Daniel Allen Clark, born October 14, 1985 in Chicago, Illinois, is a Canadian-American actor best known for his role as Sean Cameron on Degrassi: The Next Generation. Daniel's acting credits include roles on Eerie: Indiana, Goosebumps, I was a Sixth Grade Alien, The City, Earth: Final Conflict, ER and Darcy's Wild Life. He also played Steve Rendazo in the movie Juno. Daniel has been nominated for several Young Artist Awards as part of Degrassi's ensemble cast; they won the award in 2002. Daniel has also been in the Disney Channel Movie, Model Behavior. He is the older brother of Robert Clark who starred in the series The Zack Files with Jake Epstein and Michael Seater. Daniel Clark also made a guest appearance in one of the episodes. He worked in Miami, Florida as the Associate Producer at Fusion. As of 2016, he resides in Toronto, Canada and works for Dissent Media Corp., a production company.


  • Daniel is a Libra.
  • He has the same last name as Degrassi star, Annie Clark, Chelsea Clark though they aren't related.
  • He is one of the two actors to have been born in the United States, the other being Mazin Elsadig, who was also born in Illinois and one of four actors to not be born in Canada.
  • He originally was the oldest male cast member in the main cast of Degrassi: The Next Generation from Seasons 1-4, being born in 1985, until Mike Lobel, who plays as Jay Hogart, joins the main cast in Season 5, being born in 1984, making Daniel the second oldest male cast member in the series. At the time, he was the third oldest overall after Lobel and Andrea Lewis.
  • He was Miriam McDonald's first kiss.
  • He and Stacey Farber auditioned for the roles of Bleeker and Juno respectively in the 2007 film Juno. While they weren't cast, he went on to secure another role in the film.
  • Prior to starring in Degrassi, he and Jake Epstein worked together in The Zack Files episode "But I'm Too Young to Be My Dad".
  • He worked with Ryan Cooley and Lauren Collins in both Degrassi and I Was a Sixth Grade Alien.
  • He is the first person with the last name Clark to star in the Degrassi Franchise. The other two are Annie Clark and Chelsea Clark.


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