The relationship between Craig Manning and Manny Santos is known as Cranny (Craig/Manny). Although they went on one date in the second season of Degrassi: The Next Generation, their romantic relationship began during the third season

Relationship History


Though Manny's best friend, Emma Nelson, was seemingly winning Craig's affections when he began attending Degrassi, he surprised both girls by asking Manny to dance with him during the upperclassmen's Senior Dance in the season two episode, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. Manny then developed feelings for Craig, which resulted in her having frequent fantasies about him. Manny was persuaded by Emma to take the initiative to asking Craig out herself in the season two episode, Take My Breath Away. However, Manny and Craig provided two substantially different accounts of how their date went. Whilst Manny thought that all went well, Craig was highly put off by Manny's lack of maturity, even going as far as to say that she reminded him of his five-year-old half-sister, Angela Jeremiah. Thus, Craig promptly breaks it off with Manny, leaving her heartbroken. They later engaged in an affair during the third season of the series, while Craig was in a relationship with Ashley Kerwin. Their affair began in Should I Stay or Should I Go?, after losing their virginities to each other, then ended in Holiday (2), when it was revealed to Manny that Craig had lied to her about having ended his relationship with Ashley. Manny then discovered that Craig had impregnated her the night they had sex, due to a misunderstanding regarding the usage of protection. Their relationship was rekindled in Accidents Will Happen (2) but ended in Accidents Will Happen (2), because Craig did not agree with Manny's decision to have an abortion. Their third and final relationship began in the Season 5 episode Weddings, Parties, Anything and ended in the Season 6 episode, What's It Feel Like to Be a Ghost? (2), when Craig chose his cocaine usage over his relationship with Manny.

Season 2

In When Doves Cry (1), Emma presumably mentions something to Manny that implicates that Craig is a ninth grader, as Manny asks, "So, he's in grade nine?" Emma verifies that he is, informing her of having seen Craig walking out of Mr. Simpson's homeroom earlier that morning. Manny blatantly expresses her attraction to Craig upon learning that he is indeed in the ninth grade, as she asks, "Why do the niners get all the hotties?" Craig enters the library and approaches the girls. Manny sees him walking toward them and whispers, "Shh, there he is..." Manny and Emma simultaneously turn around and attempt to appear indistinct behind their books, as their crush on Craig renders them insecure around him. Craig walks over to where the girls are seated and engages Emma in conversation regarding her connection to his younger half-sister, Angela Jeremiah, whom Emma babysits. Emma did not recall having formally met Craig prior to their current confrontation, though then correctly identifies him as being Angela's half-brother. Emma explains to Manny that Craig is the half-brother of Angela, after which Manny says while dazing admiringly at Craig, "Oh...Oh, hi." Craig returns the favor by politely nodding and greeting her as well, though is fixated more so on gathering more information from Emma on Angela. Manny watches diligently as Craig walks away, then adds in excite, "He's coming tonight!", referring to Craig attending a party at Emma's house. In Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, Craig accidentally bumped Emma as she and Manny were walking in the hallway. Craig asked the girls if they will be attending the dance Degrassi is hosting that evening, to which Manny replied that they can't, as they are not upperclassmen. Emma then added that they already have plans, a movie night with her mother. Craig stated that there was always next year for them to attend as he walked away. An attentively observant Manny watched Craig as he left and then told Emma, "It's so obvious that Craig likes you." Emma questioned Manny on the veracity of Craig's alleged interest in her, though seems quite pleased with the idea of it being true.

Due to conflicting schedules with Emma's mother, Manny and Emma decided to crash the dance. While getting ready for the dance, Emma stated that her mother did not date "dweebs" like Mr. Simpson, her mother's current partner, when she was in high school. Manny replied, "Yeah, she dated guys, like Craig," putting emphasis on "guys", implying that Craig has the attractiveness that epitomizes him as being the type of guy that another would find appealing. Playfully mimicking Emma's infatuation with Craig, Manny said, "Oh Craig! I love your eyes, and your hair, and your smile!" The girls then begin to jump on Emma's bed, and while doing so, Manny added, "We are so gonna see Craig tonight!"

While chatting about the dance, Joey Jeremiah asked Craig if he has a "hot date" for the night. Craig answered, yes, though added that she would not be attending. It is later revealed that he was referring to Manny. When they arrived at the school, they hid in shrubbery to avoid being caught sneaking in. They managed to spot Craig standing outside of the school, and they discretely called him over. Craig responded to their called for him saying, "Hey look, Valley Girls!" Craig asks them what they're doing, and Manny informed him of their plan to crash the dance. Emma then added that they would need his assistance doing so, as their principal, Mr. Raditch, was supervising outside of the school. He agreed, telling them to meet him at the back entrance in ten minutes.

Craig was met by the girls at the back entrance, where they proceeded to sneak into the school. Regardless of almost being caught by Mr. Raditch, they managed to sneak in without further complication.


Manny and Craig slow dance at Degrassi's Senior Dance

Craig is seen frequently watching Manny from afar during the dance.

As a slow song is played, Craig approached the girls. Manny whispered to Emma, "He's heading right this way!" Craig smiled, greeting the girls and asking if they were having a good time at the dance. Manny answered, "Yeah, we haven't had this much fun since," she pauses, "Well, ever." An overzealous Craig replied, "Great!", after which sharing a brief moment of eye contact with Manny, who then repeated, "Great." Craig then hesitantly asked Manny to dance. Taken aback by his offer, Manny asked, "Me?", unsure of whether or not to accept or decline out of respect for Emma, who she knew harbors feelings for him. Emma, however, gave Manny her blessing, telling to go dance as she waits for them. Manny accepted Craig's offer, after which they held hands while moving onto the dance floor. Craig wrapped his arms around Manny's waist as she clung her arms around his neck, and they were shown slow dancing to the song.

In Take My Breath Away, Craig walked into Ms. Kwan's classroom during a Grade 8 English lesson. Manny immediately looked up from her book upon his arrival. She then began to fantasize about him. Her dream sequence began with Craig, now dressed in formal attire, telling Ms. Kwan, "I have now come to collect my one and only true love." He serenaded her, calling her his Cinderella and kissing her and then takes her hand as she began to sing. Manny twirled around as Craig wrapped his arms around her, after which she affectionately rested her head on his shoulder, then concluding her dream sequence. Manny was abruptly shifted back to reality, as she was awakened by Craig's voice saying, "I need to get that." It took a moment for her to register what he was asking, so he clarified that her seat is on a cord for the television on the cart behind her. She complied with his request, moving her chair forward, though does not move it entirely off the cord, prompting him to move her chair himself.

Manny's dream sequence, featuring Craig.

In Mr. Simpson's class, the students asked Mr. Simpson about his engagement to Emma's mother. Manny questioned him on what it is like to find your one true love, and he responded by saying that he hoped that all his students find someone who made them happy someday. Manny smiles at his response while looking down at a page in her notebook, which showed a doodle of a heart that on the inside reads, "Craig Manning," as well as "Craig" written several times outside of the heart.

A page in Manny's notebook.

Manny and Emma passed by Craig as he and Sean Cameron were walking in the hallway. They both dwelt for more than a few moments on a friendly smile to the other, then continue walking. Manny did so while still sporting a broad grin on her face. Emma told her, "I think Craig really likes you." Manny questions her on, if so, why he did not just ask her out on a date, saying that waiting for him to do so was torture. Emma attempted to persuade Manny to take the initiative and ask Craig out herself, though Manny was unsure.

Manny was standing by her locker applying lip-gloss when she again began to dream about Craig. Manny envisaged Craig approaching her in the hallway, wearing a suit, and carrying a pink rose, which he then hands to her saying, "For you."

Manny receiving a rose from Craig in her dream.

Manny was flattered and asked if he liked her, to which he replied, "Like you? Manny, I think I love...," though the dream sequence ended before he could finish his thought. Manny returned to her right frame of mind, only to realize that she still had her hand out, as if about to accept the rose. Manny looked over at Craig, who was talking to Ashley Kerwin by his locker. Ashley left, after which Manny spontaneously walked over to Craig and admits her feelings for him. He remains unresponsive and in a state of shock, which gave Manny the impression that he did not feel the same way about her. She expressed disbelief over her confession, then began to walk away while adding in a regretful tone, "...It was nice talking to you..." Craig went after her, where he then admitted to liking her as well, causing Manny to squeal in the spur of the moment. Manny apologized for her "ditsy" response, after which he laughed, "No, it was cute!" Manny asks Craig if he would like to catch a movie that evening, which he agreed only to say, "Oh, with you?...I don't know." He waited a moment before revealing that he was kidding. A relieved Manny said, "You so got me" and Craig added that he could not resist. Manny told Craig to pick her up at Emma's house at 7:00 p.m. She then smiled at him as she walked away.

Joey asked Craig why he was dressed up and Craig informed him of his date, also making a point of mentioning that it would be his first. Joey commended Craig on his date, though he thought that he was referring to Ashley. Craig corrected him, telling him that Manny asked him out. Joey said that Manny was a little young for him, though Craig emphasized that there is only an eleven month age difference between them, which he did not find to be a problem. Joey concurred with Craig's statement, stating that age is not anything but a number, and playfully called Craig a stud for having been asked out on a date.

While preparing for her date with Craig, Manny ran through scenarios that would ruin their plan to keep her parents unaware as Emma attempts to calm her down. When Emma finished applying Manny's make-up, Manny asked how she looks, to which Emma replies, "Craig doesn't have a chance." Manny told Emma that she was trying to calm herself down but doing so proves troubling, as Craig was the only boy that had ever been interested in her. The doorbell rang, causing the girls to cheer in excitement. When Emma opened the door to Craig, he mentioned that he heard screams but Emma lied and said that what he heard was on the television. All the while, Manny was standing aside checking her breath. Craig was stunned by how beautiful Manny looked. He told her that she looked incredible, after which she returned the compliment, saying that he did as well. Stating that he almost forgot, Craig pulled out a pink rose, similar to those in Manny's dreams, and handed it to her. Emma said that the rose was too "picture perfect", while shoving Manny to stand side-by-side with Craig so that she could take a picture of the two of them together before their date. After Emma took the picture, Craig asked Manny if she's ready for their date, to which she replied, "I am so ready!"

Manny and Craig posing together for a picture, before their date.

At school the following day, Liberty Van Zandt asked Manny how her date with Craig went. Manny told her that after the date, she was quite adamant that Craig was "the one", as well as that she and Craig were in a relationship. Liberty and Emma asked Manny if Craig confirmed with her that they were indeed in a relationship, though Manny stated that she did not feel the need to verify with him because she just knew and then added, "That's what falling in love is all about."

During lunch, Jimmy Brooks and Spinner Mason both acknowledge that Craig had been unusually quiet the entire day. Craig apologized, explaining that he had a lot on his mind, after which both Jimmy and Spinner turn around and glance at Manny. Spinner turned around and mockingly said, "Ah, I get it. Craig is lost in love with little Miss Santos." Jimmy insisted that it must have been a "hot date," though Craig stated that a better word to describe their date would be "bizarre." However, Manny had an entirely different account, as she told Liberty and Emma that the best word to describe their date would be "magical." Manny insisted that the two participate in carnival activities, rather than going to the movie as planned. She perceived herself as having been more mature than she actually was, exemplified by the contrast of the multiple flashbacks provided by her and Craig. Craig told Jimmy and Spinner that Manny looked amazing and that he was glad to be with her, but her immaturity on their date was highly off putting. Craig reminisced on "the cotton candy incident", where Manny nearly choked him with cotton candy while attempting to feed him, as well as Manny accidentally hitting him on the forehead during the ball-toss. Craig stated that while Manny was examining his forehead after the accident, he looked into her eyes and saw how beautiful she was, although when she leaned in to kiss him, he resisted. He then admitted that he does indeed like her, but that his initial reason for rejecting her kiss was because she reminded him of his five-year-old half sister. Craig explained that Manny's sweet demeanor left him conflicted on whether or not to tell her how he is feeling.

The "cotton candy incident", where Manny nearly choked Craig with cotton candy while trying to feed him.

Manny was seen standing by her locker and holding the rose given to her by Craig. Emma commented that she can't believe Craig bought her a rose, and Manny replies, "Craig is a true romantic." Manny then began to reminisce on how Craig rejected her kiss and states that she wished the date would have ended better. Emma and Liberty insist that she has nothing to worry about, suggesting that he may have just been concerned with getting her home on time. Liberty added that two of Craig's most admirable qualities are his passion and punctuality, to which Manny replies, "That's why he's my guy." Craig walked over to Manny, who greeted him and says that she missed him. Craig informed her of all the gossip about them throughout the school, and Manny told him that everyone has been calling them Degrassi's hottest new couple. Manny explained that while she found the talk of them throughout the school to be redundant and embarrassing, the time that she spent with him made it well worth it, even referring to their date as having been the best night of her life. Craig, unable to admit that he had a horrible time on their date, told her he would see her later and walked away. Manny took note of Craig's uninterested tone during their conversation, after which Emma suggested that she take things slow with Craig, as he may not be as invested in their relationship as she was. Manny, however, insisted that all Craig needs is a little cheering up, and to do so, Manny decorated his locker with stuffed animals, flowers, a large heart which contains the picture that Emma took before their date, and a card that read, "Craig is the greatest!"

Craig walked up to his newly decorated locker, and frustratingly asked what she did to it. She explained that she thought it would cheer him up. Ashley walked over, stating that she hoped that she was interrupting their conversation, and asked Craig to sign her GM food petition. Manny asked what GM food is, to which Ashley replies that "GM" stands for genetically modified. She then ignorantly asked, "Does that make them good?", which irritated both Ashley and Craig. Ashley left, after which Manny tells Craig that she does not think he should talk to Ashley anymore. An annoyed Craig said that Ashley was in his class, therefore talking to her could be inevitable at times. Manny attempted to change the subject, asking what they're doing Friday night, but took the hint that there was something wrong. She asked him if he did not like how she decorated his locker, and he replied, "No, Manny. I'm sorry, but it's not my locker that I don't like, it's you," leaving her heartbroken.

Manny and Craig dancing together at Snake and Spike's wedding.

In White Wedding (2), Manny and Craig are seen slow dancing together at Snake and Spike's wedding, as they laugh at J.T. Yorke and Toby Isaacs getting rejected by Connie, who wanted to dance with her date.

Season 3

In Should I Stay or Should I Go?, Manny greets Craig as he is walking with Marco Del Rossi in the hallway. Marco notices Manny's revealing clothing and says, "Manny's just putting it all out there, huh?" Craig sarcastically replies, "Never noticed."

When Manny does not receive a rose from Sully, her boyfriend, she scolds him saying, "Craig sent his girlfriend twelve."

As Craig is singing a song expressing his love for Ashley, Manny is seen watching admiringly.

Manny sees Craig angrily leave Paige Michalchuk's birthday party after having a fight with Ashley, and goes to comfort him. She runs after him, yelling for him to wait, but he yells, "Not now, Manny!" She asks him what happened, to which he replies, "I messed up.. Messed up again, and again, and again.." She tries to calm him down, reassuring him that he didn't, though he retorts, "Tell Ashley that." Manny praises Craig on the song he sang to Ashley earlier that day, telling him that it was amazing and if it were written for her, she'd be happy for months, then going on to say forever.

Craig takes Manny back to his garage, where she requests that he play the song for her. He agrees to do so, though is quickly interrupted by Manny while playing. She tells him that he's the best and if Ashley doesn't see that, then she doesn't deserve him. Manny grabs his guitar from his hands and places it gently on the floor. She leans in to kiss him on the cheek, only for him to turn and kiss her on the mouth instead. Craig reluctantly turns away, after which Manny reassures him that it's alright. They begin making-out and eventually proceed to have sex.

Craig and Manny make-out in Craig's garage, and eventually have sex.

While talking to Emma the following day, Manny states that the night she spent with Craig was the best of her life. Emma begs Manny to tell her what happened between them, though Manny refuses to say. Craig walks by, and Manny gets up to greet him. She says, "I left you like a million messages, you must have been real busy. I missed you." Craig begins explaining, "Look, Manny, I'm not really sure what happened," though is cut off by Ashley, who asks if she could speak with Craig. Manny stands aside out of earshot as they talk, and is shown watching with a heartbroken expression as Ashley hugs Craig.

A heartbroken Manny watches as Craig and Ashley reconcile.

In Whisper to a Scream, Hazel Aden asked Manny's advice as to whether Terri MacGregor should ask out Rick Murray, who had been leaving a rose for her on her locker everyday for weeks. Manny asked them if he was single. When Hazel responded that they thought that he was and asked if they should go for it, Manny said, "Completely. Life's too short." Craig was coming down the steps of the school when she said this and he gives her an awkward look before he averted his gaze and walked away.

In Against All Odds, Manny walks up to Craig and engages him in conversation of how he's been. She tells him that she misses him, though he states that there's not much for her to miss, as they had only hooked-up one time. Manny informs Craig of a rave that night, and she hands him a flyer with the directional and time information on it. She encourages that he come, no strings attached.

Craig comes to the rave, and Manny, surprised to see him, greets him and asks if he would dance with her. He replies, "Why not?" Manny grinds on Craig as they are dancing, placing her arm around his neck and turning around so that they are face-to-face with each other. Craig tells Manny that it would be best if he leave, but shouts, "Don't!" He reminds her that he has a girlfriend, though she assures him that she can keep a secret.

Emma sneaks back into her house after getting home from the rave, only to find Craig and Manny making out on her bed. Craig leaves, after which Emma yells at Manny for abandoning her at the rave to come back with him.

The next day, Emma asks Manny if she feels bad about what she did, or if she feels for Ashley. Manny replies, "If Craig really loves her, then why does he keep coming back to me?"

In Holiday (1), Manny calls Craig and asks, "Is this a bad time?" He answers, yes, to which Manny replies, "Right, she's there..", referring to Ashley. She then tells him that she was calling only because she missed him. Ashley walks over to Craig, which prompts him to cover-up his conversation with Manny by pretending that he is talking to Spinner and then quickly hang up the phone before she could respond. Manny is shown with a saddened expression upon the abrupt end of their phone call.

Craig discovers at Angela's ice-skating recital that Manny is an instructor at the ice-rink. As she gathers the performers together on the ice to give them direction, Craig gets up in a rush to meet up with her backstage. Craig goes backstage to see Manny, who is giving the group of performers further direction when she sees Craig. Manny tells the performers that she'll check on them in the dressing room later on. They greet each other upon the performers leaving. Manny spins Craig around and pins him up against the wall behind them as she kisses him. Craig then asks her to meet him at his garage at 7:30 p.m. after the pageant, after which they kiss once more, though they are then interrupted by Spinner. Manny tells Craig that she should return to her group, and leaves.

Spinner seeks details of Craig's multiple relationships, even telling Craig that he is his inspiration. Spinner refers to Ashley as a fine Champagne, saying that she is gorgeous and smart, then states, "Then you've got Manny; cute, adorable, hot: like ice-cream, only hot, very hot." Craig asks Spinner if he thinks having a relationship with both girls is wrong, to which Spinner replies, "For me, yeah, but for you, no." Craig asks him to clarify, and Spinner explains that he has Paige, who he knows is "the one", but Craig is unsure and wants to "sample" both Ashley and Manny, then refers to Craig's antics as a "try before you by type of deal".

Craig walks into his garage to find Manny waiting for him on the couch. She scolds him for being late, then claims that she's freezing and tells him that he needs to warm her up. They proceed to make-out. Manny pushes him off, stating that she's aware that it's early, referring to the Christmas holiday, but she feels that he'll be in need of it if he's going to be practicing his guitar out in his cold garage, and hands him a hand-knitted scarf. She wraps the scarf around his neck, and says, "I know, I know. It's dorky.", to which Craig replies, "No, it's sweet, just like you.", and they kiss once more. Manny is pleased that he likes the gift and tells him that all she wants for Christmas is one thing. He tells her, "Alright, let me guess.." then asks, while kissing her upon each guess, "Diamonds? New car? What? Chihuahua?" Manny corrects him, telling him that what she really wants is for him to break-up with Ashley. He begins to back away from her upon hearing her request. She explains, "It's time, and I've been patient, but I can't," and is cut off by Craig, who tells her that he can't make that choice. Manny retorts, "I think you just did.", and leaves.

Manny walks by Craig as he and Ashley are rehearsing their song for Degrassi's Christmas Talent Show, which distracts Craig and causes him to break a guitar string.

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Craig sees Manny walk by his classroom during a lesson. He fronts, telling Ms. Kwan that he needs to use the washroom, which serves as an excuse to go talk to her. He opens the classroom door to find Manny pacing in the hallway. Craig gently says, "Manny..", though doing so triggers her to break down crying. She turns around and begins to walk away, though he follows. She tells him, "It's just.. I love you, Craig, and I thought you felt the same way." He replies, "I do! It's just," and is cut off by Manny who says, "Ashley, I know, and she may love you," she pauses, "but not as much as I do." Manny leaves, after which Craig turns around and bangs his hands on the lockers behind him in frustration.

Craig comes home and confides in Caitlin Ryan. He asks her, "If you're with someone really great, like Ashley, then that should be everything, right?" and adds, "I should feel lucky?" Caitlin explains to him that love isn't about luck, it's about being with the right person. Her response prompts Craig to bolt out of the house to go mend his relationship with Manny.

Craig runs into the ice-rink to find Manny skating. He smiles, then proceeds to walk out onto the ice. He calls for her several times, and when she hears him, she stops. He tells her, "I made a huge mistake. You're the one for me.", though when he does not receive a response, he adds, "Not Ashley, and I'm going to tell her that. It's you. It's always been you." Manny remains unresponsive for a brief moment, though then squeals while jumping on Craig, who catches her and they begin kissing. He gently sets her down, after which she snatches the hat he's wearing. He chases her for it until finally catching her, with his arms wrapped tightly around her waste and her arms wrapped around his neck, and they share another kiss.

Craig and Ashley are again practicing for the talent show as Manny walks by. She passes them, though then decides to turn around. She lies, telling him that she needs to finalize his make-up, when really she wants to confront him in private regarding the status of his relationship with Ashley. He follows Manny into the dressing room/make-up area, where she is waiting for him. She pulls him aside, then questions him on whether or not he broke up with Ashley. When she does not receive a response, she offers to do it for him, though he insists that she not, as he lies, telling her that he has already ended his relationship with Ashley, but hasn't yet told her of his relationship with Manny. Manny asks him why he hasn't, to which he answers that he doesn't want any strife with Ashley before they perform together in the talent show, though assures her that it will all be sorted out afterwards. Manny agrees to keep quiet about their relationship until the talent show is over.

In Holiday (2), Craig and Spinner are Christmas shopping when Craig purchases an ice-skate charm bracelet for Manny.

Ashley goes snooping through the gifts Craig bought, initially wanting the blanket that they were hidden under, when she sees a pink sweater and the bracelet, and thinks they are for her.

Craig is greeted by Manny in the hallway, who asks if he's ready for his "big performance" at the talent show. He replies, "Yes, but first," then grabs her hand and leads her into the empty classroom behind them. She asks him what they're doing, and he explains, while pulling out presents, that since she was going away the following day, he may not be able to see her before Christmas. She eagerly pulls out the pink sweater he bought for her and says, "Oh, it's perfect. It's so nice." Manny rubs the sweater against her cheek as Craig then pulls out the box containing the charm bracelet. She opens it and says, "Oh, Craig. You so get me." He asks her, "That's a good thing, right?", to which she replies, "Yeah, it means you really do care about me after all." They hug, as Manny dangles the charm bracelet from Craig's back.

As Manny applies Ashley's make-up for the talent show, Ashley tells her that singing with Craig is probably the source of her nerves. Manny suggests that Ashley separate herself from him, as Craig had told her that he had already broken up with Ashley, though Ashley doesn't follow. Manny explains, "Your emotions, they seem to be getting in the way. Just let them go." Ashley notices that Manny is wearing the charm bracelet that she found with the other Christmas presents hidden in Craig's garage. A suspicious Ashley compliments it, then asks where she got it. Manny refrains from passing on any implication of her relationship with Craig, as promised, and replies, "Just a guy. You know, a guy I've been dating a while." Ashley asks who, to which Manny answers, "Just a guy." Ashley then sees the pink sweater and the gift bag, confirming that Manny did in fact receive the presents from Craig. Ashley asks, "Is it Craig?" Manny apologizes, explaining that Craig didn't want her to say anything because Craig knew Ashley would be upset about him moving on so quickly, though Ashley interrupts, "Moving on? We're still together!"

Manny is shown in the audience looking guilty after Ashley slaps Craig during their performance, and when Craig goes after Ashley, she follows.

Craig asks Manny, "You told her?", though Manny denies doing so. He asks, if not, how Ashley found out, to which Manny replies, "Because you were stupid, Craig. You didn't think she'd find out about me, and you didn't think I'd find out about your lies." Manny holds up the charm bracelet in front of Craig, then releases. Craig watches it fall to the floor, and looks back up at Manny, who walks away. Craig picks the bracelet off of the floor while sighing in regret.

When Craig tells Joey that he cheated on Ashley, he goes on to say, "And now, the other girl hates my guts, too.", referring to Manny.

In Accidents Will Happen (1), Craig is responsible for taking individual pictures of the gymnastics team for the yearbook. Manny sits down for the photo when it is her turn, though does not smile. Craig reminds her that it's for the yearbook, after which she stresses her expression, implying for him to just take the picture. He asks her, "Don't you want to smile?", to which she replies, "Looking at you doesn't exactly make me feel like smiling." Craig then promptly takes the picture without further complication.

Manny says, while apologizing to Ashley, "He told me that I was the one, I believed him, and that's the only reason I let it go on.", then states, "Craig lied to me, too, and I'd erase it all if I could."

Manny begins to experience common symptoms of pregnancy, leading her to suspect that she had conceived the night she had sex with Craig in Should I Stay or Should I Go?.

She confides in Paige, asking her, "How do you know if a guy," she hesitates, "If he used a condom.." Paige asks if Manny possibly heard him open it, or if she felt it, and Manny answers, "No, I don't think so." Paige assures, "If you're talking about who I think you're talking about, then I'm sure you're fine. He seems like the semi-responsible type." Paige suggests that Manny talk to Craig, then states, "Next time, ask questions first, get naked later."

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When Manny steps up on the balance beam to perform, she looks over at Craig, who begins photographing her. He can be heard photographing her throughout her act, though stops to watch as she is about to do her front handspring. Craig watches in concern after Manny falls off the beam, and follows her after she runs out of the gym after her routine. He walks out to find her sitting on the steps and asks, "You alright?" She answers, no, though does not give him a reason, despite her suspicions. Thinking that she was embarrassed about having messed up during her performance, he adds, "It's not that horrible." She then asks, "When we," she pauses, "Did you use a condom?" Craig, seemingly offended by her allegation, asks, "What?" He paces before answering, "You said it was okay, and I thought that meant that, you know, you were on the pill." Manny explains, "It was my first time. I meant, that I was okay." Craig begins to catch on, asking if something is wrong, and she replies, "No, it's not. It can't be." Craig frantically asks, "Well, which is it? Nothing's wrong, or nothing can be wrong?", then hysterically adds, "You're not making any sense.." Manny assures him that nothing is wrong, after which Craig takes her word and contently leaves.

Manny confides in Spike, who insists that she take a pregnancy test. Manny is reluctant to do so, as she explains that if she is indeed pregnant, her parents will send her away. Manny goes through with taking the test, which comes back positive, confirming that Manny is pregnant. She messages Craig to meet her at the school to inform him of the pregnancy.

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He sees her sitting down and approaches her saying, "Hey, I got your message." He apologizes for being late, though adds that he can't stay long. Manny tells him, "Something bad happened.." Craig is in utter panic, as he is already well aware of what she will tell him. Manny explains, "I have a doctors appointment to make sure, but I took this test, and I'm pretty sure I'm pregnant.." Craig sits down beside her, and Manny is afraid that he is upset with her. She apologizes, and to her surprise, he answers, "It's okay." He explains that he had already begun thinking of that possibility after questioned him the previous day of the use of a condom when they engaged in sexual intercourse. He adds, "What if we had it?", and states, "We could be a little family, all our own." Manny is seemingly overwhelmed at the thought, much opposed to Craig, who seems quite comfortable with his proposal.

In Accidents Will Happen (2), Craig and Manny are walking down the hallways as Craig asks what she thinks the baby will be before they continue discussing before bumping into Ellie. At lunch Craig approaches Manny with a carton of milk and a baby name book, Manny says she already had milk but Craig insists she has more before he shows her a book of baby names and tells her to pick a name without looking. Manny does so then makes a joke at the name she randomly picked. Later Manny and Craig are over at Emma's babysitting Jack which doesn't go well for them.

When Manny leaves class Craig greets and attempts to kiss her but Manny stops him causing him to ask her what's wrong. Manny tells Craig she can't go through with the pregnancy or keeping the baby, Craig is confused before Manny says they'd both be good parents some day but not now. As soon as Manny walks away Craig disapproves of her choosing to go with an abortion which causes them to get into brief argument over it before Emma steps in and defends her. Manny once again tells Craig she can't go through with the pregnancy causing Craig to walk away.

Season 4

In Mercy Street, while kissing J.T., Manny breaks away from the kiss to talk to Craig, who happened to be walking by. She asks him how his summer was going, and it appears the two have set a distant boundary from each other.

In Anywhere I Lay My Head, Manny asks Spinner to get Downtown Sasquatch to perform at the car wash, saying that asking Craig herself would be a bit awkward due to her past with him. Later, at the car wash, Manny approaches Craig and personally thanks him for letting his band play, before Ashley interrupts them. Manny and Spinner are visibly flirting at the car wash, which makes Craig jealous.

In Islands in the Stream, Craig is jealous that Spinner is increasingly talking to Manny. After seeing Salvador Kovack, the two get into a fight over Manny, both saying that the other was jealous of him and Manny.

In Neutron Dance, while Jimmy was in the hospital recovering from the shooting, Ashley seems to have taken his place in the band, which annoys both Spinner and Marco. To prove a point, Spinner brings Manny to one of the band rehearsals to purposely annoy Craig and Ashley. Spinner later says that Manny is apart of the band on tambourines, which Craig doesn't disagree to.

In Bark at the Moon, Manny was showing the new kid, Chester Hosada-Bloom, around, and she introduced him to Craig, who was passing in the hallway. Craig told her that he has been doing a lot of thinking, especially about last year, and told her that she was probably the biggest mistake that he had made since he had come to Degrassi. Realising that he had worded that badly, he said that he meant that if he could, he would go back to the night that they had sex and would have stopped, as it would have saved them both a lot of pain. Manny was in disbelief that Craig only thought that night was a lot of pain, and sarcastically thanked him for his apology, saying that she was fine. He watched her as she walked away from him.

Season 5

In Venus (2), Jimmy points out a video to Craig in his email, which turns out to be the topless video of Manny that is circulating around the school. He is surprised, and tells Jimmy to shut up when he makes a joke about how much Manny has grown up, which doesn't keep him from stopping to watch the video.

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In Weddings, Parties, Anything, Craig spots Peter Stone trying to force Manny to talk to him, while she wants nothing to do with him. He pushes Peter against a wall, saying that Peter doesn't talk or look at Manny ever again, or Peter will have to deal with him. Craig grabs Manny's hand, and they eat lunch together. Craig asks her if she is okay, and Manny asks if he saw the video of her. Craig tries to lie, but admits that he saw it, and Manny expresses her embarrassment, saying that she cares if he saw it. Craig tells her that he wishes he was there that night to stop Peter from filming her, and Manny says it makes her feel better, as if Craig was her protector.
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Later, Craig invites Manny to celebrate with his band for getting a gig, not knowing the rest of the gig would ditch him so that he would be alone with Ellie Nash. Craig also invites Manny to come with his band to the gig. When Manny shows up in a revealing outfit, Craig can't take his eyes off of her. Craig is conflicted because he has both feelings for Ellie and Manny. Later, Manny happily watches their performance until Craig invites her up on stage with them. She begins to dance next to Craig and play the tambourine. Ellie grows increasingly jealous of Manny and throws one of her drum sticks at the back of her head. The two storm off in different directions, and Craig doesn't know what to do. Craig chases Ellie, and tells her that they are good friends, ultimately choosing Manny over her. The next day, Craig finds Manny reading a book in her pajamas outside of Emma's house. She apologizes for ruining his gig, but tells him that she had fun. Craig tells her that he had ulterior motives, saying that he wanted to cheer up, to make her smile again. The two lean in and kiss one another, beginning a new relationship together.


In Turned Out (1), Emma walked into the Dot and found Craig and Manny making out. She said that she would tell them to get a room but they already had one, which happened to be hers. Manny told her that she would have her room all to herself that night as Craig was taking her to see a friend's band perform. Not wanting to leave her on her own, Manny said that it was not really a date and invited Emma to come along. Emma declined as she had to study. Craig tried to convince her to join them but she said that she did not want to be a third wheel.

The next day, the three of them again met at the Dot and Manny told Emma that she and Craig had met a "totally cute guy" who was Emma's type: Derek Haig, a Grade 10 student whom Jimmy was coaching in basketball. Derek then entered and Craig said that it was weird and cosmic as they had just been talking about him. Emma said that it was amazing and as if it had been set up. Manny introduced them and Derek commented that Craig had told him that Emma's parents used to go to Degrassi. Emma was distracted by the sight of Peter, whom she had a crush on, outside the window with a new camera. She told Derek that she would tell him all about her parents' time at Degrassi at a date on Friday. However, their date did not go well and Emma told Derek that she had a "pretty lame time." Shortly afterwards, she went to see the film Clown Academy with Peter.

In The Lexicon of Love (1), Manny and Craig are both excited for Kevin Smith's movie premiere, as it is Manny's professional acting debut and one of Craig's songs was featured in the movie. They arrive to the premiere together and sit next to each other in the theater. When the movie starts, Manny excitedly pats Craig's leg, while he has his arm around her. In Manny's first appearance in the film, Craig excitedly nudges her. After the movie, they approach Emma hand-in-hand, who toasts to them as "Degrassi's celebrity couple".

In Together Forever, Manny calls Craig, though he has Joey tell her that he is "studying" instead of answering her call, when he is really hanging out with Ellie instead. Later, at The Dot, Craig and Manny are sitting next to each other while hanging with Jimmy, Ellie, and Marco. Manny later attends Craig's showcase and is supportive of Craig's band against the competition. Later, Manny and Craig arrive back at his house while Craig tells Joey the news of his band being signed. When Craig gets early admission and a full scholarship to a college, Manny is happy for him, though looks confused when he turns down the opportunity. The two leave and go upstairs together.

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The next day, Manny walks in on Craig giving Ellie a rather intimate looking drum lesson, and Manny comments angrily that the band is all that he cares about. Craig tells her that the showcase matters, and in a fit of jealousy, Manny comments that to her, it only looks like Ellie matters. She walks out on him, and Craig chases after her. Manny is later back when Leo is watching the band practice again. When he tells Craig they need to replace Ellie, Craig refuses his offer, therefore being signed to a label. As Leo leaves, Manny stands up and approaches Craig, comforting him by rubbing his back. Later, when Craig is singing at the showcase, a flashback of him and Manny kissing is shown while displaying important relationships to him. Manny rides with him and Joey to the airport to say goodbye to Craig.

In Our Lips Are Sealed (2), at the beginning of the episode, Manny is talking with Craig on a long-distance phone call.


In High Fidelity (1), Emma mentioned that Manny was on the phone to Craig until three o'clock the previous night.

In High Fidelity (2), Ashley commented upon hearing that Manny and Craig are dating that it makes her feel "vaguely itchy", referring to the entire events of the third season. After the graduation, Craig arrives and surprises Manny. In excitement, she hugs him, saying she missed him, and he tells her he wouldn't have missed her show for the world.

Season 6

In Here Comes Your Man (1), Manny looked at Sean Cameron admiringly and said, "Sean Cameron, bench-press has been so, so good to you." When Emma jokingly threatened to tell Craig that she said that, Manny responded, "Feel free if you can ever get him on the phone."

In What's It Feel Like to Be a Ghost? (1), Craig returned to Toronto to perform at a music festival. Manny met him at the airport and half-jokingly lamented that she had not seen him in months and that he never called. They kissed and Craig said that he wished that he could stay longer than a few days. He told her that they should go to Marco and Ellie's house as they were planning a welcome home party for him. Several hours later, Craig played a song for Marco, Ellie, Jimmy, Spinner, Dylan and Jesse which he wrote on the Vancouver ferry. When Ellie mentioned that she loved the allusions to Herman Melville, Manny glared at her but Craig failed to notice. Ellie asked him to play another song while an even more annoyed Manny pointed at her watch. Craig again failed to notice and continued playing his guitar.

The next morning at Degrassi, Craig apologised to Manny for forgetting to help her run lines for her upcoming audition for the teen drama West Drive. He encouraged her by telling her not to doubt her instincts. That afternoon, they returned to Marco and Ellie's house, where he was staying while in Toronto, and Craig told them that Manny had nailed her audition and they were looking at a future acting legend. Manny admitted to Craig that she felt a buzz from auditioning and wished that she could do it again. Craig said that he felt the same way during his gigs.

Manny went to Craig's gig with Emma and Sean and happily told them that she and Craig had reconnected since he had come back to Toronto. However, she was annoyed by the presence of Ellie, whom she derisively referred to as “Craig's shadow” and “Smelly McSnootypants.” Manny then went backstage and was extremely disturbed to find Craig snorting cocaine in his dressing room. Emma noticed the change in her mood but Manny shrugged it off. After Craig performed his new song “Drowning”, Marco told Craig that it was awesome and Ellie referred to him as a genius. She then asked him if that was why he had asked her about drowning allegories the previous month. Craig was delighted that Ellie understood him so well and gave her a hug. Craig went over to Manny to see if she was alright as he could tell that she was upset during his performance but she lied to him and said that she was fine.


The next morning, Emma saw that Manny was upset and she admitted that there was a problem with Craig but did not say what it was. Emma told her that she had learned from her relationship with Sean to accept a guy's flaws and advised Manny to do the same. After school, Manny visited Craig at Marco and Ellie's house and told him that she was uncomfortable with his drug use. He told her that he took it to boost his self-confidence before performances but had only done so twice. After she told him that she did not get the part on West Drive, Craig commiserated with her and invited her to the dinner party that Ellie was throwing in his honour that night. Manny joked that Ellie would probably poison the food if she knew that she was coming. Craig said that she needed to get over Ellie but Manny claimed that she was intimidated by Ellie's intelligence. Craig tried to comfort Manny by assuring her that while she was not book smart like Ellie, she was “brilliant in every other way.”


At the dinner party, Ellie, Jesse and Craig discussed Rosseau's work. Manny tried to contribute but the conversation was over her head. Craig told her that he was an 18th Century philosopher and that Ellie had sent him one of his books while he was on the road. The conversation turned to Carl Jung's view that everyone had, in Marco's words, “massive complexes.” Ellie joked that she had no neuroses, of course, but Manny countered, “Really? Because I thought being constantly rejected by guys would mess you up, Ellie.” A visibly annoyed Ellie responded, “Yeah. Yeah, I feel bad that I take time to meet guys who actually like me. In fact, I don’t know how I made it through high school without having my breasts shown online.” Manny ran out upset. Craig followed her but pointed out that Manny had started it and asked why she could not just get over Ellie. Manny said that it was because Ellie made her feel inadequate and asked Craig to give her some coke to boost her confidence. After getting high, they returned to the dinner party where they proceeded to laugh hysterically when Manny knocked over a glass. The next morning, Ellie brought a cup of coffee up to Craig's room and found a bag of coke. She confronted him about it but he lied to her, claiming that it was Manny's.

In What's It Feel Like to Be a Ghost? (2), Ellie was preparing to interview Craig about his life as a musician for The Core. She mentioned to Jesse that she had found the coke on Craig's bedroom floor and was annoyed when he assumed that it belonged to Craig. She told him that Craig had claimed that it belonged to Manny, whom she described as a “toxic influence.” However, Jesse was not convinced. He told an excited Ellie that he had arranged for her to interview Taking Back Sunday and they kissed. Craig then entered the office, telling Ellie that he did not have time for the interview at the moment as he had to clear out Joey's garage since he and Angela were moving to Calgary. Ellie said that she would help and assured Jesse that she would be on time to interview Taking Back Sunday.

In Marco and Ellie's house, Manny suggested that they go see a film or get a bite to eat but Craig instead wanted to snort more coke. She said that she felt horrible after taking it the previous night and never wanted to do so again. Craig angrily told her that the last two days had been the best of his life and he did not want her to ruin them. Manny realised that he had chosen drugs over her and promptly dumped him. As she left the house, she met Ellie and sarcastically told her that Craig was all hers. Ellie accused Manny of giving the drugs to Craig but Manny retorted that Craig had lied, which was what drug addicts do.

In Rock This Town, Manny opens up her locker to a picture of her and Craig together, and she tears it down and begins ripping it up. Emma asks, "Locker renovation time?", and Manny replies, "Times change. Things get outdated, like hairstyles, outfits, and stupid cokehead boyfriends." J.T. walks over and says, "Heard about you and Craig, sorry..", after which Manny retorts, "Don't be! I broke up with him, and I couldn't be happier! Happy, happy, happy!" Emma asks, "..This is happy?" Manny admits that she is indeed a little high-strung after having just broken up with Craig. Emma suggests that she relax and take her mind of things, and to do so, Manny insists that they throw a birthday party for Liberty.

At the party, Ellie apologizes to Manny for what happened with them and Craig. Manny replies, "He fooled both of us, and thankfully, he's far, far away now." Ellie comments that while she is angry at Craig, she still worries about him, after which Manny agrees, saying she does as well. Ellie lastly adds, "He really messed with us", and walks away.

Season 7

In It's Tricky, one of the songs on Craig's album Of Two Minds that is titled, "Thong Girl, Wrong Girl", which was presumably written about Manny, and the time that she wore a thong in U Got the Look. Ashley predicted to Ellie that Manny was "gonna die" when she saw it.

In Bust a Move (2), Manny and Jay Hogart attended Craig's Purple Dragon Concert at Smithdale University. Manny said to Jay, "I used to be crazy for Craig, but he's just so yesterday. You're my today and my tomorrow." Craig was glad that so many of his old friends were in the audience.

Season 8

While arguing about boys that she and Manny had both liked in With or Without You, Emma mentioned Craig. Manny pointed out that they were twelve at the time.

Degrassi Minis

In Bizarre Love Triangle, Craig and Ellie are roughhousing at The Dot when Manny walks in. Craig greets her, after which Ellie explains that they were just joking around. Manny answers, "Whatever..", then reminds Craig that they have plans to see a movie with Emma, and asks him to get her a coffee to-go. He happily agrees to do so, after which he and Manny kiss, which seemingly bothers Ellie. Craig walks over to the counter to buy Manny's coffee, leaving Ellie alone with a jealous Manny, who asks, "Just jokes, right?" Ellie assures her that it was, and Manny warns her, "If it's anything more between you two, there might be a problem."

In Back to Degrassi, Manny and Liberty are walking in the hallway when Manny asks, "Don't you think Craig is the most gorgeous thing ever?" Emma warns Manny before embarking on her mission, "Don't have sex with Craig, it'll be bad." Manny and Liberty chase after her, watching her jump into the time machine, after which Manny asks, "I'm gonna have sex with Craig?", and nervously laughs.


Rival Relationships



  • Manny: (first line spoken to Craig by Manny on the series) "Oh.. Oh, hi.." - When Doves Cry (1)
  • Manny: (to Emma, mimicking Emma's crush on Craig) "Oh, Craig! I love your eyes, and your hair, and your smile!" - Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
  • Craig: "Wait, Manny! I like you, too."
    Manny: (squeals) "Oh, sorry! Sorry, I am such a ditz!"
    Craig: "No, no. It was cute." - Take My Breath Away
  • Emma: (to Manny, referring to Craig) "I can't believe he bought you a rose."
    Manny: "Craig is a true romantic." - Take My Breath Away
  • Liberty: (to Manny) "Craig has two of my favorite qualities: passion and punctuality."
    Manny: "That's why he's my guy." - Take My Breath Away
  • Marco: (to Craig) "Manny's just putting it all out there, huh?"
    Craig: (sarcastically) "Never noticed." - Should I Stay or Should I Go?
  • Manny: (to her boyfriend, Sully) "Did you get me a rose?"
    Sully: (hands her the rose Manny purchased for him) "Just pretend it's from me."
    Manny: "You know, Craig got his girlfriend twelve." - Should I Stay or Should I Go?
  • Manny: (to Craig, referring to the song he sang for Ashley) "If it were for me, I'd be happy for months.. Forever." - Should I Stay or Should I Go?
  • Craig: (to Manny) "I have a girlfriend."
    Manny: "Don't worry, I can keep a secret." - Against All Odds
  • Manny: (to Craig) "You're late, and I'm freezing! So, you need to warm me up."
    Craig: "I can do that." - Holiday (1)
  • Manny: (to Craig, referring to the hand-knitted scarf she made Craig) "I know, I know. It's dorky.."
    Craig: "No, it's sweet, just like you." - Holiday (1)
  • Manny: (to Craig) "All I want for Christmas from you is one thing."
    Craig: "Ah, let me guess.. Diamonds? New car? What? Chihuahua?" - Holiday (1)
  • Craig: (to Manny) "It's you. It's always been you." - Holiday (1)
  • Manny: (to Craig) "You didn't think she'd find out about me, and you didn't think I'd find out about your lies." - Holiday (2)
  • Craig: (to Manny, while taking individual pictures of the gymnastics team for the yearbook) "Don't you want to smile?"
    Manny: "Looking at you doesn't exactly make me feel like smiling." - Accidents Will Happen (1)
  • Manny: (to Craig) "When we," (referring to the night they had sex in Should I Stay or Should I Go?), "Did you use a condom?" - Accidents Will Happen (1)
  • Jimmy: (to Craig, referring to the topless video of Manny) "Manny Santos, my how you've grown."
    Craig: "Dude, shut up. That's not funny." - Venus (2)
  • Peter: (to Manny) "I'm not finished." -slams Manny up against the lockers-
    Craig: (to Peter) "Yeah, man. I think you are." -slams Peter up against the lockers-
    Craig: "You don't talk to her, you don't even look at her. Ever again, or you deal with me. Clear?" - Weddings, Parties, Anything
  • Craig: (to Manny) "Is it weird that I wish I was there that night? To stop that freak from filming you."
    Manny: "No, it's not weird. It makes me feel better. Like you're my protector."
    Craig: "What are friends for, right?" - Weddings, Parties, Anything
  • Craig: (to Manny) "Waiting for someone?"
    Manny: "Nobody in particular."
    Craig: "Ooh.."
    Manny: "Just this guy. Tall, curly hair, pretty cute."
    Craig: "Mhm, yeah. He's like, your boyfriend?"
    Manny: "I don't know. I haven't seen him for months, and he hardly ever calls."
    Craig: "Wow, guy sounds like a real jackass."
    Manny: "I missed you, you jerk." - What's It Feel Like to Be a Ghost? (1)
  • Manny: (to Craig) "That's exactly how I feel!"
    Craig: "That's why you're my girl." - What's It Feel Like to Be a Ghost? (1)
  • Craig: (to Manny) "You're a star." - What's It Feel Like to Be a Ghost? (1)
  • Craig: (to Manny) "Who cares? You're brilliant in every other way." - What's It Feel Like to Be a Ghost? (1)
  • Manny: (to Craig) "I'm so comforted right now."
    Craig: "Manny, I'm crazy about you. That should be all the comfort you need." - What's It Feel Like to Be a Ghost? (1)
  • Craig: (to Manny) "What are you doing?"
    Manny: "I'm about to ruin one of the best one or two days of your life. I'm dumping your ass, Craig." - What's It Feel Like to Be a Ghost? (2)