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The graduation for Degrassi Community School's Class of 2006 took place during the Season 5 finale, High Fidelity (2).


The Degrassi graduating class of 2006 consisted of Paige Michalchuk, Hazel Aden, Alex Nuñez, Ellie Nash, and Marco Del Rossi.

Students that were in the class at some point but presumably graduated offscreen or didn't graduate in 2006 were Ashley Kerwin, Craig Manning, Jimmy Brooks, Spinner Mason, Sean Cameron, and Terri MacGregor.


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Interaction History[]


The following couples were in a relationship at some point during their time at Degrassi:


The following characters formed these friendships at some point before or during their time at Degrassi:


The following character developed these conflicts at some point during their time at Degrassi:


The following characters developed romantic feelings for one or the other at some point during their time at Degrassi:


The following list contains significant events that happened at Degrassi while the class of 2006 was still attending:

Season 1[]

  • Formation of Spirit Squad by Paige Michalchuk and Hazel Aden.
  • Jimmy begins a conflict with Sean Cameron.
  • The whole class, as well as the class beneath them, spread a rumor around school that Liberty and Coach Armstrong are having an affair.
  • Spinner and Jimmy make Ms. Kwan break down mentally.
  • Spinner teams up with Liberty, J.T., and Toby to win a Pringles contest, but they lose.
  • Ashley and Terri start a band called Two Girls and a Keyboard.
  • Paige joins Ashley's and Terri's band and renames it "Paige Michalchuk and the Sex Kittens" (shortened to PMS).
  • Paige begins a deep rivalry with Grade 7 student Manny Santos but continues giving advice to her best friend Emma Nelson.
  • Sean and Jimmy's rivalry heats up, and the two end up physically fighting but are broken up by their girlfriends.
  • Ashley takes ecstasy at a party; she then kisses her boyfriend's rival Sean, tells Jimmy she wanted to break up with him sooner, and calls most of the others in the group mean names.
  • The friendship between Ashley and the group ends.
  • The relationship between Jimmy and Ashley ends.

Season 2[]

  • Craig Manning, Marco Del Rossi and Ellie Nash enroll at Degrassi.
  • Degrassi becomes a full high school.
  • Craig moves in with Joey Jeremiah to escape his abusive father Albert Manning.
  • The relationship between Jimmy and Ashley is briefly rekindled.
  • The relationship between Spinner and Paige begins.
  • Paige is raped by Dean Walton.
  • The friendship between Ashley and the rest of the group is rekindled.
  • The relationship between Craig and Ashley begins.
  • Marco comes out as gay to Ellie Nash.
  • Craig Manning's father, Albert Manning, dies.

Season 3[]

  • The relationship between Craig and Ashley ends after he cheats on her with Manny Santos.
  • Craig becomes the father of Manny's baby, which is later aborted.
  • The abusive relationship between Rick Murray and Terri begins.
  • Marco Del Rossi is outed by Spinner Mason and is later gay bashed.
  • The friendship between Marco and Spinner briefly ends.
  • Craig, Jimmy, Marco, and Spinner start a band called "Downtown Sasquatch".
  • Ashley, Hazel, Ellie, and Paige start a band called "Hell Hath No Fury".
  • Alex Nuñez first appears.
  • Hell Hath No Fury disbands.
  • The relationship between Jimmy and Hazel begins.
  • The relationship between Sean Cameron and Ellie Nash begins.
  • The conflict Jimmy Brooks has with Sean Cameron ends.
  • Terri is put into a coma after Rick pushes her.
  • Terri leaves Degrassi.

Season 4[]

  • Rick Murray returns to Degrassi and repeats his Sophomore year.
  • Emma Nelson and Paige start a ribbon campaign to force Rick out of Degrassi, which results in serious bullying.
  • Paige goes to trial against Dean and loses.
  • Spinner gets his drivers license and a car, which is purposely crashed by Paige.
  • The relationship between Paige and Spinner ends.
  • The relationship between Spinner and Manny begins.
  • Paige begins a relationship with student teacher Matt Oleander.
  • Craig is diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder.
  • Rick wins a trivia-based contest for Degrassi, moments before being humiliated in front of the whole school.
  • Rick brings a gun to school, shooting Jimmy, paralyzing his ability to walk.
  • Rick dies by an accidental shot.
  • Spinner reveals his participation in ticking Rick off, thus virtually causing the school shooting.
  • Jimmy ends his friendship with Spinner.
  • Spinner is outcasted and abandoned by his friends due to his antics.
  • The relationship between Spinner and Manny ends.
  • Spinner and Jay Hogart are expelled.
  • Jay, Alex, Emma and Alex's best friend, Amy, begin a gonorrhea outbreak.
  • The relationship between Alex and Jay ends.
  • The relationship between Ashley and Craig begins again but ends in the finale.
  • Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith begin filming a Jay and Silent Bob Go Canadian, Eh! at Degrassi.
  • The conflict between Paige and Manny finally ends.
  • Ashley leaves Degrassi.

Season 5[]

  • The relationship between Jimmy and Hazel ends.
  • Spinner re-enrolls at Degrassi, becoming an underclassmen to his old friends.
  • The relationship between Matt and Paige ends.
  • Craig leaves Degrassi after getting a record deal.
  • Paige comes out as bisexual and Alex comes out as a lesbian.
  • Marco and Spinner rekindle their friendship.
  • The relationship between Paige and Alex begins but soon ends.
  • Spinner begins dating Darcy Edwards and becomes a born-again Christian.
  • Spinner eventually rekindles his friendship with everyone.
  • Spinner cheats on Darcy with Paige.
  • Jimmy must repeat a year at Degrassi due to missing too much school.
  • The class of 2006 graduates.
  • Ashley returns.


  • Terri MacGregor and Ashley Kerwin were the first characters introduced from this class.
  • Amy Peters-Hoffman was the last character introduced from this class.
  • Paige Michalchuck and Hazel Aden are the only 2006 graduates to have been on the show since Season 1.
    • Of the two, Paige is the only regular since Season 1, making her the only regular of that year who did not repeat a year or leave Degrassi.
  • No one in this class had a pregnancy or a pregnancy scare.
  • Craig was the first to lose his virginity, in Should I Stay or Should I Go?.
  • They were the first class to be regulars after graduation.
  • Several members of the Class of 2006 attended Degrassi during Grade 7 in 2000-2001 but it was never shown on screen. It is implied that Paige Michalchuk, Spinner Mason, Sean Cameron, Jimmy Brooks, Ashley Kerwin, Terri MacGregor, and Hazel Aden attended Degrassi this year.
  • Paige described them as "the most cursed class in Degrassi history" in the Season 5 premiere Venus (1).
  • Hazel was the only Class of 2006 graduate to make their final appearance in High Fidelity (2), making her the only member in this class to not make any additional appearances in later episodes since graduating.
  • This was the only Degrassi: The Next Generation class to have its graduation episode aired in the year of their graduation without being retconned.
  • Their song is "Your Ex-Lover Is Dead" by Stars because it is the song that played during their graduation.
  • This class has one of the highest dropout rates in the entire series, the 4 dropouts are Jay Hogart, Craig Manning, Ashley Kerwin, and Sean Cameron.
  • Sean was the only one who was expelled, but still did not continue at another high school.
  • They also had 5 students repeat a year; Sean Cameron, Spinner Mason, Jimmy Brooks, Rick Murray, who were held back, and Alex Nuñez who repeated by choice to improve her grades.

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