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"Mr. Simpson says my brutal honesty and passion for science are things girls may not appreciate in high school but maybe later on in life."
— Connor convincing Jenna she should date him, in Ray of Light (1).

Connor DeLaurier is a graduate of Degrassi Community School and valedictorian of the Class of 2014. He is the godson of Archie Simpson. He is highly intelligent though has some social difficulties as he has Asperger's Syndrome.

Following a series of women's underwear-stealing incidents, Connor was suspended and sent to attend school at Balton, a program that teaches kids like Connor coping skills. He later returned to Degrassi in time for his junior year and joined the Degrassi Football Team. Connor is best friends with K.C. GuthrieWesley Betenkamp, and Dave Turner. He is also good friends with Clare Edwards, Alli Bhandari, Drew Torres, Adam Torres before his death, Mike Dallas, and Mo Mashkour, and is currently dating his other best friend Jenna Middleton. He was portrayed by AJ Saudin.

Character History

Season 8

Connor 07.jpg

Connor DeLaurier is the geeky and smart godson of Archie Simpson who is living with Snake and Spike in order to attend the Gifted Program at Degrassi Community School, and was introduced in Uptown Girl (1). He is shown to be obsessive about keeping things the same (sitting at the same desk, wearing the same clothes, etc.). He quickly becomes friends with Clare Edwards, along with her friends K.C. Guthrie and Alli Bhandari.

In With or Without You, Connor is bullied by Johnny DiMarco when Degrassi Community School goes on a field trip to the woods. It was initiated when Connor was talking to K.C. about his prized Spotted moth collection. Connor tells him things about how he would get better Moth catching results when street lights are not a factor. Johnny then tells Connor to shut up and punches a hole through Connor's Moth catching net. Connor and K.C. later take revenge on Johnny by placing a snake in his tent while he was playing cards with Alli, not knowing Alli was with Johnny.

In Lost in Love, both K.C. and Connor ask Clare to the Sweetheart Dance. The two boys started fighting over her, only to have her reject them both. Later on, she regrets this decision and decides to go with K.C., making Connor feel rejected. Connor then comes up with a way to pressure Clare into going with him, and Clare reluctantly agrees. At the dance, Connor forces Clare on the dance floor. She leaves after feeling uncomfortable with him. On her way out, she bumps into K.C., who asks her to dance with him. She agrees and they dance comfortably for awhile, however, the moment is short lived when Connor barges in. He storms off in anger and Clare follows.

In Causing a Commotion, The Shep trips over Connor's lamp that he has next to his computer, and gives him a detention. Clare sticks up for Connor by buying everyone in the class a lamp to put on their desk so that Connor can keep his, but the Shep gets angry and gives everyone detentions. Later at detention, Connor is tapping his pencil and Alli keeps telling him to stop, but he won't listen. She gets up and grabs his pencil from him, and he overreacts by spitting on her. Then she calls him a freak and breaks his pencil in half, and drops it on the desk. He gets up and pushes her, and she falls backwards. The Shep kicks Connor out of school despite Mr. Simpson's pleas not to.

Clare goes to his house later on and tries to comfort him, and sees that he's having a break down and wants to leave Degrassi. She sees that all his clothes are the same - Clare's a little confused about this, and asks him why his clothes are all the same. He melts down and starts throwing things around, and she leaves. The next day, Clare comes to school out of her private school uniform, for a change. Mr. Simpson tells her that Connor has Asperger's Syndrome, and that it's hard for him to learn social skills and rules. Initially, Clare is unaccepting of this fact, but later she goes to his house and apologizes and provides some insight on Connor's conumdrum. The next day, Alli and K.C. are filming The Shep's "principal of the year" video, with him giving his thank you speech. Clare interrupts and tells The Shep that he should let Connor back into Degrassi.

Connor after Alli enrages him by taking his pencil.

After some arguing, The Shep calls Clare "a little bitch" and walks out. Luckily, the video camera was still rolling, and they show the whole school this video of the real Shep. Everyone leaves the auditorium and goes on strike outside, chanting "No more Shep!' The Shep wound up getting suspended and went to "sensitivity training" for a few months or so, later coming back as the principal.

Connor is allowed back at Degrassi, and says he's relieved to have been diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome, as it means there are people out there who share his struggles.

In Touch of Grey, Connor and K.C. show interest in trying out for the Basketball Team. He finds out that K.C. lives in a group home by researching the phone number K.C. put on the try out list. K.C. is embarrassed and makes Connor swear to keep it to himself. Connor initially agrees, but then tells Reese and his friends to try to intimidate them. Alli and Clare proceed to find out. K.C. then thinks Clare doesn't want to hang out with him anymore and feels ostracized. In the end of the episode K.C. and Connor make the team.

In Danger Zone, Connor is confused by the fighting between Clare and K.C., and when prompted by Alli to fix it, invites Clare and K.C. over to his house, without either of them aware of the other's attendance.

Connor dancing with another girl, even though he has feelings for Clare.

He attempts to repair their relationship by locking them in his basement/room, which doesn't go over well. At the black and white dance, Clare talks to Connor about how K.C. is acting like an idiot, and Connor tells her that K.C. likes her. She proceeds to have Connor trick K.C. into the storage room again, so that she could make up with him. After he helps her out, Connor dances with another girl in his grade, who has a crush on him.

Season 9

He comes back to Degrassi in Season 9 as a more mature kind of kid. He is taller, and his voice is deeper.

Normal season9-promo-hq-0017.jpg

In Just Can’t Get Enough (2), Connor and K.C. fluster Holly J. when they were purchasing tickets for the Winter Beach Bash. They both demanded front-of-the-line passes since they are on the basketball team. Then he complains that one of the football players used the front-of-the-line tickets, even though the season ended.

In Shoot to Thrill, Bruce stole Connor's lunch and he made Bruce surprised when Bruce found decoy pieces of food in it. When Bruce told Connor that he was psycho for having the decoy lunch, Connor simply shrugged his shoulders and laughed.

In Close To Me, Connor tries to cheer up K.C. with his basketball problem. He walks in on K.C. trashing the room and calms him down. But, when he tries to calm K.C. down, K.C. tells him to shut up and Connor leaves.

In Wanna Be Startin' Something, he is at the alley where Dave and Bruce were going to fight. When Daves shows up, Connor tells Chantay that he has done his statistics, and Dave has no chance, he is correct, and Dave gets urine poured on him.


In Somebody, Dave and Connor become friendly in class and on the basketball team, but Connor isn't feeling confident in his basketball and social skills. Dave and Connor's friendship is strained as Dave tries to improve his popularity among the basketball team. After seeing the other players openly mock him, though, Dave doesn't stand up for him right away, he's too caught up in being "cool."

After Ethan's bullying, Connor decides he's going to quit the team. Ethan bullies him again, and this time Dave and K.C. step in and tell him to back off. Later, when Dave learns that Connor has been keeping statistics all year, he shows them to the coach and gets a very indirect form of revenge. Everyone, especially Ethan is surprised a how Connor kept statistics, as it is revealed Ethan is the least valuable team member.

In Heart Like Mine (1), Connor is excited that K.C. won the semi-final game for the team and that they're going to the finals. K.C. is also excited. Connor is seen high fiving K.C. when he was walking into school, because he won for the team.

In Heart Like Mine (2), when Connor sees K.C. out of his uniform, ready to play basketball he asks him why - K.C. tells him to mind his own business, but one can tell K.C. feels bad that he is edging Connor out. Connor just walks away. In the middle of the episode, the coach was calling out the team players names and he called Connor's name. This is where his last name is revealed. Later on, when the coach is being taken away by the police at the final game, Connor is confused.

In Holiday Road, Connor is playing video games in the living room with Jack, Kelly, and Spinner. When he walks into his room while Emma and Kelly are in a fight, he questions why they are in his room, but they ignore him.


In Innocent When You Dream, Connor throws a party in his basement. When Alli is picking the people's names out of the bowl for a game of 7 Minutes in Heaven, Connor feels uncomfortable because he doesn't want to make out and only wants to use the stopwatch. When Clare and Wesley are picked, Connor times them. When they leave from the make out spot, Connor tells them the time was merely at 1 minute 42 seconds.

Season 10

In What a Girl Wants (1), Dave is back at Degrassi and is with his best friend Connor. Connor and Dave both check out Alli as she's walking into school. He suggests that Dave should be tenth grade class rep, because the title is in Dave's best interest - this was caused my Connor's corrupted formula. Alli logs on to a computer and yells at Dave for ranking her #42 on the Hottest Degrassi Girls List. Dave is embarrassed and doesn't know how to react. Later on, he and Connor are in the hallway and they are talking about why Alli is acting so weird, since they were friendly all summer.

Connor and Wesley helping Dave with his election.

In What a Girl Wants (2), Connor is excited that his best friend Dave is running for tenth grade representative. At lunch, he and Wesley rap for Dave's election. This embarrasses Dave, so he pushes them aside and tries to redeem the situation. Connor only wanted to help, but when he realizes that it was goofy rap, and he feel embarrassed, as does Wesley.

In Breakaway (1), Connor is confronted by Holly J. about Dave's election, but he is scared so he just tries to get away from her. In gym, K.C. is hanging with Connor, Dave, and Wesley and he hears Jenna confront Clare, and he laughs.

In Breakaway (2), Connor is hanging with Dave, Wesley, K.C. and Jenna in gym class and they're talking about Clare's "fake boobs." When Connor makes circular motions in front of his chest, mimicking Clare, K.C. nudges him and he stops. Connor doesn't understand why she wants to change them. Dave asks him if he would want to fix his Asperger's if he had the chance to. Connor is uncomfortable answering that question, but ultimately he says no.


In Try Honesty (1), Wesley, Connor, and Dave are walking into school, and they try to discuss what they're going to do over the weekend. Dave tells them that they should go make out with their girlfriends at the movies, but they don't have girlfriends. Wesley makes a reference that girls are as gentle as hamsters and you can get on easily, Dave thinks it's kind of weird, and they go into the school. In home room, Wesley and Connor listen to Sav's Band Slam announcement about signing up with your band to enter a contest. Wesley asks Connor what his favorite band is, but Connor told him he doesn't have one. Wesley then gets the idea to create a band, even though they don't have talent. Connor then tells him that their band can be his favorite.

Later, they go sign up for the Band Slam, putting Dave's name on the list, and naming the band The Three Tenners. Sav confronts them and talks to them. They seek advice from him, he tells them that he was once a band geek, and he leaves them to be. Later on, they're practicing. Wesley has a flute and Connor has beats covered with his computer music. Dave enters and they tell him what is going on. He ends up alright with it, and he tries singing the song they wrote, despite his bad singing.

In Try Honesty (2), Wesley, Connor, and Dave finish recording the song with the help of Sav. But, when they play their song out loud, Connor isn't nervous to tell Dave that his singing sucks. Dave gets offended and tells them they're losers and they can do the song by themselves. In class, Wesley discovers he's learning symbiosis, he gets the idea to fix Dave's voice and make it better, using a computer. Wesley accidentally yells out loud in class, "That's it!" and embarrasses himself.

Later that day, Wesley shares his ideas of what to do with Connor and Sav. Connor and Sav edited Dave's voice using synthesizers, and computer electronics, and made it 100% better. They got Dave and he listened to the song, he thinks it's cooler and more robotic like than the original, but he is upset it isn't the original, and isn't his real voice. He leaves and goes and sits in the hallway. Sav comes out to talk to him. Sav tells him good friendly cool advice. Sav then takes out his cell phone and starts playing the song, telling him it's a really cool song, and that it will score big time at "Band Slam."

Dave is happy that Sav gave him good self-esteem-boosting advice, and Dave gets up and tells Connor and Wesley he likes the song. Later on, at The Dot, Dave puts his iPhone in a boombox and he plays their song aloud in the restaurant. Anya and a group of girls hear the song and think it's cool and catchy. Dave asks them if they'll be at Band Slam, and they tell him they will be and they can't wait to watch them perform. Dave turns back and he realizes he's happy to be friends with Connor and Wesley.

In You Don't Know My Name (1), Connor, Dave, and Wesley are upset to find out that their band is dropping


out of the Band Slam because Mr. Simpson had to cut the event. The next day Connor is still at school and is asleep at the desk over the computer. Dave and Wesley walk in to notice him sleeping. Ms. Oh walks around and notices Connor sleeping as well she bangs on the table to wake him up and is mad at him for drooling on the keyboards, since the computers are expensive. Dave and Wesley nudge him to wake him up even more, Connor tells them he wishes he didn't hate coffee, and Wesley goes off talking about how it took him that long to beat the villager.

It turns out Connor was up all night long playing RPG's. Wesley tries to tell him loves RPG's too, but he's gone to deep and he needs to come up for air. Connor tells them that they don't understand, and nobody else in his life does as well. Connor is at home after school, and is playing his "Realm of Doom", and is wearing headphones and is talking into them, to the person he's playing with. It turns out it's a girl he's playing with and they're "friends" online. His "girl - friend" tells him that he's seems really cool and that he probably has many friends in the real life. Connor admits to only having about 2 friends, and they don't understand him, unlike her. She tells him that they're lucky they found each other, and Connor is about to say yes until Snake tells him he has to leave. Connor leaves for school, and tells the girl they'll play again.

After class, Connor is on Realm of Doom and is refreshing the page to see if his girl-friend is online, after he sent her a chat message about playing again. Dave and Wesley come in to ask him if he wants to shoot some hoops, Connor tells them in a little bit because he's waiting for something from a girl. Wesley asks if it's a girlfriend, and Connor tells them she's just a friend that's a girl, a girl-friend. Dave tells him to "shut the front door" and Connor tells him that they play online and they listen to each other, talk to each other, and understand each other.

Dave and Wesley ask if he has a picture of her, but he says yes right here, he points to her avatar, LoveQueen16. They laugh, and ask if he's serious. Dave and Wesley laugh, and Connor tries to explain she may not be perfect, Dave tells him that he's never seen her so for all he knows she could be some fat dude. Connor is upset, but they tell him to come play basketball, he tells them he'll be out in a minute, they leave and he gets a message from her which is her cell number, she asks for his and he gives it too her, he's happy.

In You Don't Know My Name (2), Connor continues talking to LoveQueen16, and doesn't tell Dave and Wesley. But, after they learn that he made plans to meet up with her after school, they decide it's best if they follow him to make sure everything goes okay. When they get to the meeting spot, they see a older woman, who is wearing a Realm of Doom shirt, they leave before things get too risky. But, Connor wants to meet her still, and continues to text her. He tells her that he's sorry that he didn't show up, and that they should definitely meet up again for real.

In My Body Is A Cage (1), Connor walks with Dave to media immersions the next day. Connor busts Dave's chops and asks him if he's ready for more Ms. Oh, and Dave says more than ever.

In My Body Is A Cage (2), Dave, while talking to Connor and Wesley before school, he tells them that he'll make Ms. Oh laugh to make her change her mind about the grades. Dave continues trouble in class with Ms. Oh. When she enters the class room, she asks them how their project, blogging, was going. Dave raises his hand and while Ms. Oh has her back turned, gets out of his seat, with no pants on, and says he felt comfortable with his pants down and that her instructions were bare.

In his underwear, he starts stretching (Ms. Oh still hasn't noticed) and asks to talk to her during class. When she sees his pants are missing, she tells him to put his pants back on. Wesley asks what was up and Dave shrugs. Dave is walking with Wesley and Connor, joking about the incident in class. Connor mentions that Ms. Oh seemed sad and they see Ms. Oh heading towards her car, crying. Connor checks her MyRoom profile and notes that her status went from being in a relationship to being single and says that she has a broken heart.

Connor and Lovequeen16

In Tears Dry On Their Own (1), Connor continues talking to LoveQueen16 online, against Dave, and Wesley's opinions. He is playing a game of Realm of Doom, with her, until Dave and Wesley walk in the mi room. He shuts the game off, and listens to them bombarding him with advice. Dave asks him why he still talks to her, if she is like 42, and he was -12 when she was born. Dave tells him that it's just plain weird, and asks what he sees in her. While Connor tells them that she's just a friend that he plays Realm of Doom with, Wesley agrees that it is cool, but that they're his friends. Connor tells them that she's different, and she listens to him and understands him.

Dave and Wesley try to tell him that they do all that stuff, but he doesn't seem to listen or care. Dave tries to tell him to get over her, but Connor isn't too sure what's to get over. They leave, and he continues to play ROD. Later, Dave comes up with the perfect plan to show Connor that there are other girls that are their age, that he can interact with.

They go on a chat roulette type site called, ChatSoFast. They go through lots of people until they find three girls their age, Wesley and Dave are ready to smoothly talk to them, and they tell Connor to start up a conversation. Connor types them, "Do you guys play realm of doom?" They stare confused. Dave feels that Connor's going to make them leave the chat, so he takes over. Connor is mad at Dave, and looks around concerned. Later after classes are done, Connor is playing ROD, and Mr. Simpson walks in to tell him to leave and go home to do chores, Connor tells him he has everything handled, and he has even separated the recycling and made compost. Mr. Simpson accepts this and tells him good job and to not get home too late.

After, Connor video chats with LoveQueen16. They begin talking, until Connor tells her that they could meet up to go get the Realm of Doom expansion pack, she agrees. Connor leaves, and a few moments after Wesley and Dave walk in trying to find Connor, they don't know where he is, and Wesley goes on the ROD website to see if anything is up, Dave figures that Connor probably went with the online girl to get the expansion pack. They decide to go before things happen, but they email Mr. Simpson explaining everything. In line Connor is bombarded with flattery from LoveQueen16, and is confused, and embarrassed. They make plans to go back to her house to test out the expansion pack afterward.

Wesley and Dave get there a few moments later to see Connor and the creep walking out, they stop him and make her leave. They talk to him and make him promise not to do that again, even if they're going to trust and understand him. They decide to leave until Mr. Simpson comes by, he takes Connor and brings him home, telling Connor that he should be lucky to have friends like Dave and Wesley.

In Tears Dry On Their Own (2), Mr. Simpson is still furious with Connor about LoveQueen16, so he bans Connor from all computers for a while. Connor tells him he can't live without his computer, but Mr. Simpson is head strong, and doesn't give in. Mr. Simpson then gives him a spiral notepad to write and share ideas in, he tells Connor that in his time, they didn't have all the high tech computers, so they used notebooks. Connor is pissed. After, Connor notices Mr. Simpson's laptop is unattended, and he goes online to chat with LoveQueen16. He tells her everything, and how his friends don't understand him. He asks her to pick him up at his school parking lot, and they can go to her house to play the expansion pack.

After he's done shooting some hoops, LoveQueen agrees, but she has to run some errands first. Later, LoveQueen comes to pick

Connor and Dave shocked by Wesley's news.

Connor up, and Connor tells her that he is so frustrated, with everyone, and she tells him she understands. She tells him that he can go back to her place and they can be more intimate. Connor tells her that he thought they were going to play the game, but she thinks he's silly. She then touches his leg, very creepily. He leaves the car, calls her a freak, and tells her to leave.

Later, he tells Mr. Simpson and Ms. Oh what happened, and they're happy he told them, Mr. Simpson asks if he got any other information on her, and Connor tells him that he memorized her license plate with his photographic memory. He then gives it to Mr. Simpson. Mr. Simpson then tells him that the only video games he'll be playing from now on is Frogger with him, and Connor laughs. After school, Connor rekindles his friendship with Dave and Wesley, and they all play Frogger with Mr. Simpson.

In Don't Let Me Get Me (1), Connor, Wesley, and Adam welcomes Alli to the science club. They are all talking about science materials, accompanying each other, and basically enjoy their time in the club.

In Don't Let Me Get Me (2), Connor receives a text message that contained steamy photos of Bianca sent by Alli. He also took part in snapping pictures of Alli and Bianca fighting.

In Halo (1), Connor is with Dave and Wesley at lunch when Wesley tells them about the wet dream he had in Ms. Oh's class. Both Connor and Dave seem shocked by the news. Connor insists to cancel his and Anya's date knowing Wesley's situation.

In When Love Takes Over, Connor is seen with Wesley making fun of Dave's height compared to Sadie's. He then ridicules Dave for not wanting to go out with her when they have the same interests just because of her height.

Season 11


In What's My Age Again?, Connor feels alone since he's the only one of the Three Tenners not to have a girlfriend. In class, Hannah catches him staring at her chest and she storms off to another table. Wesley didn't see what happened and he doesn't find out until Connor confronts Hannah. He didn't understand what he did wrong, and this is when she exclaims the problem as they are leaving class. Wesley then gets upset with Connor and informs him that type of thing is unacceptable.

Later in the day, Connor and Wesley have a talk and Wesley lets Connor know everything is alright with Hannah. This is when Connor says he doesn't want a girlfriend, he is just curious. Later at Anya's party, when Wes and Hannah leave him to fend for himself, he tries to flirt with Fiona, and provides her with an irrelevant fact concerning the bacterial status of cheese, which she gets out of by having Holly J. save her.

They then begin to whisper about him which upsets him. He storms off into Fiona's bedroom and ends up noticing her dresser. He then steals a pair of her black and purple lace panties, presumably as a prank for making him feel bad about himself. He is then shooed out of the room when Anya comes in looking for a place to wallow in her self-pity after the incident with Dr. Chris.

In Paper Planes (1), Connor, along with Wesley and Hannah, creates an application for the Degrassi App Challenge, an outfit chooser that selects clothes you should wear based on how you feel and where you are going. Connor spontaneously enters the girls' locker room whilst the school Volleyball game was being held. He initially utilizes the opportunity to take a photograph of Alli's jacket, for the app challenge, but then subsequently steals a pair of underwear. As he's stealing the underwear, Alli enters the locker room, and as she inquires as to who is in the locker room, Connor bolts, and as a result, knocks Alli over.

Mr. Simpson calming down Connor.

In Paper Planes (2), Alli, Hannah, and Wesley find out that it was Connor in the locker room after Alli notices that one of the sweaters in the app was a sweater that one of her relatives knitted for her. However, he was only in the locker room so he could take pictures of the girl's clothes for the App. After he tells Mr. Simpson that it was him in the locker room and stealing the underwear, they bring in a counselor. The counsellor tells that it is normal for him have teenage boy hormones though how he acted on it was inappropriate.

Mr. Simpson tells Connor that he is suspended and that he will go to Balton. When Connor is cleaning out his locker, he gives Wesley the flash drive that could help him and Hannah win the App Challenge. He leaves and states that he will be back.

In Underneath It All, while in class, Connor questions Clare about why she isn't sitting next to Alli and who her best friend is now. When Clare says that her best friend must be Jake, Connor subtly laughs and turns around.


In Not Ready To Make Nice (1), Connor intercepts a pass in the hallway and impresses the rest of the guys, they encourage him to try out for football. Mo is also trying out for football and as the resident class clown most of Mo's jokes don't make sense to Connor. His aspergers makes it difficult for Connor to understand social cues like jokes and it becomes obvious to the other guys on the team that Connor doesn’t understand what’s being said around him.

Still, Connor puts everything aside and impresses the rest of the guys and the coach. Connor is ecstatic when he finds out that he made the team, but his happiness quickly fades. Mo, obviously upset that Connor made the starting line and he didn’t, invites all the guys out for wings, except for Connor. K.C. tries to console Connor by reminding him that he’s still part of the team, but it doesn’t make Connor feel any better. At practice, Connor decides that he needs to try to fit in more, so when Mo makes a joke Connor pretends to laugh. Unfortunately, Mo notices that Connor is faking and calls him out on it.

K.C. tries to jump in and explain that Connor has Asperger's, but Connor stops him before he can tell anyone. After


practice, Connor tells K.C. that he has a plan to help him get along with Mo. Connor thinks Mo joined football to get girls and decides that if he can get Mo a girlfriend through online dating then he can get Mo to quit football.

In In the Cold, Cold Night, Connor is seen helping Clare with the newspaper.

Season 12

In Gives You Hell (1), Connor is heard over the intercom making an announcement to get people to join the Academic Quiz Team.

In Gives You Hell (2), Connor and K.C. are making fun of Drew's video shown at the pep rally. Drew overhears and they stop, going into their quiz team meeting. Connor then calls Drew stupid when he asks to join the team. Later, he is seen quizzing Drew and seems confused when he struggles greatly.


In Closer to Free (1), he is part of Clare and Adam's group for their project. He offers ideas for what to do when Clare takes over the whole thing with things "Asher says." He ends up posting tweets about what she said. When Clare confronts him, she tells him she won't lose her internship just because he has Asperger's and he tells her she's acting arrogant. She tells him to take the tweets down and stop it which he ends up tweeting, causing her to angrily leave.

Connor in the "Stuff Clare Says" video.

In Closer to Free (2), he is seen in the front of class with Adam and Clare as she presents their project. When their teacher asks why she didn't follow the format, he says that he wanted to but Clare wouldn't let them. The two argue for a bit and he walks out of the class. Later, he is seen with Adam watching the "Stuff Clare Says" video. When she walks in and apologizes, he accepts and they watch the video together.

In Waterfalls (1), he is seen studying with the Bright Sparks at K.C.'s house and answers a question right when Bianca answers wrong. He is later seen at a meeting at school.

In Waterfalls (2), he is seen celebrating the Bright Sparks victory and talks about what it'd be like if Lisa and Mr. Townsend got together with K.C. and Bianca.

In Rusty Cage (1), he is seen studying questions with Bianca and K.C. as well as talking about K.C.'s dad. In a mock round, he is seen answering questions.


In Rusty Cage (2), he is first seen talking to K.C. about his parents' drinking when Jenna walks up and joins the conversation. He later practices with the other Bright Sparks when K.C. leaves the room unfocused. He is one of the people to meet K.C. in the front of the school to say goodbye. He joins the group hug and watches the car drive away before returning to class. In Never Ever (1), he asks Becky if her table is where he can buy tickets for Romeo and Jules. His question is answered when Adam comes up with his



In Scream (1), he is seen rehearsing the final scene of Romeo and Jules.

In Scream (2), he is seen performing Romeo and Jules as Friar Lawrence.

In Doll Parts (1), he is seen at volleyball tryouts and afterwards talks to Adam.

In Doll Parts (2) , he is seen at volleyball practice when he finds out he and Adam made the team. He tells Adam he deserved the spot. He is there when Adam gets hit with the ball.

In Bitter Sweet Symphony (2), Jenna, Mo, Fiona, Connor, Marisol, and Becky, along with Alli and Dallas in the room, discuss Campbell's suicide.


In Ray of Light (1), Jenna goes to help Connor after he drops some stuff in the hallway and kisses him on the check. Connor later appears at Jenna's locker and gives her flowers and chocolates and asks her out, not taking no for an answer. Jenna accepts and he walks away happy. He later approaches her and Alli in the hallway and gives her an orange space suit for their date later on. They enter some room and Connor makes it look like they're in space, and Jenna likes it. Connor figures out Jenna wants to kiss him, so he leans in and they do for a second before pulling apart; Jenna thinks they should try again and they both lean and kiss each other again.


In Ray of Light (2), he is seen talking to Jenna about a second date and kissed her but is interrupted when Alli, Becky and Dallas walk in and then leaves. He is later seen when he punched Luke in the face because he was getting fresh with Jenna and Jenna got upset with him. He is later seen walking with Jenna after they made up.


In Zombie (1), Jenna and Alli are gossiping about Eli and Clare's latest break up when Connor interrupts them, wanting Alli to leave because he wanted to spend time with Jenna. Alli decides to leave, and Jenna tells Connor that Alli needs her friends right now since she is crushed that things didn't work out with Dallas. Connor decides to try and get Alli a boyfriend so that it will keep her busy and away from Jenna. Later, Jenna and Connor are on a date at The Dot when Alli barges in to tell Jenna that Eli sent her flowers, which she thinks he did to mess with Clare through Eli. When Eli also shows up with an identical bouquet of flowers, Jenna figures out that Connor sent the flowers to both Alli and Eli. She calls him a jerk because he wants her friend to stop hanging out with them, and tells him to go home.


In Zombie (2), Connor apologizes to Jenna and Alli, and Jenna, although she says he ticked a lot of people off, she's not mad. However, when Connor makes rude comments about Clare and Clare overhears him, Jenna and Alli then explain that now they're mad.

Connor tells Eli that he should get back together with Clare, and that he is a mess. Eli explains that he's miserable, but Connor truly wants to help Eli, so his relationship with Jenna isn't jeopardized.

Connor and Jenna talk. Jenna is still angry, but Connor tells him he likes her a lot. Jenna feels the same about Connor. Alli appears, and when Connor also apologizes to her, they all have coffee together. Connor tells the group that Eli wants to take Clare back.


Connor sees Eli when talking to Jenna later that day, and tells him that Clare would be able to see him. Eli then changes his mind and says he thinks the break is for the best, even though he loves her. Connor asks why he wouldn't want to be with her, and Eli doesn't reply, he walks out and goes to Jenna. She says "How did that go?" He says "I have no idea Eli and Clare are so complicated," and Jenna laughs and says "And we're simple." He says, "Yeah if that's ok with you," and she says "Actually the best." They then walk off, happy.

InThe Time Of My Life, Connor is briefly seen at prom with Jenna, as well as graduation with Clare, Alli, Drew, Dallas, and Jenna.

Season 13


In Summertimehe is briefly seen with Jenna during the meeting for the trip to Paris. When he asks Alli if Clare is going to die of the cancer, Jenna responds by saying "Connor!" He says it was a legitimate question.

In All I Wanna Do, Connor and Jenna reveal they have tickets to see the Eiffel Tower, which are sold out so Alli can't go with them. Alli encourages them to go without her, and they leave holding hands.

13x05 58.png

In My Own Worst Enemy, Connor sits behind Jenna and Alli as they talk about Leo and Alli's presentation.

In About A Girl, Connor and Jenna have a double date with Alli and Leo. Leo mentioned some places where couples can be alone and Connor says he doesn't like the idea of sex and that he can't even imagine it. He then blows Alli's cover by saying that he and Jenna are only there so Alli (who didn't want to move so fast) didn't want to have sex with Leo.

In Cannonball, Connor is briefly seen in the classroom looking at Jenna. Later on, Alli brings Connor to Jenna's room. Connor explains to her, why he doesn't want to have sex. Jenna says that they don't have to, but she just want to feel close to him. They make up and kiss.

In Young Forever, Connor is seen at Adam's funeral with Alli and Jenna. Later he's seen helping set up for Becky's bonfire. When Becky thinks no one is going to come, she asks Connor to help her take down the banner. Then later, he is seen talking and hugging Dave. He also watches as the sky lantern flies away.

Connor during the school assembly.

In This Is How We Do It, Connor is seen walking into the school. Jenna kisses him, but they're interrupted by Clare. Connor asks her if the cancer has spread to her lungs, but Clare responds that she's still in remission. Then the three hug each other. Suddenly Drew comes out of the school gym and asks everyone to come and see what he's prepared for the school assembly. Later on, Connor is presented by Drew during the assembly as the school treasurer. He goes on stage wearing a big calculator on his neck.

In You Got Me, Connor is seen at the Beach Bash dance with Jenna, Clare, Alli and Leo. Alli asks Leo if that's what dances look like in France, but Leo responds that in France no one would be standing against the wall. Nobody reacts to his words, so he asks Connor if he's losing something in the translation, but Connor tells him he's not supposed to talk to him. Later, Connor asks Alli if she knew that Leo can dance, but she tells him that she had not idea. He later appears informing Alli and Leo that Drew is getting naked in front of everybody. Then Connor is seen watching as Drew jumps into a kiddie pool.

In Barely Breathing, Connor is seen walking into the school with heart-shaped balloons. Jenna tells him that he shouldn't have to buy them, but he responds he didn't and that the balloons are for Alli.

In Black or White, Connor is briefly seen watching Drew's interview for Degrassi TV.

Connor with Jenna during the Degrassi Family Feast.

In Spiderwebs, Connor is seen in front of the school with Jenna, carrying a box with pumpkins. He approaches Drew and tells him that he's glad that he voted for him. He also asks not to tell Clare. Later on, Connor is seen with Jenna while Drew tells them that their part for the Degrassi Thanksgiving Family Feast is tables and chairs. Also, he hypothetically asks Jenna what would mean if Connor was away all year and came back for Thanksgiving and didn't call her. Jenna tells that Connor and her have a strong relationship and if he wouldn't call her she would trust him, but Connor says that if he didn't call, it would mean that he no longer wants to be involved romantically with her. Then Winston joins the conversation and says that it sounds like a classic turkey dump, but Dallas responds that the meeting's over and tells everyone to go away.

Later on, Connor is briefly seen with Jenna at the Degrassi Thanksgiving Family Feast, while carving a turkey. The couple is also seen serving the needy families. Jenna then tells Connor that she's thankful for him and Connor responds with the same. They kiss, when suddenly they're interrupted by Drew, who approaches them with Bianca by his side. Unfortunately, Connor says that they have to get back to work. That same day, Connor and Jenna are briefly seen while talking to Bianca and also during Drew's speech at the Thanksgiving dinner.

Connor helps Alli.

In Dig Me Out, Connor is seen with Alli in the chemistry lab. He tells her that they have to get to work, because only two projects can get into the regionals contest. Alli responds that would be them, but Connor warns her about a girl working on a volcano. Also, he asks Alli how is her experiment going. Alli responds nervously that all her fruit flies are dead. Connor doesn't comfort her, saying that the volcano girl chances of winning has suddenly improved. Alli tells Connor that she still can win, but has to work twice as hard. Connor responds that she could also ask for extra help, but Alli says that she can do this on her own. Later on, Connor walks again into the chemistry lab and asks Alli if she needs an extra help. She says she doesn't, but Connor doesn't agree as he sees her bleeding. He helps Alli and asks what happened. Alli starts to whine off-topic about Leo and says that apparently it's impossible to do science with one hand. Connor tells her it would be good for her to find a lab partner, because on her own she can get hurt.

That same day, Connor is seen with Dallas and Clare during their poker night. Drew approaches them and says that Zoë will join them in the game. Everyone is upset and Clare wonders what magic spell Zoë has over Drew. Dallas finds out that Drew had sex with Zoë and Connor says that their relationship doesn't sound very casual. Also, Connor asks if she already changed her Facerange relationship status, but Drew responds with a short denial. A moment later, Zoë joins them and the five play poker and talk.

In Power to the People, Connor is briefly seen with Alli in the chemistry lab.

Connor left by Dallas.

In No Surprises, Connor is seen during a student council meeting, while Clare thanks him for an update on council's finances. Then, Jenna kisses him. Suddenly, Dallas approaches them and asks if Alli and Leo broke up and if they're ever going to get back together. Jenna responds that they're not and Alli won't date anyone until she completely forgets about Leo. Dallas tells them that maybe he could help her with that. Connor says that he's a way better guy than Leo. Dallas thanks him while Connor raises his hand to give him a high five, but Dallas walks away leaving Connor sad.

Then, Clare tells Connor and Jenna that they can't cancel the bungee jumping, because they're going to lose their deposit. Connor asks Clare if there's still a free spot and tells her that he invited Drew. Clare is very reluctant which surprises Jenna, so Clare decides to expose that she kissed Drew on Thanksgiving. Jenna asks how could she, as Eli was in town, and Clare responds that they were on a short break. Connor then says that she moves on quickly and listens to the rest of the conversation.

Connor's new look.

In What It's Like, Connor is seen doing work in the back of class while Jenna, Alli, and Clare discuss how Jenna is nominating them for king and queen at the semi-formal. He is at the mall with her and doesn't understand why she is giving him new clothes and jeans with holes in them, which he deems "illogical." He knows she is lying when she says it's for an art project and gets her to tell him the truth which is that she wants them to look like a good couple since she is nominating them for king and queen at the semi-formal. He decides to go along with the plan after she convinces him to look at it like a science experiment and goes to try on the jeans. At school, he is in the girls' bathroom with Jenna who is putting contacts in his eyes for his new look and doesn't know how safe they are for his eyes. Jenna starts getting aggravated and he asks her the real reason why she wants him to change, not buying her story that it's for an experiment. When she says it's because other people think they're a weird couple, he doesn't understand why she cares what other people think and says that she's the real problem. He is later in the cafeteria wearing his entire new look when Jenna finds him to apologize, saying he looks amazing. He informs her that he could only get his left contact in and is tripping a lot due to bad depth perception. She tells him that she doesn't care what people think and that they don't have to do the competition, but he tells her that he wants to go along with it because it will make her happy and compromise is essential in relationships. He then goes on about image in politics and she says he can talk nerdy to her anytime as they take their king/queen photo. He is later talking to grade nines and agrees to help them with math, not realizing it is because he got a hot makeover. 

Connor and Jenna wearing their crowns.

In Close to Me, Connor is talking with the niner girls he had been tutoring when Jenna pulls him aside and says that they should end the experiment and he should go back to his old style. Connor has started liking his new style since he has been getting many compliments and looks and thinks that it would be a bad idea. He asks her if she still wants to win the competition and she says that does, so he says that it would be irrational for him to change back, unknowingly upsetting Jenna in the process, who is jealous of all the attention he's been getting. When the king and queen are about to be announced, he is holding Jenna in anticipation and is very happy when he hears their names. After going onstage and putting on their crowns, he holds her hand and lifts both into the air. By doing so, the strap on Jenna's tight dress snaps and her breast is revealed to everyone at the dance. Connor is shocked and doesn't know what to do, standing there awkwardly even after Jenna leaves the stage. He soon runs after her and Alli. He meets her in the bathroom and hands her a green t-shirt to cover up her dress and she puts it on. He then asks her why she wore such a revealing dress and she tells him it was because she was jealous of the stupid niner girls. He tells her that she loved him before he changed his style and they didn't, so he doesn't care about them. Jenna asks if he loves her and he says that he does and hopes she recipricates. She tells him that she loves him back and they kiss.


In Army of Me, Connor and Dallas got stopped by a cop for no reason and Dallas thinks it's because they're black.

In Everything Is Everything, he is seen coming in late with Dallas and trying to think of a lie to Alli and almost spilled out the truth by accident.

In Enjoy the Silence, Connor is seen at the Artsy at school.

In How Bizarre, Connor, Alli, Jenna, and Dallas planned to go see a movie together. Later, the four are at The Dot when Drew shows up to talk to Jenna and Alli. Jenna and Alli do not want to talk to him, but Connor and Dallas convince them to hear Drew out.

In My Hero, he is standing next to Jack when he reveals that he got early acceptance into college.

In Thunderstruck, he seen inside at the dance with Jenna.

Season 14

Connor in class.

In I'll Be Missing You, Drew and Dallas walk in as Alli and Jenna jump up and down holding each other while Connor smiles nearby. Drew jogs over and joins their hug, matching their energy and asks "What are we hugging about?" Connor gives Dallas advice.

In Get It Together, Connor is walking to class with Jenna, Clare, Alli, and Dallas.

In I Wanna Be Adored, Connor is seen with Jenna, Drew, Dallas, and Alli discussing Alli's idea for prom before agreeing to Drew's idea. Jenna asks where Clare is and Connor tells Alli that since Clare is her best friend wouldn't she know where Clare is. Connor than leaves with Jenna and Drew. He is later seen watching Becky and Jonah's performance at The Dot.

In Teen Age Riot, Clare and Alli are leaving class when Clare says that they have just two more weeks and she can put the whole year behind her. Alli adds that they can celebrate with prom. Connor meets them outside of class and tells them Ms. Pill wants to talk to them. Ms. Pill walks up smiling and informs them that they've all been shortlisted for valedictorian. Alli tells Connor to eat her dust and Ms. Pill says they'll give speeches over video monitors tomorrow afternoon and people will vote for their choice valedictorian after that. Clare thanks her but says she will pass and starts to leave but Ms. Pill stops her, saying she wants to talk to her. She turns to Alli and Connor and dismisses them by saying she looks forward to their speeches. Later, they are about to give their speeches and Connor watches with Drew as Clare starts to give hers. Miss Pill tries to get Drew and Connor to stop recording but they are too busy enjoying what Clare is saying. Miss Pill pulls the plug when Clare starts to say “We need to stand up and tell Ms Pill to go-" and cuts her off. Drew and Connor then share a look as Clare walks off with confidence.

In Finally (1) Connor is seen in an astronaut costume asking Jenna to prom and she accepts. He is in the

Connor asking Jenna to prom

gym getting ready to take her final and watches Drew's prom proposal for Becky. Connor is in the student council office discussing Drew's ban from prom. At Clare's house, Clare and Eli take a group selfie with Jenna, Connor, Alli and Dallas. Eli pulls Clare to one side before getting everyone's attention and gets down on one knee and gets a box out of his pocket. Connor and the rest of the group watch and are relieved when it turns out he isn't proposing. Connor is later seen 

at the pier confused about the mix up at the prom destination.


In Finally (2), Connor is with Alli, Clare, Jenna, and Eli are seen eating take out comforting a stressed out Alli. Dallas texts Connor that the new prom location is at The Dot. Connor gives his valedictorian speech before graduating with his class and will be attending California Institute of Technology. Mr. Simpson looks proudly at his godson as he graduates. Connor is seen with his class protesting that Drew to be allowed to graduate with them. He joins the senior class conga line and says goodbye to Degrassi.


  • Despite wearing the same outfit in every episode he appeared in during Season 8, Connor changes his outfits from Season 9 onward.
  • Connor is in the Gifted Program at Degrassi.
  • Connor was one of three characters to have met someone online and eventually in person; the other two were Emma and Darcy.
  • Connor is one nine characters with a mental disability, which is Asperger's Syndrome. The other eight are:
    • Anya and Zoë, who both have dyslexia
    • Joey, who has dysgraphia
    • Liberty, who has dyscalculia
    • Spinner, who has ADHD(attention deficit hyperactivity disorder)
    • Craig and Eli, who both have bipolar disorder
    • Hunter, who has ODD(oppositional defiant disorder)
  • Connor was the second character to almost be molested in a car (he almost got molested by LoveQueen16, his internet stalker); the first was his godfather's friend Wheels, who almost got molested by a stranger while he was hitchhiking.
  • Connor is the first character in Degrassi history to develop an obsession with girl's underwear.
  • Connor has pushed Alli down two separate times. The first was in Causing a Commotion and the second was in Paper Planes (1).
  • His Twitter
  • In December 2020, AJ Saudin retweeted a meme that had the caption "I think they did it but I just can't prove it" with a picture of Degrassi High characters Lucy Fernandez and Bronco Davis next to a picture of Connor. AJ then commented when asked that he asked Stefan Brogren on set one day who Connor's parents were. Stefan didn't have a confirmed answer but told AJ that one of his parents might have been the character B.L.T. Thomas.
  • He had a crush on Clare and Jenna, both of whom dated K.C.
  • He is involved in the Degrassi Drama Department.
  • He has is the first person to have a photographic memory. The second is Zoë Rivas.
  • He had his first kiss ever with Jenna in Ray of Light (1).
  • His two closest friends have both left the show, though Wes was more blackholed than actually leaving.
  • He went on the trip to Paris.
  • He doesn't like the idea of sex, as discovered in About A Girl.
    • This could mean that Connor is possibly asexual, which would make him the first asexual character in the franchise.
  • Even though he was friends with Clare for years it was revealed in Spiderwebs that he voted for Drew instead of Clare in the 2013-2014 student president elections.
  • As of Season 13, Connor has been in the the most seasons out of all the current main male students.
  • He is shown to have a deep understanding of how fireworks work.
  • Connor was the first main character to play the MMORPG Realm of Doom, the second was Hunter Hollingsworth, and the third was Becky Baker.
  • Connor, along with sixteen other characters, was sexually assaulted.
  • His parents either met at Degrassi or Banting University because of the timeline for how they knew Snake and chose him to be Connor's godfather.
  • In the Season 14 episode Finally (2), Connor was chosen as the valedictorian for the Class of 2014.
  • Although he was credited as a regular in Season 14, he only appeared in 6 episodes.
  • Connor was the first male valedictorian since Marco Del Rossi of the Class of 2006.
  • Connor revealed that he has a fear of driving on highways, in the season 13 episode "Army of Me."
  • Connor shares similarities with Jimmy Brooks and Toby Isaacs.
  • Connor is one of eleven regular characters who didn’t say anything in their first appearance; the other ten are Luke, Campbell, Shay, Esme, Saad, Spike, Marco, Anya, Bruce, and Riley.
  • He received a telescope for his 8th birthday and spent hours on it looking for Extra Terrestrial life.


Season 8

Season 9

Season 10

Season 11

Season 12

Season 13

Season 14


  • (To Clare): "Not Magnesium and....Who's that guy?" (First Line) - Uptown Girl (2)
  • "So you see I learned many things from Degrassi. Not from classes, they were easy. They say it's the journey not the destination, well they were wrong. It's not our mistakes along the journey that matter, but where we end up that counts. Carl Sagan once said, “Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.” And I wish you all good luck in finding the destination, and wish you encounter the incredible. Thank you. (Final line) - Finally (2)
  • (To Wesley): *Imitating Arnold Schwarzenegger.* "I'll be back." - Paper Planes (2)
  • Holly J.: "What's going on here?"
    Connor: "Assault." - Breakaway (1)
  • "Dances SUCK!" - Lost in Love (2)
  • Connor: "It's terrible."
    Dave: "No, my singing is awesome."
    Connor: "No, it's terrible. Like, really terrible." - Try Honesty (2)
  • Connor: "Do you just want me to go on a date so YOU can see what it's like?"
    Wesley: "BOOM... diss Connor!"
  • Wesley: "What's your favorite band?"
    Connor: "I don't have one."
    Wesley: "Everyone has a favorite band."
    Connor: "If we form one... WE could be my favorite band!" - Try Honesty (1)
  • Wesley: "We don't have girlfriends."
    Dave: "That's the point."
    Connor: "Then let's go get some girlfriends!" - Try Honesty (1)
  • Ethan: "After the formal, I'm getting a hotel room with Trish."
    Connor: "What will you and Trish do?" - Somebody
  • "I told her to get out of my way!" - Causing a Commotion
  • "No, I'm not apologizing to Alli! I told her to get out of my way!" - Causing a Commotion
  • Clare: "All you have to do is apologize to Alli."
    Connor: "She took my pencil!" - Causing a Commotion
  • (After Clare asked why his clothes were the same) "You think I'm a freak too! Get out! GET OUT!"- Causing a Commotion
  • "I love those short shorts!"
  • "I have no friends and no computer." Connor to Snake.
  • "I got the license plate... photographic memory." Connor to Ms. Oh and Snake.
  • Johnny: "Hey, shut up."
    Connor: "My name is Connor."
    Johnny: "Hey, Connor. Shut up."
  • "Clare! You're mydate!"
  • (To Fiona): "Did you know cheese has four different types of bacteria?"
  • Hannah: "So how did you score an invite to this grade 12 party?"
    Wesley: "I told you. Anya and I are tight."
    Connor: "Her friends are probably just trying to fill up the room."
  • Hannah: "You were staring at my chest."
    Connor: "So? Wesley does it all the time."
  • Connor: "You need to be smart."
    Drew: "You're saying I'm not smart?"
    Connor: "Yes."
  • (To Jenna and Alli): "Eli's not so bad! He's- he's sensitive, and- and artistic. Those are really attractive qualities, I think he would make an excellent boyfriend!"
  • Eli: "I drove by your house and your parents said I would find you here."
    Alli: "Are you like, stalking me or something?"
    Eli: (unamused) "No. I was hoping you could explain this."
    (Eli pulls out a bouquet)
    Eli: "Will you be my boyfriend? Xoxo Alli."
    Alli: "I did NOT send those to you."
    (Alli chuckles)
    Jenna: (suspiciously) "Connor, did you do this?"
    Connor: "Yes."
    Alli: "Why?"
    Connor: "Because you and Eli are both sad and lonely."
    (Eli and Alli exchange shocked and annoyed glances)
    Connor: "You guys are a perfect match."
    Eli: "Kay, I got to get back to my movie. I'm on a deadline." (Eli walks over to a table of elderly women) Eli: "Ladies."
    (He gives one of the women the bouquet)
    Woman: "Aww! That's so nice!"


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