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The friendship between Clare Edwards and Fiona Coyne is sometimes referred to as Cliona (Clare/Fiona) and began in Sabotage (2) after knowing each other and Fiona harboring a slight dislike for Clare after she became best friends with Eli in Season 11.

Friendship History[]

Season 10[]

In Love Lockdown (1), Fiona claps when Clare wins the Grundy for her Outstanding Use of Sets and Props.

Fiona and Clare

Fiona tells Adam that she and Clare are really hitting it off as she holds Clare's hand.

In When Love Takes Over, Clare is with Eli and Adam in the auditorium watching Fiona audition. When Clare and Eli realize Adam is staring at Fiona, they realize he has a crush on her. She agrees with Eli to give Fiona the part. Later on, Clare is on the stage in the background, while Adam is talking to Fiona, laughing with Eli. The next day, Clare and Eli are getting ready for rehearsal and waiting for Adam and Fiona to show. She asks Adam if he wanted to join them for the Lover's Lunch in the cafeteria. They then proceed then with rehearsal. At lunch, the three are waiting for Fiona. When Fiona arrives late, it is clear that Fiona is drunk. Adam looks happily at her and says she made it. Fiona responds how could she miss spending time with him, Eli, and Clare. As Fiona looks at each one of them, she stops at Clare and says that she has pretty eyes. Clare, who notices the weird behavior, says thanks awkwardly. Fiona adds that the color of Clare's shirt does nothing for them. Clare looks down at her uniform and Eli tells Adam to get Fiona out because she's wasted. Fiona leans towards Eli and says it's not very nice to whisper. Adam asks Fiona to go on a walk and she resists, saying she just got there and that she and Clare are really hitting it off as she puts her hand on Clare's. Clare puts up a quick smile as Adam says he wants to be alone with her. Fiona gets the hint and looks at Eli and Clare mischievously and says "Oh, that type of walk." Adam pulls Fiona away and Fiona turns to Clare and tells her they should go shopping before putting her hand up to her ear and saying "Call me." After they leave, Clare and Eli look at each other, worried. Clare and Eli try and find Adam after he cancels practice. He apologizes for Fiona about the lunch incident, which Clare tells him not to be sorry for. Adam confesses he wants what they have. Eli reassures him he will and the trio begin to walk out of the auditorium until Fiona walks in thinking there was practice. Clare and Eli leave Adam and Fiona to talk. After Fiona passes them, she tells Adam she guesses she and Clare won't be shopping any time soon. After Adam takes Fiona to rehab, Adam meets Eli and Clare at The Dot. Adam tells them Fiona never wants to see him again. Eli reassures him that Fiona wasn't thinking straight and Clare adds that she will change her mind.

In Chasing Pavements (2), Adam comments that his friends are attached at the hip and Fiona says she thinks she was embarrassing with them. He agrees she was a little tipsy and Fiona puts her head in her hands, sighs, and tells him not to make fun of her. She adds that it was a dark period.

Season 11[]

In Cry Me A River (2), Eli is seen talking to Fiona, urging her to introduce a new theme of their play.

In Dirt Off Your Shoulder (1), Eli and Fiona are talking in the Drama Club about his idea and she doesn't find it to be very good. Later Eli gives Fiona a letter of resignation, saying he doesn't want to write the play. Fiona asks him if Clare is a good writer and he immediately takes back the letter and tears it up.

In Paper Planes (2), Fiona calls Eli a desperate romantic who writes plays for his exes and he jokingly suggests he writes a play for Charlie having to do with Fiona's alcoholism.

In U Don’t Know (1), Eli and Fiona are seen walking down the halls trying to find an actress to play Clara and when Imogen auditions, they are impressed by her acting.

Clare Watches Eli

Clare watches Eli in a doorway.

Fiona Looks at Clare

Fiona sees Clare in the doorway.

In Lose Yourself (1), Eli tells Fiona that they need a moment in the play where the audience can see that Clara likes Ari. Fiona looks to her right and suggests that maybe Clara can stand in a doorway and watch him. Eli says that's a great idea but as he looks up at her, Fiona nods her head towards Clare, who stands in the doorway watching them. Fiona excuses herself to let the two talk.

In Lose Yourself (2), Fiona, Imogen, Eli, and Jake read lines as Clare watches on to report about the read through. After a few interruptions, Fiona tells Clare to "shoo shoo shoo."

In Extraordinary Machine (1), Fiona tells Eli he changed the play too much but Eli doesn't seem to care. Later, once Fiona notices every change, Eli tells Fiona that she doesn't know art and she becomes furious with him.

Clare interviews Fiona

Clare interviews Fiona and Riley before Eli interrupts them.

Fiona Watches

Fiona follows Eli's gaze and sees Clare in the audience.

In Extraordinary Machine (2), Clare interviews Riley and Fiona. Fiona is talking about how so many changes makes everything a little bit confusing when Eli walks up and interrupts them, needing to speak to Clare alone. She insists that she's in the middle on an interview but Riley suggests to Fiona that they leave. Clare watches them walk away in frustration. Fiona takes Imogen's place as Clara after Eli hurts her feelings. As the play goes on, Eli sees Clare in the audience and falters with his lines. Fiona follows his gaze to Clare in the audience. Clare watches on and by the end she's crying.

In Don't Panic (1), when Eli and Fiona hang out, Eli sees Clare and Jake arguing and he says he has an idea. Fiona tells him to tell her it isn't to win Clare back.

In Don't Panic (2), Fiona decides to help Eli with what's going on with Clare and Jake. She helps get Clare to come to the sweat lodge that Eli and Jake are working on for their project by telling her something is wrong with Jake. She then stays and guards the door, making sure Clare can't leave. Fiona later runs up to Eli who is now outside the sweat lodge and says she just saw Mr. Perino so they have to get out of there. She goes to open the door flap and Eli tries to stop her but she sees them getting hot and heavy. They come out and Fiona takes Clare's hand and whisks her away so that the boys can give their presentation.

Season 12[]

Clare and Fiona hug

Clare hugs and thanks Fiona for throwing the party.

In Sabotage (2), Eli tells Fiona that he wants to throw Clare a surprise 17th birthday party at her loft. Fiona complains, saying she barely even knows her and she doesn't care about her birthday. Eli says he will give her money to plan it which she agrees excitedly. Later, Eli shows up to the party looking miserable and Fiona tells him to buck up and get ready for the surprise. After the big entrance, Clare greets people and hugs Fiona, saying thank you. Both Fiona and Clare are surprised when a fight erupts at Fiona's loft. Fiona kicks Dallas, the instigator, out.

In Ray of Light (1), Clare asks Fiona to ask Eli to do the video yearbook to help get him of his slump. Eli agrees and later finds out Clare was the one who put Fiona up to it. Clare explains she thought it would be good for him, so Eli continues doing the video. Eli, Drew, Clare, and Fiona watch Eli's cut of the video yearbook together. After Dallas gets upset about Cam not being in it, Fiona asks Eli if he can edit him in and leaves. Clare asks if he's going to be okay doing that and he says that he will just do it that night.

In Ray of Light (2), while Fiona is helping Eli prepare for his NYU interview, she says he doesn't need to finish the video yearbook. He says he's behind but he'll finish it but she says she's relieving him of the burden. He asks what she's not telling him and she says that he should maybe talk to Clare. He looks at her and she caves, saying Clare doesn't think it's a good idea. Eli points out that Clare is the one who wanted him to do it in the first place. Fiona says she knows but that Clare doesn't think he can handle it right now. Eli sees Clare through a window getting food in the cafeteria and Fiona watches him go as he leaves to talk to her.

In The Time of My Life, Eli gets Fiona to rig the results of prom king and queen so that him and Clare win. Fiona announces that he and Clare won and Eli comes up to Fiona to retrieve his crown but Clare doesn't. Fiona calls out for her again and says to give her a minute or two. She shrugs at Eli. Later, Clare claps for Fiona when Mr. Simpson calls her up on stage to graduate, give her valedictorian speech, and join in on Mo's song to Marisol.