The friendship between Craig Manning and Emma Nelson is known as Cremma (Craig/Emma). It began in the second season of Degrassi: The Next Generation.

Friendship History


The two became acquainted at a wedding between Craig's mother and step-father when they were children. The start of their friendship was fueled largely by a crush that Emma quickly developed on Craig. She was heartbroken to discover that Craig did not return her affections, and to make matters worse, Craig liked her best friend Manny Santos. Emma eventually put her feelings aside, and even encouraged Manny to pursue a relationship with Craig, with whom she remained friends.

Season 2

In When Doves Cry (1), Craig catches Emma playing with Angie but flees once Joey notices she’s being watched. The next day Emma catches sight and immediately falls for him, and once Craig introduces himself to Emma she remembers that they already met in Joey & Julia’s wedding. She then invites him to her mom’s birthday party which he accepts, leaving her overjoyed.

In When Doves Cry (2), Emma overhears that Craig isn’t allowed to be around Joey or Angie, but works around it so he could be with Angie and she could spend time with her new crush. They go to the park, and Emma realizes it’s getting late and they should leave. Craig asks if he could play with Angie a little bit longer while she covered for him, which she reluctantly agrees to do, but Joey comes home early and finds out about this. Later on, Sean tells Emma that Craig is being physically abused by his father Albert Manning. They race to Joey to tell him about the abuse and how he had played chicken with an oncoming train earlier that day.

In Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, Emma and Manny sneak into the Seniors' Dance, even though they're in the eighth grade, with the help of Craig. When a slow song comes on, Emma and Manny think Craig will ask Emma to slow dance, but instead he asks Manny, leaving Emma shocked and heartbroken.

Season 3

In Father Figure (1), Emma is looking at a yearbook along with Ashley and Craig, when they spot Emma looking at a picture of Shane McKay. Craig asks Emma who he is, but she doesn't answer him until he threatens to ask Mr. Simpson. She reveals he is her father who "got my mom pregnant, then took off". She says she only met him once, when she was three and visited them at work. Later that episode Emma wants to meet Shane. She originally asked Sean to go with her, but he couldn't, so she asked Craig. He agrees to go with her, and they ride a train to the address they found when they searched "Shane Andrew McKay", only to find the wrong person. At home, Emma searches "Dr. Shane McKay", and they eventually find the right home.

In Pride (1), Craig warns Emma that he thinks there is more wrong with Snake than just a cold.

In Accidents Will Happen (2), Emma invites Craig and Manny over to babysit. The next day when Emma witnesses Craig and Manny arguing, Emma butts in and Craig tells her to stay out of it. Emma tells Craig she also doesn't want Manny to get an abortion but states that it's Manny's choice.

Season 5

In Turned Out (1), Emma walked into the Dot and found Craig and Manny making out. She said that she would tell them to get a room but they already had one, which happened to be hers. Manny told her that she would have her room all to herself that night as Craig was taking her to see a friend's band perform. Not wanting to leave her on her own, Manny said that it was not really a date and invited Emma to come along. Emma declined as she had to study. Craig tried to convince her to join them but she said that she did not want to be a third wheel.

The next day, the three of them again met at the Dot and Manny told Emma that she and Craig had met a "totally cute guy" who was Emma's type: Derek Haig, a Grade 10 student whom Jimmy Brooks was coaching in basketball. Derek then entered and Craig said that it was weird and cosmic as they had just been talking about him. Emma said that it was amazing and as if it had been set up. Manny introduced them and Derek commented that Craig had told him that Emma's parents used to go to Degrassi. Emma was distracted by the sight of Peter Stone, whom she had a crush on, outside the window with a new camera. She told Derek that she would tell him all about her parents' time at Degrassi at a date on Friday. However, their date did not go well and Emma told Derek that she had a "pretty lame time." Shortly afterwards, she went to see the film Clown Academy with Peter.

Season 6

In What's It Feel Like to Be a Ghost? (1), Emma and many other Degrassi students went to one of Craig's performances after he returned to Toronto for a music festival.

Season 7

In It's Tricky, Emma looked at a copy of Craig's album Of Two Minds.

In Bust a Move (2), it was revealed that Craig was the mystery guest at the Purple Dragon Mystery Concert in Smithdale University. Emma attended the concert. Craig was glad that so many of his old friends were in the audience.

Season 8

While arguing about boys that she and Manny had both liked in With or Without You, Emma mentioned Craig. Manny pointed out that they were twelve at the time.


There is a mini which involves what would have happened if Craig had chosen Emma instead of Manny. It's a recreation of a scene in Holiday (1).

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