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"I am Damian. I am The Word. My format: Super Virus. My function: To bring unity to the Net. All must hear The Word"

Damian Hayes (born 1989) is a Class of 2007 graduate of Degrassi Community School. He formerly attended Lakehurst High School, where he was the active student council president. He attended Banting University. He was portrayed by Mazin Elsadig.

Character History

Season 6

In Rock This Town, after a meeting between Lakehurst and Degrassi to try and stop the Degrassi/Lakehurst school rivalry, he was invited to Liberty Van Zandt's 17th Birthday Party, where Manny Santos tried to set him up with Degrassi Community School student council president, Liberty Van Zandt.

The set-up didn't work for Liberty, but instead formed the relationship between Damian and Manny. J.T. Yorke ended up being murdered by his former friend, Drake Lempkey. He continued to date Manny, but the relationship temporarily ended at the Meet the Peace Spirit Squad Rally Protest started by Emma Nelson and Mia Jones.

After the Degrassi-Lakehurst Integration, Manny and Damian tried to date again, but then officially called it quits.

Season 7

When the Lakehurst students relocated to Degrassi, Manny and Damian tried their relationship one more time. However, they ended it again, because they had different views about the two schools and this caused people to think that Manny was racist because of their conversation.

Emma and damien.jpg

When the Purple Dragon came to Degrassi, Damian tried to get everyone to endorse them, but specifically tried to get Emma to do it.

Emma got the endorsements and Damian asked for a gift for helping her with the idea, so she kissed him and this made Emma realized she is ready to move on from Sean. Emma wanted to get closer to Damian and noticed that he liked dogs and books written by Dave Eggers.

Emma went out and bought a dog and named it Eggers. Damian told her that he enjoys that she is trying different things for him, but she shouldn't change herself for him.

Emma kept Eggers, but went back to her old ways. Emma and Damian continued to date but it was still off because of the whole Simpson story.

When Liberty and Damian are nominated for valedictorian, Damian became attracted to Liberty, even though he is with Emma.

When Liberty questioned this, Damian denies it and it caused Liberty to make a mean speech about him then they both realized they liked each other after Liberty won. When they are at the prom, Damian and Liberty ditch their dates and go off.

Liberty acted on her feelings and kisses him. They decided to keep it a secret, but Toby & Manny found out and told everyone. Emma broke up with Damian, and at their graduation, forgave Liberty because she doesn't want to give up six years of friendship.


Season 8

Damian is mentioned by Emma and Manny in With or Without You as one of the guys for whom both of them had feelings.




  • Damian (to Emma): "No wonder she was your only friend. She's a saint to put up with your crap." - If You Leave
  • "It feels so weird that I used to be friends with him." (deleted scene)


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