Darcy's unidentified rapist is the man who raped Darcy in Standing in the Dark (1). He drugged her, and gave her chlamydia as a result of the rape, as shown in the second part of the two-part season seven episode. His identity remains unknown.

Character History

Season 7

In Standing In The Dark (1), he appears after Darcy had a fight with her then-boyfriend Peter Stone. While Darcy went into the bathroom, she left her drink outside on a side-table. He can be seen putting roofies in her drink with a small dropper. A short time afterward, Darcy passes out on the couch at the party. He drags her into a bedroom and lays her on the bed where she completely loses consciousness and rapes her.

In Standing In The Dark (2), Jane Vaughn tells Degrassi students Manny Santos and Darcy Edwards that a known roofie rapist was going to parties and spiking girls drinks before he rapes them. She also says that he likely attended the party they were at. Due to this information, Darcy realizes she was raped by him. She gets tested for pregnancy and various STD's. After getting her results back, it is revealed he gave Darcy chlamydia.


  • Darcy's Rapist is the second character to be a rapist. The first was Dean Walton, the third is Vince Bell, the fourth is Neil Martin, and the fifth is Luke Baker.
  • He gave Darcy chlamydia while he raped her.
  • He is known as the "roofie rapist", due to the fact that he spikes random girls' drinks and rapes them while they're passed out.
  • Darcy's Rapist was a serial rapist, going to random and various parties where he searched and drugged his chosen victims. 
  • Darcy's Rapist, along with thirteen other characters has sexually assaulted someone:
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