The graduation for Degrassi Community School's Class of 2007 took place during the Season 7 finale We Built This City.


The Class of 2007 consisted of Emma Nelson, Manny Santos, Liberty Van Zandt, Toby IsaacsJ.T. Yorke, Sean Cameron, Spinner MasonJimmy Brooks, Ashley Kerwin and Damian Hayes. They were the first and only class to attend Degrassi Community School from Grade 7, beginning in Season 1.


The original members of the Class of 2007, with the exception, of J.T. and Sean.


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The following couples were in a relationship at some point during their time at Degrassi:


The following characters formed these friendships at some point before or during their time at Degrassi:


The following characters developed these conflicts at some point during their time at Degrassi:


Season 1

  • Emma almost gets raped by her online boyfriend Jordan.
  • J.T. runs for school president against upperclassmen Ashley Kerwin but is bribed into resigning.
  • Sean and Emma begin dating.
  • Sean begins a conflict with then upperclassmen Jimmy Brooks.
  • Manny begins a conflict with upperclassmen Paige Michalchuk.
  • The relationship between Sean and Emma ends.
  • Sean is kissed by Jimmy's girlfriend, Ashley during an ecstasy-induced high.

Season 2

  • J.T. becomes friends with upperclassmen and previous bully/love interest, Paige Michalchuk.
  • Emma's mother begins dating her Media Immersions teacher, Archie Simpson, before getting married.
  • Sean begins drinking to relieve himself of stress.
  • Liberty becomes equipment manager of the Girl's Hockey Team.
  • Toby begins a relationship with underclassmen, Kendra Mason.
  • Emma rekindles her relationship with Sean.
  • Emma Nelson is suspended for refusing to take the blame for a food fight she did not intentionally begin.
  • J.T. attacks Dean during a basketball game after learning he raped Paige.

Season 3

  • Emma searches to find her biological father, Shane McKay, who was stricken retarded after a childhood incident.
  • Manny transforms herself into a sexier look.
  • The friendship between Emma and Manny briefly ends.
  • Sean steals and pawns Mr. Simpson's laptop.
  • The relationship between Emma and Sean ends once again.
  • Sean begins a relationship with upperclassmen Ellie Nash.
  • Sean emancipates himself from his brother and family.
  • Emma begins a relationship with Chris.
  • Manny begins a conflict with Ashley Kerwin.
  • Craig cheats on Ashley with Manny.
  • Manny finds out that she is pregnant and decides to have an abortion.
  • The conflict between Sean and Jimmy ends.
  • Previous outcast Toby becomes friends with Sean, Jimmy, Hazel, and Ellie.
  • The conflict between Emma Nelson and Alex, Jay and Amy begins.
  • The relationship between J.T. and Manny begins.

Season 4

  • Toby and Emma become friends with Rick Murray, who re-enrolls into their year.
  • The friendship between Emma and Manny briefly ends.
  • Jimmy is shot by Rick after Jay and Spinner frame him for the prank they conducted during the 'Whack Your Brain' competition.
  • Sean saves Emma's life by grabbing the gun that Rick was about to shoot at her.
  • Sean unintentionally kills Rick.
  • Sean goes back to Wasaga Beach after the shooting as a way to cope.
  • The relationship between J.T. and Manny ends.
  • The friendship between J.T. and Toby briefly ends.
  • J.T. becomes friends with underclassmen Danny Van Zandt.
  • J.T. begins dating Liberty Van Zandt.
  • Jimmy returns to Degrassi in a wheelchair, unable to walk.
  • Spinner and Jimmy end their friendship.
  • Emma contracts gonorrhea from Jay Hogart.
  • Spinner and Jay get expelled from Degrassi.

Season 5

  • Liberty gets pregnant with J.T.'s child.
  • Spinner returns to Degrassi.
  • Lowerclassmen Peter Stone bribes Manny with a video of her topless before sending it to twenty random people
  • Manny is kicked off the Spirit Squad because of her video.
  • Emma is diagnosed as Anorexic.
  • The friendship between Emma and Manny briefly ends.
  • Manny gets kicked out by her parents and moves in with Emma.
  • J.T. attempts to commit suicide by overdosing on oxycodone.
  • Liberty puts her baby up for adoption.
  • Ashley returns to Degrassi.
  • Spinner and Jimmy rekindle their friendship.

Season 6

  • Sean returns to Degrassi.
  • Sean is expelled after being framed for possession of marijuana on school grounds.
  • The conflict between Sean and Peter begins.
  • Sean is jailed for drag racing and injuring a bystander, while Peter is put on community service.
  • J.T. begins a war between Degrassi and Lakehurst.
  • Alex repeats this year to earn more credits.
  • Craig gives Manny crack cocaine.
  • J.T. Yorke dies as result of a stabbing outside Emma's house.
  • Sean and Emma go through a pregnancy scare.
  • Sean leaves once again in order to join the Canadian Armed Forces.

Season 7

  • Trina is introduced.
  • Damian joins the class.
  • Manny and Ashley ended their conflict.
  • Ashley drops out and tours with Craig.
  • The Class of 2007 graduate.

Season 8

  • Emma, Manny, and Liberty start attending Smithdale together.
  • Toby becomes a game show host.
  • Jimmy proposes to Trina.
  • Manny stars in Jason Mewes's film Mewesical High.

Season 9

  • Manny comes to visit Jay and Jane, then returns to Hollywood.
  • Emma drops out of Smithdale.
  • Liberty joins a sorority.
  • Emma works at The Dot and causes The Dot to explode.
  • Spinner and Emma get married in the summer of 2008, Liberty attends, while Manny, Jay and the Studz perform at their wedding.