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Close to Me is the fourth episode of Season 9 of Degrassi: The Next Generation. It aired on October 11, 2009 in Canada, and on October 23, 2009 in the United States.


Jane loves Spinner from the bottom of her heart, so when the gorgeous new boy starts flirting with her, Jane keeps her distance and says she would never fall prey. Or would she? Meanwhile, K.C.'s new coach finally lets him play in a game. But when K.C. makes a mistake, the coach freaks and K.C. sees it as a sign that he shouldn't be on the basketball team. Will he quit the team?

Main Plot[]

When Jane and Declan are put in charge of the school theater production, they begin to feel a spark between them. Peter gives his loft to Spinner after leaving the band. Spinner asks Jane to join the band, and after having a party at his house, asks Jane to move in with him. When Jane goes to Declan's house to "do homework" she gives into temptation and ends up kissing him. Unsure if there are any sparks left between her and Spinner, she decides to break up with him, but chickens out when she is about to.

Sub Plot[]

Meanwhile, K.C. bonds with the basketball coach. The coach decides to put him in the game, but when he takes him out, K.C. thinks he is a terrible basketball player and ends up trashing the locker room, where Connor finds him and attempts to calm him down. K.C. decides to quit the team but the coach talks to him and successfully changes K.C.'s mind.

  • This episode is named after the song "Close to Me" by The Cure.
  • This episode marks the beginning of Jane and Declan's affair.
  • This episode shares its title with a Season 13 episode. Clare Edwards and Connor DeLaurier are the only characters to appear in both.

  • Declan: "My bedroom has a HUGE keyboard in it."
  • Jane (To Declan): "You see what you want to see."
  • Jane: "Then why aren't we at the library instead of your big, empty house?"
    Declan: " exactly five seconds, I'm going to kiss you. Five...Four...Three-"
  • Jane (To Manny): "Santos, I'm allowed to say hi!"

  • "Kids" by Mardeen
  • "Picking Me Up" by The Seventeens
  • "Head For The Hills" by That's The Spirit
  • "Good Times" by Janie and the Studs - Heard when Janie and the Studs perform.
  • "Shock Yourself (Fe Fi Fo Fum)" by The Dunes - Heard during the basketball game.
  • "You're The One" by Garrison Starr
  • "We Can Try" by Between The Trees - Heard when Jane fails to break up with Spinner.

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