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"I don't want to take a break! A year ago I had cancer. And then I got better and I thought now, now you can live your life. And then I got pregnant! What was the point of any of this if I was just going to lose this stupid baby? Take a break Clare, the universe keeps telling me, but no! No, I will not take a break! Not for this! Not for that doctor! And not for that stupid car!"
— To Eli

Clare Diana Edwards is a graduate of Degrassi Community School from the Class of 2014. She is the younger sister of former Degrassi student, Darcy Edwards, and the daughter of Randall Edwards and Helen Martin. The latter is married to Glen Martin whose son, Jake Martin, became her stepbrother after the two dated and broke up. She is more lenient in her beliefs than her sister, and can sometimes break rules when she feels the ends justify the means. She can be a drama queen, getting upset when things don't go her way.

She has an on and off again relationship with Eli Goldsworthy. At the end of Season 13, she learned that she's pregnant. In Season 14, it is revealed she's pregnant with Eli's son, who was supposed to be named Adam but she later miscarried.

Clare tends to come across as stuck up and innocent, but can also be sneaky. However, she is a kind-hearted person and cares for her friends and is willing to defend them if need be. During the Summer of 2013, she was diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma, a type of cancer. Fortunately, Clare's chemotherapy treatment worked and she was declared to be in remission by the end of the summer, just in time to be Degrassi's Student Council Vice President for her senior year, the 2013-2014 school year.

She is best friends with Alli Bhandari, Adam Torres (before his death), Eli Goldsworthy, and Jenna Middleton. She is also good friends with Connor Delaurier, K.C. Guthrie, Wesley Betenkamp, Jake Martin, Drew Torres, Jack JonesKatie Matlin, Imogen Moreno, and Mike Dallas, and was enemies with Luke Baker. She used to have conflicts with Mark Fitzgerald, and Holly J. Sinclair. She also has a major conflict with her former boss, Asher Shostak, who sexually harassed her. She also had a dislike of Zoë Rivas and was disliked by Fiona Coyne. She is labelled as "The Perfectionist." She was portrayed by Aislinn Paul.

Character History

Season 6

Clare made her first appearance in Eyes Without a Face (1), watching television in the same room with her sister Darcy, who is on the computer constantly updating her MyRoom page account. Clare always tries to see what Darcy is doing. Darcy proceeds to describe her as annoying. The next day, Darcy walks into her and Clare's room after a conversation with Spinner. Clare is on her bed watching the Degrassi Junior High episode Can't Live With 'Em. When Darcy enters, Clare looks at her and asks if her bra is still done up. Darcy pointedly says that it's where it should be before heading to her computer. Clare is also seen as something of a "Goody Two Shoes."

Clare comforting Darcy after Adams is arrested.

In Eyes Without a Face (2) Darcy invites Spinner into her room, Clare reminds her that their mother doesn't allow boys over when she is not home. However, Darcy ignores her and tells her to leave. Later, she is seen walking home with Darcy when the two encounter Adams. Darcy tells her to go inside, but Clare can tell something is not right and hurries inside to call 911 after Darcy mouths it to her. Clare is later seen sitting on her bed with Darcy, telling her that the police will take their computer for evidence. When Darcy worries that people will find out she's a hypocrite, Clare smiles and says she will punch them. Darcy tells Clare she's good, and Clare implores that Darcy is good too but just got a little turned around. Darcy says it's more complicated, that she's pretty mixed up. Clare then says that a person can be good and mixed up at the same time, holds her sister's hand, and leans into her. Darcy says she hopes she's right.

Season 7

In Standing In The Dark (1), Clare is seen walking through her and Darcy's room while Darcy is pretending to be sick to get out of going to the retreat with her family.

In Standing In The Dark (2), Clare is seen in the hospital after Darcy's suicide attempt. She clearly looks distraught about what her sister has done. She merely stayed with her father, who was comforting her by rubbing her arm, and remained quiet.

Season 8

Clare in season 8.

In Season 8 of Degrassi, Clare is a new freshman in the gifted class, along with Alli Bhandari, K.C. Guthrie, and Connor Delaurier. She graduated from a private Christian school and is now attending Degrassi, along with her older sister, Darcy. Clare wore her old uniform to school every day because she didn't care what other people thought of her, and only had a desire to learn at Degrassi, not to impress boys.

In Uptown Girl (2), Darcy and Clare walk to school and K.C. helps Clare with a book when she falls on the steps. Darcy says if she didn't wear the uniform she might attract boys like him. Clare says she came to Degrassi to learn, not for boys. Darcy says she should be more like Sav's sister Alli so she can fit in. Clare and Connor don't like new student K.C. Guthrie in their class because of his appearance and the fact that he stole Connor's seat. Clare notices that Connor is uncomfortable with K.C. in his seat so she confronts him. Later, they are eating lunch in the cafeteria and Connor is telling Clare about a formula when Alli walks up and asks what they're doing. Connor ignores her and keeps going. Clare tells her that he's explaining fireworks to her. K.C. joins them and in order to prove that she doesn't care what other people think, K.C. dares her to do a talent in front of the whole cafeteria. She sings a hymn, but she is mortified when people start booing and throwing food at her. K.C. looks on, uncomfortable and Alli laughs behind him. The next day Connor and Clare are in the media room for lunch and Clare, too embarrassed to eat in the cafeteria, gets Connor to stay with her by asking about a formula of his for fireworks. The next day, The Shep tells the gifted class that they can't eat by the computers and singles Clare out for doing so and suggests eating in the cafeteria. After Shep leaves, Alli says it's because the cafeteria has such entertainment, alluding to Clare singing the hymn. The whole class laughs besides K.C. and Connor and Clare runs out, embarrassed. Alli looks a little ashamed but laughs it off. K.C. apologizes after class, saying it's normal to care what other people think. Clare admits her sister Darcy is the popular pretty one and that she's used to being the smart one. K.C. tells her she's so much more than that and Clare shyly smiles back at him. The next day, Connor and Clare find that people have taken their lunch table, which Clare notices Connor is very fixated on. Clare asks K.C. if they can sit with him and he invites them with a smile. Connor says it's not their table and Clare smiles as he reluctantly sits down. Alli sits next to them too and tells Clare to not sing. Clare promises she will not sing in the cafeteria again. K.C. tells her he liked it and she smiles.

At Peter's party, Clare tells him she is sure Darcy wishes she were here.

In Fight the Power, Darcy leaves for Kenya to help build schools there. Clare is seen giving presents from Darcy to all of her friends. Clare and Alli watch Jane at her football game with Spinner, who teaches them some football terms. Later that night they attend Peter's party together and Clare thanks him for inviting them. Clare tells him Darcy probably wishes she was there. Two days later, Clare and Alli tell Jane that she made a great "reception," using the vocab that Spinner taught them. Clare adds that they are getting girls together to make posters for Jane's next game. When Jane says there might not be a next game, Clare tells her she can't quit and Alli adds that she is their hero for being the only girl on the football team. Jane is unsure and they look sadly at her before leaving her with Darcy's present from Africa. Clare then drops off Peter's present as he sits with Mia. She says as a way to comfort him that the present means Darcy misses him. Peter dismisses the present and says he will read it later to show Mia he's over her. Clare looks between him and Mia with judgement before leaving to distribute more gifts.

Clare 15vvv.jpg

Clare and Alli examine the vibrator in the bathroom.

In Man With Two Hearts, the minor niners are getting their robot ready for competition. As Clare is fixing wires, Alli asks K.C. if he wears boxers or briefs for a magazine quiz and at that moment, Clare makes the robot shoot sparks. Alli jokes that Clare's getting all flustered at the mention of undergarments. Clare says she's not the one talking about underwear in Media Immersion. They all decide to prep their robot at Connor's house since Alli complains it's been at Clare's house every other time. Alli goes up to Clare once the boys leave and she tells her to not be mad because she was only kidding about her being a prude... or at least a total prude. Clare gives her a look and then Alli asks if all is forgiven. Clare responds "isn't it always?" Alli smiles and turns away but Clare looks sad.As they begin work on the robot, Connor notes that it isn't turning left as it's supposed to. Clare says they'll have to break it open and start from scratch. As K.C. and Connor leave to get snacks, Clare asks for directions to the restroom. Alli follows her and suggests they snoop around in Simpson's room. They find a vibrator under his bed. Spike catches them and, in the midst of panic, Alli stuffs it in Clare's bag. Spike says she knows what it is like to be 14 and curious, not noticing them taking her vibrator. The two girls are curious about the vibrator and decide to bring it to school the next day. The two girls are curious about the vibrator and decide to bring it to school the next day. They're in the bathroom stall and Clare tries to return it to Alli, saying she doesn't want it. Alli asks what if she's with a guy and she wants him to get her one. Clare says that won't happen because she's not having sex until she's married and she'd never marry someone who wanted to own a thing like that. Alli opens it and turns it on. As Clare grows uncomfortable, Alli tells her to pretend it's a robot. They watch it vibrate for a beat and Clare asks if that's all it does and asks how it's a sex toy. Alli asks if she really doesn't know and Clare looks shyly at her. As Alli tries to hand it to Clare, Clare drops it and it rolls under the stall door. Alli and Clare panic and exchange looks as they see someone pick it up. The person knocks and they open the door to see Jane, who returns it to them, and reveals that it's normal to engage in "solo sex." Alli asks if Jane has one and Clare tries to shut her up but Jane says she doesn't have that specific model. Later in class, Connor trips over Clare's bag and the sex toy vibrates in front of the whole class. Mr. Armstrong tells Clare that she knows the rule, no cell phones in class. Clare quietly responds by saying she doesn't have a cell phone. Armstrong pulls the vibrator out, the class laughs, but Alli improvises (stammering over her words) and says it's a robot for their project. Armstrong asks when she thought he was born and Alli says back, " old are you?" getting the class to crack up. Clare is still very embarrassed by the topic. Clare's mom is called up by The Shep and demands she tell her why she is using it. Clare says she is not and she just bought it with her own money. Mrs. Edwards does not want to talk to Clare about it. Later, her mother apologizes, and asks Clare if she has any questions, which she does. The next day, Clare and Alli discuss what happened when Clare's mom had a conversation with her. Alli asks if she's ever tried it and Clare decides to not share that information. Alli asks if there's nothing wrong with doing it then why can't they talk about it and Clare says she doesn't know. Holly J. comes up to Clare and says "little early for sex toys, Little Edwards? What would Jesus say?" Clare responds "that masturbation is completely normal and there's nothing to be ashamed about." Holly J. says, "really?" As Clare walks away she says "and if you tried it once in a while, maybe you wouldn't be so mean," which makes everybody around them laugh. Holly J. gets offended and walks away.

In Lost in Love (1), Connor gets upset when Alli tells him K.C. is sending Clare a rose to ask her to the dance. His reasoning is that he and Clare are better friends. Connor sends Clare a rose as well and they are both given to her in class. She looks flattered when Anya hands her K.C.'s rose but uncomfortable when she receives two. Later, the minor niners work on their robot in the hallway. Something goes wrong with the robot and Clare and Connor go up to it to troubleshoot when Connor suggests the problem is the tread on the claw. K.C. disagrees and says it's the arm and motor. They go back and forth until Clare asks why they're acting like idiots. Alli says it's because she hasn't decided who is taking her to the dance. Clare pauses and says she won't go. Later Alli tells K.C. that robots aren't the only way to a girl's heart. He says he gave her a rose but asks what more is there to do. She says he has to but himself out there and take a risk while looking at Johnny. Soon after, K.C. and Clare are working on their robot in the hallway. K.C. tells her he thinks she should go to the dance with him. She agrees to go which makes him smile but she adds that she's not going with anyone. He says he will take that as a half yes.

In Lost in Love (2), Clare and the other minor niners are at the robot competition wherein Toby Isaacs is the announcer. As Mr. Simpson asks if they're ready, K.C. smiles and says hi to Clare. She greets him back. Simpson looks between them awkwardly after their exchange and asks Clare if she's with them. Alli says she and Clare need a moment to "discuss strategy" and pulls her aside. She says she thought they weren't letting their hormones get in the way of bot wars. Clare says it's complicated and Alli says she'll simplify. She says "you like K.C., K.C. likes you; go to the dance with him." Clare starts to mention Connor but Alli says he will get over it. Alli walks off and Clare walks up to K.C., saying she's reanalyzed the dance situation and decided it "wouldn't be completely horrible" to go with K.C. He says that's assuming he still wants to go with her. Clare pauses, thinking he's serious, but he smiles and she laughs, saying "you're so-," and he cuts her off, with a cheeky "charming?" They smile more. As the competition starts, Clare tells her group to show the crowd what they are made of. K.C. grabs her hand and tells her good luck. Connor sees this and grabs Alli's wrist and repeats what K.C. said. Alli pulls her hand away and tells him to not be disgusting. Connor says that K.C. squeezed Clare's hand but Alli says it's because she's going to the dance with him. Connor asks Clare if it's true and Clare says not now because the competition is starting. Connor continues by saying he asked her and that he was her friend first. He adds that he's way better at robots than K.C. Clare says they'll talk about it after the round. As Degrassi starts losing the match, K.C. asks what Connor's problem is and he runs off. Clare gets mad at K.C. and runs to follow Connor. The next round is on and the niners work together again. Clare runs to Alli's side and Alli asks if she's really not going to the dance with K.C. Clare asks if she's really asking about the dance right now. Degrassi wins third place and they all smile. Connor uses the robot to ask Clare to go to the dance with him just as they win and the crowd cheers her on. She looks overwhelmed and says okay. Connor cheers and K.C. looks upset. At the dance, Connor forces Clare on the dance floor by asking her if they are supposed to dance. She says yes, theoretically. He smiles and she unhappily agrees to dance. They start slow dancing with their arms stretched far and Bruce the Moose pushes them closer together, telling them that's how to slow dance. Clare immediately excuses herself and leaves the dance room. On her way out, she bumps into K.C., who asks her if she's having fun with Connor. She admits she wanted to go with K.C. He says to prove it by dancing with him. She agrees and they dance comfortably for a while in the hallway. However, the moment is short lived when Connor barges in, whining that Clare was his date to the dance. He storms off in fury and Clare follows but Connor has run home. Later when K.C. is getting punch, Clare tells him she's not ready for a relationship and he smoothly asks her, "and who are you not ready to have a relationship with?" They then smile at each other.

In Causing a Commotion, the minor niners enter the media immersion room and notice Connor has a lamp by his desk. He explains that it helps his eyes. Alli comments that it makes them look like freaks. The Shep enters the room to ask the favor of making his principal of the year video of quotes from students. Alli and K.C. volunteer. As Shep walks across the classroom, he trips on the lamp cord. Shep tells Connor it's a hazard and that he must have a doctor's note if he needs it so bad. Since he doesn't, the Shep tells him to try to be a little more normal. Clare comes to his defense, saying she thinks Connor should keep his lamp because he needs it. Shep says it would be unfair to let one student have one and no others because they can't have preferential treatment. Clare responds that's true unless he's a football player. Some of the class whispers at the comment. Shep gives her detention. She says he can't give her a detention for having a point of view and he says he can because he's the principal. While Alli films Clare for the principal of the year video, Clare says that he said to "be more normal" to Connor. She asks the camera if that's the advice principal of the year should give his students. Alli shuts it off and says the video is supposed to show why Shep does deserve the award. Clare says he doesn't. Alli asks if she's still on about the lamp and Clare says it's not about the lamp; it's about individual differences. Alli asks if she's gonna protest and Clare smiles at the idea. Alli asks again but Derek and Bruce show up and take Alli's camera. She takes it back as K.C. walks up behind Clare and Alli and says to buy their own. They walk away, saying "whatever" and pushing him. This gives Clare the idea to take down Shep as a group. Alli asks if one detention wasn't enough. Later, Clare puts lamps at everyone's desks. Alli tells her she's about to get everyone in trouble. Shep, with Simpson in tow, walks in and asks how the video is going. He looks around and sees the lamps. He gets mad and asks what he said yesterday. Clare says he said he couldn't make an exception for one student. As she says this, Mr. Simpson proudly smiles. Shep looks back at him and his smile fades. Clare says he doesn't have to make an exception now. Shep orders everyone to take the lamps off their desks. No one does anything and Clare says not unless Connor can keep his. Shep says there's no room for negotiation and repeats his demand. No one does it so he gives them all detention. The class, especially K.C. looks upset and Shep says to be sure to thank Miss Edwards. Simpson looks uncomfortable and Alli says "nice one, Saint Clare." Clare's anger towards Shep grows. Later, in detention with the rest of the gifted class, Connor taps his pencil and annoys everyone, especially Alli. Clare tells Alli that they could involve the school board about Shep. Alli tells her that they need to serve this detention first. Mr. Perino gets a call and leaves the room. After Alli tells Connor to stop tapping and he doesn't, she gets up and tells him to stop. Clare tells her to leave him alone but she takes his pencil. Connor spits on her and this causes Alli to call him a freak and break his pencil, sending him into a rage. He pushes her to the ground and runs away after Perino says he's in trouble. Clare follows him out of the room. Clare waits outside the principal's office and K.C. comes up to her and tells her that Alli is okay, not that she would care. She asks what that is supposed to mean. He says he knows Connor is her friend but she can't defend him pushing Alli. She asks if he's ever had his face pushed into a puddle of mud while people stood around and laughed. K.C. looks away. Clare says he wouldn't understand. Just then, Connor shouts that he isn't apologizing to Alli and runs out of the office. Clare and K.C. overheard Simpson assuring Shep that Connor is a good kid but they need to wait for the test results. Shep is hesitant and says he would still expel him because he's a loose cannon. Clare looks on in shock. Shep says he's sorry but his decision is final. Clare's shock morphs into anger. Clare shows up at the Nelson-Simpson household and tells Connor he can't go home as he packs. He says if he's not in gifted at Degrassi his parents won't let him stay. She says they aren't done fighting because they haven't been to the school board or the media about this. She says he just has to apologize for pushing Alli. He says he took her pencil. Clare looks confused as to why he's fixated on that. He shouts that he's a freak and everyone thinks so. He lists Shep, Alli, K.C., and even Mr. Simpson and says it's why he keeps taking Connor for tests. Clare questions him about that but he doesn't answer, he just keeps packing. Clare notices his suitcase is filled with the same outfit, over and over. She asks why he dresses in one thing. He says she does too, alluding to her Catholic uniform, but she says she has other clothes to wear at home. Connor says she thinks he's a freak now too and starts throwing stuff and yelling at her to get out, she looks concerned and scared and she complies. Alli and K.C. watch a clip of the video they are making for Shep. Holly J. says that she didn't run for student council president, Shep just appointed her. K.C. tells Alli he doesn't think that's a good thing and she says they'll cut around the appointed part. Clare walks in the room, sans Catholic school uniform. Alli looks surprised and says that when Connor gets expelled, Clare gets a new wardrobe. Clare tells her to leave it alone. K.C. asks if she's okay and Clare is only able to say "Connor was just so..." and pauses before Alli offers "weird." Clare continues, says he had a meltdown, and admits there's something wrong with him. Mr. Simpson pulls her aside and says Connor wanted him to tell her he was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome. He expands, saying that he has to learn social rules. Clare asks if there's a cure like medication or something. Simpson responds to the negative, saying that he can live a normal life with counseling but that he's really scared and could use a friend. Clare says she should get started on her assignment and walks off to think about what was just said. After school, Clare visit's the Nelson-Simpson house again where she finds Connor working on the robot. He doesn't respond to her at first until she asks if it's an X-23 model. He smiles and says yes but he replaced the electric motor with a hydraulic system. Clare nods her head and adds encouragingly, "to give it more power, smart." Connor says he didn't think she'd visit before he left. Clare admits she needed some time to digest the news. She encourages him by saying Einstein might have had Aspergers and adds that he used to wear the same outfit every day just like him. Connor smiles and says Mr. Simpson told him he's really smart. Clare says he is and gets up to come closer to him. He adds that Simpson said other people aren't as interested in thing he is so he has to be careful not to bore people with robots and moths. Clare says he doesn't bore her and smiles. Connor asks if she thinks he's a freak and she says no, that he belongs in the gifted program at Degrassi. Clare smiles and Connor considers this. Later, Alli, K.C. and Shep watch the last cut of the principal of the year video, with Chantay being the most recent to gush about him. Shep says they've done a great job and says they can finish after they shoot his intro. They begin shooting and he begins to talk about the honor but Clare walks in, telling him he needs to let Connor come back to Degrassi. He dismisses her and Clare starts to say what will happen if he kicks Connor out but Shep interrupts, saying Degrassi would be better off "with one less of you weirdos." Clare repeats it in the form of a question. She asks if they should kick out everyone who isn't a jock. He responds to not tease him. She says angrily that he's a terrible principal. He responds that she's a little bitch. Clare, K.C., and Alli look at him, shocked. Shep says to Alli and K.C. to forget his intro because he'll do it live and he walks out. Alli walks over to Clare and asks if she's trying to get expelled. She responds that if that man runs the school she doesn't care. K.C. touches the camera that has been rolling the whole time and suggests they show the school the real principal of the year. Alli and Clare smile at each other. The ceremony is about to start and Alli, Clare , and K.C. hand a DVD to the stage hand. The Shep starts his speech and directs attention to the screen behind him. It immediately cuts to his conversation with Clare and ends with him calling her a little bitch. As allies like Danny, Sav, and Jane look on in disgust, Clare courageously stands up and asks the crowd if they think he still deserves principal of the year, "someone who thinks Degrassi would be better off without kids who are a little different." K.C. stands with her and says "we don't." Alli stands with them. Jane is the fourth to stand. She looks at Shep and says, hauntingly, "you know why." Students get up and start tearing down Shep's signs yelling, "no more Shep!" Clare walks down the front steps of Degrassi in wonder with K.C. The president of the school board comes up to Clare and says she hears she's responsible for this. Clare says she is and the woman asks her to explain. Clare says it all started with a desk lamp. The next day, Mr. Simpson is seen onscreen as he announces he will be acting principal for the next month as Shep attends a "workshop." K.C. is surprised he's not getting fired. Alli turns and says her dad said it's almost impossible for teacher to get fired, even bad ones. And she heard that the "workshop" is actually sensitivity training. Alli looks as Clare walks up, back in her Catholic uniform and asks if she's really back to that. Clare said she changed for the wrong reasons and K.C. smiles and says she looks nice. Mr. Simpson asks Clare, Alli, and K.C. to come to the M.I. room over DTV. They look worried, but once they are there, they find Connor smiling. Clare exclaims that he's back and Connor shows off his newly safety-proofed desk lamp. Simpson says the school board insisted that Connor come back and that he'd learn about social situations with a counselor. Connor adds like knowing when to apologize and Connor apologizes to Alli about pushing her. She says me too. K.C. asks how it feels to have Aspergers and Connor says he's relieved to know it's not his fault that he's the way he is and that he's not a weirdo or the only one. Clare grabs his arm and says that they're all weird but at least he has an excuse. They smile and look at his lamp.

Clare trying on Darcy's clothes.

In Heat of the Moment, Clare is present when Alli comments that Holly J. is off the cheer squad and Holly J. starts to tear into Alli. She embarrasses Alli in front of Clare and Johnny's friends when Johnny doesn't admit to dating Alli. When, in retaliation, Alli starts a hate group about Holly J. on Facerange, Clare strongly disapproves and tries to convince her to just ignore Holly J. and her hostile remarks.

In Jane Says (2), Clare finally stops wearing her Catholic school uniform, and begins wearing Darcy's old clothes, which results in getting her attention from many boys. K.C. tells Clare he thinks she looks nice in class when she's in Darcy's clothes. Alli gets upset and tells them she's trying to do an equation at the front of class. When Alli proudly finishes a problem, Clare catches a mistake in the equation and corrects it. Alli is obviously mad. Later, K.C. and Alli are by the J.T. Yorke Memorial and Alli complains that Clare is the smartest girl in class and she's pretty too. K.C. agrees Clare is pretty but says it doesn't mean Alli isn't. Alli leans in and the two share a kiss. After, Johnny tells her it was all over the Anti-Grapevine and Alli says she already apologized to Clare. Alli finally admits she was jealous, and she and Clare sort their problems out.

In Touch of Grey, K.C. shows Clare how to shoot a basketball into a hoop during gym class. She says he's a good teacher and asks if he played basketball at his old school. He avoids the question by telling Connor to think fast before he throws the ball at the back of his head. He stands up for Connor when Reece is mean to him. Clare watches on as Coach Armstrong asks K.C. if he wants to try out for the basketball team and K.C. awkwardly hesitates and doesn't give a definitive answer. In the hall, Clare asks how K.C. does gym and tryouts every day because her arms are killing her. He jokes that he's a modern day Hercules and takes her books to carry them for her. She smiles just as Reece calls K.C. with a "hey, Brainiac," and says a little birdie told him how badass he is that he lives in a group home because he stole a car with some friends. K.C. throws the books down in a rage and Reece feigns innocence. Reece backs off saying he needs to keep his legs to play basketball. Clare looks on in surprise and K.C. mutters that Connor is so dead. He turns around to see a shocked Clare staring at him and he walks away without a word. After K.C. confronts Connor, K.C. goes to put stuff in his locker. Clare awkwardly goes up to hers beside him and they both look at each other and look away. Clare asks towards her locker how his last tryout was and he says it was decent and thinks he'll make it. Clare turns to look at him and asks if he really did what Reece said.K.C. admits he and his friends from his last school used to find things to do to pass the time. Clare asks if it was like stealing cars and K.C. says there were like many things she doesn't want to know about. Clare asks why he can't talk to her about it and he says she had an idea of him that he's a good guy. He says he liked it but Connor ruined it. Suddenly, Connor comes up to them with his lip split, saying hi, and Clare asks if he hit Connor. K.C. looks offended and starts walking away. Connor says that the wound was from an elbow to the face during basketball practice. Clare then runs to stop K.C. and apologize. She says he's a good guy and she knows it. She asks if he wants to celebrate making the team and he says thanks but he should get home and walks off. Clare watches him leave, worried that she hurt him.

Clare telling Alli that it is time to leave the Ravine.

In Heart of Glass, Alli calls Clare and immediately says she hates her life because she can't be with Johnny. The next day, Alli agrees to go to The Ravine, and brings Clare. At the ravine, Alli decided to wear a rather risqué outfit which impressed Johnny's friends but not Clare. Clare reminds Alli they said they'd be home by seven but Alli has other plans. She tells Clare to go ahead, that she will be fine, and to tell Clare's mom she isn't sleeping over. The next day, Clare and Alli are outside the school when Clare learns Alli and Johnny had sex after Clare left. Though Clare is surprised, her first question is if they used a condom. Alli is worried it broke or she caught an STD. Clare thinks for a moment and asks if it was like she thought it would be like. Alli responds that the kissing was nice and unconvincingly assures Clare it was perfect and everything she'd expect it to be. An awkward silence fills the air and the girls get back to studying. Later, during the math test, Alli can't focus and tells Mr. Armstrong she isn't feeling well and gets up. Clare looks worried from her seat as her friend rushes off. Alli is in the nurse's office when Clare walks in to check on her. The nurse leaves and Alli says that while the nurse says she's fine, she wishes she wasn't so it could explain why she feels so bad. She turns to lay on the exam bed, facing the wall and with tears in her eyes she admits sex with Johnny was awkward, uncomfortable, and afterwards, she didn't want to touch him. Clare asks if she told him how she feels and Alli says she didn't want him to think she wasn't cool and asks why she did something so special with someone she can't talk to. Clare rubs Alli's shoulder and tells her it's okay and that it's over. Alli adds that she can't take it back and continues to cry. The next day, Principal Sheppard and Clare are filming DTV when he announces that for the 49th National Math Competition, Clare is in the top 1% and awards her with a medal. A moment later, after Johnny and Alli are talking right outside the glass where Clare and Shep were filming, Shep walks Clare out and asks Clare to step outside to take a yearbook picture. At the end of the school day, Clare and Alli walk out, talking about the break up. Alli says there are certain things she won't do to be in a relationship. Clare asks if she wants to still be with him and she nods, prompting Clare to tell her to tell him that. Alli wonders if he even wants to be with her anymore and Clare says if that's true then he sucks. They smile and Alli looks back at Johnny. Clare says it's better to know it now and nods her head toward Johnny. Alli takes Clare's advice and goes to talk to him.

In Danger Zone, things between K.C. and Clare are still rocky. K.C. assumes that Clare would judge him, so fueled by his hurt feelings he initiates arguments with Clare about his past. Connor is puzzled by the fighting and asks Alli why they're arguing. Alli says it's because they're "in like" with each other but ever since Connor told Clare about K.C.'s criminal past it's been awkward. Connor asks what to do and Alli says to fix it. Connor invites Clare to his house under the guise that K.C. won't be coming. Connor offers Clare K.C.'s countries and he will take Alli's. Clare says that's generous of him because K.C. is winning. Connor says that it's okay and they both smile at each other. Connor tells her he's going to get snacks and she makes a face that shows she's pleasantly surprised. He asks why she made the face and she says it's because he's being a really good host and that it's nice. Connor smiles and climbs the steps. Soon, K.C. comes down the steps with cookies in his mouth and on a plate. The door shuts behind him and an annoyed Clare says Connor said he wasn't coming. They both run for the door and call out to Connor. The lock clicks and Connor shouts to stay down there until they fix it. Time passes and in the middle of an argument, Connor comes down with drinks and excitedly asks them if it worked. They look at him, mad, and K.C. walks past him and up the stairs. Clare looks upset with him and he innocently holds a drink out to her. Later, Clare and Connor arrive at the Black and White Dance. K.C. broods in the back of the room. Clare asks why he's an idiot and Connor repeats what Alli told him. Clare looks shocked and glances at K.C. She thinks for a moment, turns to Connor and says she needs his help. Connor looks at K.C. and smiles at Clare. Connor lures K.C. to the locker room and shuts him inside with a waiting Clare. K.C. initially thinks Connor planned it all out, but Clare explains that this time it was her idea. She then goes on to say that she understands why they are always fighting, she explains that they were afraid that if they stopped they would kiss. Except instead of saying the word "kiss," she actually tries to kiss him. K.C. rejects the kiss, and Clare, thinking that she had it all wrong, attempts to leave the room, close to tears. K.C. stops her just in time and tells her she was right. They finally share their first kiss, prompting the start of their relationship. Clare and K.C. later come out of the locker room holding hands and smiling huge smiles at Connor. Connor smiles as he watches them head toward the dance floor to dance.

Season 9

In Just Can't Get Enough, Clare arrives at Degrassi with Alli in order to finish her

Clare in Season 9.

freshman year. Clare is immediately enamored by new girl, Jenna Middleton, and gets heat from a jealous Alli. Jenna finds a friend in Clare, but Alli doesn't seem to be happy about it. They become lab partners when Alli rejects Clare's offer to sit with her. While Jenna teaches Clare some notes on her guitar, Jenna makes a dirty joke and Clare gets slightly embarrassed. Jenna laughs and asks if she wants to have more lessons or work on their assignment tonight but Clare says she usually does a TV/homework night with Alli this day of the week. Jenna sadly understands friendship priorities, but Clare decides to invite her. They smile at each other. Later, at Clare's house, Clare is painting Jenna's nails as they talk about their siblings. Alli walks in and is shocked that Jenna is there, showing her disbelief that they have become friends. She tells Clare she's upset that Jenna waltzed into school and stole her best friend. Alli turns to Jenna and adds that she knew she would do it the minute she saw her. Clare interjects and says she guesses what she wants doesn't matter. Jenna pipes in and says she'd love to be friend with both of them. Alli rolls her eyes and smiles, considering it. Later, after Alli gives Jenna a henna tattoo to welcome her "to Degrassi and commemorate a new friendship," Jenna thanks them and admits it was hard moving to a new city. Alli awkwardly says that the niners have to stick together. Jenna, itching for hot gossip, asks Clare and Alli who is "off-limits" and admits to being a boyfriend stealer at her old school which leads both Alli and Clare to become suspicious, repeating her question. Jenna adds that bad boy types are especially her weakness. Alli and Clare look at each other nervously. Alli says she's with Johnny, a senior. Jenna considers this and says he's too old for her. Jenna turns to Clare who says she's with K.C. Jenna squeals and says he's so cute. Once she sees the shock on Clare's face she slowly says "Don't worry Clarebear, I won't even look at him." This does little to relax Clare's expression except for a quick fake smile before Alli turns to her and sarcastically says "You're right. She is so nice." Jenna smiles, oblivious.

A few days later, Clare is at the Winter Beach Bash and nudges K.C. when he pays too much attention to Jenna. She then tells Holly J. that there are weird smells coming from the girls' bathroom and gets rejected.

In Shoot to Thrill, Alli and Clare are at the club fair scouting some clubs. When K.C. kiss Clare's cheek, she' makes a face and asks if there's a PDA club somewhere. Clare says she's jealous because Johnny won't kiss her in public. Clare asks where he is and guesses clubs aren't his thing. Just then, they see Bruce and Johnny bullying Connor in the background. Alli brushes it off, saying everyone has their own hobbies and Clare comments his are much different from hers. Alli comments that the "I hate Johnny routine" is getting old but Clare insists she doesn't hate him; Clare tells Alli she thinks that Johnny isn't nice to her, which is different. Alli says she doesn't know him like she does. Clare sighs and walks off. Clare and Alli later walk out of photography club, getting advice from Chantay. Alli tells Clare she will be taking pictures of Johnny. Clare jokes that even if he actually lets her, "won't the photos end up blank?" Alli says that's harsh, that Johnny has a soul, and he's sweet. Just then, Johnny walks up and Alli says hi and asks him to come over later and help with English because 1984 is "deep." He agrees, saying he loves that book. Clare looks at them and Alli says to her it'll take some convincing. In class the next day, Alli helps Dave elaborate on explaining what sexting is to Mrs. Kwan. Clare watches them talk. When Dave tries to give Alli his number, Alli and Clare roll their eyes. Alli picks up her camera and shows Clare the "racy" photos she took of Johnny the night before. Clare is shocked, saying he looks so "cuddly." Alli excitedly tells her to never doubt her powers of persuasion. After Alli gifts Johnny with with a phone, he excitedly greets Alli at lunch. Clare asks if he's going to eat with them just before Johnny greets K.C. and Clare by name with a "sup?" Clare looks at Alli and gets up from the table and K.C. follows suit. Clare later shows her pictures of K.C. to Jenna and Alli. Jenna says to pick the one with the bike grease. Chantay looks and asks if that's Clare's boyfriend and says nice work and that the photo isn't bad either. Clare looks unsure of how to react. Chantay looks at Alli's, a stuffed puppy, unimpressed, until she finds a picture of Johnny. She says he looks cute and everyone else seems to think so too. Alli shows Clare a text from Johnny saying "hey boo" and "what's up baby" and says he's been extra sweet today and that he's "the new Johnny." Clare is shocked by the pet names. Jenna says the pictures of him are adorable. Clare asks if the new Johnny wants to double date with her and K.C. sometime and Alli looks excited, saying she's sure he'd love to and that they'll talk. Chantay says Alli has to show her picture. Everyone agrees so Alli agrees, going against Johnny's wishes. Later, Johnny sends Bruce her naked pictures in retribution for Alli showing off his pictures.

In You Be Illin', Alli and Clare awkwardly sit next to each other in gym class. When Coach Armstrong rotates Clare and Jenna, Alli lights up and immediately starts talking to Jenna about her issues with Johnny. She says Clare thinks she should hate Johnny but she whines that she can't. Jenna says that she can't help who she likes and reassures her that Clare just doesn't want her getting hurt. Next, the three girls are in Media Immersion when Johnny comes to talk to Alli outside of class. His plans to tell her something are spoiled by Mr. Simpson, so he finds Alli when she and Clare are putting letters in the sign at the front of the school and asks her to meet him in music detention. Alli excitedly turns to see a disappointed Clare who calls her ridiculous and asks her why she's doing this to herself. Alli tells her they're just talking, "fully clothed and everything." Clare says he's still the same slime-ball and asks what has changed. Alli asks, offended, if Clare thinks he could be sorry since he did give the phone back. She adds that Jenna understands. Clare looks down and avoids eye contact before Alli leaves. Alli doesn't tell Clare about the STD Johnny could possibly have given her because she doesn't want Clare to judge her. When Clare finds Jenna and Alli scheming against Johnny, Alli reluctantly tells her about what happened, and Clare surprises Alli by being willing to help them in their scheme of embarrassing him in front of the whole school. In the end, their plan goes unexpectedly well for Alli, with Johnny admitting that he still has feelings for her.

In Wanna Be Startin' Somethin', Clare is seen in the same babysitting class as Holly J. and Clare takes it seriously, hitting Alli with a towel when Alli seems more interested in her nails. Later, in the cafeteria with Jane, Holly J. tells Clare to give her their 20%, meaning their commission.

In Beat It (1), Clare and Jenna watch K.C. play in a basketball game. When K.C. scores, Clare cheers loudly for him. Dave points at "cute girlfriend" Clare while talking about all K.C. has going for him and K.C. smiles at Clare, who smiles and waves back at him. Both Jenna and Clare watch in anticipation then cheer as Dave sinks a basket. In celebration, they hug and smile at each other. Later, Clare and Jenna sit by the steps of Degrassi and smile and laugh as they talk. Dave and K.C. watch them and talk about Dave getting with Jenna. On a double date to a carnival with Dave and Jenna, K.C. and Clare share a plate of food and walk behind the other two. Jenna excuses herself to the restroom and calls Clare with her. Clare adds that her drink was massive and jogs over to Jenna and links their arms together. They smile back at the boys and rest their heads together as they keep walking. Later, K.C. wins a stuffed bear which he then hands to Clare with a smile. Clare thanks him by kissing his cheek. Clare watches as Jenna makes a face when Dave calls her his girlfriend and drags her away to win her a prize.

Clare watches Jenna fake cry to the Power Squad.

In Beat It (2), Clare walks with Jenna into the cafeteria to have lunch when they see Dave and K.C. Clare mentions how nice Dave is and is excited to have their boyfriends be good friends. Jenna then stops Clare and tells Clare that Dave isn't her boyfriend and that she doesn't like him like that. Jenna tells her that she likes to be friends with a boy before dating them and adds "Like K.C." Jenna sees Clare's eyes widen and Jenna dismisses her comment. Trish then comes over and asks if they want to join the Power Squad and leaves. Clare asks Jenna what she will tell Dave and Jenna says she's thinking about joining the Squad. Later, Clare watches Jenna cry to Trish about her "break up" with Dave. Jenna walks up to Clare and asks if they're buying her act. Clare rubs her arm and quietly says she should get an Oscar. K.C. jogs up from a conversation with Dave and says their plan worked and that Dave is still "the man." He adds that Dave is lucky he has a crush on a pretty cool girl. Jenna smiles and Clare shifts her glance uncomfortably. Clare tries to comfort her by saying she will find someone right for her someday. Jenna says she's sure she will and looks to K.C. and he smiles. Clare sees this look and her smile fades as she turns her head to look at K.C. She starts to piece it together that K.C. and Jenna are beginning to like each other.

In Waiting for a Girl Like You, Clare is one of the volunteers for Holly J.'s babysitting business. Holly J. assigns her to the kids and Clare tells her, "You got it, boss." They later start playing Duck Duck Goose with the kids.

In Somebody, Clare sits in a class she shares with K.C., Dave, and Connor while Dave and Connor discuss Connor's role on the basketball team.

In Heart Like Mine (1), Clare starts to get jealous of Jenna's promiscuous behavior around K.C. The first signs are when K.C. hugs Jenna before Clare when he wins the game. Clare asks K.C. for a hug and a twirl too in a cute sarcastic puppy tone. K.C. sighs and she says at least a kiss. At the car wash Clare can't put her jealousy to a rest when she sees K.C. and Jenna fighting with the water. When Clare tells K.C. that he is playing with Jenna more than her, K.C. soaks her with the hose. Clare starts playing around until K.C. goes back to playing around with Jenna. She angrily makes a rude comment towards Jenna, and K.C. asks her what her problem is. Later on, Clare and K.C. break off their relationship because he is starting to like Jenna, leaving Clare heart broken.

In Heart Like Mine (2), Clare and Alli decide to cut Jenna out. Alli and Clare walk up to Jenna and after Alli scolds her, they walk past K.C. and Alli purposefully bumps into him. Clare and Alli both go to the basketball finals. Clare grumbles, asking why Alli had to drag her there. Clare watches Jenna cheer and excuses herself to get a drink. After getting a soda, Clare sees K.C. in the foyer and tells him in a sarcastic tone that he should be in the game being everyone's hero. When he pauses and walks past her without saying a word, she grows concerned and asks him if something is wrong. He turns and says he's sorry for everything and walks away. She watches him leave in confusion and concern. Clare later sits in the stands with Alli as Coach Carson is arrested.

Clare and Alli ask Emma about university life.

In Holiday Road, Clare is at Emma's bike presentation with Alli and they ask questions about University life. Clare asks about parties and after realizing Clare and Alli don't care about her presentation, Emma gets snippy with them and goes on a rant about failing at college.

In Start Me Up, Clare quietly tells a story to her class about the time she won a math competition (in Heart of Glass) and had ice cream with her family to celebrate. Mrs. Kwan asks her how she felt. Clare slowly says she felt good and proud. Mrs. Kwan tells her her story isn't emotional enough and suggests she try again tomorrow. Clare goes to sit down and sees K.C. and Jenna talking to each other. With a sad look, Clare sits next to Alli who says it isn't Clare's fault she's sheltered and she's sure someday Clare will have awesome stories. Clare dryly says that she might be "Square Clare" forever. As Jenna starts her presentation, Clare watches her and reflects sadly on her sheltered self. Clare listens to music on a laptop in the drama room, waiting to interview for the position of Propmaster for Declan's play as he talks to Sav on the phone. He excuses his call and after mentioning his hard work on the musical, he hires her. After she asks what they were listening to, he tells her about the different countries he has been to and their cultures. Soon after, Clare is seen writing a story on her laptop just before K.C. walks in. Her story reads,

"When I came down the stairs he sat up straight and took notice, with a cough he adjusted his collar and looked me straight in the eyes. 'Where have you been?' he said, scowling. I stopped in my tracks and was silent, with no idea what to say. 'I hope you never press charges...' he said with a smirk. 'What would the point of that be? No one would believe me anyway. Don't worry, your secret is safe with me. To the grave, to the grave.' Little did he know, I had already devised a plan to expose him. It would be very risky, to be sure, but mighty worth it. Of course I cannot reveal all to you now, for that would ruin the climax of the novel, rendering my story un-suspenseful and admittedly quite boring. Lets just say it involves a crow bar, a mint Michelin Man doll and a twist that will have you, my delightful readers, in such a..."

K.C. interrupts her typing and asks if she's working on her story. She, uninterested in conversation, tells him great guess without looking up from her typing. K.C. tells her he didn't think her story was so bad. She stops typing and asks what he wants. He pauses and says they haven't talked since... and trails off. Clare says that's what happens after a break up. He says he just wants to know if she's okay. With a sigh she says he whole life didn't revolve around him and there's a lot of stuff going on in it that he knows nothing about and she asks him to spare her his pity. K.C. gets up, upset, says "okay" and that he'll see her. Clare smiles to herself and gets back to typing.

The next day, Clare presents her story on different countries' cultures. They sound suspiciously like what Declan told her earlier. Mrs. Kwan applauds her story, calling it moving and compelling. That night, on the steps of Above the Dot, Alli and Clare are greeted by Declan. Alli asks if she really went to the places she said she did and Clare looks panicked as Declan becomes confused and says he thought she didn't go to those places. He brushes it off and goes inside. Alli turns back to Clare, confused, and Clare leaves embarrassed. The next day, on the steps of Degrassi, Alli walks up to Clare and Clare starts to leave, saying Alli found out she's a liar. Alli says she's not and Clare says they should go to the mall. After the mall, Alli and Clare are again seen zooming through the halls to the girls' room. Clare pulls a lacy bra out of shopping bag and plans to get "interesting." Clare shoves her books in Alli's arms and runs into a stall. Alli, overwhelmed by the books, drops them. Clare says from the stall that the bra is just for her and no one else. She picks up Clare's notebook and reads a journal entry about K.C. It reads,

"The only thing I think I did wrong with K.C. was to be my honest self - so why wasn't that enough? I'm trying to pretend that I'm okay - that it wasn't a big deal - but the truth is that it was. Everything was going so well and I was finally starting to feel like I was truly fitting in somewhere. With K.C. I was comfortable. Was that where the problems began? Is there such a thing as too comfortable? I'm new to this whole dating thing. I've always been ahead of kids my age... areas - math, science, english - even robotics - but relationships and dating are definitely not one of them. I always had bigger things to focus on. That is until K.C. came along. Then all those other things didn't seem to matter as much. I guess finding out who you are and what you really want is a bigger process than I anticipated. Maybe it's not something you find out in high school. What's the next step? Where do you go with a broken heart? That's what I'm trying to find out. I guess a good (illegible) so I can (illegible) my thoughts. Also I can't forget about my friends. Even though I may (illegible) I still have a lot (illegible) out about me. What would I (illegible) always brings me back."

Alli immediately wants her to tell the story to the class, but Clare says it isn't finished. She smiles and says she still has to write the part where the girl gets the boy back. Alli squeals and they both run out of the bathroom excitedly.

Clare is looking at Declan.

Clare's abstinence ring says "pure hearts wait."

In Innocent When You Dream, Clare is having a dream about Declan, in which she is a gorgeous vampire. Just as things are getting steamy between the two, Clare wakes up. After waking up, Clare opens her vampire book and starts reading. That following day Clare walks into school with Alli and she tells Alli her vampire dreams about Declan. When Chantay is late for play practice, Declan asks Clare to help them rehearse for Chantay's role while she is absent. Clare is nervous and trips when Declan performs the kiss scene on her. She tries her best and practices until Chantay returns. A little after, Clare feels like she is a pervert and says she couldn't help taking Declan's sweatshirt, Alli sees the sweatshirt and tells Clare she is maturing. While in Media Immersions, Alli catches Clare typing vampirish stories about Declan on her laptop. When Alli reads it, she tells Clare it's really good and suggests putting it on the fan fiction website for the vampire books they read. Clare feels it's a good idea and copies and pastes the story on the fan fiction website under the screen-name "Madame Degrassi." When the forums and a few people at Degrassi read

Tumblr lg9rv63bEM1qdoiato1 400.png

Madame Degrassi's posts (including Holly J.), they find them interesting and want more. Clare continues to have sexy vampire dreams about Declan and writes stories about him as well. Also, she tells Declan she found his sweatshirt in the back and gives it to him. The next day, at Connor's party, Alli is in charge of spicing things up and picks two random names out of a basket and whoever's names are called are the two who make out in the corner for 7 minutes. When Clare and a guy name Wesley's names are picked, and they go in the closet. Clare wants to get things over with and starts to make out with him, while kissing she thinks of Declan and her being the vampire. She then by mistake gives Wesley a hickey via biting him on the neck. After leaving the party to mourn over her embarrassment at The Dot, Alli follows her and tries to cheer her up. When Clare says that the "Fortnight" books are making her a pervert and tries to give them to Alli, and accidentally makes a snide comment about her, causing Alli to leave. The next day, while showing Declan the props she made she accidentally kisses him on the neck, she runs away embarrassed. Later on, she apologizes to Alli. Declan and Holly J. discover she's Madame Degrassi. Holly J. appears when Clare is alone, and Clare begs Holly J. not to kill her. Holly J. says she thought about it but she talked with Declan, luckily for Clare. She asks Clare why she took down her vampire fan-fiction as she thought it was really good, but Clare replies it may be good but she is still a pervert. Holly J. says it is just puberty, and if fantasizing about Declan keeps her from kissing him in the real world, then she should by all means keep writing. Declan appears and Clare apologizes, and he accepts. They all agree to forget it happened and everything goes smoothly. The episode ends with Clare in her vampire fantasy world once again, and she hisses at the camera.

Jenna interrupting as Clare tutors K.C.

In In Your Eyes, Clare wants to be friendlier with Jenna and K.C. again. When, K.C. needs help studying for the final exam, Clare feels it's her perfect opportunity to help. She offers to tutor K.C.; he agrees to it, and appreciates it. After, a few weeks of studying and practicing, Jenna comes to The Dot to see K.C. and Clare studying. When, Jenna kisses K.C., Clare is jealous. When Clare leaves, Jenna tells K.C. that since Clare is a friend he should ask her to cheat off of her on the final exam. When, exam day comes before entering class K.C. confronts Clare and asks her if he could copy her. Clare doesn't understand because it isn't the right thing to do, and they can get kicked out of the gifted program if caught. But, reluctantly during the exam Clare gives the answers to K.C. when Coach Armstrong isn't looking. Later, Clare finds out that Jenna told K.C. to use Clare to cheat, and Clare told K.C. and Jenna to not talk to her ever again because they used her. The next day in class, K.C. tells Coach Armstrong that he cheated off of Clare on the exam and that it is all his fault. That night at The Dot, Clare sees K.C. and asks him why he did what he did, he tells her because he wanted to be friends again really badly, and that when they were studying together, he felt like they were friends again. Also, K.C. blames Jenna for giving him the idea to cheat. Clare becomes more frustrated and tells him that he can't just blame everything on everyone else but himself, and tells him that she'll see him in September.

In Degrassi Takes Manhattan, on the steps of Degrassi, filled with student celebrating summer and watching Janie and the Studs perform, Clare asks how Alli fit all the skimpy clothes in her arms in her locker. Alli says she just has to smuggle them home. While Declan and Holly J. walk out of school, Alli tells Clare that Declan is behind her. Clare says hi excitedly and he greets her. It is shown that she's still crushing on him, which makes Holly J. jealous as she asks Declan if his "groupie" will stalk them to the Big Apple. He tells her he has given his fan club implicit instructions that nothing will interrupt their summer of love.

Season 10

Clare in Season 10

In What a Girl Wants (1), Clare is back at Degrassi as a sophomore with a cute new haircut and she's excited to see Alli again. She is ranked #3 on Dave's Hottest Girls List.

In What a Girl Wants (2), Clare is very angry with Alli for making a "loser" list and making Dave #1 loser. She sits Alli down at The Dot and tells her she needs to apologize to Dave, and just because she's #42 on Dave's hottest girls list, it won't affect her in the future, saying she is just being hypersensitive.

In Breakaway (1), Clare is excited to tell Alli that she is getting laser surgery on her eyes to let her not wear glasses. They don't know it, but Jenna overhears them and assumes Clare is bragging about getting breast enhancement. Throughout the day, Clare is confronted by Jenna, who tells her that she's too young and that she looks good already. Clare is flabbergasted, and doesn't know what she's talking about, so she tells Jenna that she should mind her own business since she already stole K.C. from her.

Clare makes Jenna look stupid.

In Breakaway (2), Clare is still confused as to what everyone is talking about; she goes to gym after her laser eye surgery and shows Alli. Later on that day, Wesley asks her about her surgery, asking if he can touch them, referring to her breasts. Clare is confused, but tells him he can. Wesley then touches her breasts, and Clare jumps away, yelling at him. Wesley explains everything and apologizes, saying that Jenna started everything, before running away. The next day in gym, Clare and Alli walk in together, prepared to get even with Jenna. Clare stuffs her bra with socks and walks up to Jenna, unzipping her jacket. Jenna goes off on how she should never do this, because it's slutty and unnecessary, and how she thinks it's an attempt to get K.C. back. Clare takes out the socks and hands them to Jenna, explaining everything to her. Jenna reluctantly apologizes, asking if Clare would like her to tell everyone she made it up. She says that people can think what they want, she doesn't care. She also says she wouldn't need fake boobs to win K.C. back. before turning around and smiling at K.C. Later on, in the parking lot with Alli, Clare considers wearing her glasses again, as no one has noticed her surgery, but


Alli disagrees. The glasses are accidentally flung onto the road, getting run over by a hearse. The new boy, Eli, gets out and hands them back to Clare. He says that he thinks they're dead and she tells him she recently had eye surgery and doesn't need them anymore, and he compliments her eyes. He then drives away, and Clare throws her glasses away into a nearby trash can, feeling confident and excited.

In 99 Problems (1), Clare and Alli are talking about where they're going to sit during lunch, but Clare tells her she has a meeting. Alli sees Jenna with a bunch of friends, and she says she wishes she could be like that: having a lot of friends and being "popular." Later, Alli and Clare are at The Dot, and Alli tells Clare how embarrassed she was at the try-outs. Clare tells her she should make her own club and see if anyone joins. Alli says she'll make a dance club and try to destroy the Power Squad, to which as Clare replies jokingly to "not mention that on the poster."

In 99 Problems (2), Sav announces Alli and her no-show dance club to perform at the football game. Alli goes up alone and states she was pathetic and invites anyone to join her. Clare, being a good friend, goes up to dance with her. Seeing this, a few more people join them, including Wesley and Dave.

Eli and clare class season 10 degrassi.jpg

In Better Off Alone (1), Eli becomes Clare's English partner for the semester. His writing is said to be good, but "a little wordy," and he is to help Clare with her writer's block. The next day, before English starts, Clare hands her paper to Eli and lets him review it. Since Clare isn't ready to hand in the paper, Eli convinces her to skip class. While outside sitting on a bench, she confides in him about her parents marriage problems. He tells her to write about that, but she refuses, arguing that it's too personal. He then tells her that she cares too much about what people think. He makes her scream in public to prove she doesn't care what other people think. When she does, she says that it's now his turn, but he declines saying that it's not his style. The two begin to play fight, and end up laughing and looking into each others eyes against a telephone pole while Eli holds Clare's wrists. Eli frees Clare from his grip and they look at each other awkwardly, exchanging embarrassed glances. Later that night, Eli IM's Clare asking her to hang out, but she declines, as her mother asked if she would like to take her father's place and go to the church fundraiser. In Better Off Alone (2), while Clare's mom is driving her to school, Clare begins to question what is going on with her parents, but her mother does not give her a serious answer. Later, Eli makes a joke about why they didn't hang out the night before, but Clare blurts out the current situation with her parents. He asks if she's mentioned her feelings towards her parents fighting to them, and she said she did, but they didn't want to talk. When they are sitting in English, they receive detention for skipping

Clare and eli.png

class to work, and Ms. Dawes tells Clare to read her assignment to the class. Clare begins to read it, but cannot finish, as she is on the verge of tears. Eli suggests that she read it at the school showcase, and Clare rejects the idea, saying it is personal, but Ms. Dawes still insists and signs her up. On the day of the showcase, she gets cold feet and leaves. At


home, Clare gives the report to her mother to read, who is surprised Clare is feeling this way about their parents. She walks outside while her parents are talking, only to see Eli on her steps. They have a conversation about about how she told her mother, and Eli ends up apologizing about interfering and promises not to do it again. Clare then puts her hand on Eli's and tells him that he can interfere sometimes, but she's still going to do whatever she wants.

Clare hands Eli's backpack back to him and thinks they should ignore Fitz.

In Try Honesty (1), Clare is heard over the loudspeaker announcing that the debate club will be meeting after school in the cafeteria and that the topic will be the war in Afghanistan. Clare and Eli are seen walking in the halls as Eli tells Clare about Fitz breaking his car. They see Fitz suddenly slams Adam into the locker, asking him if he's figured out what he's looking at yet. Adam says that he's "still trying to process the smell," and Fitz prepares to break his nose, but Eli hands his backpack to Clare and intervenes, taunting him about the way he looks and smells. The tension is diffused when Adam points out a teacher is watching, and Eli tells both Adam and Clare that he refuses to be the victim to Fitz's bullying. Clare thinks he should just ignore him. The next day, Eli meets up with Clare, and he says that ignoring Fitz would be unsatisfying, but Clare says there's no

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point in getting violent. He says that's a matter of opinion, and Clare tells him that he can do what he wants, that he doesn't need to impress her. Eli asks her what makes her think he's trying to impress her, and she just smiles at him. He then concedes, saying that he'll try to smooth things over and Clare, pleased, says that she knew he was smart. Fitz then interrupts them, and Eli makes a snide remark. Fitz then says that he doesn't know how to keep his mouth shut, and Eli offers a truce if Fitz will only apologize for damaging his car. Fitz begins to apologize, but then kicks Eli in his personal area. Eli falls to the ground, and Clare kneels next to him and asks what she can do, but there is nothing. Fitz says he "apologized" and leaves. Eli asks Clare if it's still a good idea to not to punch him, but Clare says it will only make things worse.

In Try Honesty (2), everything seems to be okay when Fitz gives Eli a light punch on the arm in the hallway, while he's talking to Clare. It is unbeknownst to her that Eli had offered him a fake I.D. as a truce and Fitz accepted. Clare seems pleased that Eli has made peace with Fitz, but he says that he's going to finish what Fitz started and walks away, leaving Clare confused. Clare turns around to Adam and says that someone needs to stop Eli if he's going to do something bad. Adam just states that she should stay out of it because Eli has a big surprise in

Clare El Aww.png

store for Fitz. Later, Clare finds Eli walking down the hall with a busted lip. Clare's thumb lightly grazes over his lip and asks him what happened. He tells her that the police had to break up a fight, and since Fitz had the name of a convicted arsonist on his fake I.D., he was arrested. Clare, shocked by the fact Eli had Fitz arrested, begins to walk away. Eli reassures her that when they clear out the mistaken identity, he'll be released. Still uncertain, Eli says that the worst that will happen to him is that he'll get busted for fake I.D. possession and that he might have to go to court. She says that he is going to be really mad, and Fitz walks up behind them. Clare steps behind Eli, and Fitz calmly says that Eli pulled a nice trick. Eli says that the I.D. was for novelty purposes only and that he hoped he had learned his lesson. Fitz says unfortunately for Eli, he's a slow learner and bumps Eli while walking away. Clare asks if the two are now at war, and Eli states he's right where he wants to be, in Fitz's head.

In My Body Is A Cage (1), Clare is first seen walking up to Eli, his paper in hand. She begins criticizing Eli's work, saying she doesn't like his character Clara Edwin. He defends that she's an ingenue but Clare insists she's a floozy and he has to change it. She shoves the paper in his hand and as she walks away, they stare tauntingly at each other. Later that day, Clare is seen bumping into Adam who has tampons and drops them on the floor. When she helps him pick them up she asks him why he has them. Fitz and Owen walk by and Adam, seeing them watching, says "Ew, Clare, pick up your stuff, that's nasty." Clare goes along with it by apologizing. Adam then overhears Clare telling Eli about the situation. Adam comes over and tell them both that he is FTM, female-to-male transgender. Clare and Eli ask him questions after Adam invites them to. Clare asks if it makes him gay or a lesbian and Adam denies it with explanation. Eli asks if he can still "let one rip" in front of him and Adam said he'd be upset if he didn't. Clare laughs and says the two are gross.


In My Body Is A Cage (2), Adam is being walked down the hall by a teacher, and the teacher allows him to sit down with Clare and Eli, who seem to not have a problem with Adam being transgender. Adam informs Clare and Eli that his family has never really accepted him and that he's going to have to change back to "Gracie" during his grandmother's visit. After class, "Gracie" is sitting outside, lighting a hair clip with a lighter and burning himself, when Clare walks by and tries to stop her. Clare comforts her and says that she doesn't have to be Gracie if it doesn't make her happy and that everyone has to change, not him. Later, Clare attends the bonfire with Eli, Adam, Drew, and Mr. and Mrs. Torres, as Adam burns the clothes that belonged to "Gracie."

In Still Fighting It (1), In English class, Eli, Clare and Adam work on a project together to modernize a play. Once Eli leaves to get the script, Clare says to Adam that she wants to take the next step with Eli. Eli comes back saying that they get to do the play, Romeo and Juliet. After class, the group reenacts the famous Death Scene, where Clare and Eli finally share their first kiss. Clare asks if they should do a retake, but Eli looks at Adam, who appears annoyed, so he says "I think we got it.," while Clare smiles at Eli. The next day, Clare goes to her desk really happy. When Eli comes in, she asks him if he wants to hang out, but he ignores her. Confused, she asks

Eli ignoring Clare.

Adam if she smells. Adam didn't think so, both sat confused by Eli's behavior. Clare is later seen replaying the film footage, and then asking her teacher about why Romeo acted hot one day and cold the next. (referring to Eli) Her teacher told her that there was lack of communication, so Clare decides to talk to Eli. She tells him there's something between them, but he only tells her that he's sorry he led her on.

In Still Fighting It (2), Eli skips English class and seems to be avoiding Clare. Clare, upset and confused, changes the ending to their Romeo and Juliet remake so that Juliet doesn't end her life and gives up on Romeo.

Clare questions Eli

She turns to Adam for help and asks him to question Eli. Though Adam talks to Eli, he refuses to tell Clare anything other than Eli's address. Clare rides her bike over to see Eli and asks him why he doesn't like her. When Eli won't tell her and says that them being apart is for the best, Clare is upset and says that she can't be around him anymore if he can't say why. Finally, Eli caves and they go for a ride in his hearse. Eli stops the car and confesses that a year ago he had a bad fight with his girlfriend, Julia, who biked away angrily in the night, got hit by a car, and died. Eli admits he really likes Clare, but feels responsible for Julia's death. He thinks he doesn't deserve Clare, and feels that distancing himself from her is the only way to avoid hurting her. He says, "it's not fair. Why should I get to be happy?" The next day Clare, Eli, and Adam turn in the original version of their remake (where the two kiss). Clare and Eli seem to be back on good terms (flirting again), and Clare agrees to give Eli some time to deal with his issues about Julia. Which made Eli very happy.

In Purple Pills (1), Clare is seen waiting for Eli at The Dot when Adam comes in, and starts accusing Eli for bailing on guys night. In a later scene, Clare is sitting with Eli in the lunchroom while they watch Adam sit down at Fitz's table instead of theirs.

In Purple Pills (2), Clare was seen with Eli telling Adam his plan of fighting with Fitz was stupid. Mean while Alli and other grade 10 students were writing an important exam, Clare is seen lighting a stink bomb and rolling it into the gym, causing the smoke alarm to set off and the school to evacuate, which gives Eli and Adam time to run away and thus stops the fight between the boys and Fitz.

In All Falls Down (1), Clare is seen hiding from Principal Simpson in the library, afraid that she would be caught after she disrupted exams. After being comforted by Eli who tells

Clare gets a real kiss from Eli.

Principal Simpson that it was Fitz who set off the stink bomb and Clare went along with it, Eli then tells Clare she needs a way to thank him for lying for her. She replies "What did you have in mind?" He lets his eyes wonder for a moment and says "Well I don't know." Eli quickly leans in and kisses her very deeply while she just stands there. They looked at each other for a moment, then Eli says awkwardly "I have a French exam." Clare, still in shock from the kiss, replies "I think you just passed it." Later on, Clare then talks to Alli before her exam and discusses the progression (or lack thereof) in her relationship with Eli. After the exam Clare confronts Eli about their relationship and she asks if they're together and he says yes, and they decide to go to the dance that night. After Clare bought the tickets she was told by Fitz that if she went to the dance with him, he would leave Adam and Eli alone, to which Clare agreed. After telling Eli about what happened he seemed upset but went along with it. While at Clare's house Jenna, Alli and Clare discuss the situation until Eli comes and tries to make Clare poison Fitz's drink with Ipecac. Clare declines despite Eli telling her that Fitz wants to have sex with her and tells Eli that poisoning Fitz would not stop the violence.

In All Falls Down (2), Clare finds her date, Fitz, with a corsage near his locker. She asks him if he brought it for her, and he replies that it was his mother who suggested he bring one. Their conversation quickly swifts to the on-going feud that is happening between Fitz and Eli, and Clare asks Fitz if he would be willing to end the


feud if Eli would apologize. Fitz decides he would, but only if such condition is met (Eli's apology). Clare is then shown to speak with Eli, and to much of her relief, succeeds in convincing Eli to apologize, assuming the on-going feud between Fitz and Eli would finally come to an end. Eli proposes a toast, Clare gets suspicious and asks Eli and Fitz to switch cups. Fitz proceeds to take a drink, and he starts vomiting then violently, indicating that he has just been poisoned. Eli laughs, and Clare tells Eli that whatever happens next, he deserves it. Meanwhile, after Clare had finally found Fitz to apologize for Eli's actions, she realizes that Fitz has a knife in his possession. She runs to Adam, informing him that Fitz has a knife, and that he should tell Mr. Simpson while she looks for Eli. When Mr. Simpson finds out he immediately puts the school on lockdown, and the police arrive shortly after. Clare finally finds Eli and warns him that Fitz has a knife, but Eli doesn't really care. Fitz approaches them with the knife, and acts as if he was going to stab Eli, but he stabs the wall instead. Eli is terrified, and the cops arrest Fitz. While Fitz was being escorted to the police car, Clare and Eli are seen coming out of the school together. She then informs Eli that if he keeps seeking trouble and can't change his attitude that she can't be with him. They then come clean to Mr. Simpson about everything including the fact that Clare was the one who set off the stink bomb and that they lied to him. Mr. Simpson is seriously agitated at the students actions at the dance and then proceeds to tell them that there will be consequences and that when they return to Degrassi, they won't recognize the school at all.

In Don't Let Me Get Me (1), Clare and Alli are seen at the entrance discussing the situation that occurred in the Boiler Room between her and Owen, when Drew shows up. Clare tells Alli to stay strong. After Alli and Drew have their conversation, Clare and Alli walk together to their class. Later, during the morning announcement, Clare is frustrated by new school rules and policies and claims that it has became a police state. Clare mentions that Eli has been suspended and when he returns she will be questioning her sanity for being with him. Later Alli and Clare are seen at her locker discussing feeling good and maybe giving Drew another chance when Drew interrupts, and Mr. Simpson calls Alli to the Principal's Office.

In Don't Let Me Get Me (2), Clare shows up and reminds Alli of the boiler room situation and warns her about giving Drew a second chance. When Alli prepares to leave Degrassi, Clare stands up like the good friend she always is and reminds Alli that she knows the real, nice, funny and sweet Alli and that they’ll always be best friends. And then Alli takes her last walk down the halls of Degrassi.

In Love Lockdown (1), Clare has forgiven Eli for fighting with Fitz and he wants to make everything up to her by going on a real first date. He’s got tickets to hear author Chuck Palahniuk author reading that night, but Clare has the Grundy awards and her parents have agreed to take a break from constantly fighting and go with her.

Clare forgives Eli.

Clare is at the Grundys with her parents, who haven’t stopped fighting the entire time. They also doesn't want Clare to go out with Eli after the banquet because they need to talk to her. Clare assumes this talk is regarding a divorce. Clare wins the award she was nominated for, but her parents don’t even notice because they’re too busy being mad at each other.

Clare and Eli kiss.

She heads backstage and Eli is there to support her. He is sad she can't join him that night but she decides to ditch her parents and go to the reading with Eli, ignoring their calls and missing her curfew. Clare is getting very comfortable with her wild side and even convinces Eli that they should get piercings. After they get piercings Eli tells her he loves first date Clare and asks if she will make an appearance on date two. Clare states that date one is not over yet. When Clare's parents call again, Eli suggests she go home. He wants to be able to take Clare out again and doesn't think he’ll be able to do that if Clare’s dad thinks he's a bad influence. She then persuades Eli off of the subject and they kiss. Once home, Clare’s parents are mad about Clare coming home at midnight. Mad at them for always fighting, Clare moves her hand to her hair and pulls it back to show her piercing. Her parents are skeptical and Clare finds it refreshing they are mad at her instead of each other for a change. She then walks off to go to her room.

In Love Lockdown (2), Clare greets Eli in English and he asks if her parents hate him. She says she hasn't told them about him yet. They are interrupted by their English teacher who gives Eli detention for not following the dress code. Clare then decides that Eli should meet her parents for dinner as her boyfriend, after his detention, of course. Eli agrees. Later, at dinner, Clare's parents ask Eli questions and Clare answers them with information

Clare's new goth look is rejected by Eli.

that makes Eli seem like a bad influence on her. Eli gradually gets annoyed by this. Clare's mother then asks if Eli would like to thank the Lord for the wonderful meal they're about to eat, because he's the house guest. Eli then proceeds to say something, but Clare cuts him off, yet again, and mentions he's an atheist. Things get awkward at the dinner table and Eli gives Clare an angry glare. The next day at school, Clare comes to school dressed totally different. Her hair is straightened and part of her hair is dyed black. She's wearing a lot of makeup and is wearing clothing that is the complete opposite of what she usually wears. She greets Eli and tells him that he was cute last night, and after a few moments Eli turns his head and sees a transformed Clare, and in confusion, asks her "Who are you?" Clare says "I thought you'd like it." When she tries to kiss Eli he says "Clare, we'll get a detention" and she doesn't care. He tells her he doesn't understand why she's doing this, and Clare confesses that she's scared. She's then scared that her parents will tell her that they're getting a divorce and there's nothing she can do about it. Eli questions why she used him in order to stop the divorce, and Clare says that when they are mad at her they have something in common. Eli says he refuses to play this game, and that she tried to hurt her parents, but he's the one who got burned. He walks away, leaving Clare to stand alone. Later on, Clare comes home, her parents see her new look and it starts a fight between her parents. Clare then yells "STOP IT!" to end the fighting. Clare's mom soon confirms her that they're getting a divorce. Clare is upset, and begins crying and hugs her mom.


In Umbrella (1) Clare discovers that her parents will be selling their home, which is a big part of her childhood. She also finds out that they're getting rid of some of their antiques, including a watch that Clare's father taught her how to tell time on. Clare grabs it and walks out the house, and later at school, she sees a boy from her religious group, and they talk a little about her family issues. He tells her if she ever wants to talk, he'll be there for her. Later, Clare meets up with Eli. She tells him about her parents selling the house and separating and he suggests that maybe she can stay in the house and her parents can go back and forth to stay with her, as an acquaintance of his did. Clare takes this into consideration. At home, she proposes this idea to her parents, and her parents reject the idea. This infuriates Clare, and she storms out and goes to Little Miss Steaks, where she meets Eli and someone she didn't expect to see, his parents. Clare tells them she couldn't handle being around her parents, and his parents make her the offer of staying at their house for awhile. She asks if there's a guest room, and Eli's father says no, that she'd be staying in Eli's room. He says "We've been trying to get a girl in Eli's room for awhile now." This confuses Clare, and Eli asks if his Mom and Dad could leave them alone for a bit. Eli confesses that him and Julia had sex when she stayed at their house, and Clare tells him

Umbrella poster.jpg

she isn't having sex before marriage. Eli tells her that he though it isn't his favorite thing, he accepts it. Clare thinks they are different and that they'll end up like her parents, and Eli says "We're not your parents." Clare then leaves. At school, Clare is with her religious group, and Clare talks about her parents' divorce, and while saying this, Eli comes in the room and listens to their discussion. Clare is confused as to why Jesus would do this to her, and her friend tells her that it's part of Jesus's plan, which Eli says sucks. Clare later runs out crying, saying she's losing everything she loves. Eli reassures her that she's not losing him. Afterwards, Clare comes home and her mother wants her to sort through some things, and while doing so they come across a picture of Clare, Darcy and their father at a skiing trip in Maine. Her mother, noting her absence in the photo, tells her that she regrets not taking risks when it came to her family and her relationship. Clare then goes to Eli's house, and tells her that she wants to spend the night with him. Eli knows this isn't who Clare is and he tries to talk her in to going home, but she refuses, saying "I don't know who I am!" and she wants to be with him. Clare tries to hold Eli's hands, but he jerks back. Saddened and hurt, she leaves.

Eli gets mad at Clare for cleaning out his locker.

In Umbrella (2), Clare is walking to her locker where she sees Eli. She is upset about what happened the day before and refuses to talk to him. She is mad that he rejected her after she threw herself at him, and Eli says he only did so because of her faith. After a heated argument, Clare requests for her watch back. Eli says he left it at home which infuriates Clare. Clare is later seen talking with Adam about how she's going to go to Eli's house during lunch to try and get her Father's watch back, and she wants Adam

to tag along. During lunch, she is at Eli's doorsteps and rings the doorbell, and a few seconds later, Adam shows up to help her out. After getting past Mr. Goldsworthy, Adam and Clare try to get into Eli's room, although they don't know his combination. After an unsuccessful try, Adam suggests Clare tries "22-04-09", which was the date of Julia's death. Unsure, Clare tries it, and is astonished that the combination worked. They both go into Eli's room and discover it's a complete mess. Clare then takes it

Clare's reaction when Helen tells her they aren't selling the house.

upon herself to clean out Eli's locker. When Eli discovers his things have been thrown away, he panics. He has trouble speaking, and is rummaging through all of his things wondering where they went. He runs to the garbage can and tries to retrieve his things, and at the same time, Clare is trying to calm him down. Eli then says, "I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS!" which frightens Clare. She walks away and leaves him alone. Later on, at Clare's house, Clare finds out that her parents won't be selling the house, and that she'll be able to stay there. Later on, there is a knock on Clare's door and she is surprised that it's Eli. They sit down and talk, and Eli explains that ever since Julia's death he feels as though that if he throws something away, he'll die, or someone close to him will. Clare asks him if he's ever heard of hoarding, and he tells her that his mother tried to take him to a therapist, and that he's trying to get help. He asks Clare to always be there for him, because she's the only one that makes him feel as if he'll get better. Clare says she will, and the two share a

Clare hugging Eli.

hug. Eli and Clare are later seen in Eli's room, where they are trying to get rid of the useless junk inside of there. Eli has a hard time with this, but Clare helps him through it. Eli tries to give Clare her father's watch back, but she tells him he can keep it, because there are some things she has to get rid of as well. The two then share a kiss and lean on each other, as the scene fades to black.

Clare and Eli kiss in his room

In Halo (1), Clare and Eli are first seen holding hands in the hall when Adam comes running up to them calling "suspended for PDA" which causing them to let go of each other's hand. They laugh about it, and Eli asks who Adam's interested in. Adam answers he's interested in Fiona. Clare asks how things are going with that, and if Fiona knows about Adam's "situation." Adam says she

Eli clare adam.jpg

doesn't know, but wonders if they think she is out of his league. Eli offers support by saying "missing some parts never stopped you before." Eli and Clare are then shown taking Adam to their secret romantic hideout. Adam asks how they found it and Clare says they found it during one of their urban adventures. Eli then jokingly says the spot they are standing on is where he deflowered Clare. Clare hits him and denies it, she says they shouldn't be talking like that in a "place of worship". Eli corrects her saying it's an "abandoned place of worship." Adam comes up with the idea of throwing a party. Eli is hesitant at the idea and Clare asks why, Adam tells her it's to cheer up Fiona. This makes Clare gush and Eli roll his eyes. All three plan to throw a New York style party for Fiona to get her mood up.

Clare and Eli cuddle on the hammock.

In Halo (2), Clare is seen cleaning up the old church along with Adam and Eli. Clare was then seen standing next to Eli and Adam at the secret party. Later on she is laying in a hammock with Eli. In When Love Takes Over, Clare is with Eli and Adam in the auditorium watching Fiona audition. She agrees to give Fiona the part. Later on, Clare is on the stage, in the background, while Adam is talking to Fiona. The next day, Clare and Eli are getting ready for rehearsal and waiting for Adam and Fiona to show. She asks Adam if he wanted to join them for the Lover's Lunch in the cafeteria. They then proceed then with practice. At lunch, the three are waiting for Fiona. When Fiona arrives late, it is clear that Fiona is drunk. Adam looks happily at her and says she made it. Fiona responds how could she miss spending time with him, Eli, and Clare. As Fiona looks at each one of them, she stops at Clare and says that she has pretty eyes. Clare, who notices the weird behavior, says thanks awkwardly. Fiona adds that the color of Clare's shirt does nothing for them. Clare looks down at her uniform and Eli tells Adam to get Fiona out because she's wasted. Fiona leans towards Eli and says it's not very nice to whisper. Adam asks Fiona to go on a walk and she resists, saying she just got there and that she and Clare are really hitting it off as she puts her hand on Clare's. Clare puts up a quick smile as Adam says he wants to be alone with her. Fiona gets the hint and looks at Eli and Clare mischievously and says "Oh, that type of walk." Adam pulls Fiona away and Fiona turns to Clare and tells her they should go shopping before putting her hand up to her ear and saying "Call me." After they leave, Clare and Eli look at each other, worried.

Eli and Clare look on at Adam.

Clare and Eli try and find Adam after he cancels practice. He apologizes for Fiona about the lunch incident, which Clare tells him not to be sorry for. Eli then replies with "Women are trouble." Clare asks, "Even me?" He smirks and says, "Especially you." He wraps his arm around her and pulls her close. They look at each other for a moment. Adam confesses he wants what they have. Eli reassures him he will and the trio begin to walk out of the auditorium until Fiona walks in thinking there was rehearsal. After making sure he's okay, Clare and Eli leave Adam and Fiona to talk. At The Dot, Adam tells them Fiona never wants to see him again. Eli reassures him that Fiona wasn't thinking straight and Clare adds that she will change her mind. Then Adam gets up to wallow in self-pity and bumps into Holly J., leaving Clare and Eli to chat at the table. In Jesus, Etc. (1), Clare gets driving lessons from Eli. They switch spots in the car and talk about Eli's comic book story submission. She trades her editing skills for his driving lessons and they share a quick kiss. Eli tells Clare 

Clare is stopped by Fitz.

to be careful and to drive slow to which she teases him. As Clare steps on the gas petal, Clare and Eli almost run into Fitz. Fitz comes to the window and tells them he has been looking for them and needs to talk to them. Eli urges her to go and after getting over the initial shock, she speeds off. Next they are seen talking about Fitz return. Clare wonders why he wants to talk to them and if he escaped juvie. Eli dismisses that idea but Clare still wonders if he's dangerous. Later, Fitz approaches Clare while she is on her laptop presumably editing Eli's story outside on the picnic benches. Fitz tells Clare that he's sorry and when he while he was away he found God. He quickly leaves when Eli's hearse drives up. While they are getting ready for another driving lesson, Eli notices Clare is distracted asks her if she's okay. She then tells him that she talked to Fitz. Eli shouts at Clare that she should stay away from Fitz because he is dangerous and that she is making it hard to do his job. She asks what job and he says his job is to protect her. She tells him she never asked him to do that and she gets out of the hearse. The next morning, Clare is walking from the bus while Eli is leaning on his hearse watching out for Fitz. She asks him what he's doing and he says he's keeping look out. She pauses and then walks away from him, annoyed. At The Dot Clare and Adam are talking and she tells him that Eli is a lot of things, "He's sweet, cute, funny, talented..." Adam adds he's dreamy in a monotone voice. Clare continues that Eli is "weirdly possessive and overprotective." Adam says that makes him a guy, adding that "behind the face of the sweetest and most emo guy in the world lurks a caveman." He tells her it's Eli's way of saying he cares. She wishes he'd just write her a poem instead. When he gets super protective she admits it makes her feel like she can't breathe. Adam agrees Eli can be overwhelming. She admits that he's worth it. Adam says "He's here." As Clare turns to look she asks "Eli?" They see Fitz working at The Dot and Adam suggests they leave. Clare says that it's their hangout, not his and refuses to leave. After Adam leaves, Clare walks up to Fitz and 

Promo picture for season 10.

asks why he chose to work there. He tells her it was convenient and turns to walk away, warning him to stay away from her. He gently grabs her wrist and apologizes to her for what happened Vegas Night. He asks for her forgiveness and she forgives him. He tell her that he not only has to make amends with her but also with Eli. After she tells him that she will try to get Eli to listen to him, Eli bust through the doors shoving Fitz and telling him to back off. He asks Clare if she is okay and she tells him she fine and they were just talking. Eli demands Fitz tells him what they were talking about. Fitz then apologizes to him and he responds by saying whatever and turning to leave pulling Clare by elbow with him. Clare stands her ground and says "That's all you have to say?" Eli tells her that he has nothing to say to him and asks her if she's coming with him or staying. She looks between them before choosing to go with Eli.

In Jesus, Etc. (2) Things are weird between Clare and Eli after Eli finds out Clare was talking to Fitz, but they make up. Eli is excited that Clare is helping him with his story Stalker Angel. Clare goes on to checking her email and finds out that Fitz has been stalking and spamming her inbox with about God, but also about Eli. Clare

decides to confront Fitz at The Dot and tell him to not cyber stalk her in the middle of the night. Fitz tells Clare that he’s worried about Eli. Clare makes it clear that Fitz should only about Eli if he keeps bothering her. Clare is home that night when a big storm hits and Fitz shows shows up at his door. He shows up with a scratch on his face and tells Clare that he fell off his bike. She agrees to let him stay until the storm finishes. Clare offers to throw Fitz’s soaking wet hoody into the dryer, but when he lifts his shirt Clare sees that Fitz has been beaten. She demands to know what happened and Fitz tells her that his step-brother is on drugs and has been beating him up. Fitz also tells Clare that she’s the reason he was able to make it through Juvie. He tells Clare that she should be with him and not Eli, because Eli is stubborn and will never change. Eli shows up at Clare’s and finds her with Fitz. Clare tries to explain that Fitz is in trouble and accuses Eli of being heartless for not


caring. Again, has a point. Eli runs out of the house and Clare tells Fitz to get Father Greg to pick him up. After Fitz leaves Clare tries to talk to Eli. Eli is crying and tells Clare that he feels like she’s slipping away. He makes her promise to never leave him and she does. The next day at school, Eli has finally finished the horror story he has been working on and disturbs Clare with its graphic ending. In which the heroine, Rachel (punned as Clare) is killed by her boyfriend, Malcolm, (punned as Eli) who then drinks her blood saying they can become forever "one." The episode ends with Eli professing his love for Clare and she is clearly disturbed by his behavior.

In Hide and Seek (1), Clare is seen at the media immersion class waiting for Holly J. to wake up alongside, Connor, and other Grade 10s. She wonders, if Holly J. is okay or not. Later, Clare is also seen along with other Grade 10 students outside Degrassi opening up a time capsule they buried in 7th grade.

In Chasing Pavements (1), Clare is happy to see Alli back at Degrassi. She agrees to help Alli bring up test scores in the standardized math test section so Mr. Simpson won't get fired. She also points out that Drew will also need some tutoring, much to Alli's annoyance.

In Chasing Pavements (2), Clare is seen talking to Alli about plans to encourage Grade 10 to take the Standardized Math Test.

In Drop The World (1), Clare is walking to school when Eli approaches her and shows her that Stalker Angel has been published. Eli then points out that he gave her a byline and Clare is surprised and tells him he didn't need to do that. He tells her he wanted to and it's beginning of their lives together and many more collaborations. Clare sees Alli and pulls away to talk to her about picking out their outfits for the spring dance. Eli mocks the dance and says it's trivial compared to being published. Clare tells him not to come if he isn't interested and


walks away with Alli. Later, Clare and Eli are hanging out at the abandoned church and she tells him about her time with Alli. A bubbly song comes on and Clare starts to dance. Eli makes a joke and she gets defensive. He quickly apologizes and tells her he's has tickets to an out of town convention and her mother already said she can come. Clare gets upset that he talked to her mom instead of her first. He said he was trying to surprise her and just wanted to do something nice for her. Eli is disappointed that she isn't more excited. She tells him she agreed to go and ask him what does he want. Eli gives a fake smile and she walks away. The next day, she talks to Alli about the trip and Stalker Angel and defends Eli's behavior saying he's been through a lot including his ex-girlfriend dying over spring break last year. She comes to the conclusion that he is still hung up on Julia and he's scared of losing her like he lost Julia. She tells him to meet her at their bench and tells him they need to take a breather. He tells her he's over Julia and he only cares about her but Clare tells him he's suffocating her and is adamant about some time apart. She tells him she's sorry and walks away leaving him alone on the bench.

In Drop the World (2), Clare is walking into school when Eli approaches her and wants to talk. He says he will give her space, and opens Morty. Clare sees a gun in Eli's car and reaches to Eli for a hug because she's scared of what he might do with the gun. A startled Eli says, "I thought you wanted space." "Not today," Clare replies. In class, she looks up to see Eli and Adam looking at her


When Eli is called to the office, Eli looks at her puzzled and leaves. In the library, Eli confronts her about the gun, and she says she didn't know why he had it. Eli says that he isn't a killer and if she still wants to go on the trip to meet at the "Special Bench." She arrives later at the spring formal and talks to Alli about needing space, so she calls Eli, who tells her that she ripped his heart out. Eli asks about the road trip and Clare tells him that she doesn't even like the hearse. Eli tells Clare that he'll get rid of Morty. He hangs up, leaving Clare hanging. She rushes to the hospital and into Eli's room. He now has a neck brace and a broken leg. She tells Eli that he could have died, but he says it was worth it because she came to see him. Clare thinks he is manipulating her and attempts to leave, but Eli holds onto her wrist. She shakes him off and leaves. At school, she tells Alli she wants to try to have fun and they go inside.

Clare yelling at Eli in LoveGame.

Season 11

In LoveGame, while Clare is getting ready for school, her mom tells her not to forget dinner. When she gets to school, she and Alli are talking about the break-up when Clare sees Eli. Alli asks if he has tried to call, email, or text and Clare says no. Alli points out that that could be a good sign and Clare agrees and says they can be mature and walk the halls in peace. Alli wishes her luck before leaving Clare to talk to Eli. She asks how he's doing and he answers with a blank expression. Clare asks with a surprised look if he wants to talk but Eli declines and walks away. In the hallway Clare is walking with Alli and Dave, asking her if she's going to Above The Dot. Clare says she is. Then Clare and Adam walk into their next class and Clare is distracted thinking about Eli, when Adam tries to hand her a binder. Clare doesn't grab the binder so it falls to the floor. When she picks it up, she asks if he could really be over her that quick, and Adam says Eli was doing great. Clare and Alli get ready to go to Above the Dot at Clare's and Alli says maybe Adam is right about Eli being over her. Clare repeats the maybe and Alli rolls her eyes and says that Clare is great but it's possible. Clare reminds Alli that he's the same guy that crashed his hearse to stop them from breaking up. Alli says that they should maybe stay in tonight and avoid all Eli-zones but Clare assures her she's fine, but something's off about Eli because he doesn't seem like himself. Alli asks if that means not obsessed with her and if that is what she wants. Clare pauses but doesn't get a chance to answer because Helen interrupts them and makes Clare stay for dinner with Jake and Glen Martin. Clare is unsure about Jake, especially because their previous interactions as children weren't positive, as Clare describes when she recalls to her mom that the last time she saw him, he threw a dead frog at her. Helen laughs and tells her it was six years ago and that since they go to their church, she wants them to feel welcome. Clare gives in to her mom. Glen and Jake pull up as Clare walks Alli out. Alli finds Jake attractive, seeing him and saying "well hello" and fixing her hair. As Alli and Jake pass each other they smile and check each other out. Jake greets Clare and asks who her friend is as he looks back in the direction Alli walked. Clare is disgusted by the way Jake eats huge mouthfuls at a time and talks at the same time. Helen pardons Clare's untalkative behavior, saying she just got over a difficult breakup. Clare is upset at her mom telling them but she assures her mom she broke up with Eli, she's fine, and she's happy to be there. Clare then asks what prompted the move. Jake stops chewing for a beat and Glen says the contracting business up north is dead so her had to drag Jake here to the city. Clare asks if he doesn't like it and he shakes his head and says it's not really his thing. Helen looks at Clare to keep going so Clare asks about school. Helen asks how his first day at Degrassi was. Clare is shocked. Jake says it was big and he got lost. Helen wonders if Clare could take him around and introduce him to friends at school tomorrow. Clare sees this as an opportunity and asks to take him to Above the Dot. Though Helen objects at first, saying they're at dinner, Jake agrees to go and Clare drags him out the door. When they get there, Alli flirtingly introduces herself, then Clare introduces him to K.C., Dave, Sadie, and then drags him to greet Eli. Clare tries to make Eli jealous but her plan backfires when Eli and Jake start talking. Clare then starts to talk to Eli, but ends up yelling at him because he acts nonchalant. Jake takes her outside and tells her she needs closure. He then kisses her. The next day she tells Alli about the kiss and Alli jokes calling Clare a hussy and that her and Jake won't just be fun. Alli also keeps asking Clare if she took photos to 'rub Eli's nose in.' Clare asks Alli if she'll give her a second to apologize to Eli. Alli isn't happy about it, walks away. Clare then apologizes to Eli, telling him she shouldn't have yelled at him. She then finds out he was on medicine.


In Cry Me A River (1), now that the rules have started to relax at Degrassi, clubs are back in session. Clare decides that a good way to keep her busy (and to not run into Eli) is to join the school newspaper. Makes sense, since Clare is a gifted writer and had her story with Eli published. Clare approaches Katie, the Editor of the Degrassi Daily, and asks to join the writing staff. Katie gives Clare an assignment to write a 100-word article on getting over a break up. When Clare gives Alli the article at lunch to read over, Alli has a few critiques about how long it is. Still, Clare goes ahead with giving the article to Katie. Katie has one look at the assignment book and tells Clare that the newspaper staff is full. Upset, Clare and Alli head to The Dot, where Clare runs into Katie and decides to apologize for not following the instructions for the article. Katie is overreacting to Clare giving her an essay to read, doesn’t like Clare, or just isn’t nice, but she walks away from Clare and pretends to not hear her. Clare asks Katie’s friend Marisol what the deal is and Marisol says that Katie doesn’t like drama and that “Clare is drama.”

In Cry Me A River (2), Clare finally gets a spot on The Degrassi Daily, after Sav has a talk with Katie about letting 10th graders on the paper. However, Clare's first official assignment is to work with Eli for the whole semester, whom is the writer of the current Drama club play.


In Dirt Off Your Shoulder (1), Clare tells Eli that, as her assignment requires, she has to right an article for the The Degrassi Daily about his play and has to interview him. The two are clearly still awkward talking to each other after their breakup, but she tries to put it aside during lunch, when she asks him questions about his play, but Eli has yet to have a thorough plot and leaves Clare in the middle of their interview. Clare is seen talking to Jake in the hallway and walks off with their arms wrapped around each other, which Eli sees, which causes Eli's meltdown.

In Dirt Off Your Shoulder (2), she is seen in the cafeteria with Eli watching her from a distance. She later runs into Eli and he introduces to Imogen. She then says that she still needs an interview for the paper. He tells her to meet him tomorrow for lunch and says "It's a date." Eli walks up to her at lunch the next day and he says that she was his muse for his concept for the play. She says she is glad to help and starts the interview by asking what the play is about. He says it is called Love Roulette and it's about a guy who is betrayed by a manipulative girlfriend who is obsessed with a religious psycho (Fitz). Clare says that it is a lie and asks if he is off his meds. He says yes and that he is no longer in love with her. Clare says he needs help, but he says he has all the help he needs as Imogen walks up behind him. He then throws away his pills, while Clare has a concerned look on her face.


In Should've Said No (1), Clare walks into her house while talking to Alli on the phone telling that she never said "Jake Martin is hotter than molten lava," but Glen heard her and Clare hung up the phone. He said that if she wanted to say hi he's in the kitchen. When Clare goes in the kitchen she sees Jake shirtless, she stares at him. Jake catches her, but she quickly denies staring at him and walks away claiming she has homework. The next day at school, Clare talks to Alli saying that she can't stop picturing his half naked body and Alli suggest that she goes for it. After school when Clare gets home she sees Jake in her home, fixing the leak... this time with a shirt on. He asks if she'd like to help him but she can't because she hanging out with her mom, but her mom is busy so leaves money for Clare and Jake to buy pizza. While talking to Alli on the phone in her bedroom demanding that she come distract her from Jake but she can't come because it's her father's birthday. Jake enters and talks to Clare to see if she's ok and all Clare can think of is kissing him so they end up making out. At school Katie ask Clare if Jake is a good guy and then reveals that he agreed to go to movie night with her. Clare, frustrated, confronts Jake and he tells her that ever since the break up he doesn't 'do relationships,' but Clare does, so she walks away. Later that night Clare has a make-out-dream about Jake and falls off bed then hears noise coming from outside her bedroom and it's her mom out with a guy, saying that they're now serious. The next day Clare calls over Jake to tell him since he has experience with these stuff and he says that when his dad first started dating he felt the same way but it's what make them happy. So Clare suggests that they should do what makes them happy...and they end up making out again.

In Should've Said No (2), Clare is first seen waiting for her mother and receives a text from Jake, saying he wants to kiss her. As she's replying, her mother gets in her car and assures her daughter she isn't with a new man every night. Clare says she understands, but wonders if her dad is seeing someone as well. At school, Jake and Clare sneak off into an empty classroom, and he says he wants to hang out that night. Clare reminds him of his plans with Katie and he offers to cancel them. Later that night Clare discovers her mother's divorce papers and ends her "casual" relationship. She meets up with Alli at Movie Night and asks for her to set her up. Alli introduces her to Liam and they find a seat, right next to Katie and Jake. The two exchange looks all night and after she kisses Liam, they take a walk and discuss their casual relationship. They decide to take a risk and start a real relationship since they both really like each other. When the two arrive back at Clare's house, her mother reveals she's dating Glen Martin, and her and Jake must keep their relationship a secret.

In U Don’t Know (1), Clare notices Imogen matching her every move and confronts her about it. Clare agrees to help Imogen became "Clara," in Eli's version of Clare in his Love Roulette play, by copying her, but in return Imogen has to make Clara more sympathetic.

In U Don’t Know (2), Clare and Jake talk about their relationship while eating at Little Miss Steaks. Imogen purposely takes Eli over to Clare and Jake while they are kissing to get Eli angry at Clare. Eli storms off and she and Imogen have an argument about what "Clare Edwards" would do.

In Lose Yourself (1), Clare is walking to class next to Jake, which turns into a talk about how to avoid their parents and Jake's drama work. Before Jake leaves, he (jokingly) tells her that he finally found something to do at Degrassi... besides her. While Clare and Adam are working on their Science project, Clare starts to talk about what if Eli does something to Jake which has Adam make a joke out of it. She has a talk with Eli about how not to say any thing negative about her around Jake, which Eli just laughs and says that Jake will be out of the picture soon enough. While Eli's is directing, she and Adam sneak into the drama room. They look there his bag which leads Clare volunteering to hold Jake's ladder for him.


In Lose Yourself (2), Clare continues to volunteer to help Jake with construction work for the play. She later comes up with the idea to sit in while they are during a read through of the Love Roulette play. Clare gets kicked-out after asking too many questions about the plot. She decides to wait in Jake truck then precedes to tell him the truth. Jake then tells her that he doesn't believe the play and hands the draft to her. Clare and Eli share a moment after she find out that Eli changed it to make it so Clara is the hero.


In Extraordinary Machine (1), Clare and Eli are having an interview about Love Roulette at The Dot. However, Jake comes in and Eli can't gather his thoughts, so he cancels.

In Extraordinary Machine (2), Clare's locker and back-pack get searched after an anonymous tip (Eli) calls the police to tell them that someone is selling drugs. After the police find pills in her bag, (that were put in there by Imogen in an attempt to get Clare out of the picture so she could be with Eli) she is taken to Principal Simpson's office where Eli rushes in and confesses that they are his pills and gets Clare off the hook. Later on, while Clare is interviewing Fiona and Riley about the play, Eli ask to speak to her. Eli talks about how the pills were meant to go into Jake's bag and how he wants to be the guy she fell in love with. Before leaving, Clare tells Eli that they will never get back together. She is seen in the audience at Opening Night. The next day she talks to Jake and tells him she'll see him at lunch. Then she is seen at the end at the end of the episode watching Eli depart.

In Don't Panic (1), Clare and Jake hit a rough patch after they fight about spending time together.

In Don't Panic (2), Clare and Jake make-up after they were "locked" in the sweat lodge by Eli. They also said their first I love you's, however, Eli said for Jake. Clare and Fiona leave the boys alone after Fiona takes Clare back inside.

In Dead and Gone (1), Jake comes out in "prom outfit" and they discuss the fact that their parents are still dating. Clare tells Jake that her mom thinks she's volunteering at prom. Helen walks in and asks if they can all have dinner. Jake tells Clare that he will ask his dad to reschedule. However, it doesn't go well when Glen tells Jake that he and Helen are engaged but he has to keep it a secret. When Clare finds out, she objects and reveals she's dating Jake. She leaves after her mother tells them to breakup.

In Dead and Gone (2), Clare shows up at prom in street clothes. Jake sees her and goes to talk to her about her storming off from home. Clare wants Jake to help her stop the wedding but Jake wants his Dad's

Clare is in shock after Jake breaks up with her.

happiness. Jake breaks up with her because he knew it would have been a lot more difficult if they stayed together. Later Drew asks her and Eli to follow Adam to the hospital. They agree to do it. At the hospital, Clare and Eli are glad that Adam is okay enough to joke around with them. When Adam's mother shows up, she and Eli give the family some space. She receives an upsetting text from Jake. Eli asks her what's wrong and she explains that Jake and her are going to be step-siblings. Eli says he is sorry to hear that in a meaningful manner. Clare and Eli smile at one another after she says maybe it's not meant to be.

In Nowhere to Run, Clare is seen getting ready for the wedding and blows off Alli. She and Jake argue after the wedding when he tries to get back together with her. She later realizes she made a mistake and Bianca drives her there. They walk upon Alli and Jake kissing and Clare runs into the woods. She trips and runs into Eli, who came up on his bike and took the bus. They share a moment and Clare considers kissing Eli to get back at Jake but thinks better of it. They go back to the cabin, and Clare is angry at Jake and Alli, but forgives Jake after having a chat with him. Helen and Glen show up from their honeymoon and take every one home. The next day, Alli tries to apologize to Clare for kissing Jake, but Clare declines the apology, saying she had no excuse for doing it. She tells Alli to find another ride, as Jake's truck is full, and then goes on to ask Eli if he wants a ride. She and Jake officially get back together.

Clare in late Season 11.

In Underneath It All, Clare is driving to school with Jake and Glen. Her and Jake are texting back and forth in the car, which makes Glen think that Jake has a new girlfriend. After Glen drops them off at Degrassi, Clare and Jake share a kiss before heading inside the building. Clare walks into class, and instead of sitting with Alli like she normally does, Clare avoids her gaze and sits next to Connor. Connor asks Clare why she didn't sit with Alli, and Clare tells him it's because her and Alli aren't friends anymore after what happened over the summer. When Conner then asks Clare, "Who is your best friend now?" Clare answers with, "I guess Jake is my best friend." Later, Clare feels as though her relationship with Jake is hotter than ever and decides to test whether they are "emotionally ready" for sex by giving Jake a pop quiz from a magazine. However, Jake fails the test miserably, with Clare not feeling he's taking it seriously.

In the second half of the episode, Clare apologizes to Jake for the quiz, and Jake apologizes to Clare for his answers. They decide to have sex while their parents are out, but after Clare mentions she could imagine being together forever, Jake rejects her and leaves the room before they can get that far. The next morning they decide to break up, after realizing their relationship could never truly work out.

In Not Ready To Make Nice (1), Clare loses her temper when Jake invites Jenna over for dinner on his birthday. After deciding that she no longer share a house with Jake, she comes up with a new plan to move in with her father.

In Not Ready To Make Nice (2), Clare feels like everyone in her life has rejected her-everyone except her new friend Summer, who still wants her to move in. Summer's easygoing attitude seems like exactly what Clare needs, but are these new living arrangements too good to be true?

In Smash Into You (2), Clare helps Adam prepare for a date with his secret admirer.

In In The Cold, Cold Night (1), Clare finds out that the paper is postponed until Katie returns, so she decides to hire an entire new staff to help her put the holiday edition of the Degrassi Daily out. Clare starts with her class and Alli shuts her down in front of everyone. Clare gets to class the next day and finds Connor and K.C. al


ready at work. K.C. suggests that Clare talk to Alli and get her, along with Jenna and Dave, on board. Clare finds Alli and apologizes for only blaming her and not Jake for Jake and Alli’s kiss, but Alli is still hurt that Clare called Alli’s problems with Dave pedestrian. Alli walks off, refusing to accept Clare’s apology. But K.C. and Connor convince Jenna and Alli to help with the newspaper, in turn forgiving Clare. No one wants to cover theater, but a sixth writer, Eli, walks through the door, willing to take care of the newspaper section.

In In the Cold, Cold Night (2), Clare and her team work on completing The Degrassi Daily holiday Edition. Whilst doing so, Clare and Eli patch up their differences and their friendship grows stronger. Eli asks her to join him for lunch, she declines and explains that she doesn't want to 'set him off'. Clare meets him for lunch after understanding she acted harshly, she apologizes.

Eli and Clare kiss During In The Cold, Cold Night (2).

Though with the awkwardness in the room she finds herself making things extremely awkward, spilling her soup on his pants. Later that afternoon, just as the staff are about to leave for the Frostival, she treats everyone to pizza. Eli asks her if she needs help making copies of the paper, and she agrees. After making the copies, they make their way to the Frostival, where Eli asks if she really thought that the two of them hanging out would set him off, and she replies that it wasn't him she was worried about. A car horn honks, and Eli says that his dad is picking him up, because they're going away for the holidays. Clare tells him to have fun, and he starts to walk away, but turns back to ask her if she means what he thinks she means. After a brief moment, Clare walks up to him and kisses him. Eli is shocked, and starts to question Clare, but she says that they'll talk when he gets back. Eli walks off, and Clare is left smiling as she turns back to the carnival.

Season 12

Clare in Season 12.

In Come As You Are (1), Clare is seen asking her friends if they've seen Eli. Adam makes a joke about Eli crashing his hearse. During Simpson's announcement, she is talking to Jenna and Alli. Alli makes a comment about them showing the Hockey team around. Clare shrugs it off, and sees Eli in the corner. She goes over to him and teases him about being late. She hopes that he'll bring up the kiss, but he doesn't, so she goes off to show Becky Baker to her class. Later, she is in her room with Jenna and Alli getting ready for the party. She starts to worry if she looks okay, so Alli questions her on who she's trying to impress. She tells them that she kissed Eli over the break, but she didn't tell them because she didn't want to get her hopes up, especially since he didn't even bring up the kiss at school. They ask Jake's perspective on it, and he says that if the guy was interested, he'd kiss the girl again. Afterwards, at the party, Clare tries to talk to Eli, but it's loud, so he can't hear. Alli notices and intervenes, pulling her away and telling her to dance and have fun. Clare then decides to leave, so she goes outside and sees Eli sitting on a bench. She asks why he hasn't brought up the kiss, and he tells her the ball's in her court. He says he needs to know that it wasn't just a fleeting moment because they're won't always be twinkly lights, and he has to know that she'll be all in. She kisses him and says, "Eli, I am all in." He leans in and kisses her, symbolizing the start of their second relationship.

Clare waking up Eli

In Come As You Are (2), Clare wakes up to hear Eli's breathing coming from her cellphone. He says they must have fallen asleep talking on the phone the night before. He asks if they're still on for their re-first date and she replies, "I said I was all in, didn't I?" After they hang up, they both smile to themselves. At school, Clare is talking to Alli in class about her and Eli's re-first date, when Ms. Oh makes an announcement to the class about Clare starting a co-op today. Alli says to Clare that she'll have to cancel the re-first date. Clare goes to find Eli to tell him about the internship. When she finds him, he tells her that he has tickets to an Arcade Fire concert that night. He says he figured that they probably needed a re-first song. She blurts out that she has her co-op to go to, and he seems disappointed. Clare hurriedly asks what time the concert is. He tells her it's

Clare gets a text from Eli

at 8:00. She says she'll be there, and they share a brief kiss. After school, she goes to the internship, where Asher immediately hands her work to do. At 7:15, she finishes and hands it in to him. He tells her that she should come and cover the protest with the team. She hesitates, and he reminds her that she wanted to learn. She asks for just one minute, and leaves the room to call Eli. He answers, asking if he should come pick her up, so she tells him that she can't make it because she's going to go to the protest. She asks, "Are you mad?" and he replies, "I'm just going to go drive my hearse into a wall, I'll see you later." then reassures her he was kidding. He says being all in doesn't mean she has to drop everything, and that they can have a re-first date anytime. He tells her to have fun at the protest, and that he'll just go to the concert with Adam. Asher hurries Clare along, so they hang up.

In Gives You Hell (1), Eli throws away her bag lunch and tells her that he's taking her out to eat. While talking, they bring up Eli's play and he complains about having to do a partnership with "Little Miss Sunshine" Becky Baker. She tells him to try and cooperate with her.

In Gives You Hell (2), Clare finds Eli sitting in the hallway and asks about the play. When she believes he still can't find a proper Juliet, she does a dance and sits next to him and he reveals his only problem is Becky. She tells him he can make it through it and the two hold hands.

In Say It Ain't So (1), Clare is happy for Alli after learning her acceptance into MIT.

In Say It Ain't So (2), Clare accompanies Alli to the clinic to take a blood test to see if she is pregnant or not. When Alli confides her about her dilemma, Clare tells her that there's options(abortion) if she wants to get into MIT really bad. She is later seen at Alli's acceptance party, and is listed as one of Alli's supportive friends. Later, Clare holds Alli's hand when she finds out if she's pregnant or not.

Clare goes to confront Connor of his tweets embarrassing her.

In Closer to Free (1), Clare is first seen working in the office when Asher comes to her about their schedule. He notices an article of theirs and reads it, and she reveals it is for school. He gives her advice on how to make it greater and she writes down notes. When she meets with her groupmates Adam and Connor, she completely takes over the project, acting high-and-mighty about the things Asher says. Back at the office, she tells Asher that she had to take on the project herself and he asks about how to make things trend on Twitter. When she opens her Twitter page as an example, he notices that her friends are tweeting "#StuffClareSays" and many of the quotes involve him. She gets embarrassed and at school confronts Connor. She says that she won't get fired just because he has Asperger's and causes him to post more tweets, causing her to leave, frustrated.

In Closer to Free (2), she is first seen speaking to Eli about the "#StuffClareSays" Twitter trend where he tells her to just let it blow over. At the office, she is further embarrassed as Asher sees more of the tweets and sends her home until she can focus. Later at school, she is seen presenting her project at the front of the class with Adam and Connor. Upon the start, their teacher asks why she did not follow the rubric and Connor chews her out saying that they wanted to but she didn't let them. The two argue and as Connor leaves, their teacher has them return to their seats. Later, she meets Adam and Connor at one of the computers to see that they, Dave, and K.C. made a "Stuff Clare Says" video. She apologizes asking if she really sounds like that and they all make up, watching the video again. She comes back to the office to apologize to Asher and says she loves working there. He says he might have been too harsh and admits that he loves her working there also.

In Waterfalls (1), she is first seen walking to the front steps of the school with Alli and Eli when she texts Asher about getting her own story. The two try to calm her nerves when Asher calls to offer her to lunch and she accepts. At lunch, the two talk about her coming up with a new, exciting story that is newsworthy. After a few minutes, she pitches the idea of an article on her school's upcoming play, Romeo and Jules, and he becomes interested. He says that they can run the story and says he'll drop by the school to get details from the director. In the auditorium, she talks with Eli as Asher comes in to make Clare get coffee. By the time she returns, he is done interviewing Eli and leaves, causing her to be upset that the story won't be correct with all the groundbreaking details and Eli tells her to ask Asher for permission to take over the story. She chases Asher to his car and he agrees to let her type and email it to him, with a time limit of a few hours. At her house, she types while Eli waits and sends the article on time. At her first sign of a mistake, she runs out to the office where Asher is correcting it. She begins to cry saying that she failed him and he asks if she'd like to stay with him and fix it. When they finish, he puts his arm around her and kisses her, causing her to run out, shocked.

In Waterfalls (2), Eli meets her in the morning to bring over all the newspapers he could buy to celebrate her article being published. They open the first newspaper and she realizes that her article isn't in the paper at all. She says she'll talk to Asher later and at school she reveals Asher's actions to Alli. Alli tells her she should tell Ms. Oh but Clare says that she will get an explanation from Asher. At the office, after Clare drops off a paper to Asher, she begins walking out but shuts the door and asks why her article wasn't published. He first apologizes about the other night saying that he is going through a rough divorce and she talks about her parents' divorce saying that they are all happier now. The two make up and he shows her that the finished article will be published later. His boss walks in saying that they have to go to a conference with the mayor and he offers Clare to join him. She hesitates but finally agrees and after the conference, she is full of excitement. She compliments his techniques and says she just wants to skip right to what he does now. He says that she reminds him a lot of himself when he was younger and begins to caress her face. She tries to pull away but he locks the door and she struggles to get out. Before pulling out, he grabs her and threatens that if she wants to keep her job, she'll keep quiet before driving away. At school, she tells Alli what happened and says she'll get even with Asher. She speaks with Asher's boss, telling her everything and his boss says that her obsession with him has gone too far. She says that she knows all about the tweets and that they must let her go, and that someone will escort her to

Clare confides in Alli.

clear out her desk. Before leaving, she confronts Asher in front of everyone at the office, saying that he ruined everything and that woman should stay away from him. When a guard tries to pull her away she pulls away and leaves. Back at school she cries and says everything that happened to Alli. She says she can't tell Eli because he'll kill Asher and when he walks up, they pretend to talk about something else and Alli leaves. Eli gives her a framed copy of her published article, as she sits speechless, and he does not know what's wrong. She says it's perfect and that she loves him. The two kiss and she leans her head on him.

In Rusty Cage (2), she is one of the people to meet K.C. before he leaves at the front of the school. She gets in a few words and then joins the group hug, then watches K.C.'s car drive away and returns to class.


In Sabotage (1), Clare is giving a presentation on her internship at the newspaper and hasn't told Ms. Oh that she was fired. She also hasn't told Eli about Asher assaulting her. Clare thinks she can prove that Asher is a danger by talking to past interns, but so far none of them have admitted to being assaulted by Asher. Until she figures something out, she needs to hide at school and looks like she's still going to the newspaper. Clare finally gets in contact with Jennifer, one of Asher's former interns, but her phone conversation is interrupted by the hockey team taking over the storage room for their happy hour. Still, Clare manages to schedule a meeting with Jennifer. Clare is meeting with her at The Dot and when Jennifer realizes that Clare is the intern that got fired, she bolts. Jennifer was the last intern Clare had on her list and Alli tries again to convince her to speak to Ms. Oh, but she still wants to find a way on her own to prove Asher is guilty. Frustrated, Clare crumples up her assignment on the newspaper and throws it in the garbage. Mike Dallas sees her upset and invites her to join him in the storage room for a beer. This time, Clare accepts. Clare drunkenly unloads the Asher saga on Dallas, who responds by kissing Clare. To which Clare responds by slapping him. Drunk and barefoot walking down the hall, Clare runs into Jake and Katie kissing. They take her outside to the garden, where Clare unloads the Dallas saga. Katie and Jake fill Clare in on who they think ruined the garden and Clare gets an idea for a story. Eli finds Clare working on her story about Dallas and Luke trashing the garden and Eli begins to worry that his girlfriend is about to make some very big enemies. Mr. Simpson calls Clare and Dallas into his office to get to the bottom of Clare's accusations. Dallas slips up and admits that the team was drinking beer. Clare gets detention for drinking on campus and Dallas gets a phone call to his coach. Jake and Katie are happy to see some justice served for the death of their garden, but when Dallas comes over he opens a can of worms. A very mad Dallas walks up and tells Clare the starting line up has been benched for three weeks because of her article. Dallas also mentions that he kept 'her dirty secret' quiet and she should have done the same. Confused about Dallas' comment, Clare stammers and tells Eli that she was fired from her internship because she's not a good writer. Unfortunately, Eli seems to believe her.

Clare walking through the halls drunk.

In Sabotage (2), it's her 17th birthday and Eli is throwing her a surprise party at Fiona's loft. At the party, Clare finds out that Eli went to Asher to get her job back and finds out why she really got fired. They don't get time to talk because Dallas and his hockey team crashed the party and gave her beer. Eli was going to leave because Clare wouldn't tell him what really happened with her and Asher, but Alli made him stay and talk to her and she finally opened up. They return to the party and Jake and Eli are tired of the hockey team and start a massive fight. Imogen's confetti canon disturbed the fight and Fiona told Dallas and his team to leave. Eli promises Clare that they together will reveal Asher's true colors.

In Scream (1), she goes to Eli to ask if he found out a way to get revenge on Asher, but Eli is busy with the play. He promises her he will work on it. Clare returns to Eli again and he still doesn't have a plan, but promises again to work on it. The third time, he realizes that all the 'good plans' he had went wrong so they shouldn't sneak into Asher's office, but instead, she should talk to Ms. Oh. She refuses but Eli already did and Ms. Oh is waiting to talk to her.

Photo Op.jpg

In Scream (2), Clare is talking to Ms. Oh about Asher and her mom is there. She tries of accuse herself of being the one of loving him, but Ms.Oh keeps insisting that's not what Eli says. Ms. Oh says she should talk to the police, but Clare doesn't want to go through that embarrassment again. After the conversation, Eli goes to her and she tells him to 'go to hell'. She asks him for the last time if he wants to help get revenge on Asher, but he declines. Katie sees her looking depressed and offers to help. Clare then tells Katie about the Asher saga. Clare decides to put nude pics of herself on Asher's computer, but decides not to and is seen by Jennifer who says Asher assaulted her also and decided to help and tell the police too. Clare then rekindles with Eli and promises to watch the other 7 performances each night with him. She tells him about what her plans were and he is surprised about it. They both say they love each other and kiss.

Clare in Eli's improved short film.

In Building A Mystery (1), she is informed by Eli that a famous NYU alumni is visiting Degrassi to look for a winning short film, which could up Eli's chances of getting accepted to the school. Later when Eli is at a loss for ideas, she is too busy to help him and suggests that he look to Jake for assistance with the project.

In Building A Mystery (2) , when Eli tells her that the short film turned out to be a disaster and explains why, she tells him not to give up and to ask the NYU graduate for the chance to make another short film.

In I Want It That Way (1), she is seen showing Alli the Jay-Z tickets that she was suppose to go to with Dave. She stills takes them planning to convince Dave to go with her, but fails and gives one of them to Dallas instead.

In I Want It That Way (2), she finds out that Alli gave Dallas the other Jay-Z ticket and tells her to get it back. Later, Alli brings her to the cafeteria so Dallas can apologize for crashing her birthday party, and she forgives him.


In Tonight, Tonight, she and Eli are in her room studying. Clare notices his heavy breathing and reminds him that there will be no more math once he's in film school next year. They both stare at each other lovingly until Clare starts to countdown. Once she hits 1, her mother knocks on the door, bluntly announcing that it's "time for Eli to leave." Which he does without a problem. Clare tells her that kicking her boyfriend out at sundown is "a little much." but Helen simply tells her to go back to studying. Clare says she's all "studied-up. Straight As guaranteed." As she goes to close her door, she sees Jake and Katie giggling in the hall. Clare tells Jake about her mom's rule but he says his dad said that he was okay having Katie over. Katie tries to sneak off to watch TV, but he pulls her back and ends his and Clare's conversation. The next day, she meets Jake at Degrassi for lunch and gives him a turkey and Swiss sandwich. After he takes a bite, she mentions the double standard in  their house- Eli having to leave, but Katie getting to stay whenever she wants- and asks him to help with her plan: to have Eli over as Jake's guest so he won't get kicked out by her mother. He agrees and goes back into Degrassi as Clare shouts a "thank you" to him. 

Later, Eli is seen at Clare's house sitting next to Jake while she is sitting across from them, doing homework. Helen comes down and she quickly tells them to "do math." Clare wishes her mother good luck at the craft service. But, since Glen has to work late, she says Clare is going with her.


She looks at the boys and says she really has to study. However, her mom recollects Clare telling her that she was "all studied-up. Straight As guaranteed." Eli offers to tag along, but Helen reminds him that he and Jake have to study and tells Clare to meet her in the car. Eli tells her that they tried and kisses Clare goodbye. Jake jokes around, asking her to bring him back a sock monkey and she tells him to shut up. After she returns a while later, Jake is rollerblading around the house as Eli catches up with him, spraying him with air freshener, uncontrollably laughing until Clare walks in. They both stop laughing for a moment as she notes that Eli hadn't left and that Jake has on skates. Clare slowly realizes that they both smoked pot again, so she sends Eli to go splash water on his face and hide in her bedroom. She quickly hides the pot behind her back. Helen walks in asking if Eli went home, and Jake answers yes. Clare gives him a stern look before going up to her bedroom. She goes upstairs and sees him sleeping in her bed, frantically shaking him to wake up. He says "You told me to go to bed," to which she replies "I told you to go to my bedroom! Come on!" but he starts to fall asleep again. She shakes him and ask how good he is at jumping out of window. Eli stands up from the bed, shirtless, and looks out the window. He realizes how high he is (mentally and physically, since Clare's room is on the 2nd floor) and apologizes for being a bad boyfriend. Right then, Helen walks into her room. Eli silently apologizes to Helen and hurriedly leaves, picking up his shirt and covering his body. Clare tries to explain to her mom that she wasn't sneaking him around, but she mom sees the weed on her bed and quickly assumes that he's a druggie, banning Eli from entering the house. But Clare then tells her that the weed's Jake's and that he gave it to Eli. Jake slowly rolls to her door and Helen yells at him to take his "damn skates off!" After finding out that 


Jake's punishment for smoking weed was to not smoke weed again, Clare calls a family meeting stating the double standards going on in her house: Jake being allowed to have guest over as long as he wants and her having guest over until 8, Jake getting the truck whenever he needs it and Clare not being able to drive even though she's had her driver's license for months. This brings Helen and Glen into an argument about whether or not to let Clare adapt to Jake's rules or apply Clare's rules to Jake. Clare uses this advantage, and takes the keys to the truck to pick up Eli from The Dot. He jokes around about how hot she looks in he truck and hops in, driving to the Battle of The Bands competition, which his dad is hosting. They are enjoying WhisperHug's performance when Helen calls Clare, apparently, not for the first time. Eli suggests that she should call her back, so Helen knows that she's safe. She does so, and it appears that Helen was listening to Clare during the meeting. Eli is now allowed over until 10pm and Clare can use the truck whenever she wants. They share a kiss in celebration.


In Bitter Sweet Symphony (1), during the few days of competition between different teams of students, Clare can't go in her locker because her locker is moved. Eli offers to share his locker with her and convinces a doubtful Dave that it will turn out fine. When Eli and Dave leave for class, Dave notices that Clare's diary fell onto his books, but doesn't have time to return it because the bell rings. In a class he shares with Jake, he ends up reading the diary. He sees her old entries about her love for Jake. Some phrases in the journal are: "He is the spark that lights my fire. I think I might be in LOVE with him! When I'm with him, I am...," "...make love to him! He is romance! I could go all the way with Jake - I am ready to make love to him! I shudder with anticipation as my infatuation runs wild. Infatuation? No, this is more! L-O-V-E! It feels right! I'm so excited!" Eli looks up at Jake who waves to him. Later, Eli goes up to Clare who looks upset, though he doesn't notice at first, commenting that he saw she's against Becky in the spirit week gladiator competition and says he has to destroy her. When she doesn't smile back he asks if everything's okay. Clare mentions her diary was missing yesterday and when she checked again today, it was back. She asks him if he took her diary, he avoids the question and jokes by saying why and if she's worried he'd find out her deep, dark secret. She smiles and says she's sorry for asking but what she writes down is a stream of consciousness, unedited, unproofed. Just as she's speaking, Jake waves from over by the greenhouse and she waves back. She continues saying that it's embarrassing. Eli turns to see who she waved to and Jake waves at Eli and walks off. Eli gets up and takes a few steps in Jake's direction and turns back to Clare and smiles. She pauses until she sees his smile and then tells him Glen and her mom will be out tonight and was wondering if he wanted to come over. She smiles and wiggles her eyebrows. Eli asks if Jake will be there and Clare, confused, says she doesn't know and asks why. He says he wouldn't want things to be awkward and Clare figures out he did read her journal. He affirms he did. He admits, upset, that he read every word of it including the Jake chapter. He tells her he knew she dated "that lumberjack for like a second" but tells her it said she loved him and wanted to have sex with him. He expresses his shock by questioning "Jake?!" While Eli talks, Clare is very upset. She can't believe he invaded her privacy. He says he didn't think she needed any privacy from him. She gets up and says she guesses she does and storms off. Eli sighs.

In Bitter Sweet Symphony (2), Eli walks behind Clare asking to let him talk. She tells him to speak but walks fast because she has to edit something. Eli starts apologizing profusely to Clare about reading her diary as he walks behind her, coffee and breakfast in hand. He says he loves her so much he can't think straight but he's wrong and he's sorry. Clare's stern face breaks into a smile and she turns around and she forgives him. He adds that they were broken up when she was with Jake, so she loved him. She tells him she didn't. Eli says that's what it said in her journal. She clarifies that she said "'I think I'm in love with Jake.'" She says that she wasn't because back then she didn't even know what love was. Feeling embarrassed, Eli asks if he mentioned he was sorry and smiles at her. She says se loves Eli so much that sometimes she can't think straight either. Eli smiles. She adds that when she was joking about taking "the next step" yesterday, she thinks she was actually being serious. Eli asks her if she thinks she was or she was. She clarifies that she was, she definitely was. Eli says okay, with a smile on his face, and suggests that they eat breakfast and make a plan. As they are walking, Eli discovers Cam's body in the greenhouse and pulls Clare close to prevent her from looking. In shock, he tells her not to look and to go find a teacher and call 911. He shouts for her to go when she tries to look. He walks up to the greenhouse with a horrified expression on his face.


In Ray of Light (1) Clare tries to help Eli get out of his slump by suggesting he edit the video year book. She offers to help him when Fiona and Dallas ask him to put footage of Cam in the video and asks if he wants to talk, but Eli declines both help and a talk. He suggests they party with random people but she is worried he is avoiding talking about his troubles.

In Ray of Light (2), Clare finds out about Eli taking MDMA which upsets her and makes her worry more about him. So, she asks Fiona to tell Eli he doesn't have to do the video yearbook because she's afraid it's not good for him. When Eli finds out what she told Fiona to do, he gets angry and gets in a fight with Clare.


Later, she sees Eli celebrating his interview with NYU, so she walks up to him and talks to him about what happened earlier. She tells him why she did what she did and says he needs to talk more about what happened with Cam. This stresses out Eli and he takes drugs because of it. While on drugs, Eli showers in the girls changing room fully clothed. When Clare and Alli find him, he strips down nude and starts streaking through the school, which worries Clare even more.

The next day, Eli talks to Clare about what happened and tells her they need space because she is the problem in his life. Clare is upset and blames herself for him doing drugs. At the end of the episode, she is seen crying over her break up with Eli.

In Zombie (1), it is revealed that Clare will be running for class president against Drew.  Clare then appears at Drew's campaign party, and Drew seems angered that she showed up. Clare explains to them that he can not take all the voters and that they get "equal rights" to the voters.  Clare tells Drew he's immature, and a fight starts. Drew calls out Clare by saying she's only running because she got dumped by Eli.  Out of anger, Clare pushes Drew into his kiddie pool, and leaves.


In Zombie (2), Drew helps set up banners and cardboard cutouts of himself in the school. Clare confronts him, and Drew says that he's going to take his campaign seriously. Clare then wishes him good luck in the debate. Dallas tells Drew to not sweat it, and when Drew says he's going to give the students what they want, Dallas says that's perfect. At the debate, the crowd claps for Clare when she shares her thoughts. Drew then says that he will listen to the students, but the crowd seems bored. Clare then debates, and makes Drew nervous when she says that you can't "please" everyone all the time.Drew talks to Clare about the election, and says she is probably going to win. Clare thinks he would win the popular vote, and Drew wants to be her vice president. Clare is unsure. Drew wins the presidential election, and talks to a crying Clare. Clare is crying not because of the election, but because everything is falling apart. Drew comforts her, and offers for her to be his vice president. Eli appears, saying he got into NYU. She congratulates him. Eli wants Clare to be his girlfriend again. Clare says that they are not a fairy tale. Eli walks off, and Clare accepts Drew's offer.

Alli, Clare, and Jenna prepare for Prom.

In The Time of My Life, Clare helps Alli and Jenna look for dresses in town. Alli holds up a purple dress and asks if Clare likes it. Clare rolls her eyes and reminds her she's not going to prom. Jenna starts to ask "But what about..." before Clare sternly says "Don't you dare say..." only for the question to be completed by Alli saying "Eli?" Clare purses her lips while Alli clarifies that Eli has send her like a dozen voicemails. Clare confirms but adds that since he wanted space, she's giving him lots. Alli holds up the purple dress and tells her the best way to get revenge is by looking great. A guy, just walking out of the store tells Clare he agrees. Alli turns and gives Jenna a cheeky smile. Clare pardons herself and asks if they've met. He introduces himself as Cliff Jacobs, a student in her history class. When he reminds her of this she say's she's sorry, embarrassed. They shake hands and he tells her he'll see her around. Jenna continues their conversation about Eli by asking "What about all the people that want you two together?" Clare responds "What people?" Jenna reminds her that she and Eli are finalists for prom king and queen. Alli crosses her arms and raises her eyebrows at Clare. Clare says "For the last time, Eli and I are done." Alli playfully responds "And for the last time, I don't buy it," before turning back to Jenna. Clare, fed up, sees Cliff still outside the store and runs over to him. She asks him if he has a date for prom.

Clare, Alli, and Jenna prepare for prom together in Clare's room. They discuss Cliff and Eli. Clare asks Alli to help her zip up her dress. While zipping up Clare's dress, Alli notices a bump. They joke and say it's cancer, but assume it's just a temporary bump. Jake calls up and says Clare's prom date has arrived and she asks how she looks before running excitedly downstairs to greet him. She opens the door and is surprised to find Eli instead of Cliff, dressed in a prince charming outfit, standing in a horse drawn carriage. She repeatedly says "no" when she sees him. Eli, trying to look confident, fumbles with his plastic sword. He turns around when he hears Clare and his foot slips as he tries to prop it up. Alli and Jenna step out onto Clare's balcony and watch in surprise. He clears his throat and tells her, "You said we weren't a fairytale... I'm here to prove you wrong." Alli and Jenna giggle to each other and Clare looks up and rolls her eyes. Shortly after, Cliff shows up with a corsage and Eli asks who he is. Cliff says he is Clare's prom date and asks him the same question. Eli immediately responds that he is Clare's "soulmate" but Clare still goes to prom with Cliff. 

Eli and Clare about to have sex.

Clare and Cliff dance together at prom, but Clare starts venting to Cliff about Eli. While looking over at Eli, who is sulking alone at a table, she confesses her dreams she had with Eli to Cliff, such as living together in New York when he goes to NYU and she follows him to Columbia. Cliff calls his gestures romantic. Clare says that maybe he should date him and Cliff responds "I wish." Clare realizes Cliff is gay and Cliff urges her to go make up with Eli. Suddenly Fiona gets onstage and announces that Clare and Eli win prom queen and king. Eli excitedly gets on stage, but Clare leaves Cliff's side and runs out of the ballroom and into the coat check room. Eli soon finds Clare crying. When she tells him he bailed on her, he apologizes for how he acted when they broke up and states he will be leaving the next day to be a production assistant on Bret Barnett's new film during the summer. She says that they only have one night left in disbelief. He says that's why they shouldn't waste it, offers her her crown, and asks "What do you say, my queen?" The two make up and slow dance together. While dancing, Clare says she can't believe all these people (their peers) voted for them. Eli says with a smirk, "Correction: some of them voted for us." Clare smiles, saying she knew he rigged it and thanks him for making them prom king and queen. She then asks what kids do on prom night these days. Eli says they get drunk and get a room. Clare adds in a whisper, "Have sex?" Eli looks at her surprised. Next, they are heavily making out in the coat check room. Clare says they can't have sex in there because they are in a hotel that has rooms. Eli asks if she has a credit card and she says Helen gave it to her for emergencies. Eli breathlessly says it's an emergency and Clare agrees. They begin to make out again but stop when they hear crying. Eli and Clare find Imogen behind a clothes rack sobbing. Clare leaves to tell Alli she won't be spending the night and Eli confronts Imogen. Clare reveals she and Eli are back together when Jenna says she saw them dancing. They high-five. Clare asks Alli and Jenna for advice, They tell her it might be weird, hurt during and after, and only last a couple minutes. Clare looks nervous but they wish her luck just as Eli walks up behind her. He asks if she's ready and Alli playfully says, "Have fun you two!" while her and Jenna do provocative dances. Eli's eyes go wide and as they leave he asks Clare if she told them, and Clare says that she wishes she hadn't.

Clare and Eli walk down a hallway and Eli comments that her palms are sweaty. He asks if she's nervous as they stand in front of their hotel room door. She is, she explains, because she wonders if it'll be a disappointment. Eli tells her to stand still. She complies, and he kisses her, asking if that was a disappointment. She smiles and says no. He kisses her deeply and asks again. Clare's eyes flutter and her breath stutters. They go inside the room to find candles he set up. Clare comments that it's beautiful and Eli says that she is. They kiss and Clare unbuttons part of Eli's shirt before embracing again and falling onto the bed. He takes her home in the morning on the horse drawn carriage and they talk about their night before. Clare asks if she looks different and Eli assures her they're going to know they had sex right when they see her. Eli says he had a great time last night and Clare shares the same opinion. Clare starts to get a nose bleed and Eli asks if he needs to take her to the doctor. She says no, but takes his handkerchief.

Clare being comforted by Ali upon learning that she may have leukemia.

Later at graduation, she talks with Alli and tells her that she's now worried because the bump is more serious than they thought. She explains how her nose spontaneously began to bleed and wouldn't stop, causing her mom to take her to the hospital. She says that she may have cancer since abnormal bumps and nose bleeding are common symptoms of leukemia. At graduation, Clare is hesitant to tell Eli about the illness, not wanting to ruin their last day together before he has to leave. Instead, she settles for telling him that she doesn't want to stop him from doing things in life. Eli refuses to give up on their relationship and they kiss after the cap tossing and the episode ends.

Season 13


In Summertime, Clare, Alli, and Jenna are going shopping when Clare's phone keeps ringing. Alli and Jenna takes her phone and they make fun of her for not doing anything sexy with Eli while he is away at his internship with Bret Barnett. Then Clare begins to wonder if she should then takes a picture of lingerie in a store then sends it to Eli asking if it would look good on her.


Later, Clare calls Eli and he answers thinking that it was Bret calling but is happy when he realizes that it is Clare. She asks him if it is bad time and he says it's never a bad time for her. Clare asks if he has seen the picture that she sent him and he says yes and if she is implying something. She says in order for her to not miss him that much, they should do something sexy. He asks what she has in mind and she says video chat sex. Eli is shocked but agrees and says they should do it later when he isn't busy. Clare asks if 10 o'clock is fine and he says yes and Clare is happy.


Clare and Eli are online starting their video chat. She decides to dress in tight clothing. She wore a black corset, tight red blouse, and tight jeans. They begin to strip when Clare's mom knocks on Clare's door and says that the hospital called. Eli asks if anything is wrong and Clare says it's probably nothing and goes to talk to her mom. When she talks to her mom, she finds out that she has cancer. After the talk, Clare comes back into the room. Eli is shirtless, and, ready to go, he pulls off his blanket to reveal his lower half. Shocked, Clare quickly tells him to cover up and that they should take a rain check. Eli says okay and Clare tells him that she has cancer. He quickly respond and says he is coming home. Clare tells him not to and if he does, she will be mad. Eli tells Clare he loves her and Clare says she knows and that she will be fine.


After being in the hospital for awhile, Clare's strength crumbles. She packs up her things and begins to leave the hospital. Before she leaves, Clare stops outside her room and goes to sit in a corner to call Eli. Clare leaves a message for Eli and tells him that she knows she told him not to come back home, but asks him to return anyway and that she's scared. He sees her bags packed and asks if she's okay. She says she feels fine but everyone's telling her she's sick. She tells him she's scared and collapses in his arms.

Clare's hair is falling out and she finds it in her hand.

In All I Wanna Do, Clare and Eli are cuddling on Clare's hospital bed and trying to find something to watch on TV. They find a channel with a hospital scene, learning that it was West Drive they were watching, and Zoë Rivas' character asks if she is going to die. Clare turns off the TV and suggests they "play doctor." They begin kissing and some of Clare's hair begins falling out. Clare's nurse walks in and Eli leaves them alone, saying he will come back later. After speaking with another cancer patient, Paula, whose boyfriend dumped her after she got cancer, Clare begins to worry that Eli may leave her. Adam visits Clare and accidentally mentions that Eli sent him an email on how to talk to Clare. This upsets Clare and Eli comes into the room with a healthy smoothie for Clare and isn't sure what he did wrong. Clare starts to yell at Eli. While she is getting upset, Clare grabs her hair and more of her hair falls out. Clare tells Eli he should come back later, and Eli and Adam leave to catch up. 

Clare tries on her new wig.

Clare shaves her head and Adam and Drew are the first to see her with no hair. Clare says she doesn't want Eli to see her like this. Adam and Drew suggest she gets a wig. Imogen and Adam later help Clare decide on a wig to keep. When the wigs Clare has tried on end up not working out, Imogen gives Clare a blonde wig that Clare loves. Clare prepares for a date with Eli and is about done when someone knocks on the door. Clare assumes it is Eli, however it was her nurse. The nurse was looking for Clare's mother to fill out an MRI questionnaire. Clare realizes the doctors want to see if the cancer has spread. Clare asks if she can fill the paper out later and the nurse lets her. At the end of the episode, Eli and Clare cuddle on the couch and Clare tells Eli if he wants out, to tell her now. Eli assures that he's all in and that he loves her.

In My Own Worst Enemy, the episode opens with Clare getting an MRI test done to see if her cancer has spread. Clare's very nervous about the test which will reveal if her cancer has spread or not. Clare goes to Paula's room and is told that Paula has passed away that very morning. Clare wants to spend a day as a "normal girl" again and asks Drew to help her get out of the hospital. Drew dresses up as a doctor and takes Clare to the Degrassi Camp. Clare volunteers to be a counselor for the day and run a relay course with the kids. Halfway through the course, Clare gets sick and throws up. She rests on a bench where the two kids she ran with ask her why she got sick. She tells them she's sick. The boy, Colton, who has a cold, coughs on her without covering his mouth and this causes Clare to panic. She yells at him by saying that she could die from a cold, freaking the kids out. Clare asks Drew to drive her back to the hospital, knowing it isn't safe for her to be out in the world in her condition.

Clare shares a group hug with her mother and Eli after hearing the good news: Her cancer hasn't spread!

At the hospital, Eli finds out she's returned and starts yelling at her and says that hospital staff almost did a "code yellow," in which cops go look for a patient. Clare tells him that she doesn't know how much time she may have left, but intends to spend them in the best way possible. He tells her how worried he was, but Clare assures him that she's fine. They share a kiss and Clare's mother walks in. Tearful, she brings good news: The MRI scan confirmed that Clare's cancer hadn't spread, meaning Clare has a higher chance of being cured. Clare declares she fully intends to fight her cancer and they share a group hug. 

In About A Girl, Clare is seen on video chat with Alli and Jenna, asking them about Leo.

In Honey, Clare tells Alli on the phone that she'll be out of the hospital soon and has two more sessions of chemo left. She then asks Alli about how she's doing with Leo. Clare tells Alli to live life to the fullest with Leo and get back together with him.

In Young Forever, Clare is seen writing a message to Adam on his memorial page. She appears to be having trouble finding the right words to say because she erases the words she has already written. Eli walks in and she asks "How do you say goodbye to someone who changed your life?" Eli says that the funeral didn't do the trick. They continue to talk about how Adam was never gloomy and Eli hopes that people remember him that way. Clare suggests that Eli and she and Eli help them by making the best memorial video.  She is later seen with Eli watching footage of Adam making fun of what Clare says and they are seen laughing. Her mother comes in and tells her CT scan came back clean. Eli jumps up excited and Clare asks “seriously?” Eli then asks her if she’s cured and she replies that she’s not yet but she’s in remission. Her mother says which means the cancer is gone for now. Eli asks, “So you can finally blow this popsicle stand. Her mother says that she being discharged tonight. Eli is over come with joy and says that people would love to see her because they need some good news. Her mother says that they need to get the place packed up. Eli chuckles and her mother kisses her on her for head. Clare is shown emotional and about to cry and Eli says, “It’s okay to be happy.” Then she hugs him. Eli comes in her hospital room and sees her not ready for the bonfire and asks her why she isn’t ready. She

Clare feels guilty that she lived and Adam didn't.

says that she shouldn’t go to the funeral with the excuse that she is still immuno-suppressed. Eli says that doctor said it was okay as long as there is no close contact. She said that there will be hugging and Eli says that he will do the hugging for her. She is seen teary eyed and Eli kneels down and asks her, “You want to honor Adam don’t you?” she responds by saying, “You know I do.” Eli asks her what’s with all the excuses. She starts to cry and says that Adam got her through the summer and it’s not fair that she, who has cancer, lived and he died unexpectedly feeling survivors guilt. Eli says that she can’t blame herself for living and that

Clare saying she needs to make the most of her life.

Adam wouldn’t want anyone to be sad, angry, or guilty and Clare says, “You don’t know that.” With her voice all cracked. Eli asks her if she would and she says no. She is seen with Eli walking to the bonfire and they talk about that party that Adam through for Fiona and Clare says that’s when she and Eli finally sparked. Alli, Jenna, and Connor walk up to them and Alli is excited to her out of the hospital. She walks up to hug her but Eli stops her because he doesn’t want to risk an infection and says he is the hug proxy. Eli and Alli embrace and Clare tells them that her cancer’s in remission. They all look overcome with joy. Clare says that now she needs to make the most with her life and Eli says that they all should. She is seen at night wrapped in Eli’s arms watching the memorial video. They all gather in a circle, Clare is wrapped in Eli’s arms, to watch the lantern fly into the night sky as a symbol of Adam’s memory. 

In This Is How We Do It, Clare rushes to school and meets up with Alli, Jenna, Conner, and Dallas. When Drew comes out of the auditorium, Clare, along with the others, are shocked that Drew is at school at six o'clock. During the assembly, Drew introduces Clare as part of the Student Council. When Drew faints, Clare calls out to him and tries to help him.

Later, during class, Clare and Jenna tries to guess who Alli is going on a date with and think it's Dallas though Alli tells them that it's not and that she will let them know if it will work out. Later, during a Student Council meeting, Clare wants to set up an "No Texting & Driving" campaign in honor of Adam though Drew refuses. Clare decides for a vote for tomorrow and Drew agrees.

The next day, Clare confronts Drew assuming he ordered the beach bash props but he claims he didn't. Clare shows him a delivery order forum. Later, during class, Alli tells Clare and Jenna that she got back together with Leo. Clare learns from Jenna that Leo abused Alli by grabbing her wrist and leaving a bruise. Clare tries to warn Alli but Alli refuses to listen.

Later, at another Student Council meeting, Clare sees some younger girls that Drew has brought to the meeting. Clare asks Drew what all those "little girls" are doing in the council meeting. Drew says he filled some open positions and that they are the new council members. Clare proposes her texting and driving campaign which receives 8 votes and Drew proposes his Degrassi beach bash dance which receives 9 votes. Drew asks the council members if they are ready to party and Clare asks "What is this?" to which Drew replies "It's a democracy." Clare tells Drew that if he is going to run student council this way then he's on his own. Clare also states that he better get some sleep because it will be hard to control all these "children." Clare gets mad and still demands a No Texting & Driving campaign though the votes for the campaign are outnumbered. 

In You Got Me, Clare is in science class with Jenna and Alli. Clare tries to break up Alli and Jenna's mini feud, by asking her questions about Leo. Alli continues to say that he is a good guy, and that Jenna doesn't know him well enough to say otherwise. Clare comes up with a proposal for Alli to invite Leo to the dance, so that they can see for themselves if he is a good choice for their friend.

Later, at the Beach bash, Clare, Jenna, Connor, Alli, and Leo Clare are all sitting together. Alli starts asking questions to Leo about himself to break the awkward silence. Once she breaks the ice, Jenna and Clare agree to join Leo on the dance floor. When the come back from dancing, Jenna and Clare tell Alli that he isn't so bad after all.

A drugged Drew starts to hallucinate when Zoë turns into Clare and she asks what is wrong. Drew says that he doesn't think Clare would dance with him after what he did. Clare says the dance is great and claims that Adam would have loved it. Drew asks Clare why she would say that and Clare repeatedly whispers in his ear Adam's name. Drew tells Clare to leave him alone. Drew begins stripping and saying the ocean is beautiful. Clare asks him what he's doing and Drew claims that he's getting away from her. Drew shouts "Cannonball!" He jumps onto the beach background and falls right down landing in a kiddy pool. Drew is confused and then runs off.

Clare finds Drew and asks him what he's on. He's confused by the question and just tells her that he's on a couch. Drew begs her not to tell Bianca and Clare says she will leave that up to him if he even remembers the conversation in the morning. Clare asks what kind of drugs Drew is on but all he says is "I'm so sick of missing him". Clare recognizes that Drew is talking about Adam. Drew describes Adam as his "rock" and his "moral compass" and he states that without Adam he is lost. Clare says everybody is lost without Adam and that she thinks about him everyday. When Drew asks what do they all do without Adam that's when Clare offers to come back to council. Drew says she doesn't have to. Clare tells Drew that Adam would've wanted her to watch over Drew. Clare also explains only when Drew's ready that they will do something in Adam's memory to honor him and Drew states that he would like that. Drew yarns and lays down across Clare's lap. She asks him again what he took and Drew, already half-asleep, says a couple of sleeping pills. Clare is surprised by the effects and Drew states he is also surprised and then falls asleep.

In You Oughta Know, Clare has an interview with Meredith Fox, the editor of Muse Magazine. who is impressed with her writing style. When the interview starts, Clare pauses, not knowing what to say. Meredith tells her to start speaking so Clare talks about her original pitch about how the financial crisis was affecting the youth, but Meredith didn't want to hear about it. Clare quickly thinks of something else and starts talking about Zoë Rivas who has come to Degrassi. Meredith asks if Clare could get her a draft of the article to her by that night.

Later, at school, Clare approaches Zoë at her locker and asks if they can do an interview together. Zoë agrees to it quickly because her agent told her to not turn down any type of publicity and tells Clare to meet her Miles' party. At the party, She Zoë lies to Clare and tells her that everyone was all over her on her first day of school and how Miles lusted over her the minute they met. Clare talks to Winston of how it was like when he first saw Zoë and when he fainted. Winston said that it never happened and tells Clare the truth of what really happened when Zoë came to Degrassi. 

Later that night, Clare video chats with Eli, explaining of her worries if their plans fall apart. Eli tells her that they'll think of something else to do. He is told by Lenore to quickly end his video chat since there was a party. Clare tells him to go and have fun. She then starts writing a fake article.

The next day at school, Clare tells Alli that she wrote an fake article and feels guilty about it. Alli then asks Clare for the assignment though Clare forgot about and starts freaking out of what is going on with her. Clare wonders if her cancer has come back and Alli tells her that she should see a doctor right away.

In Everything You've Done Wrong, Meredith greets Clare, and tells her that she loves her article. She reveals that if things work out with Clare's article about Zoë, then Clare could possibly become a monthly contributor for the magazine. Meredith reminds her to fact check the article, and asks if Zoë could come the next day.

Zoë reads the article Clare wrote about her and isn't impressed by it. She tells her that she wants people to believe the false story that she told Clare. Clare then tells her how her cancer is the reason why she wrote the article and Zoë tells her that cancer didn't make her lie and she did it to herself. Zoë then leaves and throws the paper on the ground. 

Later, Clare is at her doctor's appointment with her mom. The doctor tells Clare and her mom she is still cancer-free, but she the doctor reveals that she has chemo-brain and that they're unable to treat it which makes Clare upset.

Clare shows up to the office and reveals to Meredith that she faked her article. This angers Meredith since Clare put her reputation on the line, but Meredith gives her another chance after Clare explains that she has cancer. She tells Clare that even though she made a mistake, she doesn't deserve to have her career destroyed over it and tells Clare that she has accomplished something. She has beaten cancer!

In Who Do You Think You Are, Clare tutors Alli for her SAT's to get into MIT and gives her advice with her relationship with Leo.

In Barely Breathing, Alli tells Clare and Jenna that she and Leo got in a fight. When Leo sends gifts to Alli at school, Clare said that Leo must be really sorry but Alli throws the gifts into the trash. Later, Clare and Alli are talking when Leo keeps texting Alli. Leo shows up at Degrassi to talk to Alli in person and Clare leaves them to talk.

In Black Or White, Clare says to Alli and Jenna that Eli is coming home for Thanksgiving and they have a date. At the date, she and Eli watch a movie in a parking lot. Eli has been tired lately and Clare feels as if he's hiding something. His phone starts ringing and she tells him to answer his phone call which he said was from New York. After he leaves to answer his call, Clare finds a pack of cigarettes in his coat pocket. She looks uneasy.

The next day, Clare shows the cigarettes to Alli and Jenna and assumes that Eli must be smoking. Alli tells Clare that she should talk to Eli to see what is going on. Later on, Clare and Eli are at her house. Eli finally brings up that last night's date was awkward. Clare then asks him a few questions about why he's been acting differently towards her. He reveals that he misses her very much and that he had done something bad but it was only once. She then shows the pack of cigarettes toward him, saying that smoking was his way of missing her by "doing it once." But he corrects her, saying that those aren't his, they were Lenore's, he was holding onto them for her. Clare then asks if Lenore was his producer, but he doesn't answer, he looks away regretfully.

She later realizes that he cheated on her with Lenore and he says that it happened once. She starts to cry and opens the door, demanding him to leave. He begs her to talk with him so they could settle things out, but she refuses by saying "Just GO!" After he leaves, Clare leans against the door and cries.

In Spiderwebs, Clare fails to show up while the student council sets up for the Degrassi Thanksgiving Family Feast. She is seen in her kitchen, sulking. Alli brings her coffee and encourages her to go to school, but Clare tells her she isn't going. Clare reminds Alli that Eli cheated on her, and Alli reminds her it was only one time, but Clare insists she can't get over it. Even though Clare says it's over and she can't come back from cheating, Alli tells her she need to talk to Eli because it has been over a week. When Clare can't decide on the spot if she is truly breaking up with him, Alli reminds her it's because she doesn't know the whole story. Clare agrees to talk to Eli.

Clare is seen walking to school with Eli behind her. Eli answers the question that Clare asked him off-screen, revealing Lenore's full name as Lenore Mantino. He also reveals that he has no romantic feelings for her, and that they did not have sex. Clare asks if came off, and Eli asks how knowing that information will make it easier for her. Clare tells Eli she has to know the truth. He reveals that some clothing came off when he made out with Lenore, but that that was it. Clare tells him she doesn't feel she can believe him, but Eli insists it meant nothing. Eli asks what he can do, and Clare responds with "Tell me that it never happened!" Eli can't, and Clare reveals that she messed up her magazine deal which was her last chance to getting into Columbia. She says that Eli and Lenore can have each other next year, and she leaves, saying she needs to help with the Family Feast.

Drew later finds Clare crying in the student council room. He tells her that Bianca broke up with him, and she tells him that Eli cheated on her. Clare suggests that Eli cheated on her because she isn't good enough for him. Drew tells her that she is best, and the two share a short kiss on the couch, before Clare comes to her senses and leaves, shocked.

Clare is working at the Degrassi Family Feast when Eli comes in behind her. When she turns around, Eli immediately tells her to listen to what he has to say. She asks him what he's doing there, and he replies that he can't leave without trying to fix their relationship. He hands her a book and as she flips through it, she realizes it's a book of their emails during their relationship. He tells her that it's their story, and that it shouldn't end now. The two hug. She sees Drew over Eli's shoulder, but she tries to ignore him.

Clare and Eli are seen sitting at the Family Feast table with the student council. Eli is unaware of the situation between Clare and Drew, and Clare awkwardly tries to avoid looking at him.

In The World I Know, Drew tries to make things right with Clare after their kiss. 

In Better Man, Clare is comforting Alli during her abuse with Leo.

In Dig Me Out, Clare is seen going to class with Jenna.

In Power to the People, Clare is seen in class with Drew and Dallas talking about Zoë and the poker game that night.

In No Surprises, Clare sets up a bungee jumping double date as a celebration of being six months cancer-free. When, over FaceTime, Eli tells Clare he has to edit and won't be coming, she is uncomfortable after Connor tells her he invited Drew in Eli's place. They end up doing a doubles bungee jump because that's what Clare had ordered. Drew tries to comfort her before the fall, asking himself what Eli would do and tickling her. He then says he bets Eli wishes he were in his place. Just before the fall, Clare whispers "Who?" After getting soaked by lake water at the end of the jump, Clare and Drew change out of their wet clothes. Drew forgets his extra shirt and then asks if Clare can take him home. Clare grows flustered at Drew's half-naked-ness and abruptly says no, she can't. She tells a stunned Drew to get a ride with Jenna and Conner because she needs to give the car back to her mom and take a cold shower, though she corrects herself by saying a normal shower after the slip up.

Clare dreams of kissing Drew.

In Basket Case, Clare has a steamy dream about Drew so she gets help from Alli, who helps her keep away from him. Later, when Drew asks Clare for help, she says no at first, but when he says he really needs her, she agrees, unperturbed by Alli's objections. That night, after helping him print posters for Mr. Hollingsworth, he drops her off at her house. Before she gets out of the car, he asks if she wants to grab coffee. She pauses and is about to respond when she hears a knock on her front door. She turns and sees Eli, who is back home after unexpectedly finishing his editing.

In Unbelievable, Clare thinks they should not have the pep rally because of what happened to Zoë.


In Army of Me, Clare tries to find Drew a new girl to make sure nothing else happens between them because Becky tells her that 93% of Degrassi thinks that she and Drew are dating. Clare confronts Drew about how the school thinks that they are dating and offers to find him a girlfriend. Clare keeps getting responses on Drew's page on a dating site, and Becky and Imogen make the remark that she is popular. Clare tells her that it's Drew's dating profile and Imogen tells her that if she hurts Eli then she would be upset, and tells Clare that she is not Drew's type. Because of this, Clare sets up her own dating profile under a different name and presents her fake profile along with two other girls to see if Drew would pick Clare over the other girls, when Drew picks a different girl. She then gets upset and tries to get over it.

In Everything Is Everything, Clare is seen with Drew talking about his date with Eden last night. Then Drew talks to Clare about how she ruined Eden and him because she didn't show up for their second date and he tells her that Eden got this crazy idea that he's not over Bianca. She responds that Eden asked her questions and she answered. Drew then says he is over Bianca and Clare says "I know." Drew asks why she did that and then she responds that she is confused and that she is Annabella for a test. He says he knew that already. Then he says if she wasn't in a relationship he would go out with her, she says what with a shocked impression and says, “I thought I wasn't your type.” He says, "Says who? I like who I like." Then she smiles.

In Sparks Will Fly (1), Clare is seen with Drew, Dallas and Alli as she finishes each other sentences and then later she is seen with Drew and asks if he wants her to stay with her and she reminds him that she is still with Eli. So he tells her you want a guy that is always here and she respond who like you? Then he says he thinks it's time for her to break up with him.

Clare and Drew about to have sex

Clare tells Drew she broke up with Eli

In Sparks Will Fly (2), Clare is first seen with Drew going to get something heavy from the school then they end up making out and having sex but then Eli walks in and says this is why you broke up with me for him? Then Drew walks out and says, "I'll leave you two to talk."

In You Are Not Alone, Clare is seen going to class with Alli and talking about how she wants Alli to join her in the fitness club girls time but Alli says she's already signed up to do salsa dancing with Dallas and tells her she can join them but turns it down. So she go to the fitness club by herself her and Jack talk and tells Clare to hang with her and some people and no talking about guys what so ever she goes to it and she swings the swing shot and drink some beer. When she goes back to class Alli asks if she needs help and she says no I can do it and telling her she drank beer.

In Enjoy the Silence, Clare is seen walking with Imogen and Jack to class when Drew stops her and tries to talk to her. Then they are in a room and Clare is having Drew take a lie detector test and she asks tons of questions and Drew gets up angrily saying I just came here to talk to you and what are you trying to do humiliate me? Then Alli goes and gets her into the bathroom and telling her she is acting like a crazy person.

In How Bizarre, Clare talks to Drew and she says he bailed on her when they had sex and she says he can tell them yourself what happened.

In My Hero, Drew goes to Clare's house and sincerely apologizes for everything. He tells her that what she and Eli had was epic, and that he misses having her in his life. He asks if they could be friends again and Clare says they can try. She tells him to drop by and say hi to her the following morning when she will be in the cafeteria with Alli and Jenna. They smile.

In Believe (1), Clare is seen in class and asks Becky if she's defending her brother's actions after he sexually assaulted a girl. Imogen intervenes to tell Clare that Becky isn't the one on trial when she starts arguing with Becky in class about Luke's innocence involving Zoë's rape. Later on, Imogen is surprised to see Becky at the camping trip and tells her she'll be her partner when Clare walks up and says that Imogen already promised Clare she'd be her partner. Clare explains that she doesn't wanna be partnered with Drew and Becky says she'd go with him. Clare and Imogen walk off together.

In Thunderstruck, Clare visits New York to have an interview at Columbia University. She tries to stay focused on school and New York, rather than Eli. As she is on the phone with Alli, she thinks she sees Eli who later turns out to be a random guy who looks like Eli from the back and dresses like him. Clare then

Clare spends the night in Eli's dorm. Eli lets her wear his dry clothes.

walks away, runs into a pole, and passes out. She goes to the hospital and realizes she is late for her interview. She asks to leave but is told by a nurse that she has to stay. The nurse gives in and lets Clare go and will call Clare later to tell her what her test results were. As she finally gets to the University, all the staff has left. She explains to the last staff member there why she was late and they tell her she can come in tomorrow morning. Clare tells her that she has to go back home on a flight that night and the staff member responds by saying the planes are grounded because of the storm. Clare asks for hotel recommendations but the staff member says the hotels are booked with tourists, and asks if Clare knows anyone in the city. Clare asked Eli if she could stay with him and he gave her some dry clothes of his to wear. Clare worries things might seem awkward, but Eli tells her there isn't anything to feel awkward about. He offers to sleep on the floor, but Clare says she can. Eli then says they can share the bed head to feet. They get hungry and go out to get hot dogs and ask each other about Drew and Lenore. The next morning, Clare is told by the interviewer that Columbia would be happy to have her. 

After returning to Degrassi from her interview, which went great, Clare gets a call from her doctor; Clare finds out she's pregnant.

Clare starts giggling as the interviewer leaves and Eli walks in. He confesses he's still in love with Clare. Although Clare didn't express her feelings, she has a big smile on her face and tells Alli about it later that day when she gets back to Degrassi. Soon after telling Alli about Eli, Clare gets a call from the doctor. The doctor says her test results came back great and that her and her baby will be fine. The episode ends with Clare finding out she is pregnant.

Season 14

In Smells Like Teen Spirit, Clare runs into Drew in the hallway and tries to avoid him. She is cleaning up in the office when Drew confronts her again. She finally tells him that he got her pregnant, much to Drew's shock. She tells him that she plans to get an abortion. Later on, Clare starts bleeding in her pants and goes to see a doctor and finds out that she has been spotting. She ultimately decides to keep the baby, since most women don't conceive after cancer (again, much to Drew's shock). 

In Wise Up, Drew talks to Clare saying she should consider her options since she planned on keeping the baby, but Clare doesn't like his ideas and tells him he doesn't have to be involved at all. However, Drew changes his mind about wanting to be in the baby's life and Clare eventually agrees to let him be involved. They both admit to being scared.

In Can't Stop This Thing We Started, Clare and Alli are talking about Eli and Clare reveals she hasn't told him yet and contemplates how she's going to tell him. She also reveals that she hasn't told her mother yet either but wants to do it carefully keep her entire life on track. She says that she and Eli have gone through a lot and that they can get through her being pregnant with Drew's baby. She's surprised when Eli shows up, and he says he's home for summer break and is job hunting. As they then hug, Eli suggests they possibly talk about their future which Clare nervously agrees to talk about it later on. At home, Clare is practicing on how she's gonna tell Eli that she's pregnant and is struggling with it before she gets a call from Drew. Once her mother enters her room, she requests to talk to her but Clare wants to do it later since Eli's on his way over. She lets her know that she was on the phone with Audra Torres and that she and Drew are coming by much to Clare's dismay. Helen is shocked to find out that Clare is pregnant and asks when she was going to tell her. Clare says she was going to tell her when she had everything planned out, and that despite being pregnant, nothing has changed. Once Audra and Drew are over, Audra starts questioning Clare and tells her that the baby is gonna ruin her and Drew's lives. She gets offended once Audra calls her delusional and tells her that since her history with cancer she thought she probably couldn't conceive again and decided on keeping the baby. Once Audra and Helen discuss that they need a new plan based on staying in Toronto, Clare leaves feeling as if she has no say in the discussion. Later Drew finds Clare and the two get into an argument over their plans and Clare tells Drew that nothing will change and storms off. He follows after her. She and Drew walk in on Alli and Dallas at The Dot. She demands that Alli tell Drew that she's right about a baby not changing everything but Drew pressures Dallas into telling Clare that it will. Clare is annoyed when Alli says she wouldn't wanna get in the way of Clare's dreams. Then Clare takes a sip of Alli's coffee before Drew takes it away and says he'll get her a water. Clare doesn't want him to and says she can do it herself before walking away. While Clare waits after ordering a water, a woman with a baby hands her a bottle. They talk as she holds the baby until Eli walks in and asks her what's going on. Clare then reveals to him that she's pregnant. After Clare tells Eli the news, he's clearly upset and asks how she couldn't tell him. She reveals to him that Drew is her baby's father which shocks him. Clare then tearfully apologizes, saying that she was messed up. She tells him that "we," and corrects herself to say "I'm keeping it," meaning the baby. Eli is shocked and angry that she started to say "we" and he yells, asking if her and Drew were gonna spend their lives together, Clare says no and that she loves him and that nothing change. Eli, however, says that everything has changed. As soon as Eli begins to walk away Clare tells Eli she can't imagine a life without him, he stops and tells her he doesn't care before leaving her. After this, Drew walks out and comforts Clare, she asks him what they're going to do. He's not sure but he says their moms might have a few ideas.


In There's Your Trouble, Tristan sees Eli and asks if he's back to rekindle things with Clare, adding that he totally ships them, they are his OTP (one true pairing), she's totally his OTL (one true love), and that it's so romantic that he sacrificed all his hopes and dreams to win back the love of his life. Eli says that given recent developments he's not sure that's how things are going to go to which Tristan asks rhetorically, "Why not, doesn't love conquer all?" Eli smiles in response, considering what was said, and they say goodbye.

Eli arrives at the school but starts to leave once he sees Clare and Drew together but Clare spots him and chases after him. Clare wonders what he's doing at Degrassi. Eli sarcastically apologizes for interrupting her "lunch date." Clare says her and Drew were just working on student council stuff and gets Eli to stop walking away. Clare grabs his arm and asks him to talk to her. Eli asks if Clare loves Drew and Clare says she doesn't. Eli is happy to hear this and says that that's good because he's going to go out on a serious limb here and is hoping to avoid further humiliation. Clare asks what he's talking about, and Eli says that he is talking about him and Clare. He says the way he feels about her is like he can't breathe and he isn't ready to walk away from that. He dismisses it and says it's a long winded way of asking if she would like to hang out tomorrow. Clare smiles and asks if it's like a date. Eli says it's "Like a something." Clare says "Yes, of course. It's always a yes with you Eli." Eli smiles after hearing this.

Eli waits for Clare outside the school doors when Clare appears and they both nervously say hi to each other. As they start walking down the steps, Eli asks how Helen is. Clare gets a call from Drew but lies to Eli, saying it's telemarketers. They both awkwardly try to speak and Clare says Eli can go first. Eli asks how she's feeling. Clare says she didn't know she could feel barfy and hungry at the same time so she just feels different. Eli and Clare sit down at a table. Eli asks Clare if she has time for a spicy tuna roll before she goes back to class but Clare tells him she can't eat sushi because of the baby. Eli asks if it's forever because he's knows a place in New York that has the best sashimi. Clare says maybe when she comes to visit him. Eli is confused and asks if Clare isn't going to Columbia. Clare explains she can't see how she can with the baby and all this year at least. Eli reminds her that it's her dream. Clare says she's not giving up on it, she's just postponing it and Columbia isn't going anywhere. Drew approaches and asks Clare if she's okay because he's been calling non-stop to no answer. Clare explains she was hanging out with Eli but then Eli gets upset that she lied to him. Drew tells Clare he's glad she's okay. Eli gets up and says he can't do this if Drew's going to around all the time. Drew tries to say he's sorry and adds that it's not Clare's fault. Eli rebuffs him saying he wasn't talking to him and turns to Clare saying he wants to be with her but he doesn't want to be with her and Drew. Drew tries to say he is the father but Eli rebuffs him again, saying he's still not talking to him. Clare tells Eli if he wants to do this then he has to accept that Drew is going to be involved. Eli looks at them both before saying he doesn't know if he can and walks away.

Later, Eli catches Drew outside The Dot and asks for a word. Drew says that they should just stay out of each others way from now on. Eli yells out that he knocked up his soulmate, ruined his life, and asks if that's all he has to say. Drew says it's a messed up situation. Eli asks who made the mess. Drew asks whether they can at least be civil for Clare's sake. Eli tells him to shut up and Drew tells Eli to clam down. Drew asks if he really thinks Clare will want their kid around a "crazy hot head" like him. Eli punches him in the face, Clare sees this but couldn't hear what was said and runs over. She asks Eli what's wrong with him. Drew says he deserved it and Clare defends him saying that he didn't. Clare asks if punching Drew made him feel better and Eli says it didn't when he thought he was mad at Drew he was really mad at Clare. He walks into The Dot to finish his interview.

In Something's Got to Give, Clare walks into class and asks Drew if he's gonna pick her up for their first birthing class or if she should meet him there, Drew forgot about it considering he and Becky were going to have dinner with her grandmother and that she's only in town for one more night. Clare assures him that her mom can come along and that she'll take notes in case he misses anything. Later, Clare texts him that the baby kicked and when he tells Becky, Becky's grandmother disapproves and they later break up.

Clare finding out she's further along in her pregnancy

Later, Drew goes to Clare's next ultrasound appointment and she's glad to see him. He promises her he won't miss any more appointments and assures her that there's nothing to worry about. They're both in awe at the when they look at the ultrasound. When they find out it's a boy, they both immediately say the name Adam, agreeing silently that's what they'll name their baby. Drew leaves the room as Clare's more invasive exam starts. After Drew leaves the room, the doctor informs Clare she's 16 weeks. Because of this, she realizes that Eli is the father of her baby and not Drew.

In Hero vs. Villain, Clare is talking about an assignment with Alli and she mentions being ready to have sex with Dallas, Clare questioningly congratulates her and tells her to be ready about the consequences but Alli says they're completely committed. Clare wants to get back to talking about the suffragettes but this annoys Alli since Clare isn't in the mood to talk. She talks about Clare and Drew being good parents before Clare reveals that the baby is Eli's and Alli says she needs to tell them both the truth. Later Alli asks Clare if she thought of when she might tell Drew, but Clare isn't entirely sure where to start. Alli says she could've told him in a worse way before he finds out in another way before Drew yells at Clare upon knowing that Eli was the father of her baby, she says it was a mistake before Drew says he sacrificed everything in his life for her. Later, Alli and Clare walk over to The Dot and Clare tells her she's gonna tell Eli the truth before he hears it from someone else. She approaches Eli and asks him if they can talk. Eli asks why she doesn't talk to Drew instead and Clare tells him she has something to say that will fix things between them. Eli asks Clare how stupid she is, and Clare, taken aback, replies, "Excuse me?" Eli says she can't fix things between them because there is no "them" anymore. Clare says she knows he's angry, to which Eli says he's beyond angry at her for throwing their future together away. Clare tries to further explain, but Eli cuts her off, saying, "No, you don't get to come here every time you want to for a chat. Not after you ruined everything, and for what? So you could just jump into bed with Drew Torres?" Clare is extremely hurt by this and she begins to cry. Then, coldly, Eli says, "Tears, Clare? Didn't expect to see those from such a whore." He crumples up a paper napkin that he was about to hand her. Clare is shocked, and Eli walks off, leaving Clare crying.


In Firestarter (1), at a PTA meeting Clare voices her opinion on the Degrassi Nudes scandal saying the girls are innocent until they're proven guilty and that all the clubs and teams shouldn't be shut down because of gossip going around. When Mrs. Baker voices her concern asking if anybody is still safe at Degrassi, Clare assumes it's "safe as any" and there's still positive leadership opportunities for them but is interrupted once Mrs. Baker asks if she ended up pregnant leaving the meeting at an awkward silence. After the meeting Clare asks Alli and Jenna how Mrs. Baker knew about her pregnancy until Alli reminds her that Becky and Drew used to date while Jenna guesses that it was possible she heard the rumors going around which shocks Clare and she says she thought she was going to make it through high school without anyone knowing about it and she can't handle anyone looking at her like a "trashy teen mom" which offends Jenna. The conversation ends when Simpson asks Clare to speak with him for a moment, Clare apologizes for how the meeting went down and asks how homeschooling works, Simpson assures Clare that she's one of his best students and does well in a school environment Clare knows but mentions she can't stand people just staring at her because she got pregnant, Simpson assures her that everything will be okay and that his wife was a teen mom at Degrassi and that Clare can't avoid the rumors at Degrassi and also tells Clare that she can still have a great life while being a teen mom but still be willing to go for what she wants despite what people would think of her. This leaves Clare to think about her future. Clare has a dream where has two young kids and is trying to juggle everything. She also happens to be married to Simpson which scares Clare awake. Later, Clare decides to discuss education with her mother for college and mentions the dream that she had earlier, Helen lets Clare know that a baby is a lot of work, Clare mentions that she wants to probably go to another college and wants to try and doesn't want her son to think of her as a quitter or that she did her best despite what other people thought of her. Helen agrees to let Clare talk about the rest of her plans.

Clare realizes she does need Eli’s help.

In Firestarter (2), on the day of the cheer competition, Clare is with Alli behind a popcorn stand. She comments on the surroundings saying “Rawr better watch out better burn this place down with Alli asking how Clare so cheery on a Saturday morning however Clare explains to Alli that her and her mother talked about doing school part time in Toronto after the baby comes meanwhile Alli asks Clare if she’s worried that Eli will try to win Clare back by bursting through the doors with a big gesture while Clare looks around to see. Later that day Clare is saying that she thinks they lost money cause maybe no one likes popcorn anymore when all a sudden Eli bursts through the doors with a shocked Clare asking him “May I help you?” Eli repeats the question to her. She fakes confusion, asking “With what?” He replies "our baby." At this, Clare pulls Eli to the side after he has asked why she didn’t tell him in which she responded with that she did try to tell him that he was the father but he was rude and called her a whore. Eli tries to say he wouldn't have done that if he knew but Clare reminds him that he punched Drew three weeks before and she rightly voices her worries and lets him know she doesn’t think she can trust him so she walks back to Alli who puts a protective arm around her.

After the fire, Eli approaches Clare outside of the school saying he came as soon as he heard. Clare asks him if he lit the fire. Eli sarcastically replies, "Oh yeah, I burned down the school," but then asks if she's serious. Clare admits she is not but reminds him he's done crazy stuff before. Eli tells Clare he's not that guy anymore; he has changed and matured. Eli then hands Clare his pay slip from work, saying to use it for baby stuff and also shows her a schedule for the parents and tots program stating that he circled some that looked good. Then he shows her a stuffed wolf named Clarence, explaining that it was his stuffed wolf from when he was a baby. He says "I want him to have it... or her." Clare tells Eli it is a boy. Eli smiles at learning it's a boy. Eli says that he's tried to find something that will make Clare trust him, "but apparently that's really, really hard so all I can tell you is that I want to be serious and I promise to earn your trust; I want to be apart of his life." Clare nods and tells Eli "okay." Surprised at her agreement so soon, Eli asks "Really?" Clare says that he's right, he (their son) should know his dad and that she could use his help. The two smile at each other.

In Watch Out Now Clare is seen with Drew holding a box, when Becky asked what the heck going on it was explained by Drew cell phones are no longer allowed on school's properties so he demanded to have them in the box with Clare adding that they are installing security cameras everywhere as it is a part of the new crackdown placed by the new principal.

Eli and Clare are back together.

In Ready or Not, at the Dot, Eli gives Clare and Alli their coffee orders on the house, making Alli happy. Eli says he'll text Clare later about this afternoon but Clare reminds him the school has a no cellphones policy now. Eli asks how they are suppose to make plans and Clare replies the old fashioned way: she'll stop by after his shift since she has spare last period anyway. Eli says he can't wait to to rock this, shares a high five with Clare, and leaves to take an order outside. Alli says the two has always been the weirdest couple, high-fiving after a date. Clare corrects her and says it's not date, it's birthing class, and that they've high-fived because that's what strictly platonic co-parents do. Alli tells Clare she loves her but that she is delusional. Clare asks how she's delusional and Alli responds that she and Eli will never be friends because it's just not possible. Clare sarcastically thanks her for the support and Alli adds, unprovoked, that if history is any indication, her and Eli are like magnets that get in each other's orbits. Eli comes back in and nearly collides with her, and smash, it's inevitable. Clare says it can't be true, not this time.

Eli and Clare arrive for their birthing class. Clare says they are so getting an A but Eli says he doesn't think that's how this works. Eli and Clare listen to their birthing teacher, eyeing each other with a smile when she calls the pregnant women "goddesses." They continue to chuckle as they listen to their instructor. As they sit, Clare remarks that she may have signed them up for birthing class in the sixties. Eli says he's into it and asks where his crystals are, sharing another smile with Clare. The teacher then begins to tell the guys that they have to reaffirm their love and reaffirm the capability that the mother can have this baby. Clare, feeling uncomfortable, tells Eli he doesn't have to do it but Eli, smiling, says he's not going to responsible for her first failing grade. Eli moves to face Clare, takes her hands in his, looks in her eyes and tenderly says, "Clare Edwards you are the most incredible person I've ever met, and I know this isn't how you planned for things to go and I know it's scary, but I feel really lucky to be apart of this training with you and I love you and I will always be here for you no matter what." Clare tries hard not to smile at his words.

The next day in class, Alli asks Clare how the birthing class went with her "totally platonic co-parent" and Clare mentions how Eli told her that he will always be there for her. When Alli asks why that's a problem, Clare says that because when he said that she wanted to kiss him. Alli smiles and says she doesn't want to tell her she told her so. Clare says it's really bad because they can't get back together. Alli questions this and Clare says it's not just going to be them in the picture anymore. Alli reminds Clare she loves Eli and she can't just take that out of the equation. She reminds Clare that this is coming from someone who doesn't even like the guy that much. Clare is determined to set some boundaries so she and Eli don't slip into old habits. Alli asks if Clare is going to tell Eli not to do anything that makes her want to kiss him and Clare replies that she will if she has to.

Eli arrives after Clare called him. She lets Eli in and he asks what's up. Clare thanks him for coming and says they need some rules. Eli doesn't understand so Clare clarifies that they need to set some boundaries. Eli wonders why and says he thought they were doing pretty well, that birthing class was awesome. Clare says it was too awesome. Eli starts to say Clare's name but she cuts him off, "rule one, no telling me you love me or how amazing you think I am or how much you support me," to which Eli says he does and that's never going to change. Clare slowly says, "two, no looking at me the way you do that turns me into a pile of mush." Eli takes a step towards Clare and says those rules are gonna make things difficult.

Clare, nervous that Eli is getting closer, gets out "three, no saying the exact thing I need at the exact moment I need to hear it." Eli reaches out his hand to touch Clare's arm but she steps back and says "four, no physical contract of any kind." Eli tells Clare he'll obey any rule she wants but asks what she's scared of. She has little time to answer before Eli leans in to kiss her. They break apart and Clare responds to his question by saying "that." They quickly embrace again and fall back on the couch.

Eli and Clare are sitting on the couch, smiling at each other. Clare says she didn't plan for that to happen so Eli asks if she regrets it. Clare says no, but adds that they can't just pretend that things haven't happened because everything's changed. Eli sits up next to Clare. Eli says "I hurt you and I know that." Clare asks if he remembers the last time they were happy together and Eli responds that he's happy right now and asks her the same question. Before she can answer, Eli adds that things haven't been perfect and they never will be, but he doesn't know any other way to be other than with her. He wants for them to spend the rest of their lives together. Eli notices she hasn't said anything and asks where she is. Clare looks into his eyes and says, "with you, I'm right here." Eli and Clare kiss and Clare lays her head on his shoulder.

In Wishlist, Clare and Eli sit in The Dot and listen to Imogen's problems with Jack. Imogen tells them she physically attacked someone because he was harassing her and Jack. Clare responds empathetically that that's gross. Imogen continues that when she tried to tell Ms. Pill, Jack threw her under the bus. Clare, knowing Jack pretty well, is confused and thinks Jack is usually one to stand up for something like that. Imogen agrees and wonders back why Jack wouldn't want to hold this "creepy creep" responsible and Eli responds he doesn't know but offers that some people are private about that stuff. Imogen thinks thats dumb and doesn't understand why people would ignore it because "how's the world gonna change if we ignore injustice?" Clare says awkwardly that if she had ignored it she wouldn't have detention all week. Imogen asks if they think she's overreacting after gathering that they're on Jack's side. Clare responds that Jack is a smart person and assures her that Jack has a reason. Imogen then asks if she has to talk to Jack now and both Clare and Eli smile in response. Imogen says okay before taking a cupcake from the counter. Eli clears his throat and, like a child, Imogen puts coins on the counter in a huff.

In Walking in My Shoes, Imogen walks up to Clare, Alli, and Dallas and asks to borrow Clare for a second to talk, most likely about taking her and Jack off the best couple nominations. Once Imogen sees Alli and Dallas taking their final picture and hears them bonding over their parents, she changes her mind and tells Clare that Jack simply couldn't make it for a picture but she will get her to come tomorrow. As Imogen walks off, Clare looks concerned, and Imogen mutters "I hope" under her breath.

In Get It Together, Clare is spouting off facts about how to raise boys to Connor, Jenna, Alli and Dallas she learned in a book. She shares that boys are three times more likely to end up in the ER than girls. Alli says she believes it because Dallas is always doing dumb things that hurt him. Dallas says all boys are different and Clare says she and Eli have read about different kinds of boys there can be and all the techniques they can use to raise them. She sets five books down and Dallas offers to let them babysit his son Rocky while he has an interview for a hockey team at Brown, Alli excitedly adds. Dallas says they don't have to if they aren't ready and Clare says they're ready to do this for the rest of their lives. Class starts and when Clare turns around, she looks nervous.

Eli arrives to help Clare babysit Dallas' son Rocky and when Eli gifts Rocky with a water gun, Clare gets angry and demands Eli take it back. Eli obeys and tells Rocky he has to take the gun back because Clare said he couldn't have it. Rocky retaliates by telling Clare he hates her and fires the water gun at her, which leaves Eli laughing.

Later, Clare and Eli are trying to build their baby's crib but Clare starts worrying that they could build it wrong. Eli guesses her worrying isn't about the crib and she starts freaking out over the gun thing with Rocky, saying that the fact she took it away might make him covet guns later in life. Eli calms Clare down and says they will make a compromise: only water guns that don't look like guns. Clare adds that there should be a no pointing it at peoples face's rule too. Eli says they can do this and their real mistake was not talking about it before.

At the hospital, Eli and Clare are getting an ultrasound done, Eli is holding Clare's hand while looking up baby stuff on the his phone before the doctor tells them he can no longer hear a heartbeat and that they have lost the baby. Eli and Clare stare in shock.

In Give Me One Reason, at the hospital, the doctor is explaining to Eli and Clare how much harder it is losing a baby at this point in a pregnancy because you still have to deliver it. Clare says coldly that she thought he could just suck it out. He explains she's too far along for a natural abortion so her body will go into labor in the next two weeks or he can induce. Eli looks at Clare sadly for a moment. The doctor says they should also also consider how to commemorate their child and gives them an info sheet before leaving the room. Clare looks at the sheet and incredulously says it's a checklist. Eli reads, "a lock of hair. Footprints, seriously?" Clare doesn't want to deal with it and asks Eli to throw it out but Eli tells her to wait a minute because there's a reason people do it and thinks they should consider it. Clare stares off into space as Eli looks at her.

Clare is driving her car, loudly singing along to Eli's favorite band Dead Hand's song 'Paisley Jacket," which is a throwback to the season 10 episodes I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself (1) & (2). Her singing gets interrupted by Eli's phone call, and when he calls again after sending his call to voicemail the first time, she answers him, annoyed. Clare answers with what and Eli replies "your friends said you ditched school, are you alright?" Clare says she's fine and Eli asks where she is. Clare says she's driving and Eli asks where to because he will meet her there. He adds they should talk about the stuff that happened this morning and Clare says no thank you.

Clare picks up Eli but tells him he is here to support her and she doesn't want to talk about it. She asks if he can handle it and Eli quickly says yes, almost threatened by her sharp tone. After he starts to say they should consider what the doctor said, Clare threatens to pull the car over, calling him Goldsworthy. Eli puts his hands up in surrender then asks where they are going. Clare says, "next stop, New York City."Eli and Clare are walking back to the car from a rest stop and Eli asks what the plan is. Clare says she's going to convince Columbia to accept her offer. Eli asks why she doesn't just call them. Clare thinks it's harder to turn someone down in person. Eli agrees but asks if she already said no a month ago. Clare says "what's one more student? If I was worthy then I'll be worthy now, right?" Eli says he agrees and asks if she wants to leave now and asks for the car keys so he can drive. Clare obliges and they get in the car. Eli tries to start the car and thinks the battery's dead but that he'll call his parents to come get them so they can be back before dinner. Clare asks Eli if he's trying to take her back and Eli returns, asking what happens if she goes into labor on the road. Clare says she knew he didn't support her and gets out of the car and Eli says he does support her but there are a lot of things to consider. Clare says she is going to New York and if he won't take her he'll find someone who will and walks off.

Clare tries to wave down a car to hitchhike the rest of the way but is unsuccessful. Eli tells her she can't hitchhike to New York and Clare says she can if she can find someone to take her. Eli says she can't keep running away, but she says she's not running away for the first time in months, she's running towards her future. Eli says they lost a child and there are things they have to deal with and it's okay to take a break. Clare doesn't want to take a break because a year ago she had cancer and then got better. Then she says she thought to herself, "now you can live your life," but then got pregnant. Clare shows Eli her iPhone lock screen, which is a photo of their baby's ultrasound. Clare then says what was the point of any of this if she was just going to lose the "stupid baby." She continues angrily, "'take a break Clare,' the universe keeps telling me. No, I will not take a break. Not for this, not for that doctor, and not for that stupid car!" Eli tells Clare he'll take her and Clare questions this because the battery's dead. Eli admits he may have faked it. Clare asks if he's serious and Eli tells her to forget about that because he wants her to be happy after everything she's been through; she deserves it. He requests that he takes her and Clare agrees but demands they follow GPS directions and that there's no funny business.

Eli and Clare are on the road as Eli comes up with potential questions Columbia's admissions officer might ask her like, "our first year program is full, how do I propose I let you in?" Clare confidently responds that she's willing to audit the classes until the first few students inevitably drop out. Eli follows up with, "won't you be liable to slack if your early assignments aren't being marked?" Clare says "no, I'm the most determined girl you'll ever meet." In a gas station, Eli and Clare are buying snacks. Eli asks if she wants corn chips and she replies that she definitely wants them, with salsa. Eli continues the questions, saying, "great you're in, but you will have to find accommodation in New York City which can be very difficult." Clare slowly says she'll tell her she will live with her boyfriend. Eli is surprised and asks "really?" Clare asks if that sounds nice. Eli smiles and says obviously. Eli turns away and excitedly finds raisins, which Clare brands as disgusting rotten grapes. Clare turns and asks about beef jerky. Eli playfully says, "oh sure, dried fruit gross, but dried animal carcass, mmm." They laugh. As Eli asks Clare what makes her equally deserving of this exception, Clare comes upon a frame for a baby photograph and stares at it, taking it in. After a beat, Eli says her name and she replies to Eli's question with, "I tell her 'if you think I overcame adversity when I beat cancer, wait 'til you see what I'm like after losing a baby.'" She stares for a bit longer, sad, and turns back to Eli.

Clare kisses Eli's hand when she's ready to head back home.

Clare and Eli are two miles past the border of the United States when Clare, eating the jerky they bought, asks him to not burst her bubble and imagine a future where they could have everything they wanted. Eli agrees and says a secret study with a huge balcony and jokes that Clare wants a humidity-controlled beef jerky drawer. They laugh at this before Clare goes quiet, considering. Clare asks if "he" would have liked beef jerky too. Eli looks to her and asks if she means their son. Clare starts choking up and Eli pulls to the side of the road and parks the car. He sighs and says maybe, but he would have taught him better, with a small smile. A tear falls down Clare's cheek as she says she can't believe they will never get to know him and that might never know why. Eli looks at her with a tear rolling down his cheek too. Clare adds that it's just not fair. Eli assures her he would have been beautiful and amazing. Clare takes it in with a sob and nods her head. Eli wipes a tear away and asks her if she's ready to hit the road. Clare wipes away a tear as well and responds that it's time to turn around because they have some things to take care of. Eli leans in and says for her to come to him and they kiss. Clare sighs and takes a beat. Clare says okay, takes Eli's hand, and kisses it.

Clare is sitting in her kitchen staring at the same frame she saw in the gas station when Eli comes up and says it's time for the procedure. He looks at the frame and asks if she's nervous. Clare says it won't be easy before pausing and thanking him for being there. Eli picks up the checklist from the doctor's office and asks if she's sure she doesn't want to do any of the commemorative stuff. Clare assures him she knows they won't forget him and explains that she wants those memories to stay between with them. Eli says the three of them will always have their road trip. Clare smiles into him and Eli kisses Clare on the head and asks if she's ready to go. Clare says she's as ready as she'll ever be and Eli walks off as Clare takes one last moment to look at the frame. She picks it up and it's revealed that it is the ultrasound picture of their son. Clare gives it a sad smile before putting it down and walking away.

In I Wanna Be Adored, Alli takes Dallas, Connor, Jenna, and Drew through a proposed prom idea based on Van Gogh's Starry Night. Alli says her and Clare have planned this prom idea since they were in grade 9. Drew says she obviously doesn't care enough to show her support. Jenna also asks "Where is Mama Clare?" Drew makes a snarky comment that she's probably off somewhere making out with her baby daddy. Alli tells him he doesn't know that but Connor asks her if best friends tell each other everything. Alli responds that they do. Drew changes the subject back to the prom idea. In class, Clare is grabbing a book from a bookshelf when Alli comes up and tells Clare there are over 100 boat companies in the city and she figured Clare can call half of them. Clare says Alli knows she gets seasick but Alli says she better buckle up because it'll be a tough night. Alli tells her that they planned for four years and their plans got defeated in one minute. Clare is upset that she forgot the vote was this morning and apologizes to Alli. Alli says she hopes Clare has a good excuse and Clare pauses before saying she had to talk to Eli. Alli guesses baby stuff and Clare replies sort of. Alli reminds Clare that prom is their last night together and that's why they agreed to organize it. She adds that if this pregnancy stuff is too much she can find another co-chair and Clare tells her no because she'll do it. Alli sarcastically responds that she shouldn't sound so enthusiastic. Clare responds, annoyed, that she said yes and asks if she needs to bring pom poms too. She adds for Alli to just tell her how she can help. Alli says she can start by calling the boats and then in the morning they're auditioning music acts. Clare says she will bring the coffee. Alli replies great and goes to sit. At the Dot, Alli finds Dallas with his celebration cake since he has got a job playing hockey for the Nippon Paper Cranes in Japan. He notices that she isn't super excited and guesses she's worried about long distance. Alli tells Dallas she knows they can make it work and she's excited for him but her problem isn't with that. He guesses that her heart-to-heart with Clare didn't go so well. She says that she asked her to help with prom but you'd think she invited her to her own execution. Eli overhears as he cleans up a nearby table and makes a confused face. Alli adds that she thinks Clare's moved on. Dallas asks if it's from high school but Alli thinks it's from her. She asks if Dallas knew she ditched her this morning to hang with her boyfriend. She adds that Clare and Eli should just get married and move to some deserted island where they could read each other pretentious poetry. Eli, hearing this conversation, turns around and tells Alli he thought she'd be a bit more understanding. Alli asks if this is about the baby and adds that Clare isn't the first girl in the world to get pregnant. Eli says she isn't Alli asks what and Dallas looks at Eli. Eli pauses and says they lost the baby. Alli is shocked and Dallas says "woah dude. I'm so sorry." Eli says he can't believe Clare didn't tell Alli and walks off. Alli quietly adds her either. In the cafeteria, Alli and the rest of the prom committee watch Becky and Jonah audition to play at prom. Alli likes them, while Drew doesn’t. Alli says they have five more acts to listen to until they make their vote. Jenna asks where Clare is. Just after she asks, Clare shows up with five coffees in a cup holder, apologizing for being late because of a long line at The Dot. She comments that being the barista’s girlfriend, you’d think she could skip ahead. Alli bolts up and grabs the coffees from Clare. She tells her to not feel the need to stay because she’s got everything under control. Clare looks at her confused and asks if she doesn’t want her involved because she missed a couple meetings. Alli dismisses that and says she is only trying to be an understanding friend before giving Clare a sweet smile. Clare understands now and asks if Eli told her. Alli’s smile drops and she admits that Eli thought she knew. Clare says she didn’t tell anyone because she didn’t want to be treated differently. Alli asks if she’s just anyone now and that she wouldn’t know what Clare wants because she doesn’t tell her anything. She adds that she feels like she doesn’t know Clare Edwards anymore. Clare tells her she’s sorry for being a huge disappointment and Alli assures her that’s not what she meant and asks if they can go somewhere and talk. Clare thanks her and says she’s good before walking out of the cafeteria, leaving Alli upset.

While Clare is making salad in her kitchen, Alli enters Clare's house with yellow flowers she claims is a sign of friendship. They both immediately apologize. Alli apologizes for excluding Clare from prom planning which Clare replies that she doesn't blame her because she hasn't been "Debbie Dependable" lately. Alli asks why Clare didn't tell her about the baby and Clare pauses then says that it's hard to be around her right now. Alli asks what she did wrong and Clare says that it's not that she did anything wrong, it's that she did everything right: she has everything so together. Alli is confused so Clare says she's planning prom all by herself, she has a perfect boyfriend, and she's going to Cambridge, MIT, or somewhere even more awesome and Clare says she has nothing. Alli disagrees, walks over to join Clare in her kitchen, and says she has her and always will. They hug and Alli says that she always will only if they talk because next year is all they'll have. Clare says they still have prom and promises to make it amazing. Alli asks if prom planning will be too much right now and Clare says teen girl stuff is exactly what she needs, especially if it's with Alli. Alli smiles and says they better get to work.

Ms. Pill says she wants to talk to Clare alone.

Clare walks off after Ms Pill cuts her off

In Teen Age Riot, Clare and Alli are leaving class when Clare says that they have just two more weeks and she can put the whole year behind her. Alli adds that they can celebrate with prom. Connor meets them outside of class and tells them Ms. Pill wants to talk to them. Ms. Pill walks up smiling and informs them that they've all been shortlisted for valedictorian. Alli tells Connor to eat her dust and Ms. Pill says they'll give speeches over video monitors tomorrow afternoon and people will vote for their choice valedictorian after that. Clare thanks her but says she will pass and starts to leave but Ms. Pill stops her, saying she wants to talk to her. She turns to Alli and Connor and dismisses them by saying she looks forward to their speeches. Ms. Pill tells Clare she would make a great valedictorian but Clare just wants to focus on her exams. Ms. Pill understands but says she can't let tragedy control her. With this comment Clare realizes Ms. Pill knows about her miscarriage and asks how she knows she lost the baby. Ms. Pill motions toward a camera on the wall and says they aren't just preventive and adds that she can "help students who need it... students like you." Clare angrily asks if she's listening to students' private conversations. Ms. Pill smiles and asks whether Clare likes it or not. She tells her that running for valedictorian will be positive for her, adding that she deserves something good to happen to her. Clare says no, that what she deserves is basic privacy, turns away, and rushes off in a huff. Clare is next seen at The Dot talking to Alli and Eli. She explains to Alli that Ms. Pill knows everything since the cameras went up and suggests that they both should pull out of the race for valedictorian. Eli admits it's "weird that she knew about the baby, but running for valedictorian would be good for you right now." Clare then responds that she wanted to wait until after graduation to tell everyone she lost the baby. Alli says to screw Ms. Pill and that she's been here for 5 minutes and Clare been there for 4 years. Clare agrees and says it's her chance to say goodbye with a mischievous look. The next day when they are about to give their speeches, Clare is seen next to Alli. Alli is happy Clare is there but jokes that she's still going to lose. Clare responds with “Like you said, screw Pill right." Alli nods. Ms. Pill finishes talking and calls up Clare. Clare stands in front of the camera and asks the students if they think they deserve privacy because Ms. Pill doesn’t think so. She reveals that Ms. Pill is using the cameras to spy on the students and that she will say that she’s helping but she’s not. Clare says that the students should be able to go through things in private. As this happens, Ms. Pill tries to get Drew and Connor to stop recording but they are too busy enjoying what Clare is saying. Miss Pill pulls the plug when Clare starts to say “We need to stand up and tell Ms Pill to go-" and cuts her off. Drew and Connor then share a look as Clare walks off with confidence. Clare is next seen cleaning out her locker when Alli walks up to her, worried, and says “So much for not rocking the vote.” She sees Clare cleaning out her locker and asks what she's doing. Clare responds that she's preparing for suspension. Miss Pill walks up and asks who suspended her. Clare replies “You, in about ten seconds." After Ms. Pill asks Alli for privacy, she talks to Clare about how the cameras are better and that she should talk to her friends. Clare looks angrily at her as Miss Pill walks away. As Alli approaches, Clare picks up a nearby bat. Alli looks nervous and says “Clare, stop. Think about what you're doing,” but Clare walks over and smashes one of the cameras. Clare walks past Alli who asks if she’s feeling better. Clare responds that she's starting to and smashes another camera.

In The Kids Aren't Alright (1), Alli and Dallas are volunteering at a hospital. Dallas is happy when Becky says they will just be handing out books and craft kits. Alli mentions Dallas faints at the sight of blood. Dallas blames Clare for getting suspended for him being there instead of her.

In Finally (1), outside the school, Clare is sitting on a bench when Eli arrives with coffee and he sits down next to her. Clare says she doesn't have a plan after she graduates and Eli says he thought she would just come to New York with him. Clare asks what she will do there and Eli responds whatever she wants because the world is her oyster. Clare says she can see that working and Eli says the best part is they will be together. He asks if that sounds like a plan. Clare says it totally does. At Clare's house, Clare and Eli take a group selfie with Jenna, Connor, Alli and Dallas. Eli pulls Clare to one side before getting everyone's attention and tells Clare that she is the love of his life. He says that they've been though a lot but he knows that they're meant to be. He gets down on one knee and gets a box out of his pocket. Alli looks scared at what she thinks might be happening. Clare mirrors Alli's surprise. Eli continues that he wanted to ask her if she'd do the honor of moving in with him, and opens the box which reveals a red key. Clare sighs and Eli smiles, saying, "I had you going there didn't I?" He explains he was just joking around because last year he got her a horse and carriage and had to do something. Clare pauses and says she can't follow him to New York because that can't be her plan. Eli's smile drops and asks what her plan is and Clare says she doesn't know. Later, at dock, Eli and Clare wait with everyone else for their boat to arrive.

Clare embraces Jenna and Imogen, the two girls she had her biggest issues with earlier on in high school.

In Finally (2), in the streets, Clare and Eli are with the others when they get invited to The Dot. Eli and Clare arrive at The Dot with others and they are very impressed to see it all decked out thanks to Drew and Dallas. When Drew calls out "Who's ready to party?" Clare starts to dance while Eli looks over at Clare and walks off. Later, Eli finds Clare talking to Jenna and Alli. He asks Clare to dance with him before taking her hand and walking to the dance floor. When Eli and Clare are dancing together, Clare can't take the awkward silence and says they can talk. Eli admits it was hard enough the first time. Clare asks for him to explain. Eli says it was the long distance, adding they barely made it though this year. Clare says she knows and Eli responds she says that yet she still won't go to New York with him. Clare assures him it isn't about him. Eli asks what she'll do instead and Clare says she doesn't know. Eli asks if she will do anything else but be with him. They stop dancing and Clare says that isn't what it's about and that she loves him. Eli says he loves her but if she doesn't want to be with him then maybe she doesn't want to be with him. Clare says it's not that simple and she needs to figure out what she wants. Eli tells Clare she does and so does he and then says goodnight before leaving her upset in the middle of prom. The next day, Eli smiles as he watches Clare and her friends graduate, though they haven't yet finished talking about their plans. He hears her speech about not knowing what she wants to do but she wants to think of it as opening herself up to everything. Eli smiles and looks down as he hears this. Clare shakes Coach Armstrong's hand and watches as the rest of her friends graduate. She is part of the group that hold up their caps to spell "We <3 Drew" which convinces Miss Pill to let him walk the stage with his class. After they toss their caps, Eli claps and smiles for everyone and Clare shares a hug with Jenna and Imogen.

Outside, Eli waits as Clare approaches him, Eli says "Did anyone ever tell you you have pretty eyes?" Clare smiles and says that feels like forever ago, Eli says kind of like yesterday. Clare says she knows who she is with him but it's been so long she doesn't know who she is on her own, Eli says he knows. Clare says she needs to take time to figure it out or else she'll regret it, Eli says he knows, Clare says she doesn't now what the plan is but she's giving herself a year, Eli says he gets it, Clare says "You do?" Eli says "Look I will miss you but if I love you now, imagine how much I'll love the person you'll become." Clare says she thinks they can make long distance work and Eli gives Clare the key to his apartment and tells her he knows that they can. Clare takes the key with a smile and Eli asks if she wants to go with her friends. Clare pauses and says "Well..." Eli tells her to go and that they'll always find their way back to each other. Clare agrees and with a smile she says "But first..." and she kisses him. After their kiss, Clare goes and jumps in the conga line by Alli while Eli watches her and claps. They shout that they'll miss Degrassi and we never see them again.

Appearance & Style

Clare's look has met a drastic change every school year. In her freshman year, Clare wore a very formal uniform to school everyday. This consisted of a white shirt, dark navy blue sweater vest, and red clad skirt. She would always tie her hair in a ponytail, and wore glasses. This look showed off Clare's belief that she "didn't care" what others thought of her. She was very serious about her look, but did not judge others, like Alli or Connor for theirs. This was all until Alli gave her a makeover. From this point on she wore her sister's old clothes, earning her attention from many boys.

In her sophomore year, Clare changed her look completely. She cut her hair short and got laser eye surgery, so she no longer needed glasses. She began to wear bright colors, complete with her trademark denim jackets. This year, her look also required a change, as the uniforms arrived, putting Clare back into her formal habit. At one point, she changed her look altogether, wearing rocker clothing, highlights, and striped leggings in retaliation of her parents arguing, but quickly changed back.

In her junior year, Clare's hair grew a few inches. She almost always wore a black cotton jacket over her now red school shirt. After the uniforms were no longer in place, Clare did not completely return to her casual attire. She instead dressed more formally, wearing suit jackets and floral skirts, as she had begun to go after her career choices.

During the summer before her senior year, Clare decides to shave off her hair due to her chemotherapy and cancer. So, she starts to wear wigs that Imogen and Adam helped her pick out. Clare's hair grew back with after a few months and she removed her wig. She started wearing multiple bright colors at once and bold lipstick that often matched with Jenna and Alli. By the end of the season, she started wearing more of one or two colors and removed the bright lipstick. Her hair was slightly shaggy by the season finale. In Season 14, Clare's hair grew more and looked closer to her season 10 look, however her style added some maternity wear and bigger clothes to conceal her pregnancy.


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  • (To Darcy): "Why are you so addicted to writing a dumb blog no one reads?" (first line) - Eyes Without a Face (1)
  • (To Eli): "Okay, but first.." (Final Line) - Finally (2)
  • (Darcy): "Now everyone's gonna know at school about how I'm a hypocrite."
    (Clare): "Nobody's gonna find out. I'll punch them."
    (Darcy): "You're good Clare. You're really good."
    (Clare): "You are too, Darce. You just got a little turned around is all."
  • (To Darcy): "A person can be good and mixed up all at the same time." - Eyes Without a Face (2)
  • (To Darcy): "Then it's a good thing that I'm here for school and not for boys." - Uptown Girl (2)
  • (To K.C.): "My sister, Darcy, has always been the pretty and popular one. I'm good at being the smart one." - Uptown Girl (2)
  • Alli: "Don't worry, it'll be like any other party we've ever been to."
    Clare: "My 12th birthday. Totally like this."
  • (To K.C.): "My life didn't revolve around you, K.C., there are things going on with me that you know nothing about, so spare me the pity."
  • (To K.C.): "But you used me! So you and your perky little girlfriend can slack off and make out!" - In Your Eyes
  • (To K.C.): "As soon as things get rough, you blame everyone but yourself." - In Your Eyes
  • (To Jenna): "If I wanted K.C. back, I wouldn't need fake boobs to get him." - Breakaway (2)
  • (To Connor) "You don't bore me."
  • Eli (about Clare's glasses): "I think they're dead."
    Clare: "Uh, i-it's okay. I, uh, I don't need them anymore. Got laser surgery."
    Eli: "You have pretty eyes."
    Clare: "Thanks. I'll, uh, see you around?"
    Eli: "Guess you will." - Breakaway (2)
  • Alli: "Uh-oh, I've seen that look before."
    Clare: "I have no idea what you're talking about." - Breakaway (2)
  • Clare: "What are you doing here?"
    Eli: "'Hi, Eli, how are you?' 'Fine, Clare, thanks for asking.'"
  • Eli: "So, what you're saying is, my plan worked."
    Clare: "Could you be more smug?"
    Eli: "Absolutely!"
  • Clare: "Edited your story. I don't approve of this Clara Edwin character."
    Eli: "She's an ingenue."
    Clare: "She's a floozy. Change it."
  • (To Owen and Fitz): "Silly me, always dropping my feminine hygiene products."
  • Clare: "'A-', really?"
    Eli: (laughs) "Should've taken my notes."
    Clare: "And risk having my poetry sound like rejected Alexisonfire lyrics? No, thank you."
    Eli: "Ouch, lady, you're hitting me where I live."
  • Clare (about the film project): "Obviously, I'll play Juliet. Which one of you wants to be Romeo?"
    Eli: "I will! On account that I'm pretty familiar with the material, and all."
  • Eli: "You'd think that Romeo would require a few minutes, before the poison kicked in."
    Clare: "Y-you make a-a valid point. He does die pretty hastily. What if... Juliet were to wake up, and find him alive for a brief moment?"
    Eli: "They could... share a final kiss."
  • Eli: "Justice has been served."
    Clare: "If Fitz finds out--"
    Eli: "I'll handle it. Now, let's talk about something more important, like how you're gonna thank me for throwing Simpson off your scent."
    Clare: "What'd you have in mind?"
    Eli: "Well, I don't know. (he kisses her) I have a French exam."
    Clare: "I think you just passed it."
  • Clare: "How was your French exam?"
    Eli: "Way too long."
  • (To Alli): "I look like Barney the dinosaur!"
  • Eli (to Adam): "Where you're standing right now, this is where I deflowered Clare."
    Clare: (slaps Eli's arm) "Ew! You didn't! He did not. Okay, we had a picnic, we kissed, C'est tout." (That is all.)
    Eli: "And it was parfait." (perfect).
  • Clare: "The stars are out."
    Eli: "What's your wish?"
    Clare: "If I say it out loud, it won't come true."
    Eli: (laughs) "How cheesy would it be if I said that... mine already has?"
  • Eli: "Women are trouble."
    Clare: "Even me?"
    Eli: "Especially you."
  • (To Eli): "Did three months mean NOTHING?! Did you flip a switch and erase me from your memory?! It took you a year! A YEAR to get over your ex! Did you ever love me at all?!"
  • (To Alli): "No, I never said Jake Martin is hotter than molten lava."
  • Clare: "I read your play."
    Eli: "And?"
    Clare: "It's... it's beautiful."
    Eli: "Yeah, I made some changes."
    Clare: "You made Clara the hero."
    Eli: "That's because she is the hero."
  • ( Eli to Clare): "I have to be the guy you fell in love with."
  • To Eli): "I also broke up with that guy. We are never getting back together."
  • Eli: "You okay?"
    Clare: "Things have gotten complicated between me and Jake."
    Eli: "Sucks to hear that."
    Clare: "Really?"
    Eli: "Yeah. How complicated is it? (Clare hands him her phone) 'Off to the cabin until the wedding. See you there, sis.' Sis?"
    Clare: "Our parents are getting married."
    Eli: "Well, I can see how that might be a problem. I'm sorry, Clare."
    Clare: "Maybe it wasn't meant to be."
  • (When Alli and Connor fight.) "Leave him alone Alli!"
  • (About Connor to Alli) "You know what he's like, why couldn't you just leave him alone?"
  • Eli: "So, did I interrupt an intense game of hide and seek?"
    Clare: (laughs) No.
    Eli: So, may I ask: Why did you run into a dark forest by yourself?"
    Clare: Let's just say, a certain someone moved on before I had a chance to talk to him.
    Eli: Stop. Y-you're overwhelming me with details.
    Clare: Is it weird to be glad you were the one to find me?" (Eli chuckles and smiles)
  • (To Jake after bumping fists with him) "That was so lame."
    Jake: "You're lame."
  • (To Jake): "Stop. I thought about kissing Eli... to get back at you."
  • Eli: "So, what do you think? Even though the Grundy's didn't nominate my play, I tried to remain objective.
    Clare: "I love it. At no point did you call the Grundy's stupid, pointless or moronic."
    Eli: "Yeah, you should've seen my first draft."
  • Eli: "Were you really worried that us hanging out would set me off?"
    Clare: "It wasn't you I was worried about."
  • (To Eli): "I'm all in."
  • Clare: "When you're at NYU, you're gonna have to work with a lot of people who are different from you. This is good practice."
    Eli: "Clare, this musical is not gonna get me into NYU."
    Clare: "When we watched The Dark Knight together, you talked nonstop about how Christopher Nolan took all these familiar, played out elements, and made them new again. You can do that too."
    Eli: "I'm not Christopher Nolan. Or Batman. Hell, I can't even pull off the Joker, anymore."
    Clare: "Find a way to make it your own. I believe in you."
  • (To Connor and Adam): "Asher says we need to dig deep. Find the narrative in the work."
  • (To Connor and Adam): "Asher says every piece of work needs to be your best work."
  • Clare: "Why did you post those things to Twitter?"
    Connor: "Stuff Clare says? It was just a joke."
    Clare: "It wasn't funny."
    Connor: "Adam thought it was."
    Clare: "He was just egging you on. You realize what you posted was public, anyone can read it."
    Connor: "That was the point. You were acting so full of yourself."
    Clare: "But my mentor saw it. Do you understand how embarrassing that was? I love working with Asher, and I don't want to lose my co-op just because you have Asperger's."
    Connor: "Because I have Asperger's? Do you hear yourself?"
    Clare: "Don't overreact. Just please... delete the tweets."
    Connor: (Types) Delete the tweets. Tweet!<br>Clare: Stop, please I'm begging you!
    Connor: (Mimics her and types) Stop please I'm begging you! Anything else you want to say?
  • (Approaching Asher): "You ruined everything. I looked up to you, I-I wanted to be just like you. And you took advantage of me like some dumb, naive little girl. You sexually harassed me! Asher Shostak sexually harassed me and The Interpreter will stop at NOTHING to protect him! He preys on young girls! Don't be alone in a room with him!" (being escorted out) "Don't touch me! I'm leaving."
  • Eli: "I love you."
    Clare: "Forever and always."
  • Clare: "What does Alfred say to Batman? (in an English accent) Why do we fall down Master Wayne?"
    Eli:(Batman imitation) "So we can pick ourselves back up... But what if I'm not good enough?"
    Clare: Eli you can do anything. Even if you don't know it yet, I do.
  • Eli: "You loved him."
    Clare: "You invaded my privacy!"
  • (To Eli): "I love you so much, sometimes, I can't think straight either."
  • (Sarcastically, to Connor after he made rude comments about her.) "Thanks for the advice, Connor."  
  • Clare: "Did you get that picture that I texted?"
    Eli: "Yeah, Yeah, um.. sure did. Were.. W-were you implying something there?"
    Clare: "I was! I miss you, and I was thinking maybe I'd miss you a little bit less if we did a little long distance something sexy?"
    Eli: "Se-?! What um.. what did you have in mind?"
    Clare: "Videochat Sex?"
  • Clare: "Would you like to see a piece of this new clothing I bought?"
    Eli: "Uh, sure... Whoa."
  • (To Eli): "It just kind of hit me... how scared I am. And I know I said not to come home... can you come home please?"
  • (To Eli): "I thought I could do this, I thought it would be easy... but it's not."
  • Eli: I know that you're a cancer patient. But you're also Clare Edwards, my smart and beautiful girlfriend."
    Clare: (playfully) "You're only saying that because of the wig."
  • (To Eli): "Adam got me through this summer. How do I face everyone, face Drew when I lived and he died? What kind of weirdo God math is that?"
  • (To Eli): "He chased a rat for me ."
  • Clare: "You got me pregnant!"
    Drew: (shocked) "We used a condom."
    Clare: "Could've been expired."
  • (To Eli): "Who Drew? No, of course not."
  • (To Helen): "I'm Clare Edwards. Clare Edwards always has a plan. Trust me."
  • (To Eli): "Like a date?"
  • (To Eli): "Yes, of course. It's always a yes with you, Eli."
  • (To Eli): "Imagine for one minute, that we can have everything we ever wanted."
  • (To Eli): "I don't want to take a break! A year ago I had cancer. And then I got better and I thought now, now you can live your life. And then I got pregnant! What was the point of any of this if I was just gonna lose this stupid baby? Take a break Clare, the universe keeps telling me, but no! No, I will not take a break! Not for this! Not for that doctor! And not for that stupid car! - Give Me One Reason
  • Eli: "And if she asks 'What makes you so uniquely deserving of this opportunity?'"
    Clare: "I tell her, 'If you think I overcame adversity after beating cancer imagine what I'm like after losing a baby.'" - Give Me One Reason
  • Clare: "I just can't believe we're never gonna get to know him. And we might never know why. It's just not fair. - Give Me One Reason
  • Eli: "Time for the procedure. You nervous?"
    Clare: "It won't be easy. Thanks for being here."
    Eli: "And you're sure you don't wanna do any of this commemorative stuff?"
    Clare: (shaking head) "We won't forget him, I know that. I kind of want those memories to stay between us."
    Eli: "The three of us will always have our little road trip. Okay, your mom is in the car. You ready?"
    Clare: "Ready as I'll ever be." (Looks at picture of sonogram and sadly smiles) - Give Me One Reason


  • Clare is the female character with the highest episode count in the series with 181 episodes. She is the most prolific character on the series other than Mr. Simpson.
  • She appeared in 35 episodes in Season 10, more than any other character in that season.
  • Clare shares strong similarities with former main characters Emma Nelson, Caitlin Ryan, Maya Matlin, Liberty Van Zandt, and current character Frankie Hollingsworth.
  • Clare watches the Degrassi Junior High episode Can't Live With 'Em in the background of her second scene, which makes the show Degrassi canon within its own universe. The scene that appears is the one where Arthur Kobalewscuy and Yick Yu start their first day of Grade 8 and Yick realizes that Arthur has come into some money.
  • On the Degrassi Writer's Twitter, the writers tweeted that Eli and Clare were separated at the start of the pandemic (Clare in Toronto and Eli in New York), but since December 10th, they have been staying in Glen's friends' cabins across a lake from each other until they had quarantined long enough to reunite on Christmas Eve. Before this, they had been sharing an apartment in New York City. (Note: This can be considered canon, but doesn't prevent the writers from retconning this information in any sort of reboot.)
  • Clare and Liberty have both called things they find insignificant "pedestrian." Other similarities between the characters, and their significant others Eli and J.T., include:
    • Their primary significant others have taught them how to drive.
    • They work with their significant others on a school play.
    • Their significant others have both directed a school play.
    • Both get pregnant and neither (can or choose to) keep their baby.
    • Their significant others have tried to kill or significantly harm themselves.
    • Clare and Liberty both admittedly had crushes first before their eventual boyfriends would return the attraction.
    • Liberty and Clare were both interested in the school newspaper.
    • Both were in student council: Liberty as secretary season 1 and president seasons 5-7 and Clare as vice president.
    • They both had rumors spread about them: Liberty about an inappropriate relationship with Coach Armstrong and Clare about getting a boob job; neither were true.
    • Both dressed in out-of-character outfits during one episode to show their rebellion.
    • They both have one blood related sibling.
    • Their significant others are seen taking drugs orally.
    • Both were in the running to be valedictorian but only Liberty actually became one.
    • Both of their significant others had a plot line or defining episode where they were on the receiving end of a knife.
    • Their significant others have also crashed their cars.
  • Clare is one of three characters to have a suspended reality in their plot. The other two are Paige and Wesley.
  • Clare is the only character in Degrassi history who saw one of her parents get divorced onscreen and then get remarried.
  • In Start Me Up, Clare reveals that after placing in the math competition in Heart of Glass, she got ice cream with her family. She later reveals to Declan that when she was younger she stage managed her Sunday school musical and worked every weekend for two months.
  • Of all the characters of the recent cast, she has kissed or been kissed by more boys than any other female character on the show. K.C., Wesley, Declan, Eli, Jake, Liam, Asher, Dallas, and Drew (in that order).
  • In season 8, when K.C. tells Clare he can't keep defending Connor, Clare asks K.C. if he's ever had his face pushed into a puddle of mud while people stood around and laughed, hinting that Clare may have been bullied in this way at her previous school.
  • Some of Clare's favorite books, as mentioned or seen in U Don't Know (1), include Moby Dick, Beowulf, Not Wanted on the Voyage, The Rain Ascends, Hamlet, and Twelfth Night. Ernest Hemingway is one of her favorite authors but none are specifically mentioned or seen. In Building a Mystery (1), she can be seen reading The Scarlet Letter while walking down the hall. In All I Wanna Do, Clare can be seen rereading Moby Dick as Adam comes to visit her in the hospital.
  • In deleted scenes from season 9, it is revealed Clare was in choir and that her father has a law firm.
  • After opening night of Romeo and Jules, Clare is seen grabbing Dave's arm, nudging Tristan, and smiling at Tori when they walk backstage in Scream (2). It is very possible they all became close as Clare frequently visited Eli at rehearsals.
  • She has an interest in vampires: She reads vampire fiction novels, wrote her own vampire fiction about Declan under the name "Madame Degrassi" during her freshman year, and has pictures of Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner (both part of the Twilight Saga) in her locker.
  • As of Season 14, Clare has been on DTNG longer than any character except for Mr. Simpson.
  • Clare and Eli have matching helix piercings.
  • Clare and Jake are the only characters on Degrassi to have dated, and then become step-siblings.
  • Clare was the first (and currently only) character in the history of Degrassi to get laser eye surgery.
  • Clare and Terri both share the same line, "You're suffocating me!"
  • Both Eli and Fiona have told Clare she has pretty eyes. Eli told Clare she had pretty eyes in Breakaway (2) and Finally (2), and Fiona said it in When Love Takes Over (2).
  • Clare is one of six characters to end the opening credits. The other five were Sean, Marco, Jane, Alli, and Drew.
  • Clare is the second character to bring a boyfriend to her household in order to spite her parents. The first was Manny.
  • Clare does not like raisins.
  • Her relationship with K.C. began at a dance. Her first relationships with Eli and Jake ended at dances.
  • Jenna has had a relationship with both Clare's boyfriend and love-interest, ironically admitting to Clare that she is a boyfriend-stealer in Just Can't Get Enough.
  • She is the second of the Edwards sisters to be sexually assaulted when they were junior year at Degrassi. Her older sister, Darcy, was drugged and raped in Standing in the Dark (1) and Clare was sexually harassed in Waterfalls (1).
  • Clare was the fourth character to be sexually harassed by an authority figure - the other four being Lucy and Susie, Tristan and K.C.
  • Clare is the fourth character that has a passion for journalism - the other three being Caitlin, Ellie and Chantay.
  • Clare and her older sister Darcy have both gotten drunk during their junior year, Clare in Sabotage (1) and Darcy in Standing In The Dark (1).
  • Clare, Grace, Frankie, Hunter, Lola, Sean, Marco, Griffin, Adam & Eli all share the same line "Go to hell."
  • Clare is one of eight girls to reveal herself on camera or in public:
    • She took photos of her breasts to put on Asher's computer but was stopped by Jennifer.
    • Zoë sent a topless picture to Zig. (In Season 14).
    • Manny revealed her breasts in front of Peter Stone while intoxicated.
    • Darcy sent racy photos to Adams and posted them online.
    • Emma took off her dress at a Purple Dragon meeting.
    • Liberty went streaking around her university campus.
    • Alli took pictures of her breasts and sent them to then-boyfriend Johnny DiMarco.
    • Bianca had racy photos sent to the entire school by Alli.
      • Both Clare and her sister Darcy revealed themselves on camera.
  • Clare revealed herself on camera, even though her sister Darcy warned her not to in season 6.
    • Clare was the only girl to reveal herself on camera who didn't go through with her idea of sending out her pictures.
  • Clare is the fourth character to be intoxicated on school grounds. The first one was Stephanie, the second one was Terri, the third was Fiona, and the fifth was Dallas.
  • Clare, Spike, Emma, Sean, Marco, Anya, Melanie, Lucy, and Jess are the only characters to have braces.
  • Clare, along with sixteen other characters were sexually assaulted:
  • She lost her virginity to Eli in The Time of My Life.
    • Like her sister Darcy, Clare loses her virginity in her junior year.
    • Like Anya and Sav, she loses her virginity on prom night.
  • Eli taught Clare how to drive.
  • Clare starts wearing a purity ring in Season 9. She isn't shown wearing it again when season 13 starts, as she had sex with Eli in the finale of season 12, though keeps it on the day after she has sex.
  • Clare was chosen by Drew to be the Student Council Vice President.
  • Clare was the second person to lose the presidential election and then be chosen for vice president. The first was Alex Nuñez.
  • In Season 8, Clare described Darcy as the pretty, hot one and herself the smart, sensible one.
  • Clare and Alli both share the same line: "Most guys just buy flowers."
  • Clare gets diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma in Summertime, making her the sixth character to develop cancer (fifth in TNG). The prior five were L.D., Mr. Kwan, Snake, Spinner and Mrs. MacPherson. She is also the third female character to have it.
  • Clare shaved her head in All I Wanna Do .
  • Clare is the third person to purposely shave her head before having cancer: the first being Snake and the second being Spinner. However, it didn't actually show her doing it, only after it was shaved.
  • Clare is the second person to escape from the hospital with a friend's help. The first person was Jimmy who escaped with Marco and Craig.
  • Clare, Toby, and Arthur are the only characters to stay at Degrassi, while their older siblings leave before graduation.
  • Clare is one of the six characters who have lost two friends to death. She lost Paula and Adam in Summer 2013, two friends who helped her greatly through her cancer struggle. The others who have lost two friends were TobyDallas, and ZigEli and Maya both lost one friend and one love interest.
  • Clare has been cheated on twice. One time, K.C. cheated on Clare because he was developing feelings for Jenna in Heart Like Mine (1). The second time, Eli cheated on Clare with Lenore in Black Or White.
  • Clare has dreamt about 3 guys romantically: Declan, Jake and Drew.
  • Clare and Becky share the line "I'm not gay" and both of them said it to Jack.
  • In Thunderstruck, Clare gets a call from her doctor saying that she and her baby are healthy, revealing that Clare is pregnant.
    • Clare is the first to be unexpectedly told by a doctor that she is pregnant.
  • Clare is the first senior (in TNG) to be pregnant.
  • Clare got pregnant after having chemotherapy and overcoming cancer a few months prior, which is very rare.
  • Clare is the ninth female to go through teen pregnancy. The others being Christine, Erica, Tessa, Manny, Liberty, Mia, Jenna, Vanessa and Lola.
  • Since she had cancer and chemotherapy she had believed that she would not have been able to have children. Because she believed that she may not be able to get pregnant again she planned to keep the baby.
  • It was revealed in Something's Got to Give that Clare is four weeks further along that she had previously assumed, making Eli the father of her son.
  • Clare's chemo-brain may have led her to get the timing of her pregnancy wrong because she is shown to be great at math in the season 8 episode Heart of Glass when she gets a 94 on a test and is later awarded a metal by Shep for placing in the top 1% for the 49th annual math competition, beating Alli who had gotten a 100 on the earlier test.
  • It was later revealed in Get It Together that Clare had a miscarriage.
    • Clare is also the first character to have a miscarriage.


Main article: K.C.-Clare Relationship
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Main article: Eli-Clare Relationship
Main article: Jake-Clare Relationship
  • Jake Martin
    • First Relationship:
      • Start Up: Should've Said No (1) (1112)
      • Break Up: Dead and Gone (2) (1129)
        • Reason: Clare and Jake's parents were getting married to each other, and he thought it would have been worse if they broke up later.
    • 2 jake clare.jpg
      Second Relationship:
      • Start Up: Nowhere to Run (1131)
      • Break Up: Underneath It All (1133)
        • Reason: Jake rejected Clare before they had sex, and Clare thought they should just break up, since it was bound to happen eventually anyway.

Love Triangles

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