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The friendship between Mike Dallas and Adam Torres began when Dallas moved into the Torres household in the twelfth season of Degrassi.

Friendship History[]


At the beginning of season 12, Dallas moved into the Torres household with Drew and Adam. Dallas and Adam never had any conflicts with one another, and maintained a friendly relationship. They often worked out together.

Season 12[]


In Come As You Are (1), it is revealed that Dallas is living with the Torres family. Later at the Torres home, him and Adam come downstairs and interrupt Drew Torres and Bianca DeSousa's date. They reveal that they are throwing a party to welcome Dallas and the Ice Hounds to Degrassi. After Adam walks away, and Drew states that his mother would disapprove, Dallas says, "Who knew your sister was cooler than you," and Drew defends Adam saying that Adam is a boy and if he were to make fun of him again he would make Dallas' life hell. Later at the party, Adam warns Dallas that Katie Matlin is in their driveway.

In Come As You Are (2), Adam and Dallas help Drew practice breaking up with Katie.


In Doll Parts (1), Dallas is seen working out with Adam doing the bench press. After Adam tells Dallas that he is considering going out for a sports team, he asks Adam if he's going out for a guys team. Adam's mother comes downstairs and Adam asks her if he can take testosterone so he can have muscles, facial hair, and a deep voice like Dallas, to which Dallas jokingly says that Adam wouldn't have a deep voice like him. After Adam's mother says he doesn't want him taking testosterone, Dallas tells Adam that it looks like it is a no go for the volleyball team. Later, he is again seen working out with Adam and asks him how volleyball tryouts went. After Adam tells Dallas that he needs his mother to sign a permission slip, he suggests that he forge her signature so that he can play on the team.

In Doll Parts (2), when Audra tells Adam that he can continue playing on the volleyball team, Adam excitedly says that he needs to go tell Dallas.

In Bitter Sweet Symphony (2), Adam is one of the people that Fiona lists that Dallas should stick around for when trying to talk him down from the edge of the roof.

Season 13[]

13x05 53

In Summertime, Dallas and Drew run the Degrassi Panther Summer Camp, while Adam and Imogen are the camp counselors. Later, Dallas, along with Drew, spots Adam making out with Becky.

In About a Girl, Dallas finds Adam's missing camper, Colton. Adam is obsessing over whether or not Becky is cheating on him with Todd, and he goes along with Adam's idea to get rid of Todd. Dallas thinks Adam's idea to impersonate Becky is smart if he deletes the message right away from her outbox. Adam decides to celebrate with Drew, Dallas, and Imogen with pizza.