"Degrassi is officially uniform free."
Principal Simpson

Come As You Are (1) is the first episode and first part of the season premiere for Season 12 of Degrassi. It aired on July 16, 2012.

Main Plot

Mr. Simpson starts off the term with an assembly where he announces the school is getting rid of its uniform policy. He also introduces the new junior hockey team, with most of them being new students. Dallas, captain of the team, is staying with Drew and Adam. Meanwhile, Drew finally breaks up with Katie, saying that he cheated on her with a girl named Courtney. Katie’s upset, but it leaves Drew free to finally date Bianca. Dallas and Adam decide to throw a party since the Torres parents are out of town. Drew gets drunk and Katie makes an appearance because she wants them to get back together. They go upstairs to an empty room and in a bid to reunite Katie has sex with Drew, who afterward, ends up passing out in front of everyone.

Sub Plot

After Mr. Simpson introduces the Ice Hounds Hockey Team, Alli asks Jenna and Clare if they plan on making any advances. Clare shrugs it off and goes to see Eli. She jokes with him that he's late, expecting him to flirt back. Eli mentions a NYU Portfolio for college, when Becky Baker comes up to them and introduces herself as the sister of Luke Baker, a player on the Ice Hounds, who moved to Toronto from Florida. She asks Clare if she would show him to her class. Clare accepts, and leaves Eli. Clare, Alli, and Jenna are getting ready for the party at the Torres house, when Clare questions whether her top is too clingy, making Alli and Jenna suspicious. Clare finally confesses to the kiss. She says she neglected to tell them because she didn't want to get her hopes up, and mentions that Eli didn't even bring up the kiss at school that day. As Jake walks by the room, Alli and Jenna ask for his advice. He says that Eli will come to Clare if he actually likes her. At the party, Eli is talking to a friend about his time at New York, and Clare tries to make an advance on him. Alli then charades her away and convinces her to try and have fun instead of obsessing over Eli. Later, Eli is sitting alone outside, and Clare comes out to talk to him. She asks him why he hasn't mentioned the kiss and he tells her it's because he's tried so hard to not be so obsessive over Clare. He tells her "the ball is in your court" and she says she's glad they kissed. He tells her that he's also glad he just wants to make sure she's all in. She then kisses him and replies with "Eli, I am all in." Eli then leans in and kisses her passionately.

Third Plot

After the announcement about the end of the uniform policy, Tori, Maya and Tristan are excited to go shopping for new clothes. Maya mentions that she wants to try out for Mo's new band. The hockey team walks by and Dallas makes a joke about Maya being flat-chested, making Maya feel insecure. Maya talks to Mo about auditioning for his band and Mo says he has a more "mature" vision, after glancing at her chest to imply Maya is not physically developed enough. Maya, Tori, Tristan, and Zig all go to the mall and Maya talks to Tori about what happened with Mo. Maya sees a poster of a woman in a bra and compares the model's breast size to her own, feeling even more insecure. Tristan then wonders aloud if Maya is thinking about getting breast implants. Tori tells him that she has a different idea. Later at home, after practicing her cello, Maya takes the "chicken cutlets" and stands in front of a mirror while putting them in, hoping they will make her look mature.

  • Jake: "Does said guy favor the color black?"
  • Clare: "I kissed Eli before the break!"
  • Eli: "Clare, if we do this I need to know that your all in."
    Clare: "Eli, I am all in."
  • Simpson: "Degrassi is officially uniform free." (awkward silence... everyone applauds).

  • "Better" by K'naan - Heard in the opening scene of the episode where Drew, Adam and Mike come out of the car and arrive back to Degrassi.
  • "Stronger" by Kahn Brothers - Heard when Maya gets told by Mo that he is looking for someone a bit more mature-looking for his band.
  • "Come Alive" by Dvbbs - Heard when Drew apologizes to Bianca about the date being ruined.
  • "Up All Night" by One Direction - Heard when Maya puts the implants on her chest and continues when Bianca tells Drew she needs to leave the party.
  • "Balloon" by Vette - Heard when Drew kisses Katie in his room.
  • "Thrilla" by Arahm Lee - Heard when Clare leaves the party to find Eli .
  • "Planet Earth" by Shawn Hook - Heard when Clare kisses Eli.