual campaigns. In 2008, Chloe was nominated as a "TV Ontario Super Citizen" for her work with The Do.Crew. She recently graduated from Etobicoke School of the Arts alongside Aislinn Paul.

Chloe's favorite activities include hiking, backpacking, and swimming. Her next movie role is portraying the character, Juliet Hope, in the movie The Lesser Blessed, also starring her Degrassi co stars, Spencer Van Wyck and Jake Neayem. She recently guest starred on the television show Rookie Blue as a raver, Izzy Shaw. She also has a Tumblr account. She also played a minor role in the TV serie Lost Girl. In 2014, she appeared in the T.V. movie Guilty at 17. She is close friends with fellow castmates Annie Clark, Aislinn Paul, Shanice Banton, Munro Chambers, Justin Kelly, Luke Bilyk, Sam Earle, and Olivia Scriven.


  • Chloe is a Scorpio.
  • She has her nose pierced.
  • She has a tattoo on the back of her neck.
  • She loves watching Grey's Anatomy.
  • She thinks the show Shake It Up is "incredibly corny."
  • Chloe has dyed her hair blonde, brunette, black and most recently, back to brunette.
  • Her character on Rookie Blue, Izzy, was high on painkillers on her appearance. Coincidentally, Chloe's character on Degrassi, Katie, was addicted to painkillers as well.
  • As confirmed on Twitter, before getting the role of Katie, Chloe worked at Fiesta Farms, a grocery store in Toronto.
  • She ships Jatie, Camaya, Zaya, Eclare, and Krew.
  • Her least favorite character on Degrassi is Clare, and her favorite character is Maya.
  • She was friends with Sam Earle and Aislinn Paul before she started Degrassi.
  • Like her character Katie, she loves sports but is mediocre at it in real life.
  • She enjoys swimming.
  • She is currently roommates with Degrassi co-star Annie Clark and has been since early 2014.


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