The friendship between Darcy Edwards and Manny Santos is known as Marcy (Manny/Darcy). Both became friends sometime during Darcy's first year at Degrassi, but it ended in High Fidelity (1). They reunited in Can't Hardly Wait despite a slight confrontation, but they still remained friends and Manny was there for Darcy when she struggled through her rape. The two remained close until Manny graduated.

Friendship History


Manny and Darcy initially became friends through Spirit Squad during Darcy's first year at Degrassi Community School. Their friendship ended in High Fidelity (1) when they got into a fight over Spinner Mason. However, they resumed their friendship in Can't Hardly Wait and were close until Manny graduated.

Season 4

In Anywhere I Lay My Head, both girls help out with the Spirit Squad car wash.


Manny asking Darcy for help.

In Secret (1), the two are seen rehearsing for the Dracula play together.

In Bark at the Moon, Manny is jealous when Darcy is paired with Chester Hosada-Bloom at the Cupid's Dance. 

In Modern Love, Manny and Darcy, along with Chantay Black have a sleepover at Emma Nelson's house.
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Darcy and Manny are happy with Paige's downfall.

In West End Girls, Darcy and the rest of the Spirit Squad go along to Manny's plan and break Paige Michalchuk's leg. Later at prom, Darcy warns Manny that Paige is going to humiliate her in front of everyone.

Season 5

In Venus (2), Manny says hi to Spinner and Darcy but they ignore her.


In High Fidelity (1), Darcy and Manny are talking about Spinner and Darcy goes on about how Friendship Club changed him and suggests she joins as well, at which Manny declines and gives out hints that Spinner is not a virgin, which puts Darcy into shock. The next day when Manny and Spinner rehearse for their roles, Manny flirts with Spinner out of spite, which causes Darcy to get jealous and call Manny the school's biggest slut. She begins to walk out, but Manny pulls Darcy's hair, saying that she is the last person to call her that. The two get into a big fight before they are pulled apart.

Season 6


Manny and Darcy are finally amused.

In this season, their friendship returned and they forgot about their rough patches. In Can't Hardly Wait, Darcy apologizes to Manny about what happened last year and offers her a spot on Spirit squad as co-captain and choreographer. When they are picking someone for squad they are both bored until new student Mia Jones amazes them with her talents. The next day Manny confronts Darcy for not letting Mia onto the squad and Darcy explains it's due to the fact the Mia's a teen mother. When Manny shows up to the basketball game with Mia, Darcy makes comments and says a sarcastic sorry and Manny threatens to punch her in the face by saying "Once my manicured fist meets your face then you'll be sorry."

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Peter taking sexy shots of Manny and Darcy.

In Eyes Without a Face (1), at Spirit Squad practice, Peter takes out his camera and takes racy photos of Darcy and Manny.

In Don't You Want Me? (2), Darcy thanks Manny for helping set up for the dance.

Season 7


A drunk Darcy in Peter's arms being a hypocrite to Manny.

In Standing In The Dark (1), Manny and Darcy are excited to see each other after break, they are also seen together at an assembly when Degrassi is filling up with Lakehurst students. They are also sitting together at lunch with Jane and Sav, who offer to invite them to go skiing with them, Manny accepts but Darcy declines since she has a church retreat. Later at Spirit Squad practice Darcy finally reveals to Manny she's dating Peter, Manny does not know how to respond since Peter isn't exactly Manny's favourite person, but she says as long as Darcy's happy she is. Then Manny says she's in a snowboarding mood in which Darcy playfully teases her about saying "More like a Sav mood" implying her crush on him, then Manny declines it and suggests she invite Peter. When they are at the ski lodge they are all having fun goofing around and later go to a party and after Peter tries to have sex with Darcy, Darcy and Manny get into a fight and Darcy drunkenly tells her she has no values.


Manny comforts Darcy when she confides in her that she was raped.

In Standing In The Dark (2), Manny and Darcy have since made up, Manny wasn't holding a grudge, knowing Darcy was drunk. Jane approaches them, and starts talking about a Roofie Rapist on the loose, who goes to random parties and spikes girls drink. Darcy gets a flashback of what happened, Leaving Manny suspicious, only for Darcy to tell her, her and Peter had sex the night before, and it was "great", but Manny knows it's a lie. When Manny finds Darcy at her house Darcy tells Manny she was raped and is crying as Manny comforts her. At Spirit squad practice Manny goes off to find Darcy who is in the bathroom when she ran shower water on herself and slit her wrists and has a knife with her as an attempt to commit suicide. Manny shuts off the water, gives her towel to press on her wrists and calls 911. At school Manny and Peter come up to Darcy and give her her abstinence ring and they both tell her rape didn't count.


Manny hugs Darcy after she almost killed herself, again.

In Live to Tell, Manny is worried when Darcy isn't there, Emma however doesn't seem to care, but Manny defends Darcy then she asks Peter and they find her and Johnny making out and Manny tells Johnny to leave then asks Darcy why she'd do that, then Darcy tells Manny she's crazy and attempts to jump off the roof and Manny heroically stops her and Darcy breaks down crying and Manny kindly comforts her.

Degrassi Minis


Manny and Darcy with Jane and Paige at the party.

In Party Etiquette, Manny and Darcy are hanging out with Spinner and his other ex-girlfriend Paige Michalchuk and his then girlfriend Jane Vaughn. Besides Manny and Darcy, the girls seem to be frenemies at most with each other due to the common ex (despite Jane and Darcy's friendship). They all talk about their past relationships with Spinner and the similarities in their relationships. Then Paige brings up Spinner's former kiss and attraction with Terri MacGregor and Darcy and Jane call her a slut, not knowing who she is.