"Miles, just tell me the truth."
Maya Matlin

Close to Me is the twenty-sixth episode of Season 13.

Main Plot

Maya invites both Zig and Miles to the dance, hoping to smooth things over between the two. However, both Tristan and Zoë believe it to be a bad idea given both the boys obvious interest in her. Maya blows this off, believing that if Miles and Zig knew each other, they could be friends. At the dance, things don't go well between Miles and Zig. Things get worse when someone tells a rumor that Zig has drugs in his locker. Grace accuses Miles of making the accusation, and Maya does not believe her until she asks Miles for the truth and he does not reply. Maya goes home upset, and single. Zig comes home, and Maya asks if he got caught by Mr. Perino about the drugs. Zig assures her that there were no drugs to begin with. He also reminded her of when he said that he would wait for her. She says she does as he leans in to kiss her, but says that he wasn't allowed to due to the living arrangements. He tells her goodnight as Maya is left standing alone in the kitchen. 

Sub Plot

Jenna and Connor try to get voted queen and king at the dance... where an unfortunate event happens. Alli and Dallas announce the names of the king and queen. Jenna and Connor get voted to be king and queen, and when Connor takes Jenna's hand and raises her arm, her dress slips off uncovering one of her breasts. Jenna runs off the stage and into the bathroom where Alli meets her. Alli assures her that it was fine, and leaves the bathroom. Connor walks in the bathroom with a shirt to cover Jenna. Jenna tells Connor that she was jealous of the 9th grade girls, and Connor assures her that he does not love them. This is when Jenna and Connor exchange "I love you's."

Third Plot

Becky becomes jealous when Jack tags along to the dance with her and Imogen, ruining their girl's night. Imogen, Becky, and Jack are practicing their project, and when Imogen leaves, Jack tells Becky that she was going to ask Imogen to the semi-formal. Becky tells her that she is going with Imogen, but Jack questions her liking girls. At the semi-formal, Becky and Imogen are dancing to a fast-beat song, when suddenly a slow song comes on. Becky tells Imogen that she has never slow-danced with another girl, and Imogen shows her how to. Becky realizes that she can't dance with girls and Imogen is thankful because she wanted them to stay friends. Later, Becky meets up with Jack and tells her that she can go dance with Imogen, because they are just friends.

  • This episode is named after the song Close to Me by The Cure.
  • This episode shares its title with a Season 9 episode.
  • This episode marks the end of Miles and Maya's first relationship.
  • Fiona was mentioned.
  • Miles gives advice to Zig with the words 'If you cared about Maya, you'd..' . This could be a reference to the episode Bitter Sweet Symphony (1) when Zig said a similar thing to Cam.
  • Maya mentions the title of season 7 episode, Bust a Move.
  • This episode marks Jenna's last major plot.
  • Niamh Wilson is added to the main cast this episode.

  • Clare to Becky: "How do you accidentally ask someone out?"
    Drew: "It's easier than you think."
  • Zig to Maya: "I should have just kissed you."
  • Tristan: "So, those are actual holes in your face?"
    Grace: "Yes."
    Tristan: "Can I touch them?"

  • "Turning Blue" by Adam Agin
  • "Tonight" by Fagault and Marina
  • "Small Talk Relations" by Tift Merritt
  • "Overdrive" by Amp feat Stef Lang
  • "Feel" by Victoria Duffield
  • "Life Of The Party" by Prty H3ro
  • "This Light" by Rose Cousins

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