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"Me... in an infinite universe... on an insignificant planet... one of six billion inhabitants, big deal. I mean honestly, if I were to say that if I were to disappear, who'd care? What would it matter? Uh... a subatomic blip in the temporal fabric of creation. So there you have it, Craig Manning."
— Craig telling Ms. Kwan's class about himself in When Doves Cry (1).

Craig Manning was troubled and is a former student of Degrassi Community School. Craig was introduced in Season 2 as an avid photographer who loved taking pictures of his half-sister Angela Jeremiah. It is later revealed that his stepfather is Joey Jeremiah. Craig's biological father, Albert Manning, was physically abusive, and eventually Craig moved in with Joey. His interest in photography slowly declined, and he became more of a rocker.

Craig was seen as a ladies' man around Degrassi, being the apple of many girls' eye. In Season 3, he begins an affair with Manny Santos, while dating Ashley Kerwin. The affair resulted in Craig getting Manny pregnant and Manny subsequently getting an abortion, crushing Craig's dream of starting a family with her. Much later, he ends up receiving a record deal, which was how he exited the series. Craig was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in Season 4, although he exhibited symptoms much earlier in the show.  

He was best friends with Marco Del Rossi, Ellie Nash (who harboured an unrequited crush on him for over two years before her feelings were eventually returned), Sean Cameron and Jimmy Brooks and friends with Emma Nelson and Ashley Kerwin. He had an on-and-off friendship with Spinner Mason. He was portrayed by Jake Epstein.

Character History

Early life

Prior to his mother Julia's death in 1999, Craig lived with his father only visiting Joey, Angela, and his mom several times before her death.

Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 2


Craig in season 2.

Craig first appears in When Doves Cry, where he is revealed to be the stepson of Joey Jeremiah. He hangs around the park, taking photos of his half sister, Angela Jeremiah. His father has never really forgiven his late wife, Julia, for leaving him for Joey, and because of this, he starts to take his anger out on Craig. He is angered that Craig is associating with Joey's family, and forbids him from maintaining contact with Angie. It is also revealed that he physically abuses Craig. During an incident where he is beating Craig, his father broke his camera.


Craig, after being beaten by his father

The next day, he gave Craig money for a new camera. Craig planned on using this money to run away. He met Angela at the park and they played together for a while, but when she accidentally fell on his bruise, he told her a dinosaur hurt him. He asked her to come with him to British Columbia. Meanwhile, Joey was looking for Angela and found the two of them at an ice cream stand. Angela told him that Craig wanted to take her to British Columbia. Joey was outraged about it and told him to stay away from her just like his father ordered him to do in the first place. Joey called Craig's father and told him what happened.

When Craig got home, his father came after him. He locked himself in his room and called his new friend Sean Cameron. His father was beating down the door with a golf club (it is implied he was going to beat him with it) and when he finally got in, Craig was gone. He and Sean ran off to some train tracks, where Craig gave Sean a slight hint about his situation at home, and attempted to kill himself by an oncoming train. Sean saved his life, but Craig ran away. Sean and Emma showed up at Joey's house and told him Craig ran away. At first, Joey didn't believe them and told them he couldn't do anything. When Angela confirmed that a "dinosaur" (Craig's dad) was hurting him, Sean and Joey went to look for him. They found him at the cemetery visiting his mother's grave. Here, Joey found out firsthand that Craig was being abused by his dad, so he invited him to live with him.

In Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, Craig accidentally bumped into Emma as she and Manny were walking in the hallway. Craig asked the girls if they will be attending the dance Degrassi is hosting that evening, to which Manny replied that they can't, as they are not upperclassmen. Emma then added that they already have plans, a movie night with her mother. Craig stated that there was always next year for them to attend as he walked away. An attentively observant Manny watched Craig as he left and then told Emma, "It's so obvious that Craig likes you." Emma questioned Manny on the veracity of Craig's alleged interest in her, though seems quite pleased with the idea of it being true.

Due to conflicting schedules with Emma's mother, Manny and Emma decided to crash the dance. While getting ready for the dance, Emma stated that her mother did not date "dweebs" like Mr. Simpson, her mother's current partner, when she was in high school. Manny replied, "Yeah, she dated guys, like Craig," putting emphasis on "guys", implying that Craig has the attractiveness that epitomizes him as being the type of guy that another would find appealing. Playfully mimicking Emma's infatuation with Craig, Manny said, "Oh Craig! I love your eyes, and your hair, and your smile!" The girls then begin to jump on Emma's bed, and while doing so, Manny added, "We are so gonna see Craig tonight!"

While chatting about the dance, Joey asked Craig if he has a "hot date" for the night. Craig answered, yes, though added that she would not be attending. It is later revealed that he was referring to Manny. When they arrived at the school, they hid in shrubbery to avoid being caught sneaking in. They managed to spot Craig standing outside of the school, and they discretely called him over. Craig responded to their called for him saying, "Hey look, Valley Girls!" Craig asks them what they're doing, and Manny informed him of their plan to crash the dance. Emma then added that they would need his assistance doing so, as their principal, Mr. Raditch, was supervising outside of the school. He agreed, telling them to meet him at the back entrance in ten minutes.

Craig was met by the girls at the back entrance, where they proceeded to sneak into the school. Regardless of almost being caught by Mr. Raditch, they managed to sneak in without further complication. As a slow song is played, Craig approached the girls. Manny whispered to Emma, "He's heading right this way!" Craig smiled, greeting the girls and asking if they were having a good time at the dance. Manny answered, "Yeah, we haven't had this much fun since," she pauses, "Well, ever." An overzealous Craig replied, "Great!", after which sharing a brief moment of eye contact with Manny, who then repeated, "Great." Craig then hesitantly asked Manny to dance. Taken aback by his offer, Manny asked, "Me?", unsure of whether or not to accept or decline out of respect for Emma, who she knew harbors feelings for him. Emma, however, gave Manny her blessing, telling to go dance as she waits for them. Manny accepted Craig's offer, after which they held hands while moving onto the dance floor. Craig wrapped his arms around Manny's waist as she clung her arms around his neck, and they were shown slow dancing to the song.

In Karma Chameleon, Jimmy pushed Sean into a locker when he found out that he was going on a date with Ashley. Craig broke up the fight before it could go any further and asked Sean if he was alright. Later that day at the cafeteria, Craig and Sean were getting lunch and Craig witnessed Sean pay for Ashley's lunch as she was short of money. Ashley thanked Sean and asked him if they were going to continue pretending that nothing had happened. They agreed to be friends. When Ashley left, Craig asked Sean what had happened between them. Sean responded that they hooked up at party the previous year. Craig said, "And she’s ignored you ever since. Well, she’s not ignoring you now."

In Take My Breath Away, Craig walked into Ms. Kwan's classroom during a Grade 8 English lesson. Manny immediately looked up from her book upon his arrival. She then began to fantasize about him. Her dream sequence began with Craig, now dressed in formal attire, telling Ms. Kwan, "I have now come to collect my one and only true love." He serenaded her, calling her his Cinderella and kissing her and then takes her hand as she began to sing. Manny twirled around as Craig wrapped his arms around her, after which she affectionately rested her head on his shoulder, then concluding her dream sequence. Manny was abruptly shifted back to reality, as she was awakened by Craig's voice saying, "I need to get that." It took a moment for her to register what he was asking, so he clarified that her seat is on a cord for the television on the cart behind her. She complied with his request, moving her chair forward, though does not move it entirely off the cord, prompting him to move her chair himself.


Manny's dream sequence, featuring Craig.

In Mr. Simpson's class, the students asked Mr. Simpson about his engagement to Emma's mother. Manny questioned him on what it is like to find your one true love, and he responded by saying that he hoped that all his students find someone who made them happy someday. Manny smiles at his response while looking down at a page in her notebook, which showed a doodle of a heart that on the inside reads, "Craig Manning," as well as "Craig" written several times outside of the heart.

Manny and Emma passed by Craig as he and Sean were walking in the hallway. They both dwelt for more than a few moments on a friendly smile to the other, then continue walking. Manny did so while still sporting a broad grin on her face. Emma told her, "I think Craig really likes you." Manny questions her on, if so, why he did not just ask her out on a date, saying that waiting for him to do so was torture. Emma attempted to persuade Manny to take the initiative and ask Craig out herself, though Manny was unsure.

Manny was standing by her locker applying lip-gloss when she again began to dream about Craig. Manny envisaged Craig approaching her in the hallway, wearing a suit, and carrying a pink rose, which he then hands to her saying, "For you." Manny was flattered and asked if he liked her, to which he replied, "Like you? Manny, I think I love...," though the dream sequence ended before he could finish his thought. Manny returned to her right frame of mind, only to realize that she still had her hand out, as if about to accept the rose. Manny looked over at Craig, who was talking to Ashley Kerwin by his locker. Ashley left, after which Manny spontaneously walked over to Craig and admits her feelings for him. He remains unresponsive and in a state of shock, which gave Manny the impression that he did not feel the same way about her. She expressed disbelief over her confession, then began to walk away while adding in a regretful tone, "...It was nice talking to you..." Craig went after her, where he then admitted to liking her as well, causing Manny to squeal in the spur of the moment. Manny apologized for her "ditsy" response, after which he laughed, "No, it was cute!" Manny asks Craig if he would like to catch a movie that evening, which he agreed only to say, "Oh, with you?...I don't know." He waited a moment before revealing that he was kidding. A relieved Manny said, "You so got me" and Craig added that he could not resist. Manny told Craig to pick her up at Emma's house at 7:00 p.m. She then smiled at him as she walked away.

Joey asked Craig why he was dressed up and Craig informed him of his date, also making a point of mentioning that it would be his first. Joey commended Craig on his date, though he thought that he was referring to Ashley. Craig corrected him, telling him that Manny asked him out. Joey said that Manny was a little young for him, though Craig emphasized that there is only an eleven month age difference between them, which he did not find to be a problem. Joey concurred with Craig's statement, stating that age is not anything but a number, and playfully called Craig a stud for having been asked out on a date.

While preparing for her date with Craig, Manny ran through scenarios that would ruin their plan to keep her parents unaware as Emma attempts to calm her down. When Emma finished applying Manny's make-up, Manny asked how she looks, to which Emma replies, "Craig doesn't have a chance." Manny told Emma that she was trying to calm herself down but doing so proves troubling, as Craig was the only boy that had ever been interested in her. The doorbell rang, causing the girls to cheer in excitement. When Emma opened the door to Craig, he mentioned that he heard screams but Emma lied and said that what he heard was on the television. All the while, Manny was standing aside checking her breath. Craig was stunned by how beautiful Manny looked. He told her that she looked incredible, after which she returned the compliment, saying that he did as well. Stating that he almost forgot, Craig pulled out a pink rose, similar to those in Manny's dreams, and handed it to her. Emma said that the rose was too "picture perfect", while shoving Manny to stand side-by-side with Craig so that she could take a picture of the two of them together before their date. After Emma took the picture, Craig asked Manny if she's ready for their date, to which she replied, "I am so ready!"


Manny and Craig posing together for a picture, before their date.

At school the following day, Liberty Van Zandt asked Manny how her date with Craig went. Manny told her that after the date, she was quite adamant that Craig was "the one", as well as that she and Craig were in a relationship. Liberty and Emma asked Manny if Craig confirmed with her that they were indeed in a relationship, though Manny stated that she did not feel the need to verify with him because she just knew and then added, "That's what falling in love is all about."

During lunch, Jimmy Brooks and Spinner Mason both acknowledge that Craig had been unusually quiet the entire day. Craig apologized, explaining that he had a lot on his mind, after which both Jimmy and Spinner turn around and glance at Manny. Spinner turned around and mockingly said, "Ah, I get it. Craig is lost in love with little Miss Santos." Jimmy insisted that it must have been a "hot date," though Craig stated that a better word to describe their date would be "bizarre." However, Manny had an entirely different account, as she told Liberty and Emma that the best word to describe their date would be "magical." Manny insisted that the two participate in carnival activities, rather than going to the movie as planned. She perceived herself as having been more mature than she actually was, exemplified by the contrast of the multiple flashbacks provided by her and Craig. Craig told Jimmy and Spinner that Manny looked amazing and that he was glad to be with her, but her immaturity on their date was highly off putting. Craig reminisced on "the cotton candy incident", where Manny nearly choked him with cotton candy while attempting to feed him, as well as Manny accidentally hitting him on the forehead during the ball-toss. Craig stated that while Manny was examining his forehead after the accident, he looked into her eyes and saw how beautiful she was, although when she leaned in to kiss him, he resisted. He then admitted that he does indeed like her, but that his initial reason for rejecting her kiss was because she reminded him of his five-year-old half sister. Craig explained that Manny's sweet demeanor left him conflicted on whether or not to tell her how he is feeling.


The "cotton candy incident", where Manny nearly choked Craig with cotton candy while trying to feed him.

Manny was seen standing by her locker and holding the rose given to her by Craig. Emma commented that she can't believe Craig bought her a rose, and Manny replies, "Craig is a true romantic." Manny then began to reminisce on how Craig rejected her kiss and states that she wished the date would have ended better. Emma and Liberty insist that she has nothing to worry about, suggesting that he may have just been concerned with getting her home on time. Liberty added that two of Craig's most admirable qualities are his passion and punctuality, to which Manny replies, "That's why he's my guy." Craig walked over to Manny, who greeted him and says that she missed him. Craig informed her of all the gossip about them throughout the school, and Manny told him that everyone has been calling them Degrassi's hottest new couple. Manny explained that while she found the talk of them throughout the school to be redundant and embarrassing, the time that she spent with him made it well worth it, even referring to their date as having been the best night of her life. Craig, unable to admit that he had a horrible time on their date, told her he would see her later and walked away. Manny took note of Craig's uninterested tone during their conversation, after which Emma suggested that she take things slow with Craig, as he may not be as invested in their relationship as she was. Manny, however, insisted that all Craig needs is a little cheering up, and to do so, Manny decorated his locker with stuffed animals, flowers, a large heart which contains the picture that Emma took before their date, and a card that read, "Craig is the greatest!"

Craig walked up to his newly decorated locker, and frustratingly asked what she did to it. She explained that she thought it would cheer him up. Ashley walked over, stating that she hoped that she was interrupting their conversation, and asked Craig to sign her GM food petition. Manny asked what GM food is, to which Ashley replies that "GM" stands for genetically modified. She then ignorantly asked, "Does that make them good?", which irritated both Ashley and Craig. Ashley left, after which Manny tells Craig that she does not think he should talk to Ashley anymore. An annoyed Craig said that Ashley was in his class, therefore talking to her could be inevitable at times. Manny attempted to change the subject, asking what they're doing Friday night, but took the hint that there was something wrong. She asked him if he did not like how she decorated his locker, and he replied, "No, Manny. I'm sorry, but it's not my locker that I don't like, it's you," leaving her heartbroken.

In Message in a Bottle, Craig was glad that Sean came to Jimmy's party but became concerned as it was obvious that he had been drinking. When Sean began searching for more alcohol, Craig asked him where Emma was. Sean told him that she was at home and they had broken up. When Craig mentioned that they had just gotten back together, Sean said that he had insulted her mother Christine Nelson and that Emma would never forgive him. Craig pointed out that he did not know that for certain and advised him to call her.

Craig and Ashley Kerwin had a lot in common. He soon began to see Ashley after their mishaps with Manny and Jimmy Brooks. There are hints of his interest in her and it reaches a climax during Dressed in Black when the two perform The Taming of the Shrew together and it is revealed that he accepts Ashley for being who she is.

In How Soon is Now?, Craig overheard Marco Del Rossi telling Ellie Nash that he trusted her and teased them by saying, "Your love brings tears to my eyes." Marco responded, "Just wish everyone could be so lucky" before kissing Ellie's hand. The next day, Marco helped Craig design a poster in Media Immersion class.

During the last days of school before summer break in Tears Are Not Enough (1), Craig's father started dropping by to see him after school. He started reconnecting with his dad, who would help him out with chemistry. After his exams, his father dropped by after school to invite him to dinner. Craig arrived late, because Joey needed him to babysit, and Craig knew he would not have let him see his dad. When Craig finally arrived at the restaurant, his father announced he had bought tickets to London and Paris. Craig was excited, until he realized that his father wanted him to come home. Craig ultimately refused his father and said that it's better for himself to stay with Joey. Upset and angry that Craig refused to join him at home in exchange for a trip to Europe, his dad runs out of the restaurant, with Craig running after him.

Outside, Craig tried to get his father to talk, but his father was angry that he chose Joey over him, and even insulted his girlfriend Ashley, for her goth looks. Angry, Craig shoved his father, who backhanded him across the face, knocking him to the pavement and cutting him below the eye. Craig's father apologized and promised to

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never do it again, but Craig refused to forgive him and told him that he was dead to him (his father had apologized many times before after beating him up only to do it again later.) Frustrated and confused, his father drove away with Craig angrily yelling at him through his dad's car passenger window.

Craig arrived home to Joey, who was angry that he had seen his dad without telling him, and wanted to call the police. Craig stopped him, saying he wanted to go to Children's Aid the next day, and make sure he never had to see his father again. The next morning, the police informed them that Craig's father had died in a car accident.

In Tears Are Not Enough (2), Craig surprised everyone by showing up to school the following Monday and acting as if nothing had happened. When his friends Jimmy and Marco noticed that his and Mr. Simpson's stories didn't match, he alarmed them by making a joke about his father's death. He further surprised Ashley by telling her he still wanted to go to the school Luau.

During his father's funeral, a coworker delivered a eulogy, praising him as "a dedicated father." Craig alarmed people by laughing out loud. Joey took him outside, where Craig told him he was happy his father was dead.

Ashley confided in Ellie that Craig had laughed at the funeral. Ellie said, "Funerals can be stressful. Weird things happen." After Craig walked over to them, a concerned looking Ellie said "hey" to him. Craig told Ashley that he had signed them up as candidates for king and queen for the end of year luau, much to her surprise. Ellie tried to take their picture but Craig told her to save it for the dance.

Before the dance, Joey warned Craig that the pain would catch up with him, but Craig ignored him. Craig and Ashley won the competition, but as they were standing up on the stage, Craig thought he saw his father in the back, applauding him. He went to meet him excitedly, but found a man who looked the same from the back. He wandered away from the crowd, confused. He had a breakdown, during which he responded to the loss of his father with a furious, emotional outburst directed Ashley. Terri MacGregor, whose mother died when she was a little girl, comforted him by explaining how she understood his pain. He returned to the dance later and slow-danced with Ashley, beginning a relationship with her.

Season 3

Craig 008

Craig in season 3.

Craig forms a band with Jimmy, Marco, and their friend Spinner in U Got the Look, practicing in Joey's garage. They are later called Downtown Sasquatch.

In Pride (1), Craig and Ashley were invited to go to the beach with Spinner, Marco, Ellie, Spinner, Paige and her older brother Dylan Michalchuk but they decided to spend the weekend in Craig's house instead. Craig excitedly told Ashley since that they would put Angela to bed at eight and Joey would not be back until at least midnight, they would have the house all to themselves in the meantime. A very ill Archie "Snake" Simpson then arrived and Joey told them that he would be spending the weekend with them as his wife Christine Nelson did not want him to infect their newborn son Jack. Snake said, "Didn't plan on spending Saturday night with ol' Mr. Simpson, huh?" and an annoyed Craig responded, "No, not really."

Several hours later, Craig and Snake were playing a video game while an irritated and bored Ashley looked on. After Snake stood up to celebrate defeating Craig, he collapsed onto the sofa. His nose then began to bleed. Both Craig and Ashley were very concerned. Craig suggested that he call Spike but Snake assured them that he was fine.

On Monday morning, Craig saw that Marco was wearing a Toronto Maple Leafs jersey and, since he knew that he had no interest in hockey, jokingly asked him if he had gotten too much sun on the weekend. When Spinner asked Marco what he thought of Andropov's trade to the Redskins and Marco said that it was a great as his skating skills would really help the team, Craig laughed. An annoyed Spinner said, "Redskins are football. You have no idea what you're talking about" before storming off. Craig, surprised at the strength of Spinner's reaction, said, "Oh-kay."

Shortly afterwards, Craig met Emma in the hallway and she asked him if Snake completely ruined his weekend. Craig said that he was pretty cool but she could see that he was worried. He told her that he may have something more serious than a cold and that he had passed out on Saturday. Craig's fears proved to be accurate as Snake was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia.

The day after Marco came out to Spinner in Pride (2), Marco and Ellie heard Craig say to Jimmy, "Alright, Spin asked us to keep it a secret until he’s thought about it more, so you can’t tell anybody, alright?" Marco and Ellie were both concerned that Spinner had told them that he was gay and were relieved to learn from Jimmy that he and Craig had been talking about the fact that Spinner was planning a surprise party for Paige Michalchuk's 16th birthday in several weeks. Marco gave Craig and Jimmy a hug and told them that he would take the secret to his grave. Both Craig and Jimmy were confused.

After geography later that day, Craig questioned why he had to learn about soil erosion as he had no intention of becoming a farmer. Dylan then gave him, Jimmy and Spinner four tickets for his hockey game that night and told them that one of them was for Marco. When Craig and Jimmy expressed their excitement for their boys' night, Spinner asked, "Could you two be bigger fags?" He then told them that Marco was not coming as he "doing some gay artsy thing with Ellie." During gym class, Jimmy and Craig expressed their regret to Marco that he would not be joining them, which upset Marco greatly as Spinner was deliberately excluding him. When Spinner hit Marco with the volleyball and Mr. Armstrong told him not to spike, Craig sarcastically said, "Nice going, Spinner." While Jimmy learned about Marco's sexuality from Spinner's homophobic graffiti "Marco is a fag" in the boys' bathroom, it is unclear when exactly Craig found out. He attended the hockey game later that night and was surprised to see Paige at the Dot beforehand as he believed that it was going to be a boys' night. She explained to him that it was "watch Dylan play hockey for the gazillionth time night" for her.

In Gangsta, Gangsta, Craig complained to Sean that shop class was supposed to be his "bird course" for the semester but he was having trouble, while Sean excelled in the class. When Jay Hogart was staring at Sean from across the room, Craig asked him what Jay's problem was. He told Sean not to mess with him, but Sean did not listen and instead offered help to Jay with his car. He left and went back to his project, where Craig was standing.

In Should I Stay or Should I Go?, Craig and Ashley were making out in her bedroom. However, Ashley seemed distracted. She told Craig that she loved him. When asked him if he felt the same way, he joked, "Nah, not really. I think you're dumb and you kinda smell." When Ashley became annoyed, Craig said that he did feel the same way as she did but it was hard for him to say it aloud. The next day, Craig heard Spinner and Paige refer to each other as "honeybee" and "pumpkin bunny" respectively and joked that he needed an insulin shot. He asked Spinner if Paige stopped him when he were in the moment but Spinner told him that he did not know what to do in that situation either. Craig then discussed his relationship problems with Marco, who asked him if he loved Ashley. He responded that love was "a really big word." Manny walked past them and said hello to Craig, leading Marco to comment that she was putting it all out there. Craig sarcastically said, "Never noticed."

Marco advised Craig to send her a Rose-A-Gram to express his feelings. He sent her a dozen roses but instead of telling her that he loved, he wrote, "Ash, you rock. XO Craig." Ashley was both annoyed and disappointed by this. When Manny does not receive a rose from her boyfriend Sully, she scolded him, saying that Craig had sent Ashley twelve. Ashley later told Craig that she did not think that he felt the same about her as she did about him. She told him that she wanted to Craig a break. In his garage, Craig confided in Marco, who advised him to tell Ashley that he loved her. When Craig said that he could not just tell her that he loved her, Marco said that if he had lost her already if he did not. Craig followed his advice and wrote a song for Ashley called "I'm in Love". Manny saw him singing the song and watched him admiringly.

That afternoon, Ashley invited Craig to stay over for the night and suggested that they have sex. At Paige's birthday party, Craig confided in Spinner that he and Ashley were going to have sex. Shortly afterwards, Spinner blew up a condom in front of Craig and Ashley, made lewd gestures and pointed at Craig as if to say that he was the man. Ashley was furious that he had going around bragging about their non-existent sex life. Craig said that he only told one friend and only because he was happy about it. Ashley accused him of conning her into have sex with him using his "stupid lie of a song." She claimed that he could not say that he loved her since he did not.

Manny saw Craig angrily leave the party after the fight and went to comfort him. She ran after him, yelling for him to wait, but he yelled, "Not now, Manny!" She asked him what happened, to which he replied, "I messed up. Messed up again, and again, and again.." She tried to calm him down, reassuring him that he didn't, though he retorted, "Tell Ashley that." Manny praised Craig for the song that he sang to Ashley earlier that day, telling him that it was amazing and if it were written for her, she would be happy for months, then going on to say forever.

Craig took Manny back to his garage, where she requests that he play the song for her. He agreed to do so, though was quickly interrupted by Manny while playing. She told him that he was the best and if Ashley did not see that, then she did not deserve him. Manny grabbed his guitar from his hands and placed it gently on the floor. She leaned in to kiss him on the cheek, only for him to turn and kiss her on the mouth instead. Craig reluctantly turned away, after which Manny reassured him that it was alright. They began making out and eventually had sex.


Craig and Manny make-out in Craig's garage, and eventually have sex.

While talking to Emma the following day, Manny stated that the night that she spent with Craig was the best of her life. Emma begged Manny to tell her what happened between them, though Manny refused to say. Craig walked by, and Manny got up to greet him. She says, "I left you like a million messages, you must have been real busy. I missed you." Craig began explaining, "Look, Manny, I'm not really sure what happened," though is cut off by Ashley, who asked if she could speak with Craig. She told Craig that she and Paige had a long talk about their argument and Ashley realised that she had completely overreacted. She said that she wanted him back and that she loved him. Manny stood aside out of earshot as they talked and was shown watching with a heartbroken expression as Ashley hugged Craig, who said that he loved her as he looked at Manny with a pained expression.


A heartbroken Manny watches as Craig and Ashley reconcile.

In Whisper to a Scream, Hazel Aden asked Manny's advice as to whether Terri MacGregor should ask out Rick Murray, who had been leaving a rose for her on her locker everyday for weeks. Manny asked them if he was single. When Hazel responded that they thought that he was and asked if they should go for it, Manny said, "Completely. Life's too short." Craig was coming down the steps of the school when she said this and he her an awkward look before he averted his gaze and walked away.

In Never Gonna Give You Up, Craig was confused as to why Paige wanted to have J.T. Yorke around. Spinner explained that J.T. had helped her out when she had a bad time the previous year and she felt that she owed him. Craig told Spinner that he did not and advised him to get rid of J.T. Later while Spinner distracted him, Craig sneaked a remote control fart machine into J.T.'s locker. When Manny approached him shortly afterwards, they started playing fart noises. Manny thought that it was J.T., told him that he was disgusting and walked away.

In Against All Odds, Ashley was going away with Ellie for the weekend as she been having a hard time later and told Craig that she would miss him. After she left, Manny walked up to him and asked him how he was, telling him that she missed him. He responded that there was not much to miss as they had hooked up once. She invited him to a rave being held that and gave him a flyer with the time and location information on it, saying that there were no strings attached.

Several hours later, a nervous looking Craig was at home watching television with Joey and his girlfriend Sydney. Joey said that they enjoyed his company but asked him what he was doing home on a Friday night. Craig told them that he did not know and said that he going to Jimmy's. However, he instead went to the rave where he met Manny, who began dancing up to him seductively. When Emma returned home several hours later, she was shocked to find them making out on her bed. Craig promptly left. The next day at school, Emma asked Manny whether she felt for Ashley. Manny said that Craig clearly did not as, otherwise, he would not keep coming back to her. The two girls then ended their friendship, albeit temporarily, as Manny called Emma "a stuck-up prude princess" while Emma described Manny as "the school slut."

In Holiday (1), Manny called Craig and asked, "Is this a bad time?" He answers, yes, to which Manny replied, "Right, she's there...," referring to Ashley. She then tells him that she was calling only because she missed him. Ashley walked over to Craig, which prompted him to cover-up his conversation with Manny by pretending that he was talking to Spinner and then quickly hung up the phone before she could respond. Manny was shown with a saddened expression upon the abrupt end of their phone call. Craig was beginning to lose interest in Ashley but stayed with her when she gave him her grandfather's guitar, which he used when playing with Django Reinhardt in the 1940s.

Craig discovered that Manny was one of Angela's instructors at the ice-rink. As she gathered the performers together on the ice to give them direction, Craig rushed to meet up with her backstage. Craig went backstage to see Manny, who was giving the group of performers further direction when she saw Craig. Manny told the performers that she would check on them in the dressing room later on. They greeted each other upon the performers leaving. Manny spun Craig around and pinned him up against the wall behind them as she kisses him. Craig then asked her to meet him at his garage at 7:30 p.m. after the pageant, They kissed once again, though they were then interrupted by Spinner. Manny told Craig that she should return to her group and left.

Spinner sought details of Craig's multiple relationships, even telling Craig that he was his inspiration. Spinner referred to Ashley as a fine Champagne, saying that she was gorgeous and smart and then states, "Then you've got Manny; cute, adorable, hot: like ice-cream, only hot, very hot." Craig asked Spinner if he thought having a relationship with both girls was wrong, to which Spinner replied, "For me, yeah, but for you, no." Craig asked him to clarify. Spinner explained that he had Paige, who he knows was "the one" but Craig was unsure and wanted to "sample" both Ashley and Manny. He then referred to Craig's antics as a "try before you buy type of deal."

Craig walked into his garage to find Manny waiting for him on the couch. She scolded him for being late. Manny then claimed that she's freezing and told him that he needs to warm her up. They proceeded to make-out. Manny pushed him off, stating that she was aware that it was early, referring to the Christmas holiday, but she felt that he would be in need of it if he was going to be practicing his guitar out in his cold garage, and handed him a hand-knitted scarf. She wrapped the scarf around his neck, and says, "I know, I know. It's dorky," to which Craig replies, "No, it's sweet, just like you.", and they kiss once more. Manny was pleased that he liked the gift and told him that all she wants for Christmas was one thing. He said, "Alright, let me guess.." then asked, while kissing her upon each guess, "Diamonds? New car? What? Chihuahua?" Manny corrected him, telling him that what she really wanted was for him to break-up with Ashley. He began to back away from her upon hearing her request. She explained, "It's time, and I've been patient, but I can't." She was cut off by Craig, who told her that he could not make that choice. Manny retorted, "I think you just did" and left. The next day, Manny walked by Craig as he and Ashley are rehearsing their song for Degrassi's Christmas Talent Show, which distracts Craig and causes him to break a guitar string.

Tumblr lgz5mf4rWx1qc1tpr

Craig saw Manny walked by his classroom during a lesson. He lied, telling Ms. Kwan that he needed to use the washroom, which serves as an excuse to go talk to her. He opened the classroom door to find Manny pacing in the hallway. Craig gently said, "Manny..", though doing so triggered her to break down crying. She turns around and begins to walk away, though he follows. She told him, "It's just...I love you, Craig, and I thought you felt the same way." He replied, "I do! It's just..." He was cut off by Manny who said, "Ashley, I know, and she may love you," she paused, "but not as much as I do." Manny left, after which Craig turned around and banged his hands on the lockers behind him in frustration.

Craig came home and confided in Caitlin Ryan. He asked her, "If you're with someone really great, like Ashley, then that should be everything, right?"...I should feel lucky?" Caitlin explained to him that love was not about luck, it was about being with the right person. Her response prompted Craig to bolt out of the house to mend his relationship with Manny.

Craig ran into the ice-rink to find Manny skating. He smiles and then proceeded to walk out onto the ice. He called for her several times, and when she hears him, she stops. He told her, "I made a huge mistake. You're the one for me." When he did not receive a response, he adds, "Not Ashley, and I'm going to tell her that. It's you. It's always been you." Manny remained unresponsive for a brief moment, though then squealed while jumping on Craig, who caught her and they began kissing. He gently set her down, after which she snatched the hat that he was wearing. He chased her for it until finally catching her, with his arms wrapped tightly around her waste and her arms wrapped around his neck. They shared another kiss.

Craig and Ashley were again practicing for the talent show as Manny walks by. She passed them, though then decided to turn around. She lied, telling him that she needed to finalise his make-up, when really she wanted to confront him in private regarding the status of his relationship with Ashley. He followed Manny into the dressing room/make-up area, where she was waiting for him. She pulled him aside, then questions him on whether or not he broke up with Ashley. When she did not receive a response, she offered to do it for him, though he insisted that she not, as he lied, telling her that he had already ended his relationship with Ashley, but had not yet told her of his relationship with Manny. Manny asked him why he had not. He answered that he did not want any strife with Ashley before they perform together in the talent show, though assured her that it would all be sorted out afterwards. Manny agreed to keep quiet about their relationship until the talent show is over.

In Holiday (2), Craig and Spinner were Christmas shopping when Craig purchased an ice-skate charm bracelet for Manny. Ashley went snooping through the gifts that Craig bought, initially wanting the blanket that they were hidden under, when she saw a pink sweater and the bracelet. She thought that they were for her. The next day, Manny greeted Craig in the corridor, who asked if he was ready for his "big performance" at the talent show. He replied, "Yes, but first", then grabbed her hand and lead her into the empty classroom behind them. She asked him what they were doing, and he explained, while pulling out presents, that since she was going away the following day, he may not be able to see her before Christmas. She eagerly pulled out the pink sweater that he bought for her and said, "Oh, it's perfect. It's so nice." Manny rubbed the sweater against her cheek as Craig then pulled out the box containing the charm bracelet. She opened it and said, "Oh, Craig. You so get me." He asked her, "That's a good thing, right?" She replied, "Yeah, it means you really do care about me after all." They hugged as Manny dangled the charm bracelet from Craig's back.

As Manny applied Ashley's make-up for the talent show, Ashley told her that singing with Craig was probably the source of her nerves. Manny suggested that Ashley separate herself from him, as Craig had told her that he had already broken up with Ashley, though Ashley does not follow. Manny explained, "Your emotions, they seem to be getting in the way. Just let them go." Ashley noticed that Manny is wearing the charm bracelet that she found with the other Christmas presents hidden in Craig's garage. A suspicious Ashley complimented it and then asked where she got it. Manny refrained from passing on any implication of her relationship with Craig, as promised, and replied, "Just a guy. You know, a guy I've been dating a while." Ashley asks who, to which Manny answers, "Just a guy." Ashley then saw the pink sweater and the gift bag, confirming that Manny did in fact receive the presents from Craig. Ashley asked, "Is it Craig?" Manny apologizes, explaining that Craig did not want her to say anything because Craig knew Ashley would be upset about him moving on so quickly. However, Ashley interrupted, "Moving on? We're still together!"

Manny was shown in the audience looking guilty after Ashley slapped Craig during their performance. When Craig went after Ashley, she followed Manny. He angrily asked, "You told her?", though Manny denied doing so. He asked, if not, how Ashley found out, to which Manny replies, "Because you were stupid, Craig. You didn't think she'd find out about me, and you didn't think I'd find out about your lies." Manny held up the charm bracelet in front of Craig and dropped it on the ground. Craig watched it fall to the floor, and looked back up at Manny, who walked away. Craig picked the bracelet off of the floor while sighing in regret. When Craig told Joey that he cheated on Ashley, he went on to say, "And now, the other girl hates my guts, too," referring to Manny. Joey confided in Craig that, while he was engaged to Caitlin, he slept with a girl named Tessa Campanelli, which was one of his biggest regrets. Later that night, Craig, Joey and Angie met Caitlin at the airport, where she and Joey resumed their relationship.

Some time later, in Accidents Will Happen (1), Manny started feeling sick to her stomach a lot and noticed that she had not had her period for two months. Fearing that she may be pregnant, she asks Craig if he used a condom when they had sex. Craig claims that he thought Manny was on birth control. Manny eventually learned that she was indeed pregnant with Craig's child. Craig was overjoyed, as he never really had a family before and wanted to start his own. However, Manny realized she couldn't handle being a mother at such a young age, and had an abortion in Accidents Will Happen (2). This made Craig very angry, and he severed ties with Manny.

Tumblr lf4q54mDCt1qc1tpr

Craig hears Ashley's song about their relationship.

In Rock and Roll High School, Ashley still remains angry with Craig and both join the Degrassi battle of the bands with their respective groups. Craig is disgusted to hear that Ashley's song is about his dishonesty in their relationship. He writes a song apologizing, and the two get back on friendlier terms.

In The Power of Love, Marco organised a Bollywood themed dance at Degrassi and asked Craig to take photographs for the night. When Jimmy, Spinner, Paige and Hazel arrived late at the dance and found the school on fire, Paige asked Craig what was going on. Craig said, "Uh, those curtains that Marco picked out, they’re like totally flammable."

Season 4

Craig 00548

Craig in season 4

In Ghost in the Machine (1), Marco decorated Craig's locker with balloons and streamers for his 16th birthday. Craig initially thought that Ashley had done it which led to an awkward encounter between them. When he realized that it was Marco, he told him that he loved it and complimented his new outfit. Craig then put his arm around his best friend's shoulders and, given his own lack of success with girls, he half-jokingly asked Marco if he was dating anyone.

At his birthday party several hours later, Joey gave Craig $10,000 from his late father's estate. The following day, Craig and Ashley discuss the fact that she ignored him by his locker the previous day. She said that she would like to be friends but that she began thinking about what happened between them last year. Craig told her about the money and that his father was still trying to buy him off even though he was "half eaten by worms." Ashley reminded him that he could have a lot of fun with $10,000 and, after school, they went to a music shop. At Ashley's urging, Craig bought a $4,000 1969 Stratocaster guitar similar to the one owned by Jimi Hendrix.

In Ghost in the Machine (2), Craig and Ashley returned to Joey's house and showed him the guitar. Joey was shocked at its expense and, after Ashley had left, asked Craig if he could help out with rent as the $250 per month that his father's estate gave Joey was "barely enough to keep [him] in pizza." Craig was very hurt and annoyed by this and asked Joey if he would expect the same from Angie. Joey told him that Angela was seven years old, ate like a bird and did not just spend $4,000 on a guitar but otherwise it was no different. Craig said, "Yeah, well, I'm not so sure" and stormed off, spending the night at Sean's apartment.

The next day at school, Archie Simpson told Craig that Joey was very concerned and had called him several times that morning to see if he knew where Craig was. He told Archie that Joey was not his real dad and that he viewed him only as a bank. Craig returned to Joey's house that evening to collect some of his things and Joey told him that Jeremiah Motors was in serious trouble and that he may lose it. This was the real reason that he had asked for money from Craig but he used the rent excuse because of embarrassment at his failure. He told Craig that, in case his plans to be a great musician did not work out, he wanted the dealership to be there for him if he needed. Craig then realized that Joey loved him and they reconciled.

In King of Pain, Craig supported Marco's campaign to become Student Council President against Alex Nuñez, whom he described as "most likely to succeed in killing someone." He signed Marco's nomination form and half-jokingly asked him if he needed any cash for his campaign.

In Mercy Street, Craig interrupted Manny and J.T. Yorke while they were kissing. While talking to Craig about it in the changing room, J.T. saw Craig naked and discovered that he had a large penis. This made J.T. think that Manny did not like him because of his own size. Danny Van Zandt bought a penis pump for J.T. and the two of them and Toby Isaacs went into a toilet cubicle to examine it. When they left the cubicle, they found Craig outside. Craig said, "You don't have to Explain. Really" but gave J.T. an odd look as he left. J.T. later discovered that Manny believed that their relationship was not working as he was too immature.

In Anywhere I Lay My Head, Manny organised with Spinner for Downtown Sasquatch to play at the Spirit Squad car wash while Paige was ill with the flu. Although Craig wanted the band to be "smoking hot" before its first gig, Spinner convinced him that they needed experience before that could happen and Craig agreed to perform. In an awkward exchange, Manny thanked Craig for his help and he told her that it was no problem. Still bitter, Ashley interrupted them and told Craig that he was on. He was physically attracted to the sight of Manny in her bikini and returned his attention to Ashley. The band's performance, in Craig's words, "sucked" but Ashley assured him that no one noticed. Shortly afterwards, Craig saw Manny laughing and hugging Spinner and took a photograph of them together.


Paige tries to break up a fight between Craig and Spinner

In Islands in the Stream, Craig saw Spinner smelling Manny's perfume beside his locker and, after she left, he asked Spinner if he and Paige were still tight. Spinner told him that it was none of his business and neither was Manny anymore. Craig later included the photo of Spinner and Manny with the others that he took at the carnival. Hazel Aden showed it to Paige, leading her to confront Spinner about it.

Later that day, Craig accompanied Spinner, Marco and Jimmy to the cinema to see the Bollywood film Salvador Kovack at Marco's suggestion. Paige was on her first shift working at the concession stand and, like Marco and Jimmy, Craig objected to the condescending manner in which Spinner treated her. Craig scolded him with the sarcastic comment "Nice" before they watched the film. After Spinner accused Craig of being jealous and slapped him in the face, they startled to brawl outside the cinema, with each accusing the other of being jealous of his relationship with Manny. Paige's boss Meeri called security and promptly fired Paige, though she was later rehired.

In Time Stands Still (1), Craig was very ill with the flu and stayed home from school. He saw the difficulty that Joey was having in selling his house and called Joey's ex-girlfriend Sydney, a real estate agent, for help. After work, Joey arrived home to find Sydney there and was so shocked that he was practically speechless. Due to the awkward situation, Sydney promptly left. The next day, Craig felt even worse but decided to go to school anyway after Joey, who was embarrassed by his financial situation, yelled at him for contacting Sydney. Craig told Joey that he would prefer to go to school than be around him at that moment and that he called Sydney as he knew that she would be able to sell the house for good money.

Later that day in Time Stands Still (2), Craig was the one who found Jimmy in the school corridor after he was shot in the back by Rick Murray. He was extremely upset by the shooting, which left Jimmy paralyzed from the waist down. Several hours later, when Joey and Caitlin Ryan arrived at Degrassi to collect him, Joey gave his stepson a hug and Craig told them that Jimmy had been shot. The three of them and Angela later watched the coverage of the shooting on the news and Craig began to cry.

After Toby Isaacs mentioned in a class discussion that Rick had been bullied very badly in Back in Black, Craig told him not to make Rick the victim. Toby responded that he was merely trying to explain what had happened. When Mr. Simpson said that anyone who felt as angry or desperate as Rick had done should tell an adult and keep trying if they did not listen, Craig said, "So what? We’re supposed to rat?" Mr. Simpson told him that he was not about getting someone in trouble but getting them and other people out of trouble.

In Neutron Dance, Craig invited Ashley to join the band, though he did so without previously discussing it with Marco and Spinner, in advance of the recording session that they had won in the Battle of the Bands contest earlier in the year. While visiting Jimmy at the hospital, Craig told him that Ashley had begun advising the band on their sound but that they were just friends and they would never get back together. However, Jimmy could tell that Craig still had feelings for her. When Jimmy described himself as being "crippled," Craig was visibly upset and told him not to say that about himself.

Spinner objected to Ashley's continued presence at rehearsals when she was not an official member of the band. Marco initially believed that Spinner was making too big a deal out of it but realized that he was right when Craig and Ashley completely dominated an interview with Liberty Van Zandt for the Degrassi Grapevine and did not give either of them a chance to speak. Marco and Spinner then issued an ultimatum to Craig: either they went or Ashley went. Craig attempted to tell Ashley that she was out of the band but he instead kissed. Later that day at the Dot, Craig excitedly told Marco and Spinner that they were back together but they stormed out as he failed to kick out of the band as he had promised. Craig asked Marco to cut him some slack but Marco refused to do so.

At their next rehearsal, Spinner brought Manny into the band to play the tambourine and Marco brought an accordion, angrily telling Craig that it was every man for himself in the band. This forced Craig's hand and he reluctantly told Ashley that she was out of the band before the session in the recording studio. However, while singing "Everything's Dust" which he had written for Ashley to apologize for cheating on her with Manny, Craig realized that Ashley meant more to him than the band and went after her. They kissed and resumed their relationship.

Tumblr l4k7m10g3P1qc8lhko1 400

Craig proposes to Ashley, only to be turned down.

In Voices Carry (1), Craig impulsively took Ashley to a hotel (on an unsuspecting Joey's credit card), where Craig and Ashley have sex for the first time. Later on, Craig proposed to Ashley, when she refused, however, he fell into a deep depression. Furious, he wrecked his hotel room. however the next morning, Ashley called Craig and told him eventually she would marry him. Then, when Craig showed up to Ashley's father Robert Kerwin's wedding, he announces their engagement even though Ashley told him not to. This caused a problem and then Craig tried to make a scene. He was escorted out of the wedding.

424039648imovGo ph

Ashley and Craig in their hotel room before they have sex.

When Joey got a phone call from the hotel regarding payment for $4,000 worth of damage to Craig's hotel suite in Voices Carry (2), he confronted his stepson. Craig exploded in violence, beating Joey until Ashley, who had left the wedding, stopped him. Upon hearing her voice, Craig suddenly became euphorically excited, and was confused as to what happened to Joey. Soon after, Craig was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Feeling sympathetic, Ashley restated that she loved him and will stay by his side.

In Bark at the Moon, Manny was showing the new kid, Chester Hosada-Bloom, around, and she introduced him to Craig, who was passing in the hallway. Craig told her that he has been doing a lot of thinking, especially about last year, and told her that she was probably the biggest mistake that he had made since he had come to Degrassi. Realizing that he had worded that badly, he said that he meant that if he could, he would go back to the night that they had sex and would have stopped, as it would have saved them both a lot of pain. Manny was in disbelief that Craig only thought that night was a lot of pain, and sarcastically thanked him for his apology, saying that she was fine. He watched her as she walked away from him.

In Secret (1), Ashley said to Ellie that she was worried about Craig as he was bipolar. Ellie told her that it was not her job to worry about it and that she should take it from "another sicko." Craig sat down beside them and asked them who was a sicko. Ellie told him that she was referring to the goulash on his tray and promptly left. Craig then asked Ashley what they had been talking about and she lied to him by saying that she had not told Ellie that he was bipolar. She told him that there was a support group for teenagers with mental health problems and advised him to go. While he predicted that he would hate it, he went anyway and found it beneficial until Ellie arrived. The next day at school, Craig yelled at Ashley for sending him to Ellie's group. When she told him that she did not think that he would mind, he said that she did not think at all.

Several hours later, Ellie came to Craig's house on the pretext of having her guitar repaired but admitted almost immediately that it was an excuse. She told Craig that she used to cut herself, saying that, "What's bizarre is I'm always going to be a cutter. Even if I don't do it for years, it's still me." He confided in her that he was bipolar and she tried to cheer him up by reminding him that the same was true of Kurt Cobain. She then advised him to talk to Ashley, telling him that she cared about him. Craig said that he knew that but he was bothered by the fact that all she ever talked about lately was his medications, his therapist and his moods. In his garage that night, Ashley said that she should have told him that it was Ellie's group earlier. Craig told her that he wanted to be her normal boyfriend, not some crazy guy that she had to save all the time, and talk about things like music, movies and even goulash rather than his condition. Ashley kissed him and they reconciled. After Craig and Ellie opened up to each other about their mental health problems, they became friends.

After Jimmy was shot, Craig and Marco were especially supportive of Jimmy during his recovery. In Secret (2), Jimmy was anxious to return home after being in hospital for several months and was looking forward to seeing a Kid Elrick concert with Craig and Marco. However, his father Jermaine Brooks told him that the house would not be ready for another week and that he would have to stay in hospital for the time being. Not willing to accept this, Jimmy convinced Craig and Marco to break him out of the hospital the next day so that they could go and see the concert together. Jimmy and Marco wore black hoodies for their escape while Craig entered the hospital wearing a fedora and trenchcoat. Craig distracted the nurse on duty by continually asking for a fictional German doctor and then pretended to be extremely ill and, when the nurse left to get him help, he, Jimmy and Marco made their escape.

While it was difficult for Jimmy to navigate his way around the club where Kid Elrick was performing, he did extremely well and he and his two friends were in the front row for the entire concert. As Craig and Marco sneaked Jimmy back into the hospital that night, they excitedly discussed the concert. When Craig commented that they were so close to Kid Elrick that he was practically sweating on them, Marco said, "I am never gonna shower." A confused Craig laughed at his best friend's odd comment while Jimmy said that he would smell like Jack Daniel's if he did not wash. However, the three boys found Jimmy's father there waiting for him. Jimmy convinced him that he was ready to come home but that his father need to be ready. Mr Brooks agreed to collect Jimmy the next morning and bring him home.

In Eye of the Tiger, Craig was among the many students present to greet Jimmy at the front of Degrassi when he returned to school after three months in the hospital. The next day, after it became common knowledge that Spinner was responsible for dumping the paint on Rick, he and Marco confronted him. Craig told him to stay away from Jimmy while Marco told him that he was no longer invited to Jimmy's welcome back party at Craig's house. However, after getting drunk with Jay Hogart, Spinner showed up anyway. Craig angrily told him to leave. Spinner begged for forgiveness but Jimmy ignored him, telling Craig to continue playing karaoke as they had been doing before Spinner arrived. Spinner left but Marco saw that he took his keys with him and realized that he was going to try and kill himself. He and Craig attempted to stop Spinner from driving away but Jimmy moved himself in front of the car. He told Jimmy that he was not going to stop him as he was dead to him already. Craig then confiscated Spinner's keys.

In Queen of Hearts, Craig, Ellie, Marco, Jimmy and Alex played Euchre outside Degrassi. Ellie told them that her pet ferret Bueller Nash-Cameron had died and Craig sympathized with her. Ellie told them that she was not looking forward to having dinner with her mother Caroline Nash that night, which she described as "an event promising to be as much fun as a ferret funeral." Craig suggested that she postpone the dinner due to Bueller's death, which he referred to as a "death in the family." However, Ellie told him that the dinner meant that she would receive rent money.

When playing Euchre again the next day, Craig made fun of Marco by saying that his big hair made him look like Ashley. Marco explained that he ran out of hair gel. Craig later advised Ellie not to start with a Queen of Hearts as it was not a good idea to lead trump. Ellie explained that she did not have any spades and it was her lowest heart. They then skipped French class and continued playing in Degrassi's basement. After Craig and Jimmy lost $20 each when they began playing for money, the two of them left but Ellie and Alex arranged to play that night with Marco, his boyfriend Dylan Michalchuk and his hockey team.

In Moonlight Desires, Craig helped Marco to organize the blood drive at Degrassi by packing the blood bags. Ellie playfully stuck one of the stickers on his left cheek, which he promptly removed. He and Ellie were both shocked when Marco told them had he hoped to graduate early and move in with Dylan. The next day, Craig was extremely angry that Marco was refused permission to donate blood because he was gay and had sex with Dylan. After Marco discovered that Dylan was seeing other people, Alex claimed that promiscuity was a guy thing rather than a gay thing. Craig took exception to this but Ellie sarcastically reminded him that he had dated Ashley and Manny at the same time the previous year. Craig then suggested that he and Marco get Dylan back at the party that he was holding that night.

At the party, Marco discussed his relationship problems with Craig, who was very supportive. In an effort to cheer his best friend up, Craig told him that he was a great guy and the most honest, down-to-earth and nicest person that he knew. He joked that he was a little short but that added to the cuteness to which he would be attracted if Marco were a girl or he were gay. Marco thanked him for telling him what he wanted to hear and that he appreciated it but if he really wanted to help, Craig should call him an idiot. Craig did so and Marco told him that he had no idea what to do. When Dylan arrived on the stairwell where they were sitting, Marco grabbed Craig and kissed him in order to make Dylan jealous. The kiss freaked Craig out. He said, "So, when in doubt you kiss Craig?!" Marco told him that he needed to settle the situation with Dylan and Craig responded, "Yeah, you do! You really, really do!" After he and Dylan broke up, Marco began to cry and walked past a concerned looking Craig.

In West End Girls, Caitlin told Kevin Smith, who was making his new film Jay and Silent Bob Go Canadian, Eh! in Toronto, that her "sort of stepson" Craig was a talented young musician. She invited Craig to the CQJH studios to meet Kevin, who gave him the number of the composer and asked him to write an Emo song for the film. Craig was delighted and rushed home to tell Ashley, who was waiting for him in his garage. She told him that her father had been transferred to BBC World in London and he had gotten her a job as a gopher working at BBC6. Craig then told her about his conversation with Kevin and they wrote and recorded a song for the music producer Dave. They played it for the Dave, who hated it and described them as "a whiny girl trying to be Kate Bush accompanied by a Van Halen wannabe." At the prom the next day, Craig and Ashley performed their song "Nothing At All" and it was very well received, including by Kevin Smith who was being shown around the school by Caitlin as he wanted to use it as a shooting location for the film. Craig was extremely happy with their performance but Ashley told him that she was still going to England as she no longer felt that she had to prove herself at Degrassi. Craig accepted her decision but was extremely upset by it. Several minutes later, he discussed the situation with Kevin, who told him that he knew the feeling as he never got the girl even in his own films. He then hired Craig to write a song for his new film.

In Goin' Down the Road (1), Craig and Ashley were in the school watching Kevin, Jason Mewes and Alanis Morissette film a scene of Jay and Silent Bob Go Canadian, Eh!. After the shooting was finished, Jason began to flirt with Ashley but Kevin told Craig not to let him do so just because he was in a few films. He then asked Craig why he was not at home writing songs for the film. Ashley told him that she had dragged him away as she wanted to spend some time with him before she flew to London the next day. Kevin Smith told her to send Craig a postcard everyday as he needed him in a good mood in order to write power ballads for the film. Craig was upset at the thought of Ashley leaving but told her that he was okay with it. They then went to lunch and found that, since the Dot was providing the catering for the shoot, it was being served by Spinner and Jay. Craig angrily said, "I'd rather eat my own liver than accept food from you two scumbags." Jay then held up a large knife and Craig slammed down one of the trays in front of him. Ashley asked him whether he had taken his medication and told him that his behavior was embarrassing. Shortly afterwards, after filming a scene with Kevin and Jason, Ellie complained to Craig that her Goth costume was very 1988. She tried to cheer him up but he said that he did not feel like smiling as Ashley was going to spend the summer in England, where she would meet someone much cooler than him with an accent and never come back. Given his depressed attitude, Ellie jokingly referred to him as "Morrissey." Kevin told him that instead of hanging around Degrassi all summer, he should follow Ashley to London.

Craig took Kevin's advice and found a summer music course in Camden through which he could earn credits. Caitlin found him looking it up online in the Media Immersion lab and, when he discussed it with her, she told him that she thought that a summer away would do him good. She later told Joey that Craig had something to talk to him about and to keep an open mind. When Craig told him his plans, Joey reminded him that he had been in hospital due to his bipolar disorder and that it was not a good idea for him to be thousands of miles away from home under the circumstances. Craig was extremely hurt, angrily telling Joey that England would problem not even let a psychopath like him into the country as they already had Jack the Ripper and Mad Cow Disease before storming off. He then met Jimmy at the mall and played him the instrumentals for the song that he was writing for the film. When he told Jimmy that he still needed lyrics, Jimmy suggested, "Ashley, please don't go. Ashley, please don't leave me. Don't fall in love with an ugly limey." Joey approached them and told Craig that he did not mean to be offensive or to hurt him. Craig angrily told him that he did hurt him but his mood improved when Joey presented him with a plane ticket to London. Joey said that there were conditions for allowing him to go: the music school would be told that he was bipolar, he had to call him everyday and let him know if he did not feel well and Ashley's father would keep an eye on him.

Delighted, Craig went to visit Ashley and told her the good news but she rejected him. She said that, while she loved him, she needed a break from him as she had been constantly worried about him since the incident at her father's wedding. She left crying, telling him that she would see him in September. Craig returned home and told Joey that Ashley was thrilled by the news that he was joining her in London. He went upstairs and was about to take one of his pills but instead threw it in the sink and threw the remainder in the bin. Before he left the next morning, Joey made sure that he had all everything, told him that he was proud of him and gave him a hug. When he got into the taxi, Craig told the driver that he was no longer going to the airport as there had been a change of plans.

The next day in Goin' Down the Road (2), Spinner found that Craig was living at Degrassi. Craig told him that Kevin was allowing him to stay in the school during the summer but that no one knew and he wanted to keep it that way. Spinner apologized to him for their arguments concerning Ashley's participation in the band but Craig told him that it was water under the bridge. When Spinner said that Ashley made good contributions, Craig angrily told him that she was a virus who eventually destroyed everything. After writing a song in the boiler room where he was living, Craig rushed up to tell Kevin about it. Kevin was surprised to see him as he thought that he was in London. After finding out that Kevin had no idea that Craig was still at Degrassi, Spinner called Joey, who came to collect him. When Joey brought him home, he got into a heated argument with Caitlin, blaming her for convincing him that Craig was well enough to go to England for the summer. She told him that, unlike she and Kevin, Joey could not see that his heartbroken. Joey countered that he was more concerned about his mind, which was more fragile. Craig overheard this and ran away. On the streets, he met a homeless man named Skinny who was playing the drums and began playing his Stratocaster guitar. After receiving numerous contributions, Skinny said that if he stayed for an hour, he would split the money 50-50. Craig agreed on the condition that Skinny throw in somewhere for him to sleep that night. The next morning, Skinny was angry that they earned only $3.82 and suggested that they rob an old man. When Craig objected to this, Skinny punched him. Craig punched him back and Skinny proceeded to viciously beat him. He took Craig's guitar and left him crying and bleeding on the ground.

Joey tried desperately to find him. Kevin suggested that he use his celebrity status to put out a missing persons bulletin on television. Craig, whose behavior was becoming increasingly erratic, saw the broadcast in the homeless shelter where he was staying. He recognized Kevin but did not realize that it was about him. One of the workers at the shelter recognized Craig from the photo shown in the broadcast and called the number. Joey arrived shortly thereafter to collect him. He was extremely upset by Craig's condition and apologized to him for blaming everything on his being bipolar. In his confusion, Craig did not remember what had happened to his guitar. Joey brought him and put him to bed. After he and Caitlin got into another argument even though Craig was safe and sound, they realized that their relationship was unworkable. Several weeks later, a much recovered Craig visited Kevin at Degrassi immediately after the filming of Jay and Silent Bob Go Canadian, Eh! had finished. Kevin was relieved that he was feeling better. However, Joey began crying as he did not want Caitlin to go to Los Angeles to revive her old TV series Ryan's Planet. Craig gave him a hug and told him that he and Angie were there for him and they were not going anywhere.

Season 5


Downtown Sasquatch in "Together Forever".

In Venus (1), while Ashley was in England and Marco was in Africa over the summer, Craig and Ellie bonded, becoming best friends. As Marco excitedly told Ellie about his time in Africa, he became jealous of the fact that she and Craig developed hand signals, and their new relationship did not include him. On the first day of school, Ellie received an email from Ashley, telling her that she had met a boy named Alistair and started a relationship with him. As it was Craig's 17th birthday the next day, she decided not to tell him yet and organized a party at the Dot for him. However, she mentioned it to Spinner, who later told Craig that he deserved better than Ashley. Craig demanded an explanation from Ellie, who told him that Ashley had dumped him via email. He was furious with her but Marco, who also knew about it, told Craig not to shoot the messenger. After discovering that he was the last person to know, Craig said, "Screw you" to Ellie and left the Dot in a rage. Ellie was very hurt by his unkind words. Marco realized that she had feelings for Craig, which she denied.

In the same episode, Craig was extremely annoyed that Ms. Hatzilakos had let Spinner return to Degrassi and ignored him when he said hello on the first day of school.

The next day at school in Venus (2), Marco attempted to get Craig and Ellie to reconcile but neither of them were receptive to his efforts. He told Ellie that she and Craig should not stop hanging out together because of one argument as they had been best friends all summer. Given that Ellie had recently began playing the drums again and Craig refused to allow Spinner back into Downtown Sasquatch, Marco suggested that Ellie join it. In English class, she told Craig that Ashley had wanted to tell him herself but not until the time was right as she was concerned. Craig angrily told her that he was not going to go off his meds and "go all crazy." He said that Ellie knew that he was fine as they hung out all summer and that he did not need her to protect him. Ellie responded, "All this anger is for Ashley. Buy a ticket, go to London and freak on her there."

Later that day, Craig, Marco and Jimmy were having lunch in the cafeteria and Marco motioned for Ellie to join them. However, she instead had lunch with Paige and Hazel. She looked over to Craig but he averted his gaze. The following day, after they had both calmed down, Ellie visited Craig in his garage. She apologized for not telling him that Ashley had broken up with him as soon as she found out and not realizing that he did not need her to protect him. After some hesitation, he apologized to her for overreacting at the Dot. Their friendship repaired, Ellie told Craig that, since she was between bands and Downtown Sasquatch was between drummers, she should join his band. After Ellie demonstrated her drumming proficiency, Craig readily agreed.

In the same episode, after they saw the video of Manny exposing her breasts on camera, Jimmy said, "Manny Santos, my, how you've grown!" Craig told him to shut up as it wasn't funny.

Craig and manny

Craig and Manny get back together in Weddings, Parties, Anything.

In Weddings, Parties, Anything, Craig and the rest of Downtown Sasquatch were practicing in his garage. He became annoyed when Jimmy started to play a guitar solo in the middle of his singing and cut the performance short. Jimmy criticized Craig's decision to try and get the band a gig at a wedding, which he considered lame. He, Jimmy and Marco began arguing but they were interrupted by Ellie banging her symbols. She told that they would get nowhere by criticizing each other and Jimmy conceded that weddings were gigs. After Jimmy and Marco left, Craig thanked Ellie for backing him up. She told him that she enjoyed playing with him and then said that she meant the band. He complimented her on drumming but she told him that she still needed help. As he showed how to improve her funk drumming, they seemed to be growing closer. The next day at the car lot, a potential customer, Diane, told Joey that her ex-boyfriend's band was supposed to play at her sister's wedding and she had found no one to replace them. Joey introduced her to Craig and invited her over to his house to see the band audition.

At school, Marco asked him what they happened with Ellie after he and Jimmy had left. Craig told him that he gave her a drumming lesson and they watched a DVD. He said that 90% of his troubles in life were caused by girls and, as such, he intended to be a monk for the year, focusing on nothing other than school and the band. Shortly afterwards, Craig saw Peter Stone push Manny into a locker as she would not listen to him telling her to forget the topless video. Craig grabbed him, saying that if Peter ever touched or even look at Manny again, he would have to deal with him. At lunch, Manny asked Craig if he saw the video. He tried to deny it but admitted that he had. She was embarrassed as she cared whether Craig had seen it. He told her that he wished that he had been there the night that Peter had recorded it so he could have stopped him. Manny appreciated this as it made her feel as if Craig were her protector. In therapy group, Craig said that he owed his recovery to Ellie as she had been "incredible" and thanked her for all of her help. Ellie was delighted. When Joey commented that Ellie was a nice, cute girl, Craig said that she was merely a friend who was a girl. Joey told him that he knew from personal experience that there was no such thing.

After Diane hired the band for the wedding gig, they went to the Dot to celebrate but Marco and Jimmy left so that Craig and Ellie would be alone. Ellie thanked Craig for giving her the drum lesson and he again thanked her for all of her support. He did not realize that Ellie was flirting with him. When Manny came in, Craig beckoned her over to join them. Ellie was very annoyed at this. The next day, Marco, describing himself as Craig's "best friend in the whole world," asked him how the date went. Craig said that he thought that Ellie was Marco's best friend and denied that it was a date as "monks don't date." He claimed that it was just friends hanging out and mentioned that Manny had joined them. Marco said, "Cue the romantic train wreck." They then met Joey in the pharmacy where, to their amusement, he was buying condoms in preparation for his upcoming date with Diane. Joey was extremely embarrassed.

On the day of the wedding, Ellie wore an attractive black dress and Craig was so distracted that he let go of the large speaker that he and Marco were lifting, causing it to fall on Marco's toe. Manny then arrived wearing a turquoise dress and Craig became even more distracted. He explained to the band that he had invited Manny along to help them. Ellie, once again very annoyed by Manny's presence, said, "Yeah, very practical roadie costume." Before the gig, Craig confided in Marco that he found both Ellie and Manny attractive and had no idea what to do. During the performance, Craig invited Manny on stage to play the tambourine and Ellie became so angry that she threw one of her drumsticks at Manny's head. When Manny accused her of it, Ellie remarked that she was surprised that she could even feel it through all of her hairspray and then stormed out. Craig asked Marco what he should do and Marco said, "Oh, whoa, I'm, I'm actually too busy enjoying not being you."

Craig followed Ellie, asking what the hell was going on. She said, "You tell me! You're the one who called her, you're the one who sat there drooling over her like you were some perv." She then told him that her outfit was not her as she did not dress up. When Craig said that he was flattered in an uncertain tone of voice, she told him not to be as it was for the gig and that it did not mean anything. Craig said that she was a really good friend who was always there for him and that she had seen him in the gutter where he did not want anyone else to see him. Ellie, who was very hurt, sarcastically said that she was glad to be of help and told him that she would see him in group. The next day, Craig found Manny reading a book in her pajamas outside of Emma's house. She apologized for ruining his gig but said that she had fun. Craig told her that he had ulterior motives, saying that he wanted to cheer her up, to make her smile again. The two leaned in and kissed one another, beginning a new relationship.

In I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For, Craig was disappointed that Jimmy was leaving the band to try out for a wheelchair basketball team. He told him that they would miss him but wished him good luck.

In Turned Out (1), Emma walked into the Dot and found Craig and Manny making out. She said that she would tell them to get a room but they already had one, which happened to be hers. Manny told her that she would have her room all to herself that night as Craig was taking her to see a friend's band perform. Not wanting to leave her on her own, Manny said that it was not really a date and invited Emma to come along. Emma declined as she had to study. Craig tried to convince her to join them but she said that she did not want to be a third wheel.

The next day, the three of them again met at the Dot and Manny told Emma that she and Craig had met a "totally cute guy" who was Emma's type: Derek Haig, a Grade 10 student whom Jimmy was coaching in basketball. Derek then entered and Craig said that it was weird and cosmic as they had just been talking about him. Emma said that it was amazing and as if it had been set up. Manny introduced them and Derek commented that Craig had told him that Emma's parents used to go to Degrassi. Emma was distracted by the sight of Peter, whom she had a crush on, outside the window with a new camera. She told Derek that she would tell him all about her parents' time at Degrassi at a date on Friday. However, their date did not go well and Emma told Derek that she had a "pretty lame time." Shortly afterwards, she went to see the film Clown Academy with Peter.

In Turned Out (2), Joey and Diane gave Craig a lift to Degrassi in Joey's new convertible.

In Tell It to My Heart, Craig played Claudius in Degrassi's production of Hamlet at the City Drama Festival, which the school was hosting, while Marco played the title character. Marco was nervous and Craig jokingly said that it was not as if he were playing the lead and the school's hopes of winning the festival were riding on him. A slightly annoyed Marco said, "Yeah. Someone remind me to kill him after I’m done memorizing this." Later, while they were rehearsing their lines, Craig and Marco saw a gay student named Tim being pushed into a locker. Craig was going to confront the boy who did it but Marco stopped him. Several days later, Craig told the extremely nervous director Mr. Simpson to relax immediately before they were due to go on stage. During the performance, Marco interrupted himself and came out to his father Mr. Del Rossi in front of the entire school. Like everyone else, Craig was shocked.

In Redemption Song, Craig congratulated Jimmy when Ms. Hatzilakos announced that he had been commissioned to paint a mural commemorating the school shooting. When Craig saw that Spinner's girlfriend Darcy Edwards had left him a message on his locker, he sarcastically said, "Someone left you a card? How sweet." He later helped Jimmy paint and was shocked when Hazel threw a can of paint over Jimmy as he had included Ellie in the mural.

In The Lexicon of Love (1), Craig and Manny were very excited about the Toronto premiere of Jay and Silent Bob Go Canadian, Eh!, in which Manny appeared and for which Craig wrote a song. They hired a stretch limo for the occasion for themselves, Marco and Hazel. Before Media Immersion class, Craig and Marco excitedly discussed who they thought would be at the premiere, including Alanis Morissette. He and Manny sat beside each other during the premiere. During Manny's first scene, he excitedly nudged her. At the after party, Emma complimented them both and described them as "Degrassi's celebrity couple."


Craig in Season 5

In Together Forever, Craig and Ellie were hanging out in his garage discussing what they would do with their money when Downtown Sasquatch was discovered at the Northern Sound Showcase in two days time. Craig wanted to buy a car while Ellie planned to invest it and perhaps buy a condo. Craig accused her of being boring and began tickling her. Joey came in and told Craig that Manny was on the phone for him. Craig said to tell Manny that he was studying. When Joey pointed out that it did not look like studying, Craig sarcastically said, "Thanks, Mom." After Joey left, Ellie told Craig that he really did have to study for his history presentation the next day but Craig said that it was more concerned with the band.

Craig failed his presentation on World War I due to his lack of preparedness in spite of Ellie's attempts to help him in class. At the Dot, he told Ellie, Marco and Jimmy that he was not worried as their grades had already been submitted and in any event he was not terribly interested in going to university in the first place. Jimmy asked Ellie if she really planned to take a year off and follow Craig around. Somewhat annoyed, Craig told him that she would not be doing that; they would instead be cutting their own album after they won the Showcase and were given recording time in Vancouver during the summer.

At the Showcase, a record producer named Leo Davies was impressed by Craig's vocals but claimed that the band's sound was a little rough. In spite of this, he offered to manage Downtown Sasquatch and Craig accepted immediately. When he arrived home, he excitedly told Joey the great news. Joey was delighted for him and told him that there was more good news as he had received a letter from the University of Toronto. Craig opened it and found that he had received early acceptance with a full scholarship. While Joey was extremely excited, Craig told him that he had have to see if it was alright with Leo first. Joey said that university was his future but Craig countered that his future was the band and it was what he wanted to do with his life. At the photoshoot the next day, Leo placed Craig in the foreground with Marco, Ellie and Jimmy in the background and condescendingly referred to Ellie as "Chick with Sticks." Craig told him that he was "kind of about the band" but Leo said that now the band was all about him.

At the Dot the following day, Leo told the band that the Showcase had asked them to return for another performance and, if they won, they would fly out to Vancouver at the weekend to record their material. Marco pointed out that they had exams and essays to do and missing them would screw up their year but Leo said that the band was more important. He told Craig that the band still sounded rough, particularly the drumming, but Craig promised him that Ellie would be ready. That night, Craig gave Ellie a drumming lesson but Manny arrived in the middle of it and accused him of caring about nothing but the band. She said that it appeared to be all about Ellie and stormed off. Craig followed her, leaving Ellie alone. When they next performed for Leo, he said that they had improved but that Ellie was still the weakest link. She told him that she would practice all night and get it right but Leo responded that there were plenty of other drummers in Toronto and that Ellie was no more qualified to drum than he was to fly airplanes. Craig was furious and told Leo that there were plenty of other singers in Toronto as well. Dejected, Craig filled out the acceptance form from the University of Toronto but did not send it away.

In his garage the next day, Ellie told Craig that the Showcase was too good an opportunity for him to pass up. She said that she could not drum, Marco was not much better on bass and Jimmy was more interested in painting. Leo had only seen them as excess baggage in the first place. Craig told her that, if he did win, it would mean leaving Toronto and worried about what would happen to Manny, Joey and Angie in his absence. She said that they would be manage and be fine. When Craig asked her if she would be okay without him, she responded that she would wave him goodbye because it was what she had to do. Craig won the Showcase. Before he left for Vancouver, he gave both Marco and Ellie a hug. As Ellie walked away, Craig looked after her longingly. In spite of this, he was delighted to be going to Vancouver as his dreams had come true. Manny rode with him and Joey to the airport to say goodbye.

In Our Lips Are Sealed (2), Craig spoke to Manny on a long-distance call from Vancouver.

In High Fidelity (1), Emma mentioned that Manny was on the phone to Craig until three o'clock the previous night.

When Ashley returned home from London in High Fidelity (2), Ellie told her that Craig was in Vancouver pursuing his solo music career and that he was dating Manny. Ashley said that this made her "vaguely itchy," referring to their love triangle two years earlier. When Ashley asked if she was dating anyone, Ellie told her that she was crushing on someone "as usual" but it was never going to happen "as usual." She was referring to Craig but Ashley believed that she meant Jimmy. Later that night, Paige showed Spinner a 2004 yearbook featuring photos of himself, Craig, Jimmy and Marco when they all part of Downtown Sasquatch and he became nostalgic.

The next day, at the variety show before the graduation of the Class of 2006, Jimmy told Ellie that she had become one of his best friends and asked her if she wanted to take their friendship to the next level. However, she told him that she did not feel that way about him. Shortly afterwards, Craig returned to Toronto to surprise Manny. She said that she missed him and that she could not believe that he came. Craig told her that he would not have missed the graduation for the world. He waved at Ellie, who gave him an awkward look before averting her gaze.

Season 6

In Here Comes Your Man (1), Manny looked at Sean admiringly and said, "Sean Cameron, bench-press has been so, so good to you." When Emma jokingly threatened to tell Craig that she said that, Manny responded, "Feel free if you can ever get him on the phone."

In the same episode, Marco told Paige that he felt that his life was changing faster than he could handle. He singled out Craig's departure as one of the reasons for this and clearly missed him.

In True Colours, Marco saw Jesse Stefanovic kissing Ellie on the left cheek. He joked, "Guess this means you’re officially over Craig." Ellie hit him with her newspaper and smiled.

Craig wifltbag

Craig in season 6.

In What's It Feel Like to Be a Ghost? (1), Craig returned to Toronto to perform at a music festival. Manny met him at the airport and half-jokingly lamented that she had not seen him in months and that he never called. They kissed and Craig said that he wished that he could stay longer than a few days. He told her that they should go to Marco and Ellie's house as they were planning a welcome home party for him. Several hours later, Craig played a song for Marco, Ellie, Jimmy, Spinner, Dylan and Jesse which he wrote on the Vancouver ferry. When Ellie mentioned that she loved the allusions to Herman Melville, Manny glared at her but Craig failed to notice. Ellie asked him to play another song while an even more annoyed Manny pointed at her watch. Craig again failed to notice and continued playing his guitar.

The next morning at Degrassi, Craig apologized to Manny for forgetting to help her run lines for her upcoming audition for the teen drama West Drive. He encouraged her by telling her not to doubt her instincts. That afternoon, they returned to Marco and Ellie's house, where he was staying while in Toronto, and Craig told them that Manny had nailed her audition and they were looking at a future acting legend. Manny admitted to Craig that she felt a buzz from auditioning and wished that she could do it again. Craig said that he felt the same way during his gigs.

Manny went to Craig's gig with Emma and Sean and happily told them that she and Craig had reconnected since he had come back to Toronto. However, she was annoyed by the presence of Ellie, whom she derisively referred to as “Craig's shadow” and “Smelly McSnootypants.” Manny then went backstage and was extremely disturbed to find Craig snorting cocaine in his dressing room. Emma noticed the change in her mood but Manny shrugged it off. After Craig performed his new song “Drowning”, Marco told Craig that it was awesome and Ellie called him a genius. She asked him if that was why he had asked her about drowning allegories the previous month. Craig was delighted that Ellie understood him so well and gave her a hug. He then went over to Manny to see if she was alright as he could tell that she was upset during his performance but she lied to him and said that she was fine.

The next morning, Emma saw that Manny was upset and she admitted that there was a problem with Craig but did not say what it was. Emma told her that she had learned from her relationship with Sean to accept a guy's flaws and advised Manny to do the same. After school, Manny visited Craig at Marco and Ellie's house and told him that she was uncomfortable with his drug use. He told her that he took it to boost his self-confidence before performances but had only done so twice. After she told him that she did not get the part on West Drive, Craig commiserated with her and invited her to the dinner party that Ellie was throwing in his honor that night. Manny joked that Ellie would probably poison the food if she knew that she was coming. Craig said that she needed to get over Ellie but Manny claimed that she was intimidated by Ellie's intelligence. Craig tried to comfort Manny by assuring her that while she was not book smart like Ellie, she was “brilliant in every other way.”

At the dinner party, Ellie, Jesse and Craig discussed Rosseau's work. Manny tried to contribute but the conversation was over her head. Craig told her that he was an 18th Century philosopher and that Ellie had sent him one of his books while he was on the road. The conversation turned to Carl Jung's view that everyone had, in Marco's words, “massive complexes.” Ellie joked that she had no neuroses, of course, but Manny countered, “Really? Because I thought being constantly rejected by guys would mess you up, Ellie.” A visibly annoyed Ellie responded, “Yeah. Yeah, I feel bad that I take time to meet guys who actually like me. In fact, I don’t know how I made it through high school without having my breasts shown online.” Manny ran out upset. Craig followed her but pointed out that Manny had started it and asked why she could not just get over Ellie. Manny said that it was because Ellie made her feel inadequate and asked Craig to give her some coke to boost her confidence. After getting high, they returned to the dinner party where they proceeded to laugh hysterically when Manny knocked over a glass. The next morning, Ellie brought a cup of coffee up to Craig's room and found a bag of coke. She confronted him about it but he lied to her, claiming that it was Manny's.

In What's It Feel Like to Be a Ghost? (2), Ellie was preparing to interview Craig about his life as a musician for The Core. She mentioned to Jesse that she had found the coke on Craig's bedroom floor and was annoyed when he assumed that it belonged to Craig. She told him that Craig had claimed that it belonged to Manny, whom she described as a “toxic influence.” However, Jesse was not convinced. He told an excited Ellie that he had arranged for her to interview Taking Back Sunday and they kissed. Craig then entered the office, telling Ellie that he did not have time for the interview at the moment as he had to clear out Joey's garage since he and Angela were moving to Calgary. Ellie said that she would help and assured Jesse that she would be on time to interview Taking Back Sunday.

In Joey's garage, Ellie interviewed him and he confided in her that he had expected everything to be the same when he returned but all of his old friends were moving on. Ellie said that she would always be there for him. She then received a text from Jesse, who told her that Taking Back Sunday were waiting for her. She brought Craig along and introduced him to the band, who asked him to perform the following night during a break in their set. Before she could continue her interview with Craig, he left to tell Manny. Much to Jesse's annoyance, Ellie was also unable to finish her interview with the band due to Craig's presence. Jesse again told her that Craig was a drug addict and said, “You know what's really wrong? The fact that Craig keeps crapping on you, and you keep going back for more!”

In Marco and Ellie's house, Manny suggested that they go see a film or get a bite to eat but Craig instead wanted to snort more coke. She said that she felt horrible after taking it the previous night and never wanted to do so again. Craig angrily told her that the last two days had been the best of his life and he did not want her to ruin them. Manny realized that he had chosen drugs over her and promptly dumped him. As she left the house, she met Ellie and sarcastically told her that Craig was all hers. Ellie accused Manny of giving the drugs to Craig but Manny retorted that Craig had lied, which was what drug addicts do. Ellie again confronted Craig about his drug use and got him to admit that he was an addict. She convinced him to attend group therapy with her to discuss his problem and he agreed. The next day, he turned up at the clinic but did not enter the meeting room.


Craig gets a nosebleed as a side effect from his drug addiction.

That evening, Ellie visited Craig backstage and he told her that he could not attend the group therapy session as something had come up. She began to go through his things and found more drugs. She threatened to call Joey and bring an end to his rock star lifestyle. He asked her why she would do that to him but she replied that he knew why. Craig kissed her and told a delighted Ellie that he loved her. She said that she loved him too. He responded, “So don’t make me stop. Please. I need it. Don’t call Joey.” She pushed him away and called him a bastard, having realized that he would say or do anything to get his hands on more drugs. During his performance, Craig got a nosebleed as a result of his drug use as a horrified Ellie looked on and he finally realized that he had a serious problem.

The next morning, Ellie gave Craig an airline ticket and told that he was on the 11am flight to Calgary, where Joey was waiting for him. She said that Mr Simpson was there to make sure that he got on the plane. She walked away and began crying but Craig ran after her and said, “Ellie, I know I messed up, badly, but I am glad for one thing. I was finally able to be honest with you. I meant what I said and I felt that way for a long time.” She told him that it was beside the point as he needed help. Craig then suggested that they meet up after he got out of rehab but Ellie dismissed this by saying “Goodbye, Craig” before walking away, heartbroken. Craig was guilt stricken at having hurt her so badly.

In Rock This Town, Manny ripped up the photo of Craig that she kept in her locker and referred to him as a "stupid cokehead." At Liberty's party that night, Ellie made a smart comment about Manny stress eating. Manny told her that she did not have time for her jokes. Ellie instead apologized about what happened with Craig, which seemingly resolves their conflict. She told Manny that even though she was "so incredibly pissed" at Craig, she still thought about him and worried about him a little. Manny admitted that she felt the same way. Ellie commented, "He really messed with us" before leaving.

Season 7

Craig's CD

A picture of Craig's album Of Two Minds in It's Tricky

After Craig was released from rehab in It's Tricky, his album Of Two Minds was released. Its title was a reference to the fact that he was bipolar. The album included eleven songs: "My Window", "Bruised, Not Broken", "She is the Ash", "Not Your Problem", "Red-Headed for Trouble", "A Dedicated Father", "Thong Girl, Wrong Girl", "Boiler Room", "Kissing in the Stairwell", "One Year Gone" and "Lament for Little Sister". The album cover featured two photographs of Craig, one on the front and one on the back. Ashley believed that he was "so awkward posing."

Most of the song title referred to people or events from his life. Four of them were about people whom he had kissed: "She is the Ash" (Ashley), "Red-Headed for Trouble" (Ellie), "Thong Girl, Wrong Girl" (Manny) and "Kissing in the Stairwell" (Marco). "A Dedicated Father" may have been written about either his father Albert Manning or his stepfather Joey, depending on whether the title was meant ironically. It may have also referred to the abortion of his child with Manny. "Bruised, Not Broken" concerned his father's abusive behavior. "Boiler Room" referred to the fact that he lived in Degrassi's boiler room for several days while off his bipolar meds in Goin' Down the Road (2). "Lament for Little Sister" was written about his younger half-sister Angela.

Jimmy was delighted that Craig gave him a shout out in the acknowledgements of his album. However, he became annoyed when he found out that Craig had used Ashley's song "My Window" without crediting her. The experience led Ashley to re-enter the music scene by competing in Degrassi's Talent Contest. She told Jimmy that she had no interest in getting revenge on Craig. In fact, she found it inspiring that Craig had focused on his music and made it happen. When Ellie saw the album, she was slightly annoyed that he had written a song about her while Ashley predicted that Manny was "gonna die" when she found out about "Thong Girl, Wrong Girl".

Anya MacPherson was a big fan of Craig and, to Ashley's annoyance, referred to her as Degrassi's "own little piece of him." Ashley disliked the idea of being thought of as Craig's sidekick. When she began performing one of her songs in the Talent Contest, Johnny DiMarco yelled out, "Lame! Play a Craig song."

In Bust a Move (2), it was revealed that Craig was the mystery guest at the Purple Dragon Mystery Concert in Smithdale University. By this time, he was out of rehab and appeared to have made a complete recovery from his drug addiction. Spinner was underwhelmed by the mystery guest's identity as it was someone whom he could have easily called. He yelled out that he had been Craig's drummer but no one seemed to notice. However, he seemed to enjoy the concert. Craig said that it was great to be playing with Funkasaurus Rex and told the audience that he would play some songs from his album as well as some old ones. He was glad that so many of his old friends were in the audience.

Jimmy realized that Ashley had known that it would be Craig. She told him that Craig emailed her after she and Jimmy broke up and asked her to go on tour with him in Europe. Craig said that the album would not have been possible without Ashley, whom he said had always been his friend and inspiration. He invited her up on stage and they performed "My Window" together. As they sang the song, Manny said to her new boyfriend Jay Hogart, "I used to be crazy for Craig, but he's just so yesterday."

Season 8

While arguing about boys that she and Manny had both liked in With or Without You, Emma mentioned Craig. Manny pointed out that they were twelve at the time.

Screenshot from 2015-03-27 19:36:20

Craig and Ellie in L.A.

In Degrassi Goes Hollywood, Ellie and Marco were visiting Paige, who had been cast as Trixie in Jason Mewes' film Mewesical High, in Los Angeles. Ellie ran into Craig, who was talking to Pete Wentz and Cassadee Pope, on the street. They were delighted to see each other and hugged. He said that he could not believe that she was in LA while she responded that she could not believe that he was eating Ketchup Chips with Pete Wentz. Craig introduced the musicians to his friend. Pete told Ellie that Craig had introduced them to Ketchup Chips and now they could not go on tour without them. Craig asked her why she had not let him know that she was in Los Angeles and she explained that they had assumed that he would be on tour, adding that she and Marco were visiting Paige. He invited the three of them to a club called the Highland Grouse where he would be performing that night and gave her a brochure with the relevant information. She told him that he looked good and he said that he had been clean and sober for a year. Pete and Cassadee exchanged an awkward look as they were unaware of Craig's addiction. Craig said that they had to leave to perform a sound check and expressed the hope that he would see the three of them at the club that night. Ellie joked that they would be there if they could tear themselves away from the hustle and bustle of Hollywood. Somewhat embarrassed, she told Pete and Cassadee that it was nice to meet them. By this time, Ellie had seemingly forgiven Craig for manipulating her in an attempt to continue his drug use and they were back in contact as she was aware that he was living in Los Angeles.

While at the soundstage with Paige, Marco was surprised to receive a call from Ellie's mother. When she returned to the mansion, an excited Ellie was about to tell Marco that she had met Craig but he mentioned that her mother had phoned him as Ellie had not been answering her cell phone. Mrs. Nash had informed Marco that Colonel Nash was back from Afghanistan and in hospital but that Ellie had not been to visit him yet. Ellie said that she did not want to talk about it. Marco warned her that she could not simply avoid it and she responded, "Watch me" before storming out. He was extremely concerned and asked Paige to speak to Ellie about it but Paige instead went to a Hollywood party. Ellie went to the Highland Grouse and was thrilled to see Craig performing on stage. During a break in his set, he told her that he was glad that she had come. He inquired as to where Marco and Paige were. Ellie claimed that they sent their love and explained that Paige had stuff to do while she and Marco had a fight which she was not in the mood to talk about. She told him that she was in the mood for relaxing but that was impossible to do at Paige's mansion. Craig invited her to crash with him. Ellie did not think that it was a good idea given their track record but Craig assured her that they were both in different places. He said that his condo was right on the beach and that it would provide her with a total escape from reality, which was exactly what Ellie wanted.

Shortly afterwards, Ellie returned to the mansion and began packing her things. Marco assumed that she was going home to Toronto but she told him that she had met Craig and was going to stay with him. Marco pointed out that it was a bad idea to replace one drama in her life with another. She insisted that there was no drama between herself and Craig. Marco stated that he still had not forgiven Craig for the last time and that Craig was bad news for girls, especially her. Ellie claimed that she was over him and she knew that she did not need another relationship. When Marco asked her what she did need, she said, "A friend who doesn't judge me." Marco promised not to mention her father but believed that Ellie would severely regret it if she did not go to visit him. Ellie ignored his advice and sarcastically told him to have fun with the "movie crowd."

In Craig's apartment the next morning, he made coffee for himself and Ellie. She had seemingly told him about Jesse's affair as he said, "I still can't believe your ex slept with Caitlin." They both found it disgusting. Ellie said that she should get out of his way as he probably had to get to the studio but he countered that he had the whole day planned out for them. Craig then played a song that he had written for Ellie while in rehab called "Rescue You," in which he credited her with helping him to realize that he had a drug problem. They spent the day together exploring LA and Ellie's strong feelings for him returned. While they played in the water, Craig looked after Ellie longingly as she walked in front of him. She asked him what had happened with Ashley and he explained that they went on tour in Europe and she had stayed there. On the beach, Ellie confided in him that, if she could swim, she would wade out as far as she could go so she could get away from it all. She thanked him for the "most amazing day" and for the song and then placed her head on his shoulder as they looked out at the water. Ellie hoped that they would finally be able to start a relationship.


Later that evening, they returned to Craig's apartment and discussed seeing a man whom Ellie believed was Johnny Depp. Craig pointed out that Depp lived in France and he told Ellie that he had missed her a great deal. They were overheard by a young woman in the apartment who had just come out of the shower. Craig kissed her and introduced her to Ellie as his girlfriend Yvette, who had returned from a modelling gig in Maui. Ellie was shocked and upset as Craig had never previously mentioned her. Yvette, who had heard all about Ellie, invited her to stay for dinner as she had just ordered sushi and there was plenty for the three of them. After Yvette went to put some clothes on, Craig and Ellie exchanged an awkward look. At dinner, Craig and Yvette told Ellie that they first met during one of his concerts. He was opening for Fall Out Boy and pulled her up on stage. Yvette described it as "such a rock star move." She asked Ellie questions about what Craig was like in high school. Ellie jokingly told her that he was a total nerd and could not get a date to save his life. However, she admitted that he was awesome and that any girl would be lucky to have him. Yvette said that nothing had changed and kissed Craig, leading an upset Ellie to leave their apartment. She made up the excuse that Marco had called, upset that he had just missed Taylor Kitsch at the Coffee Bean. Craig followed her into the corridor and said that he should have told her about Yvette. Ellie told him that he was trying to be a good friend and she interpreted it as a romantic overture again. He assured her that he had not meant to give her the wrong idea and that he was just so happy to see her. She said that she would just have to stop thinking that her feelings for him would ever be requited. After a long pause, an upset looking Craig said, "I had a really great time today." Ellie left and, while walking on the beach, began to cry.

The next morning, she told Marco that Craig's girlfriend had returned and she wanted to give them some space. When he asked her if she was okay with that, she said that she was going to read by the pool. At Paige's fake 18th birthday party that afternoon, she began to drink. Mrs. Nash called Paige's cell phone and Paige gave it to Ellie, who was hesitant to accept it. Ellie asked her mother how everything was at home but Mrs. Nash accused her of not caring and angrily hung up the phone. Ellie then started to drink from a bottle of vodka. Craig approached her and said that they needed to talk. He noticed that she had been crying and the bottle in her hand and asked her if she was okay. After she demanded to know what he was doing at the party, Craig said, "So I have this life in LA. It's pretty perfect: dream job, dream apartment, great girlfriend...And all of a sudden, you show up and suddenly everything doesn't seem so perfect anymore." As she was drunk, Ellie misunderstood his attempt to tell her that he had feelings for her and responded, "'Cause that's, that's what I do. Yeah, um, I'm the one who messes up people's lives." Craig attempted to tell her that she had taken him up wrong but she advised him to stay away from her as he would be better off. He attempted to follow her but was stopped by Marco. He assured him that he did not mean to upset her and wanted to apologize but Marco said that Ellie was messed up and had far more serious things in her life to deal with. They began to struggle and fell into the pool. They then realized that Ellie had left.


On the beach, an extremely upset Ellie began pacing back and forth. After dropping her shawl and bottle of vodka, she began to wade into the sea in an attempt to commit suicide. After several minutes, Craig and Marco arrived and realized what she was doing. However, they were able to rescue her. They then brought her back to Craig's apartment. Yvette was not present. Marco thanked Craig for his help in saving Ellie. Craig said that he would take care of Ellie and he and Marco hugged, having seemingly repaired their strained friendship. After Marco left, Craig sat down beside Ellie, who was resting on his couch. She apologized for her behavior the previous night but he told her that sleep was probably the best thing for her at the moment. She said that she did not know what she was thinking as she was not trying to kill herself. Craig mentioned that Marco had told him about her father being in hospital. When she asked Craig's advice as to whether she should go see him, Craig said that she should do so when she was ready. Ellie began to cry and explained that she had always been able to fix things like her mother's alcoholism and Craig's own drug addiction but her father was suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from having watched his soldiers die and she knew that she could not fix that. Craig said, "No one expects you to...Look, after you sleep, I'll make you some eggs and if you survive that, we'll take the next step, okay?" Ellie nodded and Craig began to stroke her hair.

Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 3.27

Craig and Ellie share a kiss at LAX.

The next day, Ellie decided to return to Toronto and Craig went with her to LAX. They stood together awkwardly for a little while before Ellie said that she should probably just go as security could take a while. She thanked him again for all of his help and said that he had really come through for her. He said that they would "call it even" because of her help with his drug problem and they hugged. As Ellie made her way to the security check-in, Craig walked in the opposite direction and appeared to be upset that she was leaving. After several seconds, both Craig and Ellie turned back around and ran to each other. They hugged again and then kissed passionately. Ellie shook her head slightly and said wistfully, "We'll always have LA, right?" Craig responded, "Someday, maybe," indicating that they may embark on a relationship in the future. Before she left, Ellie gave Craig one final kiss. He was very sad to see her go. With Marco by her side, she returned home to see her father in hospital. She said, "Hey Daddy" and began to cry profusely as she hugged him tightly.

Degrassi: Next Class

Season 2

In #ThrowbackThursday, Craig was in the auditorium singing "Rescue You" in front of Tristan Milligan and

IMG 1892

Craig singing "Rescue You"

Winston Chu. Tristan told Craig that he felt chills all over his body because of his performance. He then said to Winston that he hoped that all of the performances at the alumni gala would be of the same standard.

Season 4

In #FactsOnly, Craig is a guest judge at the talent show. He claps for Baaz Nahir, Hunter Hollingsworth, and Vijay Maraj's fart show. Then, Maya Matlin plays "Black or White", and after she performs, Zoë Rivas introduces Maya to Craig. He tells her he was expecting Maya to perform "Last Exit". Maya tells him she didn't want that song to make people kill themselves, and Craig shares he went through some scary stuff when he was in high school, and the song helps and lets him know he wasn't alone. He then offers for Maya to come meet with his band and play a few more songs and see if she'd be a good fit, and Maya replies she'll think about it.


Season 2

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Degrassi: Next Class (Season 2)

Degrassi: Next Class (Season 4)



  • "Hey, Dad." (first line) - When Doves Cry (1)
  • (To Maya): "Zoë's got my info." (final line) - #FactsOnly
  • "Is that okay? For the gala?" - #ThrowbackThursday
  • (To Marco and Dylan): "I'm so glad that gays can get married! That YOU guys can get married!" - Voices Carry (2)
  • (To Ashley): "I WANT YOU TO MARRY ME!!" - Voices Carry (2)
  • "I'm happy. 'Cause he's dead." - Tears Are Not Enough (2)
  • (To J.T.): "What are you looking at?! You were...You were checking out my...!" - Mercy Street
  • "Being at Joey's is stability." - Tears Are Not Enough (1)
  • (To Manny): "We could be a little family! All our own." - Accidents Will Happen (1)
  • "Uh, those curtains that Marco picked out, they’re like totally flammable." - The Power of Love
  • (To Spinner): "Hey idiot, nice sunburn." - Islands in the Stream
  • "All my life I've wanted him gone! Why am I crying now that he is?" - Tears Are Not Enough (2)
  • "Ya know Marco, with your hair all big like that, you kinda look like Ashley." - Queen of Hearts
  • "It's MY baby!" - Accidents Will Happen (1)
  • Ashley: "You have something... don't you?"
    Craig: "Yes!... Never again will I be without." - Voices Carry (1)
  • "Yeah... I feel her pain." - Rock and Roll High School
  • "So you can come here and infect us!" Craig to Snake. - Pride (1)
  • "It's not the locker that I don't like, it's you." - Take My Breath Away
  • "It'll never happen again? HUH?! Is that what you were gonna say? 'Cause that's what you've ALWAYS said!!" - Tears Are Not Enough (1)
  • "No Dad, you're the one who screws up. It won't change! EVER!" - Tears Are Not Enough (1)
  • "Oh, you mean with you? I don't know...Kidding! I'm kidding!" - Take My Breath Away
  • "Do you want to know the real reason why I couldn't kiss her? She reminds me of my five-year-old half-sister!" - Take My Breath Away
  • (To Ashley) "I'm sorry, okay? I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'M SORRY, how many time do I have to say it?" - Rock and Roll High School
  • "Yeah, I bet you guys have pet names too." - Father Figure (1)
  • "This was supposed to be my bird course for the semester." - Gangsta, Gangsta
  • "The Squatch isn’t cut out for weddings. Funerals maybe." - Weddings, Parties, Anything
  • "I had ulterior motives. Ever since that video came out, things have sucked for you. So I wanted to cheer you up, make you smile again." - Weddings, Parties, Anything
  • "Look, Jimmy, unless your last name is Hendrix and you've come back to rock us from the grave; no solos while I'm singing." - Weddings, Parties, Anything
  • Craig: "Mmm....goulash. You know I think that any food with the word 'goo' in it has to be good."
    Ashley: "Have you ever thought about going to a support group?"
    Craig: "For goulash lovers?" - Secret (1)
  • Ellie: "Craig, I used to cut myself."
    Craig: "I know."
    Ellie: "And what's bizarre is that I'm always gonna be a cutter. Even if I don't do it for years, it's still me."
    Craig: "Well, that sucks."
    Ellie: "It just - it just is. It doesn't matter how I feel or how anyone else feels."
    Craig: "I'm bipolar. And apparently it doesn't matter if I think that sucks either."
    Ellie: "They think Kurt Cobain was bipolar."
    Craig: "Yeah."
    Ellie: "If he accepted it, maybe it all would have been different. Nigel from group manages okay."
    Craig: "He seemed cool."
    Ellie: "He is! You should come back. And you should probably call Ash."
    Craig: "Why? Why? 'Cause I bit her head off in the middle of the school."
    Ellie: "Yeah, maybe 'cause of that."
    Craig: "All she talks about lately is my medication, my shrink and my moods."
    Ellie: "She cares about you. A lot."
    Craig: "I know." - Secret (1)
  • Craig: "In case you didn't know there's an insanely hot women who's gonna be over here in oh twenty minutes?"
    Joey: "I'm aware."
    Craig: "What happened to you? You were all over her yesterday."
    Joey: "I know and I found out that Diane is twenty-three, I'm thirty-four Craig, what am I gonna do with a twenty-three year old."
    Craig: "Do you need me to draw you a diagram?"
    Joey: (laughs) "What come on, what about you, huh? That, uh, Ellie girl seems cute."
    Craig: "She's cute, just a friend. She's a friend who happens to be a girl. She's, um, she's a friend girl if you will."
    Joey: "Uh, yeah take it from someone who knows. There ain't no such thing." - Weddings, Parties, Anything
  • Angie: "Craig!"
    (Angie runs over to him)
    Craig: "You've been gone forever."
    Craig: "I know. But summer's over, I'm back from camp, and now you won't ever get away from me. Okay, say 'Bad Donkey Breath.'"
    Angie: "Bad Donkey Breath!"
    (Craig takes her photo)
    Angie: "Let me take yours."
    Craig: "Who, me? I'll break the camera."
    (Angie laughs and Craig hands the camera to her)
    Craig: "Remember how to use it?"
    Angie: "Yeah."
    Craig: "One hand there."
    (Craig makes a funny face and Angie takes his photo before handing him back the camera)
    Angie: "Daddy and me are gonna visit Mommy. Wanna come?"
    Craig: "Just um...just tell her I miss her, okay?"
    (She nods)
    Craig: "Hey, you can't tell your dad about us meeting, alright?"
    Angie: "I promise. Always, always."
    Teacher: "Angela!"
    Craig: "Love ya, kid." - When Doves Cry (1)
  • (Craig is drawing something on the sidewalk with chalk)
    Angie: "Is that a frog?"
    Craig: "Are you kidding? This is a big razor-toothed dinosaur with a taste for little girls named Angela!"
    (Craig starts tickling Angie and she giggles)
    Spike: "What are you guys doing to her?"
    Craig: "Oh, just feeding her to the dinosaurs." - When Doves Cry (1)
  • (Angie is climbing on Craig's shoulders)
    Craig: "Close your eyes, Ange. You're flying. Flying far, far away from here."
    (Craig takes Angie off his shoulders)
    Craig: "Get up."
    (Angie starts to tickle his stomach and sees where his father beat him)
    Craig: "Ow!"
    Angie: "What is that?"
    Craig: "Well, um, remember that dinosaur?"
    (Angie nods)
    Craig: "It also likes boys named Craig. That's where it bit me."
    Angie: "Does it hurt?"
    Craig: "Yeah. You know what would be great? To go someplace where dinosaurs can never ever get to us."
    Angie: "Like where?"
    Craig: "C'mon. C'mon." - When Doves Cry (2)
  • Craig: "I'm just going to get my stuff."
    Albert: "Craig, just leave it, leave it. Come back when we've cooled down. We’ll talk this thing through."
    Craig: "No, no more talking, okay?"
    Albert "Okay. But you're breaking my heart, you know that, just like your mother. Just, Craig. I know I've been impatient but work's been really stressful. You can't leave, Craig. I love you."
    Craig: "There are three options, Dad: I can go to Children's Aid right now, I can go stay with Joey while we sort this stuff out...or I can come back here and let you beat me."
    Albert: "I don't beat you." - When Doves Cry (2)
  • Angie: (referring to Out on the Ice in the Middle of the Bay) "Again! Read it again."
    Craig: "Ange, I've read it five times already. I could recite it."
    Angie: "Craig, please! I've got the chicken pox!"
    Craig: "Fine. Your wish is my command." - Tears Are Not Enough (1)
  • (Craig shows Jimmy and Marco his science exam in which he got an A+)
    Jimmy: "A! That's my man."
    Marco: "Wow. That's amazing, buddy."
    Craig: "Yeah, my dad actually did something worthwhile for me. He was a good study partner."
    Jimmy: "Look we're really sorry to hear about your dad, man."
    Marco: "Yeah. So you okay?"
    Craig: "Guys, I'm fine. Hey, I'm the lucky one. My dad died. I, I walked away with a scratch."
    Marco: "I thought you weren't in the car..."
    Craig: "Friday night, we're like speeding down the highway, my dad's mad and he won't slow down. Ahead there's a rig. I see it, my dad doesn't and we hit...hard."
    (Jimmy and Marco are shocked. Craig laughs)
    Craig: "Guys, I was at Joey's when it happened! I had you going though." - Tears Are Not Enough (2)
  • Terri: "When my mom died, I was at my friend's birthday party. I was having a great time and then my dad came to tell me."
    Craig: "At the party?"
    Terri: "Yeah. I was so mad."
    Craig: "'Cause she died."
    Terri: "No, 'cause I couldn't play pin the tail on the donkey."
    Craig: "That's a fun game when you're a little kid."
    Terri: "Exactly. It wasn't until later that it hit that, that she was dead."
    Craig: "Before my dad died, I wanted him gone so why am I crying now that he is?"
    Terri: "'Cause you love him."
    (Craig breaks down) - Tears Are Not Enough (2)
  • Angie: "Daddy's mad, you know."
    Craig: "Angie...listen to me. I need you to give this to Ashley, 'kay?"
    (He hands her an envelope)
    Angie: "Can I open it?"
    Craig: "It's just a ring."
    (She nods and he kisses her on the forehead)
    Craig: "I love you most." - Voices Carry (2)
  • "You hear that she still hates me?"- referring to Ashley - Rock and Roll High School
  • "You know if you weren't such a prude I'd never have been with Manny." to Ashley - Rock and Roll High School
  • "That rap is never leaving my garage."- referring to Jimmy and Spinner's sexist rap about Ashley - Rock and Roll High School
  • "How do you feel about younger men?" to Sydney - Time Stands Still (1)
  • "Girls, and boys? I didn't think Dylan's dorm would be so co-ed." - to Marco - Moonlight Desires
  • Craig: "And who says money can't buy you happiness?" - Voices Carry (2)
  • Craig: "I got news! Big news! You ready?"
    (Craig takes his trousers off)
    Jimmy: "What?! No. Hold on!"
    Craig: "First wedding I ever went to was my mom's to Joey. Spike and Simpson's was number two. Ashley's dad makes three. See I want to get my practice down, you know? Get things right before my own wedding."
    Jimmy: "Okay, you got time for that."
    Craig: "I asked Ashley and she said yes."
    Jimmy: "You're actually getting married?"
    Craig: "Congratulations! Anytime..."
    Jimmy: "You're sixteen. Don't you want to wait for I don't know, graduation? Maybe an occupation?"
    (Craig is not listening and is trying to button his cuffs)
    Craig: "Could you do this up? Please?"
    Jimmy: "Are you drunk? Are you high? Or are you just out of your mind?"
    Craig: "I love her!"
    Jimmy: "Okay, that still doesn't explain what's up with you or this insane idea!"
    Craig: "Maybe you should just think about it and try to understand. I don't know, be happy for me!" - Voices Carry (2)
  • Craig: "Man, we were so close, the Kid was basically sweating on us!"
    Marco: "I am never gonna shower."
    Craig: "What?!"
    (Jimmy and Craig both laugh at Marco) - Secret (2)
  • Craig: "Marco, with your hair all big like that, you kind of look like Ashley."
    Marco: "I was sans product this morning, Craig." (to Ellie) "And you said it looked fine!" - Queen of Hearts
  • Alex: "My ex, formerly known as Jay Hogart, screwed around with every girl at this school. It's not a gay thing. Promiscuity, it's a guy thing."
    Craig: "Hey. Didn't I hear that you clocked Amy for being equally trampy?
    Ellie: "Oh and how's Ash, Craig? Or are you back with Manny? It's hard to tell, especially when you secretly dated them at the same time."
    Craig: "Let's just call it a people thing."
    Ellie: "Let’s call it a choice. Monogamy wow, what a difficult concept." - Moonlight Desires
  • Craig: (to Marco) "You know you are a great guy. The most honest, down-to-earth, nicest person that I know. You're a little short, but that just adds to the cuteness. That I would find you to be. If you were a girl or I was not a guy." - Moonlight Desires
  • Craig: "So when in doubt you kiss Craig?!"
    Marco: "I gotta settle this with Dylan."
    Craig: "Yeah, you do! You, you really, really do!" - Moonlight Desires
  • Craig: "Stop staring."
    Ellie: "Stop being an ass."
    Craig: "Do you know how humiliating it was, to find out in public, that my girlfriend dumped me by e-mail?"
    Ellie: "Oh! Oh, you're forgetting on your birthday, that's a pretty good detail too. Ashley wanted to tell you herself. She wanted to wait 'till the time was right, she was... concerned."
    Craig: "That I'd go off my meds and go all crazy? I'm fine, you know I'm fine, we hung out all summer. And I don't need you protecting me."
    Ellie: "All this anger is for Ashley. Buy a ticket, go to London, and freak on her there." - Venus (2)
  • (Ellie walks into Craig's garage where he is playing his guitar)
    Craig: "You here to see Marco? He's not here yet."
    Ellie: "I'm here to see you."
    (Craig resumes playing his guitar)
    Ellie: "Craig! Craig! We hung out all summer and I know you're okay now and it was so, so stupid of me to try and protect you. I should have just told you. Sorry."
    Craig: "Cool."
    Ellie: "That's it?"
    Craig: "That's it."
    (Craig turns around)
    Craig: "Oy. I can feel them, you know. Your eyes burning a hole in my back."
    (He turns back around)
    Craig: "I'm sorry, too. I overreacted, okay? So there. Better?"
    Ellie: "Not really."
    Craig: "So, what do we do?"
    Ellie: "Well, I heard you're in between drummers."
    Craig: "You heard right. Know any?"
    Ellie: "I happen to be in between bands. Maybe I should sit in?"
    Craig: "I got to warn you, El. We suck, huge."
    Ellie: "Oldest rule of music, Craig. Band's only as good as its drummer."
    (She plays the drums very impressively)
    Craig: "Okay, you'll fit in fine." - Venus (2)
  • Craig: "It wasn't a date. Monks don't date. It was friends just hanging out. Matter of fact, my other friend Manny joined us."
    Marco: "Cue the romantic train wreck." - Weddings, Parties, Anything
  • Craig: "Why? Why must they be so hot?"
    Marco: "Uh, you're not supposed to find your friends hot."
    Craig: "It's not my fault! I'm not the one who showed up looking like that."
    Marco: "What? You said you were going to be a monk."
    Craig: "The monk is tired of the monastery, okay? The monastic life just wasn't for him, and now I have no idea what to do." - Weddings, Parties, Anything
  • Craig: "What do I do?"
    *Marco: "Oh, whoa, I'm, I'm actually too busy enjoying not being you." - Weddings, Parties, Anything
  • Craig: "Ellie, wait! What the hell's going on?"
    Ellie: "You tell me! You're the one who called her, you're the one who sat there drooling over her like you were some perv." (Ellie turns and walks away, then turns around again) "And this? This isn't me. I don't dress up."
    Craig: "I'm... flattered?"
    Ellie: "Don't be! This, this is for the gig. This doesn't mean anything."
    Craig: "Ellie. We do group together. You've seen me down in the gutter. Lower than low. Lower than I want anyone else to see me. That's why you're my friend. My really good friend."
    Ellie: "So glad I can be there for you."
    (She begins to walk away again)
    Craig: "Ellie!"
    Ellie: "Bye. See you in group!" - Weddings, Parties, Anything
  • Ellie: "Look, um, the band's kinda getting in the way of stuff and I'm gonna have to quit."
    Craig: "Oh, ha. You're funny. You are joking, right?"
    Ellie: "No, no, I'm tired of the band... and you, Craig. You're kind of annoying and you kind of smell."
    Craig: "You're gonna pay for that, Nash!" - Bizarre Love Triangle
  • (Craig is playing his guitar in his garage)
    Ellie: "New song? I like it, just like that. You know it doesn't even need lyrics."
    Craig: "It's not really a song then, is it?"
    Ellie: "Sometimes you don't need all the extra stuff. Sometimes simpler is better."
    Craig: "I'm not a solo act."
    Ellie: "But you could be."
    Craig: "I don't care. This isn't about me. This is about the band. Ellie, we were gonna do this together. Cut our own album, sold out shows, a Juno, a Grammy..."
    Ellie: "Craig, I can't drum."
    Craig: "Yes, you can!"
    Ellie: "No, I can't and Marco's not much better on bass and Jimmy wants to paint. Leo...God face it, he only wanted you. We were just...excess baggage. Craig, I really think you should go to the Showcase tonight just like this. You and your guitar. I really think you could win."
    Craig: "Okay, let's say I do play at the Showcase and I do win. That means leaving. What about Manny or Joey or Angie?"
    (Ellie shakes her head)
    Ellie: "Don't worry about them. They'll manage. They'll be fine."
    Craig: "What about you?"
    Ellie: (hesitates) I'll wave goodbye 'cause I have to...Craig, go to that club and knock them dead. For all of us." - Together Forever
  • Ellie: "Question of the evening: who's more pathetic, you for lying to me about the drugs or me for believing you?"
    Craig: "Is that a trick question?"
    Ellie: "This is funny?"
    (She starts to leave)
    Craig: "Don't be mad, please."
    Ellie: "Just tell me the truth for once."
    Craig: "Okay. I, I started in Vancouver, but I'm not an addict."
    Ellie: "Drug cliché number one."
    Craig: "I can stop, Ellie. Anytime I want."
    Ellie: "Drug cliché number two."
    Craig: "Look, what do you want me to say? That I've got a problem? Yeah I have a problem. Great. I said it. What now?"
    Ellie: "You used to come to group therapy with me, remember? Dr. Kenrick is great. He can help you so just come tomorrow, okay?"
    Craig: "If you promise to stop being mad at me." - What's It Feel Like to Be a Ghost? (2)
  • Craig: "Ellie, hi. About group therapy, listen, uh, something came up."
    (She starts rifling through his jacket)
    Craig: "Hey! Hey what are you doing?"
    (She pulls out the coke)
    Ellie: "Either you stop now or I call Joey and tell him about this and this, this will all end. The touring, the music career, finished."
    Craig: "C'mon, why would you do that to me? Just leave me alone, alright?"
    Ellie: "I can't."
    Craig: "Why not?"
    Ellie: "Because."
    Craig: "Because why?"
    Ellie: "You know why, Craig. Um, you know, so don't make me say it."
    (Craig starts kissing Ellie)
    Craig: "I love you, Ellie."
    Ellie: "I love you too."
    (They kiss again)
    Craig: "So don't make me stop. Please. I need it. Don't call Joey."
    (Ellie angrily pushes him away from her)
    Ellie: "You bastard! How could, how could you play with me like that?"
    Craig: "Ellie, I'm, I'm sorry. What do you want me to say?"
    (Ellie starts to cry)
    Ellie: "Nothing. It's all gonna be lies. You'll say whatever it takes to get your hands on this, won't you?! God!" - What's It Feel Like to Be a Ghost? (2)
  • Craig: "Ellie, I know I messed up, badly. But I am glad for one thing; I was finally able to be honest with you. I meant what I said, and I felt that way for a long, long time."
    Ellie: "No, just don’t. Don't,'s beside the point. You need help."
    Craig: "I know. I know. I'm going to the rehab or whatever, but when I get out maybe we could..."
    Ellie: "Goodbye, Craig." - What's It Feel Like to Be a Ghost? (2)
  • Craig: "Ellie, wait. I should have told you about Yvette."
    Ellie: "No, you were trying to be a good friend, and I interpreted that as a romantic overture...again." - Degrassi Goes Hollywood
  • Ellie: "I, I just really have to stop thinking that my feelings for you will...ever be requited."
    (Long pause)
    Craig: "I had a really great time today." - Degrassi Goes Hollywood
  • Ellie: "What are you doing here?"
    Craig: "So I have this life in LA. It's pretty perfect: dream job, dream apartment, great girlfriend...And all of a sudden, you show up and suddenly everything doesn't seem so perfect anymore."
    Ellie: "'Cause that's, that's what I do. Yeah, um, I'm the one who messes up people's lives."
    Craig: "No, Ellie, no."
    Ellie: "You know what? Um, you should just stay away from me because, um, you'll be better off."
    Craig: "Ellie..."
    Ellie: "Go."
    Craig: "You don't get it..." - Degrassi Goes Hollywood
  • Ellie: "Thanks again for all your help. You really came through for me."
    Craig: "Call it even." - Degrassi Goes Hollywood
  • Ellie: "We'll always have L.A. right?"
    Craig: "Someday, maybe." - Degrassi Goes Hollywood


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